Psyche, Psychic

Psyche, Psychic

According to the new data, spirituality is an intrinsic property of the psyche that emerges
quite spontaneously when the process of self-exploration reaches sufficient depth.

An inner wisdom usually can be depended on to guide the psyche into the paths that it
needs to follow.

As the universe reveals its true essence as a cosmic play of consciousness, the world of
matter is destroyed in the psyche of the individual.

Deep experiential work requires a vastly extended cartography of the psyche that includes
important domains uncharted by traditional science.

Ego is the “island” of rational consciousness floating atop the great sea of the
unconscious aspects of the psyche.

Experiential sequences of death and rebirth typically open the gate to a transbiographical
domain in the human psyche that can best be referred to as transpersonal.

If we are ever to discover how we can best cooperate with the psyche, we have to allow it
to reveal its true nature to us.

In this special state of consciousness, the subject becomes aware of certain intra-psychic
processes ordinarily excluded or beyond the scope of awareness.

Intense and impressive psychic experiences make possible the sudden unlearning of
ineffective ways of performing.

It became clear that these extraordinary phenomena were normal and natural
manifestations of the deeper domains of the human psyche. (eyes closed)

It offers unparalleled opportunity to catalyze awareness of otherwise unconscious psychic
processes, to widen the area of human consciousness.

Jung’s psychology returns the cosmic status to the psyche and re-introduces spirituality
into psychiatry.

LSD could enable one to study psychic material that is buried in the deepest layers of the
unconscious and is usually inaccessible to less dynamic techniques.

Many states that mainstream psychiatry considers bizarre and incomprehensible are
natural manifestations of the deep dynamics of the human psyche.

Nonordinary states of consciousness certainly change dramatically the relationship
between the conscious and unconscious dynamics of the psyche.

Our ordinary state of awareness is merely a fragment of what is possible. The human
psyche is capable of extraordinary states that are accessible under certain conditions.

The activated psyche can be called upon to remember states which to us seem to be

The content and nature of the experiences are authentic expressions of the psyche,
revealing its functioning on levels ordinarily not available for observation and study.

The deep contents of the psyche that we are ordinarily unaware of erupt into
consciousness in the form of images, powerful emotions and strange physical feelings.

The habit of analytical thought is fatal to the intuitions of integral thinking, whether on
the “psychic” or the spiritual level.

The most vital human need is to discover one’s own inner reality. This makes it possible
to draw on the enormous resources and wisdom of ages that lie in the collective psyche.

The new model of the psyche shows great similarity to those developed over centuries
and even millennia by various great mystical traditions.

The personality is touched to its core and is led into provinces of psychic life otherwise
unexplored. Light is shed on boundaries otherwise dark and unrevealed.

The psyche contains all the contents of time—extending backwards, across and through
time; history being latently contained in each individual.

The universe and the human psyche have no boundaries or limits. Each of us is connected
with and is an expression of all of existence.

These drugs have the unique effect on the human psyche of bringing into awareness
forms of consciousness that are usually hidden or unconscious.

We must look much farther than personal biography and the individual unconscious if we
are to even begin to grasp the true nature of the psyche.

What happened to our hope of the 1960’s to be liberated from the robot aspects of the

When the psychic energy first begins to be felt, there is a growing sensation within of
thousands of delicate threads moving about the body.

With psychedelics, a new energy—a potent psychic energy—has entered the world stage
and must be reckoned with.

Within the psyche, there are no boundaries; all its contents form one continuum with
many levels and many dimensions.

You call the desire for utopia childish and infantile. I believe that it is part and parcel of
the human psyche and will eternally find expression.

Does it not seem possible that our efforts at peace fail because none of our present
approaches have addressed that dimension which seems to be at the center of the global
crisis: the human psyche?

In its broadest sense, the term “archetype” can be used for all static patterns and
configurations, as well as dynamic happenings within the psyche that are transindividual
and have a universal quality.

It became obvious to many practitioners involved in these explorations that we needed a
new model of the psyche whose important elements would include not only the Freudian
biographical dimension but the Jungian collective unconscious and spirituality as well.

New scientific findings are beginning to support beliefs of cultures thousands of years
old, showing that our individual psyches are, in the last analysis, a manifestation of
cosmic consciousness and intelligence that flows through all of existence.

The human psyche has access to images and motifs that are truly universal. They can be
found in the mythology, folklore, and art of cultures distributed not only across the globe
but also throughout the history of humanity.

The impressive mosaic of new observations and theories that are already available
suggests that in the future the old/new discoveries in regard to consciousness and the
human psyche might become integral parts of a comprehensive scientific worldview.

The individual who connects with these levels of his or her psyche automatically
develops a new world view within which spirituality represents a natural, essential and
absolutely vital element of existence.

The practical function of psychoanalysis is to get the whole psyche into consciousness.
(Shrinks don’t even know what that means because they haven’t gotten their own whole
psyches into consciousness. It can be done best with LSD.)

The spiritual dimension is a key factor in the human psyche and in the universal scheme
of things. Becoming aware of this dimension of our lives and cultivating it is an essential
and desirable part of our existence.

The subject confronts figures from mythology with a shock of recognition, seeing in the
figures now revealed as inhabitants of his own deep psyche, enigmatic bearers of ancient
answers to the riddle of existence. (eyes closed)

Vivid experiential encounters with elements of the deep unconscious made it possible to
relate to spiritual and psychic dimensions that were beyond their previous conceptual

What truly defines the transpersonal orientation is a model of the human psyche that
recognizes the importance of the spiritual or cosmic dimensions and the potential for
consciousness evolution.

A trip can function as a crack of lightning, an explosion of light so brilliant that it
scorches the emotional flesh and casts deep saturnine shadows in the cavern of the soul.
Many trippers feel as if their psyches were opened up from above or from within as a
rolling wave of stimuli floods their sensorium to the point of overflow.

I see consciousness and the human psyche as expressions and reflections of a cosmic
intelligence that permeates the entire universe and all of existence. We are not just highly
evolved animals with biological computers embedded inside our skulls; we are also fields
of consciousness without limits, transcending time, space, matter and linear causality.

Mainstream psychiatry and psychology in general make no distinction between
mysticism and psychopathology. There is no official recognition that the great spiritual
traditions that have been involved in the systematic study of consciousness for centuries
have anything to offer to our understanding of the psyche and of human nature.

Many of the experiences and observations from psychedelic sessions seemed to seriously
challenge the image of the human psyche and of the universe developed by Newtonian-
Cartesian science and considered to be accurate and definitive descriptions of “objective

Myths are not fictitious stories about adventures of imaginary characters in nonexistent
countries and thus arbitrary products of individual human fantasy. They originate in the
collective unconscious of humanity and are manifestations of the primordial organizing
principles of the psyche and the cosmos that Jung called archetypes.

The critical issue here is the ontological status of non-ordinary states of consciousness—
whether we see them as pathological conditions that should be indiscriminately
suppressed or veritable alternatives to our everyday states of consciousness that can
contribute to our understanding of the psyche and have a great therapeutic potential.

The discoveries of the last few decades strongly suggest that the psyche is not limited to
the Freudian individual unconscious and confirm the perennial truth, found in many
mystical traditions, that human beings might be commensurate with all there is.
Transpersonal experiences and their extraordinary potential certainly attests to this fact.

The observations of the last few decades have drastically changed our understanding of
the relationship between consciousness and matter and of the dimensions of the psyche.
They show consciousness as an equal partner of matter, or possibly even supraordinated
to matter, and creative intelligence as inextricably woven into the fabric of the universe.

The psychic depths and time depths can be tested and explored in the psychedelic
experiences. The theoretical foundation of such a statement is that the ingestion of
psychedelic substances evokes an activation of deeply buried psychic contents and a
bringing of them to the surface of consciousness.

Unbiased systematic study of this material would lead to changes in our understanding of
the human psyche and of the nature of reality that would be as far-reaching and radical as
those that were introduced into physics by the theories of relativity and the quantum

We remain ignorant of our true nature—our eternal Self. It was that Self that I longed to
discover. In order to get in touch with the ground of my being, I had to strip away the
accretions of prejudices and preconceptions that cluttered up my psyche, making it
impossible to see what was really there.

Abraham Maslow urged that there was a need to “depathologize” the psyche, that is, to
look upon the “inner core” of our being not as the source of metaphysical darkness or
illness but as the source of health and as the wellspring of human creativity. It was his
belief that Western civilization had obscured the importance of this inner core by
approaching it more as a superstition than as a reality.

Among Jung’s best known contributions is the concept of the “collective unconscious,”
an immense pool of information about human history and culture that is available to all of
us in the depth of our psyches. Jung also identified the basic dynamic patterns or
primordial organizing principles operating in the collective unconscious, as well as in the
universe at large. He called them “archetypes.”

Exploration of the human psyche with these powerful catalyzing agents has shown
beyond any doubt that the biographical model developed by Freud’s “depth” psychology
barely scratches the surface of mental dynamics. To account for all the extraordinary
experiences and observations in psychedelic states, it was necessary to develop a vastly
expanded cartography of the human mind.

It can dissolve or temporarily suspend the effectiveness of those psychical mechanisms
whose functions would appear to be to inhibit emergence of certain processes and
contents of the mind. Once these inhibitions are dissolved, the ground has been prepared
for the free psyche to function in such a way as to result in the beneficial transformation
and self-realization of the individual.

Jung’s basic assumption was that the spiritual element is an organic and integral part of
the psyche. Genuine spirituality is an aspect of the collective unconscious and is
independent of childhood programming and the individual’s cultural or educational
background. Thus, if self-exploration and analysis reach sufficient depth, spiritual
elements emerge spontaneously into consciousness.

Jung observed repeatedly that the universal mythological motifs occurred among
individuals for whom all knowledge of the kind was absolutely out of the question. This
suggested to him that there were myth-forming structural elements in the unconscious
psyche that gave rise both to the fantasy lives and dreams of individuals and to the
mythology of peoples.

LSD is a unique and powerful tool for the exploration of the human mind and human
nature. Psychedelic experiences mediate access to deep realms of the psyche that have
not yet been discovered and acknowledged by mainstream psychology and psychiatry.
They also reveal new possibilities and mechanisms of therapeutic change and personality

Openness to new data challenging traditional beliefs and dogmas has always been an
important characteristic of the best of science and a moving force of progress. A true
scientist does not confuse theory with reality and does not try to dictate what nature
should be like. It is not up to us to decide what the human psyche can do and what it can
not do to fit our neatly organized preconceived ideas.

Our ordinary Newtonian-Cartesian consciousness can be invaded with unusual power by
various archetypal entities or mythological sequences that, according to mechanistic
science, should have no independent existence. The myth-producing aspects of the
human psyche will portray deities and rituals from different cultures that the subject has
never studied. (eyes closed)

The new data are of such far-reaching relevance that they could revolutionize our
understanding of the human psyche. Some of the observations transcend in their
significance the framework of psychology and psychiatry and represent a serious
challenge to the current Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm of Western science. They could
change drastically our image of human nature, of culture and history, and of reality.

The recognition of the primary and independent significance of spiritual aspects of the
psyche or of what would these days be called the transpersonal dimension, was extremely
rare among Freud’s followers. Only Jung was able to penetrate really deeply into the
transpersonal domain and formulate a system of psychology radically different from any
of Freud’s followers.

In addition to the Freudian “individual unconscious,” there is also the “collective
unconscious,” which contains the memories and the cultural heritage of all of humanity.
According to Jung, the universal and primordial patterns in the collective unconscious, or
“archetypes,” are mythological in nature. Experiences that involve the archetypal
dimensions of the psyche convey a sense of sacredness—or “numinosity,” in Jung’s

Systematic study of non-ordinary states has shown me, beyond any doubt, that the
traditional understanding of the human personality, limited to postnatal biography and to
the Freudian individual unconscious, is painfully narrow and superficial. To account for
all the extraordinary new observations, it became necessary to create a radically
expanded model of the human psyche and a new way of thinking about mental health and

Altered states of consciousness have a clear potential for positive psychic development.
Ego is a small aspect of the totality of the psyche.
Leary has consolidated ancient psychic wisdoms and cast them in modern-day terms.
LSD “inhibits the inhibitors” in the psyche.
LSD tends to intensify the actual psychic state.
LSD users have entered the unknown land of psyche.
Mescaline transports the user to unexplored psychic areas.
Spirituality appears to be an intrinsic property of the deeper dynamics of the psyche.
The human psyche appears to be essentially commensurate with all of existence.
The human psyche is filled with wonderful potentials waiting to be awakened and used.
The LSD experience is a manifestation of the psychic unconscious.
The psyche is governed by unconscious forces of an instinctual nature.
The psyche is without boundaries and has seemingly infinite resources and creativity.
The psychic knot at the back of our habitual consciousness dissolves.
The wisdom of the East is not physical, but psychic and spiritual Science.
There are vast untapped potentialities in the human psyche.
This primordial state is characteristic of the deepest levels of the psyche.
Trust in the wisdom and spontaneous healing potential of the psyche.
You can see what’s going on in your psyche.

He felt his life had been “transfigured” by the “new being” which had emerged out of the
depths of his psyche.

He found the whole experience exhilarating for having given him insights into his psyche
and the nature of existence that he hadn’t thought himself capable of achieving.

I was getting insights as to why the child’s psyche is so fascinated and captivated by
various mythic stories and their characters.

He remarked upon a gathering emotional intensity, expressing his surprise that such an
emotionally charged psychical environment also could be experienced as “a state where all
that is happening is good and supremely in one’s best interest.”

I realized that it was not up to us to dictate what the human psyche should be like in order
to fit our scientific beliefs and worldview. Rather, it is important to discover and accept
the true nature of the psyche and find out how we can best cooperate with it.

I understood that the essence of my being was identical with the timeless essence of
every living thing, that formlessness was the essence of form, that the whole universe was
reflected in every psyche, and that my separateness was only an illusion, a dream from
which I had, in this moment, fully awakened.

I remember being particularly struck by the joy of hearing music as I never had heard it
before. I could laugh at my old self-image, which included “not being musical”. I was
deeply moved by each piece of music that was played. As I listened without distraction,
each one evoked a different aspect of my psyche, and at the center of each was the perfect
still point of pure being where one could experience union with God.

Doors to my psyche opened.

I could see the patterns in their psyches.

Suddenly, his whole psychic field of consciousness erupted.

The object psychically glowed. It seemed shiny to me and had a good clean vibe.

There was a psychic link between us.

a new model of the psyche, new understanding of emotional disorders and of the
therapeutic process, new insights into human nature and the nature of reality

a process of purification, the onset of enhanced psychic sensitivity giving access to the
hidden and highest potentials of human existence

a profound feeling of sacredness or holiness that is associated with certain deep processes
in the psyche

connecting with the deep intrinsic spiritual dimensions of the psyche and elements of the
collective unconscious

connecting with the intrinsic spiritual dimensions of the psyche and deep resources of the
collective unconscious

knowledge of ourselves brought back from the subterranean regions of our psyche—our
phylogenetic awareness

latent forces of vitality which we have not yet included in our physical or psychical

LSD a “psychic broom” to sweep out the cobwebs and bring alive those senses so little
used that they are all but atrophied

mapping uncharted zones of the human psyche, to resurrect a lost art or a lost knowledge
or a lost consciousness

restoring man to a dynamic communion with his own sundered psyche, with his old sense
of community and with the whole of life and the universe

reveal extraordinary capacities of the human psyche and important aspects of reality
normally hidden from our awareness

that the deeper dynamics of the human psyche are, in their essence, numinous and that
spirituality represents a critical dimension in the universal scheme of things

the cultivation of the inner life in response to the hunger for expression of the nonrational
aspects of the psyche. New forms of music, art, poetry, dance, mysticism

to take them higher, to a new realm, to a psychic state they’d never experienced before, a
new land of intensity and passion

to transport the beholder out of the old world of his everyday experience, far away,
toward the visionary antipodes of the human psyche

various types and levels of experience that have become available in certain special states
of mind and that seem to be normal expressions of the psyche

Jung’s assertion that our psyches are deeply affected by a collective unconscious that
gives us access to a vast warehouse of memories encompassing all of human experience
from the beginning of time

those universal psychic archetypal structures that we share with the whole of mankind,
such as the archetypal idea of mana, the hero, the cosmic God-man, the mother earth, the
helpful animal, or the trickster figure, which we find in all mythologies and all religious
systems (These things are seen with eyes closed.)

originating in the transpersonal realm of the human psyche: the interest in ontological and
cosmological problems; an abundance of archetypal themes and mythological sequences;
encounters with deities of different cultures; ancestral, phylogenetic memories; the
experiential world of extrasensory perception and other paranormal phenomena (These
things are seen with the eyes closed.)

a dramatic visionary odyssey into the depths of the psyche
a heightening of psychic energy
a journey into deep recesses of one’s own psyche
a kind of psychic expansion
a magnetic-electric-psychic flow or energy between sound, light and dance
a model of the healthy psyche and included in it, was the mystical experience
a new conception of the human psyche
a psychic catharsis that would clarify
a sense of acceleration of intrapsychic activity
a sensory and psychic extravaganza
an entirely new status and image of the human psyche
an experience of psychic integration
an extraordinary inner journey into the domains of the psyche
charge the psyche with energy
charged with a psychic electricity
cleanse the psyche
deep explorations of the human psyche, new information about the human psyche
deep psychic activity
deep psychic forces
dimensions of the psyche
expand psychic awareness
experienced a psychic rebirth
inner journeys and discoveries in the unknown territories of the human psyche
levels of the human psyche that are primordial, timeless and universal
new insights into the human psyche
on a deep psychic level
on a psychic plane, in the energy
produces a variety of intense and unusual psychic effects
psychic energy
psychic harmony
psychic insights
psychic liberation
psychic perception
psychic phenomena
psychic realities experienced during altered states of consciousness
“psychological empathy”—the psychical at-oneness with the object
recognizing the significance of spiritual dimensions of the psyche
strong forces of psychic energy
the cleansing of the psyche which is taking him or her to a new, healthier way of being
the consciousness-altering effects on the depth of the psyche
the creative superconscious and radiant potential of the psyche
the deep, overwhelming psychic effects
the deeper dynamics of the human psyche
the emotional power of LSD on the human psyche
the greater depths of the human psyche, with all its mystical overtones
the hidden intuitive aspects of the psyche
the potentialities of the human psyche
the psychic plane
the psychic state
the psychic treasure
the sense of psychic liberation
the spontaneous healing potential of the deepest dynamics of the psyche
the universality of the psychic process
these mad dashes into the psychic wilderness
this multifaceted psychic upheaval
this psychic eruption, sudden insights and startling revelations
to explore the corridors of his psyche
transports the user to unexplored psychic areas
unique psychic effects
unleashing intense psychic energies
unusual psychic energy
Western scientists with their limited model of the human psyche

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