Levels, Layers

Levels, Layers

All who have taken LSD know that there are levels of consciousness of which we know
nothing in our normal state.

Each level of energy which man has discovered outside exists within his body and is
available to conscious discrimination.

Each new magnification structure required a new science, a new language to deal with
the new level of reality, formerly invisible to the naked eye (microscope, telescope).

Every man and woman who reaches the higher levels of spiritual and intellectual
development feels the presence of a Higher Intelligence.

Go beyond your secular tribal mind to contact the many levels of divine energy which lie
within your consciousness.

In general, the level of intelligence goes up for LSD takers; they become more than they

Insightful knowledge or illumination about being or existence in general that is felt at an
intuitive, nonrational level and gained by direct experience.

It is possible to zoom in and selectively focus on different levels and planes of the
experiential continuum and to perceive or reconstruct fine textures.

It provides new levels of understanding of one’s own identity, the dimensions of being,
human life and existence in general.

LSD activates emotionally important material in different areas and on various levels of
the personality.

LSD, by permitting consciousness on several levels at once, becomes specifically a
tuning device for the senses.

LSD could enable one to study psychic material that is buried in the deepest layers of the
unconscious and is usually inaccessible to less dynamic techniques.

LSD is a key to opening up sensory, cellular and precellular consciousness so that you
flow and harmonize with these different levels.

Metaphysical doctrines are propositions which cannot be operationally verified on the
level of ordinary experience.

On a fundamental level, the human mind is connected with the Infinite; psychedelics
simply made manifest this basic truth.

On the level of ultimate unity, consciousness totally awakens to its original condition,
which is also the suchness of all of existence.

One unusual characteristic of the psychedelic experience is the number of levels on
which one can operate. It is just as if one is actor and audience at the same time.

Psychedelic drugs bring you into levels of reality which aren’t structural because the
mind can’t structure them.

Rock musicians are consciously and deliberately attempting by music to raise the
spiritual level of their listeners. (That was written in 1968.)

The Absolute or the Ultimate would be the experience of the Suchness of all the levels
and consciousness in its original condition.

The cellular level of consciousness puts man in touch with the DNA chain, which goes
back to the origins of life.

Since consciousness is a biochemical process, chemicals are the keys to the different
levels of consciousness.

The aim of education is to learn how to use all of these levels of consciousness (not to
memorize nonsense).

The basic mystery of the eidetic images will deepen along with the drug-state levels. (The
eidetic images are seen with the eyes closed.)

The content and nature of the experiences are authentic expressions of the psyche,
revealing its functioning on levels ordinarily not available for observation and study.

The content of LSD sessions entails simultaneous perception of many dimensions and
levels of the mind.

The experience has shaped, at a deep level, my responses to dramatic changes that have
taken place in my life.

The experience of universal symbols are followed or accompanied by an intuitive
understanding of various levels of their esoteric meaning.

The habit of analytical thought is fatal to the intuitions of integral thinking, whether on
the “psychic” or the spiritual level.

The idea of something happening without a tangible precedent, sufficient cause, or
initiating impulse simply is not questioned on this level of experience.

The LSD experience appears to involve a variety of factors on many different levels; each
has a distinct therapeutic potential.

The main obstacle we face as a species is found in the present evolutionary level of our

The use of drugs by witches appears to make intelligible to us on a scientific level many
phenomena formally seen as involving elements of the supernatural.

The very fact of mystical experience belies the oft repeated assertion that human
consciousness can never rise above the level of formal religious symbolism.

We discover that there is some superior order harmonizing what seems to be conflicts at
the level of our normal individual consciousness.

Western religions call any idea about an inner level at which God and man are identical,

Within your psyche, there are no boundaries; all its contents form one continuum with
many levels and many dimensions.

A lively boost was the publication of Huxley’s books, Doors of Perception and Heaven
and Hell; his enormous erudition and lucid explanations put the whole business of taking
a drug to change your consciousness on a totally new level.

A truly unselfconscious person has a kind of unaggressive but nonetheless unshakable
assurance, which at a deep level is religious faith or at its deepest level a kind of
metaphysical certainty.

All of us have been censored so much, the filters have been applied for so long, that if we
want to expand our consciousness and move on to different levels of reality, we are
probably going to have to use chemical means.

Consciousness expansion is as equally complex a problem as the study of physics
because the nervous system and the levels of consciousness available to man are infinite
in their complexities.

For most people, this discovery is a glorious surprise. Mystics come back raving about
higher levels of perception where one sees realities a hundred times more beautiful and
meaningful than the familiar scripts of normal life.

From the standpoint of one reality, we may think that the other realities are hallucinations
or psychotic or far out or mysterious, but that is because we’re caught up at the level of
one space-time perception.

I doubt if this can possibly be made to seem meaningful at the ordinary level of
consciousness. No wonder the mystics of all faiths teach that understanding comes only
when logic and intellect are transcended!

In many instances, the degree of historical or ethnographic knowledge that emerges is
clearly incongruent with the subject’s previous education and level of information in
these areas.

In such states, the subject has a revelation of the significance and interrelationships of
many dimensions of life; he becomes aware of many levels of meaning simultaneously
and “understands” the totality of existence.

It seems as if the “new” information,” the bombardment of the senses by unfamiliar
signals, had really taught the body something, on a preverbal level; something which
persuaded it that old fears and tensions were no longer necessary.

It seems that everyone who experientially reaches these levels develop convincing
insights into the total relevance of the spiritual dimension in the universal scheme of

Julia wasn’t even pretending to play their game on any level. They call that insane and
it’s grounds for putting you away. So, Julia went to an institution, a “hospital” and stayed
there until there wasn’t a Julia any more.

On the verbal level, the “psychedelic” conversation may include a mutual awareness of
nuances rarely encountered in ordinary conversation, multiple meanings and shades of
meanings, all attached to a single word or brief phrase.

Since psychedelic drugs expose us to different levels of perception and experience, use of
them is ultimately a philosophic enterprise, compelling us to confront the nature of

The ability of the drug to connect diverse people in empathic bonds suggested exciting
social applications. Once people learned to share others’ perceptions, a higher level of
human consciousness might be possible.

The conventional wakeful state in which awareness is hooked to conditioned symbols,
flags, dollar signs, job titles, brand names, party affiliations and the like, is the level that
most people, including psychiatrists regard as reality; they don’t know the half of it.

The expansion of consciousness is no other than extending our visions to comprehend
many levels at once and above all, to grasp those higher levels in which the discords of
the lower levels are resolved.

The experience of fundamental oneness with the rest of creation increases the tolerance
and patience toward others, lowers the level of aggression, and improves the capacity for
synergy and cooperation.

The form of spirituality I am referring to is fully compatible with any level of
intelligence, education and specific knowledge of the information amassed by such
disciplines as physics, biology, medicine, and psychology.

The individual who connects with these levels of his or her psyche automatically
develops a new world view within which spirituality represents a natural, essential and
absolutely vital element of existence.

The opening of the channel between the conscious and the superconscious levels,
between the “I” and the Self, and the flood of light, energy and joy which follows, often
produces a wonderful release.

The presupposition that one’s own religion is, even without examining others, the best
and truest of all is stupidity. Science, too, has a mythological level, which is the fiercely
held position that the physical universe, outside man, is dead and stupid.

The spectrum of transpersonal experiences is not only extremely rich, but includes levels
of reality governed by laws and principles that are different from those that rule ordinary

The term psychotic means a flight from reality and the reality is based upon what we all
define it to be. If we took those limitations away, a psychotic would just be someone on
another level.

The world of separate individuals and objects is replaced by an undifferentiated pool of
energy patterns or consciousness in which various kinds and levels of boundaries are
playful and arbitrary.

There are as many levels of consciousness as there are neurological, sensory, anatomical,
cellular, molecular and atomic structures within the human body—a galaxy of
communication systems and energy patterns, being sent and received.

They induce “levels of consciousness which are vast extensions and enlargements of
normal experience” and thus “open to conscious awareness a wider, clearer, more
complete view of the world.”

What can be done to prevent the glory and the freshness from fading into the light of
common day? How can we educate children on the conceptual level without killing their
capacity for intense nonverbal experience?

You cannot take LSD once a week and stay rightly rooted in a low-level ego game. You
have to grow with the flow or you will stop taking LSD. You must hook up your inner
power to a life of expanding intelligence.

An LSD trip will show the subject the manifold aspects of reality—a reality that does not
unfold upon a single level or within a single event, but involves a great variety of events
on a number of levels. As the experience becomes more profound, the spectrum of
sensations and feelings becomes almost infinite.

Beyond the narrow boundaries of his or her perishable physical shrine and the limitations
of the individual life span, it would appear that everybody who experiences these levels
develop convincing insights into the utmost relevance of the spiritual dimension in the
universal scheme of things.

Each level of consciousness is inevitably produced by biochemical means, either by
natural biochemical events or by introduced chemicals that move you to these different
levels just as accurately as the magnification of a lens moves you to different levels of
external reality.

Even positivistically oriented scientists, hard-core materialists, skeptics and cynics,
uncompromising atheists and antireligious crusaders such as Marxist philosophers and
politicians, suddenly become interested in the spiritual quest after they confront these
levels in themselves.

Every time you take LSD you completely suspend, you step outside of the symbolic
chessboard which you have built up over the long years of social conditioning and you
whirl through different levels of neurological and cellular energy, continually flowing
and changing.

For us, a proposition is either true or false, a or not-a, God exists or does not exist and
countless gallons of ink and blood have been shed in disputes stemming from this kind of
rigid either-or logic. Indian and Chinese thought, as well as mystical and psychedelic
experiences, lead one to a logic of levels, rather than of propositions.

I believe that the astonishing human brain is man’s most inalienable possession, his
intellectual birthright. No person or institution has the moral right to muffle or inhibit its
development. No social authority can successfully arrogate unto itself the right to dictate
and fix the levels of consciousness to which man may aspire.

I never suspected that the ancient spiritual systems had actually charted, with amazing
accuracy, different levels and types of experiences that occur in non-ordinary states of
consciousness. I was astonished by their emotional power, authenticity, and potential for
transforming people’s views of their lives.

In a great many ways a variety of objects may be used to help the subject break through
the barriers he has erected around persons and ideas and feelings; barriers which,
moreover, may block him from moving on to deeper drug-state levels, where the
inhibitions and values structure may be confronted and re-examined.

In the final analysis, only the creative principle of Cosmic Consciousness exists. Only it
takes physical form. From this point of view, the entire universe is a divine play of one
Supreme Being. Anyone who grasps this concept will see that karmic appearances are
just another level of illusion.

In this type of experience, subjects get involved in wild adventures in strange, alien
worlds that have reality of their own, although not within the range of our cosmos. These
universes seem to exist on other levels of reality or in other dimensions, parallel with and
coexistent with ours. (eyes closed)

It is not unusual in psychedelic sessions to experience quite concrete and realistic
episodes identified as fetal and embryonic memories. Many subjects report vivid
sequences on the level of cellular consciousness which seem to reflect their existence in
the form of a sperm or ovum at the moment of conception.

It shouldn’t be this difficult to accept logically that there are many realities and that the
most exciting things that happen are not at the level of our routine perception and, for that
matter, that the most complex communications, the most creative processes, exist at
levels of which we are not ordinarily aware.

A superior religion goes beyond theology. It turns toward the center; it investigates and
feels out the inmost depths of man himself, since it is here that we are in most intimate
contact, or rather, in identity with existence itself. Dependence on theological ideas and
symbols is replaced by direct, non-conceptual touch with a level of being which is
simultaneously one’s own and the being of all others.

As in the case of other transpersonal experiences, episodes of organ, tissue and cellular
consciousness can be associated with many concrete insights; various details concerning
anatomy, histology, physiology and chemistry of the body found in the accounts of such
experiences often reveal a level of information that the subjects did not have before the

I would suggest that ages and attitudes of man that are long gone by still survive in the
deepest unconscious layers of our mind. The spiritual heritage of archaic man, the ritual
and mythology that once visibly guided his conscious life, has vanished to a large extent
from the surface of the tangible and conscious realm, yet survives and remains ever
present in the subterranean layers of the unconscious.

If all this ends with the human race leaving no more trace of itself in the universe than a
system of electronic patterns, why should that trouble us? For that is exactly what we are
now! Flesh or plastic, intelligence or mechanism, nerve or wire, biology or physics—it all
seems to come down to this fabulous electronic dance, which, at the macroscopic level,
presents itself as the whole gamut of forms and “substances.”

In nonordinary states of consciousness, visions of various universal symbols can play a
significant role even in experiences of individuals who previously had no interest in
mysticism or were strongly opposed to anything esoteric. These visions tend to convey
instant intuitive understanding of the various levels of meaning of these symbols and
generate a deep interest in the spiritual path. (visions seen with eyes closed)

It is man’s challenge to develop new symbol systems for these new levels of internal
consciousness. Just as we had to develop a new symbol system for the invisible,
uncharted world which was opened up with the microscope, the task now is to develop
symbol systems for the new invisible worlds which are opened up by the psychedelic

Leary believed that the human race is presently evolving to a higher level of
consciousness and a greater spiritual awareness. His research with LSD seemed to bear
out the fact that our nervous systems are equipped to receive a vastly greater spectrum of
reality than we realized; and once the veils of perception are cleansed, wars, racism,
competitiveness and violence will be seen as old, outgrown, pre-human traits.

One sees the other in terms of a richness once seen, but lost through over-familiarity.
With this perception, closed-circuits are reopened and the persons communicate in ways
and on levels long inaccessible to them. Also, new circuits may be opened and new ways
of communication become possible or the subject may feel that he is seeing the other in
all her richness and complexity for the first time.

The experience from LSD therapy and the new experiential psychotherapies clearly
indicates that exposure to another person’s deep emotional material tends to shatter
psychological defenses and to activate corresponding areas in the unconscious of the
persons assisting and witnessing the process, unless they have confronted and worked
through these levels in themselves.

The individual tuned into this experiential area usually discovers within himself or herself
genuinely positive values, such as a sense of justice, appreciation of beauty, feelings of
love and self-respect as well as respect for others. These values, as well as the
motivations to pursue them and live in accordance with them, appear on this level to be
intrinsic to human nature.

Three hundred years ago, if I announced there was a level of reality made up of tiny
particles which seem to have a beauty, a meaning, a planfulness of their own, I’d be in
danger of being imprisoned. When I could persuade people to look through the
microscope lens at a leaf, or a snowflake or a drop of blood, then they would discover
that beyond the macroscopic world are visible realms of energy and meaning.

Transpersonal experiences, especially in psychedelic experiences, do not always occur in
a pure form. Embryonal experiences can occur simultaneously with phylogenetic
memories and with the experience of cosmic unity. These associations are rather constant
and they reflect deep intrinsic interrelations between various types of psychedelic
phenomena as well as the multileveled nature of the LSD experience.

Under conditioning, it seems impossible and even absurd to realize that myself does not
reside in the ego alone, but in the whole surge of energy which ranges from the galaxies
to the nuclear fields in my body. At this level of existence “I” am immeasurably old; my
forms are infinite and their comings and goings are simply the pulses or vibrations of a
single and eternal flow of energy.

Where the symbolic dramas unfold, the individual finds facets of his own existence
revealed in the person of Prometheus or Parsifal, Lucifer or Oedipus, Faust or Don Juan
and plays out his personal drama on these allegorical and analogic terms or he finds the
means of attaining to new levels of maturity through his participation in rites of passage
and other ceremonies and initiations. (eyes closed)

You have to take it with your patient or at least have taken it yourself in order to
empathize with and follow him as he goes from one level to another. If the therapist has
never taken it, he’s sitting there with his sticky molasses Freudian psychiatric chessboard
attempting to explain experiences that are far beyond the narrow limits of that particular

Young people started pouring into the Haight, propelled by a gut-level emptiness,
searching for anything that might relieve the burden of nonliving that gnawed at their
insides. They believed that at the other end of the rainbow was Haight-Ashbury, the
Capital of Forever, where beautiful people cared for each other, where all would be
provided and everyone could do their own thing without being hassled.

All patients, said Grof, apparently moved through similar levels during their sessions.
They passed first through aspects of their own life experiences—birth, childhood,
adulthood—and then into experiential realms described in mystical traditions,
experiences of ego-death and rebirth followed by “satori”—the dissolution of ego-
boundaries and the loss of duality, an unfolding awareness of cosmic unity, a sense of

Crying and laughing are branches of the same tree—the tree of emotions. Not two of the
leaves are the same, yet all have the same roots: the capacity to feel and the need to
express those feelings. Whether I was crying or laughing was really not too important,
except on the conventional level. The important point was that the tree of my emotions
was being vigorously shaken and liberated of some withered leaves which had hung on
too long.

He may feel that speech is largely superfluous since the high degree of empathic
communion has made him very communicative on even the most subliminal levels—from
one spoken word conveying a bookful of ideas and associations, on to total telepathic
communication. Also, he may feel that gestures, postures and subtle shifts of facial
expression, on the part of both himself and the other(s), can communicate volumes of

At the level of cell, God is the DNA code.
Awareness has more levels, is many-dimensioned.
Either-or logic is rigid. Instead, think of a logic of levels.
God exists at every level of consciousness.
I exist at every form of energy and every level of consciousness. (So do you.)
It’s absolutely true that the experience is in a class by itself, especially on a visual level.
liberation from the ego—You are on a different level.
Man can become conscious of each level of energy defined by scientists.
Many Eastern concepts are subject to different levels of interpretation.
One reaches the deep levels of the unconscious self.
The climate on this level is intensely emotional.
The levels on which we exist are infinite.
The nature of LSD phenomena is holographic, multileveled and multidimensional.
There are endless levels of energy transformations accessible to consciousness.
There are genuine and valid levels of perception unavailable to us without drugs.
There are many levels of energy within and around us.
This ineffable experience cannot be described, being at other than the verbal level.
This primordial state is characteristic of the deepest levels of the psyche.

He felt himself move into a totally different and deeper level of consciousness, a level
that was entirely new to him.

I was dazzled. Layers of iridescent silk cascaded from a waist-band; the subtle shading of
its colors blended together into a psychedelic dream.

I was definitely aware of several levels of consciousness going on among the people

It would modulate from beauty and the intense presence of life to love on all levels, the
human as well as the mystical.

Layer upon layer of illusion dropped away and crumbled into nothing. The Final Reality
began to dawn.

Now that this breakthrough of consciousness had occurred, a new level of harmony and
love was available.

The experience had deeper levels that were mythical and mystical and these dimensions
were intertwined with the physical aspects of nature.

You could look into the face of your friend and get this flickering gleam of interlocking
rapport that moved this friendship to a higher level.

He was taken back through the evolutionary process right down to single-cell life and
then back up through the layers and strata of oceanic, amphibian, and terrestrial

Acid taught me a different mode of experience. I learned how to see: how to give
something my attention, to be drawn into it, to concentrate, to see worlds within worlds.
Through psychedelic drugs, then, a few extra layers of perspective were added to my
view of things.

I was amazed and intrigued. I’d learned first-hand how limited our everyday notions of
consciousness are. I knew that the experience had touched something very deep in me. I
recognized a level of reality in the experience that could not be ignored. I wanted to know
more and was willing to take the risk.

I was experiencing an ever-increasing state of ecstasy. This was accompanied by a
clearing and brightening of my perceptual field. It was as if multiple layers of thick, dirty
cobwebs were being magically torn and dissolved, or a poor-quality movie projection or
television broadcast were being focused and rectified by an invisible cosmic technician.

For the first time, I understood not on a verbal level.
His “trip” to another level of consciousness was “a pure delight.”
I felt buoyed up to a higher spiritual level by some intense mystical force.
I passed through the levels of reality between the material world and pure energy.
I was elevated to a higher level of existence.
Shapes were shifting and layers were coming off of things.
She was tapping genuine levels of cosmic wisdom.
The concept of infinity could be grasped on an emotional level.
The deepest level of the experience was purely spiritual.

a feeling of complete communication on all levels, such as eye gestures, mouth gestures,
hand gestures, verbal and tonal messages

a path which could lead to deep levels of psychological-spiritual growth or true

all the world so strange and multi-level intricate, but so perfect, so beautiful, so fine, so
good, so perfect

an awareness of and participation in the processes involved on the level of tissue
physiology, cellular exchange and biochemical reactions

an opportunity to work through one’s own areas of conflict and problems on various

access to levels and domains of reality described by the great mystical traditions of the

alterations of sense perception, of emotional level and tone, of identity feeling, of the
interpretation of sense data and of the sensations of time and space

awakening this level of consciousness that dissolves boundaries and offers transcendent

can bring spiritual and philosophical understanding of such high level that everything is
redefined and appears in a new perspective

drugs—part of the search for the meaning of life, as tools to reach new levels of
awareness, for revelation

higher levels and states of mind that lead to the realization of one’s divine nature and God

insightful knowledge or illumination about being or existence in general that is felt at an
intuitive, nonrational level and gained by direct experience

jars one free of mental ruts, allowing old problems to be seen from new angles, accessing
higher levels of information, some of which were spiritual in nature

Leary’s model for “transcendental communities” where family members could maintain a
level of experience which cuts beyond routine ego and social games

multiple levels of reality which differ in their complexities and are mutually interacting
and interdependent

philosophizing on subjects pertaining to life in a manner which, at times, appears to be
out of keeping with his intellectual level

powerful corrective emotional experiences on very deep levels that are not easy to reach
by conventional psychotherapy

reaching that level of understanding variously referred to as illumination, liberation, and

the astonishing discovery that consciousness can tune into an infinite number of organic

the idea of launching a new discipline that would combine science and spirituality and
incorporate the perennial wisdom concerning various levels and states of consciousness

the mystery of the nature of the relations between visionary experience and events on the
cellular, chemical and electrical levels

the possibility of confrontation with the source level of reality, felt as Holy, Ultimate,
Ineffable, in an atmosphere charged with the most intense affect

the sense that communication is multileveled and much more meaningful than at other

the tremendous opportunity such experiences may offer for personal growth and the
development of new levels of awareness

to go beyond what we generally consider our rational minds in order to experience new
levels of consciousness

to move consciousness from the usual objective level back to the process or energy level
found by modern mathematical physics

to reach that level of consciousness variously called liberation, illumination or

to realize that the universe is profoundly different from what, on their ordinary,
conditioned level of experience it had seemed to be

tuned in to experiences and values on sensory and spiritual levels which are diametrically
opposite to the materialistic power orientation of the American mainstream

various types and levels of experience that have become available in certain special states
of mind and that seem to be normal expressions of the psyche

heightened sensitivity to nuances of language and to non-verbal cues; greater use of
gestures and shifts of posture and facial expressions as means of communicating; the
sense that communication is multileveled and much more meaningful than at other times

levels of reality denied by Western mechanistic science, but recognized and
acknowledged by many ancient and non-Western cultures and by the great mystical
traditions of the world

the goal of internal freedom, the ability to move voluntarily from one level of
consciousness to another, just as the scientist focuses his vision from the microscopic to
the telescopic

the mind that has broken out of its prison of cultural conditioning and egotism and is as
fully receptive to given reality on every level, as it is possible for the human creature to

the potentials of the drug experience for revealing new levels of consciousness and
bringing about changes in personality and behavior faster and more effectively than any
other method known to us

a deeper level
a deeper level of reality perceived by psychedelics
a direct experience of the whole man at every level of his being
a higher level
a higher level of existence
a higher non-egotistic level
a higher spiritual level
a level of reality which he had never experienced before
a more comprehensive level of experience marked by a cleansing process
a multilayered meaning
a positive breakthrough to a new level of awareness
an awareness of another layer of existence
an evolutionary trend toward an entirely new level of human consciousness
an experience that can be appreciated regardless of intellectual or intelligence level
an extremely wide range of phenomena which occur on different levels of reality
ascend to a higher level of meaning
at some waayyy-back there level of my mind
contacting the deeper layers of the mind
deep in a mysterious level of thinking
deep layers of the mind
deeper layers of consciousness
deeper levels of insight, deeper realms of insight
descending to a deeper level of his being
“descent” to a “deeper” drug state level
different types and levels of experience
discovering levels of consciousness
dramatically expanded perception, opening up entirely new levels of reality
existing on higher planes of consciousness and higher energy levels
experience the source level of reality
experienced a deep level of enlightenment
exposing new layers of reality
exquisite clarity of many-leveled perception
felt his mind go lifting up through the layers of consciousness
high level revelation
higher levels of consciousness
higher levels of self-reflection
higher planes of consciousness and higher energy levels
in perceptual touch with other levels of energy exchanges
layers upon layers, worlds within worlds
levels of awareness
levels of the human psyche that are primordial, timeless and universal
levels of thought
making possible direct awareness at higher-than-normal levels of intensity
moving on to a deeper level of reality
multihued, multileveled roller-coaster rides so spectacular
multilevel awareness
multilevel communication
multilevel perception
new insights, new levels of awareness
new levels of complexity and awareness
new levels of energy, new layered realities, new stages of evolution
new levels of insight
new levels of intelligence
new levels of intensified empathic relationships
novel energy levels and unusual forms of perception
on a deep psychic level
on a strange primordial level
people who were turning on to a very high level and being drawn together because of it
radical breakthrough to a new level of human evolution
“rebirth” on a higher level
rising to a new level of awareness
self-education on a nonverbal level
the achievement of a new personal integration at a higher level
the complex levels and dimensions of human consciousness
the consciousness of mankind raised to a spiritual level
the deeper or higher levels of insight that can be reached
the deepest level
the effects of the drug on a number of mental and emotional levels
the gateway to the deeper level
the higher level of awareness
the highest level of life energy
the “layerness” I felt in myself
the level beyond levels
the levels of energy and wisdom inside
the level of pure feeling
the multi-level perception of LSD
the new level of exploration
the power to change and shape personality at a deep level
the various levels and types of experience manifested in psychedelic sessions
the visionary layers
this level of being
those deeper levels where the more rewarding and transformative experiences occur
to a new, more balanced personality level
to advance into eternity, no longer on the animal, but one the spiritual level
to expand consciousness at all levels
to integrate on a higher-than-usual level of awareness
to know that you exist on a multiple of levels
to see the interrelationships of many levels or dimensions all at once
uncovering layer after layer of meaning
unlock the door to unconscious levels of mind
various levels of existence
when one is united at one’s deepest level with the source level of reality
who live at a different level as the result of extraordinary internal experiences

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