Enhance, Heighten, Increase

A completely different set of LSD sessions emerged when it became obvious that the
drug experiences could enhance creative potential in certain individuals.

A journey into this new mode of consciousness gives me a marvelously enhanced
appreciation of patterning in nature.

Aggressive feelings and impulses are usually strikingly reduced and interpersonal and
philosophical tolerance increases considerably.

All sensory pathways seem to be wide open and the sensitivity to and appreciation of
external stimuli is greatly enhanced.

Almost always, the subject is introduced to such increased awareness that this experience
remains one of the outstanding events of his life.

Anyone with philosophic ambitions and a thoughtful desire to increase intelligence could
learn how to use drugs effectively.

Buddhists set up a whole social structure centered on the cultivation of enlightenment and
heightened consciousness.

Certain people are increasingly changing interests, from possessions to states of mind or
from endurance to intensity of experience.

Colors are typically very bright, penetrating and explosive; the light and color contrasts
are enhanced and deepened.

Depth perception is often heightened and perspective distorted; inanimate objects take on
expressions, and synesthesia (hearing colors, seeing sounds, etc.) is common.

Elements of animal and plant consciousness can increase an individual’s love of nature
and make him more responsive to ecological problems.

Every enhancement of the separate personal self produces a corresponding diminuation
of that self’s awareness of divine reality.

I entertain the hope that as the path proves fruitful for more and more people, increasing
numbers will explore these realms and revise their narrow paradigm of realities.

If the religious vigor of a Westerner is enhanced by rich, mystical understanding, this is
certainly preferable to a foolish allegiance to a dead faith.

In psychedelic drugs, we might find out how to promote creativity by enhancing the
creative imagination.

In this state, all the sensory pathways are wide open and there is an increased sensitivity
and enjoyment of the perceptual nuances discovered in the external world.

Intelligence increase drugs like LSD enormously accelerate, extensify, intensify the
human brain function.

It is possible that a person is aware of more perceptions in a given amount of time as a
result of the enhancement of sensory data.

It offers one the chance to experience a true expansion of consciousness, an increase in
awareness, a general improvement and heightening of perception of all kinds.

LSD strips off the protective barriers of the ego and all sensitivity and perceptivity is

Many persons have taken LSD and have experienced remarkable enhancement of their
sense of well-being.

Our spiritual progress will not consist in a development and adaptation of symbolism, but
in an increased understanding of its meaning.

People of real genius or creative ability are increasingly unable to work in our

Psychedelic agents may facilitate lasting change in the direction of increased creative
expression and self-actualization.

Psychedelic drugs allow you to see and hear new patterns of energy that suggest new
patterns for composition. In this way, they enhance the creative perspective.

Psychedelic drugs enhance creativity, providing solutions to artistic and intellectual
problems through new combinations of ideas and feelings (and perceptions).

Psychiatrists secretly drop LSD into the water glasses of psychotic patients and report
that LSD enhances insanity.

Recall of repressed memories is greatly enhanced, reliving of repressed biographical

The ability to relax physically and emotionally and enjoy ordinary things in life is greatly

The fullness of awareness increases to an intensity that may seem almost too great to be

The guide must steer a course of gradual intensification and enhancement of

The heightened sensitivity in all areas gives me a feeling of communion with my
surroundings, both animate and inanimate.

The historical and evolutionary sequences may be seen as having the function of moving
the subject toward increasing dramatic involvement. (eyes closed)

The increased sensitivity and awareness enhances the pleasurable aspects of sexual

The LSD state is, in essence, one of greatly heightened suggestibility, with environmental
cues sensed most exquisitely.

The use of the senses or the enhancement of the senses comes as a shock in our puritan
American culture.

The world appears to be a beautiful and safe place and the zest for life is distinctly

There is a general enhancement and intensification of consciousness and at the same
time, an extension and transfiguration.

There is no question that altered states of consciousness can heighten aesthetic

These drugs characteristically generate heightened responsiveness to feelings and a sense
of closeness to other people.

This expansion of consciousness can be used to increase our awareness of and sensitivity
toward mankind.

This increased awareness has been eagerly sought by many people who have devoted
their lives to spiritual development.

We had discovered the long-sought after philosopher’s stone, the key to increased

Whether or not objective tests show a “real” increase in sensory acuity seems laughingly
irrelevant to the drug user.

You will discover the key to enhanced intelligence within the chemistry of the nervous

A good experience with the drugs heightens and intensifies all experience and just as one
can enjoy music and art during the experience with a new and deeper appreciation, so one
can do the same with sex—it can be a beautiful experience under the drug.

A number of architects have added to the extensive evidence for the drug’s use as an
instrument for enhancing perception, for training in visualization. They report that visual
and auditory acuity are revolutionized.

Aesthetic responses are greatly heightened, colors seem more intense, textures richer,
contours sharpened, music more emotionally profound, the spatial arrangements of
objects more meaningful.

Before taking LSD, I never stayed in a state of sexual ecstasy for hours on end, but I have
done this under LSD. It heightens all of your senses and it means that you’re living the
sexual experience totally. Each caress or kiss is timeless.

Continued penetration into the unconscious does not reveal increasingly bestial and
hellish regions, as indicated by psychoanalysis, but rather extends into the cosmic realms
of the superconscious.

Ecstatic and unitive feelings of belonging, infuse the individual with strength, zest, and
optimism, and enhance self-esteem. They cleanse the senses and open them for the
perception of the extraordinary richness, beauty, and mystery of existence.

In a paradoxical, but to those who have experienced this heightening of intrinsic
significance, an entirely self-evident way, the relative becomes the absolute, the transient
particularly universal and eternal.

Insofar as performance has lagged because of inability to perceive the solutions to
specific problems, LSD can actually increase creative activity. (With LSD, the person can
“perceive the solutions” that they couldn’t otherwise.)

Raptures about “transcendental experiences” often focus on the visual splendors and lofty
insights into the meaning of existence and the universe and the increase in aesthetic

Reports of successful marital adjustments with LSD increasingly give evidence of
restored appreciation for the partner and the partnership. It seems not unreasonable,
therefore, that one day LSD may be regarded as a strong asset to marriage counselors.

Sometimes the “doors of perception” are cleansed suddenly with a jolt; sometimes the
cleansing comes gradually with ever increasing discoveries. These discoveries may be
psychological insights or may be made through any of the senses.

The experience of fundamental oneness with the rest of creation increases the tolerance
and patience toward others, lowers the level of aggression, and improves the capacity for
synergy and cooperation.

The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which
helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in
this increasingly mad and dangerous world.

The psychedelic experience tends to bring the subject into intimate contact with nature
and dramatically enhances his or her sensory perception of the world and an encounter
with nature at its best can become an aesthetic and spiritual experience of lasting value.

The recent increase of interest in various forms of self-exploration, which can mediate
direct spiritual experiences, is a very encouraging trend and a development of great
potential significance.

A single high-dose LSD session can frequently be of extraordinary value for those
persons who do not have any serious clinical problems. The quality of their lives can be
considerably enhanced and the experience can move them in the direction of self-
realization and self-actualization.

Along with light, there comes recognition of heightened significance. The self-luminous
objects possess a meaning as intense as their color. Here, significance is identical with
being: objects do not stand for anything but themselves. Their meaning is precisely this:
that they are intensely themselves.

Although scientific interest in psychedelic substances is relatively recent, their ritual use
can be traced back to the dawn of human history. From time immemorial, plants
containing powerful mind-altering substances have been used for diagnosing and healing
of diseases, enhancement of paranormal abilities, and for magical or ritual purposes.

ancient and Oriental religions and philosophies—It has become increasingly clear that
these systems of belief reflect profound understanding of the human mind and of unusual
states of consciousness, embodying knowledge that deals with the most universal aspect
of human existence, and thus is highly relevant for all of us.

Certain classes of perceptual images appear again and again; colored, moving, living
geometrical forms which undulate into more concrete perceptions of patterned things,
such as carpets, carvings, mosaics, transmuting continually into other forms in
heightened color and grandeur. (eyes closed)

Colors are bright and glowing, the outlines of objects are defined as they never have been
before, spatial relationships are drastically altered, several or all of the senses are
enormously heightened—“all at once” the world has shed its old, everyday facade and
stands revealed as a wonderland.

Everything seen by those who visit the mind’s antipodes is brilliantly illuminated and
seems to shine from within. All colors are intensified to a pitch far beyond anything seen
in the normal state and at the same time, the mind’s capacity for recognizing fine
distinctions of tone and hue is notably heightened.

Identification of consciousness with ego consciousness leads to confusion of mind and
intellect, to acceptance of appearance as reality, to materialistic formulations of the
interaction of mind and matter, to isolation and fear, to increasingly negative conceptions
of reality and ultimately and very logically to disaster.

It should be one of the chief tasks of the guide to help the subject select out of the wealth
of phenomena among which he finds himself, some of the more promising opportunities
for heightened insight, awareness and integral understanding that the guide knows to be
available in the psychedelic experience.

Spiritual awakening is the difficult process whereby the increasing realization that
everything is as wrong as it can be flips suddenly into the realization that everything is as
right as it can be. (Alan Watts wrote that. With LSD, it’s not a difficult process at all,
except for the ego.)

Subjects were advised to “turn off” their analytic faculties, to relax and accept whatever
form of experience came their way, to refrain from attempting to control the sequence or
nature of the events. The declared aim was to stop using one’s cognitive and perceptual
processes in the familiar way and to heighten the likelihood of discovering new ways.

The consensus among the architects interviewed seems to be that LSD, when
administered under carefully controlled conditions, does enhance creativity to the extent
that it vastly speeds up problem-solving, aids in visualizing three-dimensionality and
generally heightens perceptivity.

The language of science is increasingly a language of process, a description of relations
rather than of things. The world so described is a world of actions rather than agents,
verbs rather than nouns, going against the common-sense idea that an action is the
behavior of some thing, some entity of “stuff.”

The perception of the environment can be changed in a way that bears a striking
resemblance to the pictures of famous Cubist painters. The fantasy process is usually
considerably enhanced and contributes an important creative element to these perceptual

A person is likely to become increasingly sensitive to color and to form. Colors often
grow richer and deeper, while the contours of objects in the room may stand out in sharp
relief. The whole experience may seem to come into sharper focus, as though the person
had just discarded a dirty, incorrectly ground pair of glasses for a clean, perfectly ground

Anything in the environment—a painting on the wall, a pattern in the carpet—may
become a universe to be entered and explored; drug users say they understand what Blake
meant by “the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower.” Color seems
dazzlingly bright and intense, depth perception heightened, contours sharpened, and relief
clearer; details usually overlooked become intensely interesting.

Once people have experienced the spiritual dimensions growing in their lives, they often
learn that their lives without it were futile and impoverished. Previously, they may have
managed adequately but unhappily, unaware of the seemingly endless realms that have
since enormously enriched their existence. They discover that spirituality is a necessary
element that enhances their lives and sense of well-being.

Opposing terms like psychosis vs. revelation, hallucination vs. vision, regression vs.
mystical insight, and sensory distortion vs. sensory enhancement embodied two different
attitudes toward the experience and even suggested two different world views.
Psychedelic drug users thought that the words of psychiatry and medicine were being
used as a weapon against them.

Previously almost-depressed individuals typically emerge from a successfully integrated
LSD session with elevated mood, joyful appreciation of existence, enhanced self-esteem
and self-acceptance and greater capacity for meaningful human relationships. Their inner
life is enriched, they are more open and they show an increased appreciation of beauty in
nature and art.

Sensory perceptions become especially brilliant and intense. Normally unnoticed aspects
of the environment capture the attention; ordinary objects are seen as if for the first time
and acquire new depth of significance. Aesthetic responses are greatly heightened; colors
seem more intense, textures richer, contours sharpened, music more emotionally
profound, the spatial arrangements of objects more meaningful.

The work of many artists—painters, musicians, writers and poets—who participated in
LSD experimentation in various countries of the world has been deeply influenced by
their psychedelic experiences. Most of them found access to deep sources of inspiration
in their unconscious mind, experienced a striking enhancement and unleashing of fantasy
and reached extraordinary vitality, originality and freedom of artistic expression.

Within our own consciousness, there is a memory, waiting to be recalled, of every
movement, feeling and desire in our lives. This implies that everything survives in a way
more complete than just intellectually. The psychedelic experience heightens this recall,
and if handled properly, could pass through beneficial channels leading to psychotherapy
and rehabilitation.

All senses are heightened.
Altered states of consciousness can heighten aesthetic sensitivity.
As our field of action widens, our intuitional eyesight shall be increased also.
Capacity for empathy seems greatly heightened.
Emotional reactivity is almost always greatly enhanced.
Increasing intelligence and awareness is a team sport.
It heightens the capacity for introspection and intimacy.
It is increasingly clear that our society cannot be both drug-free and free.
Music is heard with increased fidelity and dimension.
Objects attain a heightened personal significance.
Play behavior increases.
Psychedelic drugs enhance mysticism.
Psychedelic drugs not only enhance sexuality but transforms it.
Sensations are tremendously heightened by LSD.
Sex under LSD becomes miraculously enhanced and intensified.
Subjects report that the viewed object has enhanced beauty and meaning.
The degree of mental freedom increases.
The emotional responses of the subject are dramatically enhanced.
The enhanced impact of emotion is most striking.
The impact of mood upon perception is greatly increased.
The individual’s appreciation of natural beauty is greatly enhanced.
The senses are heightened.
The sensual orgy of sexual intercourse can undergo unimaginable enhancements.
The speed of thought and association is increased astonishingly.
These drugs increase society’s range of human experience and human knowledge.
These drugs offer a means for enhancing spiritual sensitivity.
With the cognitive mind suspended, the subject is in a heightened state of suggestibility.

Certainly my sense of touch is heightened…My hearing appears to be more sensitive, and
I am able to take in without disturbance or distraction many different sound impressions
at the same time

The individual has become relaxed, has begun to enjoy the increased sense perceptions
and has become fascinated with the world of awareness that is beginning to open to him.
The deep and profound experiences released by the LSD then flow uninterrupted in an
ever widening scope.

I advanced toward the table. With every step its distance increased. The lights, the faces,
the furniture receded.

I became increasingly cognizant of the sacredness of the experience I was undergoing
and felt an expansion of consciousness beyond the confines of my head and my body.

In all of his “relations to externals” he experienced a heightened sense of “unity and

My sensitivity to beauty was significantly increased and I perceived aesthetic qualities in
most all of the objects that surrounded me, even in the walls of the room itself.

Psychedelic drugs enhanced my capacity to see through things, especially the ways in
which the man-made world tries to manipulate us.

The awareness that God was in every nook and cranny of the universe was so
tremendously increased and so richly fulfilling that a great reverence enfolded me.

A professional engineer-physicist who was skeptical about the enhancement of creativity
through LSD was surprised by the “intensity of concentration, the forcefulness and
exuberance” with which he could work.

My exponentially heightened awareness saw through the static, one-dimensional ego-
constricted false front which is the consciousness-contracted reality of the everyday

The intensity of the love feelings caused sexual hungers and reactions to be markedly
heightened. Intercourse took on such depth of meaning as to have a religious

I was experiencing an ever-increasing state of ecstasy. This was accompanied by a
clearing and brightening of my perceptual field. It was as if multiple layers of thick, dirty
cobwebs were being magically torn and dissolved, or a poor-quality movie projection or
television broadcast was being focused and rectified by an invisible cosmic technitian.

Every plant became a kind of musical utterance, a play of variations on a theme repeated
from the main branches, through the stalks and twigs, to the leaves, the veins in the
leaves and to the fine capillary network between the veins. Each new bursting of growth
from a center repeated or amplified the basic design with increasing complexity and
delight, finally exulting in a flower.

Thoughts spun around in my head and everything—objects, sound, events—took on a
special meaning for me. I felt like I was putting the pieces of a puzzle together.
Childhood feelings began to come back, as symbols and bits from past conversations
went through my head. The word religious and other words from other past conversations
came back to me and seemed to take on a new significance. I increasingly began to feel
that I was experiencing something like mystical revelations.

All phenomena were greatly enhanced.
An increasing feeling of liberation came over me.
Closing my eyes, an increase in the intensity of the peaceful feeling would occur.
Depth perception was increased far beyond normal standards.
My aesthetic sensibilities were profoundly enhanced.
My appreciation of life was profoundly enhanced.
The experience had enhanced their appreciation of life.
The gleam flashed on me with increasing radiance.
The intensity of all emotions increased to overpowerful proportions.
The LSD experience heightened intellectual appreciation and curiosity.
With ego-loss came feelings of the enhanced significance and relevance of everything.

a distinct increase of interest in religious matters, involving spirituality of a universal

a heightened capacity for introspection and intimacy along with freedom from anxiety
and depression

a liberation of the senses which, far from destroying civilization, would give it a firmer
basis and would greatly enhance its potentialities

a process of purification, the onset of enhanced psychic sensitivity giving access to the
hidden and highest potentials of human existence

an acute awareness of symbolic dimensions in every object of perception and a
heightened significance

an effect of heightened interest and fascination with the panorama of experiences that
begin to come into consciousness

an enhanced sense of relaxation and loosening of inhibitions, together with an increase in

an increased attentiveness to immediate experience in contrast to memories of the past or
plans for the future

an increasing awareness of the spiritual dimension in one’s life and in the universal
scheme of things

an increasing sense of calmness which usually shifts into a mild to strong sense of

an instance in which vision was so heightened under LSD that a subject was able to read
a newspaper at a distance of 30 feet

beauty, fun, philosophic wonder, religious revelation, increased intelligence, mystical
romance, glamour, sexuality

energy, fun, religious revelation, sexual enhancement, aesthetic kick, ecstasy, accelerated

flowers breathing, a repeated flow from beauty to heightened beauty, from deeper to ever
deeper meaning

increased perceptual sensitivity and portentousness, intensification of interpersonal
experience, feelings of unique insight into life

increased powers of concentration and introspection and experiences deep religious

increased vividness of color, visual harmonies, change in depth perception, sharper
definition of detail, change in time sense especially listening to music

intellectual and emotional adventure, sensory pleasure, enhanced awareness, self-
exploration, religious and mystical insight

intense emotional reaction to slight gestures, enhanced empathy, deep introspective

my ecstasy which heightened to behold the same rose-radiance lighting us up along our
immense journey

new chemical instruments for accelerated consciousness, enhancing memory and
speeding up learning

re-examination of values and purpose, enhanced aesthetic appreciation, gaining a new

the heightening of perception, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling or touching better than

the increased significance and meaning attributed both to internal and external stimuli
during alterations in consciousness

to use marijuana and LSD to get beyond the TV studio, to enhance creativity, as catalysts
to deepen wisdom and meaning

heightened sensitivity to nuances of language and to non-verbal cues; greater use of
gestures and shifts of posture and facial expressions as means of communicating; the
sense that communication is multileveled and much more meaningful than at other times

greater spontaneity of emotional expression, reduction in depression and anxiety, less
distance in interpersonal relations, more openness to experience, increased aesthetic
appreciation, deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life, and an enhanced sense of unity
with nature and humanity

a beneficial, educational and growth-enhancing experience
a broadening of awareness and an increase in individual insight
a heightened intensity of awareness
a heightened sense of the drama of life
a heightened significance of light and color
a heightened state of awareness
a heightening of psychic energy
a markedly noticeable increase in the appreciation of beauty
a new expanded understanding and increased inspiration
a sense of heightened reality in vision
a significant enhancement of intuition
a state of heightened suggestibility and acute sensitivity to environmental cues
a vastly enhanced sensitivity to facial expressions, intonations, and choice of words
an enhancement of the relationship with the person who is conducting the experience
an immeasurably heightened perception of the significance of the world
an increase in the range of experience
an increased aesthetic appreciation of color, form, texture and sound
an increased intensity to emotions in general
an increased sensitivity to interactions with others
an increased sensitivity to sounds and visual stimuli
an increased sensitivity to stimuli in all modalities
an increased vividness and richness of the percept
an incredible enhancement of sensory awareness
an intelligence increaser, an energizer, a sensual enhancer
an intensification of the present, an increased awareness of the here-and-now
an overall increase in sensuousness
can enhance appreciation of art and music
chemically heightened intelligence
chemically-induced “heightened intelligence” and spiritual evolution
color and design greatly heightened
cosmic-religious experiences, feelings of great enrichment and increased self-confidence
discover a world of visionary beauty, the enormous heightening of the perception of color
drugs—catalysts to deepen wisdom, enhance creativity
energizing, sense-heightening drugs
enhanced alertness, heightened contact with the environment
enhanced awareness of linguistic nuances
enhanced intellectual power
enhanced sense of meaningfulness in familiar objects
enhanced “sense of truth”
enhanced significance
enhanced visual sensitivity
enhancement of all sensory modalities
enhancement of wisdom
enhances emotional receptivity
enhances the energies released
enhances the enjoyment of sex, gives an exquisite sensitivity
enhancing learning and creativity
enhancing the scientific imagination
enlarged awareness and heightened sensitivities
enrichment of color and texture, heightened clarity
feeling enhancers
greatly heightened awareness of color
heaven-penetrating, heightened acuity
heightened attention to immediate sensory experience
heightened awareness
heightened awareness of the world around me
heightened capacity for concentration
heightened consciousness
heightened creativeness
heightened perception and aesthetic awareness
heightened sense of meaningfulness
heightened sensitivity to the activity of light, different intensities of light
heightened sensory receptiveness
heightened suggestibility
heightening of sensuality and affection
heightening of the intensity and emotional significance of perceptions
heightening our consciousness
heightening sensitivity and perception
increased creative capacity
increased detail and sensation
increased insight, extended awareness
increased intellectual clarity
increased perceptiveness
increased richness of imagery and inspiring thoughts
increased self-esteem and feelings of oneness with other people and nature
increased sensitivity to touch
increased sensory attention
increased sensory awareness
increases awareness of surroundings and bodily processes
liberate the subject from guilt, enhance self-esteem
LSD an enhancer of experience
LSD enhancing sex
my heightened awareness of objects
my LSD-enhanced vision
new chemicals that exhilarate learning, expand consciousness and enhance memory
opens the mind and enhances creativity
opportunities for heightened insight, awareness and integral understanding
sense organs intensified and enhanced
sensory enhancement
sensual enhancement
soaring states of bliss, heightened spirituality, and a titanic sense of drama and surprise
taking sacred substances to induce a heightened state
the ability of LSD to enhance the mystical self-understanding of a person
the heightening of sensation
the enhanced awareness and extended consciousness of the transcendent experience
the enhanced sexual sensation
the enhancement of immediate experience
the enhancement of inner experience
the enhancement of insightful recall
the extended wonder world of heightened and distorted perceptions
the heightened charge of energy released by transcendent experiences
the heightened intensity of color perception
the heightened perception produced by LSD
this “heightened sense of reality”
the heightened sensitivity of ego transcendence
the heightened sensory awareness
the heightening of brightness or beauty of colored objects
the heightening of color
the increase in attention, the detailed attention possible
the increase in intensity of sensory experience
the increased mystery of my state
the increased suggestibility and openness of the mind
the increasing of emotional expressiveness
the intense enraptment of heightened awareness
the key to enhanced sex
the potential of LSD for enhancing creativity
the reduction of inhibition and increased suggestibility
the sensation of having an increased rate of thought
this feeling of general benevolence and “expansive good-will”
this heightening of consciousness
this sense of the supreme importance of a moment of heightened experience
to enhance appreciation of color and form
to enhance mental awareness
to enhance their sense of reality
to heighten ecstatic experience
to heighten physical sensations
to see with enormously increased rapidity and precision
vision heightened

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