Peace, Serenity, Tranquility, Contemplative, Calm, Relaxed, Passive, Silence, “no hurry,” etc.

Contemplation is that condition of alert passivity, the immanent and transcendent
Godhead, the state of union with the divine Ground of all being.

feelings of joy, peace, love, blessedness—Such high-intensity emotion is far removed
from everyday experience.

If there be righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character, harmony in the
home, order in the nation, peace in the world.

If this potentiality were recognized and used, it would release for us unlimited strength,
unlimited talents, unlimited harmony and peace, unlimited love, unlimited beauty.

In mental silence, we “look into our own Self-Nature,” we “hold fast to the Not-Thought
which lies in thought,” we “become that which essentially we have always been.”

Inhibitions and suppressions relax, allowing emotions, thoughts, fantasies, and memories
to flow more freely.

It is a total clarity and presence of mind, actively passive, wherein events come and go
like reflections in a mirror; nothing is reflected except what IS.

Like any other form of imperialism, theological imperialism is a menace to permanent
world peace.

LSD can produce dramatic changes in personality leading to unprecedented peace, sanity
and happiness.

Not hurrying, the purposeless life misses nothing. When there is no goal and no rush, the
human senses are fully open to receive the world.

One cannot act creatively except on the basis of stillness, of having a mind that is from
time to time capable of stopping thinking.

One may be infused with ecstasy, peace and a deep feeling of support by the cosmic

One of the most striking effects of LSD is its ability to activate the leisurely pace of
conventional consciousness.

Plunge into the whitewater of this new experience and reach the calm mystic pools

Stay calm, let the experience take you where it will, don’t hold on, let the stream carry
you along.

Streams and waves never stop moving and yet they are in no hurry to reach any
destination. Indeed they are not going anywhere at all.

The ability to relax physically and emotionally and enjoy ordinary things in life is greatly

The end of human life is not action but contemplation or the direct and unitive awareness
of God.

The individual feels full of excitement and energy, yet centered and peaceful and
perceives the world as if through cleansed senses.

The mind comes to rest and notices the rhythm, becoming aware that the timeless intent
of the process is fulfilled at each instant.

The mind grows clearer, more luminous, more peaceful. Insight becomes more

The state of consciousness of the Self-realized individual is characterized by joy,
serenity, inner security, a sense of calm power, clear understanding and radiant love.

The use of LSD is a ready way of stirring deeply buried sources of the religious life and
perceptions, which create feelings of awe, joy, wonder, peace and love.

The visionary and the mystic wait upon inspiration in a state of wise nonverbal
passiveness, of dynamic vacuity.

There is a “magic theatre” wherever you look, if you can only relax and forget about
yourself as an actor caught in a net struggling to get out.

To be incapable of sitting and watching with the mind completely at rest is to be
incapable of experiencing the world in which we live to the full.

To develop graceful, fulfilling ways of living a more serene, beautiful and creative life,
psychedelics will help to point the way.

We must learn how to be mentally silent, must cultivate the art of pure receptivity,
wordless experiencing.

You must go out of your mind to reach that creative quietude which is open to enriched

Action without wisdom, without clear awareness of the world as it really is, can never
improve anything. It could be argued that those who sit quietly and do nothing are
making one of the best contributions to a world in turmoil.

After such experiences, contemplation may take on new meaning for the Western man
who finds little time to ponder the meaning of his own existence and the philosophical
presuppositions upon which his religious, political, scientific, and ethical convictions rest.

Does it not seem possible that our efforts at peace fail because none of our present
approaches have addressed that dimension which seems to be at the center of the global
crisis: the human psyche?

Every person who has a genuine mystical experience reports that he sees the unity, reality
and infinity in space and time of all creation. He feels joy, peace and a sense of the
sacred. He knows that his experience is true.

I could make a strong, if not conclusive, case for the idea that plants are more intelligent
than people—more beautiful, more pacific, more ingenious in their ways of reproduction,
more at home in their surroundings and even more sensitive.

“I have no peace of mind. Please pacify my mind.” “Bring out your mind here before me
and I will pacify it.. “But, when I seek my own mind, I can’t find it.” “There, I have
pacified your mind.” At that moment, he had his awakening.

Most people, it seems, who relax and “let go” have the universal experience of
discovering a single Reality, a oneness with all things, an identity with God, with the
Supreme Being, with the Higher Self, or whatever you wish to call it.

One transcends the ordinary distinction between subject and object and experiences a
state of ecstatic union with humanity, nature, the cosmos and God. This is associated with
strong feelings of joy, bliss, serenity and peace.

People who have had such experiences usually agree that deep within each of us lie
goodness unimagined, wisdom, music, talents of every variety, joy, peace, humility, love
and spirituality, to mention only a few.

The failure to accept the gift of union with God and the substitution of self-conscious
moralism for the contemplation of God in the here and now, are the basic reasons for the
present weakness of the Christian religion.

The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which
helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in
this increasingly mad and dangerous world.

The sensations fill the person’s attention, which is passive but absorbed in what is
occurring, which is usually experienced as intense and immediate. Pure awareness is
experiencing without associations to what is there.

the Western discovery of the creative power of “no-thought” and contemplation without
strained attention—Such a mode of awareness is essential when research is expected to
bring forth new concepts.

There was talk of change and of a peaceful, world-wide revolution of all-powerful
understanding and love. The talk was of love, all the more exciting and beautiful because
it seemed honest.

This euphoric feeling includes elements of profound peace and steadfastness, surging like
a spring from a depth of my being which has rarely, if ever, been tapped prior to the drug

Tripping is a very special type of activity, mentally as well as physically. It can include
moments of astonishing insight and supermellow serenity, “a peace which passeth all

In the psychedelic ‘60’s the flower children had been lit up like living torches and
beamed out their powerful little lights across the world. For a while it looked like the
light would conquer the dark, and there would at last be peace on earth. We were filled
with wonderment, gratitude, awe, love. We had seen MORE than the everyday reality.

It is only after the person begins to return, begins to be reborn, that he becomes upset by
death and dying. In the earlier phase, when he really is dead, merged with infinite
oneness, there is no concern, only peace. (“Really is dead” means that the ego is dead and
if the ego is dead, then there really is peace.)

Kent St. University was the scene of a slaughter. The National Guard fired their rifles
into a group of antiwar demonstrators and killed four students and wounded thirty. It was
the beginning of the end of the dream of peace and love and equality. We realized that
our own fathers would kill us.

Subjects were advised to “turn off” their analytic faculties, to relax and accept whatever
form of experience came their way, to refrain from attempting to control the sequence or
nature of the events. The declared aim was to stop using one’s cognitive and perceptual
processes in the familiar way and to heighten the likelihood of discovering new ways.

The individual has become relaxed, has begun to enjoy the increased sense perceptions
and has become fascinated with the world of awareness that is beginning to open to him.
The deep and profound experiences released by the LSD then flow uninterrupted in an
ever widening scope.

The individual in this state becomes deeply aware of his or her unity with other people,
nature and the entire universe and with the ultimate creative principle or God. This is
accompanied by an overwhelming positive affect that can range from peace, serenity and
bliss to an ecstatic rapture.

To normal waking consciousness, things are strictly finite and insulated embodiments of
verbal labels. How can we break the habit of automatically imposing our prejudices and
the memory of culture-hallowed words upon immediate experience? Answer: by the
practice of pure receptivity and mental silence.

I felt like the neurological Knute Rockne. I was a scholar from the greatest university in
the greatest country, moving the adventurous search for human knowledge forward. I
counted myself fortunate to be a member of that long line of visionaries who throughout
history have sought peaceful nature-shrines to carry on the search for self-knowledge.
(That was Timothy Leary.)

In this state, the subject finds it difficult to see any negative aspects in the world and in
the very structure of the cosmic design; everything appears perfect, everything is as it
should be. At this point, the world appears to be a friendly place where a childlike,
passive-dependent attitude can be assumed with full confidence and with feelings of
complete security.

Individuals feel that they have left the past behind and that they are capable of starting an
entirely new chapter of their lives. Exhilarating feelings of freedom from anxiety,
depression and guilt are associated with deep physical relaxation and a sense of perfect
functioning of all physical processes. Life appears simple and exciting and the individual
has the feeling of unusual sensory richness and intense joy.

The effect of ecstasy is to create motivation, the longing to continue the ecstasy and
fulfill it. Critics of the drug cults complain that they retreat from life’s realities, become
passive and inert. Actually, it is not so much this aspect of the psychedelic scene but its
precise opposite to which they object. It is the activism that frightens older people. It is
not the reading of Thoreau, it is taking him seriously to which society objects.

Up this gradual stairway of Sense, Understanding, Intuition, we mount to that height from
which we are able to behold, with some degree of calmness, the infinite fields of intuitive
Beauty and Truth, when the screen of the bodily is removed, and the scope of vision
belonging to our highest faculty is realized to be immeasurably beyond all that our most
rapturous visions ever conceived it.

We were not to be limited by the pathological point of view. We were not to interpret
ecstasy as mania, or calm serenity as catatonia; we were not to diagnose Buddha as a
detached schizoid; nor Christ as a exhibitionist masochist; nor the mystic experience as a
symptom; nor the visionary state as a model psychosis. (That was Timothy Leary and
Aldous Huxley agreeing.)

A calm equilibrium underlies the seeming chaos.
Absence of rush gives a very new and different approach to sexual relations.
Because the world isn’t going anywhere, there is no hurry.
Contemplation is consciousness without seeking
Don’t rush it.
Drugs stimulate quiet, serene, humorous, sensual, reflective responses.
Enjoy every second. Don’t rush. Take it slow and easy.
He or she discovers what real peace of mind feels like.
Joy may be exuberant or quiet.
One often finds a sense of mental clarity and serenity.
Preparation is the key to a serene passage through the visionary territory.
Psychedelic drugs slow and magnify the sex act.
Relax and allow the forces to flow through you.
Relax and swing with the wave dance
Relax, float downstream, trust your divinity, trust your energy process.
Seen from Spirit, nothing is heavy; it takes all things lightly.
Silence, like space and emptiness, is a natural symbol of the divine.
Some subjects can experience a total and complete relaxation of all muscles in the body.
Somehow, do everything with passion, but with detachment.
The active intellectual style is replaced by a receptive perceptual mode.
The eternal present is the “timeless” unhurried flowing of the Tao.
The key is inaction, passive integration with all that occurs around you, acceptance.
The mind comes to rest.
The soul begins to float upward toward the restoration of primeval unity and peace.
The state of mind is a delighted calm of complete significance.
The truth reveals itself in its eternal tranquility.
There is a new peace in my life, as well as an appreciation for the beauty of existence.
There is a potential contemplative dimension in music.
To live means to be aware, joyously, serenely, divinely aware.
When the ego controls dissolve, the world within is glowing, serene and meaningful.
When the mind is stilled, psychological time ceases to exist.
Whenever in doubt, turn off your mind, relax, float downstream.
Wordless contemplation can persist even in the midst of thinking.

I feel, with a peace so deep that it sings to be shared with all the world, that at last I
belong, that I have returned to the home behind home.

There is no hurry. Here, the present is self-sufficient, but it’s not a static present. It is a
dancing present, the unfolding of a pattern which has no specific destination in the future,
but is simply its own point.

An immense calm has set in. A fusion of contradictions. There are no more obstacles.

I look at his face and see gentleness, peace, calmness, serenity.

I seem to have a new sense of peace.

At these moments of ecstatic clarity, there was such a peace and rest and at the same
time, such exuberance and wildest joy.

Each color seemed to carry its own feeling tone, oranges, reds and yellows expansive and
sexual, blues and greens, cool, serene and rational.

Everywhere there was godlike peace, the sum of all conceivable desires satisfied,
physical or spiritual.

I am still amazed at the exquisite feeling of release, peace of mind, and complete

I belonged within peace and unity and wild joy, within something greater than my own
life or the Life of Man, to Life itself! To God, if you want to put it that way.

I sensed the presence of something that I could not name, but it filled me with joy and

I was aware of a gentle, deep connection with a new spirituality, an unfamiliar source
inside one that was expansive, joyful and peaceful.

In that illuminated state, I felt completely boundless and free, surrounded and filled with
brilliant light and washed by an enormous sense of peace.

My body was both swimming and flying. I felt gay and at ease and playful. There was
perfect connection between my body and everything that was happening.

My heart was filled with joy that was overwhelming, just a beauty and peace that I have
never known.

My muscles, nerves and bones seemed to relax, almost relent, in a way that was infinitely
right and to be desired.

Peace and joy engulfed me and I knew that the kingdom of heaven was truly within and
that LSD had made this day the most important one in my life.

The outside appeared clear, serene and beautiful. I saw things I have never seen on the
road. The trees, grass, colors, sky—all were a real delight to behold.

His emotional state was one of “tranquility,” a quiet kind of happiness and a security
coming from the knowledge of having accomplished something enormously worthwhile,
of having made some very great advances.

I learned a different way to be. I learned what awe, delight, blessedness, and serenity
were, and recognized them as more than platitudes. I felt as if the good news was being
whispered to me. I was in on a big secret. I was beginning to see what it was all about.

I was convinced that if we were to know peace within ourselves, the need for spiritual
development must be recognized, appreciated and stressed far more than it now is in our

It seemed as if I could distinguish every leaf, every blade of grass. It was like walking
through a fairyland, a tranquil, dreamlike landscape unassociated with anything I had
previously known.

Perfectly harmonious, luminously alive, the rose was looking at Aldous and Aldous was
looking at the rose. There was perfect communication between the two—and complete

Suddenly, without warning, I felt that I was in heaven—an inward state of peace and joy
and assurance indescribably intense, accompanied with a sense of being bathed in a warm
glow of light.

The culminating experience was one of transcendental peace, with visions of supernatural
beauty and the sound of celestial music…ecstatic feelings of timelessness,
weightlessness, serenity and tranquility.

The following day, he was in the calmest, most joyful and most balanced emotional
condition he had experienced in his entire life. After this session, his psychotic symptoms
never reappeared.

A feeling of great peace and contentment seemed to flow through my entire body. All
sound ceased and I seemed to be floating in a great, very very still void or hemisphere. It
is impossible to describe the overpowering feeling of peace, contentment and being a part
of goodness itself that I felt.

He had an experience of overwhelming cosmic ecstasy; the universe seemed to be
illuminated by radiant light emanating from an unidentifiable supernatural source. The
entire world was filled with serenity, love and peace; the atmosphere was that of
“absolute victory, final liberation and freedom in the soul.”

A most beautiful sunset was dying in the west, the river was tinged by it, the very zenith
clouds were bathed in it, and the world beneath seemed floating in a dream of rosy
tranquility. My awakened perceptions drank in this beauty until all sense of fear was
banished, and every vein ran flooded with the very wine of delight. Mystery enwrapped
me still, but it was the mystery of one who walks in Paradise for the first time.

At the end of the record, I felt that I had been on a long journey and that I had come to
my destination. My guides came to me and welcomed me into this “brave new world”. I
felt that I had reached the psychedelic shore and enjoyed the wonderful things around me.
I felt joyous and deeply related to everything, as if I were part of a whole. It was a sense
of total relatedness and involvement, bringing with it a sense of joy, peace and wonder.

My familiar reality had cracked; a vast new reality that promised liberation from death
and meaninglessness lay before me. I believed that if everybody saw what I now saw
there would be peace on earth. The demons of hate, violence, illness and war would be
banished back into Pandora’s box. The scales would fall from humanity’s eyes and we
would recognize that we are one, and that we are eternal.

The feelings I experienced could be best described as cosmic tenderness, infinite love,
penetrating peace, eternal blessing and unconditional acceptance on one hand and on the
other as unspeakable awe, overflowing joy, primeval humility, inexpressible gratitude
and boundless devotion. Yet all of these words are hopelessly inadequate and can do little
more than meekly point toward the genuine, inexpressible feelings actually experienced.

A divine calm swept through my soul.
A tremendous peaceful and soothing joy pervaded every cell in my body.
All was serenity, ecstasy, revelation.
An atmosphere of fathomless and soul-satisfying serenity surrounded and transfused me.
An indefinable feeling of well-being, a boundless calm, took over.
Closing my eyes, an increase in the intensity of the peaceful feeling would occur.
He answered a question as to the nature of nondual reality with a “thunderous silence.”
He enjoyed several days of “unusual calm” just after the session.
I felt a great peace.
I felt a vast peace all through me and a sense of secret knowledge.
I felt a wonderful new optimism and a sense of peace and harmony and letting be.
I felt both serene and exhilarated as never before in my life.
I felt clean and strong and peaceful.
I had no questions. I was too happy, to relaxed, to joyous to have questions of any kind.
I was experiencing a state of inner peace and serenity.
I was relaxed within, my senses unguardedly open to their surroundings.
I’d step inside her aura and feel myself slow down, grow calm.
Magnificent galaxies tempted me with their majestic silence and staggering beauty.
My mind felt pure, peaceful, refreshed.
My mind, with a calm power of insight, penetrated into some of its own kingdoms.
My visual field showed a glow and I had a sense of peace, tranquility and eternity.
My whole body was pulsing with new energy. I relaxed into this orgasmic vitality.
Peace filled my world, a peace which had seemed to evade me since childhood.
The tranquility and the vibrations were healing.
There was an uncanny stillness and purity of presence in the moment.
We were again able to speak silently, heart to heart.

a euphoric state with its feeling of well-being, contentment, sociability, mental and
physical relaxation

a mystical experience of great depth during which he felt “dissolved” in “the universal
pool” and experienced “the peace that passeth understanding”

a renewed sense of personal worth coupled with a relaxation of habitual mechanisms of
ego defense

an enhanced sense of relaxation and loosening of inhibitions, together with an increase in

an existence of peace and equanimity, a state of well-being and wholeness—transcending
all fear of death

an increasing sense of calmness which usually shifts into a mild to strong sense of

accurate information, open shared, calm, courageous response to the evidence (Will
scientists and authorities ever understand?)

awesome beyond-musical choruses that surged to holy crescendos of sound and then
receded to equally holy silence

experiential identification with the primordial Emptiness, Nothingness, and Silence,
which seems to be the ultimate cradle of all existence

feeling that what is apprehended is holy, sacred or divine, feelings of blessedness, joy,
peace, happiness, etc.

holiness a wise innocence, a relaxed intensity, a humorous humility, a supernatural
naturalness, a perpetual uncalculated life in the present

isn’t sitting with a blank mind, but simply a quiet awareness, without comment, of
whatever happens to be here and now

radiant, the child-like smile of absolute knowing, knowing beyond words, peace that is
not static but flowing

the nonduality of the mind, in which it is no longer divided against itself, a state of
profound peace

the recognition that all these radiances are the emanations of one’s own mind in a state of
perfect tranquility and serenity, a state in which the mind reveals its true universal nature

timelessness, presence of God, ultimate reality, blessedness and peace, mystery, and

to open herself to joy, peace, love and being, to permit herself to be irradiated by them
and to become one with them

“transcendental” experiences—a state beyond conflict—often with rapid and dramatic
therapeutic results

what all of us have always been, a part of the divine substance, a manifestation of love,
joy and peace, a being identified with the One Reality

when the ego-sense is relaxed, when a sense of the infinite and eternal replaces our usual

exhilarated elation with unmotivated laughter, exuberant joy, deep feelings of peace,
serenity and relaxation, orgiastic ecstasy, hedonistic pleasure, feelings of voluptuousness
and sensuality

the experience of the Void, of the primordial emptiness, nothingness and silence which is
the ultimate source and cradle of all existence, the “uncreated and ineffable Supreme” (It
can’t be described, so they call it the Void.)

the five senses disembodied, all of them keyed to the height of sensitivity and awareness,
all of them blending into one another most strangely, until the person, utterly passive,
becomes a pure receptor, infinitely delicate of sensations

a calm and blissful state
a calm power of insight
a calm rapture which is good for the heart
a calm, silent, restful beatitude
a center of serenity
a contemplative or open-sensed attitude to experience
a delicious calm
a fathomless peace
a feeling of emotional clarity and of relaxation
a feeling of great looseness, unknitting and relaxation
a feeling of profound peace and joy
a majestic, sunlit heavenly inner quietude
a marvelous world of meaning engendering visions, hope, and peace
a mind completely at rest
a mood of unhurried awareness which naturally lent itself to a ritualistic type of action
a new sense of clarity, freedom and peace
a “passive state of mind”
a region of light and peace
a river of peace
a sense of calmness and quiet joy
a sense of joy, peace and wonder
a sense of lightness and ease
a state of complete rest and harmony
a state of crystal lucidity and peace
a state of physical comfort in a contented passive manner
a state of profound peace in which truths were revealed to him in immediate awareness
a state of self-confidence, satisfaction and relaxation
a thunderous silence
a vast calm
a very restful state
absence of purpose and hurry
actively passive
alert calmness
alert passivity
alert passivity better for some kinds of remembering than analytic thinking
an extraordinary sense of peace
attaining tranquility of mind, realization, insight and Wisdom
bliss and peace and understanding
blissful passivity
calm joy, revelation
calmness of mind
clear attention, clarity of attention and mental relaxation
combine the most intense alertness with a tranquil passivity
divine quietness
ecstatic rapture, transcendental peace and serenity, a sense of cosmic unity
eternal serenity
eternal tranquility
euphoric relaxation
feelings of deep spirituality and tranquil reverence
feelings of extraordinary calmness or ecstasy
feelings of infinity and eternity, tranquility, serenity, purity and unity of all opposites
feelings of joy, love, blessedness and peace inherent in mystical consciousness
felt a clear-headed tranquility
his truthful and serene eyes
“holy indifference”
inner peace
inner tranquility and bliss
insight into the inherent unity and peace of prelogical forms of being
intense, relaxed awareness of the present moment
joyous contemplation of the peace that was on its way
love and joy carrying you up into the peace of the Clear Light
marvelously peaceful
mental silence and pure receptivity
message of love, peace and laughter
motiveless action, sitting just to sit, walking just to walk
music and love and beauty and serenity and fun and the seed of life
noble and free and at peace with all the gods of the new world
our bodies at ease and our minds mixing together
peace and joy
peace and love and beauty and truth
peace—everywhere godlike peace, the sum of all conceivable desires satisfied
peaceful yet exhilarated, a sweet sensation
perfect peace of mind
perfect serenity
profound mystical contemplation
profound peace, surging like a spring from a depth of my being
profound serenity and joy
pure contemplation, free from the discursive chatter of the skull
purely passive
re-entry, coming back down, a wiser more peaceful personality
reflective, peaceable, intellectually exciting
release from one’s habitual state of tenseness, of clinging to false ideas of possession
serene clarity
serene ecstasy
serene enlightenment
serene, self-transcendence
silent wisdom
stilling the discriminative activity of the mind
that High Place where all is serenity
that peculiar state of joy and serenity
that state of calm, passive concentration
the absolute Being of which love, joy and peace are manifestations
the alertly passive insight receiver
the bliss of mental tranquility
the curative properties of quiet
the delicious comfort of a calm reality
the ecstasy of a serene uplifting
the existence at the heart of things of a divine serenity and good will
the glorious ascension to heaven, the serenity of paradise
the goodness and peace that was all around me
the living peace of the Clear Light
the loving calm
the mind completely at rest
the more relaxed, humorous and pleasurable spirituality of Asia
the overpowering feeling of peace, contentment and being a part of goodness itself
the restoration of perfect peace
the sages who, abandoning learning, rest in spontaneity
the serenest ecstasy
the tranquil state of non-game awareness
the wisdom of creative quietism
these calm, suggestive states
this instant joy and relaxation
this relaxed, uncreated state of mind
this state of great physical ease
to “be still and know that I am God”
to open herself to joy, peace, love and being
to relax and clear his consciousness of irrelevancies
to relax the mind and clear the consciousness
to remain still and let the process unfold
tranquility and serenity, a state in which the mind reveals its true universal nature
vast serenity, elated excitement

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