Heaven, Heavenly, Paradise, Eden

Children are in touch with paradise to the extent that they have not fully learned the ego

Christian imagery is very vague about the glories of heaven and amazingly specific about
the agonies of hell.

Descriptions of paradise in many mythologies describe environments that abound with
precious metals and stones.

Divine madness is described by the Greek philosopher Plato as a gift from the gods: “The
greatest blessings come by way of madness, indeed madness that is heaven-sent.”

Each molecule is a heavenly octopus with a million floating jeweled tentacles hungry to
merge. Driven by internal pressure, sexual in nature, towards union.

Emotions are closely tied to ego games. Check your emotions at the door to paradise.
(This refers to negative emotions.)

Expecting the Second Coming of the Lord, obviously, the Church has been looking in the
wrong direction—in the outward skies and not in the realm of heaven which is “within”.

From my heavenly trips, I know that I am but one of the myriad manifestations of the
Self that is undying and unborn.

How many of the current ideas of eternity, of heaven, of supernatural states are ultimately
derived from the experiences of drug-takers?

I have seen the Bird of Paradise, she has spread herself before me and I shall never be the
same again.

In all religious traditions, the paradises and other worlds have precisely the qualities
which are given in the descriptions of the visionaries.

In religion and folklore, one finds, in all traditions descriptions of paradise, of the golden
age, of the future life.

It is surely through the transformation of consciousness rather than through the gate of
literal death that we should expect to find the entrance to Heaven.

Man could live in paradise “while still in the flesh.” (In other words, we could have
heaven, right here on earth.)

Most paradises are adorned with buildings and like the trees, waters, hills and fields,
these buildings are bright with gems.

Paradise refers to a state of metaphysical ecstasy, a sanctuary of eternal youth, gardens of
incredible beauty, roads paved with gold. (eyes closed)

The archetypal visions accompanying the experience of cosmic unity are of heavens,
celestial cities, paradisiacal gardens, and radiant divine beings. (eyes closed)

The ecstatic trip can be diverted, the person’s mind ready to explain away paradise and
pull him back to the old egocentric game.

The experience of paradise combines feelings of transcendental happiness and joy with
delight in exquisite natural beauty of an earthly quality.

The images from the mythological domains of the collective unconscious that appear,
often portray celestial realms and paradises. (eyes closed)

The true sage rejects all distinctions and takes his refuge in Heaven, in the basic unity of
the world.

There is no dualism of heaven and earth, natural and supernatural, Man and God, material
and spiritual, mortal and immortal.

They would return through psychedelic drugs to a lost state of innocence, a time before
time, when creation was fresh and the earth a paradise.

To those who have passed through the gate, there is no gate and everyone is inside the
kingdom of Heaven. (Yes, we are already in heaven. All one needs is to realize that.)

We could create the new Garden of Eden. We could become the new Adam and Eve and
begin the world again. And that’s why the powers that be must stop the “counterculture.”

We encounter celestial realms and Gardens of Paradise from the mythologies of a variety
of the world’s cultures. (eyes closed)

We were never put out of the Garden of Eden. It’s still all around us. You only have to
learn to look.

Your life begins when your TV game ends. Then you are free to walk out of the studio, a
God in the Garden of Eden.

A lively boost was the publication of Huxley’s books, Doors of Perception and Heaven
and Hell; his enormous erudition and lucid explanations put the whole business of taking
a drug to change your consciousness on a totally new level.

As soon as we can break the conservative chains around our hearts and conquer our fears,
the freedom and joy will begin again. Like Adam and Eve, we will be lovers in an earthly
paradise again.

Blake said that “gratitude is heaven itself”—a phrase I was unable to understand before
taking LSD, but which now seems luminously comprehensible. (LSD is heavenly

In Christian theology, the imagery of heaven implies that the saints and angels surround
God as an object of adoration external to themselves. (God is not external to anyone or

In the paradisal vision, the individual has a different sense of identity. It is not merely
itself, bounded rigidly by its own skin. Its identity is also its whole field, which, in
mystical terms, is to say that it is one with the universe.

Is it possible to celebrate the union of Heaven and Earth in a religion which has
consistently held that sexual love is disgusting and sinful except between married couples
for the sole purpose of reproduction?

It’s easier for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than for a rich man to enter the
kingdom of heaven. The rich man’s life is cluttered up with yachts, estates and other
things of little value. He has no time to feel.

Observations from LSD research clearly indicate that in various states of mind, the bliss
of paradise, and ecstatic raptures of salvation can be experienced with a degree of
vividness and a sense of reality that surpass our everyday perceptions.

The highest point of the experience is a moment of transcendence in which the user
passes out of the everyday world into a paradisiacal egoless state in which he believes he
has attained some ultimate revelation about the nature of mind and the universe.

Their visionary states tend to take them farther and farther back—through their own
history and the history of humanity, all the way to the creation of the world and the
original state of paradise. (Yes, you can go All The Way back during an LSD trip.)

This is what LSD seems to tell him. It tells him that he is still in Eden, if only he knew it.
It is only necessary to spit out the apple and look at the world through psychedelic eyes.
The apple is his intellect or way of looking at things.

We are responsible for this planet. This is our playground. It’s our sun in the sky and this
is our Garden of Eden. We’ve never lost it. We’ve only forgotten the key to unlock the
door of perception.

We need no longer be estranged from reality and from ourselves. The Eden story can now
come to its inevitable and happy conclusion; the flaming sword has been extinguished
and we are free at last to re-enter the garden.

We sometimes have a strangely pleasant sensation of having forgotten something
extremely important from long, long ago. Occasionally, this shadow of a memory comes
with hints of a forgotten paradise.

Only when the ordinary perception of the material world is transcended can
consciousness connect with the heavenly regions. For those who have had the privilege
of such experience, the existence of Heaven, God and celestial beings ceases to be a
matter of belief and becomes self-evident reality.

The descriptions of heaven, hell and the posthumous adventures of the soul were
misunderstood—frequently not only by critics of religion, but by clergy and theologians
themselves—as historical and geographical references rather than cartographies of
unusual states of consciousness.

There are myths of the creation of the world through the cutting up of some primordial
being, of its division into heaven and earth, into the multiplicity of things or into the 2
sexes— from which follows the generation of offspring. Thus many mythologies
envisage the goal of life as the “rememberment” of the original “dismemberment”.

We are to become like unto a child again, not remain childish, to enter the Kingdom of
Heaven. (If it would be clearer, just take out the word “unto.” There is a big difference
between being a child or like a child and being childish. Being a prisoner of the ego is
childish and having clear vision and perception is like a child.)

Anything in the environment—a painting on the wall, a pattern in the carpet—may
become a universe to be entered and explored; drug users say they understand what Blake
meant by “the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower.” Color seems
dazzlingly bright and intense, depth perception heightened, contours sharpened, and relief
clearer; details usually overlooked become intensely interesting.

Each human being is equipped with a 120-billion-cell brain, but we haven’t learned how
to use it. Few of us are aware of our neural ineptness. The organized religions have
comforted us by providing infantile fairy tales about God and promises of discarnate
immortality. Pray and obey, keep your legs crossed, avoid orgasms, and you’ll get the
one-way ticket to heaven.

We find again and again this description of luminous landscapes and architectures
encrusted with gems, the whole world of landscape is filled with what Ezakiel calls the
stones of fire. These descriptions of course very closely parallel all the accounts of
paradises, posthumous worlds and fairylands which are found in all the traditions of the
world. (eyes closed)

A new heaven seems to shine upon a new earth.
Dante described the song of the angels in heaven as “the laughter of the universe.”
Divine realms come into a person’s life, the heavenly inner realms
Earth is in heaven, not opposed to it.
Gratitude is heaven itself.
Heaven is there for all to see.
Heaven is union with God. Hell is separation from God.
Heaven need not wait for the grave.
Here is the place whence Heaven and Earth derive their being.
If I could perpetuate this state I should have found upon this earth the joys of heaven.
If you can’t capture the world, then try to capture the heavens.
In literatures of different religions, heaven is always a place of gems.
In the Kingdom of Heaven, all is in all, all is one and all is ours.
It is the paradise of God. It is the place of angels and the Gate of Heaven.
Like the sun, he will ascend again into the heavens, fulfilling the cosmic cycle.
Man has received from heaven a nature innately good.
Mythology abounds in images of heavens and paradises. (eyes closed)
Only paradise could teach such wisdom.
Paradises abound in gems of self-luminous, magical flowers.
The eternity, whose realization is the ultimate good, is a kingdom of heaven within.
The gates of heaven swing open.
The harmony of heaven will come upon you.
The journey is a return to paradise lost.
The kingdom of heaven is within you.
The nameless is the origin of heaven and earth.
The nature of these visions is often paradisal. (eyes closed)
The price of the leap into Paradise is the loss of one’s ego.
This paradise gets lost as the child grows up.
We have scrubbed the world clean of magic. We have lost even the vision of paradise.
We’re Adam and Eve in the Garden of Paradise…and we’ve forgotten it.
You can enter heaven and see how the universe works.
You float in a heaven of satisfaction and contentment.
Your enjoyment of the world is never right until every morning, you awake in heaven.

He is seeing immense zodiacal figures laid out in jeweled definition with blue and gold
stones against the heavens “on a grand cosmic scale.” He speculates that the zodiacal
signs that man has “imposed upon the stars” derive from corresponding physical
structures in the brain. (eyes closed)

I’m so happy. This is Utopia. It’s heaven.

I’ve been to paradise and out the other side.

The heavens have opened.

This can’t be true. So beautiful. Heaven. Great.

As the truth of the situation dawned on me, the word “father” resounded in this heaven of
light and I was taken up and absorbed by the unspeakable Godhead.

Between the trees I could see the sun sending down rays of warming benediction upon
this Eden, this forest paradise.

I felt one could not get closer to heaven. (That means being in heaven, not close and
unable to get closer.

I glowed like a new-born soul. The well-known landscape lost all of its familiarity and I
was setting out upon a journey of years through heavenly territories.

I had never dreamed that such heavenly beauty was available to mankind (paradise,

I had watched the passing of the millions of years and had arrived at paradise. (eyes

I expressed gratitude that paradise had been shown me and that somewhere deep within
myself, there had hidden this heaven now being revealed.

I was wondering at one point if I was living or was this heaven that I had heard so much

Peace and joy engulfed me and I knew that the kingdom of heaven was truly within and
that LSD had made this day the most important one in my life.

The house was a stone raft floating in a sea of vegetation. It was Eden. Each plant was
dancing, laughing, a quiet network of high intensity conversation.

There was a beatific smile on the faces. You knew that they were transported into some
inner heaven.

We all felt that we have achieved the state of ultimate fulfillment; we have reached the
source and the final destination, as close to Heaven as I could imagine.

Wherever a pencil of light fell, between rocks or trees, it seemed a prismatic pathway
between earth and heaven.

With the aid of LSD, I had recognized that God was the whole of this paradise which lay
deep within each person.

Suddenly, without warning, I felt that I was in heaven—an inward state of peace and joy
and assurance indescribably intense, accompanied with a sense of being bathed in a warm
glow of light.

The very heavens seemed to open and pour down rays of light and glory. Not for a
moment only, but all day and night, floods of light and glory seemed to pour through my
soul and oh, how I was changed and everything became new.

It seemed that everything there is between heaven and earth had been revealed to him,
what Jung called the “absolute knowledge of the unconscious.” (There is nothing
“between” heaven and earth as if they are separate. Ultimately, heaven, earth, and
everything else is connected as one.)

There was unity and life and the exquisite love that filled my being was unbounded. My
awareness was acute and complete. I saw God and the saints and I knew the truth. I felt
myself flowing into the cosmos, levitated beyond all restraint, liberated to swim in the
blissful radiance of the heavenly visions.

We walked around the garden together. It was like walking in Paradise. Everything was
composed and harmonized. I felt I had never really seen this garden before. I was
enchanted with each plant, leaf, flower, tree trunk and the earth itself. Each blade of grass
stood up separate and distinct, edged with light. Each was supremely important.

A most beautiful sunset was dying in the west, the river was tinged by it, the very zenith
clouds were bathed in it, and the world beneath seemed floating in a dream of rosy
tranquility. My awakened perceptions drank in this beauty until all sense of fear was
banished, and every vein ran flooded with the very wine of delight. Mystery enwrapped
me still, but it was the mystery of one who walks in Paradise for the first time.

Everything was transfigured as though by a heavenly light and everything was beautiful.
He had transcended time and space and experienced “Heaven.”
Heaven was on the other side.
I dwelt in an inner communion with heaven.
I felt like I might come to heaven if I die…I was there.
I floated through a tremendous heaven.
I gazed heavenward, as one fascinated by mystical eyes.
I had landed in paradise.
I had seen the enameled meads of Paradise.
I looked speechlessly into heaven.
I opened my eyes. I was in heaven.
I saw a new heaven and a new earth.
I wanted to get back to the world where heaven was real.
I was an angel ascending to heaven.
Sweeping across the heavens came the gold of love and God, rich beyond imagining.
The city seemed to stand in Eden or to be built in heaven.
The extreme beauty invaded consciousness like a vision from heaven.
The total atmosphere was definitely paradisal and heavenly.
The woods were vocal with heavenly music.
Visions of Paradise, universal truths and enormous insights were all experienced.

a magic key to paradise, a paradise of beauty and depth of knowing and understanding
which had been dormant within me

at the secret of that infinity of beauty which shall be beheld in heaven and earth when the
veil of the corporeal drops off

can pass into paradisiacal states led by heroes, heroines, angels and super-spirits (eyes

in the Garden of Eden, in an Other World which is yet essentially the same as this world,
but transfigured and therefore transporting

similar to the heavens and fairylands of folklore and religion, the prototype of many

spiritual illumination described as “second birth”, as a return to the original Paradise or

that Adam fell from Paradise when his “play became serious business” and that the mode
of God’s own activity is play

that childlike wisdom which must be learned again before one may enter the kingdom of

that infinity of beauty which shall be beheld in heaven and earth when the veil drops

the element of the miraculous which we feel both at the stars in heaven and at our own
ability to be conscious

the eternal moment of the golden age, this original ground of being a lost and promised
paradise (LSD can get you back there.)

the landscapes of the mescaline experience rich with precious stones. All paradises
bounds in gems.

the laughter at oneself and with one’s Self, upon discovering play instead of battle behind
the contest of Heaven and Hell

the necessity for continuous spiritual growth which alone could lead to the joy of
fulfillment He had spoken of as heaven

the purest of soul-reaching, high-classic, rock-concert music, the sound of the miraculous
space between eternity—between paradise

this exceptional state of the spirit and of the senses which can be termed paradisiacal as
compared with the hopeless darkness of ordinary daily existence

to begin the world again, to create the new Garden of Eden, to transcend ordinary reality,
to enter the New Age

to learn how to use psychedelic drugs to create a heaven on earth, to use drugs

to regain the lost paradise of close contact with nature and the world of living things,
including himself

to restore the delights of the primal Paradise, to enable men, if they will, to inhabit a
world of joy and splendor

a brilliant glow lighting the whole of the heavens
a glimpse of paradise
a heavenly illumination
a lost and promised paradise (LSD can get you there.)
a majestic, sunlit, heavenly inner quietude
a magical flight or ascent to the heavenly realms
a pop of heaven
a raving nostalgia for the Kingdom, the Glory, Paradise Lost
a real Heaven
a stairway to heaven
a transcendental experience of heaven or paradise
a wondrously beautiful heaven
a wondrously beautiful heaven of visual imagery and music
an inward journey to explore celestial, paradisal and infernal states
all the more heavenly for being heaven on earth and not heaven in heaven
archetypal images of heavens or paradises (eyes closed)
archetypal images of Paradise or the golden age (eyes closed)
archetypal visions of paradises, heavens or celestial cities (eyes closed)
ascend to heaven
at the gates of paradise
bathed by rivers which coarsed through the valleys of heaven (eyes closed)
clothed with the heavens and crowned with the stars
dancing in the heavens
ecstatic heaven-states
ecstatic rapture and heavenly bliss
Eden of visionary experience
Edenic innocence
eternal life in heaven
extreme pleasure, ecstasy, cosmic joy, paradise
fantastic visions of radiant sources of light experienced as divine, heavenly, magnificent
flipped out of his mind and spun up to heaven
free at last to re-enter the Garden
from the eternal and interior standpoint, that is, in heaven
glimpses of heavenly radiance
glorious opening of heavens, revelation of the divine
had never dreamed that such heavenly bliss was available to mankind
heaven-penetrating, heightened acuity
heavenly happiness
heavenly visions
heavenly visions, prophetic insights
her lost heavenly fire which comes to life again
hints of a forgotten paradise
journey to the heavenly realms
landscapes lovely as a lost Eden, colors brighter and pure
LSD capable of ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth
my soul on the soaring way to heaven
mythological realms such as heavens (eyes closed)
on a heavenly excursion
paradise gardens with their jeweled plants and trees
penetration of the Wall of Paradise
return to Paradise
reveal the portals of paradise
rivers of paradise
see Suchness in all its heavenly beauty
striving for a utopia to replace the Lost Eden
swept up to heaven
tapped into that ancient heavenly connection
that abundantly rich heavenly moment
that would turn the surrounding world to dust and reveal the sought for paradise
the aimless splendor that fills the heavens in celebration of the joy of God
the archetypal celestial realm or Heaven
the bright heavens
the door to paradise
the Eden of primitive unselfconsciousness
the glorious ascension to heaven, the serenity of paradise
the heaven of ecstasy
the heavenly elixir
the highest of all possible heavens
the ideal pristine state of paradise
the incredible magnificence of the heavens
the inheritance of the kingdom of heaven within ourselves while we are still on this earth
the jewel-encrusted door to Heaven through which I passed
the joy of the heavenly realms
the light of heaven
the magical power of heaven
the miraculous transformation of an enclosed convent garden into a fragment of heaven
the most heavenly music I have ever heard in my entire life, incredibly beautiful
the new heaven and the new earth
the newly opened paradise
the Paradise garden
the paradise rediscovered
the radiant benevolence and beauty of Paradise
the soul’s visionary heaven
the state of “paradise regained”
the visionary bliss of heaven
the visionary bliss of heaven, a heaven of blissful visionary experience
the visionary experiences of paradises, celestial realms and cities of light (eyes closed)
the whole face of earth and heaven glorified
this heavenly, world-transfiguring drug
this holy city, this Paradise city
this paradisal more-than-real world
this paradisal state of innocence
this paradise of cleansed perception
this state of “paradise regained”
to feel that I was in touch with the timeless paradise world
to return to that Garden of which we have lost even the memory
to see the divine essence in heaven
to the gates of heaven

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  1. Love the work you’re doing. This is beautiful and reawakened some past experience and insight in me. Much love.

    I found your site while trying to find some answers on the nature of the concert experience – and lsd. specifically what this man is talking about:

    I have been a casual fan for as long as I can remember but this was the year I dove beneath the water to see the rest of the iceberg. Due in part to some new friends who have helped coach me in the history and the understanding of the live experience and also because of some life changes that were perfectly described by Hunter’s words. It all came together at just the right time.

    I feel like I’ve scraped the surface on this experience and experienced ego death and the joy of no-self but I feel like there is much more work to be done!

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