Truth, True, Truly

Truth, True, Truly

A man can perform actions which are truly moral only when he is no longer motivated by
the fear of hell.

A man of true, rather than assumed dignity, can play games with children without the
least loss of dignity.

As the universe reveals its true essence as a cosmic play of consciousness, the world of
matter is destroyed in the psyche of the individual.

Buddhas are made by themselves and the Truth…not by their friends. You have to go the
final stretch on your own.

Childhood is not thought-ful but wonder-ful. Angels know truth and beauty directly,
intuitively, not through the mediation of ideas and therefore early childhood is angelic.

Creeds, dogmas and philosophical systems are only ideas about the truth, in the same way
that words are not facts but only about facts.

Debates as to whether this vision is or is not “true” seem as pointless as asking whether
my sensation of green is just the same as yours.

Every being is desirous for the fruits of action so long as it remains ignorant of its true

For the mystical consciousness, “God is love” is a self-evident truth, not a piece of
wishful positive thinking.

For those who have eyes to see, eternal truth and Buddhahood are manifest before us here
and now.

He may reach philosophic conclusions of rare profundity and of “absolute truth,” perhaps
in areas completely foreign or little known to him previously.

I never really felt that school was my true place or any type of ultimately enriching

If God is truly infinite and universally active, how can he be said to be more incarnate in
Jesus than in anyone else?

If self and other, subject and object, organism and environment are the poles of a single
process, THAT is my true existence.

If the truth is already manifest, what’s the use of meditation and if it’s hidden, one is just
measuring darkness. Whatever you see, that is it.

If we are ever to discover how we can best cooperate with the psyche, we have to allow it
to reveal its true nature to us.

In cultures where truth-fact are tied to religious dogmas, their science wanes, practical
investigation languishes and thinking is subordinated to submissive belief.

In the absence of any understanding of truth, another man’s description of his
understanding is easily mistaken for truth itself.

In the heart of each of us, a great potential exists for realizing truth, for experiencing
wholeness, for going beyond the shell of the ego.

In the 20th century, mythology speaks almost a dead language, for the modern man
knows of no order of truth higher than historical fact. Myth is therefore rejected.

In truth, the universal and infinite has no opposite at all because it is absolutely all-

Insights are accompanied by an emotion which reinforces the conviction that a fragment
of Truth has been discovered. We call this kind of learning “revelation.”

It is said that a paradox is only a truth standing on its head to attract attention. There are
certain truths which have to be stood on their heads before they can be noticed at all.

It is through experience of the sacred that the idea of reality, truth, and significance first
dawn, to be later elaborated and systemized by metaphysical speculations.

It offers one the chance to experience a true expansion of consciousness, an increase in
awareness, a general improvement and heightening of perception of all kinds.

Knowledge of the true nature of existence is perceived as being ultimately more real and
relevant than all scientific theories or perceptions and concepts of our everyday life.

Liberation does not mean changing the world, but touching its true nature. (You can’t
liberate the world.)

LSD breaks down those barriers that have made it possible for words to hide truths from

LSD can truly accomplish the transcendence repeatedly and unsuccessfully sought in

LSD helps patients in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy to perceive their problems in
their true significance.

LSD shows me the real Reality. It is the final enlightenment. The insights I gain are true.
(That’s right and don’t ever listen to anyone who doesn’t understand that.)

metaphysical knowledge—It is impossible for one who experiences it to entertain the
slightest doubt of its truth.

Most truly great minds prefer nature to human society. The latter limits. The former

Mysticism in the form of realizing that one’s true self is the Godhead is something that
Western society would not tolerate.

Mythological figures literally come alive and assume independent existences. The same
is true about the landscapes and structures that make up the mythic world. (eyes closed)

No longer need man wonder with Job about God’s mysterious ways. LSD has all the
answers and more. It is The Truth, The Experience, The Godhead.

Often one is struck with the familiarity of the revelation, as though he is now revisiting
an inherent buried truth, having “been there before” at some indefinite time in the past.

On a fundamental level, the human mind is connected with the Infinite; psychedelics
simply made manifest this basic truth.

On an LSD trip, nearly anything one looks at can seem pregnant with meaning,
embodying great truths.

One conception of psychedelic therapy for alcoholics is that LSD can truly accomplish
the transcendence that is repeatedly and unsuccessfully sought in drunkenness.

One is completely suspended and truly living in one’s experiences much more so than
ever before. (That’s with LSD.)

One’s true identity is first of all felt as something extremely ancient, familiarly distant,
with overtones of the magical, mythological and archaic.

Our ordinary state of consciousness is a semi-arbitrary construction. This is true of our
perceptions as well as our thoughts and actions.

People are already familiar with suffering. What they need is a reminder of their true
identity which is bliss.

Realization is bringing to consciousness what is true all the time in the “unconscious”, in
the Self and spirit which the ego does not know.

Religion is a form of organized group activity that may or may not be conducive to true

Religion is in its truest sense an instrument for awakening us to the revolutionary process
of growth to Godhead.

Significant aspects of mystical consciousness are felt by the experiencer to be true, in
spite of the fact that they violate the laws of Aristotelian logic.

Since one’s true nature is the Buddha nature, one does not have to do anything to make it

Since the world has no truly separate parts, the only final and fundamental “I” or “Self”
that we have is the whole thing.

Spiritual development is a movement toward wholeness, the discovery of one’s true

The content of the experience is self-validating and known with absolute certainty to be

The effect is to free the consciousness from the obstacles to true realization of universal

The literature of creativity clearly indicates that true artistic, scientific, philosophical and
religious inspiration is mediated by nonordinary states of consciousness.

The man in whom this Self is realized is the Awake, the true man of no rank. (He is
above or beyond all classifications.)

The man who catches a glimpse of this vision seldom doubts that he has reached a realm
of truth that takes precedence over every other thing.

The psychedelic experience provides nothing less than a means of truly going “beyond
Freud” and to venture into these previously inaccessible regions of mind.

The realization of the Supreme Identity, of the truth that the Self is the infinite and not the
ego, does not involve the obliteration of the ego or of finite experience.

The true and deepest value of the experience is that it offers a “tangible vision” of a better
state. (It’s the highest or best state of being.)

The true essence of the experience can never be communicated. (That means with words.
People must experience it for themselves.)

The true religious ascetic has no particular interest in mystical religion. He is totally
under the domination of the symbol and does not actually understand its meaning at all.

The true sage rejects all distinctions and takes his refuge in Heaven, in the basic unity of
the world.

The truth that the infinite is conscious is, like its very existence, beyond any objective
proof. (The infinite is alive.)

The vivid experiences of the mystics may be our only means of testing the truth of
religious and metaphysical hypotheses.

The Western youth today is truly seeking. (That was written in 1969. Today, hardly
anyone would even know what that means.)

They apprehended real truths, common to all our humanity, and needing but some
instrument of intense insight to bring them forth.

Those who vainly reason without understanding the truth are lost in the jungle, running
about here and there and trying to justify their view of ego-substance.

To be truly “in Christ” is to be less and less preoccupied with any external image of Jesus
derived from the Gospels.

To have truly original thought, the mind must throw off its critical guard, its filtering

To know truth, one must get rid of knowledge. (That means getting rid of what the ego
thinks is knowledge based on words.)

True humor is, indeed, laughter at one’s Self—at the Divine Comedy, the fabulous

True spirituality is based on deep realization of the unity underlying all humanity and the
entire phenomenal world.

True spirituality is based on personal experience and is an extremely important and vital
dimension of life.

Truth is no more the property of wise men than of fools and lunatics. (We are all the
same Self and truth is not a property.)

Truth must be the last end of the whole universe and the consideration thereof must be
the chief occupation of wisdom.

We are speaking about the very experience that shows us what is true, the experience
from which we take the standard for what we mean by “real.”

We can go further than the religious sphere and see the need for ecstasy in all of life. This
is the solid core of truth in the message of the hippies.

We have the chance to become the truth we are all yearning for. (We already are that
truth. It’s just a matter of realizing it.)

We must look much farther than personal biography and the individual unconscious if we
are to even begin to grasp the true nature of the psyche.

We must move toward a realization of the truth at the core of our being and toward the
higher consciousness that is the birthright of all of us.

We will attain to knowledge of the universe through the spirit of truth and thereby to
understanding of our being one with the deepest, most comprehensive reality, God.

What is true and positive is too real and too living to be described and to try to describe it
is like putting red paint on a red rose. (That was Alan Watts.)

When the mind is completely purified, knowledge of the true identity of one’s own Self

With very rare exceptions, that which is truly subjective and interior has thus far
remained entirely hidden from Western man.

A new, deepened reality consciousness could become the basis of a new religiosity which
would not be based on belief in the dogmas of various religions, but rather on perception
through the “spirit of truth.”

A truly unselfconscious person has a kind of unaggressive but nonetheless unshakable
assurance, which at a deep level is religious faith or at its deepest level a kind of
metaphysical certainty.

A truth tested and established may lie for centuries, mildewed and rusted, in the armory
of knowledge, until some great soul comes along, draws it out of the rubbish, and with it
pries open the portals of one more promised land of blessing for the human race.

A visionary will recognize the possibility of discovering from mind, in some of its
extraordinary awakened states, a truth, or a collection of truths, which do not become
manifest in his every-day condition.

Even in our sophisticated society, the dream and the hallucination retain a vestige of their
magical powers. Many surmise that somehow they contain a more important message, a
final truth of which waking consciousness is incapable.

Every person who has a genuine mystical experience reports that he sees the unity, reality
and infinity in space and time of all creation. He feels joy, peace and a sense of the
sacred. He knows that his experience is true.

If you can throw off the grip of your learned mind and experience the message contained
in the computer which you carry behind your forehead, you would know the awe-ful

If you want to get to the plain truth, be not concerned with right and wrong. The conflict
between right and wrong is the sickness of the mind. (That doesn’t mean that crime is all

In Nature, there is yet undiscovered glory, a spirit which gradually will interpenetrate you
as you commune with her. She is not a mockery, a sham, for a truthful essence indwells,
informs her.

Jewish and Christian theologians will not accept the idea that man’s inmost self can be
identical with the Godhead, even though Christians may insist that this was true in the
unique instance of Jesus Christ.

Language must never be taken seriously when it is used as being in any way the
equivalent of unmediated experience or as being a source of true knowledge about the
nature of things.

Leary felt that Harvard treated him in an unsympathetic, unjust and inhumane way. It
seemed that Harvard had been afflicted with a failure of nerve. When the chips were
down, institutional preservation prevailed over open-mindedness and the search for truth.

Many traditional scientists confuse the current Newtonian-Cartesian model of the
universe with a definitive description of reality, the accuracy and truth of which has been
proven beyond any reasonable doubt. (Those scientists have it all wrong.)

Pleasure, like mystical insight itself, must always come unsought. Pleasure cannot be
given unless the senses are in a state of accepting rather than taking. Pleasure as
ordinarily pursued is never a true fulfillment.

Promoting their methodological ineptitude to the rank of a criterion of truth, dogmatic
scientists have often branded everything beyond the pale of their limited competence as
unreal or even impossible.

Spiritual practice begins by allowing ourselves to die to the ego’s ideas about how things
should be and to love and accept the truth of things as they are. (The ego doesn’t know
the meaning of truth.)

The expression “a system of teaching” has no meaning, for Truth, in the sense of Reality,
cannot be cut up into pieces and arranged into a system. The words can only be used as a
figure of speech.

The human psyche has access to images and motifs that are truly universal. They can be
found in the mythology, folklore, and art of cultures distributed not only across the globe
but also throughout the history of humanity.

The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mystical. It is the source of all true
art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger is as good as dead. (That was
Albert Einstein. That’s right, Albert Einstein.)

The presupposition that one’s religion is, even without examining others, the best and
truest of all is stupidity. Science, too, has a mythological level, which is the fiercely held
position that the physical universe, outside man, is dead and stupid.

The religion of direct experience of the divine has been regarded as the privilege of a
very few people. I personally don’t think this is necessarily true at all. I think that
practically everyone is capable of this immediate experience.

The truly inward source of one’s life was never born, but has always remained inside,
somewhat as the life remains in the tree, though the fruits come and go. Outwardly, I’m
the apple among many. Inwardly, I am the tree.

The Western man who claims consciousness of oneness with God or the universe clashes
with his society’s concept of religion. In most Asian cultures, however, such a man will
be congratulated as having penetrated the true secret of life. He has arrived.

The world of the LSD voyager is precisely one in which opposing ideas are true
simultaneously (non-Aristotelian), space is geodesic rather than linear (non-Euclidean)
and cause and effect are unreal (non-Newtonian).

Total awareness opens the way to understanding and when any given situation is
understood, the nature of all reality is made manifest and the nonsensical utterances of
the mystics are seen to be true.

Twentieth century educators have ceased to be concerned with questions of ultimate truth
or meaning and are interested solely in the dissemination of a rootless and irrelevant
culture and the fostering of the solemn foolery of scholarship for scholarship’s sake.

What truly defines the transpersonal orientation is a model of the human psyche that
recognizes the importance of the spiritual or cosmic dimensions and the potential for
consciousness evolution.

Without self-knowledge, what you say is not “true.” Truth repeated is no longer truth; it
becomes truth again only when it has been realized by the speaker as an immediate

For us, a proposition is either true or false, a or not-a, God exists or does not exist and
countless gallons of ink and blood have been shed in disputes stemming from this kind of
rigid either-or logic. Indian and Chinese thought, as well as mystical and psychedelic
experiences, lead one to a logic of levels, rather than of propositions.

I suppose in a certain sense one can say the value is absolute. In a sense one can say that
visionary experience is, so to say, a manifestation simultaneously of the beautiful and the
true, of intense beauty and intense reality and as such it doesn’t have to be justified in any
other way.

It is inept and boorish to claim that a certain philosophical or theological position is “the
Truth” and still more so to attempt to prove it. (You can experience “the Truth” but not
describe it. It can’t be put into a “certain philosophical or theological position” based on

Leary once remarked that people who believe that LSD should be illegal because some
users have committed suicide, maybe because of it, should agitate even more heatedly for
the abolition of examinations. Statistics show that the link between final exams and
suicide is true beyond any doubt. Every year the college suicide rate rises at exam time.

Often, there is an actual experience of truths (they are KNOWN to be truths), which
when presented in conceptual terms to the mind in its normal state, seem
incomprehensible and absurd. Such propositions as “God is love” are realized with the
totality of one’s being and their truth seems self-evident in spite of pain and death.

Once a person has experienced a visionary state of mind, one can no longer confuse the
lie with the truth. One has seen where one comes from and who one is, and one no longer
doubts what one is. There is no emotion or external influence that can divert one from
this reality.

Our true nature is an aspect of a universal consciousness, Self, Being, Mind, of God. The
awakening to this true nature is the direct awareness that you are more than this puny
body or limited mind. It is the realization that the universe is not external to you. It is
experiencing the universe as yourself.

Plato tells us that beyond this ephemeral and imperfect existence here below, there is
another Ideal world of Archetypes, where the original, the true, the beautiful Pattern of
things exists for evermore. It is clear where Plato found his Ideas; Plato had drunk of the
potion in the Temple of Eleusis and had spent the night seeing the great Vision.

Some candidates, resisting the effects of the drug out of fear that their personalities or
their “selves” are being destroyed, are inclined to put up defensive barriers to nullify the
drug’s action. The subject should be aware that what is being destroyed is not his true
“self”, but the abstract formulation of values and concepts society has imposed upon him.

The current public taboo on any evaluation of drug-use experience that fails to be shame-
fared and remorse-laden…individually and generationally reinforces hypocrisy, denial,
guilt, inhibition, and repression. Like any ban on the utterance of truth, it warps public
morality and cripples the soul.

The discoveries of the last few decades strongly suggest that the psyche is not limited to
the Freudian individual unconscious and confirm the perennial truth, found in many
mystical traditions, that human beings might be commensurate with all there is.
Transpersonal experiences and their extraordinary potential certainly attests to this fact.

The Good, the True and the Beautiful are absolute values and in a certain sense one can
say that visionary experience has always been regarded as an absolute value, that it has
been always felt to be intrinsically of immense significance and importance and worth
having at a very great price.

The mythological image is what gives sense and organization to experience. Myth
embodies the nearest approach to absolute truth that can be stated in words because the
poetic, mythical or mystical mode of vision perceives orders and relationships which
escape factual description.

The reason psychedelic experiences are important and valuable is that people live their
lives by their own “chess-boards,” playing the lawyer-game, the merchant-game or some
rule-ridden ego-game, rarely if ever expanding their consciousness to the point of true
awareness and understanding of man and nature, including themselves.

The talk was of love, and it ripped my mind time and time again to realize that it had
been said by so many prophets from the beginning of consciousness, and no one wanted
to listen. Now someone was listening, and we swore that we’d never forget. It was all so
simple. No obstacles that wouldn’t crumble under the bright light of the truth of love.

True sanity entails, in one way or another, the dissolution of the normal ego and a new
kind of ego functioning, the ego now being the servant of the divine, no longer its
betrayer. (You are the divine and your ego should serve you and your divinity or it should
flake off, take a hike, get lost and leave you alone.)

We are dealing with an issue that is not new, an issue that has been considered for
centuries by mystics, by philosophers of the religious experience, by those rare and truly
great scientists who have been able to move in and then out beyond the limits of the
science game.

Where you have theological systems, it is claimed that these propositions about events in
the past and events in the future and the structure of the universe are absolutely true;
consequently, reluctance to accept them is regarded as a rebellion against God, worthy of
the most undying punishment. (What a joke that is.)

Willingness to be insecure is the ultimate security. Willingness to suffer is the essence of
divine joy. Willingness to be finite is to know one’s own infinity. Willingness to be a
slave is to be truly free. Willingness to be a fool and a sinner is to be both a sage and a

Words like hallucination and psychosis were loaded; they implied negative states of
mind. The psychiatric jargon reflected a pathological orientation, whereas a truly
objective science would not impost value judgments on chemicals that produced unusual
or altered states of consciousness.

You have to pass beyond everything you have learned in order to become acquainted
with the new areas of consciousness. Ignorance of this fact is the veil which shuts man
within the narrow confines of his acquired, artificial concepts of “reality”, and prevents
him from coming to know his own true nature.

At first, all research challenging the dominant paradigm tends to be suppressed because
the current theories are mistaken for a true and exhaustive descriptive of reality. (A
paradigm is what scientists believe about reality. New information leads to a new
paradigm. It used to be thought that the earth was flat. New information necessitated a
new paradigm or way of looking at it.)

Changes in point of view cannot happen overnight, for they require acceptance of painful
truths: that children daydreaming in class, for example, might be using their minds much
more profitably than children paying attention; that psychotic patients may be in a better
position to understand and experience reality than the psychiatric authorities who dose
them with tranquilizers.

I do not feel that any church known to me is seeking the truth. Each is certain it has the
truth. They do not want to help me find the truth; the only want me to worship that which
they have already decided is the truth. They are not interested in my soul, except to
surrender it to some concept they have. They are more interested in making me behave in
a certain pattern which they have decided is best for me.

Myth is obviously a kind of non-logical philosophy; it expresses in the form of a story or,
very often, in the form of some visual image, or even in the form of a dance or a
complicated ritual, some generalized feeling about the nature of the world and of man’s
experience in regard to it. Myth is unpretentious, in the sense that it doesn’t claim to be
strictly true. It is merely expressive of our feelings about experience.

Openness to new data challenging traditional beliefs and dogmas has always been an
important characteristic of the best of science and a moving force of progress. A true
scientist does not confuse theory with reality and does not try to dictate what nature
should be like. It is not up to us to decide what the human psyche can do and what it can
not do to fit our neatly organized preconceived ideas.

Our capacity to think, except in the service of what we are dangerously deluded in
supposing is our self-interest and in conformity with common sense, is pitifully limited:
our capacity to even see, hear, touch, taste and smell is so shrouded in veils of
mystification that an intensive discipline of unlearning is necessary for anyone before one
can begin to experience the world afresh, with innocence, truth and love.

The discovery of brain-change drugs has been compared to the discovery of the
microscope. New forms swim into perception. It’s a truism that you cannot impose the
ethics and language of the past upon the subject matter revealed by a new extension of
the senses. Galileo was arrested for describing what he saw in his telescope. The
inquisition would not bother to look through the lens.

The most human thing about man is his eternal, childlike hope that somehow, someday,
the deepest yearnings of his heart will come true. Who is so proud and unfeeling that he
will not admit that he would be deliriously happy if, by some strange magic, these deep
and ingrained longings could be fulfilled? If there was eternal everlasting life beyond
death after all?

Underlying all these highlights, what held us together was our feeling that we were on the
cutting edge of knowledge. We were spearheading the acquisition of new and important
truths and their potentials. We likened ourselves to explorers in Africa when that
continent was still unknown to Europeans. (That was Timothy Leary referring to his days
at Harvard.)

Up this gradual stairway of Sense, Understanding, Intuition, we mount to that height from
which we are able to behold, with some degree of calmness, the infinite fields of intuitive
Beauty and Truth, when the screen of the bodily is removed, and the scope of vision
belonging to our highest faculty is realized to be immeasurably beyond all that our most
rapturous visions ever conceived it.

We’re not just our bodies. That’s an illusion. Our physical forms are just a temporary
condensation of consciousness in material form. This one consciousness is our true
identity, and we all know this deep within us. I know that you know that we all know that
we are one. We’re all just playing this game. In ordinary reality, we’ve deliberately gone
to sleep on this knowledge.

What is needed is the clear voice of people who have no stake in disguising the truth. The
young must be taught to distinguish between psychedelics, which hold out the promise of
religious experience and of self-transcendence, and destructive drugs like cocaine,
amphetamines, heroin, crack. They must be taught to respect the psychedelics and to be
ready spiritually and psychologically before they attempt to take them.

When I started taking LSD, I just saw that the academic thing was more or less a socio-
political game more than a true learning experience, in that the things that I really felt I
was learning were when I was just purely being or purely experiencing something and not
trying to read it from a stilted textbook or hearing it from some superintellectual

You have to go out of your mind to use your head. You have to pass beyond everything
you have learned in order to become acquainted with the new areas of consciousness.
Ignorance of this fact is the veil which shuts man within the narrow confines of his
acquired, artificial concepts of “reality” and prevents him from coming to know his own
true nature.

A God not seen as fully beautiful is less good and true and above all, less living.
Any true change would have to be based on a different concentration from that of reason.
Because this power is so true, within it there is confidence.
Can we summon the courage to receive true knowledge?
Courage and truthfulness accelerate the process of evolution.
Creeds and doctrines are ideas about truth and not truth itself.
Depth upon depth of truth seems revealed.
Enlightenment is the discovery of our own true nature.
Face truth fearlessly. (Ultimately, there is nothing to fear.)
For many, the discoveries mean new truth and wisdom.
Great truths do not take hold of the hearts of the masses.
If we are true men, Truth is brother to us all.
If you come to know the nature of the mind, then you also come to know the truth.
In this state, realization of the “ultimate truth” is possible.
It is a question of being aware of what is truly valuable and to be prized.
It is the Truth. The Experience. The Godhead.
It makes him one with truth.
It’s absolutely true that the experience is in a class by itself, especially on a visual level.
It’s an end to the suffering. It’s the end of all confusion. It’s the realization of all Truth.
Its therapeutic effects are truly remarkable.
It’s your own true self.
Knowledge of the universal and infinite is man’s true end.
Liberation requires that the individual find out the truth for himself.
Nobody is truly sane until he feels gratitude to the whole universe.
Not knowing how near Truth is, people seek it far away.
Only doubtful truths need defense.
Only when this reality is attained is the true working of Suchness understood.
Our sanity is not “true” sanity.
Our social realities are so ugly if seen in the light of exiled truth.
Our true identity is the total process of the world.
Our true self is the natural man, the spontaneous Tao.
Perhaps what they call living is really dying and dying is our liberation into true life.
Prior to any metaphysical knowledge, we have no direct consciousness of interior truth.
Psilocybin brings out the truth of all around you.
Sensuality and spirituality are not truly opposed.
Stars teach us lessons nightly, speaking both of Beauty and Truth.
Taking of the drug is in fact essential to a true understanding of the experience.
The archetype is truly awesome if not outright miraculous. (eyes closed)
The ecstatic and unitive states represent the very essence of true healing.
The entire system is oneself in its full and only true sense.
The feeling of reality and truth in such experiences can dominate a whole life.
The only true atom is the universe.
The paradigms of science should not be confused with reality or truth.
The pursuit of truth can be dangerous.
The pursuit of truth is akin to the creation of beauty.
The rare treasure is the capacity to see Truth.
The sacred truths are always there…waiting for us to remember them…and reapply them.
The shaman truly has “eyes that see and ears that hear”.
The True Man is every man. (Sadly, too few realize that.)
The true mind is “no mind”, “original mind”, “Buddha mind”.
The true Self is not an idea, but an experience.
The truth is revealed by removing things that stand in its light.
The truth is standing before our eyes every moment of the day.
The truth reveals itself in its eternal tranquility.
The Western youth today is truly seeking. (That was written in 1969.)
There can be this joy which comes from our ability to open ourselves to the truth.
There is a hidden truth or statement in each acid session.
There is little conjunction of truth and social “reality”.
There is no compromise with truth. Truth is.
There is no death, his true self being as eternal as the universe.
There is no such thing as a saint without joy. One cannot have true holiness without joy.
This chemical could ultimately help man in his search for the ultimate truths.
This is true greatness.
This is truly a wonderful world of infinitely variable colors, forms, music.
This sense of oneness is a natural state, the only true natural state for man to be.
To awaken really means to see what is true.
True identity is indivisible oneness, beyond negativity and dualities of any kind.
True insight takes me beyond the intellect.
True sanity entails in one way or another the dissolution of the normal ego.
Truth is alive, truth is life.
Truth is beauty.
Truth is to be lived, not merely pronounced with the mouth.
Truth lies beyond all power of words.
We are strangers to our true selves, to one another, and to the spiritual world.
We cannot measure true reality; in fact, the very essence of reality is its immeasurability.
We discover our true self to be the Self of the universe.
We have but to open the eyes of the mind wide enough and “the truth will out”.
We must come to feel what we know to be true in theory.
We must transcend parochial cultural contexts to truly understand reality.
Without—in its true sense—the lustiness of sex, religion is joyless and abstract.
You experience a glimpse of the pure truth.
You learn to appreciate the true value of things.
You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.
You’re on the threshold of recognizing the truth.
Your true and basic selfhood is divine.
Your true nature is consciousness.

I feel this whole world to be moved from the inside and from an inside so deep that it is
my inside as well, more truly I than my surface consciousness.

I participate in a kind of harmonious and convincing equilibrium, in the way everything
truly is and how everything should be.

I am truly reaching as far as I can—beyond words—beyond me—beyond us—beyond.

This can’t be true. So beautiful. Heaven. Great.

What’s going on up here is the true meaning of it all and it always has been.

An endless sea of glorious golden light which was in truth God, stretched into infinity. As
I watched, an overpowering feeling of reverence settled into my very depths.

As the truth of the situation dawned on me, the word “father” resounded in this heaven of
light and I was taken up and absorbed by the unspeakable Godhead.

Experiences from even the earliest childhood were vividly recalled. This does not involve
an ordinary recollection, but rather a true reliving.

I could see God and life and everybody and myself in its reality and true proportion. It is
wonderful and full of meaning after all.

I had the notion that “this is it,” “this is the moment of truth,” “I know that everything
leads to this,” “this is complete harmony and ecstasy.”

I knew myself to be this single, encompassing Consciousness. I knew that Its identity was
my true identity.

I realized that under the proper circumstances, psychedelic experiences are truly a “royal
road into the unconscious.”

Peace and joy engulfed me and I knew that the kingdom of heaven was truly within and
that LSD had made this day the most important one in my life.

The truly significant aspects of the sessions were entirely nonverbal and nonconceptual,
and slipped through our category nets like water through a fishnet.

We were changed forever, because we were experiencing these inspiring truths. And we
could laugh at ourselves as well, as we saw through our various ego-trips and guises.

I felt I had now experienced the grace of God. Truly I had been given a gift of infinite
worth. I could understand why human beings throughout history have relentlessly
pursued truth and sought enlightenment.

I realized that it is not up to us to dictate what the human psyche should be like in order
to fit our scientific beliefs and worldview. Rather, it is important to discover and accept
the true nature of the psyche and find out how we can best cooperate with it.

In several staggered flashes of insight, like flashbulbs popping around a celebrity, I
understood the Cartesian mind/body split. I also understood Beauty and Truth and
Ultimate Reality. Unfortunately, I lacked the words to explain it.

“Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” were the words that seemed best to
capture the nature of my experience. I felt free to be exactly who I was, free of fear and
social constraints, and filled with love and compassion for all beings.

My own personal drama was no more significant than light playing on a movie screen.
Even feelings of joy, ecstasy, and liberation in letting go of attachments were less
important than the insight and sense of knowing, or remembering, inexpressible truth.

The psychiatrist asserts it is “fact” that the subject sat in a catatonic state for two hours,
refusing to talk; the subject knows the “truth” to be that he was spinning far out of space-
time into an ecstatic dance of neurons which made words inadequate and irrelevant.

We had entered the cosmic state. It was divine. It was expansive and harmonious and
beatific and one. I was alive! For the first time in my life I understood what it meant to be
truly alive.

I cannot say exactly what the mysterious change was. I saw no new thing, but I saw all
the usual things in a miraculous new light, in what I believe is their true light. I saw for
the first time how wildly beautiful and joyous, beyond any words of mine to describe, is
the whole of life.

I had a great awareness of life, truth, and God. I went to church and suddenly all parts of
the service made sense. My senses were sharpened. I became fascinated by the little
insignificant things around me. There was an additional awareness of the world that
would do artists, architects, and painters good.

I looked on fields, and waters, and sky, and read in them a most startling meaning. I
wondered how I had ever regarded them in the light of dead matter. They were now
grand symbols of the sublimest spiritual truths—truths never before even feebly grasped,
and utterly unsuspected.

I was not I any more but a consciousness that encompassed a vastly broader spectrum
than I ever dreamed of. It doesn’t last, but once you have known it, you can never forget
that it exists. When the experience becomes integrated into your life, the fear of death
disappears— and we can only truly begin to live when we no longer fear death.

I’d given up even trying to talk. I just smiled at everything that was said to me, and
nodded my head up and down as the words went by. I felt beautiful and saw nothing but
beauty. I was a little child being led and protected by two wise saints. On the perfect path
to all-the-way-up now. Awake, finally, and headed for truth.

It dawned on me that all the building blocks of the social structure were really nothing
but an imposing veneer that kept you from being godlike, and that as soon as we knew
the true potential of our own energy frequencies to overcome or pass through the artificial
walls, the human spirit could be liberated.

It was a beautiful feeling, a verification of what I hoped would be the ultimate truth and a
hopeful view of creation: Don’t worry about your body or about dying. That’s an illusion.
Consciousness cannot die. To me, this was mind-shattering, the ultimate revelation in my

There was unity and life and the exquisite love that filled my heart was unbounded. My
awareness was acute and complete. I saw God and all the saints and I knew the truth. I
felt myself flowing into the cosmos, levitated beyond all restraint, liberated to swim in
the blissful radiance of the heavenly visions.

This clear-light experience, as Leary termed it, was a true communion of the soul. I felt
as if my consciousness and entire being had broken up with the brittleness of linear ego
thought, while the person that filled the vacuum bore the same body of experience with a
totally new vitality and an understanding of life’s true value.

We remain ignorant of our true nature—our eternal Self. It was that Self that I longed to
discover. In order to get in touch with the ground of my being, I had to strip away the
accretions of prejudices and preconceptions that cluttered up my psyche, making it
impossible to see what was really there.

A curtain was lifted and I saw the magnitude of life and was totally absorbed by it. The
moment lasted just a minute or two, but it embraced a lifetime. I suddenly understood the
cliché of oneness, that everything in the world is connected and part of a Whole, and that
that interlinkage is a truer characterization of the relationship of things than that of me
and my body being separate from all other men and their bodies.

I was experiencing how consciousness manifests itself in separate forms while remaining
unified. I knew that fundamentally there was only One Consciousness in the universe.
From this perspective my individual identity and everybody else’s appeared temporary
and almost trivial. To experience my true identity filled me with a profound sense of
numinous encounter.

It was as though a veil had been stripped away and certain things had become suddenly
self-evident. I realized that there was just one force in the universe. There is only one
energy and that is consciousness. And there is only one consciousness, one mind, and we
are, in fact, one with this, which means we are all one. I felt this was a revelation of the
true nature of reality.

One conclusion was forced upon my mind at that time and my impression of its truth has
ever since remained unshaken. It is that our normal waking consciousness, rational
consciousness as we call it, is but one special type of consciousness, whilst all about it,
parted from it by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness
entirely different.

The acid took me directly to my lucid, “higher self.” It was as though I’d arrived at my
true nature: sincere, clean of purpose, and more useful and wonderful than I’d ever felt in
my life. I can’t fathom what it was that made me feel so “perfect” and “enlightened” or
what specific obstacle the chemical had overcome to enable me to feel so wholesomely
fabulous. I felt a sweeping reassurance that everything was all right after all.

The city was bathed in the first pink rays of the morning sun and it was truly breath-
taking to behold. The soft greens of the trees and grass of Central Park were beyond
belief. The buildings and streets had a warmth and charm hitherto reserved for memories
of bygone days…That evening I was back in my old familiar world but with an awareness
of and appreciation for colors, hues and textures that I had never had before.

During the experience, I felt I understood what mystics throughout the ages have claimed
to be the universal truth of existence. I had an academic background in philosophy and
comparative religion, but I realized that mystical teachings had now taken on an added
dimension. My perception seemed to have shifted from a flat, two-dimensional
intellectual understanding of the literature, to a three-dimensional sense of immersion in
the mystical reality.

For the first time, I understood the meaning of “ineffable.” There seemed to be no
possibility of conveying in words the subjective truth of my experience. A veil had been
lifted from my inner vision, and I felt able to see, not just images or forms, but the nature
of truth itself. The doors of perception were so cleansed, they seemed to vanish
altogether, and there was only infinite being. Krishnamurti’s characterization of truth as a
pathless land seemed an appropriate description of this domain.

That first experience with psilocybin had an immeasurable effect on my life. It was
radically and totally different, yet during the course of the experience I felt closer to my
true self than I had ever been and more aware of my innermost feelings and thoughts. I
had also been fully and intensely aware of people and things around me and did not lose
the reality perceptions that govern our ordinary world. Rather, ordinary perception was
enriched and enlivened beyond comparison.

For hours every sound had its color and form as truly as scenery could have them.
I do not have to have faith that what I saw was true. I KNOW that it was.
I felt I was at home or in true Reality.
I felt like I’d arrived at my true self.
I felt overwhelmingly tuned in to the “true nature of things.”
I felt that I had uncovered a truth.
I felt the bell of truth ring in me.
I knew that this was the truth.
I penetrated into the true nature.
I thought, “This is the truth behind all religions.”
It was as if an ancient truth had been revealed to me.
It was now given to see in their own light, the truths.
It was truly the most beautiful and fulfilling day of my life.
Psychedelic helped me keep faith with the truth in beauty.
The feeling I received was so true I couldn’t deny it.
The room grew suddenly brighter and I took this as a sign that I was close to the truth.
They’ve seen the truth.
Visions of Paradise, universal truths and enormous insights were all experienced.

a new type of consciousness, an expanded awareness stressing man’s commitment to
love, beauty, joy and truth

a path which could lead to deep levels of psychological-spiritual growth or true

a state of consciousness in which he experiences directly and vividly what our own
scientists know to be true in theory

a truly miraculous instrument for new perceptions and insights about those aspects of
reality which concern him personally

an ontological experience infinitely more direct and real than any truth, however
profound, that could be mediated by an established creed or ritual

back into the roots of total being in which I could truly believe that there was no longer
and “I” or “me” but that I was somehow the All

discovery of one’s true identity and of the dimensions of one’s being that connect the
individual with the entire cosmos and are commensurate with all of existence .

encountered surpassing states of awareness and returned with the conviction that they had
attained the truth

glimpses something so profound that certain “facts of life” prior to the experience are no
longer exclusively true

insights into aspects of people’s lives on psychedelic drugs that you could never have
known and they turned out to be true

mediates understanding as to where and why religions went astray and lost contact with
true spirituality

psychedelics a powerful tool to cut through conditioning, to bring a person to direct
understanding of their own true nature, and the nature of the universe

revealing the brightness and true beauty of God which would shine if we allowed the love
within us to glow to full capacity at all times

something not of this world, something alive in spirit and in truth a sense of harmony and

staring with huge amazed eyes at his circus, returning to babble ecstatically about how
BIG it was and how he’d actually stood face to face with the true final IT

the distinction between one’s true self and the spurious ideas of oneself which constitute
the ego

the feeling of profundity and truth that insights acquire under the influence of psychedelic

the incompetence and vulgarity with which the great obvious truths have been trivialized
by hacks

the perception of the soul’s capacity for a broader being, deeper insight, grander views of
Beauty, Truth, and Good

the purest forms of intuition, unaccountable yet powerful convictions of knowing how
things really are, of sensing directly that something is true

the realization that one’s true state is “unclassified,” that one’s role is simply

the recognition that all these radiances are the emanations of one’s own mind in a state of
perfect tranquility and serenity, a state in which the mind reveals its true universal nature

the repeated lesson from history that people who put forth truly new ideas—or old ideas
which are unpopular or unfashionable—have often if not usually been said to be “insane”

the truth of existence as intuited by clear vision, free from the constricting distortions of
partial perceptions

the truth that the creative and meaningful life is impossible without some realization of
union with God

this indefinable energy system, which in its entirety, is what and who each individual
truly is

those delicious raptures of beauty and sublime revealing of truth which break upon the
mind under the influence of the drug

to come into direct contact with the truth itself without allowing theories and symbols to
stand between the knower and the known

to dedicate oneself wholly to the true inner universe, the study of one’s own nervous
system, after one has turned on with LSD

to distinguish between our conceptions of madness and the ability to survive in a world
where what is truly insane is often called normal

to shift one’s attention from the abstract to the concrete, from the symbolic self to one’s
true nature

that the truly inward source of my life was never born, that it has always remained inside
in somewhat the same way as the life remains in the tree, though the fruits may come and
go. Outwardly, I am one apple among many. Inwardly, I am the tree.

the discovery of freedom and truth (In the “free” United States, most people don’t know
or even have much concept of what freedom and truth are or the meaning of those

the impossible paradox and supreme truth that perception is or at least can be, ought to be
the same as Revelation, that Richly shines out of every appearance, that the One is
totally, infinitely present in all particulars

the sense of perceiving truths not known before…insights into depths of truth unplumbed
by the discursive intellect…the mysteries of life become lucid…illuminations, revelations,
full of significance and importance, all inarticulate though they remain…

the Primordial Tradition: an age-old wisdom of humanity, neglected only where modern
science and secularism rule, its truths revealed to the interior eye in altered states of
consciousness and now, finally, in natural science itself as it reaches its limits and begins
to glimpse something beyond

a consciousness clear as crystal and open to truth, reality or God
a consciousness of the Pure Truth
a great cosmic truth
a healing journey aimed at the realization of true sanity
a new chance for the true self to start
a new truth
a revealed truth
a sense of sacredness and of ultimate insight into the true and real nature of existence
a state of profound peace in which truths were revealed to him in immediate awareness
a true and overwhelming revelation
a true heroic journey
a true spiritual awakening
a true spiritual journey
a true Wisdom Culture (That is definitely what we need.)
a truly important discovery, the significance of which has yet to be fully understood
a vast journey of growing self-awareness and a return to our true identity
a visionary glimpse of a deeper reality, an insight into the true basis of the universe
a whole experience, a true fulfillment
absolute certainty in the truth
absolute truth
an imperishable, spiritual reality which is our true home
an infinity of sublime truth
an intimate penetration of truth
areas of perception capable of revealing the true basis of our earthly existence
authentic experiential truth
awakening from conditioned, mechanical consciousness to true, objective consciousness
awareness of what was truly important
beauty and truth being the wholeness, the Suchness of all deeply realized experience
brings into consciousness truths long hidden in the unconscious
can see female guide as a Goddess or the personification of wisdom, truth or beauty
communion with our own true self, with all others, with the divine
dazzling, glorious and radiantly awesome, the radiance of your own true nature
direct communion with the Divine source of all Truth
direct insight—know the truth by not knowing
direct insight which beholds truths that are universal
discover true meaning of our existence
discovered a new unexpected source of strength and their true identity
discovered final truths
discovered the truth
discovering the truth about processes of deep consciousness
discovering “truth”
discovering where his true genius lies
discovery of love and discovery of the true self
enhanced “sense of truth”
experienced a glimpse of the pure truth
experiencing divine truths
feelings of profound insight, illumination, and truth
find what is true and free
found one’s true identity in the inmost Self
giving the subject a truer insight into his personality
grateful to be dead—grateful to have been shown the truth
great metaphysical truth
have now gotten the taste for truth
his truthful and serene eyes
in touch with a deeper truth about reality and the nature of existence
in touch with the true nature of the universe
insights into the depths of truth unplumbed by the discursive intellect
journeying near the truth
knowledge of creation’s true nature
Leary a true pioneer of human evolution
Leary a true visionary of the potential of the human mind and spirit
LSD the key to the religious or mystical state, could lead to a truer metaphysics of being
my true inner self
mystical truths
on the path of truth
our deepest and true nature, the divine within
our true nature—our eternal Self
our true, nonconceptual self
our true or original nature
our true self inhabiting all bodies and not our body only
peace and love and beauty and truth
points directly and openly to the truth and does not trifle with symbolism
pure Truth—a Truth which is Reality
realized the possibilities of his true self
recollectedness, reminder of truth forgotten in the turmoil of worldly distractions
reveals the truth behind so-called myths
revelation of truth
seeing the truths that were hidden beneath everyday reality
seeing truth and beauty
self-evident revelations of the highest truth
self-evident truth
so much truth and beauty in the world and everyone so pitifully blind to it
spiritual liberation, revelation of the ultimate truth, oneness of all of existence
that enjoyment and perfection of union with God which is man’s true end
that true insight would lead to true change
that truly to know is not to know
the apocalypse of utterly unimagined truths
the awakening of the true Self
the awe-ful truth
the certainty that such knowledge is truly or ultimately real
the conviction of truth
the deepening sense of reality and truth which is gained
the ecstatic sense of being one with divine truth
the ecstatic smile that welcomes a sudden insight, a revelation of truth or of beauty
the essence of true spirituality
the eternal truth
the experience of true insight
the final truth
the highest wisdom, the ultimate truth
the immediacy and “ultimate truth” of the experience
the importance of a true experience of the Divine
the intellectual vision of Truth, the immediate, unitive knowledge of the divine Ground.
the knowledge of truth, not of any truth, but of that truth which is the source of all truth
the liberating truth
the living truth
the loss of personality the only true life (loss of ego)
the moment of truth, naked on the shores of eternity
the Mother Wisdom of light and true clarity
the naked awe-ful truth
the one and true Self
the original or true nature of the mind
the Platonic trinity of the good, the true and the beautiful
the pursuit of truth, akin to the creation of beauty
the radiance of your own true nature
the real truth and source of all human joy and happiness
the reality revealer, the truth-and-beauty pill
the realization of truth
the repository of new and deeper truths
the revelation of Divine Truth
the Spirit of Truth, a spirit of wisdom
the sudden insight, the brilliant hypothesis, the truly “creative” leap
the sudden realization of the truth
the superior truth of the “cosmic” experience
the supreme truth
the true form without form, outside of all doctrines
the true man in every man
the true mind
the true mystic pilgrimage inward
the true nature and meaning of existence
the true path to liberation
the true soul I’d now found
the true union of the mystic and the man of science
the true visionary who is spiritualized
the truly sky-high quality of one’s natural self
the truth of our given union with God
the truth that union with God is given to man both as individual and as society
the truth which had previously been hidden behind a veil
the ultimate truth, of great importance
the Ultimate Truth, the ultimate best
the universal and eternal wherein lies man’s true end—if he has a true end at all
the vision wherein lies our only true hope
the world where truth is an intuition, and stands in the dazzling light of its own essence
this eternal truth of religious revelation
the truly meaningful
this truth within your consciousness
to awaken our true identity
to be free, to be a truly realized person
to discover the hidden truth and mystery of being
to distinguish the clear light of truth from the illusory states of unenlightened existence
to experience the truth
to follow his own inner truth
to have true life
to know the true meaning of an expanded consciousness
to obtain insights into his or her true nature
to regain a Truth which the world is losing
to regain the lost light of that which makes them truly human
to restore true vision
to return again to one’s true identity, that is, to fusion with the absolute
to see the universal and all-pervading spirit of the truth
to take high-powered egos and weld them into a true spiritual brotherhood
true awakening
true experience of the infinite within us
true insight that would lead to true change
true knowledge
true mystic brotherhood
true path to Enlightenment
true satisfaction, intense satisfaction
true spirituality
true wisdom
truly universal patterns, universal archetypes
Truth, the bright, the beautiful, the eternal
truths seen in the splendor of their own harmonious beauty as an intuition
truths revealed to the interior eye in altered states of consciousness
truths which we all know in the unconscious depths of our being
truths which were once well known, but have been forgotten
“tuned in” on truth
unconceived beauties and truths
unimagined truths
“universal” and “eternal” truths
universal truth
universal truths and insights
useful in uncovering the true self
visionary truth
what he or she in truth is—not the socially pretended person but the naturally divine
what true pop music is all about, the obliteration of thought for sensation

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  1. It basically makes life is what it is nothing more nothing less only truth is king and you see it for once in your life and it fades away

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