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Part 2


I, Peter Hannes, wrote Part I but Part II is entirely the words of others and an explanation is necessary so that it will make sense. I have read about 80 books on the general subject of LSD and its meaning and have noticed certain words that keep coming up, words like consciousness, intensity, unity, reality, clarity, ecstasy, beauty, radiance, awareness, perception, explore, discover, mind, mystery, experience, potential, insights, revelations, mystical, spiritual, etc. For more than 100 words like these, I have a separate chapter for each one. If the chapter is “perception,” I have every line from those 80 books that has the word “perception” in it that I think is a good line. It can be a full sentence or a few of them together in a paragraph or it might be just a phrase or partial sentence if I thought it sounded better without the rest of the original author’s sentence. In some cases, I took a word or a few words out if I thought it sounded better that way but did not add any words. It’s still all the words of others and every line came from somewhere in one of the 80 books listed in the bibliography. The only words I wrote in Part II are occasional comments in parentheses. Most of these will be a mention of who made that statement or it will say “eyes closed” which means that it’s something that a person is likely to see during an LSD experience with their eyes closed rather than with the eyes open.

What I have tried to do, in general, is take what I think is the best of what many others have written about LSD and organize it all in a certain way. Each chapter is done as if it’s the only chapter, meaning that there is going to be repetition. For example, the partial sentence, “new spiritual feelings of a cosmic nature” would be listed 5 times, in the chapters for new, spiritual, feeling, cosmic, and nature. Each sentence or partial sentence is its own idea and not linked to the one just before or after because they’re in alphabetical order and all are from different books and writers. This is a different kind of reading. There are thousands of great ideas here but they’re not connected or there is no sense of continuity. It’s a little like trying to read an entire dictionary. There are people who have done that and they know that once they get to the next word, it’s a different subject. Therefore, it’s a good idea not to be in a hurry and to read it slowly. You might not be interested in all of the ideas but here and there, you will come across ideas that do catch your interest and that you’d want to read again. I’d recommend having a separate word document or some place where you can copy and paste the ideas you like the best. What you have there will add up and you’ll especially like reading it because you selected everything that’s there.

It’s necessary to explain how each chapter is set up. To begin with, it doesn’t matter what chapter you start with and it doesn’t matter where in a given chapter that you start. The chapters are listed in alphabetical order and there is no reason to start with the first chapter. It’s best to look at the list of chapters and start by picking out one that you think would be of interest to you. The chapters are all set up the same way. First there are 2 line sentences in alphabetical order, followed by 3 liners, 4 liners, 5 liners, 6 liners, and then those that are only one line. The one line sentences are single spaced. All of the others have a space before the next one. These sentences might be facts, opinions, something that can happen during an LSD experience, or statements about religion, philosophy, psychology, science, history, culture, society, and other things in relation to LSD or its meaning. This is followed by sentences of people speaking during an LSD trip or someone talking about what someone else is experiencing during their trip. There are very few of these and many chapters have none of them. This is followed by statements of people speaking in the past tense about their LSD experiences or someone looking back at another person’s trip and there are a lot of these. Once there are no more sentences, the rest is partial sentences, set up in the same way, starting with those that are 2 lines. Though the partial sentences aren’t full sentences, they can still give you information or an idea or a certain feeling, perception, insight, or revelation. You could add words to make them sentences and any of these things, whether they’re sentences or partial sentences, could lead you to start writing about whatever the thought is.

Once you get used to how the chapters are set up, you might really like it because, though you have to search for the ideas you like best, you realize that there’s a lot of great information here about LSD and I can freely say this because I didn’t write any of it. I just organized it in a certain way and you might want to organize parts of it in ways that appeal to you.

There are no footnotes here because everything would have to be footnoted. That would mean tens of thousands of footnotes and it just can’t be done. I have tried to put together what I think is the best and most complete information about LSD and its meaning and to organize it in a certain way without worrying about who wrote what line and I hope everyone understands that.

I share the dream of many about a psychedelic utopia. I don’t know what century it will be but LSD will make a comeback and revolutionize the world, bringing peace and heaven on earth, the true Age of Aquarius. I hope that this will be a site for the ages that will help make that happen. If I didn’t think it was possible, I wouldn’t have spent years working on this.

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  1. I encourage everybody to atleast become familiar with the Cybernetic Theory of Ego Transcendence and the Maximal Religious Entheogen Theory by Michael Hoffman which can be found at:


  2. This is absolutly astonishing! I am so impressed with your work here, the time and detication it must have taken to put together and your general will to manifest this amazing resource! It is appreciated more then words can express.

    I too share the dream brother and with work and continued correspondace such as this, I know it with be.


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