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  1. HELLO, I have read a little, but I have found there are awesome things. Congratulations on having the time writing those thoughts, I really felt also when I did LSD on my first times. I have the aim to write about consciousness, but I would like to mix it with more subjects, to make an elaborate book. anyway, this is very good and I want to know if you continue taking LSD. I personally left it but maybe try some micrograms soon again. greetings and everything you want to manifest be real for you
    pls follow my FB page I recently created. thanks

  2. Your site is very enlightening. I had a life-changing LSD trip back in 1981 and as a result, I became the Rev. Bud Green and have been preaching the need to use psychedelics to worship God ever since. The LSD showed me that not only are we all one, but we are all slaves to the system, ie the corrupt capitalist dog eat dog way of life, and the fact that use of these consciousness raising herbs and potions are the only way to enlightenment and salvation of our society and planet. Google my name and you will see that ever since that life changing trip, I have advocated using psychedelics to truly worship God and have also advocated a non-violent revolution to save our society. As you will find in the works of all great thinkers throughout history, from Jesus to Leary, equality and unity are key to the transformation of our world. Now in our modern times of Trump and Clinton and the one percent ruling over us, we have become their slaves, and the only way to salvation of the 99 percent is a truly Marxist society. The main problem with Marxism up until now is one, it has never been tried, what we refer to as Marxist societies are just state capitalism, ie China and Russia before the so-called Fall of Communism. Marxism, communism, or better yet communalism, is the way of God, it is what Jesus preached, and what we can attain, but only if we use the psychedelics to free our brainwashed minds.

  3. I am new to this, but lately I have discovered something beautiful that keeps returning to me while on lsd trips, giving me information. But I used to forget it afterwards, and this was the first time I did remember, and after a little searching I found your site.

    I feel that there is more to this… Just wanted to get this of my chest.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi!Sir,I was searching about tis Tales of Different Worls Fantasy Disorders or so many Yrs cos’I was victimised by tis LSD Experiences whenever Sun Shines I will be Transport to Another Planets, World or Fantasy wth Mystic Bliss feelings, MashaAllah
    Thanks for relating My Part of d Tales in tia Chapter.

  5. I enjoyed reading this. I think psychedelics can cause a great revolution in modern culture, but sadly pure LSD is rare to find.

    The shortage in ergotamine since Pickard’s sentence has decreased the worldwide supply of LSD, even on the darknet. I know many people who look for the quality we had in the 90s and before that, tried multiple “LSD” from different sources and were disappointed.

    I think we need to raise awareness to this issue in order to have something similar to the cultural movement we had in the 60s. What are your thoughts about it?

    If you’d like to read more about the subject: https://io9.gizmodo.com/there-really-is-an-lsd-shortage-and-heres-why-1677123866

    Why there’s a shortage in ergotamine, and how difficult it is to produce (we need geniuses like Pickard to make it):

    “I think you’ll discover claviceps is harder than you think. Ever try to get a pure culture of that stuff? If you go through any of the research collections or biotech companies, you’re going to have to fill out more paperwork than you’d believe — not because its laden with ergot goodness, but because its considered a agriculturally harmful organism. It’s about as involved as filling out forms for the purchasing of an encapsulating machine. If you choose to isolate your own strain from the field, good luck. You got a 2-month or so window of time to collect it, and then comes the isolation process. Then once you have pure claviceps, you’re going to have to isolate a decent-producing heterokaryote from your collection, which you may or may not have. Once you manage THAT, then comes the petri dish phase, followed by the initial submerged culture for producing seed stock, then finally the large-scale submerged culture to yield a a sludge of filaments you gotta strain out, dry, then extract.

    Yuck. There are a lot of professional folks out there who’s entire days, nay, entire careers relovle around ergot production. I rather rely on the fruits of their labor and save all the schmassle that this project would otherwise entail.

    Think about it. I honestly feel the main detractor from more people producing LSD is this ergot culturing myth. Yeah, everyone says “Boy, I sure wish I could make some good acid. All I gotta do is get a chemistry degree under my belt, get a good lab space, and on top of that, raise a culture of some fucked-up saprophytic fungus that’ll give me gangrene in the process.” This is obviously daunting. If you disagree and say its not too much of a bother, then why aren’t more people kicking out kilos of “L”? What I’m proposing is that this fungus cultivation idea is more of a detriment to acid production than an advantage. Just extract the shit from pills, or go to the third world where the stuff is cheap, and you can buy it in its straight uncut powder form for pharmaceutical outlets (there are several countries where you can do this when you know a good pharmacist and have the cake to do some bribing; believe me, I’ve looked.)

    As simple as ergot cultivation sounds, there’s plenty of reasons its not done commonly.”

  6. Peter,

    I enjoyed reading your article immensely. Thank you for writing it all. Admittedly didn’t read all of it but you get my point.

    The original purpose of this is to see if you have had or have known anyone with a similar experience. On the night of January 30th and morning of the 31st, while on 2 hits of pure L, I was awoken to love and trust for the first time but it gets even better, this is also the morning of the the blue / blood moon eclipse and while getting a full uninterrupted undisturbed view of it all, I started seeing in the sky these golden flashes that made the whole thing just a nebula of beauty . Started seeing them in almost everything else for the next hour.

    Thank you for your time

  7. iv not fully gone through your work as of now, but i have indeed a deep interest in the field of psychedelic exploration of consciousness xD

    as you have written this book, means you have walked those mental corridors where i might find myself one day.

    im thankful to you for writing this excellent piece of information.

    so i have a question, for personal curiosity. Did you acquire any abilities?

    ill leave it at that. cheers mate!!

  8. Hey bro, I would like to ask a few things

    1- I know that the effects occur at brain level, and that each effect of the experiments are at bottom subjective. This is true?

    2- They say the strange feelings during these uses like feeling of duality, feeling of predestination and divine design. Truth?

    No matter how duality, predestination and divine design are primitive concepts and with scientific advancement we demystify all these, what would explain the feeling of duality?


  9. Many years ago I used to take lad. Probably about 25 times. But most of the acid I took only amounted to about 200 micrograms per dose, not enough to take you to the very high realms. But on one occasion I took about 800 micrograms. I went through the ego death and after I came out of it I had a profound realization that me and my companions were one being. Not just similar but we were one being. I felt this very profoundly. I also intuited that all is consciousness. I began to follow the teachings of Ram Dass. But he believes we have souls and I don’t. He also teaches reincarnation which I don’t believe in. Can you shed some light on what happens to us after we die?

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