Visions, Visionary

Visions, Visionary

A too-hasty return to game involvements will blur the clarity of the vision and reduce the
potential for learning.

All behavior involves learned games but only that rare Westerner, we call “mystic” or
who has had a visionary experience sees clearly the game structure of behavior.

All the religious movements that have shaped human history were inspired and
repeatedly revitalized by visionary experiences or transpersonal realities.

All visions are created by your mind. Your consciousness is the creator, performer and
spectator of the “retinal circus.” (eyes closed)

An interesting dialog occurs between pure transcendence and the awareness that this
ecstatic vision is happening to oneself.

At the height of a visionary experience it is crystal-clear that you can change completely.
Be an entirely different person.

Beauty is the object of our most spiritual, as well as our most material perceptions of
mystical vision and of sense and feeling.

Cellular flow. You are swept down the tunnels and canals of your own waterworks,
visions of microscopic processes, the fantastic artistry of internal factories. (eyes closed)

Change in behavior can occur with dramatic spontaneity once the game structure of
behavior is seen. The visionary experience is the key to behavior change.

Changes in the perception of forms and colors are so rich and dramatic that they have
been referred to as “orgies of vision” or “a retinal circus.”

Creative vision and mystical illumination are a function of the cortex when it is
temporarily relieved of word and ego games.

Debates as to whether this vision is or is not “true” seem as pointless as asking whether
my sensation of green is just the same as yours.

Descriptions of visionary landscapes occur in the ancient literature of folklore and

Drugs like LSD reveal something of the otherwise dimly visible expanse of the mind and
suggest that its vast potential is scarcely to be comprehended.

During unusual states of consciousness, one can make beneficial visionary journeys to
other realms and dimensions of reality.

Eternity is now and in the light of unrepressed vision, the physical organism and the
physical world turn out to be the divine world.

Every detail is seen and rendered as a living jewel and all these jewels are harmoniously
combined into a whole which is a jewel of yet a higher order of visionary intensity.

Feelings and visions alike became cold and dead in the writing, a faint account giving a
prosaic one-hundred-thousandth of the experience itself.

For thousands of years, pre-industrial societies taught that personal growth involved
visionary experiences.

Forms and colors of abstract visions can be perceived as lascivious and obscene or very
sensuous, sexually stimulating and seductive.

Ginsberg’s vision of a historic movement that would transform human consciousness
struck a responsive chord in Leary.

How many of our great visionaries have come from men who have gone off in the desert
or a cave or lived in solitude? (Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, etc.)

Huxley after years of theorizing that each of us carries a reservoir of untapped vision and
inspiration had suddenly stumbled across it at age 58 (his first mescaline trip).

If God is universal, the knowledge of God should include all other knowledge as the
sense of sight includes all the differing objects of vision.

In all religious traditions, the paradises and other worlds have precisely the qualities
which are given in the descriptions of the visionaries.

In many cultures, visionary plants were administrated in the context of spiritual healing
ceremonies as means to diagnose and cure diseases.

In the intensity of this vision, intellectual comparisons are transcended. (Intellectual
comparisons are based on words and LSD is way beyond words.)

It is an experience which people have when they are, at is were, reborn into the world and
suddenly, with this kind of visionary sight, they perceive its miraculous beauty.

It is faith or loving confidence which guarantees that visionary experience shall be
blissful. (Without that, the trip can be a bummer.)

LSD carried with it a certain messianic vision, a certain understanding of the meaning of

LSD subjects report numerous visions of archetypal forms, individual deities and
complex mythological sequences. (eyes closed)

Mandalas are a way of visualizing the concept that everything is connected, everything
springs from the same center.

Many people have had the experience of a unifying vision in which the whole creation
seems to come together in unity.

Many people report visions of brilliant light with a supernatural quality radiating divine
intelligence or experience God as pure spiritual energy permeating all.

Music may produce visions of color, pictures may produce sounds, odors may produce
visual and auditory images.

Must we continue to jail, execute, exile our ecstatic visionaries and then enshrine them as
tomorrow’s heroes?

Occasionally, the geometrical and ornamental visions appear to have some specific
emotional connotation.

Once the threshold of altered consciousness has been crossed, we are flooded with a
kaleidoscopic vision of extended perceptual fields and psychological insights.

Our land was founded by restless visionaries from the Old World, who decided that
anything new was better than the status quo.

Our perceptions of visionary objects possesses all the freshness, all the naked intensity of
experience which have never been verbalized, never assimilated to lifeless abstractions.

People may come to understand better through psychedelic drugs the visionary and
mystical language of poets like Blake, Wordsworth and Whitman.

People may see lights or visions or they may hear different kinds of inner sounds. They
may experience inner fragrances or tastes.

Precious stones are precious because they bear a faint resemblance to the glowing
marvels seen with the inner eye of the visionary.

Spirituality is seeing the world with a deeper vision that is not self-centered, a vision that
sees through dualistic views to the underlying interconnectedness of all of life.

The archetypal visions accompanying the experience of cosmic unity are of heavens,
celestial cities, paradisiacal gardens, and radiant divine beings. (eyes closed)

The degree to which he can allow himself to be carried unresistingly by the tidal waves of
visions seems to determine the richness of the experience.

The energy fields and the streaming of energy can be experienced in a tangible way and
can even be visually perceived with the eyes closed.

The experience is capable of giving intense visions and intense new awareness and
conviction of awareness of one’s own place in the universe.

The founders of the great religions of the world as well as their prophets, saints and
eminent teachers all had visionary experiences.

The LSD experience made available again the “lost” and forgotten visual modalities one
has a child.

The man who catches a glimpse of this vision seldom doubts that he has reached a realm
of truth that takes precedence over every other thing.

The mysterious uprising of love is the experience of complete relationship with another,
transforming our vision not only of the beloved but of the whole world.

The mystic is able to enlarge his vision, to look more deeply into the unfathomable
miracle of existence.

The mystic vision is one of unity and modern physics lends support to this perception
when it asserts that the world and its living forms are variations of the same elements.

The new physics seem to be approaching the mystic vision of which seers and sages of all
traditions have spoken.

The plant sources of these drugs, the visionary vegetables, have been worshipped as gods
in many times and places.

The psychedelic experience is man’s oldest and most classic adventure into meaning.
Every religion was founded on the basis of some flipped out visionary trip.

The psychedelic state is an immensely powerful one for obtaining insight and
understanding through visual symbolism.

The psychedelic style involves a revolution in our concepts of art and creativity, the new
music, the new poetry, the new visual art, the new film.

The total impact of an LSD experience can never be forgotten regardless of how much
the visions may dim.

The true and deepest value of the experience is that it offers a “tangible vision” of a better
state. (It’s the highest or best state of being.)

The ultimate challenge of Newtonian science has been the discovery that clinically blind
people experiencing out of body experiences describe scenes that are visually accurate.

“The view of that world” says Plato, “is a vision of blessed beholders” for to see things
“as they are in themselves” is bliss unalloyed and inexpressible.

The visionary and the mystic wait upon inspiration in a state of wise, nonverbal
passiveness, of dynamic vacuity.

The visionary experience bears a striking resemblance to “the Other World” as we find it
described in the various traditions of religion and folklore.

The visionary experience is described in the 7th book of Plato’s Republic and mapped in
the Bhgavid Gita and the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

The visionary experience is so highly prized that throughout the ages of recorded history,
people have done their best to induce visions.

The visionary revelation answers the escape question. There is no death. Ecstatic,
mirthful relief.

The visual field behind closed eyelids becomes rich in color and animated and the
individual can see a variety of geometrical or architectural forms.

The whole field of vision with its vast multiplicity of colors and shapes is a state of
affairs inside our heads.

The world around us—so often gray—is the product of our own distorted vision of our
ego-consciousness and ego-clinging.

There is nothing too beautiful to believe of the soul. If its visions seem falsified by
matter, it is only because they are above matter.

These heroic figures of man’s visionary experience have appeared in the religious art of
every culture. (The heroic figures are seen with the eyes closed.)

These visionary experiences have a primary numinous quality, as C. G. Jung called it;
they were the original sources of all great religions.

This other earth, where everything is brighter and clearer and more real than in our world
is, he says, a vision of blessed beholders. (That was Socrates, Plato’s mentor.)

Various archetypal images of deities can accompany the birth experience, as individual
visions or in the context of entire mythological sequences.

Virtually in every religious tradition, both civilized and primitive, use has been made of
mind-changing drugs used for the purposes of inducing visionary experiences.

Visionaries insist on the impossibility of recalling in anything even faintly resembling its
original form and intensity, their transfiguring experiences. (Using words can’t do it.)

Visionary experience plays a dominant role in the creative process in art, literature and

Visionary experiences enter our consciousness from somewhere “out there” in the
infinity of Mind-at-large.

Visual perceptions are greatly intensified and the eye recovers some of the perceptual
innocence of childhood.

We were lured by the vision of a new, transformed, transfigured human race, free of hype
and materialism, and we wanted to help change the world.

We were using a new kind of microscope, one which made visible an extraordinary range
of new perceptions.

When inner vision is ignored or obscured, one may be caught by illusions that constrict
awareness of reality.

You see with an immediacy of vision that leads you to say to yourself, “Now I am seeing
for the first time, seeing direct, without the intervention of mortal eyes.”

A number of architects have added to the extensive evidence for the drug’s use as an
instrument for enhancing perception, for training in visualization. They report that visual
and auditory acuity are revolutionized.

A visionary will recognize the possibility of discovering from mind, in some of its
extraordinary awakened states, a truth, or a collection of truths, which do not become
manifest in his every-day condition.

All of this stuff that is normally hidden in the active language is suddenly not only
available but visibly deployed in three-dimensional space and emotion. You recognize it
as intimately of yourself. In a sense you recognize it as your soul.

All of us carry around in the back of our head this mysterious other world which I have
called the world of visions. The little twinkling lights of Christmas decorations remind
us of this other world; they seem in some way magical.

Almost all mystics and visionaries have experienced reality in terms of light—either of
light in its naked purity or of light infusing and radiating out of things and persons, seen
with the inner eye or in the external world.

Amorphous surfaces, textures of objects and spots on the floor or walls can be seen as
fantastic animals, grotesque faces or exotic scenery. The optical side of aesthetic LSD
sessions can be so overwhelming and rich that it has been described as “orgies of vision.”

Any point from which one sees the one-ness is a center. That one point of vision is the
eye of God, seeing, glorifying, understanding the whole. One such moment of revelation
is the only purpose of life.

As a result of the explorations of such men as R. G. Wasson, Professor Roger Heim and
R. E. Schultes of Harvard, a whole new field was opened up—the study of the
relationship between plant-induced visions and primitive mythology.

For at least 3000 years, primitive tribes have had visionary orgies at feasts of certain
sacred plants, often mushrooms. (Were they primitive or is modern man, ignorant of all
of this, who is really primitive?)

Gem-like objects, bright, self-luminous, glowing with preternatural color and
significance, exist in the mind’s Antipodes, are seen by visionaries and are felt by all who
see them to be of enormous significance.

In deep experiential psychotherapy, biographical material is not remembered or
reconstructed; it can actually be fully relived. This involves not only emotions, but also
physical sensations, visual perceptions, as well as vivid data for all the other senses.

In Jung’s model, many experiences that do not make sense as derivatives of biological
events, such as visions of deities, can be seen as the emergence of contents from the
collective unconscious. (eyes closed)

In light of the overwhelming evidence we have regarding visionary experiences in
virtually every area of life, it is remarkable to think that traditional Western science
continues to ignore this crucial force in human history.

In recent decades, after centuries of domination by Newtonian mechanics, scientific
understanding of time, space and matter has converged with visions of the universe
expressed in Eastern religious texts that are thousands of years old.

In the paradisal vision, the individual has a different sense of identity. It is not merely
itself, bounded rigidly by its own skin. Its identity is also its whole field, which, in
mystical terms, is to say it is one with the universe.

In the past, experiences of this kind were considered valuable and those who had them
were looked up to. That’s one reason why there were more visionaries in earlier

It is not easy for the pious Christian to realize that Jesus was not an expert on the history
of religion and had probably never met anyone whose mystical vision was as deep as his

It’s a great feeling, one of the greatest of the entire psychedelic experience, to look into
another being’s eyes and see that they’ve seen the same incredible thing you have. It
validates the vision. (The vision is valid regardless.)

LSD subjects sophisticated in mathematics and physics have repeatedly reported that in
their psychedelic sessions they gained illuminating insights into a variety of concepts and
constructs that are not imaginable and visualizable in the ordinary state of consciousness.

Mystics who believe that God is everywhere but is invisible to us due to our ego-centered
nature, will find it easy to believe that a drug that occasionally obliterates the ego can
also make God more visible.

One transcends the dichotomy set up in one’s mind between “inner” and “outer” worlds
of experience and sees reality only from the standpoint of the mystical vision and many
experience life beyond all dualities.

People perceive the mystical realms to be pervaded by a sacred essence and an
unfathomable beauty, and they frequently see visions of precious gold, sparkling jewels,
unearthly radiance, luminescence, and brilliant light. (eyes closed)

Peyote produces self-transcendence in two ways—it introduces the taker into the Other
World of visionary experience and it gives them a sense of solidarity with his fellow
worshippers, with human beings at large and with the divine nature of things.

Raptures about “transcendental experience” often focus on the visual splendors and lofty
insights into the meaning of existence and the universe and the increase in aesthetic

Religious, mystical, visionary states are powerful and wonderful—they open the doors of
perception, polish our sensory lenses, shake up our autonomic nervous system, and get
our hormones swinging—but they’re intimate and precious.

Since experiences with psychoactive plants have traditionally been described in mystical
or mythical language, Leary may have been the first person to recognize and identify
them as evolutionary visions or genetic memories.

The content of LSD visions could be influenced by thoughts and feelings immediately
preceding the experience. (Where your head is at, coming into the experience, is a key

The “death” which must be undergone to behold the vision of God is the death of a false
identity and the withdrawal from the world which is required for liberation is withdrawal
from the game that this particular person, so-and-so, is my one and only self.

The expansion of consciousness is no other than extending our visions to comprehend
many levels at once and above all, to grasp those higher levels in which the discords of
the lower levels are resolved.

The experiences have been described as waking dreams. But to me, the visions are far
more colored and vivid than any dream can possibly be. With LSD, you see with striking
and unforgettable clarity.

The fact that visionary experiences has always, at all times and everywhere been very
highly valued, means that at all times and in all cultures systematic efforts have been
made to induce this experience.

The liberating aspect of rebirth and the affirmation of positive forces in the universe are
frequently expressed in visions of radiant, blinding lights that has a supernatural quality
and seems to come from a divine source.

The vision-producing drugs have a long history. As far back as knowledge of man exists,
there have been stories of herbs, roots, brews and potions to be eaten, drunk or smoked to
change in some way the state of consciousness.

Their visionary states tend to take them farther and farther back—through their own
history and the history of humanity, all the way to the creation of the world and the
original state of paradise. (Yes, you can go ALL the way back, during an LSD trip.)

There are sudden “slips” of consciousness into a wave length or dimension of this
everyday world which impress those who see them as being more real than the normal

There exists inside the human nervous system, inside our cellular structures a tissued,
biochemical memory-bank. The person who stumbles onto this inner room sees and
knows exactly what has been seen and known by visionaries of the past.

There is no way of classifying the infinite permutations and combinations of visionary
elements. The cortex contains file-cards for billions of images from the history of the
person, of the race, and of living forms. (seen with eyes closed)

There may be tremendous visions of landscapes of an extra-ordinarily brilliant and
glowing nature, of architectures often encrusted with gems and the landscapes too are
frequently recorded as encrusted with gems. (eyes closed)

This new psychedelic style has produced not only a new rhythm in modern music, but a
new decor for our discotheques, a new form of film making, a new kinetic visual art, a
new literature and has begun to revise our philosophic and psychological thinking.

We are in need of a kind of philosophy or vision, an intellectual grasp of its nature and
recognition of its value, so that the psychedelic experience may be incorporated into our
lives as wisdom.

What you are seeing and what you are hearing appear as one, the music assumes
harmonious shapes, giving visual form to its harmonies and what you are seeing takes on
the modalities of music.

When I read about such visionary states later, I felt especially grateful for my experience
because it seemed that much more authentic and because it gave me a window on the
knowledge of the sages.

When the threshold of consciousness is crossed, we are flooded with the kaleidoscopic
vision of cultures, peoples, symbols, remnants of historical and pre-historical memory.
(eyes closed)

While at the cradle of all great religions are the direct visionary revelations of their
founders, prophets, and saints, in many instances a religion loses its connection with this
vital core over time.

Wisdom, in contrast to knowledge gathered by empirical or rational investigation, is an
attribute of one who, by virtue of inner vision, understands the nature of illusion and

Without losing their normal breadth of vision, the eyes seem to become a microscope
through which the mind delves deeper and deeper into the intricately dancing texture of
the world.

Adventurous painters and musicians discovered that LSD was a catalyst, an impetus to
startling new arrangements of vision, to a bubbling, ecstatic, seemingly inexhaustible
pool of images and ideas, to a new-old kind of harmony between the artist and the

How can we Westerners see that our own potentials are much greater than the social-hive
games in which we are so blindly trapped? Once the game structure of behavior is seen,
change in behavior can occur with dramatic spontaneity. The visionary, brain-change,
consciousness-altering experience is the key to behavior change.

How strange that we should all carry about with us this enormous universe of vision and
that which lies beyond vision and yet be mainly unconscious of the fact! How can we
learn to pass at will from one world of consciousness to the others? Mescaline and LSD
will open the door.

I suppose in a certain sense one can say the value is absolute. In a sense one can say that
visionary experience is, so to say, a manifestation simultaneously of the beautiful and the
true, of intense beauty and intense reality and as such it doesn’t have to be justified in any
other way.

If any single theme dominated young people in the 1960’s, it was the search for a new
way of seeing, a new relation to the world. LSD was a means of exciting consciousness
and provoking visions, a kind of hurried magic enabling youthful seekers to recapture the
resonance of life that society had denied.

If I put on glasses and see details more clearly, no one can say that I am hallucinating.
But if, under the drug, I see colors and forms I did not see before, they say I am
hallucinating. But maybe I really achieved a new and better vision of external reality.
(There are no maybes about it.)

If repression is not replaced by education and if intolerance is not replaced with
understanding, our hopes for the future and our vision of the human potential will be
gravely jeopardized. (In other words, we have no hope if dumb, ignorant, arrogant,
selfish, insensitive fascists continue to hold power and run things.)

It is most curious to find, from Japan to Western Europe, these same images coming
through again and again, showing how universal and how uniform this kind of visionary
experience has been and how it has constantly been regarded as of immense importance
and has been projected out into the cosmos in the various religious traditions.

Lama Govinda says that to Tibetans, the attempts of modern psychologists, who try to
“prove” extrasensory perception by scientific methods, would appear crude and
laughable: one might as well try to prove the existence of light which is visible to all but
the blind.

Most of the subjects felt that the psychedelic experience could sometimes supply a
guiding vision which provided direction and meaning for one’s life thereafter. They
mentioned intense emotions such as love, compassion, or empathy, and the recognition
that the mind can be and should be highly trained.

Once a person has experienced a visionary state of mind, one can no longer confuse the
lie with the truth. One has seen where one comes from and who one is, and one no longer
doubts what one is. There is no emotion or external influence that can divert one from
this reality.

Our vision, and consequently our comprehension of our selves, is blocked out in many
areas by repression. Even where the aspects of the self are open to our scrutiny, our past
experience keeps our observations and interpretations bound in the ruts of conditioned
response. (LSD allows you to break through.)

Plato tells us that beyond this ephemeral and imperfect existence here below, there is
another Ideal world of Archetypes, where the original, the true, the beautiful Pattern of
things exists for evermore. It is clear where Plato found his Ideas; Plato had drunk of the
potion in the Temple of Eleusis and had spent the night seeing the great Vision.

Religious art has always and everywhere made use of vision-inducing materials. The
shrines of gold, the jeweled symbol or image, the glittering furniture of the alter—we find
these things in contemporary Europe as in ancient Egypt, in India and China as among
Greeks, the Incas, the Aztecs.

Take the sense of sight. LSD vision is to normal vision as normal vision is to the picture
on a badly tuned television set. Under LSD, it’s as though you have microscopes up to
your eyes, in which you see jewellike, radiant details of anything your eyes fall upon.
You are really seeing for the first time.

The consensus among the architects interviewed seems to be that LSD, when
administered under carefully controlled conditions, does enhance creativity to the extent
that it vastly speeds up problem-solving, aids in visualizing three-dimensionality and
generally heightens perceptivity.

The fates of nations and the lives of billions of people have been profoundly affected by
the divine illuminations of spiritual prophets. We have only to remember the revelations
of Buddha under the Bo tree, Moses on Mount Sinai, Jesus in the desert, Paul on the road
to Damascus, and Mohammed during his visionary night journey for evidence of this.

The Good, the True and the Beautiful are absolute values and in a certain sense one can
say that visionary experience has always been regarded as an absolute value, that it has
been always felt to be intrinsically of immense significance and importance and worth
having at a very great price.

The mythological image is what gives sense and organization to experience. Myth
embodies the nearest approach to absolute truth that can be stated in words because the
poetic, mythical or mystical mode of vision perceives orders and relationships which
escape factual description.

The perception of the environment has a certain primary quality; every sensory stimulus,
be it visual, acoustic, olfactory, gustatory or tactile, appears to be completely fresh and
new and at the same time, unusually exciting and stimulating. Subjects talk about really
seeing the world for the first time in their lives.

The richness of gem-like qualities, which is found in the Visionary World, does explain
many very strange facts about certain types of art and many facts about the curious,
uniform quality of religious traditions, folklore traditions, traditions of the nature of the
Golden Age and After Life, which are found all over the world.

The value, apart from their intrinsic value, so to say the ethical, sociological and spiritual
value of the visionary experience, is that if it is well used, it can result in a significant and
important change in the mode of consciousness and perhaps also in a change in behavior
or for the good.

These accounts do suggest that a “new vision” takes place, colored by an inner exaltation.
Their authors report perceiving a new brilliance to the world, of seeing everything as if
for the first time, of noticing beauty which for the most part they may have previously
passed by without seeing.

These experiences have been known for millennia. Descriptions of them can be found in
the holy scriptures of all the great religions of the world, as well as in written documents
of countless minor sects, factions and religious movements. They have also played a
crucial role in the visionary states of individual saints, mystics and religious teachers.

To men and women who have had direct experience of self-transcendence into the mind’s
Other World of vision and union with the nature of things, a religion of mere symbols is
not likely to be very satisfying. The perusal of a page from even the most beautifully
written cookbook is no substitute for the eating of dinner.

Veneration for the induced visionary experience has roots in virtually every culture on
earth, however sublimated or repressed it is today. In fact, one could argue that the use
of visionary plants and hallowed drafts has been seminal to the development of

Wasson suggested that every major world religion had originated in the botanical
hallucinations of some early visionary. Food of the gods. Flesh of the gods. Even the
name Jesus Christ in Aramic, he claimed, was derived from the word for psychedelic

Anybody who has been into the Sainte Chapelle in Paris or into Chartes Cathedral must
realize the extraordinary visionary power which these windows have. It is possible by
means of stained glass windows, to turn the whole of a vast building into one single
jewel. One is inside a great jewel. (With LSD, wherever you are is like that and much,
much more.)

I felt like the neurological Knute Rockne. I was a scholar from the greatest university in
the greatest country, moving the adventurous search for human knowledge forward. I
counted myself fortunate to be a member of that long line of visionaries who throughout
history have sought peaceful nature-shrines to carry on the search for self-knowledge.
(That was Timothy Leary.)

I was proud to know that my people had a medicine that was God-powerful. Listen to me,
peyote does have many amazing powers. I have seen a blind boy regain his sight from
taking it. Indians with ailments that hospital doctors couldn’t cure have become healthy
again after a peyote meeting. Once a Crow boy was to have his infected leg cut off by
reservation doctors. After a peyote ceremony, it grew well again.

I would suggest that ages and attitudes of man that are long gone by still survive in the
deepest unconscious layers of our mind. The spiritual heritage of archaic man, the ritual
and mythology that once visibly guided his conscious life, has vanished to a large extent
from the surface of the tangible and conscious realm, yet survives and remains ever
present in the subterranean layers of the unconscious.

In nonordinary states of consciousness, visions of various universal symbols can play a
significant role even in experiences of individuals who previously had no interest in
mysticism or were strongly opposed to anything esoteric. These visions tend to convey
instant intuitive understanding of the various levels of meaning of these symbols and
generate a deep interest in the spiritual path. (visions seen with eyes closed)

In the Western world, visionaries and mystics are a good deal less common than they
used to be. In the currently fashionable picture of the universe, there is no place for valid
transcendental experience. Consequently, those who have had what they regard as valid
transcendental experiences are looked upon with suspicion, as being either lunatics or

Most of our colleagues in the psychology department still couldn’t take the brain-change
work seriously. They couldn’t admit that our new subject matter even existed. Altered
states of consciousness simply didn’t exist as a category in the psychology of that time. It
was the familiar tunnel vision that has always narrowed the academic mind. (That was
Timothy Leary at Harvard.)

Myth is obviously a kind of non-logical philosophy; it expresses in the form of a story or,
very often, in the form of some visual image, or even in the form of a dance or a
complicated ritual, some generalized feeling about the nature of the world and of man’s
experience in regard to it. Myth is unpretentious, in the sense that it doesn’t claim to be
strictly true. It is merely expressive of our feelings about experience.

Normal waking consciousness may be replaced by aesthetic consciousness and the world
will be perceived in all its unimaginable beauty, all the blazing intensity of its
“thereness”. And aesthetic consciousness may modulate into visionary consciousness.
Thanks to yet another kind of seeing, the world will now reveal itself as not only
unimaginably beautiful, but also fathomlessly mysterious.

One frequently sees geometric patterns of multi-colored abstract lines that are visionary
in nature. Although such patterns are often more clearly visible when one’s eyes are
closed, they may be seen superimposed upon objects in the external world when one’s
eyes are open. These abstract patterns are generally three-dimensional and constantly
change in a steady, rhythmic flow, resembling the view through a kaleidoscope.

One may enter one’s visions and seem to be walking through gardens, art museums,
medieval castles, futuristic cities, etc. Archetypal imagery may appear, and one thus finds
oneself encountering mythological characters such as angels, demons, dragons, and
Grecian gods. On the boundary of mystical consciousness, it is not uncommon for
Christians to encounter an image intuitively identified as the Christ.

Opposing terms like psychosis vs. revelation, hallucination vs. vision, regression vs.
mystical insight, and sensory distortion vs. sensory enhancement embodied two different
attitudes toward the experience and even suggested two different world views.
Psychedelic drug users thought that the words of psychiatry and medicine were being
used as a weapon against them.

Perceptions of encompassing light, infinite energy, ineffable visions, and
incommunicable knowledge are remarkable in their seeming distinction from perceptions
of the phenomena of the “natural world.” According to mystics, these experiences are
different because they pertain to a higher transcendent reality. What is perceived is said
to come from another world, or another dimension.

Some individuals are genetically templated to live part of their time in the future. They’re
alienated from current realities. Sometimes they feel agonizingly out of step with the
“nomads” around them. Frequently, they are locked away for having visions. It helps
when mutants can recognize themselves. Then, they can view it all with humorous

The average Westerner is naive about nonordinary states of consciousness and has many
misconceptions and prejudices about some of the experiences that are potentially the
most healing. We try to convey a clear message that such phenomena as death-rebirth
sequences, archetypal visions and states of cosmic unity are absolutely normal and
having them in no way implies pathology.

They’re not interested in mystical experience at divinity schools. They’re interested only
in words and in history. If someone had a mystical vision a safe 2000 years ago and left
some record of it, that might interest them. But mystical experience, the raw and vital
force that gives rise to a religion, is too much for them to cram into their semantic,
pseudoscientific endeavor to understand God.

Three hundred years ago, if I announced there was a level of reality made up of tiny
particles which seem to have a beauty, a meaning, a planfulness of their own, I’d be in
danger of being imprisoned. When I could persuade people to look through the
microscope lens at a leaf, or a snowflake or a drop of blood, then they would discover
that beyond the macroscopic world are visible realms of energy and meaning.

To interpret the visionary experience laymen use the language of ecstasy and
psychiatrists use the language which is familiar and natural to them, the dialog of
diagnosis. Now the curious thing about psychiatric language is that it’s almost completely
negative, a pompous, gloomy lexicon of troubles, symptoms, abnormalities,

Up this gradual stairway of Sense, Understanding, Intuition, we mount to that height from
which we are able to behold, with some degree of calmness, the infinite fields of intuitive
Beauty and Truth, when the screen of the bodily is removed, and the scope of vision
belonging to our highest faculty is realized to be immeasurably beyond all that our most
rapturous visions ever conceived it.

We forgot that for thousands of years the psychedelic vision has been the rite of passage
of the teen-ager—the Dakota Indian boy who sits on the mountaintop fasting and
sleepless, waiting for the revelation. The threshold of adult game life is the ancient and
natural time for the rebirth experience, the flip-out trip from which you come back as a

We have to think about the university as a place which spawns new ideas or breaks
through to new visions, a place where we can learn to use our neurological equipment.
The university and, for that matter, every aspect of the educational system is paid for by
adult society to train young people to keep the same game going, to be sure that you do
not use your heads.

We were not to be limited by the pathological point of view. We were not to interpret
ecstasy as mania, or calm serenity as catatonia; we were not to diagnose Buddha as a
detached schizoid; nor Christ as a exhibitionist masochist; nor the mystic experience as a
symptom; nor the visionary state as a model psychosis. (That was Timothy Leary and
Aldous Huxley agreeing.)

You are holding in your hand a great human document. But unless you are one of the few
Westerners who have experienced a mystical minute of expanded consciousness, you will
probably not understand what the author is saying. Too bad, but still no cause for
surprise. The history of ideas reminds us that new concepts and new visions have always
been non-understood. We cannot understand that for which we have no words.

George used to tell me about the visions and insights and perceptual fireworks. I used to
listen politely but not caring. I had no concepts, no mental hooks on which to hang his
words and no intuitive electricity to get turned-on. Like every educated savage, I
automatically discredited anything that I didn’t understand. Now, it was different. The
visionary flash had come. (That was Timothy Leary looking back to before he tried

An inhibitor of visionary experience is ordinary, everyday, perceptual experience.
Archetypal visions are genuine manifestations of the collective unconscious.
Are these biochemical visions religious? (Yes)
Artists sought the experience as a means of expanding their vision.
Ecstatic freedom of consciousness is the keynote of this vision.
Enlightenment, as a goal of the spiritual path, is partly a result of awakening vision.
Establishment controls vision, vision bursts establishment.
Every religion was founded on the basis of some flipped out visionary trip.
Feeling and perception are hardly separated in the world of visions.
He has seen the vision and its beauty and power.
His art was inspired by the visions he saw on LSD.
It’s absolutely true that the experience is in a class by itself, especially on a visual level.
Join the holy dance of the visionaries.
Listening to the music and seeing the visions, you know a soul shattering experience.
Open eyes see vibrations in the visual field.
Open the door to visions of unimaginable richness and significance.
Our spotlight, narrowed attention must be opened to the full vision.
People did immensely value this kind of visionary experience.
Precious stones give us a kind of visual image of eternity.
Preparation is the key to a serene passage through the visionary territory.
stained glass—Inside the church, one is inside an immense gem of jeweled vision.
The Aztec priests used the plants to commune with their gods and to induce visions.
The drug vision can be astonishing.
The eye as such does not see things; it sees the total visual field in all its infinite detail.
The eyes have a vision of Eternity.
The general American culture lacks a tradition in visionary experience.
The LSD trip is the classic visionary-mystic voyage.
The mystic or visionary is always in opposition to or outside of social institutions.
The nature of these visions is often paradisal.
The spectrum of visionary experiences is very rich.
The stroboscope tends to enrich and intensify the visions. (eyes closed)
The vision is accessible to all.
The visions aren’t random visions, but follows patterns that are logical internally.
The visions bring images of an ideal new world. (eyes closed)
The visions may be awe inspiring in their grandeur and beauty.
The world becomes visible in its primal or actual splendor.
Theory is the articulated vision of experience.
This excursion into the visionary realms can be exciting, spontaneous and creative.
This inner world is what I call the world of visions.
Throughout the ages, visionary states have played an extremely important role.
Visionary experience is preternaturally brilliant.
Visionary foods were used by witches from 1450-1750.
Visionary states can provide valuable information about the self and reality.
Visual scenes have more depth, sounds are heard with more dimension.
We awaken to the vision of unity consciousness.
We have scrubbed the world clean of magic. We have lost even the vision of paradise.
We lost our vision of the universe in the overwhelming complexity of its details.

I enjoy the visions of beautiful patterns in motion everywhere, on plain cloth, on walls, in
clouds and dirt yards.

The eyes have become microscopes and the texture of the visual field is infinitely rich
and complex.

I look at those leaves with their architectures of veins, their stripes and mottlings. I peer
into the depths of interlacing greenery of those living patterns, so characteristic of the
visionary world, of those endless births and proliferations of geometrical forms that turn
into objects, of things that are forever being transmuted into other things.

He experiences a cosmic vision.

His vision has grown telescopic.

Besides seeing objects in greater visual depth, I also saw them with greater clarity, as
though a great lens had brought everything into sharper focus for me.

Emotions came in rip tides, thoughts poured out in torrents and my entire body moved
almost continuously, its actions prompted by the contents of the visions.

He emphasized that his understanding is all experienced as simultaneous visual and felt

I closed my eyes and experienced a vision that unfolded in vivid colors and accompanied
by voices that were audible only inside my head.

I don’t think I shall ever again experience anything more radiant than my visions that

I saw the most beatific visions, the most beautiful women, angelic in their mental and
physical configurations. (eyes closed)

“It was,” according to Huxley “without question the most extraordinary and significant
experience this side of the Beatific Vision.”

My visual field was glowing with a spectrum of colors that had an awesome and
numinous quality.

No saint ever saw more glorious or joyously beautiful visions or experienced a more
blissful state of transcendence.

Polished to a visionary glow, the rosy shafts proclaimed their manifest kinship with the
Other World.

Pressure on the eyeball produced alterations of visual perception. (If your eyes are closed
and a light is put just in front of the closed eyes, that will influence visions.)

The effects on my vision were spectacular. Pigment stuck out of the paintings forming
valleys and mountains of raw, furrowed, gleaming color.

The expansion of all visible things had been growing toward its height; it now revealed it
and to the fullest extent I apprehended what is meant by the infinity of space.

The psychological power of his new spiritual vision was so great that it helped him
overcome his excessive fear of death.

The revelation had come. The veil had been pulled back. The classic vision. The
fullblown conversion experience. The prophetic call. The works. God had spoken.

The visible world was wholly real and in no way a deception, but it nevertheless had this
underlying structure which glowed and pulsed like a living force.

The whole field of vision of the entire inside of the room would just jolt a little bit and
vibrate a little bit and settle back into still again.

There was a vision of the hidden life forces, a manifestation of the life within that was
commonly only talked or read about.

This unified divine vision seemed to be what she had been craving and waiting for her
whole life.

This was a vision of the hidden life forces, a manifestation of the life within that was
commonly only talked or read about.

Within the domains of visionary travel, I’d now gone all the way toward the beginning, to
my conception, and all the way toward the end, to my death.

Blake saw visionary landscapes “articulated beyond all that the mortal and perishing
nature can produce” and “infinitely more perfect and minutely organized than anything
seen by the mortal eye.”

eyes open—The colors had become not only more luminous and brilliant, but different in
quality from any color previously seen; they were located outside the normally visible

It was a magical time. Visions of utopia flooded my brain. The pictures the psychedelics
beamed into my mind opened me up to the world in new ways and showed me what is
possible when love, trust and faith replace envy, possessiveness and violence.

Old things have passed away, all things have become new. It was like entering another
world, a new state of existence. Natural objects were glorified, my spiritual vision was so
clarified that I saw beauty in every material object in the universe.

The culminating experience was one of transcendental peace, with visions of supernatural
beauty and the sound of celestial music…ecstatic feelings of timelessness,
weightlessness, serenity and tranquility.

The quality of visual interpenetrations as a form of very intimate and personal
communication through one’s gaze became very apparent. (Eye contact, during a trip, is
very communicative.)

I looked on fields, and waters, and sky, and read in them a most startling meaning. I
wondered how I had ever regarded them in the light of dead matter. They were now
grand symbols of the sublimest spiritual truths—truths never before even feebly grasped,
and utterly unsuspected.

I was not I any more but a consciousness that encompassed a vastly broader spectrum of
reality than “I” had ever dreamed. I was changed, and the new vision so attracted me that
I stopped paying attention to the segment of reality that had formerly held my complete
attention, mainly, the physical plane.

Physical distance was not experienced as such. A glance or visual impression felt like a
reaching out and amoeba-like engulfment. One lived in one’s glance, one extended
oneself in one’s visual projection, one lived and traveled with one’s eyes and view. (Eye
contact is very communicative.)

Scenes involving human forms and architecture began to emerge accompanied by play of
light and color, a “technicolor” of the mind’s eye. As the visions grew more interesting, I
could still convey my experiences to the guide, although my engrossment in the
sensations was such that I did not wish to interrupt them for long. (eyes closed)

There was unity and life and the exquisite love that filled my being was unbounded. My
awareness was acute and complete. I saw God and all the saints and I knew the truth. I
felt myself flowing into the cosmos, levitated beyond all restraint, liberated to swim in
the blissful radiance of the heavenly visions.

For the first time, I understood the meaning of “ineffable”. There seemed to be no
possibility of conveying in words the subjective truth of my experience. A veil had been
lifted from my inner vision, and I felt able to see, not just images or forms, but the nature
of truth itself. The doors of perception were so cleansed, they seemed to vanish
altogether, and there was only infinite being.

I kept getting visions of the “golden dawning” of consciousness in man which would
enable us to get things whole, to see life’s miracles, to know that indeed all is in
everything from blade of grass to man and woman. It was a vision of some ideal
existence in which there was only the sense of wonder and all fear gone, of a certain state
of being that was there not to be judged, but simply to be.

I was looking at my furniture as the pure aesthetic whose concern is only with forms and
their relationships with the field of vision or the picture space. But, as I looked, this
purely aesthetic, Cubist’s-eye view gave place to what I can only describe as the
sacramental vision of reality. I was in a world where everything shone with the Inner
Light and was infinite in its significance.

The visions were not blurred or uncertain. They were sharply focused, the lines and
colors being so sharp that they seemed more real to me than anything I had seen with my
own eyes. I felt that I was now seeing clearly, whereas ordinary vision gives us an
imperfect view. I was seeing the archetypes, the Platonic ideas, that underlie the
imperfect images of everyday life.

To my utter astonishment, I relived my own conception and various stages of my
embryological development. While I was experiencing all the complexities of the
embryogenesis, with details that surpassed the best medical handbooks, I was flashing
back to an even more remote past, visualizing some phylogenetic vestiges from the life of
my animal ancestors. (eyes closed)

With my eyes closed, colorful, ever-changing fantastic images invaded my mind
continuously. It was especially remarkable how all sounds—for instance, the noise of a
passing car—were transported into visual sensations, so that with each tone and noise, a
corresponding colored image, changing in form and color like a kaleidoscope, was

A vision of celestial glory burst upon me (eyes closed).
All of a sudden came a vision that totally clarified everything for me.
Color visions began to evolve into immense vistas of enchanting beauty.
ecstatic vision–For the first time in my life I literally saw “the world in a grain of sand.”
Everything had vision. (Objects are alive and can see.)
He was in total rapture and later considered the vision a grace.
His visions were vivid in color, always harmonious.
I danced weightlessly in midair while before me appeared a hundred or more visions.
I stood overwhelmed by the vision.
It was an adventure in entirely new audio-visual sensations.
It was the classic visionary voyage and I came back a changed man.
My field of vision fluctuated.
My field of vision swayed before me.
My visual environment was progressively clearer and clearer.
My visual field showed a glow and I had a sense of peace, tranquility and eternity.
Sounds were transposed into visual sensations.
The beautiful visions were the stimuli for spiritual emotions.
The broadest scope of vision which was possible was now ours.
The extreme beauty invaded consciousness like a vision from heaven.
The range of my vision was vastly expanded.
The substance of a thing was both seen and felt through the visual perception.
The vision changed my life.
The vision had intense emotional resonance.
The vision was primal. (eyes closed)
The visions were influenced in content by the music.
The visions were perfectly clear.
This vision had a sort of archetypal or mythic quality (eyes closed).
Visions of Paradise, universal truths and enormous insights were all experienced.
We could see with the miracle of LSD vision.
We were having visions together.
Would a musician “hear” the revelations which, for me, had been exclusively visual?

a beautiful column in the majestic corridor of a visionary castle, covered with mosaics of
intricate detail (eyes closed)

a better understanding of the visionary and mystical language of poets like Blake,
Wordsworth and Whitman

a colorful visionary adventure resulting in a profound spiritual opening and personality

a fantastic display of colorful visions, some of them abstract and geometrical, others
figurative and full of symbolic meaning (eyes closed)

a stream of symbolic visions that bear an uncanny relationship not only with his own past
but to his ancestral history as well (eyes closed)

a vision of a free society based on love rather than greed, where everyone’s survival
needs were sanely addressed

a vision of God as a radiant source of light of supernatural beauty or a sense of personal
fusion and identity with God perceived in this way

a vision of the ocean with the waves marvelously colored and sparkling like jewels
rolling in

a vision of what may be called living geometries, geometrical forms brilliantly lighted,
continuously changing (eyes closed)

an archetypal vision that illuminated both my past history and my future development
(eyes closed)

an expansive vision of the continuous rebirth of the planets and souls in a very big

an experience, a vision, a revelation which will explain, without words, why there is a

an instance in which vision was so heightened under LSD that a subject was able to read
a newspaper at a distance of 30 feet

breaking through the normal boundaries separating persons, the simultaneous sharing of
images and visual patterns and apparent telegraphic communication

combinations of details and objects that at first seem unrelated but have some intellectual
and visual connection

direct spiritual experiences, such as feelings of cosmic unity, death-rebirth experiences,
encounters with archetypal entities, visions of light of supernatural beauty

experienced the rapid kaleidoscopic flow of images, visions, insights and ideas of another
world (eyes closed)

experiential confrontation with artistic creations of high aesthetic value—visions of
beautiful temples, sculptures or paintings (eyes closed)

had visions of crystals, diamonds, jewels, ornate goblets and chalices in beautiful colors
and supernatural radiance (eyes closed)

increased vividness of color, visual harmonies, change in depth perception, sharper
definition of detail, change in time sense, especially listening to music

incredibly colorful and dynamic visions of geometrical designs, architectural forms,
kaleidoscopic displays (eyes closed)

mystical experience, visionary breakthroughs to a deeper, more comprehensive reality
than that perceived by our rational everyday consciousness

out of the everyday world of common, conceptualized experience into the magical Other
World of nonverbal visionary awareness

permit the entry into consciousness of experiences, visionary or mystical, from “out

psychedelic experience not a matter of intellectual conviction or belief but of direct

spiritual awakening, a direct visionary experience of transpersonal realities, the original
source of mainstream religions

strange visions of extraordinary vividness accompanied by a kaleidoscopic play of
intense coloration

the ancient underground society of alchemists, artists, mystics, alienated visionaries,
dropouts and the disenchanted young, the sons arising

the “empty” or “illusory” character of the visible world of nature—the impermanence of
its forms

the human mind, its moments of intellectual and visionary illumination, its mysterious
stairways winding downward and upward into the unknown

the most extraordinary and significant experience available to human beings this side of
the Beatific Vision

the mystery of the nature of the relations between visionary experience and events on the
cellular, chemical and electrical levels

the Rig Veda, the ancient Hindu text that spoke of the ecstatic visions obtainable from the
plant soma

the sacred mushroom that gives visions and transports the eater to “the world where
everything is known”

“the transcendent unity of religions,” the notion that underlying all the world’s greatest
religious traditions, there is a single and shared transcendent vision of the Divine

the transporting visions of the textures of rock and sand, of the shadows and emerald
lights in grass or among the reeds

the truth of existence as intuited by clear vision, free from the constricting distortions of
partial perceptions

the undoubted historical fact of the widespread use of visionary plants in religious

the world of saints, heroes, magical forests, visions of delightful temples and jeweled
mansions (eyes closed)

those living geometries which are so characteristic of the visionary experience (moving
color patterns with the eyes closed)

to have one’s consciousness undisturbed by grasping desire, in such a way that the senses
do not receive a distorted and fragmentary vision of the world

to transport the beholder out of the old world of his everyday experience, far away,
toward the visionary antipodes of the human psyche

very complex situations from different cultures and centuries which may be visualized in
considerable detail (eyes closed)

vision of the inner reality, looked into the deepest foundation of things, gazed into the
very heart of things

visions of archetypal forms, deities and demons, and complex mythological sequences
that seem to have a life of their own (eyes closed)

visions of archetypal forms, individual deities and complex mythological sequences (eyes

visions of archetypal personages and themes, encounters with deities of various cultures,
and complex mythological, legendary and fairy tale sequences (eyes closed)

visions of complicated geometrical compositions closely resembling Oriental mandalas
(eyes closed)

visions of every kind of sexual encounter one can imagine and tremendous waves of lust
and rapture (visions with eyes closed, lust and rapture with eyes open or closed)

visions of light that has a supernatural radiance and beauty and is usually perceived as

visions of religious ceremonies involving sensuality, sexual arousal and wild rhythmic
dances (eyes closed)

would intensify your visual awareness and would make you aware of colors—some of
which you may never have seen before

a visionary torrent of cultures and contexts, myths and symbols, remnants of what may
seem to be racial or transpersonal memory—that near infinity of components that appears
to constitute our being (eyes closed)

breaking through the barrier surrounding our ordinary day-to-day, biologically utilitarian
world of consciousness and breaking through into another mode of consciousness, the
visionary mode

curanderos or shamans—explore all the corners and caves and hidden inlets of the
visionary world and then guides other visionary travelers through the jungles of their own

direct spiritual experiences, such as feelings of cosmic unity, a sense of divine energy
streaming through the body, death-rebirth sequences, visions of light of supernatural

man’s fall from original innocence and integrity, his remoteness on this earth from Divine
vision (We were all born innocent and Divine. Conditioning and ego have robbed us of
our lives. LSD can get us our lives back. Is anything more important?)

participation in cellular flow, visions of microscopic processes, strange undulating multi-
colored tissue patterns, being a one-celled organism floating down the arterial waterways,
being part of the fantastic artistry of internal factories (eyes closed)

reports he’s seeing this fresh new world with the eyes of a child. Everything looks new
and fresh, unblinkered by convention, his vision not yet limited and distorted by

that visionary experience has always been regarded as an absolute value, that it has been
always felt to be intrinsically of immense significance and importance and worth having
at a very great price

the goal of internal freedom, the ability to move voluntarily from one level of
consciousness to another, just as the scientist focuses his vision from the microscopic to
the telescopic

the “projection” of consciousness to a point some distance from the body with visual
perception appearing to be from that point and not from the actual physical location of
the organ of sight

the Protestant social web, so sterile and anti-sense and anti-Christ, so false to the memory
of that half-naked sensual Jew visionary prophet who sat on the floor to wash dirty feet
and then stood up to the Roman Empire (Timothy Leary wrote that.)

the significance of visionary experience, this manner of comprehending the world—in
cultural history, in the creation of myths, in the origin of religions and in the creative
process of which works of art arise

two types of vision—central and peripheral, central for reading, focusing, peripheral less
conscious, taking “subconscious” notice of things not in the direct line of central vision
and can take in many things at a time

visions of many-colored geometries, of architectures, rich with gems and fabulously
lovely, of landscapes with heroic figures, of symbolic dramas, trembling perpetually on
the verge of the ultimate revelation (eyes closed)

through into another dimension…billions-of-protein-file-cards, flicking through,
confronting me with endless library of events, forms, visual perceptions, memories, not

abstract, but pulsing…now…experiential…a billion years of coded experience, classified,
preserved in brilliant, living clarity that makes ordinary reality seem like an out-of-focus,
tattered, jerky, fluttering of peep-show cards, tawdy and worn (eyes closed)

a beautiful, clear, sexual vision
a clearing and brightening of my visual field
a cosmic vision
a dramatic visionary odyssey into the depths of the psyche
a fantastic visionary adventure
a fantastic visionary journey that tears ordinary reality asunder
a grand vision, the purest visions
a journey through the wonderful lands of vision
a marvelous world of meaning engendering visions, hope, and peace
a mental state in which appear fantastic visions, often in the most brilliant colors
a mystical intuitive wisdom inherent in visionary states of consciousness
a new look at the old problems, a new vision of the old world
a new vision of human possibilities and cultural renewal
a new vision of the universe and his place in it
a sacred primordial vision (eyes closed)
a sense of heightened reality in vision
a sense of inner vision and fulfillment
a series of enchanting visions
a total vision
a universal vision, a universal vision of life
a utopian dream, a vision
a vision of a different world, so new and clean and fresh
a vision of eternity
a vision of eternity, views of eternity
a vision of higher reality such as comes in moments of scientific or psychological insight
a vision of the Primary Clear Light of Pure Reality
a vision of the universal
a vision of universal scope
a vision that was so real and convincing, so directly and deeply felt
a visionary dance
a visionary glimpse of a deeper reality, an insight into the true basis of the universe
a visionary program of universal love
a wealth of visions
a wondrously beautiful heaven of visual imagery and music
acid vision
acid’s electric visions
aesthetic visionary and mystical consciousness
alterations in visual experience
an emotional-reflective-visual kaleidoscope
an exciting new vision of the cosmos and human nature
an explosion of lights, jewels and rainbows, the glorious vision (eyes closed)
an extended field of vision
an increased sensitivity to sounds and visual stimuli
an inspiration of beauty by every visible thing
an organic and unitary vision of the universe
an orgy of vision
ancient jungle visions (eyes closed)
archetypal inner visions (eyes closed)
archetypal visions, mythological sequences (eyes closed)
archetypal visions of heavens and paradises (eyes closed)
archetypal visions of paradises, heavens or celestial cities (eyes closed)
beautiful mystical visions
celestial visions (eyes closed)
changes in the perception of visual form
clear and elaborate visions (eyes closed)
clear and penetrating vision into herself
clear vision
colossal visions
complex and detailed scenes in the form of vivid clairvoyant visions (eyes closed)
dimensions of visual stimuli
discover a world of visionary beauty
discover a world of visionary beauty, the enormous heightening of the perception of color
divine vision
ecstatic visions
ecstasy vision
Eden of visionary experience
emotionally toned visions
enhanced visual sensitivity
enriching the mind and enlarging the vision
entered a world of fantastic shapes, colors and visual detail
eternal vision
expanding your vision
exultant new world vision, a new thrilling freedom
fantastic visions of radiant sources of light experienced as divine, heavenly
glorious visions
grandiose visions
has experienced the unity of all things in mystical vision
heaven of blissful visionary experience
heavenly visions
heavenly visions, prophetic insights
his “power of visual understanding” with deep perception and beauty
Huxley the great visionary prophet of our times (Timothy Leary said that.)
incredibly colorful and dynamic visions of geometric designs (eyes closed)
inner vision
intense visions
internal visions
intoxicants, love potions, sources of dreams and visions and for magical purposes
Leary a true visionary of the potential of the human mind and spirit
like a saint’s vision of beautitude
LSD a non-verbal, visionary experience
LSD’s potential as a visionary or transcendental drug
knowledge gained through vision and mystical intuition
magnificent utopian vision
metaphysically starving youth reaching out for beatific visions
mosaic of visual rhythm, pulsating vibratory color
my LSD-enhanced vision
mystic visionary
mystic visions
mystical visions
new visionary chemicals
open the door to visions of unimaginable richness and significance
profound philosophic visions
psychedelic participatory visions of embryos, body organs, cells and atoms (eyes closed)
psychedelic vision
psychedelic visionaries
psychedelic visions of harmony, love, and trust in the sweet, divine energy of creation
purely philosophical introspections, visual feasts, sensual raptures
quick-arriving visual forms and movements, very fast-moving imagery (eyes closed)
radiantly clear, clear vision
radical alterations of visual perception
religious, mystical, visionary or cosmic experience
restoring my vision of the infinite
rich changes in visual perception
saw visions of such beauty that he sobbed with joy
see visions within and a transformed world without
spiritual vision
striking visual and emotional changes
that this vision is a brief recapturing of the way in which we saw things in our infancy
that this vision is a restoration of something we once had and lost
the aesthetic dimensions of the fast-moving kaleidoscopic visions (eyes closed)
the attainment of the mystical vision through “ego death”
the brightness of visionary experience
the clarity of this inner vision
the clarity of “visions”
the clarity, the exquisite beauty of the visionary state
the cloudless conviction of reality which characterized this vision
the communicative nature of the visions
the corrective lens which returns vision to sharp, clear focus
the cosmic vision
the creative vision
the critical role of visionary experiences in the spiritual life of humanity
the deep visions
the direct visual confrontation with the unity of all men, the unity of life
the “divine eye”, the gift of inner vision
the dream world of visions, mind-expansion, self-awareness and mystical ecstasy
the ecstatic vision
the enlargement of vision, the acute awareness of vaster potentials
the excitement of the visions (eyes closed)
the flashing flow of ecstatic visions
the glowing marvels seen with the inner eye of the visionary
the great philosophic visions of antiquity
the great universal significance of visionary experience
the healed vision of life which comes with full awareness
the holy vision of the first beginning and the final end
the infinite permutations and combinations of visionary elements
the inner vision
the intellectual vision of Truth, the immediate, unitive knowledge of the divine Ground
the intensification of vision
the intensification of visual perception
the intensity of the emotions which accompanied the visions
the limited vision of reality prevailing in modern society
the mad visionary dreamer
the mind loss and the vision
the most entrancing visions (eyes closed)
the mystic vision, mystical ecstasy
the mystical experience, the mindless vision, the nongame visionary experience
the mystical vision, mystical ecstasy
the new cult of visionaries
the new vision
the new vision of reality which is revealed
the new vision of the divine
the non-game visionary experience
the Other World of the mind, the Other World of visionary experience
the Other World of which visionaries are fully conscious
the psychedelic visual experience, a Niagara of light energy
the relationship between plant-induced visions and mythology
the romantic vision of illumination
the secret league of dedicated travelers who shared a vision of fulfillment
the Self discovered by the mystic in visionary raptures
the soul’s visionary heaven
the spiritual nature of visionary phenomena
the transcendent nature of visionary experiences
the transcendent vision
the transcendental vision of the Good
the true vision
the true visionary who is spiritualized
the uncontrollable visionary laugh
the utterly incomparable beauty of the vision
the vision of a new world, the Mystic Vision
the vision of all visions
the vision of Harmony
the vision of highest beautitude
the vision of the sacred achieved in ecstatic states
the vision of the total union of the spiritual and physical domains
the vision wherein lies our only true hope
the visionary bliss of heaven, a heaven of blissful visionary experience
the visionary core of religion
the visionary experience of a deeper reality
the visionary experiences of paradises, celestial realms and cities of light (eyes closed)
the visionary intensity
the visionary journey
the visionary layers
the visionary state
the visual cortex
the whole field of vision with its vast multiplicity of colors and shapes
these archetypal inner visions (eyes closed)
this mode of vision
this new vision of many realities
this new vision of reality
this new vision of the world
this ultimate vision
this vision of rapture
this visionary world, fresh with a childlike wonder and joy
those locked into what Blake called “single Vision and Newton’s sleep”
to bring together visionary mysticism and modern science
to expand limited perceptions and awaken vision
to reach ecstasy, to have the vision, to reach other worlds of your own cortex
to restore true vision
to worlds of visionary bliss
total visual recall of scenes from the distant past (eyes closed)
transcendental, mystical, cosmic, visionary, revelatory
transcendental-scientific visions
tremendous visionary experiences of light, of luminous figures
unclouded visions
until at last he achieves the very depths of his being and the luminous vision of the One
unusual depth and clarity of vision
utopian visionaries
utopian visions
very remarkable and startling visionary experiences
vision heightened
vision of the open cortex flashing at speeds which far outstrip our verbal machinery
vision of the Primary Clear Light of Pure Reality
vision of ultimate reality
visionary adventures
visionary and mystical experiences
visionary and mystical forms of religion
visionary art
visionary ecstasies
visionary experiences of descent into the underworld (eyes closed)
visionary gold
visionary happiness
visionary insights
visionary knowledge
visionary magic
visionary potentialities
visionary science
visionary sightseeing
visionary states of a religious and mystical nature
visionary terrain
visionary truth
visionary vegetables
visions intensely and preternaturally brilliant in color
visions of a sexual nature
visions of divine light, supernatural radiance and beauty
visions of geometric patterns (eyes closed)
visions of great meaning
visions of harmony and brotherhood
visions of incomparable delight
visions of incomparable light
visions of light of supernatural radiance and beauty
visions of microscopic processes, strange, undulating tissue patterns (eyes closed)
visions of nature
visions of past and future evolution (eyes closed)
visions of perfect existences
visions of the divine
visions of the divine light, supernatural radiance and beauty
visions of various archetypal beings (eyes closed)
visions that seemed the very archetypes of beautiful form and color
visions that were purely inspirational
visual beauty
visual, intuitive and emotional transformations
visual magic
visual stimulation
vivid visual imagery (eyes closed)
voluptuous visions (eyes closed)

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