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  1. Peter,

    I enjoyed reading your article immensely. Thank you for writing it all. Admittedly didn’t read all of it but you get my point.

    The original purpose of this is to see if you have had or have known anyone with a similar experience. On the night of January 30th and morning of the 31st, while on 2 hits of pure L, I was awoken to love and trust for the first time but it gets even better, this is also the morning of the the blue / blood moon eclipse and while getting a full uninterrupted undisturbed view of it all, I started seeing in the sky these golden flashes that made the whole thing just a nebula of beauty . Started seeing them in almost everything else for the next hour.

    Thank you for your time

  2. iv not fully gone through your work as of now, but i have indeed a deep interest in the field of psychedelic exploration of consciousness xD

    as you have written this book, means you have walked those mental corridors where i might find myself one day.

    im thankful to you for writing this excellent piece of information.

    so i have a question, for personal curiosity. Did you acquire any abilities?

    ill leave it at that. cheers mate!!

  3. Hey bro, I would like to ask a few things

    1- I know that the effects occur at brain level, and that each effect of the experiments are at bottom subjective. This is true?

    2- They say the strange feelings during these uses like feeling of duality, feeling of predestination and divine design. Truth?

    No matter how duality, predestination and divine design are primitive concepts and with scientific advancement we demystify all these, what would explain the feeling of duality?


  4. Many years ago I used to take lad. Probably about 25 times. But most of the acid I took only amounted to about 200 micrograms per dose, not enough to take you to the very high realms. But on one occasion I took about 800 micrograms. I went through the ego death and after I came out of it I had a profound realization that me and my companions were one being. Not just similar but we were one being. I felt this very profoundly. I also intuited that all is consciousness. I began to follow the teachings of Ram Dass. But he believes we have souls and I don’t. He also teaches reincarnation which I don’t believe in. Can you shed some light on what happens to us after we die?

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