Spiritual, Spirituality

Spiritual, Spirituality

A chemical description of a spiritual experience is like a chemical description of a great

After completing the process of the ego-death, individuals consider human experience in
a much broader spiritual framework.

All energy is available to him who knows that it must not be grabbed, held, possessed or
used for any other purpose except spiritual.

Although the experiences have been fulfilling in hundreds of ways, by far the most
meaningful have been the religious insights and feelings of spirituality.

Another striking aspect of the psychedelic transformation is the development of an
intense interest in consciousness, self-exploration and the spiritual quest.

Beauty is the object of our most spiritual, as well as our most material perceptions of
mystical vision and of sense and feeling.

Certain forms of Eastern “mysticism,” in particular Taoism and Buddhism, don’t
presuppose a universe divided into the spiritual and the material.

Dances which are spiritual, body movements can get you grooving with your internal

Death and rebirth experiences are very complex and have biological, emotional and
intellectual, as well as philosophical and spiritual facets.

Direct spiritual experiences are perfectly compatible with the mystical branches of the
great religions of the world.

Dr. Suzuki has defined spiritual insight or enlightenment as “becoming conscious of the

Every man and woman who reaches the higher levels of spiritual and intellectual
development feels the presence of a Higher intelligence.

Experiences of the consciousness of particular, stable, immutable and durable substances
are perceived as being high spiritual states involving an element of sacredness.

Experiential identification with the inorganic world is not limited to the secular aspects,
but has often distinct numinous or spiritual qualities.

Following the ego death, individuals saw human existence in a much broader spiritual

For many religions, the celestial realms represent the most describable goal, the
destination of the spiritual journey.

For those who have lived a lifetime of conformity and spiritual neglect, freedom is
impossible, that is, short of mystical revelation.

Hallucinogenic agents throughout their long history have served primarily to stimulate
religious and spiritual understanding.

He or she has a deep sense of emotional, intellectual and spiritual liberation and gains
access to breathtaking realms of cosmic inspiration and insight.

How odd that a chemical can do what a lifetime of spiritual exercises rarely brings to

If organized religion decides to avail itself of LSD’s efficacy in spiritual matters, the
church may once again be a strong spiritual force.

In Buddhism, attachment or clinging to the material world is seen as the root of suffering
and releasing it is a key to spiritual liberation.

In its freedom, its gratuitousness, its playful absence of ulterior motive, beauty is of the
essence of spiritual life.

In many cultures, visionary plants were administered in the context of spiritual healing
ceremonies as means to diagnose and cure diseases.

In other times and countries, men would walk barefooted 2000 miles to find spiritual

Irrational, senile legislation preventing people from pursuing private, intimate
experiences—sexual or spiritual—cannot and will not be obeyed.

It does not happen to everyone, although the capacity for mystical experience belongs to
the essence of human spirituality.

It would appear that everybody who experiences these levels develop convincing insights
into the utmost relevance of the spiritual dimension in the universal scheme of things.

It’s essential meaning for the evolution of human consciousness will appear in the
spiritual Age of Aquarius.

Jung’s psychology returns the cosmic status to the psyche and re-introduces spirituality
into psychiatry.

Just as the physicists have never been able to detect any spiritual stuff, they have never
found any material stuff, goo out of which forms are made.

Life flows back into us when we turn from the stale oldness of theological notions to the
newness of spiritual experience.

LSD subjects frequently experience contact with water as being not only physically
cleansing, but also emotionally and spiritually purifying.

Magnificent revelations, both spiritual and philosophical can occur marking the highest
union of experience and intellect.

Many people report visions of brilliant light with a super-natural quality radiating divine
intelligence or experience God as pure spiritual energy permeating all.

Moral and spiritual idealism, with all their efforts and disciplines aimed at the future, are
forms of the very mode of awareness which is giving us trouble.

No known religion has become mature without embracing both the spiritual and the

No one should take LSD unless he’s well prepared, knows what he’s getting into and is
ready to go out of his mind. Be with someone you trust emotionally and spiritually.

Nobody has yet invented a Spiritual Calculus in terms of which we may talk coherently
about the divine Ground.

Not only can psychedelic drugs deepen and broaden our understanding of religious
experience, but they may also contribute to genuine spiritual development.

Not until we could set aside the ego by recognizing its relative unimportance could we
achieve spiritual growth here on earth.

Organized religion has very little to do with the non-verbal education of individuals for
spiritual insight.

Our Hebrew-Christian spiritual tradition identifies the absolute—God—with the moral
and logical order of convention. (God is not a narrow, little, meaningless convention.)

Our spiritual progress will not consist in a development and adaptation of symbolism, but
in an increased understanding of its meaning.

Peyote-eating and the religion based upon it have become important symbols of the red
man’s right to spiritual independence.

Previously pragmatic and materialistic individuals can develop deep interest in and
genuine appreciation of the spiritual aspect of existence.

Psychedelic drugs enable the individual to cultivate those creative and spiritual facets of
his personality that so often remain unexplored.

Psychedelic substances can induce without any specific programming, profound death-
rebirth experiences and facilitate spiritual opening.

Religion is a form of organized group activity that may or may not be conducive to true

Rock musicians are consciously and deliberately attempting by music to raise the
spiritual level of their listeners. (That was written in 1968.)

Spiritual development is a movement toward wholeness, the discovery of one’s true

Spiritual experiences in psychedelic sessions usually do not take an orthodox religious
form. More frequently, they resemble what Einstein referred to as cosmic religion.

Spiritual experience does not obliterate the here-and-now but makes it more radiant and
miraculous (or allows us to see how radiant and miraculous it always is).

Spiritual insights accompanying the psychedelic experience might be subjective accounts
of the objective findings of astronomy, physics, biochemistry and neurology.

Spirituality is a legitimate dimension of existence and its awakening and development are

Spirituality is an intrinsic property of the psyche that emerges quite spontaneously when
the process of self-exploration reaches sufficient depth.

Spirituality is seeing the world with a deeper vision that is not self-centered, a vision that
sees through dualistic views to the underlying interconnectedness of all of life.

Step by step, spirituality is making a comeback into modern psychiatry and into science
in general.

The deep liason between sexuality and spirituality is acknowledged and cultivated in the
Tantric spiritual traditions.

The divine Ground of all existence is a spiritual Absolute, ineffable in terms of discursive
thought, but susceptible of being directly experienced and realized by the human mind.

The door is opened. The door is the rigid barrier which man erects between himself and
spiritual freedom.

The experience of psychological and spiritual rebirth is typically associated with a sense
of love, compassion and reverence for life.

The experience of the spiritual has become more and more inaccessible to modern

The great religious and spiritual traditions all teach that the source of wisdom lives within

The habit of analytical thought is fatal to the intuitions of integral thinking, whether on
the “psychic” or the spiritual level.

The healthy mystical core that inspired and nourished all great spiritual systems is now
being rediscovered and reformulated in modern scientific terms.

The human unconscious is a repository for a wide variety of experiences that constitute
the basic elements of the spiritual journey.

The individual experiences a deep sense of emotional and spiritual liberation, redemption
and salvation.

The intimate relationship between the experience of the inorganic world and spiritual
states can convey an entirely new understanding of ancient teachings.

The precious stones and jewels appeared to have a much deeper meaning than being just
things of beauty. The green light emanating from then was of a spiritual nature.

The prevalent bias of the modern industrialized world is one of excluding all forms of
spirituality as erroneous and misleading.

The psychedelic experience can also become a source of revelatory, aesthetic, scientific,
philosophical or spiritual insight.

The psychological power of his new spiritual vision was so great that it helped him
overcome his excessive fear of death.

The region of death becomes knowable and death itself is seen primarily as a rite of
passage to a spiritual mode of being.

The religious experience is the ecstatic certain discovery of answers to spiritual

The soul emerges into the radiance of the Divine Light and experiences spiritual rebirth,
salvation, redemption, resurrection, reunion.

The spirit, interiorly in a state harmonious to the celestial concourse, will be invested
with a spiritual body.

The spiritual crisis pervading all spheres of Western industrial society can be remedied
only by a change in our world view.

The spiritual experiences they had in their LSD sessions were important evidence that
spirituality is a genuine and deeply relevant force in human life.

The spiritual insights accompanying the psychedelic experience might be subjective
accounts of the objective findings of astronomy, physics, biochemistry and neurology.

The substitution of interminable chatter for mystical experience or immediate realization
of our union with God is the basic reason why the Church has no spiritual power.

The therapist has to be open to the spiritual dimension and recognize it as an important
part of life.

There are experiential-spiritual as well as secular-behavioral potentialities of the nervous

There has been no recognition of spirituality in Western psychiatry and no notion that
there might be some difference between mysticism and psychosis.

There is a realm of spiritual wisdom which religion as we know it can express by analogy

There is no dualism of heaven and earth, natural and supernatural, Man and God, material
and spiritual, mortal and immortal.

These experiences are often accompanied by intense sensations of a potent spiritual force
that floods the body.

These experiences occur in a complex psychological, philosophical, mythological and
spiritual context.

Things the least suspected of having a significance beyond their material agency were
perceived to be the most startling illustrations and incarnations of spiritual facts.

This feeling made me realize as never before that the need for spirituality was a universal
need of every individual who loves.

This increased awareness has been eagerly sought by many people who have devoted
their lives to spiritual development.

This most intimate of relationships of the self with another (sex) would naturally become
one of the chief spheres of spiritual insight and growth.

This spiritual craving seems to be more basic and compelling than the sexual drive, and if
it is not satisfied it can result in serious psychological disturbances.

To be alive spiritually, man must have union with God and must be conscious of it. Apart
from this union, his religious life will be an empty drudgery.

To reach a translogical form of knowledge or realm of wisdom, celestial beauty, and
spiritual essence is one of the most ancient experiential goals of mankind.

Transpersonal psychology brings together the ancient wisdom and spiritual systems of
the world and the pragmatism of Western science.

True spirituality is based on deep revelation of the unity underlying all humanity and the
entire phenomenal world.

True spirituality is based on personal experience and is an extremely important and vital
dimension of life.

Under the drug, they claim to feel the glory of God and the spiritual glory of each other—
and all of mankind.

Useful analytical knowledge about the world is replaced by some kind of biologically
inessential but spiritually enlightening acquaintance with the world as beauty.

We believed that it was the beginning of a spiritual revolution, a revolution of
consciousness (Human Be-In, 1967, San Francisco).

We firmly believe that some of the people who are labeled as psychotic are really
undergoing difficult stages of spiritual opening.

Western culture seems at the moment spiritually disintegrated beyond hope of

When experiences are associated with a sense of personal memory from one’s spiritual
past rather than biological history, we can refer to them as past incarnation experiences.

Without the consciousness of God in the soul and of the soul in God, Christianity in this
age and for modern man can be no more than a superficial mimicry of spirituality.

You cannot accept the political or spiritual leadership of anyone you cannot get high

A sacrament is something that engenders in those who use it certain spiritual resonances
which defy exact analysis and can’t be accurately described to one who does not
experience authenticity in himself.

After the experiences of ego death, abuse of alcohol or narcotics, as well as suicidal
tendencies, are seen as tragic mistakes due to an unrecognized and misunderstood
spiritual craving for transcendence.

Anything emotional, anything that might involve touching, anything that may involve
feeling, anything that involved spiritual things, was very, very frightening to academics.
Of course, Leary was doing all of that.

At last, it came to me that one could never find God by intellectual probing and that
spiritual wealth could be gained only by allowing rich emotions to live within one’s

Because they know nothing of spirituality and regard the material world and their
hypotheses about it as supremely significant, rationalists are anxious to convince
themselves and others that miracles do not and cannot happen.

During some spiritual states, one sees the ordinary environment as a glorious creation of
divine energy, filled with mystery; everything within it appears to be part of an exquisite
interconnected web.

Hallucinogenic drugs give people who lack the gift of spontaneous perception the
potential to experience this extraordinary state of consciousness and thereby to attain
insight into the spiritual world.

I, as an experienced student of the psychology of religion, can no longer pursue research
in the field. This is a barbarous restriction of spiritual and intellectual freedom. (That was
Alan Watts.)

I believed the time would come when each person would be in continuous contact with
the beauty, the great capacity for love, the musical and artistic talents, the spiritual
richness and all the other wealth which now lay untapped deep within himself.

I hope that religious organizations in this country will begin to understand that highs
triggered by drugs may be more relevant to spiritual development than appearances of
spirituality on Sunday mornings.

I was convinced that if we were to know peace within ourselves, the need for spiritual
development must be recognized, appreciated and stressed far more than it now is in our

In the spiritual and mystical literature of all ages, one can find numerous descriptions of
spectacular physiological changes in the body or seemingly impossible achievements of
people in various extraordinary states of mind.

Individuals who transcend the boundaries of ordinary reality and embark on the spiritual
journey, typically experience a dramatic change in their concepts of the dimensions of

It became obvious to many practitioners involved in these explorations that we needed a
new model of the psyche whose important elements would include not only the Freudian
biographical dimension but the Jungian collective unconscious and spirituality as well.

It has mediated a profound spiritual opening in atheists, skeptics and materialistically
oriented scientists, facilitated far-reaching emotional liberation and caused radical
changes in value systems and the basic life style. (The “it” is LSD.)

It opens access to most extraordinary realms of experience, offers remarkable
philosophical and spiritual revelations and mediates fascinating insights into the cosmic
processes by which reality itself is created.

It seems that everyone who experientially reaches these levels develop convincing
insights into the total relevance of the spiritual dimension to the universal scheme of

It seemed to me that the feelings of joy, rhythm, appreciation of music and the many
other emotions I had experienced were all part of an intrinsic spiritual power which
pervades the universe, each of them different aspects of God.

It was a time when our hearts were filled with the yearning for spiritual growth and the
desire to establish the kingdom of God on earth. (That was Nina Graboi talking about the

Many great scientists who have revolutionized modern physics, such as Einstein have
found their scientific thinking quite compatible with spirituality and the mystical world

One of the most important changes most people experience through non-ordinary states
of consciousness involves a new appreciation for the role of spirituality in the universal
scheme of things.

Our so-called scientific attitude destroys faith and throttles the spiritual development.
Things of real worth can never be proved: God, love, compassion, mercy, kindness,
charity and dozens of other wonderful values.

People who have had such experiences usually agree that deep within each of us lie
goodness unimagined, wisdom, music, talents of every variety, joy, peace, humility, love
and spirituality, to mention only a few.

Perennial philosophy offers a rich spectrum of spiritual techniques through which it is
possible to recognize and experience one’s own divinity and achieve liberation from

Professionally, in relation to his chosen specialty, a man may be completely mature.
Spiritually and sometimes even ethically, in relation to God and his neighbors, he may be
hardly more than a fetus.

Spiritual experiences in the psychedelic sessions frequently draw on the symbolism of the
collective unconscious and can thus occur in the framework of cultural and religious
traditions other than the experient’s own.

Spiritual feelings are associated with the dilemma of time and space, origin of matter, life
and consciousness, dimensions and complexity of the universe and human existence, and
the ultimate purpose underlying the process of creation.

Spiritual grace originates from the divine Ground of all being and it is given for the
purpose of helping man to achieve his final end, which is to return out of time and
selfhood to that Ground.

Spiritual practice begins by allowing ourselves to die to the ego’s ideas about how things
should be and to love and accept the truth of things as they are. (The ego doesn’t know
the meaning of truth.)

Spirituality is something that characterizes the relationship of an individual to the
universe and does not necessarily require a formal structure, collective ritual, or
mediation by a priest.

The esoteric core of the great religious and spiritual traditions could be seen as roadmaps
to higher states of consciousness, and some of the most profound material in these
traditions became especially clear and meaningful during psychedelic sessions.

The experience quite regularly has a definite spiritual and mystical emphasis and this
typically takes the form of enchantment with the mysteries of nature and the creative
forces of the Universe.

The fact that many people take LSD in an attempt to find a solution to their emotional
dilemmas or from a deep need for philosophical and spiritual answers should not be

The form of spirituality I am referring to is fully compatible with any level of
intelligence, education, and specific knowledge of the information amassed by such
disciplines as physics, biology, medicine, and psychology.

The individual sees the world as incredibly beautiful, radiant, safe, and nourishing. This
is associated with a deep awareness of the spiritual and mystical dimensions in the
universal scheme of things and with a sense of oneness and belonging.

The individual who connects with these levels of his or her psyche automatically
develops a new world view within which spirituality represents a natural, essential and
absolutely vital element of existence.

The motivations for psychedelic experimentation can be extremely serious and reflect the
most fundamental needs of human beings—cravings for emotional well-being, spiritual
fulfillment and a sense of meaning in life.

The new emphasis was on recognition of spirituality and transcendental needs as intrinsic
aspects of human nature and on the right of every individual to choose or change his or
her “path.”

The participation of archetypal elements in the death-rebirth process reflects the fact that
deep experiential confrontation with the phenomena of death and birth typically results in
a spiritual and mystical opening and mediates access to the transpersonal realm.

The process of serial LSD sessions transcends the framework of traditional depth-
psychological analysis and offers unique possibilities for a serious philosophical and
spiritual quest.

The psychedelic experience tends to bring the subject into intimate contact with nature
and dramatically enhances his or her sensory perception of the world and an encounter
with nature at its best can become an aesthetic and spiritual experience of lasting value.

The really important division in the world of spirituality is not the line that separates the
individual mainstream religions from each other, but the one that separates all of them
from their mystical branches.

The recent increase of interest in various forms of self-exploration, which can mediate
direct spiritual experiences, is a very encouraging trend and a development of great
potential significance.

The significance of incarnation and resurrection is not that Jesus was a human like us but
rather that we are gods like him—or at least have the potential to be. This is the secret of
all ages and all spiritual traditions. This is the highest mystery.

The spiritual dimension is a key factor in the human psyche and in the universal scheme
of things. Becoming aware of this dimension of our lives and cultivating it is an essential
and desirable part of our existence.

The spiritual leadership of a stable and unified society must have access to metaphysical
knowledge, i.e., to an effective realization and immediate experience of the ultimate

The spirituality revealed in the process of focused self-exploration sees God as the Divine
Within. Here the individual uses various techniques that mediate direct experiential
access to transpersonal realities and discovers his or her own divinity.

There is evidence that the spiritual insights accompanying the psychedelic experience
might be subjective accounts of the objective findings of astronomy, physics,
biochemistry and neurology.

There is often an experience of passing through a purifying fire; its flames destroy
whatever is corrupt in the individual, preparing him or her for the experience of spiritual

To cure the junkie and the alcoholic, you must admit that he is a deeply spiritual person
and accept the cosmic validity of his search to transcend the game and you help him to
see that the way is through psychedelic rather than anesthetic experience.

Traditional Western scientists like to assume an all-knowing position and discard any
notion of spirituality as primitive superstition, regressive magical thinking, lack of
education, or clinical psychopathology.

Vivid experiential encounters with elements of the deep unconscious made it possible to
relate to spiritual and psychic dimensions that were beyond their previous conceptual

We cannot just talk about spirituality; it needs to be an experiential realization.
Enlightenment does not come simply from following the wisdom teachings. It comes
through direct experience.

What truly defines the transpersonal orientation is a model of the human psyche that
recognizes the importance of the spiritual or cosmic dimensions and the potential for
consciousness evolution.

When men set out for Plymouth in a leaky boat to pursue a new spiritual way of life, of
course they were taking risks. But the risks of the voyage were less than the risks of
remaining in a spiritual plague area.

When the Self is no longer identified with the ego, when in certain spiritual practices, it
penetrates and realizes its own depths, it simply KNOWS that it is eternal and all-

William James was well aware that a deep religious conversion is the best therapy for
alcoholism. The importance of deep spiritual experiences for overcoming alcoholism was
also well known to Carl Gustav Jung.

A science which fails to address itself to spiritual goals becomes secular, political and
tends to oppose new data. A religion which fails to provide direct experimental answers
to these spiritual questions becomes secular, political and tends to oppose the individual
revelatory confrontation.

A system of thinking that deliberately discards everything that cannot be weighed and
measured does not have any opening for the recognition of creative cosmic intelligence,
spiritual realities or such entities as transpersonal experiences or the collective

Enlightenment remains unrealized so long as it is considered as a specific state to be
attained and for which there are tests and standards of success. It is much rather freedom
to be the failure that one is. This freedom is the basis of all mental and spiritual
wholeness, provided that it seeks no result.

Even positivistically oriented scientists, hard-core materialists, skeptics and cynics,
uncompromising atheists and antireligious crusaders such as Marxist philosophers and
politicians, suddenly become interested in the spiritual quest after they confront these
levels in themselves.

Experiences from various periods of history and from different cultures are often
associated with a vivid sense of a personal memory of our spiritual rather than biological
history. (This refers to experiencing, remembering and reliving things from long before
the person was born, even from billions of years ago.)

“Holy madness” or “divine madness” is known and acknowledged by various spiritual
traditions and is distinguished from ordinary insanity; it is seen as a form of intoxication
by the Divine. Revered seers, mystics, and prophets are often described as inspired by

I never suspected that the ancient spiritual systems had actually charted, with amazing
accuracy, different levels and types of experiences that occur in non-ordinary states of
consciousness. I was astonished by their emotional power, authenticity, and potential for
transforming people’s views of their lives.

It is one of the oldest and most universal practices for the initiate to go through the
experience of death before he can be spiritually reborn. Symbolically he must die to his
past, and to his old ego, before he can take his place in the new spiritual life into which
he has been initiated.

Let us try to bring about a new and glowing synthesis, a new higher consciousness that
brings together the East and West, the head and the heart, science and spirituality and
knowledge and wisdom. (Knowledge, here, means what the ego “knows” which isn’t

Mainstream psychiatry and psychology in general make no distinction between
mysticism and mental illness. These fields do not officially recognize that the great
spiritual traditions that have been involved in the systematic study of human
consciousness for millennia have anything to offer.

Mainstream psychiatry and psychology in general make no distinction between
mysticism and psychopathology. There is no official recognition that the great spiritual
traditions that have been involved in the systematic study of consciousness for centuries
have anything to offer to our understanding of the psyche and of human nature.

Spiritual awakening is the difficult process whereby the increasing realization that
everything is as wrong as it can be flips suddenly into the realization that everything is as
right as it can be. (Alan Watts wrote that. With LSD, it’s not a difficult process at all,
except for the ego.)

Spiritual feelings are associated with such issues as the enigma of time and space; the
origin of matter, life and consciousness; the dimensions of the universe and of existence;
the meaning of human life and the ultimate purpose underlying the process of the creation
of the phenomenal world.

Spiritual literature and traditions of the world over validate the healing and
transformative power of such extraordinary states for those who undergo them. Why,
then, are people who have such experiences in today’s world almost invariably dismissed
as mentally ill?

The aim of the psychiatrist is to teach the (statistically) abnormal to adjust themselves to
the behavior of the (statistically) normal. The aim of the educator in spiritual insight is to
teach the (statistically) normal that they are in fact insane and should so something about
it. (That was Aldous Huxley.)

The ancient and pre-industrial societies have held non-ordinary states of consciousness in
high esteem and used them for a variety of purposes—diagnosing and healing diseases,
ritual, spiritual, and religious activity, cultivation of extrasensory perception and artistic

The Church must abandon its spiritual imperialism and its craze for making converts. It
must desist from its proud and arbitrary claim to be top religion. Missionaries have ruined
many cultures and wrought incalculable harm and have no where succeeded in bringing
all mankind to the feet of Christ.

The craving for and contact with transcendental realities can be more powerful than the
sexual urge. Throughout human history, countless individuals have been willing to take
enormous risks of various kinds and to sacrifice years or decades of their lives to spiritual

The fates of nations and the lives of billions of people have been profoundly affected by
the divine illuminations of spiritual prophets. We have only to remember the revelations
of Buddha under the Bo tree, Moses on Mount Sinai, Jesus in the desert, Paul on the road
to Damascus, and Mohammed during his visionary night journey for evidence of this.

The inner experience of the spiritual Self and its intimate association with the personal
self, gives a sense of internal expansion, of universality and the conviction of
participating in some way in the divine nature. In the religious traditions and spiritual
doctrines of every epoch one finds numerous attestations on this subject.

The language of cultures with ancient spiritual traditions that are based on experiential
self-exploration have a rich and sophisticated vocabulary describing various mystical
states of consciousness. However, even then the terms adequately convey the meaning
only if we can relate them to a personal experience.

The modern term for the direct experience of spiritual realities is transpersonal, meaning
transcending the usual way of perceiving and interpreting the world from the position of a
separate individual or body-ego. There exists an entirely new discipline, transpersonal
psychology, that specializes in experiences of this kind and their implications.

The person feels a deep connection with the innermost spiritual core of his or her being.
The illusion of the individual self fades away and the person enjoys reunion with his or
her divine Self, which is also the Universal Self, the cosmic source of all existence. This
is a direct and immediate contact with the Beyond Within, with God.

The term spirituality should be reserved for situations that involve personal experiences
of certain dimensions of reality that give one’s life and existence in general a numinous
quality. C. G. Jung used the word numinous to describe an experience that feels sacred,
holy, or out of the ordinary.

The theoretical formulations and practical principles that LSD psychotherapy has
discovered or validated include a new, expanded cartography of the human mind, new
and effective therapeutic mechanisms, a new strategy of psychotherapy and a synthesis of
spirituality and science.

The value, apart from their intrinsic value, so to say the ethical, sociological and spiritual
value of the visionary experience, is that if it is well used, it can result in a significant and
important change in the mode of consciousness and perhaps also in a change in behavior
or for the good.

Until Western science is able to offer plausible explanations of all the observations
surrounding such phenomena as spiritual experiences, the concepts found in mystical and
occult literature have to be seen as superior to the present approach of most Western
scientists, who either do not know the facts or ignore them.

Weren’t the sixties, in retrospect, a decade of romance, splendor, optimism, idealism,
individual courage, high aspirations, aesthetic innovation, spiritual wonder, exploration,
and search? Weren’t we happier about each other and more optimistic when the high
times were rolling? (That was Timothy Leary.)

Elements of plant consciousness can be accompanied by philosophical and spiritual
ideation and insights. Several subjects, for example, have pondered over the purity and
unselfishness of plant existence and have seen plant life as a model for ideal human
conduct; unlike animals and man, most plants do not kill and do not live at the expense of
other organisms.

I would suggest that ages and attitudes of man that are long gone by still survive in the
deepest unconscious layers of our mind. The spiritual heritage of archaic man, the ritual
and mythology that once visibly guided his conscious life, has vanished to a large extent
from the surface of the tangible and conscious realm, yet survives and remains ever
present in the subterranean layers of the unconscious.

In many traditions, the notion of “dying before dying” is essential to spiritual
advancement. Coming to terms with the fact of death as part of the continuity of life is
seen as tremendously liberating, releasing one from the fear of death and opening one to
the experience of immortality. As the 17th century Christian monk, Abraham a Santa
Clara wrote: “A man who dies before he dies does not die when he dies.”

In nonordinary states of consciousness, visions of various universal symbols can play a
significant role even in experiences of individuals who previously had no interest in
mysticism or were strongly opposed to anything esoteric. These visions tend to convey
instant intuitive understanding of the various levels of meaning of these symbols and
generate a deep interest in the spiritual path. (visions seen with eyes closed) –

In the transpersonal domain, where psychological and spiritual growth are one,
psychedelics appear to be powerful tools for the investigation of consciousness; they
could enable us to expand our understanding of the human mind and the nature of
creative consciousness. A willingness to question our assumptions and to keep an open
mind with respect to potential benefits and potential hazards is essential.

In this day, when spiritual hungers and longings are both widespread and acute, LSD has
a great potential in the field of religious development alone. (That doesn’t mean that
LSD’s great potential is just in religious development, but also many other fields. To put
it another way, if LSD’s great potential was just in religious development, it would still
be very significant.)

Jung’s basic assumption was that the spiritual element is an organic and integral part of
the psyche. Genuine spirituality is an aspect of the collective unconscious and is
independent of childhood programming and the individual’s cultural or educational
background. Thus, if self-exploration and analysis reach sufficient depth, spiritual
elements emerge spontaneously into consciousness.

Leary believed that the human race is presently evolving to a higher level of
consciousness and a greater spiritual awareness. His research with LSD seemed to bear
out the fact that our nervous systems are equipped to receive a vastly greater spectrum of
reality than we realized; and once the veils of perception are cleansed, wars, racism,
competitiveness and violence will be seen as old, outgrown, pre-human traits.

Modern consciousness research has confirmed the basic thesis of perennial philosophy
that the consensus reality reveals only one aspect or fragment of existence. There are
important realms of reality that are transcendental and transphenomenal. The impulse in
human beings to connect with the spiritual domain is an extremely powerful and
important force. It resembles, in its nature, sexuality.

Nonordinary experiences are vital to us because they are expressions of our unconscious
minds, and the integration of conscious and unconscious experience is the key to life,
health, spiritual development, and fullest use of our nervous systems. By instilling fear
and guilt about altered states of consciousness into our children, we force this drive
underground, guaranteeing that it will be expressed in antisocial ways.

Once people have experienced the spiritual dimensions growing in their lives, they often
learn that their lives without it were futile and impoverished. Previously, they may have
managed adequately but unhappily, unaware of the seemingly endless realms that have
since enormously enriched their existence. They discover that spirituality is a necessary
element that enhances their lives and sense of well-being.

Profound transcendental experiences, such as consciousness of the Universal Mind or of
the Void, in addition to having a very beneficial effect on the subject’s physical and
emotional well-being, are usually central in creating in him a keen interest in religion,
mystical and philosophical issues, and a strong need to incorporate the spiritual
dimension into his way of life.

Spiritual experiences of this kind can occur in individuals of high intellectual caliber and
rigorous scientific training, in fact, they are fully compatible with observations
accumulated by various branches of modern research. An important illustration of this
point, for those who emphasize the scientific world-view, is the recent convergence of
quantum-relativistic physics and various mystical traditions.

The findings from psychedelic explorations throw entirely new light on the material from
history, comparative religion and anthropology concerning the ancient mysteries of death
and rebirth, rites of passage of various cultures, shamanic procedures of all times,
aboriginal healing ceremonies, spiritual practices of various religious and mystical
traditions and other phenomena of great cultural significance.

The individual is flooded by light of supernatural beauty and experiences a state of divine
epiphany. He or she has a deep sense of emotional, intellectual and spiritual liberation
and gains access to breathtaking realms of cosmic inspiration and insight. This type of
experience is clearly responsible for great achievements in the history of humanity in the
area of science, art, religion and philosophy.

The makers of our Constitution undertook to secure conditions favorable to the pursuit of
happiness. They recognized the significance of man’s spiritual nature, of his feelings, and
of his intellect. They knew that only a part of the pain, pleasure and satisfaction of life are
to be found in material things. They sought to protect Americans in their beliefs, their
thoughts, their emotions and their sensations.

The recognition of the primary and independent significance of spiritual aspects of the
psyche or of what would these days be called the transpersonal dimension, was extremely
rare among Freud’s followers. Only Jung was able to penetrate really deeply into the
transpersonal domain and formulate a system of psychology radically different from any
of Freud’s followers.

There exists ample evidence that the transcendental impulse is the most vital and
powerful force in human beings. Systematic denial and expression of spirituality that is
so characteristic for modern Western societies can be a critical factor contributing to the
alienation, existential anxiety, individual and social psychopathology, criminality,
violence and self-destructive tendencies of contemporary humanity.

There had been previous explorations. There was a history, a tradition. There were maps
and guidebooks. Though trained in the Western methods of scientific research, Leary
(and the rest of us) felt affirmed in our spiritual approach to psychedelic experiences by
the discovery of these ancient writings. Our initial work on this text was later developed
and published as The Psychedelic Experience. (That was Ralph Metzner.).

Those who argue that LSD-induced spiritual experiences cannot be valid because they are
too easily available and their occurrence and timing depend on the individual’s decision,
misunderstand the nature of the psychedelic state. The psychedelic experience is neither
easy nor a predictable way to God. Many subjects do not have spiritual elements in their
sessions despite many exposures to the drug.

What is needed is the clear voice of people who have no stake in disguising the truth. The
young must be taught to distinguish between psychedelics, which hold out the promise of
religious experience and of self-transcendence, and destructive drugs like cocaine,
amphetamines, heroin, crack. They must be taught to respect the psychedelics and to be
ready spiritually and psychologically before they attempt to take them.

With the advent of modern science, the notion of acceptable reality was narrowed to
include only those aspects of existence that are material, tangible, and measurable.
Spirituality in any form was exiled from the modern scientific worldview. Western
cultures adopted a restricted and rigid interpretation of what is “normal” in human
experience and behavior and rarely accepted those who sought to go beyond these limits.

The richness of the experiential content is augmented by the fact that the process involves
an endless variety of illustrative material from biology, zoology, anthropology, history,
mythology and religion. Psychedelic sessions focusing on the death-rebirth process not
only have great therapeutic potential, but are a source of invaluable scientific,
sociopolitical, philosophical and spiritual insights. (That material is seen with the eyes

A belief in miracles is indispensable to the survival of any spiritual life.
As a result of this spiritual fulfillment, an amazingly deep new optimism has come to me.
Bad trips may ultimately be good ones. Spiritual gains are never made without risks.
Church religion is spiritually dead.
Enlightenment, as a goal of the spiritual path, is partly a result of awakening vision.
Experiential self-exploration is an important tool for a spiritual and philosophical quest.
If it rejects the spiritual, religion becomes a mere weapon to dominate the world.
If people become spiritual, they will no longer differentiate between the religions.
LSD experiences were often deeply spiritual.
LSD is the spiritual equivalent of the hydrogen bomb.
LSD would awaken appetite for spiritual meaning.
Many religious people reported that their spiritual sensitivities have been expanded.
Psychedelic experience is by nature private, sensual, spiritual, internal, introspective.
Sensuality and spirituality are not truly opposed.
Sexual communion has a strongly spiritual and mystical character when spontaneous.
Spiritual freedom is just that capacity to be as spontaneous and unfettered as life itself.
Spiritual insight reveals a mystery and magic.
Spirituality appears to be an intrinsic property of the deeper dynamics of the psyche.
Spirituality is an important dimension of existence.
The aim of LSD is to develop yourself spiritually and to open up greater sensitivity.
The First Amendment guarantees the right of spiritual exploration.
The goal of the spiritual path is transcending the ego.
The individual can see many spiritual dimensions to human life.
The insight of LSD leads you to concern yourself more with internal or spiritual values.
The LSD experience is a deeply spiritual event, a religious pilgrimage.
The man of deep spiritual wisdom, like the artist is looked at as irrelevant to this society.
The nature of the one reality must be known by one’s own clear spiritual perception.
The only purpose of life is the spiritual quest.
The sexual impulse is not simply a biological drive, but also a divine, spiritual force.
The spiritual and intellectual rewards are vivid, wonderful, inexpressible.
The spiritual awakening amounts to a real resolution.
The spiritual path was the center of his life.
The spiritual realms are not found in the past and the future.
The spiritual search and philosophical quest become important new dimensions of life.
The wisdom of the East is not physical, but psychic and spiritual Science.
These drugs offer a means for enhancing spiritual sensitivity.
These new mind changers will tend in the long run to deepen the spiritual life.
Urban living is spiritually suicidal.
We are strangers to our true selves, to one another, and to the spiritual world.
We possess higher notions of the spiritual.
We see things intellectually, but we won’t let go and feel them spiritually.
You are a spiritual voyager furthering the most ancient, noble quest of man.

A major revelation was that of the spiritual nature of trees, the obedient benevolence of

Everywhere there was godlike peace, the sum of all conceivable desires satisfied,
physical or spiritual.

I could find no possible relation between anything Freud had talked about and this
experience with its exalted spirituality.

I suddenly understood the message of so many spiritual teachers that the only revolution
that can work is the inner transformation of every human being.

I was aware of a gentle, deep connection with a new spirituality, an unfamiliar source
inside one that was expansive, joyful and peaceful.

In addition to widening my spiritual and aesthetic horizons, psychedelic drugs affected
my feelings about my self.

It created vast openings of the mind that led to an understanding of spiritual realities and
it was very valuable.

My spiritual vision was so clarified that I saw beauty in every material object of the

I looked on fields, and waters, and sky, and read in them a most startling meaning. I
wondered how I had ever regarded them in the light of dead matter. They were now
grand symbols of the sublimest spiritual truths—truths never before even feebly grasped,
and utterly unsuspected.

When I realized that I was being born again, that life goes on and on and on, the feeling
was overwhelming. I was filled with confidence that it was okay to die, because the
consciousness that inhabits the flesh has a higher destiny. It never began and it won’t end.
It just keeps going. Then I was struck with wave after wave of value wisdom, as though
the forms behind human spirituality were hitting me for the first time.

While looking at a candle flame, tiny fragments of light began to sputter off the top like a
fountain of fireworks, filling the room with sparkles of resplendent light. It was the first
time on psychedelics that I cried for joy. Beholding such beauty, I felt I was being
welcomed to an ineffable mystery, as I’d finally come into contact with a spiritual
dimension that gave hope to humanity.

The perennial philosophy and the esoteric teachings of all time suddenly made sense. I
understood why spiritual seekers were instructed to look within, and the unconscious was
revealed to be not just a useful concept, but an infinite reservoir of creative potential. I
felt I had been afforded a glimpse into the nature of reality and the human potential
within that reality, together with a direct experience of being myself, free of illusory
identifications and constrictions of consciousness.

He hungered and thirsted for the spiritual.
His spirituality was of the kind that doesn’t announce itself, yet is profound.
I had a vivid spiritual self that had been there all the time, waiting for me to discover it.
I felt buoyed up to a higher spiritual level by some intense mystical force.
I had clearly arrived at the pinnacle of spiritual evolution.
She underwent a profound spiritual transformation.
The beautiful visions were the stimuli for spiritual emotions.
The deepest level of the experience was purely spiritual.
The experience seemed to satisfy every human want, physical or spiritual.
They experienced a deep inward change in their spiritual awareness.

a colorful visionary adventure resulting in a profound spiritual opening and personality

a distinct increase of interest in religious matters, involving spirituality of a universal

a lively appreciation of the feelings and manners of all people in whatever lands and ages,
a spiritual cosmopolitanism

a more joyful, interesting and satisfactory way of being in the world, with a sense of
belonging, meaning, natural spirituality

a path which could lead to deep levels of psychological-spiritual growth or true

a sense of personal revelation that might be expressed as physical sensation, as personal
insight, or as philosophic or spiritual understanding of self and universe

a sense of spiritual rebirth associated with a new way of being in the world and
perceiving it

a spirituality that is quite independent of the individual’s childhood experiences, religious
programming, church affiliation and even cultural and racial background

a trip to what the spiritualists had called the Other World, which lay beyond the deceptive
boundary of everyday consciousness

a yogic practice called Tantra, where ritual sexual union is used as a vehicle for inducing
spiritual experiences

an age of spiritual vacuity, machines, world wars, political tyrannies, materialistic
philosophy, legalized ethics and debilitating self-consciousness (We can do a lot better.)

an illuminating insight into the transcendent and eternal spiritual nature intrinsic to
human consciousness

an increasing awareness of the spiritual dimension in one’s life and in the universal
scheme of things

an inspiration to people who still believe in the intrinsic spiritual power within the

an opening of intrinsic spiritual areas in the human mind that are independent of the
individual’s racial, cultural and educational background

awareness of the special quality and purity of plants that make them important examples
for human spiritual life

awe, bliss, a sense of certainty, feelings of extraordinary creative awareness or spiritual

can bring spiritual and philosophical understanding of such high level that everything is
redefined and appears in a new perspective

centuries of safe ritual and spiritual use of psychedelics by generations of shamans,
individual healers and entire aboriginal cultures

connecting with the deep intrinsic spiritual dimensions of the psyche and elements of the
collective unconscious

connecting with the intrinsic spiritual dimensions of the psyche and deep resources of the
collective unconscious

deep awareness of the critical importance of the spiritual dimension in the universal
scheme of things

expanding consciousness through the use of sacramental substances in accord with
spiritual growth and well-being

feelings of spiritual rebirth and unity with other human beings, the entire universe and

“golden doors” from which he will pass from the material world into a new spiritual

highly developed spiritual capacities, with expanded consciousness of the depth and the
incomprehensible wonder of being

his eternal inner spiritual core, something like the “inner Christ” in the writings of the

images of God perceived as pure, spiritual energy, as a transcendental or cosmic sun
(eyes closed)

influencing the mind-body-essence of man, as a magic, spiritual drug, a new world age
which begins to act evolutionarily

jars one free of mental ruts, allowing old problems to be seen from new angles, accessing
higher levels of information, some of which were spiritual in nature

liberation through special types of yoga involving sexual intercourse with a “spiritual

mediates understanding as to where and why religions went astray and lost contact with
true spirituality

Millbrook an attempt to bring people back from their trip in a position to maintain their
spiritual transformation

overcoming the dualistic world view a prerequisite and basis for the recovery and
spiritual renewal of occidental civilization and culture

profound new understanding associated with fascinating philosophical and spiritual

real worlds revealed when the mode of consciousness has been changed from the
utilitarian to the aesthetic or spiritual

recognition of spirituality and transcendental needs as intrinsic aspects of human nature
and the right of every individual to pursue his or her own spiritual path

spiritual awakening, a direct visionary experience of transpersonal realities, the original
source of mainstream religions

spiritual consciousness—a strange and almost hitherto unexperienced awareness carrying
with it a “flavor of eternity”

spiritual illumination described as “second birth”, as a return to the original Paradise or

that the deeper dynamics of the human psyche are, in their essence, numinous and that
spirituality represents a critical dimension in the universal scheme of things

that man is born of woman incomplete and there must be a second birth of a spiritual

the ancient traditions of religious psychedelic use—always one of the places where
spirituality and psychotherapy have converged

the administration of LSD to terminal cancer cases, make dying a more spiritual, less
strictly physiological process

the breakthrough from everyday existence to a spiritual dimension, the leap from the
human to the superhuman

the fulfilling and lasting feelings of reverence and spirituality, the awareness of the
continuous presence of God

the idea of launching a new discipline that would combine science and spirituality and
incorporate the perennial wisdom concerning various levels and states of consciousness

the necessity for continuous spiritual growth which alone could lead to the joy of
fulfillment He had spoken of as heaven

the need to acknowledge the wisdom of ancient and Oriental spiritual disciplines and
assimilate it into psychology and psychiatry

the rejection of classic spiritual and mystical experiences as symptoms of mental illness
by modern science and psychiatry

the session influencing her emotional condition and deepening her philosophical and
spiritual insights

the spiritual dimension, will discover the critical importance of the basic ontological and
cosmological questions

the spiritual state of no-game, no-ego, the ultimate liberation and the very highest forms
of maturity

the spiritual warmth of radiant energy, to become one with the energy, to become the
energy itself, free at last-

the transformation of character which is the necessary pre-requisite of a total, complete
and spiritually fruitful transformation of consciousness

the value of the transcendental aspect of such experiences and the utmost importance of
the spiritual dimensions in human life

to become aware of the transpersonal dimensions of their being and their spiritual core or

to move experientially from a personal, psychologically-oriented frame of reference into
a wider, spiritual one

transcendence of linear time, exploration of the biological, cultural and spiritual past
(eyes closed)

tuned in to experiences and values on sensory and spiritual levels which are diametrically
opposite to the materialistic power orientation of the American mainstream

use drugs to intensify our ecstatic, sensual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual

a deep unconscious association between oceanic ecstasy and the experiences of natural
beauty, inspired artistic creations, spiritual feelings and highly satisfactory human

direct spiritual experiences, such as feelings of cosmic unity, a sense of divine energy
streaming through the body, death-rebirth sequences, encounters with archetypal entities,
visions of light of supernatural beauty

mainstream psychiatric literature suggesting that direct spiritual and mystical experiences
in the lives of the great prophets, saints and founders of religions were actually
manifestations of mental disease

orgiastic feelings of cosmic proportions, spiritual liberation and enlightenment, a sense of
ecstatic connection with all of creation and mystical union with the creative principle in
the universe

the opening of areas of religious and spiritual experience that seem to be an intrinsic part
of the human personality and are independent of the individual’s cultural and religious

the opening up of religious and spiritual areas that appear to be an intrinsic part of the
human personality and are independent of the individual’s cultural and religious

the optimism, the intellectual and spiritual enthusiasm around those early openings of
consciousness, wonderful, passionate, excitement and interest (That was Timothy Leary
referring to his days at Harvard.)

the scope of the sacred realms, the profound insight of the sensory and physical
manifestations of mystical experiences, this enormous physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual input

the opening of spiritual areas of the unconscious that are intrinsic parts of the structure of
human personality and are independent of the individual’s racial, cultural or religious
background (One can refer to them as archetypal, belonging to the collective unconscious
which Jung wrote about.)

a deep spiritual conversion of the person
a deeper spiritual awareness
a fantastic intellectual, philosophical and spiritual adventure
a higher spiritual level
a journey of spiritual discovery
a mental or spiritual awakening which allows us to look at the world as it actually is
a mystical understanding of the universe, a cosmic type of spirituality
a need for new spirituality
a new sense of spiritual security and confidence
a powerful upsurge of spiritual feelings
a purely spiritual essence
a purely spiritual religion that seeks the unitive knowledge of the Absolute Godhead
a radical spiritual transformation in the life of the individual
a rich spiritual and mythological dimension
a spiritual, expansive conception of consciousness
a spiritual experience so definite that there can be no mistaking it
a spiritual gaiety
a spiritual occasion of otherworldly dimensions
a spiritual rather than material body
a spiritual voyager
a spiritual washing machine (LSD)
a true spiritual awakening
a true spiritual journey
adventurers on the frontier of spirituality
alchemists—the transformation of material consciousness into “spiritual God”
an immediate spiritual intuition
an imperishable, spiritual reality which is our true home
an inner sense of emotional liberation and spiritual rebirth
an inward and spiritual grace
an opportunity for a major emotional or spiritual breakthrough
awareness of universal spirituality
brings a sudden liberation from ignorance and illusion, enlarges the spiritual horizon
chemically-induced “heightened intelligence” and spiritual evolution
deep emotional and spiritual states
deep religious insight, moving spiritual insights
deep, shattering, spiritual conversion experiences
deeply spiritual experiences
direct spiritual knowledge, immediate knowledge
discover a new spiritual life
discovery of the spiritual dimensions of existence
discovery of our secret life within, explore spiritual individuality
drugs useful as spiritual preparation for reading holy writings or entering sacred places
emotionally and spiritually liberating
eternal, spiritual reality
exploration of one’s biological, cultural or spiritual past
exploration of the self a spiritual journey
explored their own spirituality
exploring the frontiers of human consciousness and spiritual experiences
feeling of spiritual, physical and psychological benefit
feeling spiritually cleansed (catharsis)
feelings of deep spirituality and tranquil reverence
feelings of physical and spiritual rebirth, rejuvenation and emotional renewal
gamble out of spiritual faith, the psychedelic key to revelation
growth, spiritual experience, insight, harmony
his newly acquired spiritual riches
holy sex, sexual yoga, spiritualized sexuality
important psychological, philosophical and spiritual dimensions
inner spiritual dimensions of the human being
inner spiritual meaning
insight that the process is healing or spiritual in nature
insights into ancient and aboriginal spiritual realms
intuitive, creative and spiritual dimensions
men knowing themselves only as bodies inhabited by an “I” and not as spiritual beings
new horizons open, enlarge the spiritual horizon
new philosophical and spiritual insights into the nature of reality
new spiritual discovery
new realms of mystical and spiritual experience
new spiritual feelings of a cosmic nature
offers unique possibilities for a serious philosophical and spiritual quest
opens individuals to spiritual dimensions of their being
our higher nature, the spiritual aspect of our being
our present state of spiritual infancy
overcomes his ego-limitations and reaches spiritual maturity
people who used psychedelic mushrooms for personal growth and spiritual discovery
perception of spiritual beauty
personal experiences of spiritual realities
physical, emotional and spiritual energies
Plato’s idea of the “musical unconscious” or as he called it, “the spiritual unconscious”
recognition of the spiritual dimensions of existence
recognizing the significance of spiritual dimensions of the psyche
religion in a new, interior and spiritually creative sense
reveals the secret of life and therein lies its spiritual value and its universal appeal
revelation of the deepest spiritual realities
revelations of hitherto unconceived modes and uncharted fields of spiritual being
sacramental substances, spiritual growth
satisfies the subject’s intellectual, philosophical and spiritual craving
secular—divorced from spiritual experience
see the world and themselves in terms of spiritual energy involved in a divine play
soaring states of bliss, heightened spirituality, and a titanic sense of drama and surprise
spiritual adventurer
spiritual awakening
spiritual awakening, spiritual exploration
spiritual awareness
spiritual awareness or a greater sense of reality
spiritual birth—a powerful mystical opening and reconnection with the divine
spiritual bliss
spiritual consciousness
spiritual craving for transcendence
spiritual discovery
spiritual ecstasy, religious revelation and union with God
spiritual emotions and energies
spiritual enlightenment
spiritual enrichment
spiritual eroticism, ecstatic exuberance, mystic altered states
spiritual evolution
spiritual exploration
spiritual freedom
spiritual growth
spiritual insight a gift of divine grace
spiritual insights
spiritual liberation
spiritual liberation, deliverance from darkness, salvation and illumination
spiritual liberation, revelation of the ultimate truth, oneness of all existence
spiritual liberty and transcendental happiness
spiritual orgasms, rebirth explosion
spiritual perception
spiritual purification
spiritual realities
spiritual rebirth
spiritual renewal
spiritual self-transcendence
spiritual transformation
spiritual vision
spirituality a matter of personal experience rather than something heard or read about
spirituality based on direct personal revelation
spiritually oriented psychedelic sessions
spiritually pure
states of spiritual conversion, interpersonal closeness and psychological insight
taking man’s mind to spiritual realms
that in these chemicals, the evolutionary acceleration of man’s spiritual nature is at hand
that spiritual and interior realm
that the spiritual element is an organic and integral part of the psyche
the appetite for spiritual transcendence, the desire to go beyond
the awakening of a spirituality that has a universal quality
the awakening to deeper spiritual values
the bliss of this unexpected spiritual opening abounding in astonishing insights
the consciousness of mankind raised to a spiritual level
the cosmic-spiritual way of looking at the world
the critical role of visionary experiences in the spiritual life of humanity
the deepest religious (spiritual) experience of my life
the direct experience of the spiritual Ground of things
the enormous spiritual force that is active during an awakening experience
the essence of true spirituality
the extensive new spiritual impulses within themselves
the extensive use of music for ritual, healing and spiritual purposes
the feeling of universal benevolence—what Ludlow calls “a spiritual cosmopolitanism”
the glories of the purely spiritual world
the highest spiritual and mental point of view
the importance of the spiritual and philosophical quest in human life
the inner meaning, the spiritual and universal reality
the inner spiritual world
the insight that life without spirituality is trivial and unfulfilling
the intuition and immediate spiritual consciousness of God
the magical, spiritual component that was really what acid was all about
the more relaxed, humorous and pleasurable spirituality of Asia
the new “wisdom drugs” which were responsible for an emerging spirituality
the nonverbal spiritual experience of the divine
the one thing that makes spiritual life possible and meaningful—union with God
the one thing the church should be offering and is not, spiritual and mystical experience
the Other World where egos melted and a spiritual rebirth occurred
the philosophical and spiritual dimensions of the LSD experience
the process of psychological transformation and spiritual opening
the profound wisdom of the great spiritual philosophies and mystical traditions
the rich philosophical and spiritual content of these phenomena (eyes closed)
the rise of man from animal to spiritual being
the spiritual content of the psychedelic experience
the spiritual dimension, the quest for the deeper dimension
the spiritual dimension of existence
the spiritual dimension sneered at in academic circles
the spiritual implications of a science of consciousness
the spiritual intensity and emotional power of the experiences
the spiritual journey
the spiritual meaning of LSD
the spiritual nature of man
the spiritual nature of visionary phenomena
the spiritual path of liberation
the spiritual realms
the spiritual revolution
the spiritual treasury
the true visionary who is spiritualized
the ultimate realm of free and purified spirituality
the ultimate spiritual experience
the universal immanence of the transcendent spiritual Ground of all existence
the vision of the total union of the spiritual and physical domains
the wisdom of the spiritual process
the world unmeasured, the infinite and undivided, the supreme spiritual reality
this spiritual essence of things
this spiritual relationship of man with nature
this 20th century voyage of spiritual discovery
this voyage of discovery, a spiritual journey
to advance into eternity, no longer on the animal, but on the spiritual level
to awaken spiritual energies
to be spiritually awake
to become more aware spiritually, ecologically, and creatively
to recover a spiritual dimension
to return to spiritual nature
to see into a spiritual plane of reality
to take high-powered egos and weld them into a true spiritual brotherhood
true spirituality
universal spirituality
universal spirituality transcending the divisive interests of religious sectarianism
unlocking previously dormant spiritual potentials
unusual experiences of a spiritual nature
use drugs to intensify our aesthetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual perspectives
very high spiritual states characterized by ultimate purity and special radiance
voyage of spiritual discovery
your spiritual eyes

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  1. Hi , came across this beautiful article and it is amazing of how true the lines are in this journey .. I recently experienced the spiritual awakening after taking LSD with three best friend and we experienced an amazing trip included Telepathy and many spiritual feelings !

    And now for someone who wasn’t taking spirituality seriously or completely ignoring it , i have all this informations and know nothing about how to handle and the truth as you said i can’t tell everyone about this trip as people will this i crazy ..
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  2. Very informative ! As I just Celebrated my 81 yr old Birthday this gives me pause about my current life and health with an aging body and depression about my “Final Chapter”. I was raised in the Christian Tradition but never adopted that viewpoint at all and Never had a Spiritual Event in my Life. I am curious about Psychedelics as a catalyst for “overcoming the fear and anxiety of it all”. Perhaps I still could still have a shot at Illumination thru Earth Medicines. Thanks for your information.

  3. Thankyou so much. This happened to me and it makes me so happy someone else is saying it 🙂

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