By the act of self-abandonment, God becomes all beings, yet at the same time does not
cease to be God.

Contemplation is that condition of alert passivity, the immanent and transcendent
Godhead, that state of union with the divine Ground of all being.

Discovery of one’s divine nature can lead to a way of being, on both the individual and a
collective scale, incomparably superior to what is ordinarily considered the norm.

Draperies are living hieroglyphs that stand in some peculiarly expressive way for the
unfathomable mystery of pure being.

Every being is desirous for the fruits of action so long as it remains ignorant of its true

I find this world to be beautiful and if I can retain the insights I am getting, there will be
some fundamental change in my whole being.

Insightful knowledge or illumination about being or existence in general that is felt at an
intuitive, nonratonal level and gained by direct experience.

It appears to be possible to listen to music with one’s whole being and with a completely
new approach.

It provides new levels of understanding of one’s own identity, the dimensions of being,
human life and existence in general.

It was not goals that stimulated us, it was the experience of being and becoming, the
journey there rather than the end haul.

One sees quite clearly that all existence is a single energy and that this energy is one’s
own being.

Plants seem to represent pure being in the here and now, in full contact with the
immediate environment, which is the ideal of many mystical schools.

Religious experience can be defined as that experience which occurs when the “depths of
our being” are touched or confronted by the “Depth of Being.”

So long as man identifies himself with the ego, he is trying to be God. It is only when he
knows that his center of being is the infinite that he is really free to be man.

Such well-known concepts as the “primordial essence” and the “ultimate Ground of
Being” take on an immediacy and clarity hitherto unknown.

Suchness or the divine Ground of all being reveals itself to those in whom there is no
ego-centeredness, either of will, imagination, feeling or intellect.

The archetypal longing for a state of harmony with self, fellow beings, and environment
seems to me to be generally programmed into us.

The archetypal visions accompanying the experience of cosmic unity are of heavens,
celestial cities, paradisiacal gardens, and radiant divine beings. (eyes closed)

The dimension of depth is where we address ourselves to what really matters and
confront the mysterium tremendum—the interior strangeness of Being.

The individual gains experiential access to the unitive states. This tends to change the
way of being in the world and the basic approach to life.

The region of death becomes knowable and death itself is seen primarily as a rite of
passage to a spiritual mode of being.

The Western scientific view considers matter as primary. The mystical view regards
consciousness as the primary reality and ground of all being.

Theologians need to acknowledge the reality of other worlds, other dimensions of Being,
to which man has access.

There is a point at which explanation comes to a full stop, a point beyond which lies only
the mystery of the divine being.

We must act not from our inflated or deflated ego but from the deepest recesses of our

We must move toward a realization of the truth at the core of our being and toward the
higher consciousness that is the birthright of all of us.

A conception of the ultimate unity of being and consciousness of man and the universe is
common to all the main religious traditions and is based on the experience of the mystics
in each tradition.

How is it possible that a being with such sensitive jewels as the eyes, such enchanted
musical instruments as the ears and such a fabulous arabesque of nerves as the brain can
experience itself as anything less than a God?

I can gain insight into the nature of consciousness or experience, the meaning and
essence of being and the experience of harmony, the mystery of life, communion and
sharing, the delight of ecstasy. (Anyone can gain that insight. LSD is the best way.)

In altered states of consciousness this new perception of the world becomes dominant and
compelling. It completely overrides the everyday illusion of Newtonian reality, where we
seem to be “skin-encapsulated egos” existing in a world of separate beings and objects.

Internal unity occurs when consciousness merges with this “ground of being,” beyond all
empirical distinctions. Although awareness of one’s empirical ego has ceased, one does
not become unconscious.

LSD can catalyze and precipitate a sudden dramatic transformation. On occasion, one
LSD experience has drastically changed an individual’s world-view, life philosophy and
entire way of being.

Many people describe passing through a dark tunnel or funnel that brings them to a light
of supernatural brilliance and beauty, a divine being that radiates infinite, all-embracing
love, forgiveness and acceptance.

Our rational instrumentation is principally responsible for the reduction of our total
potential of apprehension, of knowing and being. (The more one is dominated by their
ego, the further they are from reaching their Real Potential.)

Plants seem to represent pure being in the here and now, the ideal of many mystical and
religious schools. Not exploiting and hurting other organisms, most plants serve
themselves as a source of food and bring beauty and joy into the life of others.

Spiritual grace originates from the divine Ground of all being and it is given for the
purpose of helping man to achieve his final end, which is to return out of time and
selfhood to that Ground.

The feeling of self is no longer confined to the inside of the skin. Instead, my individual
being seems to grow out from the rest of the universe like a hair from a head or a limb
from a body, so that my center is also the center of the whole.

The meaningful things seen in the mescaline experience are not symbols. They do not
stand for something else, do not mean anything except themselves. The significance of
each thing is identical with its being. Its point is that it IS.

This euphoric feeling includes elements of profound peace and steadfastness, surging like
a spring from a depth of my being which has rarely, if ever, been tapped prior to the drug

Thou shalt evolve to a higher state of being and ultimately return to the Godhead which is
your very self, your ever-present Divine Condition prior to all conditions, names and

We mount into the Intuitional domain, and, without the props of Sense in any way to
steady us, either by sensations perceived or suggesting relations, we know universal
principles of Being face to face.

Along with light, there comes recognition of heightened significance. The self-luminous
objects possess a meaning as intense as their color. Here, significance is identical with
being: objects do not stand for anything but themselves. Their meaning is precisely this:
that they are intensely themselves.

Here, the individual feels that he is experiencing the innermost divine core of his being.
His individual self is losing its seemingly separate identity and is reuniting with what is
perceived as its divine source, the Universal Self. This results in feelings of immediate
contact or identity with the Beyond Within, with God.

Identifying with the consciousness of the Universal Mind, the individual senses that he
has experientially encompassed the totality of existence. He feels that he has reached the
reality underlying all realities and is confronted with the supreme and ultimate principle
that represents all Being.

In the final analysis, only the creative principle of Cosmic Consciousness exists. Only it
takes physical form. From this point of view, the entire universe is a divine play of one
Supreme Being. Anyone who grasps this concept will see that karmic appearances are
just another level of illusion.

It is a complex revelatory insight into the essence of being and existence. This insight is
typically accompanied by feelings of certainty that such knowledge is ultimately more
real and relevant than our concepts and perceptions regarding the world that we share in a
usual state of consciousness.

Often, there is an actual experience of truths, they are KNOWN to be truths, which, when
presented in conceptual terms to the mind in its normal state, seem incomprehensible and
absurd. Such propositions as “God is love” are realized with the totality of one’s being
and their truth seems self-evident in spite of pain and death.

One can experience himself in a specific situation in his childhood, in the birth canal
and/or ancient Egypt. While aware of his everyday identity, he can identify experientially
with another person, another life form or a mythological being. He can also experience
himself in a different location in the world or in a mythical reality. (eyes closed)

Only when the ordinary perception of the material world is transcended can
consciousness connect with the heavenly regions. For those who have had the privilege
of such experience, the existence of Heaven, God and celestial beings ceases to be a
matter of belief and becomes self-evident reality.

Out true nature is an aspect of a universal consciousness, Self, Being, Mind, of God. The
awakening to this true nature is the direct awareness that you are more than this puny
body or limited mind. It is the realization that the universe is not external to you. It is
experiencing the universe as yourself.

The individual identifies with only one aspect of his or her being, the physical body and
the ego. This false identification leads to an inauthentic, unhealthy, and unfulfilling way
of life, and contributes to the development of emotional and psychosomatic disorders of
psychological origin.

The person feels a deep connection with the innermost spiritual core of his or her being.
The illusion of the individual self fades away and the person enjoys reunion with his or
her divine Self, which is also the Universal Self, the cosmic source of all existence. This
is a direct and immediate contact with the Beyond Within, with God.

There appears to emerge a universal central perception, apparently independent of the
subjects’ previous philosophical or theological inclinations. It is that behind the apparent
multiplicity in the world of science and common sense, there is a single reality, infinite
and eternal, all beings united in this Being.

There are myths of the creation of the world through the cutting up of some primordial
being, of its division into heaven and earth, into the multiplicity of things or into the 2
sexes— from which follows the generation of offspring. Thus many mythologies
envisage the goal of life as the “rememberment” of the original “dismemberment.”

This journey is experienced as going further “in”, as going back through one’s personal
life, in and back and through and beyond into the experience of all mankind, of the primal
man, of Adam and perhaps even further into the beings of animals, vegetables and

When I started taking LSD, I just saw that the academic thing was more or less a socio-
political game more than a true learning experience, in that the things that I really felt I
was learning were when I was just purely being or purely experiencing something and not
trying to read it from a stilted textbook or hearing it from a superintellectual professor.

When the shell of the ego has been cracked and there begins to be a consciousness of the
subliminal and psychological otherness underlying personality, it sometimes happens that
we catch a glimpse, fleeting but apocalypic, of that Otherness, which is the Ground of all

A superior religion goes beyond theology. It turns toward the center; it investigates and
feels out the inmost depths of man himself, since it is here that we are in most intimate
contact, or rather, in identity with existence itself. Dependence on theological ideas and
symbols is replaced by direct, non-conceptual touch with a level of being which is
simultaneously one’s own and the being of all others.

Abraham Maslow urged that there was a need to “depathologize” the psyche, that is, to
look upon the “inner core” of our being not as the source of metaphysical darkness or
illness but as the source of health and as the wellspring of human creativity. It was his
belief that Western civilization had obscured the importance of this inner core by
approaching it more as a superstition than as a reality.

It is amazing that people who in nonordinary states “visit” various archetypal realms and
encounter mythological beings residing there can often bring back information that can
be verified by research into the mythology of the corresponding cultures. This led Jung to
the idea of the collective unconscious and the assumption that each individual can gain
access to the entire cultural heritage of humanity. (eyes closed)

When we experience identification with the cosmic consciousness, we have the feeling of
enfolding the totality of existence within us, and of comprehending the Reality that
underlies all realities. We have a profound sense that we are in connection with the
supreme and ultimate principle of all Being. In this state, it is absolutely clear that this
principle is the ultimate and the only mystery.

A person moves from a relatively limited way of being to a new, expanded condition.
All beings are the masks of the one, divine Self.
All forms of matter and all living beings are seen as patterns of divine consciousness.
As aids to learning about being, psychedelics are of great potential value.
At peak experience, our being is filled with love, radiance, joy and ecstasy.
At root, being is vibration.
Great beings of every tradition had their inner energy awakened.
Here is the place whence Heaven and Earth derive their being.
In his deepest being, man is spirit.
The Being inside is seen.
The center of man’s being is not the ego but the Self.
The currents of the Universal Being flow through you.
The earth can be perceived as Mother Earth or a divine being.
The ground of the being of all beings is the relation between them.
The significance of each thing is identical with its being.
The Ultimate Ground of Being is you, that inmost Self.
The utmost peak of man’s being touches the infinite.
This is pure being in eternal actuality.

He experiences himself as a far greater being than he had ever imagined, with his
conscious self a far smaller fraction of the whole than he had realized.

Suddenly I feel my understanding dawning into a colossal clarity, as if everything were
opening up down to the roots of my being and of time and space themselves. The sense of
the world becomes totally obvious. I am struck with amazement that I or anyone could
have thought life a problem or being a mystery.

An incredible amount of light and energy was enveloping me and streaming in subtle
vibrations through my whole being.

He became aware of a powerful message flowing through him, through nonverbal
channels that seemed to permeate his entire being.

He experienced a comprehensive familiarity with the complex network of his being such
as he had never known before.

He felt that his life had been “transformed” by the “new being” which had emerged out of
the depths of his psyche.

He was seeing life as an endless sequence of cycles in which becoming, being, and
perishing were just chapters in the same great book.

I became aware of a brilliant sun rising from the center of my being, a new dawn and a
ripening of my soul.

I existed “in” these dimensions of being, as I had transcended not only my ego, but also
the dichotomy between subject and object.

I gazed and was humbled forever as I saw the unsheathed face of the Being cleared of all
his veils.

I was learning that all things are one, and all things are a part, an essential part, of my

She got in touch with what she felt was pure being and realized that it cannot be
comprehended and does not need any justification.

Status and classification appeared as mere superficial differentiation, in the light of the
harmony I saw among all beings.

The whole of my being and the world’s existence and history had suddenly made
complete sense to me.

There was awareness of unutterable bliss coupled with the conviction that this was the
only real and eternal state of being.

Through the richness of her experience, she discovered that the dimensions of her being
were greater than she thought.

All identity with self dissolved. There was no sense of time-space, only an awareness of
Being. At no time was there a sense of the individualized self. I never knew when “I”
entered the stream, only the emergence out of it.

Cosmic laughter was different from any way of laughing I had known. It came out of me
as though propelled by a force much larger than the person laughing. It came right up
from the center of my being.

Every atom of my body and soul had seen and felt God. The world was warmth and
goodness. There was no time, no place, no me. There was only cosmic harmony. With
every fiber of my being I knew it was so.

I was lifted entirely out of the world of hitherto conceivable being and invested with the
power of beholding forms and modes of existence which on earth are impossible to be

The LSD voyage goes out far beyond one’s small private history. My trip was back
through the cycle of being, which, if Jung’s collective unconscious really exists, as I
could now swear that it does, is the recurring history of you and me, all of us.

With all my being transfixed in the moment that answered the quest of my life, I
shuddered in my soul and with new velocities of divining sight, I saw our universe
sphering on its destiny.

I understood that the essence of my being was identical with the timeless essence of
every living thing, that formlessness was the essence of form, that the whole universe was
reflected in every psyche, and that my separateness was only a illusion, a dream from
which I had, in this moment, fully awakened.

There was unity and life and the exquisite love that filled being was unbounded. My
awareness was acute and complete. I saw God and all the saints and I knew the truth. I
felt myself flowing into the cosmos, levitated beyond all restraint, liberated to swim in
the blissful radiance of the heavenly visions.

This clear-light experience, as Leary termed it, was a true communion of the soul. I felt
as if my consciousness and entire being had broken up with the brittleness of linear ego
thought, while the person that filled the vacuum bore the same body of experience with a
totally new vitality and an understanding of life’s true value.

“This is an experience of life itself, of existence,” I fairly shouted with unintelligible joy
at my state. It was one of exultation, wonder and awe, amazement over Being. I laughed
until tears came to my eyes. “This is fantastic! Beyond words!” That it was—and is—and
shall ever be.

We remain ignorant of our true nature—our eternal Self. It was that Self that I longed to
discover. In order to get in touch with the ground of my being, I had to strip away the
accretions of prejudices and preconceptions that cluttered up my psyche, making it
impossible to see what was really there.

I kept getting visions of this “golden dawning” of consciousness in man which would
enable us to get things whole, to see life’s miracles, to know that indeed all is in
everything from blade of grass to man and woman. It was a vision of some ideal
existence in which there was only the sense of wonder and all fear gone, of a certain state
of being that was there not to be judged, but simply to be.

I remember being particularly struck by the joy of hearing music as I never had heard it
before. I could laugh at my old self-image, which included “not being musical”. I was
deeply moved by each piece of music that was played. As I listened without distraction,
each one evoked a different aspect of my psyche, and at the center of each was the perfect
still point of pure being where one could experience union with God.

Previously, I had forgotten the childish joy of simply being alive. Tripping makes you
feel the way an infant must feel, in the absence of discomfort, simply being: energetic,
open, interested. Tripping lent to my life the grace of fairy tales, where everything is
right and appropriate and satisfying. Psychedelic drugs engender storybook experiences:
one is tremendously cozy, delighted, enchanted, lucky.

For the first time, I understood the meaning of “ineffable”. There seemed to be no
possibility of conveying in words the subjective truth of my experience. A veil had been
lifted from my inner vision, and I felt able to see, not just images or forms, but the nature
of truth itself. The doors of perception were so cleansed, they seemed to vanish
altogether, and there was only infinite being. Krishnamurti’s characterization of truth as a
pathless land seemed an appropriate description of this domain.

A deep “cosmic confidence” pervaded my being. I felt liberated and wholly secure.
He discerned the “very principles of being.”
I saw what “a perfectly wonderful world” it all was and that there was a “central being”.
My essence transcended my physical being.
My lungs were bursting with the joyful song of being.
New dimensions of my mind were coming into being.
The dimensions of being I entered surpassed the wildest fantasies of my imagination.
The relationship of each being to the whole was somehow religious and also sexual.
The underlying qualities of being were universal.
Unimaginable depth and range of sensations filled my entire being.

a being possessed of mysterious creative powers, able to utilize new forms of energy
(That’s all of us.)

a more joyful, interesting and satisfactory way of being in the world, with a sense of
belonging, meaning, natural spirituality

a sense of spiritual rebirth associated with a new way of being in the world and
perceiving it

a sudden breaking through from “reason” to intuitive “intellect” capable of a genuine
insight into the divine Ground of all being

astonishment at the absolutely incredible immensity, complexity, intensity and
extravagance of being, existence, the cosmos—ontological shock

back to the roots of total being in which I could truly believe that there was no longer any
“I” or “me” but that I was somehow the All

became aware of fantastic dimensions of being, all of which possessed a profound sense
of reality

common mythological theme—that the universe arises from the sacrificial
dismemberment of a divine being

discovery of one’s true identity and of the dimensions of one’s being that connect the
individual with the entire cosmos and are commensurate with all of existence

feels the encounter with Being has led to the erasure of behavior patterns blocking his

highly developed spiritual capacities, with expanded consciousness of the depth and the
incomprehensible wonder of being

insightful knowledge or illumination about being or existence in general that is felt at an
intuitive, nonrational level and gained by direct experience

Leary one of the wisest, most illuminatory beings the world has ever known (Michael
Hollingshead said that.)

leaves behind one mode of being and moves into another and totally new experiential

realization of the higher intelligence, the divinity, the Ground of Being, the ground which
is the source of all Becoming

rebinding or re-tieing ourselves to the divine source of our being—the source we have
lost awareness of

see beings, events and things as processes which, however clearly distinguishable, are
inseparable from the processes which surround them and constitute their environment

sees man’s unity with God in an ontological and natural principle in which all beings are
metaphysically one

that branch of metaphysics termed ontology or the metaphysics of Being: the study of
life’s essential nature

the Clear Light of reality itself or undifferentiated consciousness which underlies all
being, knowledge and perception

the delicate nuances of sensitized perceiving and feeling under psychedelic drugs, the
sensitized nuances of being and perceiving

the divine source of our being—the source we have lost awareness of, what religion is all

the dramatic self-deception whereby the One plays at being the Many and the Godhead
lets itself be forgotten in pretending to be each individual being

the eternal moment of the golden age, this original ground of being, a lost and promised
paradise (LSD can get you there.)

the highest beautitude to which life can attain and yet, simultaneously, the root and
ground of one’s own being

the perception of the soul’s capacity for a broader being, deeper insight, grander views of
Beauty, Truth, and Good

the realization of essential Being, of consciousness and identification with the Universal

those twilight realms of consciousness where the poet explored the modes of inmost

to become aware of the transpersonal dimensions of their being and their spiritual core or

to experience more fully the bliss of pure being, just being present to my experience of
the moment

to open herself to joy, peace, love and being, to permit herself to be irradiated by them
and to become one with them

transcend time and space and are inhabited by celestial and mythological beings (eyes

what all of us have always been, a part of the divine substance, a manifestation of love,
joy and peace, a being identified with the One Reality

a state of which, because there are no longer any God-eclipsing obstacles between
themselves and Reality, they are able to be aware continuously of the divine Ground of
their own and all other beings.

a visionary torrent of cultures and contexts, myths and symbols, remnants of what may
seem to be racial or transpersonal memory—that near infinity of components that appears
to constitute our being (eyes closed)

to regain the lost dimensions, the encounter with the Holy, the dimensions which cut
through the world of subjectivity and objectivity and goes down to that which is not
world but is the mystery of the Ground of Being

a certain state of being that was there not to be judged, but simply to be
a direct experience of the whole man at every level of his being
a general sense of intense well-being
a new state of being
a perfect state of wise Buddha-being
a pure energy that was the whole of being
a sense of pure being with sensory awareness of the present moment
a sense of the ego dissolving into boundless being
a “transcendent dimension of being”
a transcendental world of Being, Knowledge and Bliss
a vast dimension of one’s being which has been kept hidden
an experience of mystical being
an explosion that lit up my being
being transcending the sum of its parts
“broke through” the realm of the ego into the transcendent dimensions of being
descending to a deeper level of his being
dying into purer being
firsthand confrontation with the Mystery in one’s own inner being
illusion that the Self is all these separate beings, things and events
insight into the inherent unity and peace of prelogical forms of being
LSD the key to the religious or mystical state, could lead to a truer metaphysics of being
men knowing themselves only as bodies inhabited by an “I” and not as spiritual beings
new ways of being and experiencing
opens individuals to spiritual dimensions of their being
our consciousness, the innermost essence of our being
our higher nature, the spiritual aspect of our being
our spontaneous-creative fullness of being
profound peace, surging like a spring from a depth of my being
pure intensive Being
pure Being
realities which are the essence of their being
reunited with the Ground of my Being
revelations of hitherto unconceived modes and uncharted fields of spiritual being
seeing and being the oneness of all life
soul-shaking revelations of transcendent being
surging like a spring from a depth of my being which has rarely, if ever been tapped
that glorious blissful shining consciousness, has seen Being itself
that light which was the central reality of our beings
that universal ground of consciousness from which all beings take their source
the absolute Being of which love, joy and peace are manifestations
the cleansing of the psyche which is taking him or her to a new, healthier way of being
the dimensions of being opened up
the divine nature, an expression of Pure Being, an expression of the divine joy
the eternal reality within which and by which all the rest has its being
the eternal Self, the eternity of Being
the experience of boundless being
the flooding of the whole being with indescribable bliss
the gateway to a new way of being
the highest form of being
the infinite reality in whose consciousness and being we live and move
the potential for rising to a higher state of being
the return to the essence of their being (our your being)
the rise of man from animal to spiritual being
the state of being in pure consciousness
the wonder of life and the glory and mystery of being
this beautitude, the fulfillment of the potential of man’s being
this level of being
to adventure into being
to discover the hidden truth and mystery of being
to open herself to joy, peace, love and being
to realize the higher potentialities of our being
truths which we all know in the unconscious depths of our being
until at last he achieves the very depths of his being and the luminous vision of the One
visions of various archetypal beings (eyes closed)

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