Any individual can develop his potential and liberate these qualities which lie in
abundance within us.

As a liberated person walks soundlessly like a cat, he also takes himself lightly,
pomposity the folly of taking oneself seriously.

Because the teaching of the Buddha was a way of liberation, it had no other object than
the experience of nirvana.

In Buddhism, attachment or clinging to the material world is seen as the root of suffering
and releasing it is a key to spiritual liberation.

In Buddhism, liberation is called awakening (bodhi) just because it is release from social

Liberating ourselves from the tyranny of words, conditioned reflexes and social
conventions, we establish direct, unmediated contact with experience.

Liberation does not mean changing the world, but touching its true nature. (You can’t
liberate the world.)

Liberation does not involve the loss or destruction of such conventional concepts as the
ego; it means seeing through them.

Liberation is from the maya of social institutions and not of the physical world. What is
meant by the real or physical world is determined by social institutions.

Liberation might be defined as the process of waking up out of the nonsense, nightmares
and illusory pleasures of what is ordinarily called real life, into the awareness of eternity.

Liberation while living is considered to be the highest experience, a fusion of the
individual with the universal.

Madness need not be all breakdown. It may also be breakthrough. It is potentially
liberation and renewal.

Most truly great minds prefer nature to human society. The latter limits. The former

The aim is to bring about the experience of liberation, not to construct a philosophical

The aim of a way of liberation is not the destruction of maya but seeing if for what it is or
seeing through it.

The experience of dying occurs in the context of the death-rebirth experience and total
surrender to it is always followed by feelings of liberation.

The experience of liberation from the tyranny of the ego is an experience so
extraordinary, so unique that it is never forgotten.

The individual experiences a deep sense of emotional and spiritual liberation, redemption
and salvation.

The mental state of the liberated or awakened man is naturally free from the confusion of
conventional entities with reality.

The perspective of the continuation of life in another form has a very liberating effect on
the individual and can considerably alleviate despair and the fear of death.

The test of liberation is not whether it issues in good works; the test of good works is
whether they issue in liberation.

The ways of liberation are concerned with making mystical consciousness the normal
everyday consciousness.

The ways of liberation propose that what many, perhaps, discover in death may also be
discovered in the midst of life.

Those who have approached the experience with a receptive mind have often found
meaning and liberation.

We have had a taste of what liberation really means and it informs and affects our whole
life thereafter.

What happened to our hope of the 1960’s to be liberated from the robot aspects of the

“What is the method of liberation?” “Who binds you?” “No one binds me.” “Why, then,
should you seek liberation?”

Ecstasy means to break out of the verbal prisons, suspend your imprints, see things anew,
perceive directly. With freshened perception goes the feeling of liberation, insight, the
exultant sense of having escaped the lifeless net of symbols.

Every cell of your body is singing its song of freedom—the entire biological universe is
in harmony, liberated from the censorship and control of you and your restricted

It has mediated a profound spiritual opening in atheists, skeptics and materialistically
oriented scientists, facilitated far-reaching emotional liberation and caused radical
changes in value systems and the basic life style. (The “it” is LSD.)

Liberation is the nervous system devoid of mental-conceptual activity. The mind in its
conditioned state, that is to say, when limited to words and ego games, is continually in
thought-formation activity.

Perennial philosophy offers a rich spectrum of spiritual techniques through which it is
possible to recognize and experience one’s own divinity and achieve liberation from

Psychotherapy and liberation are completed in the moment when shame and guilt
collapse, when the organism is no longer compelled to defend itself for being an

Psychotherapy falls short of being a way of liberation. The weakness lies in the cultural
acceptance of the dualistic view of man. (Psychotherapy with LSD is a whole different

The “death” which must be undergone to behold the vision of God is the death of a false
identity and the withdrawal from the world which is required for liberation is withdrawal
from the game that this particular person, so-and-so, is my one and only self.

The liberating aspect of rebirth and the affirmation of positive forces in the universe are
frequently expressed in visions of radiant, blinding lights that has a supernatural quality
and seems to come from a divine source.

The ultimate Ground simply “is.” Only when the individual also “simply is,” by reason of
his union through love-knowledge with the Ground, can there be complete and eternal

The way of liberation is by becoming stupid and rejecting the refinements of learning.
(Of course, that is not at all stupidity. Stupidity is blindly accepting what others shove
down one’s throat.)

The ways of liberation make it very clear that life is not going anywhere because it is
already there. In other words, it is playing and those who do not play with it have simply
missed the point.

Understanding comes when we liberate ourselves from the old and so make possible a
direct, unmediated contact with the new, the mystery, moment by moment, of our

We are liberated and enlightened by perceiving the hitherto unexperienced good that is
already within us, by returning to our eternal Ground and remaining where, without
knowing it, we have always been.

If certain conditions are fulfilled, human beings may cease to behave as the pathetic or
deplorable creatures they mistakenly think they are and be what in fact they always have
been, if they had only given themselves a chance of knowing it—enlightened, liberated,
“godded” in God”.

Some individuals become depressed after having visited the transcendent domains
because their daily life looks bleak and uninteresting in comparison to the radiance and
liberation they have tasted. (Yes, if one has been up to heaven, it’s hard to accept having
to come back down to hell.)

Stop thinking and just look, but don’t look analytically. Liberate yourselves from
everything you know and look with complete innocence. Look as though you’d never
seen anything of the kind before, as though it had no name and belonged to no
recognizable class.

The difficulty of both psychotherapy and liberation is that the problem which they
address lies in the social institutions in whose terms we think and act. No co-operation
can be expected from an individual ego which is itself the social institution at the root of
the trouble.

In many traditions, the notion of “dying before dying” is essential to spiritual
advancement. Coming to terms with the fact of death as part of the continuity of life is
seen as tremendously liberating, releasing one from the fear of death and opening one to
the experience of immortality. As the 17th century Christian monk, Abraham a Santa
Clara wrote: “A man who dies before he dies does not die when he dies.”

The individual is flooded by light of supernatural beauty and experiences a state of divine
epiphany. He or she has a deep sense of emotional, intellectual and spiritual liberation
and gains access to breathtaking realms of cosmic inspiration and insight. This type of
experience is clearly responsible for great achievements in the history of humanity in the
area of science, art, religion and philosophy.

An understanding of death is the key to liberation in life.
Egg is ego and the bird is the liberated Self.
In its essence the experience is a liberation from conventions.
It may bring about “a sudden liberation from ignorance.”
Liberate the mind.
Liberation requires that the individual find out the truth for himself.
Liberating knowledge of God comes to the pure in heart.
Liberation from social time is emotionally encompassing.
Liberation is from the maya of social institutions and not of the physical world.
Liberation is from social rather than physical or metaphysical conditions.
Liberation never comes without the realization of the Oneness of Self.
Now I know what Leary means by the “energy” liberated under LSD.
Perhaps what they call living is really dying and dying is our liberation into true life.
Salvation, liberation or enlightenment is possible for us at every moment.
The experience can be very liberating and widening.
The general atmosphere is one of liberation, salvation, redemption, love and forgiveness.
The liberated one is at last free to love with all his might and suffer with all his heart.
The psychedelic guide is a liberator who frees men from their life-long internal bondage.
The psychedelic liberation is so powerful that if far outstrips earthly game ambitions.
The state of liberation is not away from the state of nature.
The subject experiences a deep sense of spiritual liberation, redemption and salvation.
This inner letting go would ultimately liberate him.
To go beyond the insulated self is such a liberation.
To go beyond the limits of the insulated ego is such a liberation.
Uninhibited release of emotion can be immensely liberating.
We discover that there is a real liberation that is possible for every human being.

I feel a rush of liberation.

I felt as though the “essence” of me was being liberated to join the “essence” of
everything else about me.

I had been liberated tremendously by this experience and by finding that the pain in my
life wasn’t necessary.

I had no idea how liberating—both metaphysically and symbolically their venture would

The important point was that the tree of my emotions was being vigorously shaken and
liberated of some withered leaves which had hung on it too long.

My own personal drama was no more significant than light playing on a movie screen.
Even feelings of joy, ecstasy, and liberation in letting go of attachments were less
important than the insight and sense of knowing, or remembering, inexpressible truth.

He had an experience of overwhelming cosmic ecstasy; the universe seemed to be
illuminated by radiant light emanating from an unidentifiable supernatural source. The
entire world was filled with serenity, love and peace; the atmosphere was that of
“absolute victory, final liberation and freedom in the soul.”

It dawned on me that all the building blocks of the social structure were really nothing
but an imposing veneer that kept you from being godlike, and that as soon as we knew
the true potential of our own energy frequencies to overcome or pass through the artificial
walls, the human spirit could be liberated.

It seemed as though the refreshing breath of some kind goddess of wisdom were being
gently blown against the surface of my brain…So delicate, so crisp and exhilarating was it
that words fail me in my attempt to describe it. Few, if any, experiences can be more
delightful…For me, this experience was liberation.

There was unity and life and the exquisite love that filled my being was unbounded. My
awareness was acute and complete. I saw God and all the saints and I knew the truth. I
felt myself flowing into the cosmos, levitated beyond all restraint, liberated to swim in
the blissful radiance of the heavenly visions.

My familiar reality had cracked; a vast new reality that promised liberation from death
and meaninglessness lay before me. I believed that if everybody saw what I now saw
there would be peace on earth. The demons of hate, violence, illness and war would be
banished back into Pandora’s box. The scales would fall from humanity’s eyes and we
would recognize that we are one, and that we are eternal.

A deep “cosmic confidence” pervaded my being. I felt liberated and wholly secure.

An increasing feeling of liberation came over me.

I bathed in the glow of liberation.

I had never felt myself to be so liberated.

Realization liberated them.

a liberation of the senses which, far from destroying civilization, would give it a firmer
basis and would greatly enhance its potentialities

acid a boon to psychotherapy, an enlarger of creativity, a religious sacrament and a
liberation of the human spirit

an experience or state of consciousness called moksha or liberation—Indian philosophy
is primarily this experience.

experienced a breath of timelessness, liberation from the past and the future, blessedness
through being completely here and now

liberation, the ending of sorrow, ceasing to be what you ignorantly think you are and
becoming what you are in fact

liberation through special types of yoga involving sexual intercourse with a “spiritual

psychedelic drugs the great liberating force of our time, the destined sacrament of the
Aquarian Age

reaching that level of understanding variously referred to as illumination, liberation, and

the liberated and transfigured consciousness which experiences the paradox of the
absoluteness of relationships, the infinity and universality of particulars

the realization that what he thought was his identity was in fact only a tiny fragment of
the Real Self—and this is liberation

the spiritual state of no-game, no-ego, the ultimate liberation and the very highest forms
of maturity

the unfolding possibilities of mind-free consciousness, the liberating effect of the ancient
rebirth process that comes only through the death of the mind

to reach that level of consciousness variously called liberation, illumination or

would find liberation, the energies would flow, the neurotic armor would fall off, a new
and naked soul would be born

an inward liberation from the bounds of conventional patterns of thought and conduct,
understanding life directly, instead of in the abstract, linear terms of representational

orgiastic feelings of cosmic proportions, spiritual liberation and enlightenment, a sense of
ecstatic connection with all of creation and mystical union with the creative principle in
the universe

the liberated soul who takes on in the spirit of play the task, which others view as a
matter of life or death (The liberated one knows that it’s life and death or life-death-life-
death, not life or death.)

a journey of liberation and awakening
a liberation from being taken in by social institutions
a liberation from time
a liberation of energy
a liberation of feeling and perceptions
a profound and liberating alteration
a realm of pure bliss and total liberation
a sense of grace and emotional liberation
a sudden liberation from ignorance or illusion
a very profound and liberating experience
an experience of radical liberation
an inner sense of emotional liberation and spiritual rebirth
beatific glimpses of enlightening and liberating grace
brings a sudden liberation from ignorance and illusion, enlarges the spiritual horizon
deeply positive and liberating experiences
emotionally and spiritually liberating
explosive liberation
freed from the bonds of appearances, has liberated himself and now walks the earth
fully enlightened, totally liberated
fully liberating experience
how liberating and glorious it was
inner liberation
karmic liberation
liberate the human spirit
liberate the subject from guilt, enhance self-esteem
liberated from his bondage to the ego
liberated from subconscious demons, clear-minded
liberated to know God
liberated while still in his individual form, before the death of the body
liberates the human mind from its constricting identification with the abstract ego
liberating the sick mind from every radical compulsion to be what it is not
liberation from egocentricity
liberation from self-consciousness (to experience Self-consciousness)
liberation from the cultural self
liberation from the dangers of social convention
liberation from the ego fiction
liberation from the ego. You are on a different level.
liberation into the eternal and liberation is beautitude
“liberation medicines”
liberation not from the physical world but from the egocentric style of consciousness
magical self-liberation
mystical union, liberation from ego and space-time limits
neurological liberation
of enlightening and liberating grace
opens the way to emotional liberation
opens the way to spiritual liberation
spiritual liberation
spiritual liberation, deliverance from darkness, salvation and illumination
spiritual liberation, revelation of the ultimate truth, oneness of all of existence
the bliss of immediate liberation
the drug as a liberator which facilitates accurate perception, self-insight
the enlightening and liberating knowledge of Reality
the experience of being liberated from themselves
the feeling of liberation from conformity
the fruit of liberation into eternity
the great liberating force of our time, the destined sacrament of the Aquarian Age
the great liberating path, the great liberating realization
the Great Ocean of Liberation
the insight that suspension of defenses is a liberating experience
the liberating ego-death
the liberating knowledge of the divine Ground
the liberating power of psychedelic drugs
the liberating realization
the liberating truth
the liberation experience
the liberation of the higher faculties
the liberation of the human being
the liberation of the mind from conventional thought
the liberation of the mind from symbols
the modern Johnny Appleseed implanting the seeds of a liberating culture
the natural and uncontrived bliss of liberation
the peculiar sensation of “walking on air” which arises when the mind is first liberated
the possibility in each of us for non-attachment, freedom and liberation
the realm of liberation
the sacred vow to liberate all the sentient beings
the secret messages of glorious sexual liberation spread by rock and roll
the sense of psychic liberation
the spiritual path of liberation
the trip beyond the mind to liberation
the true path to liberation
the ultimate goal that of complete self-liberation
the ultimate liberation experience
the unconscious which needs to be examined for man’s liberation
the use of sexuality in the actual discipline of liberation
to emotionally liberate ourselves
to liberate oneself from the slavery of time and space
to liberate this dynamic energy
to liberate us from the prison of isolation from nature

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