Infinite, Infinity

Infinite, Infinity, Limitless, Endless, Boundless

All forms are radically transcended and merge into the boundless radiance of Formless

An extreme in the experience of changed time and space is the awareness of infinity and

As ultimate and infinite reality, there is no external standpoint from which to doubt it or
prove it.

Because of the omnipresence of the infinite, any point in the universe may be regard as
central (the center of the whole).

Consciousness is infinite, rather than finite, stretching beyond the limits of time and

Each object seems complete. The world we see in each has objects of its own which are
seen as worlds and objects endlessly.

Eternity should not be confused with an infinitely long period of historical time. It is a
state where linear time is experientially transcended and ceases to exist.

Every religion uses the term infinite to describe its highest conception and all mystics
have seen infinity.

How can we Westerners come to see that our own consciousness is infinitely greater than
our little egos and the ego games into which we are so blindly caught up.

Humans can function as infinite fields of consciousness, transcending the limitations of
time, space and linear causality.

If God is truly infinite and universally active, how can he be said to be more incarnate in
Jesus than in anyone else?

If this potentiality were recognized and used, it would release for us unlimited strength,
unlimited talents, unlimited harmony and peace, unlimited love, unlimited beauty.

In field, forest and every garden, a reality is perceptible that is infinitely more real, older,
deeper and more wondrous than everything made by people.

In the Eternal Now, we shall find that strait and narrow gate, that needle’s eye, through
which we are taken into the infinite life of God.

In this state of cosmic unity, we feel that we have direct, immediate and unlimited access
to knowledge and wisdom of universal significance.

In truth, the universal and infinite has no opposite at all because it is absolutely all-

Living experience of man’s inescapable union with the infinite abolishes the fear,
insecurity and pride underlying all evil action.

Many people who embark on a journey of self-exploration develop the insight that our
inner dimensions are bountiful and endless.

Many LSD subjects report endless odyssey through the network of circulatory tunnels.
(eyes closed)

Mystical transcendence of time and space involves an experience described as eternity or

Mysticism in the broadest sense is “the experience of communion with Ultimate Reality,”
a communion that has no limits.

On a fundamental level, the human mind is connected with the Infinite; psychedelics
simply made manifest this basic truth.

Psychedelic experience emphasizes the unity of things, the infinite dance…You are the
wave, but you are also the ocean.

So long as man identifies himself with the ego, his is trying to be God. It is only when he
knows that his center of being is the infinite that he is really free to be man.

Subjects frequently talk about timelessness of the present moment and say that they are in
touch with infinity. They refer to this experience as ineffable.

That universe within our skulls is infinitely more than the flimsy game world which our
words and minds create.

The essence of metaphysical realization is the discovery that the conscious Self, the
ultimate knower in man, is substantially identical with the infinite.

The experience of cosmic consciousness is boundless, unfathomable, and beyond

The experiences they produce are of an infinite variety. They might be aesthetic,
psychological, philosophical insights or emotional releases.

The eyes have become microscopes and the texture of the visual field is infinitely rich
and complex.

The individual discovers new ways of enjoying his or her own physiological processes
and develops more respect for life in all its infinite manifestations.

The infinite acts without effort; without the use of energy, it produces energy, just as it
produces the finite without being finite itself in its essence.

The infinite includes the finite in a unity, non-duality, which does not obliterate

The nervous system and the levels of consciousness available to man are infinite in their

The psychedelic session should take place in a protected environment where the client is
not disturbed by external influences and in turn, has unlimited freedom of full expression.

The reality of the infinite cannot be proved or described in terms of the finite. (Words are

The realization of the Supreme Identity, of the truth that the Self is the infinite and not the
ego, does not involve the obliteration of the ego or of finite experience.

The singing is good, but under the influence of the mushroom, you think it is infinitely
tender and sweet. It is as though you were hearing it with your mind’s ear.

The subject is caught up in an endless flow of colored form, microbiological shapes,
cellular acrobatics, capillary whirling (eyes closed).

The truth that the infinite is conscious is, like its very existence, beyond any objective
proof. (The infinite is alive.)

The universe ceases to be a gigantic assembly of material objects; it becomes an infinite
system of adventures in consciousness.

The universe is a many-dimensioned pattern, infinite in extent, infinite in duration,
infinite in significance and infinitely aware, we may surmise, of its own infinities.

There are billions of cellular processes in your body, each with its universe of experience,
an endless variety of ecstasies.

There is an infinity of meaning and complex power in the equipment man carries around
behind his eyebrows.

There is time to perceive every detail of the movement with infinitely greater richness.
Normally we do not so much look at things as overlook them.

They may experience eternity and infinity within a period lasting seconds or minutes of
actual clocktime.

Things, facts and events are names selected from the infinite multitude of lines and
surfaces, colors and textures, spaces and densities.

This Other World could be experienced as the moment when one emerges from the
prison of “limited mind” and becomes identified with the “limitless mind.”

Ultimately, nothing is irrelevant to anything else. There is a togetherness of all things in
an endless hierarchy of living and interacting patterns.

Visionary experiences enter our consciousness from somewhere “out there” in the
infinity of Mind-at-Large.

Visiting new realms within yourself, you are suddenly imbued with creative ideas and
new insights and find that your potential seems limitless.

We are not just biological machines and highly developed animals, but also fields of
consciousness without limits, transcending space and time.

We are part of an infinite field of consciousness that encompasses all there is—beyond
space-time and into realities we have yet to explore.

We have a universe that is an infinitely complex system of vibratory phenomena rather
than an agglomerate of Newtonian objects.

We have access to virtually unlimited sources of information about the universe that may
or may not have complements in the physical world.

We were seeking a clearer, purer realm. A realm of unbounded joy. The realm of
enlightenment. The Pure Land. Buddhahood.

Your soul is free, loses all sense of time, alert as it never was before, living eternity in a
night, seeing infinity in a grain of sand.

All living organisms are throbbing together. One is joyfully aware of the 2 billion year
old electric sexual dance. One is at last divested of robot clothes and limbs and undulates
in the endless chain of living forms.

Any and every shape—human, divine, diabolical, heroic, evil, animal, thing—which the
human brain conjures up or the past life recalls, can present itself to consciousness:
shapes and forms and sounds whirling by endlessly.

Consciousness expansion is as equally complex a problem as the study of physics
because the nervous system and the levels of consciousness available to man are infinite
in their complexities.

Due in part to their ineffable and boundless nature, the divine domains are difficult to
describe, although poets and mystics of all ages have created beautiful metaphors to
approximate them.

Every person who has a genuine mystical experience reports that he sees the unity, reality
and infinity in space and time of all creation. He feels joy, peace and a sense of the
sacred. He knows that his experience is true.

Individuals can feel that prior to the experience, they had never really seem colors,
smelled the variety of fragrances and odors, tested the infinite nuances of food, or
experienced the sensual potential of their bodies.

It is an inevitability of language and thought that all ideas of God, the infinite and the
Self, suggest some object apart from other objects, some “thing” to be known from other

It’s an utterly amazing, fascinating state of finding yourself a pleasant part of an endless
vista of color that is soft and gentle and yielding and all-absorbing. Utterly extraordinary,
most extraordinary.

Limiting structures fall away, the infinite process becomes conscious of itself, the illusion
of separateness dissolves, and the original wholeness is restored, the forgotten source

Man is just beginning to catch on to the idea, just beginning to discover that there is an
infinity of meaning and complex power in the equipment he carries around behind his

Many people describe passing through a dark tunnel or funnel that brings them to a light
of supernatural brilliance and beauty, a divine being that radiates infinite, all-embracing
love, forgiveness and acceptance.

Most people who experience these inner domains recognize them as part of the
boundless, expansive essence of each human being, which is usually obscured by the
problems and concerns of daily life.

The experiencer and the experience become a single, ever-changing, self-forming
process, complete and fulfilled at every moment of its unfolding and of infinite
complexity and subtlety.

The psychedelic experience at its best embodies a mythic substantiation of the universe
that is frequently overpowering in its revelations. It is a world of myth and ritual, a never-
never land of infinite grace and goodness.

The recognition that the universe is not a mechanical system but an infinitely complex
interplay of vibratory phenomena of different types and frequencies, prepared the ground
for an understanding of reality based on entirely new principles.

There can be direct acquaintance with the world’s unity. This immediate mystical
experience of being at one with the fundamental Oneness that manifests itself in the
infinite diversity of things and minds, can never adequately expressed in words.

There is no way of classifying the infinite permutations and combinations of visionary
elements. The cortex contains file-cards for billions of images from the history of the
person, of the race, and of living forms. (images seen usually with eyes closed)

When we feel ourselves to be sole heirs of the universe, when “the sea flows in our
veins…and the stars are our jewels”, when all things are perceived as infinite and holy,
what motive can we have for the pursuit of power?

An LSD trip will show the subject the manifold aspects of reality—a reality that does not
unfold upon a single level or within a single event, but involves a great variety of events
on a number of levels. As the experience becomes more profound, the spectrum of
sensations and feelings becomes almost infinite.

I see consciousness and the human psyche as expressions and reflections of a cosmic
intelligence that permeates the entire universe and all of existence. We are not just highly
evolved animals with biological computers embedded inside our skulls; we are also fields
of consciousness without limits, transcending time, space, matter, and linear causality.

Individuals experiencing mystical consciousness of this type have a sense of leaving
ordinary reality, where space has three dimensions and time is linear, and entering a
timeless, mythical realm where these categories no longer apply. In this state, eternity and
infinity can be experienced within seconds of clock time.

It is only after the person begins to return, begins to be reborn, that he becomes upset by
death and dying. In the earlier phase, when he really is dead, merged with infinite
oneness, there is no concern, only peace. (“Really is dead” means that the ego is dead and
if the ego is dead, then there really is peace.)

The formless, dimensionless and intangible cosmic consciousness can best be described
as Infinite Existence, Infinite Awareness and Knowledge, and Infinite Bliss. However,
any words refer primarily to phenomena and processes of the natural reality and are,
therefore, only pitiful attempts to convey the essence of this transcendental principle.

The world is now seen as an infinite diversity that is yet a unity and the beholder
experiences himself as being at one with the infinite Oneness that manifests itself, totally
present, at every point of space, at every instant in the flux of perpetual perishing and
perpetual renewal.

There appears to emerge a universal central perception, apparently independent of the
subject’s previous philosophical or theological inclinations. It is that behind the apparent
multiplicity in the world of science and common sense, there is a single reality, infinite
and eternal, all beings united in this Being.

Willingness to be insecure is the ultimate security. Willing-ness to suffer is the essence of
divine joy. Willingness to be finite is to know one’s own infinity. Willingness to be a
slave is to be truly free. Willingness to be a fool and a sinner is to be both a sage and a

I pronounced that LSD was the greatest discovery man had ever made. It has such
enormous potential because the mind is infinite. LSD opens up the resources of the mind.
Since the mind is the most important aspect of the human being, what could possibly be
more important than a drug that revealed the awesome, infinite potential that lies within?
(That was Timothy Leary.)

Loss of self may be experienced as an actual death and rebirth, undergone with anguish
and joy of overwhelming intensity. In some cases, the culmination is a mystical ecstasy in
which for an eternal moment all contradictions seem reconciled, all questions answered,
all wants irrelevant or satisfied, all existence encompassed by an experience that is felt to
define the ultimate reality, boundless, timeless, and ineffable.

Once people have experienced the spiritual dimensions growing in their lives, they often
learn that their lives without it were futile and impoverished. Previously, they may have
managed adequately but unhappily, unaware of the seemingly endless realms that have
since enormously enriched their existence. They discover that spirituality is a necessary
element that enhances their lives and sense of well-being.

Perceptions of encompassing light, infinite energy, ineffable visions, and
incommunicable knowledge are remarkable in their seeming distinction from perceptions
of the phenomena of the “natural world.” According to mystics, these experiences are
different because they pertain to a higher transcendent reality. What is perceived is said
to come from another world, or at least another dimension.

The formless, dimensionless and intangible principle that an individual can perceive as
the Universal Mind is characterized by infinite existence, infinite awareness and
knowledge and infinite bliss. Any descriptions and definitions, however, necessarily use
words that we associate with the phenomena of the three-dimensional world; they are
therefore incapable of conveying the essence of this ultimate transcendental principle.

The too-sudden opening up of the universe can induce an onslaught at what Aldous
Huxley called the “horror of infinity,” a terror of the vastness of the void within or
without, of the utter minuteness and aloneness of the soul in the cosmos. A clenching
reflex is, after all, a natural response to the floor and ceiling flying out of your mind.
(One needs to be prepared for this and understand that it’s all right.)

There is a limitless range of awareness for which we now have no words. That awareness
can expand beyond the range of your ego, your self, your familiar identity, beyond
everything you have learned, beyond your notions of space and time, beyond the
differences which usually separate people from each other and from the world around

Under conditioning, it seems impossible and even absurd to realize that myself does not
reside in the ego alone, but in the whole surge of energy which ranges from the galaxies
to the nuclear fields in my body. At this level of existence “I” am immeasurably old; my
forms are infinite and their comings and goings are simply the pulses or vibrations of a
single and eternal flow of energy.

Up this gradual stairway of Sense, Understanding, Intuition, we mount to that height from
which we are able to behold, with some degree of calmness, the infinite fields of intuitive
Beauty and Truth, when the screen of the bodily is removed, and the scope of vision
belonging to our highest faculty is realized to be immeasurably beyond all that our most
rapturous visions ever conceived it.

We may feel that we are really seeing the world for the first time in our lives. Everything
around us, even the most ordinary and familiar scenes, seems unusually exciting and
stimulating. People report entirely new ways of appreciating and enjoying their loved
ones, the sound of music, the beauties of nature and the endless pleasures that the world
provides for our senses.

Western scientific disciplines have described the universe as an infinitely complex
mechanical system of interacting, discrete particles and separate objects. In this context,
matter appears to be solid, inert, passive and unconscious; life, consciousness and
creative intelligence are seen as insignificant accidents and derivatives of material
development. (Einstein understood. Will the other Western scientists ever wake up?)

When we consider the activity of a modern city, it is difficult to realize that in the cells of
our bodies, infinitely more complicated processes are at work—ceaseless manufacture,
acquisition of food, storage, communication and administration… All this takes place in
superb harmony, with the cooperation of all the participants of a living system, regulated
down to the smallest detail.

The richness of the experiential content is augmented by the fact that the process involves
an endless variety of illustrative material from biology, zoology, anthropology, history,
mythology and religion. Psychedelic sessions focusing on the death-rebirth process not
only have great therapeutic potential, but are a source of invaluable scientific,
sociopolitical, philosophical and spiritual insights. (That material is seen with the eyes

A human being is an unlimited field of consciousness.
A smudge on the wall is an object of limitless fascination.
Cellular activity is infinitely complex.
Each object exists in infinite perfection.
Each organism is the universe experiencing itself in endless variety.
Eternities are reached; infinity is known. The relation of all things is known.
God is infinite in the sense of being at once indefinitely immense and indefinitely minute.
I shall wake up and recollect the infinite joy.
If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is, infinite.
In each human being dwells an infinite power, the root of the universe.
In reality, the infinite remains undivided.
Infinite joy or perpetual bliss is reached.
It is clear that the promise of LSD may be as infinite as the experience itself.
Knowledge of the universal and infinite is man’s true end.
Like a computer with unlimited access to any program, the mind roams freely.
Man is, in essence, eternal and infinite.
Man’s brain is capable of limitless new dimensions of awareness and knowledge.
One will describe himself as infinitely enriched.
Potentially, all of us are “infinite in faculties and like gods in apprehension”.
Reality is infinitely alive.
Reality is infinitely more complex than any scientific theory or ideological system.
The eye as such does not see things: it see the total visual field in all its infinite detail.
The genetic code is infinite in its variation and wisdom.
The head becomes the universe, infinitely expansive or contractible.
The infinite, as living reality, can never be grasped in any fixed form.
The infinite can have no purpose, for being infinite, it lacks nothing.
The infinite is God. (So are you.)
The infinite is life rather than inertia, absolutely complete rather than empty.
The infinite moves things without either moving or being moved itself.
The Infinite One is communing with this illimitable soul of yours to lift it higher.
The levels on which we exist are infinite.
The nature of the infinite is not to annihilate limitations but to love them.
The nervous system has an infinity of possibilities.
The perception of the infinite in a finite particular is a revelation of divine immanence.
The psyche is without boundaries and has seemingly infinite resources and creativity.
The scope and content of the experience is limitless.
The terms of time and space are not applicable to the infinite.
The universe is seen as an ever-unfolding drama of endless alternatives in consciousness.
The utmost peak of man’s being touches the infinite.
The world is a mirror of infinite beauty.
The world is now seen as an infinite diversity that is yet a unity.
The world of color is infinite as is the world of sound.
There are endless levels of energy transformations accesssible to consciousness.
There are no limits to your mind.
There can be nothing away from the infinite and nothing can move towards it.
There is a single reality, infinite and eternal.
This experience is boundless, unfathomable and ineffable.
This is truly a wonderful world of infinitely variable colors, form, music.
We actually see or hear infinitely more than we attend to or think about.
We ourselves are not material bodies but limitless fields of consciousness.
Who are you? You are boundless. Where are you? Here, there, and everywhere.

I am looking into his face. It has a new clarity. His eyes look at me and we meet in
unlimited space.

I’ve been born again. There is no limitation to freedom. Freedom is to eternity, to

Those folds in the trousers—what a labyrinth of endlessly significant complexity! And
the texture of the grey flannel—how rich, how deeply, mysteriously sumptuous! (That’s
Aldous Huxley.)

All day, in wave after wave and from all directions of the mind’s compass, there has
repeatedly come upon me the sense of my original identity as one with the very fountain
of the universe. I have seen, too, that the fountain is its own source and motive and that
its spirit is an unbounded playfulness which is the many-dimensioned dance of life.

I look at those leaves with their architectures of veins, their stripes and mottlings. I peer
into the depths of interlacing greenery, of those living patterns, so characteristic of the
visionary world, of those endless births and proliferations of geometrical forms that turn
into objects, of things that are forever being transmuted into other things.

The infinite glories of the past beam on me again.

Almost an endless variety of exciting colors and textures swept one after another across
the sky.

An endless sea of glorious golden light which was in truth God, stretched into infinity. As
I watched, an overpowering feeling of reverence settled into my very depths.

An endless variety of ecstatic experience spiraled out around me. I had taken the God-

Clock time and ordinary space no longer had any meaning. Everything was happening in
infinite dimension. My consciousness swelled.

Eternity was manifested in the light of the day and something infinite behind everything

He was seeing life as an endless sequence of cycles in which becoming, being, and
perishing were just chapters in the same great book.

How I longed to be left alone with Eternity in a flower, Infinity in 4 chair legs and the
Absolute in the folds of a pair of flannel trousers!

I felt that I was going down, down, down, down and down to the infinite point of depth
within me.

I looked at the infinity of space and let my soul drift as it would. Carnivals were staged
between the stars.

I ran madly out of the cottage and across galaxies and over time-warps and through the
seas of space, searching frantically for the green planet earth among the infinite suns.

I was alone and adrift in infinities—lost in the universe of myself, vast and teeming, and
in no thing different from the one we call outside. There is no outside.

In that illuminated state, I felt completely boundless and free, surrounded and filled with
brilliant light and washed by an enormous sense of peace.

It removed the limitations of my conscious mind, thus permitting me to know the
unlimited force of my underconsciousness.

LSD just blew the frame right out of the picture. It gave you a sense of infinite
possibility. LSD gave us the idea it could be different. It was tremendously inspiring.

My life suddenly seemed to me infinitely precious and I cried out with joy at the thought
that I was now living so much in so short a span of time.

My muscles, nerves and bones seemed to relax, almost relent, in a way that was infinitely
right and to be desired.

The expansion of all visible things had been growing toward its height; it now revealed it
and to the fullest extent I apprehended what is meant by the infinity of space.

The music seemed to lift me with infinite tenderness into the air where I floated bodiless
and weightless, moving gently in rhythm (with the music).

The range of experiences which occurred in daily living represented only a small slice of
a vast, unlimited spectrum.

As barriers dissolved, it became apparent that we are and always have been part of an
infinite family in an interdependent universal order—a complex web of interconnected
and interpenetrating relationships.

Blake saw visionary landscapes “articulated beyond all that the mortal and perishing
nature can produce” and “infinitely more perfect and minutely organized than anything
seen by the mortal eye.”

I felt I had now experienced the grace of God. Truly I had been given a gift of infinite
worth. I could understand why human beings throughout history have relentlessly
pursued truth and sought enlightenment.

I had traveled through all that immeasurable chain of dreams in 30 seconds. “My God!” I
cried, “I am in eternity.” In the presence of that first sublime revelation of the soul’s own
time, and her capacity for an infinite life, I stood trembling with breathless awe.

When I closed my eyes there was an endless flow of dancing geometrical forms in the
most magnificent combinations of color. I could not help thinking at this time how a man
in advertising might make his fortune were he able to capture just a bit of this.

I gave way to delight, as mystics have for centuries when they peaked through the
curtains and discovered that this world, so manifestly real, was actually a tiny stage set
constructed by the mind. There was a sea of possibilities out there (in there?), other
realities, an infinite array of programs for other futures.

I learned that I am more—so much more than this body that walks the earth. I learned
that I’m still me, even without a name, a family, an identity, or a body. I almost think that
the body is a prison that holds my consciousness inside narrow limits, to make it possible
to function on earth. Once I was out of it, the limitless was my home.

I looked down below as if from a very high place and saw a rough square of pavement
which had laid out all of Manhattan in miniature, including people. The proportions, the
infinite detail were perfect. The city within the city. We could have swooped down like
gods and lifted up the Empire State Building.

There was unity and life and the exquisite love that filled my being was unbounded. My
awareness was acute and complete. I saw God and all the saints and I knew the truth. I
felt myself flowing into the cosmos, levitated beyond all restraint, liberated to swim in
the blissful radiance of the heavenly visions.

I was looking at my furniture as the pure aesthetic whose concern is only with form and
their relationships with the field of vision or the picture space. But, as I looked, this
purely aesthetic, Cubist’s-eye view gave place to what I can only describe as the
sacramental vision of reality. I was in a world where everything shone with the Inner
Light and was infinite in its significance.

The feelings I experienced could best be described as cosmic tenderness, infinite love,
penetrating peace, eternal blessing and unconditioned acceptance on one hand and on the
other as unspeakable awe, overflowing joy, primeval humility, inexpressible gratitude
and boundless devotion. Yet all these words are hopelessly inadequate and can do little
more than meekly point toward the genuine, inexpressible feelings actually experienced.

The ordinary world was erased, it was expanded, enlivened and made infinitely more
interesting. For example, I became totally engrossed in contemplating the fascinating
edges of weaving around edges and radiating out from them. The telephone was a
veritable marvel of diamond studded, gem-encrusted, crystalline sculpture, yet itself also
moving, breathing, changing, as if it were alive.

When I realized that I was being born again, that life goes on and on and on, the feeling
was overwhelming. I was filled with confidence that it was okay to die, because the
consciousness that inhabits the flesh has a higher destiny. It never began and it won’t end.
It just keeps going. Then I was struck with wave after wave of value wisdom, as though
the forms behind human spirituality were hitting me for the first time.

For the first time, I understood the meaning of “ineffable”. There seemed to be no
possibility of conveying in words the subjective truth of my experience. A veil had been
lifted from my inner vision, and I felt able to see, not just images or forms, but the nature
of truth itself. The doors of perception were so cleansed, they seemed to vanish
altogether, and there was only infinite being. Krishnamurti’s characterization of truth as a
pathless land seemed an appropriate description of this domain.

The perennial philosophy and the esoteric teachings of all time suddenly made sense. I
understood why spiritual seekers were instructed to look within, and the unconscious was
revealed to be not just a useful concept, but an infinite reservoir of creative potential. I
felt I had been afforded a glimpse into the nature of reality and the human potential
within that reality, together with a direct experience of being myself, free of illusory
identifications and constrictions of consciousness.

All infinity seemed filled with an endless ocean of golden light. Then I saw Him!
An indefinable feeling of well-being, a boundless calm, took over.
All life seemed so infinitely precious that I cried aloud.
Beyond me the view stretched endlessly away.
Extraordinary joy overcame me, a strong, a beautiful feeling of eternity and infinity.
I had the feeling that I had reached infinity.
I looked into endless depth and felt the powerful pull of eternity.
I looked into the infinitely splendid universe of a leaf performing a cosmic ballet.
It seemed that I had no boundaries and was reaching into infinity.
My consciousness seemed to rise into a wonderful limitless space.
My scope of sight was infinite.
The concept of infinity could be grasped on an emotional level.
The nature of the infinite was realized by the mind.
The nature of the infinitude was realized by the mind.
Without being a mathematician, I understood the infinite.

a break from everyday perception, recognized as such by the mystic, which is regarded as
infinitely more important than everyday perception

a laugh that is delicate, though intense, born of tenuous vibrations, a laugh that is “in the
know”, that grasps the infinite subtleties of an infinitely absurd world

a more acute awareness of color, a wonderful awareness of the almost infinite detail that
objects will yield up if only one will give them one’s attention

an ecstasy infinitely exceeding anything describable or anything I had imagined from
what the world’s accomplished mystics have struggled to describe

an ontological experience infinitely more direct and real than any truth, however
profound, that could be mediated by an established creed or ritual

as though one had stood before the Infinite in profound humility, overwhelmed by
feelings of awe and reverence

at the secret of that infinity of beauty which shall be beheld in heaven and earth when the
veil of the corporeal drops off

aware that I was not myself, but a selfless, egoless, joyous representative of all humanity,
loving, searching and soaring into the infinite

discovery of the world within, a world infinitely more complex and rich than the artificial
structures of the outer world

everyday experience, that narrow utilitarian world that our self-centered consciousness
selects from out of the infinite wealth of cosmic potentialities

life’s infinitely rich responsibilities and our joyful responsibility to explore them (That’s
not about going to work, paying bills, etc.)

pure mind, mind in its natural state, limitless, undifferentiated, luminously blissful,
knowledgelessly understanding

revealed the glory, the infinite value and meaningfulness of naked existence, of the given
unconceptualized event

said to himself, at that second, that for the infinite happiness he had felt that second really
might well be worth the whole of life

saw the magnificent unfolding of the cosmic design in all its infinite nuances and

that infinity of beauty which shall be beheld in heaven and earth when the veil drops

the astounding discovery that consciousness can tune into an infinite number of organic

the discovery that the human brain possesses an infinity of potentialities and can operate
at unexpected space-time dimensions

the experience of oneself as a potentially unlimited field of consciousness that has access
to all aspects of reality

the infinite moment when we immersed ourselves in the waters of our deepest selves, one
with the universe, the rhythm, the energy, one with the pulse of existence

the liberated and transfigured consciousness which experiences the paradox of the
absoluteness of relationships, the infinity and universality of particulars

the relatively crude and rigid structure of verbal rules and the infinitely more fluid and
complex structure of the brain, the organism and the field in which they live

the release of fixed perceptual patterns and the opening up of fluid, boundaryless

the virtual infinity of intracellular communication lines perceived and in some sense

to bypass the reducing valve (filter) and tap the unlimited potentials of the brain’s 20
billion neurons

to experience the infinite joy of rediscovering the original and blissful state of Universal

to explore the infinity of inner space, to discover the terror and adventure and ecstasy that
lie within us all (The ego is what has terror.)

when the ego-sense is relaxed, when a sense of the infinite and eternal replaces our usual

a visionary torrent of cultures and contexts, myths and symbols, remnants of what may
seem to be racial or transpersonal memory—that near infinity of components that appears
to constitute our being (eyes closed)

confronts us with the undefined nature of our cosmic existence, leads us backstage to
make us aware of the artificiality of our cultural values, and then shows us a world
without limit

metaphysics—refers to the knowledge of that which is beyond the natural order, to the
universal, infinite and eternal, as distinct from and beyond the individual, the finite and
the temporal

the 5 senses, all of them keyed to the height of sensitivity and awareness, all of them
blending into one another most strangely, until the person, utterly passive, becomes a
pure receptor, infinitely delicate of sensations

the impossible paradox and supreme truth that perception is or at least can be, ought to
be, the same as Revelation, that Richly shines out of every appearance, that the One is
totally, infinitely present in all particulars

the world of the “collective unconscious”, an infinite ocean of knowledge from which we
can each draw (It’s everything anyone and everyone who ever lived knew, did, said, or

through into another dimension…billions-of-protein-file-cards, flicking through,
confronting me with endless library of events, forms, visual perceptions, memories, not

abstract, but pulsing…now…experiential…a billion of years of coded experience,
classified, preserved in brilliant, living clarity that makes ordinary reality seem like an
out-of-focus, tattered, jerky, fluttering of peep-show cards, tawdy and worn (eyes closed)

a bright infinite
a direct, unlimited understanding of the divine nature
a feeling and knowledge of being physically boundless—an oceanic quality
a field of consciousness, consciousness as an infinite field
a flowing infinity
a great, endlessly changing design
a nervous system whose capacity for reception and storage of images is literally infinite
a perception of the infinite
a psycho-physical universe with an infinitude of potentialities
a realization of identity with the infinite
a realm of infinite potential
a sense of boundless freedom
a sense of the ego dissolving into boundless being
a single infinite reality which is consciousness itself
a state escaping definition and thus immeasurable and infinite
a state of infinite possibility beyond good and evil
a transcendental and boundless sea of no time and no space
a world whose infinite details are inextricably interwoven
an experience that is felt to define ultimate reality: boundless, timeless and ineffable
an infinite mode of existence understood as the divine
an infinite number of realities and space-time dimensions
an infinity of sublime truth
an infinity of wordlessness, timelessness, love, ecstasy, bliss
an unbounded playfulness which is the many-dimensioned dance of life
an unending series of colorful, very realistic and fantastic images (eyes closed)
as if I had been pulled through infinity
at that instant in infinity
aware of the limitless realities in the nervous system
beyond that door, a garden of infinite dimension, infinite adventure
boundless compassion, fathomless mystery and meaning
boundless expanses of space
can open an infinity of possibilities
discovered infinite realities within the brain
discovers an inner world “infinite and holy”
dissolved all normal barriers of consciousness and flowed off into the well of infinity
each second of time separated by infinity
endless and overwhelming beauty
endless pleasure
endlessly dancing form
eternal union with the infinite reality
exploring the unlimited sensory reality about us
feeling that my potential was limitless
feelings of infinity and eternity, tranquility, serenity, purity and unity of all opposites
in eternity and infinity or in a completely different dimension
in the holy now, in the infinite instant
IN the infinite, in the eternal and infinite, in mystery, part of it, all one
in tune with the flash of infinity
infinite beauty
infinite combinations of experiential images
infinite divine intelligence
infinite energy
infinite fields of consciousness—transcending time, space and linear causality
infinite joy, transcendental joy
infinite potentialities
infinite treasures
infinite variety in acuteness and range of all the senses
infinitely complex
infinitely small
like a flower, containing infinite worlds within worlds
Mind, infinite Mind
my identity with the infinite
mysterious and without limit
nature an infinitely dimensioned field
pass beyond personal awareness into a universal awareness unlimited by time and space
restoring my vision of the infinite
revealed the glory, the infinite value and meaningfulness of naked existence
that essentially infinite and omniscient consciousness which is the ultimate reality
that infinitude of harmonious complexity
the all-discriminating wisdom of feeling boundless light representing life eternal
the almost endless potentialities of the human mind
the boundless expanses
the cleansed perception of the infinite significance of all things
the clear, unbroken and infinite light of God
the discovery that the human brain possesses an infinity of potentialities
the endless capacity for growth of the soul
the endless possibilities of the experience
the experience of boundless being
the finite nature of all goods less than the infinite itself
the grand harmony of God’s infinite creation
the immeasurable and infinite reality
the infinite amount of possibilities available in psychedelic drugs
the infinite complexities of inner space
the infinite consciousness
the infinite consciousness to which all that was, is and shall be is eternally present
the infinite continuum
the infinite detail
the infinite divine intelligence
the infinite number of cellular dialects
the infinite number of points where divine reality is wholly and eternally present
the infinite openness of psychedelic consciousness
the infinite permutations and combinations of visionary elements
the infinite reality in whose consciousness and being we live and move
the infinite spaces of living light that now pulsed and breathed behind his closed eyelids
the infinite variance of perceptions, judgments, and feelings
the infinite wealth of cosmic potentialities
the infinitely variable “unspeakable” world
the infinitude of branches upon branches
the infinitude of the awakening
the infinity of inner space
the infinity of the cosmos
the instant immediacy of the infinite itself
the limitless God
the mandalas and endless corridors of the trip
the mystical consciousness of being at one with the infinite Oneness
the non-dual infinite
the “play” of the infinite
the sense of an infinitely expanded present
the sense of drifting in the infinite, of flowing into the ocean of eternity
the swirling of unlimited multicolored space
the “taste for the infinite”—the force in man that drives him beyond the everyday
the transcendence of the infinite
the universe an infinitely intricate web of interrelated events
the unshaped infinity of the unconscious
the world of unlimited experience
the world unmeasured, the infinite and undivided, the supreme spiritual reality
this endless, exulting cosmological dance
this infinitely complex and eternal cosmic drama (eyes closed)
this other, marvelous, limitless state
this supreme, shining, primal and infinite universal Form which was not seen before
those folds in the trousers—what a labyrinth of endlessly significant complexity!
time—each second separated by infinity
to expand the “moment” into infinite duration
to experience the phenomenal world in all its infinite richness
to explore the unknown, to feel no limit as to what might be discovered
to explore themselves and the infinite
to penetrate into the limitless expanses
to soar through the infinite space-time of the energy fields surrounding you
to the edge of infinity
true experience of the infinite within us
ultimate transcendence and release into boundless radiance
unbounded bliss

One thought on “Infinite, Infinity”

  1. I tried acid a couple days ago. I seen infinite infinity. I could tell the future. I seen multiple universes. I learned that time doesn’t exist. I met multiple me’ s. I met multiple friends of the same person. I traveled through time with different personalities of different friends and almost didn’t make it back it seemed like. They showed me infinity. And it healed my soul. I learned that our souls are put in our body’s by God , and We are here on THIS earth as one to produce different souls, as for we are actually ONE. some go to hell bc they walked with evil, for that was a choice. Some go to heaven because they walked with God, for they are pure. I also learned that when on lsd, your soul is up for grabs, but it is a CHOICE which you have to learn and explore yourself and your mind in order to make that choice of being pure or to walk through hells gates with the devil. This universe is beautiful. I feel like if you can make it to space that your soul will roam freely and without guidance it will become lost. When we die here on earth we will walk through infinite eternity with god, or another pure soul unless we decide otherwise. That’s why it says in bible to get SAVED by God, because if your not SAVED, you considered LOST. Which means your soul will be lost and you’ll have to face evil souls UNLESSS, You decide to walk with the pure, good soul. I absolutely love my life now, i learned that nothing else matters but making other souls happy and being there for each other. We will stay here on earth tg until it’s our time to leave and God will be waiting to help me on my trip to heaven, to a spot where I will be waiting for my family to join my journey into another life TOGETHER. I can’t explain what else I experienced because there isn’t a way to do so. I can’t explain. Infinity, but I seen through infinity.

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