Access, Available

Access, Available

A vast reservoir of energy was somehow made available. Always it seems as if a new
form of potent energy is clearly involved.

All energy is available to him who knows that it must not be grabbed, held, possessed or
used for any other purpose except spiritual.

During mystical experiences, one can feel that one has access to ultimate knowledge and
wisdom in matters of cosmic relevance.

Each level of energy which man has discovered outside exists within his body and is
available to conscious discrimination.

Each of us potentially has access to vast realms of knowledge through his own mind,
including secrets of the universe known so far only to a very few.

Every cell in your body is acutely conscious and has access to wisdom which dwarfs the
mental, prefrontal and symbolic aspect that you consider normal waking consciousness.

From 1950 to 1962, when LSD and mescaline were more freely available within the law,
there were very few reports of adverse reactions.

Greater access to unconscious resources is a cardinal feature of psychedelic, creative, and
other novel perceptual experiences.

If organized religion decides to avail itself of LSD’s efficacy in spiritual matters, the
church may once again be a strong spiritual force.

In high states, users have reported that they can perceive connections and associations of
ideas that were not accessible to them in the non-high state.

In principle, every individual seems to have experiential access to mythological themes
of all things and all creatures. (eyes closed)

In this state of cosmic unity, we feel that we have direct, immediate and unlimited access
to knowledge and wisdom of universal significance.

Individuals find that they can think more clearly and that they suddenly have access to
untapped sources of creativity within themselves.

LSD activates deep repositories of unconscious material and brings their content to the
surface, making it available for direct experience.

LSD could enable one to study psychic material that is buried in the deepest layers of the
unconscious and is usually inaccessible to less dynamic techniques.

LSD is a way of extending yourself so that something spectacular and beautiful can be
available to you.

Materials not normally accessible to consciousness surge up and determine the thought
content and patterns.

No less renowned a prophet than the late Aldous Huxley has suggested that humanity at
large may in fact come to avail itself of psychedelic drugs as a surrogate for religion.

Our ordinary state of awareness is merely a fragment of what is possible. The human
psyche is capable of extraordinary states that are accessible under certain conditions.

Psychedelic drugs afford the best access yet to the contents and processes of the human

Psychedelic drugs give promise of providing access to the great and hitherto largely
impenetrable realms—the vast, intricate and awesome regions we call mind.

Psychedelic drugs have enabled them to attain significant experiences otherwise
unavailable to them.

Sometimes they acquire new insights and intricate knowledge about the life process from
sources within them that are not ordinarily available.

The content and nature of the experiences are authentic expressions of the psyche,
revealing its functioning on levels ordinarily not available for observation and study.

The evangelists and social historians of the psychedelic revolution have a delightful
roster of hero-comedian-clowns available for legendary canonization.

The experience of the spiritual has become more and more inaccessible to modern

The individual connects with important aspects of reality that are inaccessible to
perception under ordinary circumstances.

The individual gains experiential access to the unitive states. This tends to change the
way of being in the world and the basic approach to life.

The joy of the spirit is available the moment pride is swallowed and the free gift of union
with God accepted.

The marijuana laws in this country were passed with no attempt to incorporate the
available scientific evidence on the effects of marijuana.

The psychedelics permit access to preverbal impressions, to unconscious material, and to
intuitive processes.

The subject in this state feels that he has access to direct insightful knowledge and
wisdom about matters of fundamental and universal significance.

The ultimate reconciliation with the universe comes from the insight that the totality of
existence forms a unified field or network which is experientially available to each of us.

The wisdom for change and healing comes from the collective unconscious and surpasses
by far the knowledge that is intellectually available to the therapist.

Theologians need to acknowledge the reality of other worlds, other dimensions of Being,
to which man has access.

Unquestionably this drug is very useful to the artist, activating trains of association that
would otherwise be inaccessible.

We are using a very small percentage of the neural equipment, the brain capacity which
we have available.

We each hold the potential for having direct and immediate experiential access to
virtually every aspect of the universe.

We have access to virtually unlimited sources of information about the universe that may
or may not have complements in the physical world.

What art was available to the great knowers of Suchness? They probably paid little
attention to art. They don’t need art if their mind can see the All in every “this.”

Wisdom becomes available when we see things as they are. Our task is to remove the
obstacles to awareness that limit and distort perception.

You are tuned into areas of the nervous system which are inaccessible to routine

All of this stuff that is normally hidden in the active language is suddenly not only
available but visibly deployed in three-dimensional space and emotion. You recognize it
as intimately of yourself. In a sense you recognize it as your soul.

Consciousness expansion is as equally complex a problem as the study of physics
because the nervous system and the levels of consciousness available to man are infinite
in their complexities.

Deep satisfaction can now be derived from a number of things that have been available
all along but were previously ignored or barely noticed. Full participation in the process
of life becomes more important than pursuit of any specific goal.

Each human being contains the information about the entire universe or all of existence,
has potential experiential access to all its parts, and in a sense is the whole cosmic

If the perceptions touched off by the drugs are in any reliable sense religious, then an
invaluable means of studying the dynamics and effects of profound religious experience
at firsthand is available to us.

It opens access to most extraordinary realms of experience, offers remarkable
philosophical and spiritual revelations and mediates fascinating insights into the cosmic
processes by which reality itself is created.

Liberty was at stake here, freedom of access to your own body and brain and to manage
it, a right I believed was protected by the Constitution. The human mind is a frontier of
freedom. (That was Timothy Leary.)

Long “forgotten” memories may become accessible and meaningful with the subject
“going back in time” to very vividly experience the emotional as well as the other
contents of important forgotten or repressed events.

Our body contains, however small the bit, a part of that physically real primeval mud
from which we grew, through orders, classes, phyla—to what we are. Thus, the physical
reality of the evolutionary sequence of life may become available to our consciousness.

Phenomena perceivable directly by our senses appear on the same experiential continuum
with those that ordinarily require such complicated technology as microscopes and
telescopes to be accessible to human senses.

Psychedelic, mind-manifesting drugs give promise of providing access to the great and
hitherto largely impenetrable realms—the vast, intricate and awesome regions we call

Psychologically, the psychedelics promised easier access to repressed unconscious
materials, shortcutting the years and prohibitive expense of psychoanalysis. In behavior
change, they held the promise of reducing the recidivism of paroled prisoners.

Realms that are ordinarily inaccessible to the unaided human senses, such as the physical
and biological microworld and astrophysical objects and processes, become available for
direct experience.

That transpersonal experiences can mediate access to accurate information about various
aspects of the universe previously unknown to the subject requires in itself a fundamental
revision of our concepts about the nature of reality.

The human psyche has access to images and motifs that are truly universal. They can be
found in the mythology, folklore, and art of cultures widely distributed not only across
the globe but also throughout the history of humanity.

The impression is that external time must have slowed down, while the internal
experience continues at the same rate. There is not the impression of speed or rapidity,
but that the time available to the user is magnified.

The impressive mosaic of new observations and theories that are already available
suggests that in the future the old/new discoveries in regard to consciousness and the
human psyche might become integral parts of a comprehensive scientific worldview.

The individual’s right of access to his or her own brain has become the most significant
political, economic and cultural issue in America today. Our states will never be united
nor prosperous until the generational drug war is ended. (That was Timothy Leary.)

The most important reason for making the observations from psychedelic research
available to professionals, as well as the general public, is the revolutionary nature of the
observations associated with it.

The participation of archetypal elements in the death-rebirth process reflects the fact that
deep experiential confrontation with the phenomena of death and rebirth typically results
in a spiritual and mystical opening and mediates access to the transpersonal realm.

The psychedelic can alter the perception of energy, matter, and time in such a way as to
enable select random access of the spatial and temporal dimensions and make it possible
to inhabit the skins of a variety of forms and entities.

The reach of consciousness is not limited to the material world and to spacetime. It can
extend beyond the boundaries of the Newtonian reality altogether and access nonordinary
dimensions of existence.

The spiritual leadership of a stable and united society must have access to metaphysical
knowledge, i.e., to an effective realization and immediate experience of the ultimate

The spirituality revealed in the process of focused self-exploration sees God as the Divine
Within. Here the individual uses various techniques that mediate direct experiential
access to transpersonal realities and discovers his or her own divinity.

There are dedicated scientists trying to find some way in which supplies of LSD may be
made available for important research in brain physiology, psychology, theology or
mental therapy.

These are unusual manifestations of human mental function, ordinarily inaccessible. The
ability to produce them chemically clarifies similar obscure and puzzling experiences
found in religious, historical and mystical literature.

Various aspects of the universe from which we would expect to be separated by an
impenetrable spacial barrier can suddenly become easily experientially available and in a
sense appear to be parts or extensions of ourselves.

We were getting turned on in so many ways, lit up to new experiences, discoveries,
adventures, music, all of which had something very tangibly related to the drugs

A high does of LSD in the right circumstances brings you into contact not only with your
deep self but with other dimensions—extraterrestrial intelligence, a collective mind,
intelligent unity of life, living God, things that they don’t understand and can’t control
and don’t want free and available.

Consciousness after the ingestion of LSD manifests a characteristic qualitative
transformation of a dreamlike nature. It can transcend its usual limits and encourage
phenomena from the deep unconscious not accessible under normal circumstances. This
is frequently referred to as expansion of consciousness.

Could it be that the universe is, in the final analysis, just a divine play of consciousness
where all natural laws are ultimately arbitrary, and where any one of us, at any time, can
somehow access any material that ever existed or will exist for anyone, anywhere,
unfettered by the illusions of matter, space, and time?

He takes a fantastic inner journey into the unconscious and superconscious mind. These
drugs thus reveal and make available for direct observation, a wide range of otherwise
hidden phenomena that represent intrinsic capacities of the human mind and play an
important role in normal mental dynamics.

Individuals who encounter transpersonal experiences of this kind in their psychedelic
sessions frequently gain access to detailed and rather esoteric information about the
corresponding aspects of the material universe that far exceeds their general educational
background and their specific knowledge of the area in question.

It should be one of the chief tasks of the guide to help the subject select out of the wealth
of phenomena among which he finds himself, some of the more promising opportunities
for heightened insight, awareness and integral understanding that the guide knows to be
available in the psychedelic experience.

LSD subjects have, in certain special states of mind, access to information about almost
any aspect of the universe. The holographical approach makes it possible to imagine how
the information mediated by the brain is accessible in every cerebral cell, or how the
genetic information about the entire organism is available in every single cell of the body.

The drug can mediate access to vast repositories of concrete and valid information in the
collective unconscious and make them available to the experient. The revealed
knowledge can be very specific, accurate and detailed; the data obtained in this way can
be related to many different fields.

The experiences were too positive to not want to share them with everybody. It would
appear that the time had come when this kind of experience should be made available to
large numbers of searchers, so that “the doors of perception” could be opened, so that
expanded consciousness was no longer something attainable only by rare individuals.

The individual seems to gain access to a value system that is not understandable in terms
of his or her own early history or cultural norms. It entails a sense of compassion,
tolerance, basic justice and aesthetic appreciation that has a transpersonal or even cosmic

The person is at one with the universe. In his mystic selflessness he awakens with a
feeling of rebirth, often physically felt and he is provided with a new beginning, a new
sense of values. He becomes aware of the richness of the unconscious at his disposal; the
energies bound up in and by repression become available to him.

The subjects would be treated like astronauts—carefully prepared, briefed with all the
available facts and expected to run their own spacecraft, make their own observations and
report back to ground control. Our subjects were not passive patients but hero-explorers.
(That was Timothy Leary at Harvard.)

These experiences clearly suggest that, in a yet unexplained way, each of us contains the
information about the entire universe or all of existence, has potential experiential access
to all its parts and in a sense, is the whole cosmic network as much as he or she is just an
infinitesimal part of it, a separate and insignificant biological entity.

Transpersonal experiences can involve conscious experience of other humans and
members of other species, plant life, elements of inorganic nature, microscopic and
astronomic realms not accessible to the unaided senses, history and prehistory, remote
locations or other dimensions of existence.

Under appropriate conditions the psychedelics could considerably speed and facilitate the
process of working through psychological blocks. Material inaccessible in an ordinary
state could be brought into awareness, sometimes producing dramatic transformations
including death/rebirth experiences and alleviation of symptoms.

Within the new world-view, the very creative principle of the universe is experientially
available to the individual and, in a certain sense, is commensurate and identical with him
or her. This is a drastic change of perspective and it has far-reaching consequences for
every aspect of life.

All the learned games of life can be seen as programs that select, censor and thus
dramatically limit the available cortical response. Consciousness-expanding drugs unplug
these narrow programs, the social ego, the game-machinery. And with the ego and mind
unplugged, what is left? What is left is something that Western culture knows little about:
the uncensored cortex, activated, alert and open to new realities.

Among Jung’s best known contributions is the concept of the collective unconscious, an
immense pool of information about human history and culture that is available to all of us
in the depth of our psyches. Jung also identified the basic dynamic patterns or primordial
organizing principles operating in the collective unconscious, as well as in the universe at
large. He called them “archetypes.”

It is amazing that people who in nonordinary states “visit” various archetypal realms and
encounter mythological beings residing there can often bring back information that can
be verified by research into the mythology of the corresponding cultures. This led Jung to
the idea of the collective unconscious and the assumption that each individual can gain
access to the entire cultural heritage of humanity. (eyes closed)

LSD is a unique and powerful tool for the exploration of the human mind and human
nature. Psychedelic experiences mediate access to deep realms of the psyche that have
not yet been discovered and acknowledged by mainstream psychology and psychiatry.
They also reveal new possibilities and mechanisms of therapeutic change and personality

One sees the other in terms of a richness once seen, but lost through over-familiarity.
With this perception, closed-circuits are reopened and the persons communicate in ways
and on levels long inaccessible to them. Also, new circuits may be opened and new ways
of communication become possible or the subject may feel that he is seeing the other in
all her richness and complexity for the first time.

Reports created a witch-hunting response from parents, teachers, ministers, police
authorities and legislators. Unfortunately, many mental-health professionals participated
to some extent in this irrational approach; although the reports of two decades of
scientific experimentation with LSD were available in the psychiatric and psychological
literature, they allowed their image of this drug to be fermented by newspaper headlines.

The conveying and receiving of complicated messages, without the normal amount of
verbalization, is made possible by the subject’s alertness to nuances of language. Double
meanings and other word plays may be picked up instantly. Apparently simple statements
and even single words yield manifold meanings and implications that all seem
simultaneously accessible.

The individual is flooded by light of supernatural beauty and experiences a state of divine
epiphany. He or she has a deep sense of emotional, intellectual and spiritual liberation
and gains access to breathtaking realms of cosmic inspiration and insight. This type of
experience is clearly responsible for great achievements in the history of humanity in the
area of science, art, religion and philosophy.

The work of many artists—painters, musicians, writers and poets—who participated in
LSD experimentation in various countries of the world has been deeply influenced by
their psychedelic experiences. Most of them found access to deep sources of inspiration
in their unconscious mind, experienced a striking enhancement and unleashing of fantasy
and reached extraordinary vitality, originality and freedom of artistic expression.

Those who argue that LSD-induced spiritual experiences cannot be valid because they are
too easily available and their occurrence and timing depend on the individual’s decision,
misunderstand the nature of the psychedelic state. The psychedelic experience is neither
easy nor a predictable way to God. Many subjects do not have spiritual elements in their
sessions despite many exposures to the drug.

While samples of psychedelic drugs of doubtful quality are available in the streets and on
college campuses, it is nearly impossible for a serious researcher to get a license for
scientific investigation of their effects. As a result of this, professionals are in a very
paradoxical situation: they are expected to give expert help in an area in which they are
not allowed to conduct research and generate new scientific information.

Leary the scientist, Alpert the intellectual and later the mystic, Metzner the scholar: what
held these three together was their shared faith in the power of the transcendent
experience to remove the blinders that keep us at odds with each other. A world where all
humans have access to the mystical experience would be a world transformed, they
believed. Everyone would then directly see what Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Mohammed

All knowledge is potentially available.
Like a computer with unlimited access to any program, the mind roams freely.
Psychedelics act as keys or tools to give a person access to his dormant potentialities.
The individual perceives only part of the reality “available” to him.
The senses are made available for the world as it is.
The vision is accessible to all.
There are endless levels of energy transformations accessible to consciousness.
There are genuine and valid levels of perception unavailable to us without drugs.
They have tapped a universal reality that is potentially available to everyone.
Tune in on the internal and external energy accessible to the human nervous system.
You realize that you have more available to you than just your five senses.

Huxley described the experience at its best as a “gratuitous grace,” providing access to
what he called “Mind-at-Large,” beyond the “reducing valve” of the ordinary egoic mind.

It expanded and dignified the soul with a sudden access of glories such as no earthly
kingship could give.

Now that this breakthrough of consciousness had occurred, a new level of harmony and
love was available.

The LSD experience made available again the “lost” and forgotten visual modalities one
has a child.

With the aid of these drugs, I was exposing myself to the most intense emotions available
to the human nervous system.

Psychedelic subjects reported experiential identification with other people, animals and
various aspects of nature during which they gained access to new information about areas
which they previously had no intellectual knowledge.

I discovered within myself a complex inner world, rich in sensibility, symbol, feeling,
and metaphor, not only for accessible recollections of my life and those more deeply
stored in my unconscious, but also for those that transcended my own direct experience.
It was as if the events of my life the lives of my forebears and unknown people from
earlier periods of history and diverse cultures were passing through me. I was both actor
and audience in this drama.

I experienced dimensions of being usually inaccessible to consciousness.

LSD gave access to aesthetic, poetic, transcendental or mystical awareness.

Spiritual ecstasy, religious revelation and union with God were now directly accessible.

What the initiate experienced was “new, astonishing, inaccessible to rational cognition.”

a peculiarly immediate conscious access to the inner workings of the central nervous
system (eyes closed)

a process of purification, the onset of enhanced psychic sensitivity giving access to the
hidden and highest potentials of human existence

a wave of psychedelic painters whose work reflected dimensions accessible only to the
turned-on eye

access to his creative sources (LSD can get people in touch with their creative sources
which are within themselves, but usually blocked off from consciousness.)

access to levels and domains of reality described by the great mystical traditions of the

alteration of the filtering mechanisms that regulate the access of perceptual and emotional
stimuli to consciousness

an experience, nonverbal in character which is simply inaccessible to the purely literary
and scholarly approach

can open access to areas of experience for which our culture does not have adequate
conceptual framework

direct access to the deep structures and processes where thoughts, feelings and motivation

jars one free of mental ruts, allowing old problems to be seen from new angles, accessing
higher levels of information, some of which were spiritual in nature

new and powerful mechanisms of healing and personality transformation that are now
available in traditional psychiatry and psychotherapy

reveals a rich spectrum of dimensions of reality that are ordinarily hidden from human
awareness and are not available in the everyday state of consciousness

the depth of realization that became available when I let go of my preconceptions about
the nature of the universe

the experience of oneself as a potentially unlimited field of consciousness that has access
to all aspects of reality

the most extraordinary and significant experience available to human beings this side of
the Beatific Vision

various types and levels of experience that have become available in certain special states
of mind and that seem to be normal expressions of the psyche

an area of human experience accessible through the intervention of a sacrament which is
whatever it is that helps make God present in man (God is in man. The LSD sacrament
makes it possible to realize that.)

Jung’s assertion that our psyches are deeply affected by a collective unconscious that
gives us access to a vast warehouse of memories encompassing all of human experience
from the beginning of time

access to new information about the universe
access to new information through extrasensory channels
accessing those large circuits of our brain that are tuned into cellular traffic
had never dreamed that such heavenly bliss was available to mankind
must look within to find access to that universal source of wisdom
nonordinary states of consciousness that mediate access to all other aspects of existence
opening access to new territories
otherwise inaccessible ranges of consciousness
regions of the mind and states of consciousness hitherto inaccessible
the experiential territories that were made available through the catalyzing action of LSD
the infinite amount of possibilities available in psychedelic drugs
the now available potentialities of the accelerated cortex
the opportunities for personal growth available through chemical ecstasy
universal accessibility of salvation
universally accessible

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  1. Really nice text. i dont know is this off topic

    All energy is available to him who knows that it must not be grabbed, held, possessed or
    used for any other purpose except spiritual.

    there is only feelings.1st time it was like magnets plus and minus, pushing others away from each others and when magnets touch its like a nuclear bomb in your body and mind. kind of losing control of everything. Music was controller mostly. i was like opening door. Next time there was no name to that thing. feeling those in hole body even inside bones. second time i was able to click it on and off. it was like feeling hell and heaven both time every 20second, but there was no time……. i was little mental sick because of that.

    Sry bad english

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