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naked consciousness, the “Clear Light of the Beginning”
nature an infinitely dimensioned field
nature and its beauty
nature that had been magically transfigured
nature’s creativity
neurologic or neurophysics, the “scientizing” of internal experiences
neurological liberation
new and relevant dimensions
new avenues of exploration
new, beautiful and significant experiences
new changes of magnificence
new chemicals that exhilarate learning, expand consciousness and enhance memory
new conceptions of consciousness and its alteration
new concepts accompanied by a complete understanding of them
new creative exploration and adventures
new creative ideas
new depths of meaning
new dimensions
new dimensions of experience
new dimensions of meaning
new dimensions of oneself break through
new dimensions of rapture
new dimensions to all of the senses
new drugs which expand and speed up the mind
new emotional insights
new experiences of the reaches of consciousness
new experiences which were not like anything they had ever imagined before
new experiential realms
new frontiers
new glimpses into the nature of reality
new horizons open, enlarge the spiritual horizon
new insight
new insight into the universe and man
new insights into the essence of the creative process
new insights into the human psyche
new insights, new levels of awareness
new insights or revelations of a transcendental nature
new insights provided by consciousness expanding experiences
new internal territories
new levels of awareness
new levels of energy, new layered realities, new stages of evolution
new levels of insight
new levels of intelligence
new levels of intensified empathic relationships
new meaning
new meanings, fresh perspectives
new mental dimensions
new modes of awareness, new modes of experiencing and perceiving
new modes of experiencing
new philosophical and spiritual insights into the nature of reality
new realities
new realms of consciousness, the exilir of wisdom
new realms of mystical and spiritual experience
new selfhood, new human beings, new possibilities
new sensations
new sense of self
new spiritual discovery
new spiritual feelings of a cosmic nature
new therapeutic possibilities and perspectives
new, unknown and uncharted territories of the human mind
new unprecedented horizons
new visionary chemicals
new ways of being and experiencing
newfound clarity
Niagaras of exploding colors and wiggling patterns
night and day sessions—some say night experiences richer and deeper
no longer an insular ego-consciousness, but a cosmic consciousness
noble and free and at peace with all the gods of the new world
non-addictive, revelation-recreation drugs
nondualistic consciousness
nonlinear and nonlogical
nonordianry awareness, altered awareness
nonordinary realities
nonordinary states of consciousness that mediate access to all other aspects of existence
nonrational stirrings of the inner life the root of religion
nonverbal awareness
not our bodies but the “pattern” of the entire universe.)
noticing in every small simple thing a universe of complexity
nourishing experiences
novel combinations of ideas and perceptions (and feelings)
novel energy levels and unusual forms of perception
novel experiences which “break through” stereotypes
now knows that there’s a Universal Mind out there
objects more significant and beautiful
objects shrinking, growing, melting, undulating, expanding, contracting
objects which begin to live, to have another, a deeper meaning
oceanic feelings of unity
oceanic sex
of ineffable beauty
of such unimaginable experiential dimensions
of surpassing beauty
offers unique possibilities for a serious philosophical and spiritual quest
offers new therapeutic possibilities undreamed of by traditional psychiatry
old images combined into new patterns
on a heavenly excursion
on a high astral plane
on a new psychedelic plane
on a strange primordial level
on the path of truth
on the psychic plane, in the energy
on the shores of eternity
on the threshold of the ultimate feeling
on the trail of an ancient and holy mystery
one of the richest learning and humanizing experiences life offers
one of those wonderful, magical moments when a new world is ready to be born
one with the pulsing of all life
one’s deeper potential
one’s inner environment
open attention
open-mindedness and courage
open the door to visions of unimaginable richness and significance
open the senses like flowers
open the windows of perceptive feeling and enrich the understanding of God
open to direct sensual reception
open up consciousness and accelerate awareness
opened doors to other planes
opened the door to the discovery of myself
opened the neural doors to the future
opened up my sensory awareness
opened up so many areas of exploration for me
opening a door in your mind
opening access to new territories
opening more and more realms of experience and revelation
opening new realms of awareness
opening the doors of perception and widening the area of consciousness
opening the self to higher energies
opening the way
opening up doors to past events hitherto buried in oblivion
openness to new sensations
opens individuals to spiritual dimensions of their being
opens the mind and enhances creativity
opens the mind, frees the nervous system of its ordinary patterns and structures
opens the mind to its glorious ecstatic depths
opens the mysteries of that great soul within him.
opens the way to emotional liberation
opens the way to spiritual liberation
opens up vistas of natural satisfaction and aesthetic revelation
operating from a higher unifying center of personality
opportunities for heightened insight, awareness and integral understanding
other, more interesting dimensions of awareness
other planes of consciousness
otherwise inaccessible ranges of consciousness
our bodies at ease and our minds mixing together
our consciousness, the innermost essence of our being
our dance of rapture
our deepest and true nature
our deepest and true nature, the divine within
our deepest wishes and the soul’s most ancient dreams
our discovery of eternity
our eternal home
our eternal identity
our evolution from neurotic terrestrial mortals to enlightened cosmic immortals
our evolutionary journey toward ultimate self-recognition
our higher nature, the spiritual aspect of our being
our highest soarings
our interdependence with the entire domain of organic and inorganic nature
our neglect and misunderstanding of the whole consciousness area
our one locked body moving in its perfect dance
our original and eternal identity
our own innate wisdom
our present state of spiritual infancy
our present world, which is both so terrified and so unconscious of the other world
our society’s psychological inertia
our spontaneous-creative fullness of being
our strong cultural programming against such experiences
our thoughtlessly organized bodies
our true, nonconceptual self
our true or original nature
our true self inhabiting all bodies and not our body only
our unconscious mind and the inner teachings that come through it
out beyond normal consciousness
“out there” in the psychological equivalent of a hitherto unexplored geographical region
outside consensus reality-tunnels
outside the ordinary time-space dimension
overcomes his ego-limitations and reaches spiritual maturity
overflowing joy
overwhelmed with perceptual changes
overwhelming feelings of love, gratitude and oneness
overwhelming psychological effects
overwhelmingly strong ecstatic feeling
painters, sculptors and musicians seeking artistic inspiration
paradise gardens with their jeweled plants and trees
paradise rediscovered
participation in ritual dramas (eyes closed)
pass beyond personal awareness into a universal awareness unlimited by time and space
pass through the verbal curtain into other modes of consciousness
passage up into the blissful light
passed through the gate and entered the spell of the magic
passing pedestrians who seem to perform utterly comic movements
passing through the Gates of mystery
passionate intensity
patterns of a higher order
patterns of color which have a power to move us and in ways which we little understand
patterns of energy flow
patterns of rich hues and abstract designs
patterns within patterns, merging, pulsating
peace and joy
peace and love and beauty and truth
peace—everywhere godlike peace, the sum of all conceivable desires satisfied
peaceful yet exhilarated, a sweet sensation
peak-experiences of everlasting value
penetrate into the mystical universe which surrounds him
penetrating psychological insights
penetration of the Wall of Paradise
people who are changing their consciousness, who are pursuing the eternal quest
people who used psychedelic mushrooms for personal growth and spiritual discovery
people who were turning on to a very high level and being drawn together because of it
perceive an inner reality, beautiful and significant
perceive directly (without thinking and analyzing)
perceived with great clarity and distinctiveness
perceiving new meanings
perceiving the nature or meaning of real objects
perceiving truths not known before
perception of spiritual beauty
perception of the self within the self
perceptions of an erotic nature and rich sexual symbolism
perceptions too pleasurable to channel or even to comprehend
perceptive integration
perceptual effects, their emotional and metaphysical connotations
perceptual expansion
perceptual fluctuations
perceptual sensitivity
perceptually changing three-dimensional patterns (perpetually changing?)
perceptually gratifying, emotionally exhilarating LSD experiences
perfect peace of mind
perfect serenity
Persian rug undulating, each unit in motion, a swirling rock-and-roll of color
personal experiences of spiritual realities
personality that so often remain unexplored.
persons who love or even recognize Beauty, by itself and for its own unmarketable sake
philosophic exultation accompanying new cortical discoveries
philosophic-religious experiences, philosophic revelation
philosophic revelation, evolutionary insight
philosophic-scientific revelations
philosophic understanding
philosophical euphoria
phylogenetic (evolutionary) memories
physical, emotional and spiritual energies
physical sensations of extraordinary intensity
physically felt rhythms of the other person
plain living and high thinking
Plato’s idea of the “musical unconscious” or as he called it, “the spiritual unconscious”
play for play’s sake
plays within plays within plays
playful energy patterns
pleasurable stimulation of our senses
pleasurably stimulating our senses
points directly and openly to the truth and does not trifle with symbolism
possibilities within your mind that have gone unrecognized, or were denied, by your ego
potential for experiencing more widely and richly
potentialities of the cortex, not the drug. The drug is just an instrument.
potentially unique drugs
powerful intensity
powerful mind-blowing experiences that shatter conventional ideas about reality
powerful perceptual and emotional changes
powerful rituals of taking plants in an atmosphere of reverence and harmony with nature
powerful waves of emotions
precious stones of magical virtue
presenting a wealth of hitherto unknown perceptual possibilities
preternatural brightness
primal power
primordial self
produced a very rich array of insights
produces a variety of intense and unusual psychic effects
profound alterations of consciousness
profound and deeply moving experiences
profound and soul-soothing breakthroughs
profound archetypal and transcendental forms of consciousness
profound awakening
profound clarity and perception
profound consciousness-altering effects
profound ecstatic religious experience
profound emotional experiences often called religious
profound healing and life-transforming experiences
profound inner radiance
profound insight into the ultimate secrets of existence
profound mystical contemplation
profound new insights
profound peace, surging like a spring from a depth of my being
profound philosophic visions
profound serenity and joy
profound significance, special significance
profound states of altered awareness
profoundly experiencing God within himself
profoundly meaningful
progressive deepening of the emotional tone of the experience
propel me out beyond my mind
propels the subject beyond space, time, ego, culture, etc.
provides ecstatic moments which dwarf any personal or cultural game
provides new means for altering consciousness
psychedelic acceleration of creativity
psychedelic agents as facilitative of creative activity
psychedelic drugs as learning devices
psychedelic drugs inspiring talented musicians to create new kinds of work
psychedelic drugs to speed up mental evolution
psychedelic drugs with unique effects
psychedelic experience as a unique phenomenon with special therapeutic value
psychedelic experience, its tremendous range
psychedelic exploration
psychedelic intuition
psychedelic lovemaking
psychedelic mysticism
psychedelic participatory visions of embryos, body organs, cells and atoms (eyes closed)
psychedelic realms
psychedelic self-exploration
psychedelic sensuality and intimacy
psychedelic vision
psychedelic visionaries
psychedelic visions of harmony, love, and trust in the sweet, divine energy of creation
psychedelics allowing all kinds of creative connections to take place
psychedelics as potential facilitators of development
psychedelics for personal exploration and psychological growth
psychedelics, mind-manifesting or mind-revealing substances
psychic energy
psychic insights
psychic perception
psychic phenomena
psychic realities experienced during altered states of consciousness
psychological arousal and alertness
“psychological empathy”—the psychial at-oneness with the object
psychological integration, illumination, self-transformation
psychological rape, patients in a nuthouse not told what drugs they’re given
pulsating energy patterns
pulsing waves of ecstatic sensations
pure, absolute and eternal reality
pure and clean and sexy
pure awareness and ecstatic freedom from all game involvements (of the ego)
Pure Being
pure consciousness
pure consciousness, full consciousness
pure contemplation, free from the discursive chatter of the skull
pure content-free awareness
pure experience, pure awareness
pure intensive Being
pure mind, mind in its natural state, limitless, undifferentiated, luminously blissful,
pure openness
pure radiant light
pure Suchness
pure symbol-free energy
pure Truth—a truth which is Reality
pure, universal mind
purity of mind
purely passive
purely philosophical introspections, visual feasts, sensual raptures
pursuit of the Divinity through the sacrament of LSD
push out beyond the unexpanded boundaries of our minds, beyond words
pushing the boundaries of my mind
radiance in their faces
radiant, dazzling wave energy
radiant dreams
radiant energy
radiant holy people
radiant joy
radiant light
radiant light and beautiful colors
radiant pulsating color
radiantly angelic
radiantly beautiful
radiantly clear, clear vision
radiating, pulsating color
radical alterations of visual perceptions
radical breakthough to a new level of human evolution
radical internal transformation
raising consciousness to a sharper awareness
rapture states
rare channels of thought
ravishes my soul
ravishing blessings, ecstasies, ineffable pleasures
ravishing delight
ravishing female eyes, “the girl with kaleidoscopic eyes”
raw, molecular, dancing units of energy
reaching for the generator of all life and knowledge
reaches mythological dimensions (eyes closed)
real rip-roaring fun
real understanding
realities that had never been dreamed
realities that modern man, for the most part, has not the slightest direct awareness of
realities which are the essence of their being
realization of the all-pervading, unitive energy process of which he is a part
realization of the self the realization of an eternal and inescapable Presence
realization so clear that any symbolic elaboration wraps it in a veil
realized the Buddha nature of all creatures
realized the possibilities of his true self
realizing his or her hidden potential
realizing immediately things we otherwise know only abstractly
realizing one’s identity
realms imbued with meaning, filled with life, laughter, love
realms of pure awareness
realms where all hitherto accepted belief systems and identity structures were suspended
reawakened us to the innate joy and playfulness that is also part of life
rebirth into a new or higher order of existence
rebirth into eternal life
“rebirth” on a higher level
reborn of the spirit of the shaman
reborn, renewed, radiant with affection and reverence
recall remote events exceedingly accurate in the minutest detail
recapturing a view of his wife that he had at the time of their marriage
received a great flash of insight
recognition of one’s own divine nature and insights into the universal order
recognition of the spiritual dimensions of existence
recognition of the ultimate
recognizing the significance of spiritual dimensions of the mind
recognizing the significance of spiritual dimensions of the psyche
recollectedness, reminder of truth forgotten in the turmoil of worldly distractions
recover the lost or hidden dimensions of our nature
re-entry, coming back down, a wiser more peaceful personality
reflective, peaceable, intellectually exciting
regain the lost brainblood of childhood
regions of the mind and states of consciousness hitherto inaccessible
relativity of boundaries
release from all inadequacy and insecurity
release from false problems
release from neurotic blocks
release from one’s habitual state of tenseness, of clinging to false ideas of possession
release from the limitations of the ego
releasing blocked emotional and physical energies
relieved of all anxiety
religion in a new, interior and spiritually creative sense
religious and mystical awareness
religious cosmology
religious ecstasies
religious ecstasy, ecstatic religion
religious ecstasy, mystical ecstasy
religious emotion
religious emotions, religious awe
religious enlightenment
religious intensity
religious metaphysics
religious mystics
religious, mystical, visionary or cosmic experience
religious perceptions
religious rapture
religious revelation
religious wisdom
reliving of various emotionally relevant episodes from infancy, childhood or later life
remains alertly conscious during the experience
remember your original identity as the source and ground of the universe
removing blocks and awakening consciousness, a process of purification
renewed life and color
renewing themselves mysteriously, finding within themselves a new source
responsible religious use of chemicals
restore the mind’s original purity
restores the original state of unitary consciousness
restoring my vision of the infinite
return again to the state of infancy, to spontaneity
return to Paradise
return to the undifferentiated unity of the Godhead
returning to that primal innocence
returning to the source of all creation
reunion with the divine Ground
reunited with the Ground of my Being
reveal the portals of paradise
revealed the glory, the infinite value and meaningfulness of naked existence
reveals the frozen nature of the artificial stage-set men call reality
reveals the ego to be a fiction and leads to a new sense of identity
reveals the inner secrets of the universe and lifts man to the realization of his divinity
reveals the secret of life and therein lies its spiritual value and its universal appeal
reveals the truth behind so-called myths
revelation of the deepest spiritual realities
revelation of the eternal
revelation of truth
revelations concerning the nature of the universe itself
revelations full of significance and importance
revelations of hitherto unconceived modes and uncharted fields of spiritual being
revelations of nature’s loveliness
revelatory clarity, shimmering unity
reverent awe, ecstatic humility before such power and intelligence
revolutionary benefits in the alleviation of mankind’s mental and emotional imbalances
rich and colorful imageries (eyes closed)
rich and dramatic experiences
rich archetypes (eyes closed)
rich bright gardens
rich changes in visual perception
rich connections with archetypal symbols from ancient history (eyes closed)
rich drug experiences
rich emotional and intellectual insights
rich experiences
rich flowing drapery
rich shadows
rich texture
rich veins of thought
rich with meaning
richer creative experience
richer heights
richly colored
richly rewarding experiences
richly textured jackets
richly textured surfaces
richness of experience
richness of insights of cosmic relevance
riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave
rising and falling in great depths of sound (music)
rising to a new level of awareness
ritual death and rebirth
ritualized sex magic
rivers of paradise
roam around eternity via LSD
robot or Buddha
rocking to the motion of all there is
romantic, impossibly beautiful
room beginning to glow
rooted in an eternity of evolution
sacramental chemical like LSD
sacramental substances, spiritual growth
sacred beauty
sacred drugs
sacred mushrooms
sacred mysteries
sacred plants
sacred psychedelic plants
sacred radiance
sacred sensuality
said he looks at the outside world and it has the glory and freshness of a dream
sailing so free
satisfies the subject’s intellectual, philosophical and spiritual craving
saw a multicolored mosaic on the ceiling and for a while the ceiling rippled like a pond
saw beautiful scenes and colors and felt rich emotions
saw flying masses of color
saw luminous, moving patterns of great beauty
saw visions of such beauty that he sobbed with joy
scrambling your perceptual categories
search for new meaning
search for transcendent meaning
searching for the other side of reality
searching for the Reality of life
secular—divorced from spiritual experience
seductive, enticing patterns
see beyond-our-world beauty
see it with unusual vividness and clarity
see rolling waves of colored forms whirling up, bouncing jolly
see Suchness in all its heavenly beauty
see the world and themselves in terms of spiritual energy involved in a divine play
see them shining, alive, glorified (people or objects)
see things for the first time “as they really are”
see visions within and a transformed world without
see vivid colors
seed of all there is, the Divine Mother
seeing and being the oneness of all life
seeing everything from the standpoint of eternity
seeing into one’s nature
seeing into the abode of reality as it is and not reality as it seems to us
seeing reality directly, in its “suchness”
seeing the truths that were hidden beneath everyday reality
seeing the world in a new way
seeing things in a larger or more meaningful context
seeing truth and beauty
seen in perfect harmony
seen the world in this magical aspect
sees-feels the primordial evolutionary beginnings
sees fibers of her dress, breathing and undulating
sees not objects but patterns of light waves
sees the thickness of printer’s ink
seething with delight and sensuality
self-actualization, self-fulfillment
Self-awareness (That’s not to be confused with ego.)
self-education on a nonverbal level
self-evident revelations of the highest truth
self-transcendent experiences
selfish, ego-dominated game playing (Is that life?)
sensation of freedom and clarity
sensation that the whole universe is actually your own body
sensations of immense subtlety and richness
sensations of transcendent beauty and divine wisdom
sensations of unity and bliss
sensations of unutterable rapture
sense of belongingness
sense of humor, the essence of which is laughter at oneself
sense organs intensified and enhanced
sense, think and feel more
sensory changes dynamic and vivid
sensory enhancement
sensory enrichment
sensory stimulation
sensual enhancement
sensual gratification
sensually alert
sensuous, intensely sexual
sensuous pleasure
sensuous rapture
serene clarity
serene ecstasy
serene enlightenment
serene, self-transcendence
sex a creative and joyous force
sex acts as forms of meditation
sex feelings of great intensity
sexual play
sexual magic
sexual mysticism, a form of consciousness expansion
sexually stimulating
shall bring the glory of the stars into the hearts of men
shapes and colors intensified
sharp, exquisite clarity
shifting body sensations
shifting brilliant lights and colors
shimmering leaves of the birch trees
shone with a kind of glassy, jade-like radiance
shucked off the mind and awakened to eternity
silent wisdom
simultaneous awareness of unity, diversity and interconnecting relationships
smiling her Buddha smile of mysterious bliss
so extended was time—lit a cigarette, seemed like hours and it still had its first ash
so inconceivably intense that no one can describe it
so intensely alive
so intensely alive as never before
so much truth and beauty in the world and everyone so pitifully blind to it
so rich in color as to be a marvel never to be forgotten
so unfathomably beautiful
soar into uncharted realms of the brain
soar off into these sensory realms of human experience
soul-penetrating eyes
speak of Mind in terms of light
sparkling, a time of magic
sparkling, shimmering light
special states of mind
speed up and drastically expand consciousness
spent hours in pure metaphysical joy
spinning far out of space-time into an ecstatic dance of neurons
spiritual adventurer
spiritual awakening
spiritual awakening, spiritual exploration
spiritual awareness
spiritual awareness or a greater sense of reality
spiritual birth—a powerful mystical opening and reconnection with the divine
spiritual bliss
spiritual consciousness
spiritual craving for transcendence
spiritual discovery
spiritual ecstasy, religious revelation and union with God
spiritual emotions and energies
spiritual enlightenment
spiritual enrichment
spiritual eroticism, ecstatic exuberance, mystic altered states
spiritual evolution
spiritual exploration
spiritual freedom
spiritual growth
spiritual insight a gift of divine grace
spiritual insights
spiritual liberation
spiritual liberation, deliverance from darkness, salvation and illumination
spiritual liberation, revelation of the ultimate truth, oneness of all existence
spiritual liberty and transcendental happiness
spiritual orgasms, rebirth explosion
spiritual perception
spiritual purification
spiritual realities
spiritual rebirth
spiritual renewal
spiritual self-transcendence
spiritual transformation
spiritual understanding of the universe
spiritual vision
spirituality a matter of personal experience rather than something heard or read about
spirituality based on direct personal revelation
spiritually oriented psychedelic sessions
spiritually pure
splendors of transcendent beauty
spoke in a voice that sounded as if, in fact, it were coming from the depths
spontaneous insights in new experiences
spontaneous play
spontaneous play, transcendent awareness
spun out into the richness of inner space
stage of evolution
standing before objects as if recognizing them for the first time
standing in the wind, the body weightless or “dancing” in the atmosphere
state of enlarged perception
states of consciousness that point to the existence of another kind of reality
states of consciousness where there is no basic separation between the ego and the world
states of expanded awareness
states of mystical intuition
states of psychological awareness
states of rapture, expanded awareness and light
states of spiritual conversion, interpersonal closeness and psychological insight
states of unstructured awareness, direct awareness
stepping into the energy, trusting the energy
stilling the discrimitive activity of the mind
stimulated areas of consciousness not usually brought to the surface
stimulates the mystical faculties in human nature
stimulation of all sensory perception
stimulation of creative faculties
strange experiential territory
strange new feelings
strange penetration of depth
strange physical energies
strangely familiar
streams through the mind
striking visual and emotional changes
striving for a Utopia to replace the lost Eden
strong forces of psychic energy
stunningly beautiful
subjectively felt hyperacuteness of perception
sublime harmony
such a fabulous experience
such a powerful stream of new and strange perceptions and feelings
such an awe-inspiring adventure of the mind
such extraordinary experiential domains
such happy beauty
such mad dashes into sacred, revelatory territory
such profundity of emotion and feeling
sudden and profoundly impressive perception of ultimate reality
sudden awakening
sudden illumination of all things around
sudden insights of omnipotence and glory
sudden realization
suggests new therapeutic strategy
superficial ego
superhuman joy
superior awareness, religious enlightenment
supernaturally brilliant colors
super-sensuous wonder
supreme bliss
supreme divinity
supreme identity, inmost light, ultimate center, self more me than myself
supreme insight into the mysteries of life
surging like a spring from a depth of my being which has rarely, if ever been tapped
surrounded by the most beautiful creations of Art
suspended outside the illusion of time
swept up to heaven
swims joyfully in the ocean of divine ecstasy
swinging lovingly and gracefully with the cosmic dance
take acid to cleanse his soul
taking man’s mind to spiritual realms
taking sacred substances to induce a heightened state
tamed by their conditioning
tapped into that ancient heavenly connection
tapping that rich field of knowledge, insight, and revelation
taught me experientially what awe is
textures with LSD colors superimposed on them
that abundantly rich heavenly moment
that altered states of consciousness included the highest forms of human experience
that an LSD-induced mystical experience might harbor unexplored therapeutic potential
that basic and timeless energy
that beautifully textured paper
that brilliant blazing energy
that death is a change of scene
that death is not the end of consciousness but rather an expansion of it
that dimension of consciousness opened by the psychedelic drugs
that dream-like vividness and splendor which invest objects of sight in childhood
that embracing and interpenetrating beauty
that enjoyment and perfection of union with God which is man’s true end
that essence, that place beyond
that essentially infinite and omniscient consciousness which is the ultimate reality
that flow of loveliness
that freedom of mind and heart which is the essence of awareness
that freshness of life
that glorious, blissful, shining consciousness, has seen Being itself
that God is your unconscious mind, that everybody shares the same unconscious mind
that golf was originally a cover for mushroom hunting (in Scotland)
that great insight intelligence realm within you
that High Place where all is serenity
that holy place, that transcendent place
that human personality is multidimensional, that we exist in many realities at once
that if only men could see it they would go wild with joy
that in these chemicals the evolutionary acceleration of man’s spiritual nature is at hand
that infinitude of harmonious complexity
that inner essence
that inner world which reaches so much deeper
that intensification, expansion and freeing of the mind
that light which was the central reality of our beings
that LSD was the tool mankind needed to be free
that magical place where every pebble is a precious stone
that mysterious point where pain turns into joy
that mysterious quality
that mystic intangible relation of delights
that one last freedom, the freedom of the mind
that our next evolutionary step would be “a change of consciousness”
that peculiar state of joy and serenity
that playfulness of divine perfection
that rare, deep experience which men have sought for thousands of years
that real oneness with God
that religion itself is psychedelic in origin
that sacred realm
that spirit of things divine
that spiritual and interior realm
that state of blissful, energy-infused, intoxicated oneness
that state of calm, passive concentration
that state of intuition
that state of spontaneous innocent curiosity that children are so famous for
that strange intuition of an eternal identity
that supreme energy
that the apple Adam ate was consciousness expanding
that the happiness of each and all of us is in the long run absolutely certain
that the origin of sin lay in the ego
that the spiritual element is an organic and integral part of the psyche
that the ultimate reality is the universal
that the unitary principle of all systems be considered as their form or pattern
that they may release the life of God which is in them
that this vision is a brief recapturing of the way in which we saw things in our infancy
that this vision is a restoration of something we once had and lost
that timeless continuum
that transcendent terrain
that true insight would lead to true change
that truly to know is not to know
that ultimate “freedom from the known”
that unitary state of divine harmony
that universal ground of consciousness from which all beings take their source
that Universal Reality is pure consciousness which is experienced in perfect bliss
that view of life or mode of living, which lies at the heart of the psychedelic experience
that woman is always a mystery to man and man to woman
that would turn the surrounding world to dust and reveal the sought for paradise
the ability of LSD to act as an educational implement
the ability of LSD to deepen, intensify and accelerate the psychotherapeutic process
the ability of LSD to enhance the mystical self-understanding of a person
the ability to “think an emotion” and see it reflected in the mirror
the absolute Being of which love, joy and peace are manifestations
the acceptance of a positive knowledge
the achievement of a new personal integration at a higher level
the acid world
the activated brain’s potential
the adventure of self-discovery
the aesthetic dimensions of the fast-moving kaleidoscopic visions (eyes closed)
the aimless splendor that fills the heavens in celebration of the joy of God
the alienation of Western man from nature
the all-discriminating wisdom of feeling boundless light representing life eternal
the all-pervading intelligence and beauty of the total design
the almost endless potentialities of the human mind
the amazing magic
the ancient divine mystery
the ancient knowledge of nonordinary states of consciousness
the ancient paths of knowledge
the ancient sacramental meaning of LSD
the animal otherness underlying personal and social identity
the anti-psychiatry movement associated with R. D. Laing
the anxiety of the dualistic ego
the anxiety-ridden, dualistic-thinking ego
the apocalypse of utterly unimagined truths
the appetite for spiritual transcendence, the desire to go beyond
the appreciative state
the apprehension of an Ultimate Unity with which the seeker unites or identifies
the archetypal celestial realm or Heaven
the archetypal forms of the collective unconscious (eyes closed)
the archetypal pattern of the universe
the archetypal realms of the collective unconscious (eyes closed)
the arousal of the inner cosmic energy
the arrogance of the power-holders who labeled altered states of consciousness as disease
the art of letting the mind alone
the art of turning sexual ecstasy into mystic mind-expansion
the artistic splendor of the world
the ascent to the light of wholeness and integration
the atmosphere of complete freedom from care
the attainment of the mystical vision through “ego death”
the authenticity of psychedelic peak experiences
the authenticity of the experience
the awakened earth
the awakened senses
the awakened soul
the awakening of a spirituality that has a universal quality
the awakening of potentialities hitherto dormant
the awakening of some unknown intuitional faculty
the awakening of the senses, the open eye, the naked touch
the awakening of the true self
the awakening to deeper spiritual values
the awareness and fullness of the adventure
the awareness of energy transformations with no imposition of mental categories
the awareness of feelings which surpass your normal experience
the awareness of living interpenetrating light
the awareness of the Self, Self-realization
the awe-ful truth
the awesome and amazing experience of LSD
the awesome implications of what brain research may discover
the awesomeness of the revelation
the beauties of the sky
the beautitude into which the enlightened soul is delivered, a participation in eternity
the beauty and passion of nature, the divine warmth and radiance of the sun
the beauty locked up in every minute speck of material around us
the beauty of an object ordinarily ignored
the beauty of color, the way it glows and throbs and lives
the beauty of nature, the feeling it awakened in me
the beauty of the inner soul
the benefits of this adventure
the best lunch I have ever eaten in my entire life
the bias of our culture against nonordinary states of consciousness
the birth of a new kind of consciousness and a new apprehension of man’s identity
the birth of the uncensored cortex
the bliss of immediate liberation
the bliss of mental tranquility
the bliss of the celestial realms
the bliss of this unexpected spiritual opening abounding in astonishing insights
the blissful egoless states a child experiences during the early period of its life
the blissful experience of self-transcendence
the boundless expanses
the breaking up of perceptual constancies
the breaking up of the individual’s customary thought patterns
the bright heavens
the brightness of visionary experience
the brilliantly radiating lights and colors
the bringing to consciousness of an eternal state
the broad spectrum of human realities
the broadening of human consciousness
the broadest domain of mind
the captivating and transforming perception
the celestial hemisphere
the cellular electricity flowing through your body
the central experience of reality from which religions originally arose
the “central experience that alters all others”
the certainty that such knowledge is truly or ultimately real
the change-over from self-consciousness to cosmic consciousness
the changes in sensation and awareness that LSD can call forth
the changing flux of experience
the chemical path to enlightenment
the clarity and power that arises
the clarity of consciousness
the clarity of this inner vision (eyes closed)
the clarity of insight
the clarity of “visions”
the clarity, the exquisite beauty of the visionary state
the clean unity
the cleansed perception of the infinite significance of all things
the cleansing of the psyche which is taking him or her to a new, healthier way of being
the clear Intuitive Mind, the enlightening Essence of Mind
the clear light of reality
the clear light of the void
the clear streams and fountains of youth of the garden of love (eyes closed)
the clear, unbroken and infinite light of God
the climactic transforming confrontation (eyes closed)
the clinical potential of these drugs
the cloudless conviction of reality which characterized this vision
the collective unconscious and the wisdom of untold ages that lie dormant in it
the “collective unconscious”, the “phylogenetic unconscious”
the colorful rich world of intuition, inspiration and imagination
the colossal roar that filled the universe
the communion of souls
the complex, detailed, well-formed, “realer than real” hallucinations (eyes closed)
the complex levels and dimensions of human consciousness
the complexity of color patterns
the complexity of the LSD experience and all the major variables involved
the concept of religion as mysticism or vivid inner experience of Ultimate Reality
the conscious-unconscious continuum
the conviction of an intuition
the comic spirit (cosmic spirit?)
the communicative nature of the visions
the complexity of the mental alterations
the concept that God is not in any particular place but that God is everywhere
the conscious world of consensus reality and the archetypal world of the unconscious
the consciousness behind creation itself
the consciousness of all living matter
the consciousness of mankind raised to a spiritual level
the consciousness of union
the consciousness-altering effects on the depth of the psyche
the consciousness-expansion experience—the pre-mortem death and rebirth rite
the constant attribution of a mysterious wisdom to antiquity
the contemplation of the beautiful in nature
the continuity of the consciousness in man with the divine
the conversion experience
the conviction of truth
the core of Self inside
the corrective lens which returns vision to sharp, clear focus
the cortex washed clean
the cosmic awe
the cosmic “brain”
the cosmic costumes (eyes closed)
the cosmic dance
the cosmic design
the cosmic drama
the cosmic drama being written in my brain
the cosmic intelligence test that results in enlightenment
the cosmic intelligence that permeates all of creation
the cosmic maze
the Cosmic Mind, a wider consciousness
the cosmic mystery
the cosmic play (or just cosmic play)
the cosmic reality
the Cosmic Secret
the cosmic sensation I experienced
the cosmic sky
the cosmic-spiritual way of looking at the world
The Cosmic Theatre, The Divine Comedy (eyes closed)
the cosmic vision
the cosmic wisdom of the collective unconscious
the cosmological illumination
the cosmological illumination of America (Let’s see it.)
the cosmos of consciousness
the courage to leap ahead into the unknown
the creative and positive side of the unconscious (Freud talked only about the negative.)
the creative-fostering potential of psychedelic agents
the creative God
the creative interpretation that uncovers new realities
the creative, mystical impulse
the creative potential of novel thoughts and impulses
the creative potential of the LSD state
the creative power
the creative power of the brain freed from its learned structures
the creative superconscious and radiant potential of the psyche
the creative transcendental nature of the experience
the creative unconscious
the creative use of our emotion
the creative vision
the creativity and power of the brain freed from its learned structures
the critical role of visionary experiences in the spiritual life of humanity
the crucial agency of the drugs in a new religious birth
the crucial importance of drug-induced “far-reaching insight experiences”
the crystal-like quality or immediacy of the psychedelic experience
the culminating experience of a lifetime, man’s redemption from death
the cult-creating power of psychedelic drugs
the cultural and religious influence of psychedelic plants
the cultural value and philosophic implications of altered states
the culturally shared illusion of reality (That’s “reality” based on ego.)
the curative properties of quiet
the curative, religious and heuristic properties of psychedelic drugs
the cyclic nature of the cosmos—the cosmic clock
the dance and wonder of existence
the dance of energy
the dance of energy transformations. All is one dance of electrical energy.
the dance of life
the dance of the body, humming with energy
the dancing-moving merging energy
the dead robot actors on the fake-prop TV studio stage set that is called American reality
the deep and profound experiences released by LSD
the deep, eternal, reassuriing vibration of the Source
the deep intuitive consciousness that transforms the whole person
the deep liason between sexuality and spirituality
the deep mystery of one Suchness
the deep, overwhelming psychic effects
the deep visions
the deep wisdom within you
the deepening sense of reality and truth which is gained
the deeper dynamics of the human psyche
the deeper or higher levels of insight that can be reached
the deepest explorations of the internal world
the deepest level
the deepest religious (spiritual) experience of my life
the delicious comfort of a calm reality
the depth and intensity of the experiences
the depth and scope of such ancient knowledge
the depth of emotional self-exploration
the depth of his insight
the depths of such experience
the destruction of the old sense of identity
the dimensions beyond
the dimensions of being opened up
the dimensions the psychedelics open up
the direct experience of the spiritual Ground of things
the direct experience of their own inner life (or your inner life)
the direct path to God
the direct sensation of flowing process
the direct visual confrontation with the unity of all men, the unity of life
the discovery of energies within, which men call “divine”
the discovery of light in the very depth of darkness
the discovery of new phases of mental life
the discovery of one’s divinity
the discovery of the mystery, the wonder beyond all wonders
the discovery of the New World, a visit to the celestial spheres
the discovery of the vibratory nature of the universe
the discovery of this ancient and universal experience
the discovery of your divinity
the discovery or re-discovery of God
the discovery that he is more than ego
the discovery that nothing is really dead
the discovery that the human brain possesses an infinity of potentialities
the disintegration and reconstruction of reality
the dissolution of ego boundaries, prized by mystics as a step toward unitive perception
the divergence between reality and our conceptions of it
the divine aspects of reality
the divine Beauty
the Divine beyond
the divine consciousness
the divine design
the divine dream
the divine essence
the divine essence of the world
the “divine eye”, the gift of inner vision
the divine ground of human consciousness
the divine meaning
the divine meaning underlying the workings of the universe
the divine mind
the divine mysteries
the divine nature, an expression of Pure Being, an expression of the divine joy
the divine or higher Self
the divine or timeless realm
the divine order
the divine plan of the world
the divine plant/god Soma as the inspiration for the Hindu religions
the divine potion
the divine purity, the infinity of God
the divine reality within and beyond us
the divine realms
the divine source of all existence
the divine spark in man
the divine spark or spirit within every man
the divine spirit within himself (It’s within you, too.)
the divine state
the divine union
the divineness of natural objects
the divinity in everything
the divinity of all manifestations of life
the divinity of the day, the purity, the holiness of this moment in time
the divinity of your body
the divinization of sex
the domains of intuition
the door to paradise
the dream of psychedelic utopia
the dream world of visions, mind-expansion, self-awareness and mystical ecstasy
the dreamlike quality of consciousness
the drug as a liberator which facilitates accurate perception, self-insight
the drug experience a means to a fuller existence, to a life more innately human
the drug movement and its significance which may be crucial to our society
the drug’s ability to give a patient “a new beginning”
the drug’s mind-changing powers
the drug’s real potential
the dynamic essence
the dynamic mosaic
the dynamic power of an archetype
the dynamic totality of consciousness
the earth-shaking discovery which revolutionizes human thought and life
the easy feeling of elastic freedom
the ecstasy, elation and joy characteristic of such experiences
the ecstasy of a discoverer
the ecstasy of a serene uplifting
the ecstasy of this union
the ecstatic bliss of universal consciousness
the ecstatic death-and-rebirth experience
the ecstatic energy
the ecstatic experience
the ecstatic experience of a mystical nature
the ecstatic loss of self in drumming and dancing
the ecstatic process initiated by the consciousness-expanding drugs
the ecstatic radiance
the ecstatic sense of being one with divine truth
the ecstatic smile that welcomes a sudden insight, a revelation of truth or of beauty
the ecstatic state
the ecstatic vision
the Eden of primitive unselfconsciousness
the educational and occupational assembly lines
the educational potential of psychedelics
the educational value of psychedelics when used intelligently
the educational value of the psychedelic experience
the effects of the drug on a number of mental and emotional levels
the effects of the release of creative potential in artists, writers and musicians
the ego a limited, finite center of consciousness
the ego-fiction
the ego, godless and full of thought (or full of bull)
the ego, isolated from the source of cosmic potency
the ego-mask
the ego-shattering effects of the drug
the ego, standing apart from the immediate feeling or experience
the ego, the purely abstract and conceptual man who is locked up inside his skin
the ego with its pride in the past and its fear and greed for the future
the ego’s limited world
the egocentric contraction of consciousness
the Einsteinian revolution in cosmology
the electric core of the universe
the electric dance of energy
the electric, interior luminosity
the elixir of wisdom
the elusive path to even more elusive enlightenment
the emergence of some new capacity or talent
the emergence or eruption of this wealth of primary sensory phenomena
the emerging new breed
the emotional afterglow of the drug experience
the emotional and creative effects
the emotional influence of events in their environment
the emotional power and meaningfulness of the experience
the emotional power of LSD on the human psyche
the emphasis upon the play of light and color, as though light were alive
the enchanted life I led under the influence of the drug
the enchanting magic
the end and ultimate purpose of human life—Enlightenment
the endless capacity for growth of the soul
the endless possibilities of the experience
the energy and power involved in changing your nervous system
the energy flow of the universe
the energy of ecstasy
the energy of inspiration
the energy source you sense in yourself and around you
the enhanced awareness and extended consciousness of the transcendent experience
the enhanced sexual sensation
the enhancement of immediate experience
the enhancement of inner experience
the enhancement of insightful recall
the enlargement of vision, the acute awareness of vaster potentials
the enlightening and liberating knowledge of Reality
the enormity of the spectrum
the enormous individual variability of reactions
the enormous expansion of his or her experiential world
the enormous joke of existence
the enormous range of potential experiences
the enormous significance of the experience for one who undergoes it
the enormous spiritual force that is active during an awakening experience
the enormously rich and varied range of experience open to the psychedelic subject
the enticing display of the mysteries of nature
the epic of Hindu mythology, the Bhagavad-Gita
the epic voyage of evolution
the erotic and delightful character of this new feeling for the world
the essence of life, the ineffable
the essence of the total harmony
the essence of true spirituality
the essentially musical and dancing spirit of the universe, the musical quality of nature
the essentially religious nature of the experience
the Eternal city (eyes closed)
the eternal dance
the eternal flow
the eternal flow of always-changing energy processes
the eternal Ground or Godhead
the eternal home
the eternal identity beneath the temporal
the eternal ocean
the Eternal or Clear Light
the eternal quality (of anyone or anything)
the eternal reality
the eternal reality within which and by which all the rest has its being
the eternal realm of archetypes (eyes closed)
the eternal return
the eternal Self, the eternity of Being
the eternal Suchness
the eternal truth
the eternal voyage
the eternal world of the human mind
the eternity of life
the ethereal quality of the room
the everyday neurosis of ordinary consciousness
the evil forces that would deny man his rightful due, his birthright…his enlightenment
the evolution of a new stage of human awareness and history (That’s what’s needed.)
the evolution of consciousness
the evolution of consciousness and the awakening of the human potential in everyone
the evolution of man’s consciousness and the human brain
the evolutionary archives
the evolutionary jump
the excitement of a sublimity which is extra-natural
the excitement of the visions
the exhilaration and vastness of the mystical experience
the existence at the heart of things of a divine serenity and good will
the existence of creative cosmic intelligence
the existence of vast reaches of mind beyond our conscious, rational mental processes
the existing vacuum in the study of consciousness
the expand the “moment” into infinite duration
the expanded vistas that psychedelics make possible to the earnest explorer
the expansion and exploration of consciousness
the expansion of the immediate sensory life
the expansion of time and space
the expansion of time in which I lived
the expansive universe to which drugs such as LSD can open up the mortal brain
the expansiveness of psychedelic consciousness
the experience in which eternity takes root in the waking state
the experience of awakening or enlightenment (insight)
the experience of awakening, timeless and universal
the experience of being liberated from themselves
the experience of beyond ego
the experience of boundless being
the experience of consciousness localized in some part of the body, like a fingertip
the experience of cosmic unity
the experience of death and rebirth, union with the universe or God
the experience of direct energy
the experience of fundamental oneness with the rest of creation
the experience of God
the experience of our own existence as living organisms rather than as personalities
the experience of psychological death
the experience of revelatio
the experience of self-transcendence and solidarity with the universe
the experience of such totally comprehensive wisdom
the experience of the other side (Break on through to the other side.)
the experience of the spiritual
the experience of total ecstasy
the experience of tremendous light
the experience of true insight
the experience of union with the Great Mother
the experience of unusual realities
the experience, the immediate knowledge of it being so
the experience which, I find, has thrown a great deal of light on all kinds of thingss
the experience with its richness and transformative potency
the “experiencing of reality”
the experiential territories that were made available through the catalyzing action of LSD
the experiential reality behind the many myths
the exploration of the frontiers of the mind
the extended awareness of time in LSD, can get outside the time context
the extended state of transcendent consciousness
the extended wonder world of heightened and distorted perceptions
the extension of human consciousness
the extensive new spiritual impulses within themselves
the extensive use of music for ritual, healing and spiritual purposes
the external social drama (the nonsense of the world)
the extraordinarily intensified susceptibility and sensitivity to external impressions
the extraordinary adventure
the extraordinary beauty of the aesthetic sequences
the extraordinary depths of human consciousness
the extraordinary nature and scope of the psychedelic experience
the extraordinary potential of music for psychotherapy
the extraordinary value of LSD for the education of psychiatrists and psychologists
the extreme clarity and beauty of the music
the eye of awareness
the fabulous landscapes and cities visited during these journeys (eyes closed)
the fantastic experiential explosions induced by psychedelics
the fantastic flow
the far galactic outposts of awareness
the feeling of ecstatic tenderness and fulfillment
the feeling of insight
the feeling of intense meaningfulness
the feeling of intensified appreciation of works of art
the feeling of liberation from conformity
the feeling of pure knowing
the feeling of universal benevolence—what Ludlow calls “a spiritual cosmopolitanism”
the feeling of unusual sensory richness and intense joy
the feelings of Utopian communality of the earlier hippie
the feelings evoked by the change in the subjective sensations due to the drug
the fiction of the isolated ego as the real individual
the fiction of the separate ego, the fiction of separate things a perception of the ego
the field of awareness
the Final Reality
the final truth
the finite nature of all goods less than the infinite itself
the first time you flew on the wings of your perception
the flash beyond time into the depths of consciousness
the flash-by moments of absolute clarity
the flash of enlightenment
the flashing flow of ecstatic visions
the flavor and dimensions of such experiences
the floating consciousness of the new-born
the flood of inner experience
the flood of ontologic emotion
the flooding of the whole being with indescribable bliss
the flow of consciousness, microscopically clear and intense
the flow of direct sensation-experience
the flow of electronic vibrations
the flow of life
the flow of vibrations
the flowering of wisdom
the flowing impermanence of nature
the fluidity of the LSD state
the flux of experience
the forest with all its bewildering intricacy of leafy detail
the forgotten beauty
the forgetting of man’s divine nature
the forgotten realm of awareness
the free consciousness
the freedom and control of one’s experiential machinery
the freedom to develop one’s mind fully
the freshness of sensory perception
the friendly realms of the brain
the frontiers of the new consciousness
the fruit of liberation into eternity
the full-blown mystical experience
the “full body orgasm”
the full conviction that all I heard and felt was real
the full flower of consciousness
the full power of the experience
the full range of effects of these drugs
the full spectrum of human potentiality
the fullness of experience of a single minute
the fundamental rhythm which is the very texture of life
the further reaches of the mind
the further realms of human consciousness
the futility of the American dream
the gamble of the mind, an act of faith and courage
the gap between theoretical description and direct awareness among scientists
the garden of ecstasy
the garden which lies beyond the Walls of this world
the gates of Eternity
the gateway into a new way of being
the gateway to the deeper level
the generic archives, the collective unconscious
the genetic material, those strands of blueprinted intelligence
the gentle radiance
the gentle spirit of that ancient wisdom
the ghost of the isolated ego
the gift beyond price
the gift of illumination received through an altered state of consciousness
the gleaming horizon
“the glimpses of supernatural beauty and sublimity” that it had afforded him
the glint of bronze, the rich radiance of colored marble
the glories of expanded consciousness
the glories of the enchantment
the glories of the purely spiritual world
the glorious ascension to heaven, the serenity of paradise
the glorious radiance
the glorious rapture of music
the glorious sky above
the glory and the meaning of the turn-on
the glory of an intense brightness
the glory of God’s process
the glory of the soul
the glory, the power and the force of love
the glowing marvels seen with the inner eye of the visionary
the goal of all human experience…cosmic consciousness
the God self within every human being
the godly state
the golden light of joy, the rosy light of love
the goodness and peace that was all around me
the grand harmony of God’s infinite creation
the grand harmony of universal law
the grand prophet of a wider life
the grandest insight
the grandeur, splendor, romance and revelation of LSD
the great beauty and power of a free awareness
the Great Beyond
the great body of radiance
the great body of radiance, the state of the divine mind of the Buddha
the great experience, a value experience
the great flash of lightning which comes with these openings of consciousness
the great liberating force of our time, the destined sacrament of the Aquarian Age
the great liberating path, the great liberating realization
the Great Mandala we all inhabit
the Great Ocean of Liberation
the great philosophic visions of antiquity
the great richness and variety of possibilities involved
the great river of all radiance
the great taboo, the realization of the divinity of the individual
the great universal significance of visionary experience
the greater depth of psychedelic experience
the greater depths of the human psyche, with all its mystical overtones
the Greater Reality
the greater selves we are evolving into
the greatest journey known to man
the growing intensification of color
the habitual empty feeling of an isolated ego
the harmony and wisdom of nature
the harmony of creation
the harmony of wisdom and indeed wisdom in harmony
the healed vision of life which comes with full awareness
the healing-educational possibilities of psychedelics
the healing potential
the healing potential of these dimensions
the healing potential of unitive ecstatic states
the healing wisdom of the transformative process
the heaven of ecstasy
the heavenly elixir
the heavens and fairylands of folklore and religion (eyes closed)
the heightened charge of energy released by transcendent experiences
the heightened intensity of color perception
the heightened perception produced by LSD
the heightened sensitivity of ego transcendence
the heightened sensory awareness
the heightening of brightness or beauty of colored objects
the heightening of color
the heightening of color and form perception of well-known objects
the heightening of sensation
the heroic-mythic God trip
the hidden wisdom
the hidden wisdom in the unconscious
the high emotional content, sense of awe and reverence
the higher ecstasies
the higher intellect
the higher level of awareness
the higher meanings of life
the higher paths of consciousness
the highest form of being
the highest level of life energy
the highest of all possible heavens
the highest spiritual and mental point of view
the highest state of complete unity and pure egoless energy
the highest wisdom, the ultimate truth
the highly stimulated sense organs
the Hindu and Buddhist judgment that everyday consciousness is maya, illusion
the hippies’ emerging feelings of growth and “togetherness”
the hippy revolution
the honor roll of pure warriors who saw the great light and leaped for it
the holy ground of the unconscious
the holy-orgiastic-ecstasy-revelation-thread inside
the holy sense of unity and revelation
the Holy Spirit, the life force
the holy vision of the first beginning and the final end
the hope that authentic meeting between human beings can still occur
the humanizing influence of the psychedelics
the hunger for a religious commitment to give meaning to life
the ideal of maximum wakefulness and internal freedom
the ideal of universal brotherhood
the ideal pristine state of paradise
the identity of the human spirit in its pure and real essence with the Supreme Spirit
the illumination and the meaning and the beauty
the illusion that the ego is real
the illusory nature of all human roles
the immeasurable and infinite reality
the immediacy and “ultimate truth” of the experience
the immediate awareness of Reality
the immediate, concrete feeling of ourselves
the immediate experience of the world as beauty, mystery and unity
the immediate experience of the world as beauty, as mystery and as unity
the immediate realization of all that is good and beautiful
the immense expanse of the unconscious
the immense potentiality of sex energy
the immensity of hyper-brain consciousness
the immensity of the experience
the immensity of time and space and eternity
the impact of physical space on our behavior
the implicit concord and harmony which underlies the explicit discord and conflict of life
the importance of a true experience of the Divine
the importance of religious experience in effective psychotherapy
the importance of the spiritual and philosophical quest in human life
the impossible, to describe in words that which is beyond words
the imposter ego
the impressiveness of seen, real objects, their shape and color
the incomparable uniqueness of the experience
the increase in attention, the detailed attention possible
the increase in intensity of sensory experience
the increased mystery of my state
the increased suggestibility and openness of the mind
the increasing of emotional expressiveness
the incredible amount of experience a few minutes could contain
the incredible complex unity of the evolutionary process
the incredible complexities of consciousness
the incredible intensity of color
the incredible magnificence of the heavens
the incredible unknotting of my whole body
the indestructible essence of Buddhahood within everyone
the individual’s intrinsically insignificant ego
the individual’s recognition of the creative power of their imagination
the ineffability of psychedelic experience
the inexhaustible richness of the divine nature
the infinite amount of possibilities available in psychedelic drugs
the infinite complexities of inner space
the infinite consciousness
the infinite consciousness to which all that was, is and shall be is eternally present
the infinite continuum
the infinite detail
the infinite divine intelligence
the infinite number of cellular dialects
the infinite number of points where divine reality is wholly and eternally present
the infinite openness of psychedelic consciousness
the infinite permutations and combinations of visionary elements
the infinite reality in whose consciousness and being we live and move
the infinite spaces of living light that now pulsed and breathed behind his closed eyelids
the infinite variance of perceptions, judgments, and feelings
the infinite wealth of cosmic potentialities
the infinitely variable “unspeakable” world
the infinitude of branches upon branches
the infinitude of the awakening
the infinity of inner space
the infinity of the cosmos
the inheritance of the kingdom of heaven within ourselves while we are still on this earth
the inmost and ultimate self
the innate and natural “wisdom” of the organism
the inner essence of religion
the inner graciousness of consciousness
the inner journey, inner adventures
the inner light of universal benevolence
the inner meaning, the spiritual and universal reality
the inner spiritual world
the inner vision
the inordinate power of the human mind, unrecognized by mainstream science
the insight that life without spirituality is trivial and unfulfilling
the insight that suspension of defenses is a liberating experience
the insight that you are more than your physical self
the inspiration of direct experience
the inspirational phase of creativity
the inspired state in which beauty is created
the instant immediacy of the infinite Self
the intellectual vision of Truth, the immediate, unitive knowledge of the divine Ground
the intelligent dance of energy
the intense beamy quality of colored images
the intense emotional impact of the drug
the intense enraptment of heightened awareness
the intense feelings of exuberance, joyous aliveness and other gripping emotions
the intense realness, the unusual sensations
the intense vividness, composition and significance of things seen
the intensely clear experience
the intensification and “deepening” of color, sound and texture
the intensification, expansion and freeing of the mind
the intensification of aesthetic experience
the intensification of sexual experience and the potentiation of sexual ecstasy by LSD
the intensification of vision
the intensification of visual perception
the intensified enlargement of consciousness
the intensified sense of significance
the intensity and depth of the process
the intensity and significance of light
the intensity, depth and completeness of the sexual orgasm
the intensity of color
the intensity of existence which animates every object
the intensity of feeling that has been released
the intensity of images
the intensity of my desire for self-transcendence
the intensity of my experience of the state of love
the intensity of psychedelic states
the intensity of the ecstasy
the intensity of the emotion and sensations
the intensity of the emotional and physiological manifestations of these states
the intensity of the emotions which accompanied the visions
the intensity of the inward emotion
the inter-galactic trip
the interior journey
the interior realms of consciousness
the internal biological flow
the “internal logic” of the LSD situation
the internal mystery of man’s own identity
the internal voyage
the interrelatedness of all things
the interrelationships of cosmic and human dimensions
the intolerance of science for such phenomena
the intricacy of geometric patterns (eyes closed)
the intrinsic beauty that I now saw in every human being
the intuition and immediate spiritual consciousness of God
the intuitional perception
the intuitive and poetic psychologies of Freudians and Jungians
the intuitive wisdom which sees into the relational character of everything
the inward consciousness of the ecstatic
the isolated social patterns which have isolated man from his consciousness
the jewel-encrusted door to Heaven through which I passed
the journey into the other half of the cerebral cortex
the journey of life
the journey of the soul
the journey of transcendence of the physical realm
the journey to freedom
The Joyous Cosmology
the joyous mystery
the joy of the heavenly realms
the joys of being in harmony with the beat of life
the key to enhanced sex
the key to miracle and meaning
the key to the great mysteries of life and death
the key to the inner chambers of the mind
the knowing glance
the knowledge of eternal reality
the knowledge of the self, as revealed by the LSD experience
the knowledge of truth, not of any truth, but of that truth which is the source of all truth
the knowledge which gives the knowledge of everything
the labyrinth of strange byways and unknown paths (eyes closed)
the labyrinth of the unconscious
the latent potentialities which lie within us
the latticework shuttling of energy patterns
the laughter of the universe
the “layerness” I felt in myself
the leap from three-dimensional to multidimensional perception and experience
the learning experience when high
the learning of new attitudes, new feelings and new behavior
the leaves a cavernous intricacy, pulsing with undecipherable mystery
the length of time it took me to realize that now I was back in the real world
the level beyond levels
the level of pure feeling
the levels of energy and wisdom inside
the liberating ego-death
the liberating knowledge of the divine Ground
the liberating power of psychedelic drugs
the liberating realization
the liberating truth
the liberation experience
the liberation of the higher faculties
the liberation of the human being
the liberation of the mind from conventional thought
the liberation of the mind from symbols
the life-changing therapeutic effects of the psilocybin experience
the light of a new day
the light of awareness (the light of this awareness?)
the light of heaven
the light of the Father shining down on me
the light or spark which resides within us all
the limitations of ego-consciousness
the limitations of established churches
the limitations of “Western rationality”
the limited vision of reality prevailing in modern society
the limitless God
the little self, the ego-personality
the living mystery and inexplicable marvel of mere existence
the living peace of the Clear Light
the living reality, knowable only by personal experience
the living reality of God as the Eternal Now
the living soul of nature with which I communed
the living truth
the living universe
the look of wild delight (on another person’s face)
the loosening of symbolic reality
the loss of personality the only true life (loss of ego)
the lost awareness
the lost message
the love-joy within
the love-preventing monster of ego
the love of wisdom, in the spirit of the artist
the love which is at the heart of things, at the core
the loving calm
the LSD experience significant, useful and enriching
the luminous bliss
the luminous skies and seas of the mind’s antipodes (eyes closed)
the “luminous quality” of objects
the mad visionary dreamer
the magic and beauty of it
the magic blue sky
the magic of love
the magic of LSD
the magic of music
the magic of noble forms and colors artfully blended
the magic of the mysterious, miraculous pill
the magic of this spectacular experience
the magic panorama
the magic that can set you free
The Magic Theatre, price of admission, your mind
the magic world of ancient gods
the magical aspects of the Mysterium
the magical city
the magical dance of forms
the magical effect of LSD
the magical immediacy and connection with life
the magical journeys of the shaman
the “magical link” through which the divine presence begins to manifest itself
the magical Other World of nonverbal visionary awareness
the magical power of heaven
the magical qualities governing these states
the magical, spiritual component that was really what acid was all about
the magical virtue of the sacrament
the magnificence, splendor and grandeur of this experience
the magnificent dance of forms
the magnitude, the sense of ultimate reality
the majestic symphony of unutterable principles of Beauty and Truth
the man of developed heart as distinguished from the developed intellect
the mandalas and endless corridors of the trip
the marionette show of normal reality
the marvelously purposeless world of nature
the means by which clarity is seen clearly
the means whereby reality is seen clearly
the merely random process of nature
the message of the mushrooms which is the wordless, mindless rapture of the moment
the mighty revealer
the millennium of mind
the mind-changing, mind-manifesting, or mind-revealing drugs
the mind completely at rest
the mind in its natural, unmodified condition, clear and vibrant
the mind loss and the vision
the mind’s attempt to grasp the fluid forms of nature in its mesh of fixed classes
the mind’s internal architecture
the mind’s unborn, unvanishing and unconfused nature
the miracle he has experienced
the miraculous transformation of an enclosed convent garden into a fragment of heaven
the modern Johnny Appleseed implanting the seeds of a liberating culture
the moment of complete understanding, when one comprehends the Big Picture
the moment of truth, naked on the shores of eternity
the more direct sensory contact of the child
the more intense reality of the inner life
the more relaxed, humorous and pleasurable spirituality of Asia
the most astounding experience of my life
the most astonishing sense of freedom and release
the most beautiful radiance
the most creative and the most satisfying experience possible
the most delicately sensuous natural beauty
the most direct and immediate perception
the most enlightening of all human experience
the most entrancing visions (eyes closed)
the most excited rapture
the most exciting educational experience of your life
the most heavenly music I have ever heard in my entire life, incredibly beautiful
the most important experience of his life
the most important, profound and intense experience of his life
the most intense feelings of joy and illumination
the most intense high
the most luminous colors and patterns
“the most meaningful day of their lives”
the most powerful drug yet known to man
the most profound and moving experience of my life
the most profound educational experience in my life
the most profound human experiences
the most profoundly consuming aesthetic experience I have ever had
the most remarkable experience of my life
the most valuable chemical discovery of the century
the most vivid brightness I had ever seen
the most vivid recognition of a wholeness that is absolute, timeless, instant
the most wonderful field of mind which could be opened
the Mother Wisdom of light and true clarity
the multi-faceted realities that the LSD experience opened up
the multi-level perception of LSD
the multidimensional and multifaceted content of LSD experiences
the multileveled nature of the LSD experience
the music and the passion and energy pouring into the room
the music, the vast music
the musical or dancelike character of the world
the musical vibration of the world
the mutuality and bodily unity of man and the world
the mysteries of God
the mysterious and indescribable purity
the mysterious center of experience
the mysterious energies flashing through his eyes and ears
the mysterious, inexhaustible, eternal life energy
the mysterious inner world
the mysterious point where pain turns into joy
the mysterious power which makes all things new again
the mysterious present (“present” meaning now, not a gift)
the mysterious primordial emptiness and nothingness that contains all existence
the mysterious real world which words and ideas can never pin down
the mysterious reality
the mysterious welding of amino-acid strands that creates the human vine of organic life
the mysterious world of chemical hallucinogens
the mystery of the journey
the mystery of the sacred
the mystic intensity
the mystic state of One Single Reality
the mystic vision, mystical ecstasy
the mystic visions
the mystical awareness of God
the mystical consciousness of being at one with the infinite Oneness
the mystical experience of a deeper, comprehensive reality
the mystical experience, the mindless vision, the nongame visionary experience
the mystical nature of love
the mystical nature of many experiences in nonordinary states of consciousness
the mystical nature of the universe
the mystical or conversion experience
the mystical perception of the non-rational mind
the mystical spark
the mystical union with its sense of “I am you-We are one”
the mystical vision, mystical ecstasy
the myth of a golden age from which we have fallen
the myth of the child hero (eyes closed)
the mythic drama (eyes closed)
the mythic image, the archetype (eyes closed)
the mythical city
the mythical life energy
the mythical, magical community at Millbrook
the mythological dimensions
the mythological realm (eyes closed)
the mythological roots of these experiences and their connection to human history
the mythology encountered during the inner journey (eyes closed)
the naked awe-ful truth
the naked reality behind the symbol
the natural and uncontrived bliss of liberation
the nature and flavor of the psychedelic experience
the nature of LSD phenomena, multileveled and multi-dimensional
the necessity of going out of your mind, going within
the need for more sophisticated religious language coordinated with the scientific data
the neurological memory bank
the new acuity of my senses
the new and improved accelerated brain
the new awakening, the new consciousness, freedom
the new, cleansing sacrament of the Aquarian Age
the new concept of man which emerges from LSD transformations
the new cult of visionaries
the new dimension of self, the inner dimension
the new eyes the psychedelic had given me
the new frontiers of consciousness
the new heaven and the new earth
the new ideal
the new image of reality and of human nature
the new image of the universe
the new insights provided by consciousness-expanding experiences
the new insights provided by consciousness-expansion drugs
the new joy and vitality
the new level of exploration
the new luster of colors that various things had taken on
the new mental frontiers
the new mystical worldview
the new neurology and psychedelic pharmacology
the new perceptual mode
the new realities of expanded consciousness
the new reality that unfolds in the psychedelic experience
the new religion
the new spiritual life into which he has been initiated
the new step in human evolution
the new totality or self
the new vision
the new vision of reality which is revealed
the new vision of the Divine
the new “wisdom drugs” which were responsible for an emerging spirituality
the new world of consciousness which these substances reveal
the newly acquired consciousness
the newly acquired tool of awareness
the newly exposed terrain of cultures, histories, eras, and symbols (eyes closed)
the newly opened paradise
the newly revealed fabric of existence
the newness and uniqueness of the experience
the night so perfect
the non-game visionary experience
the non-material realm of consciousness
the nonverbal spiritual experience of the divine
the nonverbal world of culturally uncontaminated consciousness
the nourishing and inspirational dimensions they have discovered
the novel and immensely exciting experience of infancy—the age of the non-talker
the now available potentialities of the accelerated cortex
the nuclear dance, celestial radiance from the light center, internal radiance
the obsolete social patterns which have isolated man from his consciousness
the ocean of consciousness
the ocean of God
the oceanic consciousness
the “oceanic ecstasy” of the cosmic union
the one and indivisible divine energy
the one and true Self
the one cosmic energy which is the essence of all there is
the one divine reality
the one moment’s flash of illumination which seems to shake the whole universe
the one thing that makes spiritual life possible and meaningful—union with God
the one thing the church should be offering and is not, spiritual and mystical experience
the one undivided cosmic web
the One without a second, can attain the pure essence of the Undifferentiated Unity
the oneness of all energy
the oneness of divinity, the oneness of divine essence
the open-brain and its ecstatic possibilities
the open brain, the uncensored cortex, alert and open to a broad sweep
the opening of mind and heart to reality
the opportunities for personal growth available through chemical ecstasy
the opportunity to experience death without actually dying
the “organic intelligence” which regulates the body without thought
the organic pattern of the universe
the organismic nature of the universe
the orgasmic dynamic of joy and rapture
the original or true nature of the mind
the original purity
the other order of reality
the Other World, beyond the Door
the Other World of the mind, the Other World of visionary experience
the Other World of which visionaries are fully conscious
the Other World where egos melted and a spiritual rebirth occurred
the otherworldly reality
the overpowering feeling of peace, contentment and being a part of goodness itself
the overwhelming experience of his senses
the overwhelming flood of sensations and emotions
the overwhelming immediate nature of the experience
the overwhelming realization that all around were other worlds, other beings, other kinds
the Paradise garden
the paradise rediscovered
the path to purification and transcendence
the path toward greater clarity and sanity
the pathway to evolutionary intelligence
the pattern of God
the pattern or order of nature
the peculiar sensation of “walking on air” which arises when the mind is first liberated
the perception of new realities
the perception of relationships
the perception that one has glimpsed and understood the workings of the universe
the perceptual richness
the perennial wisdom of the great traditions
the perfect path of the flow
the perfectly natural state
the perfectly satisfying intensity and purity
the perfectly satisfying intensity and purity of these gorgeous colors of ineffable beauty
the petty insignificance of man’s ego-oriented aims
the peyote wonder-world
the phenomenon of seeing patterns in the air
the philosophical and spiritual dimensions of the LSD experience
the philosophical understanding of existence
the physical feeling of expansion
the physical reality of relationships between organisms
the physical world, a manifestation of innumerable and simultaneous energy patterns
the physiological intelligence controlling the body on its own
the plastic-doll nature of social reality and social ego
the Platonic trinity of the good, the true and the beautiful
the play of energy
the play of patterned energy
the play of rhythm
the play of the free intellect
the “play” of the infinite
the playful spirit of God
the poetic idea of the universe as the play or dance of God
the pomposity of psychiatrists
the positive nature and potential of peak experiences
the positive radiance of clarity
the possibility in each of us for non-attachment, freedom and liberation
the possibility of freedom I felt
the possibility of seeing into new institutional solutions
the potency of the drugs and the range of the experiences they afford
the potent consciousness-altering qualities of LSD
the potential depth and complexity of psychedelic experience
the potential for rising to a higher state of being
the potential of LSD for enhancing creativity
the potential therapeutic value of these transformative experiences
the potentialities of the human psyche
the potentialities of the nervous system, the complexity of the human cortical computer
the potentiality of awareness
the potentially transformative symbolic and analogic dramas (eyes closed)
the potentially vast possibilities of LSD
the potentials of expanded awareness
the potentiated nervous system
the power and breadth of the divine process
the power of inner religious experience to mediate wholesome personality change
the power of LSD to change humanity for the better
the power of prying open for him the gates to more wondrous glories
the power of psychedelics to take us further on the evolutionary ladder
the power of these drugs to change behavior
the power of these drugs to change beliefs and transform ways of life
the power to change and shape personality at a deep level
the powerful experience which is religious in its essence
the present, an eternal stream
the present immediacy of the objects, persons and events
the present imperfection of humanity
the preternatural activity of sense in the hasheesh state
the preternatural scope and activity of all his faculties
the primal energy in the universe
the primordial core
the primordial cradle of all life
the Primordial Tradition
the primordial undifferentiated unity
the principle of polarity, of the inner unity of opposites
the prismatic, climactic, revealing experience which LSD promises and fulfills
the prison of reality (That’s “social” reality, not the full, real, ultimate reality.)
the problems caused by getting hungup when your ego’s too fat to squeeze through
the process of psychological transformation and spiritual opening
the profound depth of what I felt
the profound revolutionary transformation
the profound wisdom of the great spiritual philosophies and mystical traditions
the profoundest feelings of mystical union
the projection of the interior emotional tone onto the perceived object
the promise of the Aquarian Age, of a New Breed
the “psychedelic artist”
the “psychedelic consciousness”
the psychedelic experience, a Niagara of light energy
the psychedelic experience of mystical consciousness
the psychedelic experience so intense and impressive
the psychedelic experience, the treasure it promises
the psychedelic journey
the psychedelic-mystical state
the psychedelic revolution
the psychedelic road to discovery
the psychedelic road to divinity
the psychedelic sea
the psychedelic visual experience, a Niagara of light energy
the psychic plane
the psychic treasure
the psychological creatures inhabiting the remote regions of our minds
the psychology of religion
the puppet show of reality
the pure consciousness of the Self
the pure experience
the pure experience of the present moment
the pure experience of the present moment in this world here and now
the pure flame of unified experience
the pure flow of energy sensed as intense feelings
the pure, spontaneous awareness
the purification of that sublime ecstasy
the purity and exquisite life and light within death
the pursuit of truth, akin to the creation of beauty
the quality of consciousness which these drugs induce
the quality of the experience
the radiance I saw that day
the radiance of mystical states
the radiance of The Light made human
the radiance of the sunset
the radiance of unitive Knowledge
the radiance of your own intellect (That doesn’t mean ego.)
the radiance of your own true nature
the radiant and radiating petals of certain flowers
the radiant benevolence and beauty of Paradise
the radiant bliss of at-one-ness
the radiant core (of your being)
the radiant core of meaning, the great vibration dance
the radiant core of the energy process
the radiant essence
the radiant eye of God
the radiant joy on his face
the radiant, pure soul
the radiant, sky-wide magnificence
the radiant stuff of reality
the radiantly angelic product of the love generation
the radiantly bejeweled regions of the mind
the rain, its gentleness, purity and clean loveliness
the raising of consciousness to new realms
the range and individual variability of the experience
the range of feeling and thought produced by the drugs
the rapid flow of ideas
the rapid succession of ideas and impressions which cross the field of consciousness
the rapture and contact with God
the raptures of the saints
the rare unexpected ecstasy and adventure of the psychedelic drug trip
the raw and vital energies released through ecstasy
the raw, electric, shuddering sensitivity of the psychedelic experience
the real beginning of a New Age
the real, divine world
the real path
the real realm
the real self
the Real Thing, the ultimate illumination
the real truth and source of all human joy and happiness
the realities that reveal themselves
the reality behind appearances
the reality beyond symbols
the reality revealer, the truth-and-beauty pill
the reality that underlies all religions
the reality underlying all realities
the realization of man’s inner identity
the realization of mind itself, of its pure, undifferentiated Essence
the realization of one’s inmost nature
the realization of one’s own inmost nature
the realization of the unity of the world
the realization of truth
the realization that ultimately, it really doesn’t matter
the realm of archetypal reality (eyes closed)
the realm of archetypes (eyes closed)
the realm of essence
the realm of higher consciousness
the realm of insight intelligence
the realm of liberation
the realm of light and spirit
the realm of nonverbal experience, reality as we perceive it directly
the realm of pure potential
the realm of spirit
the realm of the divine
the realm of the soul itself wherein the self may find its deepest meaning
the realm of the unseen
the recent convergence of quantum-relativistic physics and various mystical traditions
the recognition of fundamental unity underlying the world of separate beings and objects
the recognition of life in death
the recognition of oneness
the recovery of childhood
the rediscovery of the “inner” world
the reduction of inhibition and increased suggestibility
the relationship between intrinsic emotional states and healing
the relationship between mystical states and morality
the relationship between plant-induced visions and mythology
the relationship of psychedelic states to creative inspiration
the release of this innate wisdom and creative energy in people
the relevance of mythology for psychology, religion and human life
the religious aspects and dimensions of the psychedelic drugs
the religious aspects of the psychedelic revelatory experience
the religious consciousness
the religious dimensions of the psychedelic experience
the religious-ontological nature of the psychedelic experience
the religious potentialities of LSD
the religious significance of psychedelic drug experiences
the remarkable range and richness of the inner life of normal individuals
the remarkable transformative potential of nonordinary states of consciousness
the remembrance of a mythology
the repository of new and deeper truths
the restoration of perfect peace
the restraints imposed by conventional modes of thought and perception
the return to primal unity
the return to the essence of their being (or your being)
the revealed mystery of life
the revelation of Divine Truth
the revelation of LSD
the revelation of some deep mystery about the nature of God
the revelation of the strangeness and otherness that hides in familiar things
the revelatory potentials of the human nervous system
the reverent sense of clear reality
the revolutionary aesthetic consciousness I sought in order to become an artist
the revolutionary potentials of the unconscious
the rhythm of life
the rhythmic beauty of detail which the drugs reveal in common things
the rhythmic clarity of forms
the rhythms of nature
the rich and complex content of LSD sessions
the rich and complex content of the unconscious
the rich and complex phenomena of the psychedelic death-rebirth process
the rich imagery
the rich inner life
the rich meaning
the rich meaning of the Eastern message
the rich philosophical and spiritual content of these phenomena (eyes closed)
the rich potentialities
the rich radiance
the rich world of psychedelic observations
the richness and breadth of expanded consciousness
the richness and splendor of the unpremeditated surprise
the richness and variety of the experience
the richness of sensory experiences
the richness of the aesthetic experience
the richness of the feelings and sensations
the richness of this exalted view through the channels of the soul
the riddle of time and mortality solved by the unitive, turn-on perspective
the ride toward ecstasy
the rise of man from animal to spiritual being
the ritual enjoyment of that basic awareness of what is happening now
the river of life
the robot-reality of the domesticated hive
the robotic behavior of the “normal”, “well-adjusted” person
the role of psychedelic drugs in mystery cults in ancient times
the role of psychedelics in exploring the mind’s potential
the romance, adventure, idealism and excitement
the romantic vision of illumination
the room rolling gently to ocean-swells of vibration
the royal road to these expanded mental states that all mystics seek
the royal road to wisdom, the highway of evolution
the sacred clown who defies the authorities with wit
the sacred elixir
the sacred forests of the ancient
the sacred vow to liberate all the sentiment beings
the sages who, abandoning learning, rest in spontaneity
the search within one’s consciousness for the Self, which is life
the secret about the potentialities of the brain
the secret league of dedicated travelers who shared a vision of fulfillment
the secret message of glorious sexual liberation spread by rock and roll
the secrets and mysteries of the psychedelic world
the secrets of the eternal Mysteries
the secrets of the universe embedded in the DNA
the Self discovered by the mystic in visionary raptures
the self-validating certainty of direct awareness
the sensation of floating in the air, of being weightless
the sensation of having an increased rate of thought
the sensation of life as pure process, process without source or destination
the sensation of oneself as a process
the sensation that the external world is continuous with and one with our own bodies
the sense of acceleration of thought
the sense of an infinitely expanded present
the sense of awestruck discovery psychedelic artists tried to communicate
the sense of being connected with something greater than oneself
the sense of connection and fundamental unity with the world
the sense of cosmic unity
the sense of drifting in the infinite, of flowing into the ocean of eternity
the sense of ineffable importance in the smallest events
the sense of mystical fusion, self-loss and bliss, mystical bliss
the sense of oneness with nature regained
the sense of psychic liberation
the sense of sacredness
the sense of the divine
the sense of the intense sensuality of oneself, an extremely luxurious feeling
the sense of the world as a system of transformation
the sense of tuning in to the consciousness of various organs or tissues of the body
the sense of wonder
the sense that all is ultimately well
the sense that the self is projected onto an external object
the sensitive and exotically and tenderly beautiful
the sensory experience more vivid and more detailed
the sensuous impact of the grass and trees
the sensuous mysteriousness of his flannel trousers
the sensuous qualities of color
the serenest ecstasy
the sexual act as a religious sacrament, a mode of mystical knowledge
the sexual implications of the Taoist philosophy of nature, Taoist sexual practices
the sharp, brilliant intensification of the senses
the sharpened sense of the multi-dimensional qualities
the ‘60’s a time when everything seemed possible
the sky and landscape whose splendors were vivid
the smile of one who knows better
the soaring extraordinary light and bliss
the social, philosophical and religious implications in the discoveries made
the socially conditioned illusion, a dangerous state of hallucination and delusion
the society of men with men and the larger ecological society of men with nature
the soul’s visionary heaven
the sound-textures of various musical instruments
the source of inspiration and creativity
the spark, the flash that reveals reality
the special experience
the spectrum of experiences induced by psychedelic compounds
the spectrum of mental effects
the spectrum of textures
the speed and breadth of direct sensation
the speed, breadth and shuttling flow of the experience
the spirit of truth, a spirit of wisdom
the spiritual content of the psychedelic experience
the spiritual dimension of existence
the spiritual dimension sneered at in academic circles
the spiritual dimension, the quest for the deeper dimensions
the spiritual implications of a science of consciousness
the spiritual intensity and emotional power of the experience
the spiritual journey
the spiritual meaning of LSD
the spiritual nature of man
the spiritual nature of visionary phenomena
the spiritual path of liberation
the spiritual realms
the spiritual revolution
the spiritual treasury
the spontaneous healing potential of the deeper dynamics of the psyche
the staggeringly rich intellectual potentials
the state of absolute bliss
the state of acute sensitivity that the drugs induce
the state of being in pure consciousness
the state of divine mind
the state of fluid expanded consciousness
the state of “paradise regained”
the state of pearly wisdom
the state of radiant unity
the state of Self-realization or God-realization
the state of the divine mind
the state of total fulfillment
the states of eternity
the static condition of life before we are aware
the stem and the root where, under the surface, we are one
the stirrings of his own mystic depths
the strange territory of the mind into which they had stumbled
the strangling of reality (That’s what society does.)
the stream of consciousness which is recorded in the brain
the stream of experience
the strong illusion of being no more than the skin-contained ego
the study of consciousness which Leary calls religion
the subconscious the source of creativity
the sublimity of delight
the sudden awakening of the mystical experience
the sudden confrontation with the real-reality
the sudden insight, the brilliant hypothesis, the truly “creative” leap
the sudden realization of the truth
the sudden release of their tactile sensitivity
the sudden relief from emotional pressure
the suggestible state where new reality programs could be imprinted
the super-computer qualities of the mind, including an ageless universal memory core
the superior truth of the “cosmic” experience
the supreme consciousness
the supreme ecstasy of mystical union
the supreme truth
the Supreme Ultimate
the swirling of unlimited multicolored space
the sword of discriminating wisdom that cuts through all illusion
the “taste for the infinite”—the force in man that drives him beyond the everyday
the terrific magnitude of the meanings
the texture of the gray flannel—how rich, how deeply, mysteriously sumptuous!
the theme of return to a blissful original state in myth
the therapeutic and transformative power of nonordinary states of consciousness
the therapeutic potential of experiences of mystical consciousness
the therapeutic potential of psychedelics
the therapeutic potential of the reliving of emotionally relevant episodes from childhood
the therapeutic power (of LSD)
the therapeutic significance of the ego death and rebirth experience
the timeless and ego-less eternal now
the timeless energy process around you
the timeless facts of eternity
the timeless harmony of these peak moments
the timeless, metaphysical realm
the timeless wisdom
the total experiential fusion of mystic unity
the tranquil state of non-game awareness
the transcendence of normal spatial limitations
the transcendence of the infinite
the transcendence of verbal concepts, of space-time dimensions and of the ego or identity
the transcendent experience
the transcendent nature of visionary experiences
the transcendent vision
the transcendental implications of modern science
the transcendental mystical unity of all religions
the transcendental realities
the transcendental state of awareness
the transcendental state of enlightenment
the transcendental vision of the Good
the transfiguring light of dawn or sunset
the transformation of consciousness
the transformation of the particular in the universal
the transformation potential of LSD
the transforming spirit of play
the translation of consciousness into an eternal present, not into an everlasting future
the translation of symbol into living experience
the tremendously expanded awareness that I was brought to by LSD
the trip beyond the mind to liberation
the trip to your inner galaxies
the true form without form, outside of all doctrines
the true man in every man
the true mind
the true mystic pilgrimage inward
the true nature and meaning of existence
the true path to liberation
the true soul I’d now found
the true union of the mystic and the man of science
the true vision
the true visionary who is spiritualized
the truly meaningful
the truly sky-high quality of one’s natural self
the truth of our given union with God
the truth that union with God is given to man both as individual and as society
the truth which had previously been hidden behind a veil
the truth within your consciousness
the 2 billion year old historical archive, your brain
the ultimate and basic unity
the ultimate and eternal space in which things and events come and go
the ultimate best
the ultimate consciousness
the ultimate cosmic unifying principle
the ultimate door (to the mind, reality, and God)
the ultimate experience
the ultimate gamble
the ultimate goal
the ultimate goal that of complete self-liberation
the ultimate high
the ultimate identity of oneself and the Godhead
the ultimate liberation experience
the ultimate meanings of the experience
the ultimate mystery
the ultimate non-dual reality
the ultimate of all experiences
the ultimate perfection of a total union with the Godhead
the ultimate power that moves the galaxies and nucleus of the atom
the ultimate reality beyond all dualities
the ultimate realm of free and purified spirituality
the ultimate sexual-sensual experience
the ultimate spiritual experience
the ultimate trip to higher realms of consciousness
the ultimate truth, of great importance
the Ultimate Truth, the ultimate best
the ultimate world of “the spirit”
the unbelievably beautiful strange imagery
the uncensored cortex, activated, alert and open to new realities
the unconscious which needs to be examined for man’s liberation
the uncontrollable visionary laugh
the undefined nature of our cosmic existence
the underlying unity of all existence
the understanding of love which people find in the LSD experience
the understanding of the inner working
the unexpected beauty
the unfamiliar altered consciousness induced by LSD
the unfamiliar terrain of his expanded consciousness
the unfolding of interwoven mythic and ritual elements (eyes closed)
the unified energy field
the unified field of cosmic energy, this fundamental energy
the union within ourselves and union of ourselves with the rest of the universe
the unique experience of “looking inside” himself
the unique quality of the experience
the unique richness
the uniqueness of the experiences which occur
the unitary mystical experience
the unitary or nondualistic view of the world
the unitive experience
the “unitive” experience of the mystic, the transformed sense of the self
the unitive knowledge of God, the Godhead
the unity of inner experience
the unity or inseparability of the one and many
the universal and eternal wherein lies man’s true end—if he has a true end at all
the universal and ever-present urge to self-transcendence
the universal design
the universal Essence of mind
the universal immanence of the transcendent spiritual Ground of all existence
the universal life-force
the universal life which lives itself through each of us
the universal myth
the universal myth of the hero’s journey
the universal order
the universal reality of nature
the universality of drug use by human beings, a universal phenomenon
the universality of one’s feeling
the universality of the psychic processes
the universality of the Self
the universality of this experience
the universality of transpersonal experience
the universalization of sex
the universe a living presence
the universe an infinitely intricate web of interrelated events
the universe of the human body
the universe seen as the overflow of my own inmost nature
the unknown, the real present in which we live
the unprecedented colors and plays of shapes that persisted behind my closed eyes
the “unreality” of the ego
the unshaped infinity of the unconscious
the unspeakable world of the physical universe, the world that is other than words
the unusual ability of this drug to facilitate intensive emotional abreactions
the unusual nature and context of the psychedelic experience
the unutterable mystery which is God himself
the use of sexuality in the actual discipline of liberation
the user aware of sounds he otherwise might not have noticed
the utterly incomparable beauty of the vision
the value of a drug-induced, sudden transforming encounter
the value of these drugs as superlative means for the study of religious experience
the various levels and types of experience manifested in psychedelic sessions
the vast and mysterious world of human potentialities
the vast dimensions of the creative spirit
the vast expanses of the inner world
the vast, mysterious world of the unconscious
the vastness of the experience
the veil of conscious reality
the very depths of the roots of the religious life in the unconscious
the very limited center of conscious attention which we call the ego
the vibrant and luminous colors
the vibrant dance of energy
the vivid colors of a sunset
the vividness, intensity and perceptual peculiarities of drug trips
the vision of a new world, the Mystic Vision
the vision of Harmony
the vision of highest beautitude
the vision of the sacred achieved in ecstatic states
the vision of the total union of the spiritual and physical domains
the vision wherein lies our only true hope
the visionary bliss of heaven
the visionary bliss of heaven, a heaven of blissful visionary experience
the visionary core of religion
the visionary experience of a deeper reality
the visionary experiences of paradises, celestial realms and cities of light (eyes closed)
the visionary intensity
the visionary journey
the visionary layers
the visionary state
the visual cortex
the voyage inward
the voyage of discovery, a spiritual journey
the way that the whole is contained in each of its parts a universal property of nature
the whirling energy flow in them and around them
the whole attitude of letting the mind alone and trusting it to follow its own nature
the whole face of earth and heaven glorified
the whole field of vision with its vast multiplicity of colors and shapes
the whole mad ecstasy of loveliness, of joy, of importance, of intoxication of life
the whole range of possible experience
the whole spaceless, timeless world of universal Mind
the wholeness of eternal reality
the wide range of emotions and physical sensations
the wider seeing which is possible
the wild unknown and uncharted, where anything is possible
the wisdom and superior reality of internal perceptions
the wisdom embedded in the metaphors of mysticism
the wisdom of creative quietism
the Wisdom of the Other Shore
the wisdom of the spiritual process
the wisdom of the world’s oldest religion and healing art, shamanism
the wisdom of unreason
the wisdom which is universal compassion
the Wise Fool or King’s Jester
the wonder and the beauty
the wonder of life and the glory and mystery of being
the wonder, the mystery of the divine
the wondrous glories which I had beheld
the wondrous light of the New World
the wordless but all-embracing knowledge attained in the mystical state
the world a miracle of glory
the world a play of physical waves
the world as beauty
the world as beauty, the sun, the flowers, fresh-fragrant air
the world of archetypal realities (eyes closed)
the world of Suchness, of Mind, of the Clear Light
the world of supreme ecstasy
the world of the magical and mythical
the world of unlimited experience
the world unmeasured, the infinite and undivided, the supreme spiritual reality
the world where truth is an intuition, and stands in the dazzling light of its own essence
the worlds of still unrealized potentialities
the yogic possibilities of psychedelic drugs
their discovery of their Higher Self
their new self-awareness
theological revelations from Cosmic Central
these analogic and symbolic dramas (eyes closed)
these archetypal inner visions (eyes closed)
these awe-inspiring expeditions
these calm, suggestive states
these emerging social and psychological tools
these greater dimensions
these higher registers of the mind
these higher valued areas of reality
these internal microscopes
these mad dashes into the psychic wilderness
these magic moments
these most complex and fascinating of all drugs
these new experiences
these new states of mind
these new wonder medicines
these radiant and breathtaking cosmic vistas
these states of mind and emotions
these strange deep realms
these undiscovered ancient sacraments
these upper states of mind
these vividly clear scenes (eyes closed)
these wonderful, magical, mystical drugs
thinking more clearly and deeper awareness of the meaning of things
thinking more clearly, profoundly and creatively
thirst for insight, adventure, strange surprises and mystical discoveries
this alchemical show of revelation
this all-pervading Energy he feels around him
this amazing inner adventure
this astounding new way of feeding metaphysical appetites
this awareness of a deeper and universal self
this awe-inspiring experience
this beautitude, the fulfillment of the potential of man’s being
this brave new world of sensory experience
this breath-taking beauty
this brilliant new world of consciousness expansion
this brilliantly shiny object
this colossal revelation
this complicated experience
this divine spirit within himself (It’s within you, too.)
this ecstatic brain-opening experience
this ecstatic consciousness
this ecstatic voyage
this emergent scientific philosophy of expansion
this “empathic” state
this endless, exulting cosmological dance
this eternal truth of religious revelation
this evolutionary stream
this expanded dimension
this experiential pattern
this extraordinary experience of self-discovery under LSD
this extraordinary richness of texture
this fantastic new energy
this fascinating and holy drug
this feeling of general benevolence and “expansive good-will”
this flash beyond time into the depths of consciousness
this foolish egocentricity
this God consciousness
this God-like awareness
this great and last frontier of freedom
this greatness of beauty and goodness that I saw and felt
this heavenly, world-transfiguring drug
this “heightened sense of reality”
this heightening of consciousness
this holy city, this Paradise city
this infinitely complex and eternal cosmic drama
this inmost dimension of ourselves
this inmost frontier
this inner realm
this inner revolution of the mind
this inner world
this insight into the nature of things
this instant joy and relaxation
this intensity of experiencing
this internal potential
this intuition of absolute reality
this language-transcending experience
this level of being
this loss of our child-like simplicity, innocence, and wonder in the course of enculturation
this luminous other world, this luminous other world within the mind
this magical charge
this magical electrical energy
this mode of vision
this most magical stimulant
this multifaceted psychic upheaval
this mysterious adventure
this mysterious unknown
this mystical sensation of “unity with the cosmos”
this natural magic of glinting metal and self-luminous stone
this new and novel way of seeing the world
this new brilliant world of consciousness expansion
this new consciousness, this new freedom
this new dimension of consciousness
this new extension of potentiality
this new image of reality and of human nature
this new mode of consciousness
this new perspective
this new reality that unfolds in the psychedelic experience
this new science of precise, disciplined brain-change
this new scientific frontier
this new state of consciousness
this new tool for expanding awareness
this new vision of many realities
this new vision of reality
this new vision of the world
this “new world” of altered perceptions
this New World of intense activity
this newly acquired consciousness
this newly revealed knowledge
this niagara of sensory input
this open and ungrasping mode of awareness
this other, marvelous, limitless state
this other reality which is tumultuous, volcanic, astonishing, ineffable
this other world of beauty and higher reality
this overwhelming emotion
this paradisal more-than-real world
this paradisal state of innocence
this paradise of cleansed perception
this perfect, clear perception
this phenomenon of perceiving the other as she “really is”
this powerful catalyst
this powerful new tool
this preconceptual mystical knowledge
this primordial “eternal” state
this profound sense of somehow living the continuation of a glorious past in the present
this psychedelically induced Divine Comedy
this psychic eruption, sudden insights and startling revelations
this quality of feeling fresh
this radiant plane
this rapture of music
this relaxed, uncreated state of mind
this remarkable exuberant spirit and creativity (the sixties)
this remarkable transformation of consciousness
this rich interior world
this sacred dimension
this sense of the supreme importance of a moment of heightened experience
this sexual awakening
this shift from illusion to enlightenment
this shocking encounter with the phenomenon of death
this smile of unity
this special excursion into super-reality and the extension of all senses
this speeding up of the mental processes—a “slowing down of time”
this spiritual essence of things
this spiritual relationship of man with nature
this state of great physical ease
this state of mind
this state of mind one of cosmic grandeur
this state of ultimate cosmic energy
this state of unity of the individual self with the universe
this sudden flash of awakening
this supreme, shining, primal and infinite universal Form which was not seen before
this taste of primeval nature and the life force at its most stark and raw
this tender garden of divine bliss
this timeless bliss
this timeless energy process around you
this total awareness, “the now moment”
this transcendental vision of the Good
this tremendous and enlightening journey
this state of mind one of cosmic grandeur
this state of “paradise regained”
this state of unity of the individual self with the universe
this sudden revelation
this supreme awareness
this supreme, shining, primal and infinite universal Form which was not seen before
this tender garden of divine bliss
this timeless bliss
this timeless space
this truth within your consciousness
this 20th century voyage of spiritual discovery
this ultimate state
this ultimate vision
this undefined reality
this unified and timeless mode of perception
this unknitting and dissolving of boundaries—self-transcendence
this very intuitive perception
this vision of rapture
this visionary world, fresh with a childlike wonder and joy
this vital core of self
this voyage of discovery, a spiritual journey
this widened definition of mind
this wider, less ignore-ant consciousness
this wonderful gift residing potentially within all of us
those deeper levels where the more rewarding and transformative experiences occur
those far reaches of the mind
those folds in the trousers—what a labyrinth of endlessly significant complexity!
those intensely significant, inwardly glowing objects
those locked into what Blake called “single Vision and Newton’s sleep”
those magical realms
those universal mythological symbols which Jung calls “archetypes” (eyes closed)
those unknown realms of experience opened up by psychedelic drugs
thought, mood and perception changes
thoughts coupled with strong emotional reactions
thousands of pinpoints of sensitivity throughout my vody
three people, a trinity of awareness, one mind in 3 bodies, 3 minds in one body
through into another dimension
time—each second separated by infinity
time to go in and leave the garden to the awakening stars
timeless beauty
timeless dimension of quality and significance
timeless ecstatic moments
timeless flights into pure energy vibration fields
to a clearer, more integrated way of existing than I have ever known
to a complete deliverance into the eternal
to a higher reality, a special way of knowing
to a higher realm
to a new, more balanced personality level
to accelerate consciousness and intelligence
to accelerate human evolution
to achieve union with their divine essence (or your divine essence)
to actualize their potential
to advance into eternity, no longer on the animal, but on the spiritual level
to advance toward complete beautification or deliverance through enlightenment
to adventure into being
to allow different, new pictures of reality to arise
to appear before our consciousness in all its richness
to associate seemingly dissimilar elements in meaningful ways
to attain an intuitive knowledge of God
to awaken deeply hidden secrets in your underconsciousness
to awaken our true identity
to awaken spiritual energies
to awaken the spirit of self-divinity
to awaken to joy, light, bliss, universal understanding and higher consciousness
to awaken to the realization
to awaken to your true identity
to be able to remember with extreme clarity
to be free, to be a truly realized person
to be in awe of beauty
to be shaken out of the ruts of ordinary perception
to be spiritually awake
to “be still and know that I am God”
to become fully human
to become more aware spiritually, ecologically, and creatively
to break down barriers within the self
to break out of old patterns into the unknown
to break out of personality into new realms of consciousness
to break through cultural conditioning and gain new perspectives
to “break through” to some new way of life and feeling
to bring mythological and archetypal structures into conscious awareness (eyes closed)
to bring together visionary mysticism and modern science
to bring us to a state of Jungian wholeness
to catch the cosmic wave and ride it in
to celebrate life, to know that we are eternal
to cleanse the memory
to clear the head
to clear their own brains of old programs and create new ones
to commune with universal forces
to contact energy beyond your game
to contact incredible diversity, beauty, living, pulsating meaning of the sense organs
to contact the reality we have all long lost contact with
to create a new species
to cut through the daze and dope of mindless existence and wake us up
to dance the day instead of working it
to dance the shaman’s dance
to deepen the consciousness of reality by way of a total mystical experience
to determine how LSD can best be used in releasing the potentials of the human mind
to develop new conceptual or theoretical frameworks for the observed clinical realities
to develop our full potential
to dip into the reaches of the soul
to discharge large amounts of intense emotion and physical tension
to discover a basic pattern of the universal process
to discover and cultivate the divinity within each person
to discover intuitively
to discover the hidden truth and mystery of being
to discover the inner potential
to discover the meaning which underlies the words
to discover the Ultimate Unity
to distinguish the clear light of truth from the illusory states of unenlightened existence
to emotionally liberate ourselves
to enhance appreciation of color and form
to enhance mental awareness
to enhance their sense of reality
to enrich their religious life experientially
to enter into a new mode of existence
to escape and come home
to evoke the higher potential in human beings
to examine reality for its intrinsic value
to expand consciousness at all levels
to expand consciousness beyond the learned mind
to expand existing senses to their fullest potential
to expand limited perceptions and awaken vision
to expand the human mind
to expand the “moment” into infinite duration
to expand their consciousness, to find deeper meaning inside themselves
to experience a condensed replay of their entire lives
to experience a cosmic benevolence
to experience himself and the world about him in a positive, creative manner
to experience his body in a delightful way
to experience his sense modalities to their fullest possible limits
to experience intense touch-pleasure
to experience multiple realities
to experience reality in its fullness and wholeness
to experience something underlying all experiences
to experience the consciousness of the entire universe
to experience the ecstatic unitive states that have the greatest therapeutic potential
to experience the phenomenal world in all its infinite richness
to experience the reality behind humanity’s religious beliefs
to experience the truth
to experience the world in terms of the Einsteinian exponential view of the universe
to experience this universal spirit
to explore a greater range of experiences more intensely
to explore mystical realms or higher states of consciousness
to explore new brain terrain
to explore our own minds and consciousness and thereby the universe
to explore the corridors of his psyche
to explore the full potentials of this unique agent
to explore the message that’s coded within the nervous system
to explore the mystical and religious dimensions of psychedelic experiences
to explore the range, the extent of my mental existence
to explore the remote regions of their consciousness
to explore the unknown, to feel no limit as to what might be discovered
to explore their inner geography
to explore themselves and the infinite
to extend the boundaries of self
to extend the range of the senses
to facilitate insight and personal growth
to fashion new educational methods based on the imprinting capacities of the mind
to feel connected again to the huge and invisible
to feel that I was in touch with the timeless paradise world
to find beauties in which the soul might wrap itself as in a garment of delight
to find the divine and to discover the self
to flip out in the divine dance
to follow his own inner truth
to free oneself from conceptual bias and become open
to free the imagination by penetrating the unconscious
to free the mind of all fixed conceptions
to free the real self
to free the subject from the limitations of his old ways of perceiving, thinking and feeling
to free Western man from the limitations of consciousness as we know it
to free you from your verbal mind
to get higher and closer
to get out beyond your routine robot consciousness
to glimpse something beyond
to glorify the soul
to go beyond all symbols to a direct experience of the basic fact of the divine immanence
to go deeper into myself through the music
to go home to God
to go within—to explore the landscape the psychedelics had opened up
to grasp the full dimensions of the transpersonal realm
to grow into wisdom
to harmonize his life with the Reality he senses
to have an intenser awareness
to have true life
to heighten ecstatic experience
to heighten physical sensations
to help the individual to release his tensions
to integrate on a higher-than-usual level of awareness
to intensify and extend the mind’s apprehension of its reality
to intensify one’s state of mind
to intensify sensation
to kill that greedy old Self (the ego)
to know the true meaning of an expanded consciousness
to laugh like a hyena
to lead the way to a new and free social order
to lead us out of the maze in which all of us are lost from our infancy
to learn how to explore the rooms of his own consciousness
to learn the full potentials of the human nervous system
to let themselves go, to the spontaneous rhythms of nature
to liberate oneself from the slavery of time and space
to liberate this dynamic energy
to liberate us from the prison of isolation from nature
to look at your heretofore hidden self, the real you
to make us aware of the artificiality of our cultural values
to mediate on the unearthly beauty of “mere things”
to move beyond the ego which holds onto what is predictable in life
to move on to a higher realm
to observe the neuroelectric nature of consciousness
to obtain insights into his or her true nature
to open a window inside his head
to open herself to joy, peace, love and being
to participate in a recapturing of the evolutionary sequences of life (eyes closed)
to participate in eternity
to pass beyond ordinary consciousness and see things as they are in Reality
to pass from conceptualized perception to virgin perception
to pass out of time into eternity
to peek beneath the cosmic curtain and see what the universe is all about
to penetrate into the deeper reality below the externals of egocentric consciousness
to penetrate into the limitless expanses
to penetrate the other world
to penetrate to a reality more native to you, to a world beyond time
to perceive clearly
to perceive new space-time relationships
to perceive the pulse of the universe in himself and others
to plunge deeply into the Other World of sensuality
to promote creativity by enlarging creative imagination
to pull back the veil and see for a second a fragment of the energy process, the life power
to pull back the veil and see the energy dance, the life power
to reach ecstasy, to have the vision, to reach other worlds of your own cortex
to reach new levels of awareness
to realize the higher potentialities of our being
to realize the supernatural freshness
to recover a spiritual dimension
to recover the wholeness of being human through the relationship between them
to rediscover the universe as distinct from a mere multiverse
to refocus on the natural energies within the body
to regain a Truth which the world is losing
to regain the lost light of that which makes them truly human
to regain what they lost in socialization
to relax and clear his consciousness of irrelevancies
to relax the mind and clear the consciousness
to relive various aspects of one’s biological birth with quite specific and verifiable details
to remain still and let the process unfold
to release creative mental activity with hallucinogens
to restore and develop the original spontaneity or “self-so-ness”
to restore the soul to the divinity it lost at birth
to restore true vision
to return again into one’s true identity, that is, to fusion with the absolute
to return again to one’s true identity, that is, to fusion with the absolute
to return to the eternity of the Ground
to return to spiritual nature
to return to that Garden of which we have lost even the memory
to return to the original state of unity
to reveal deeper dimensions of the divine
to reveal the focus and re-focus possibilities of the nervous system
to revive a sense of the sacred in modern life
to satisfy a deep longing
to search for the Absolute, generating bliss-consciousness
to see a beauty that transcends anything one had ever imagined possible before
to see and feel what you are experiencing as it is and not as it is named
to see and hear and live more fully and completely in a higher state of awareness
to see colors in all its brilliance and absolute splendor
to see his life in terms of some universal myth or legend
to see into a spiritual plane of reality
to see it with new eyes
to see life in the totality of its cyclical patterns and interdependences
to see more, to be more conscious, more creative, more compassionate, more aware
to see, not merely to glance or look at
to see ourselves whole, free from egocentric attachment to form or outcome
to see people as caricatures of themselves
to see the divine essence in heaven
to see the interrelationship of many levels or dimensions all at once
to see the realities of which, in his former state, he had seen shadows
to see the universe again with an innocent eye
to see the universal and all-pervading spirit of the truth
to see the world in a new way
to see the world in some greater, more universal sense
to see this glow of motion
to see this multi-differentiated world as a unity
to sharpen the senses to a supernormal degree of awareness
to soar through the infinite space-time of the energy fields surrounding you
to take high-powered egos and weld them into a true spiritual brotherhood
to the depths of the unconscious
to the edge of infinity
to the gates of heaven
to the ultimate depths of his own unconscious
to transcend space/time boundaries
to transcend the bounds of logic
to transcend the identification with the ego
to transcend the mind’s habitual fixations
to trust the great evolutionary current
to try and awaken humanity
to tune out our intellects and into our intuitive sources of knowledge
to turn on not just the mind but the sense organs
to turn on the higher circuits of the brain
to turn on the senses, turn on to your body, turn on to the electric glow within
to understand that death is false and life is immortal
to understand the meaning not only intellectually, but organically, experientially
to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and himself
to unveil the mysteries of the universe, to seek that ultimate wisdom
to use portions of my brain normally not used
to worlds of visionary bliss
too egocentric to achieve enlightenment and a total deliverance
Total Human Experience
total love beyond emotional love
total nonattached mindfulness
total visual recall of scenes from the distant past (eyes closed)
totally and clearly beyond rational comprehension
touching the source of life’s energy
tranquility and serenity, a state in which the mind reveals its true universal nature
transcend all analytic categories
transcend the bounds of logic
transcended symbols
transcendence of fear-inspired orthodoxies
transcendence of the Aristotelian dichotomy between the part and the whole
transcendence of the ego
transcendence of the usual ego hang-ups
transcendent awareness
transcendent consciousness
transcendent majesty
transcendent purity
transcendent sexual fulfillment
transcendental bliss
transcendental clarity
transcendental joy
transcendental, mystical, cosmic, visionary, revelatory
transcendental mystical states
transcendental radiance
transcendental-scientific visions
transcending self-centered ego and becoming God-centered
transcending your cultural mind
transcends himself by becoming conscious of the ignored aspects of his own nature
transcends the relativities of cultural conditioning
transcends the world of matter and earthly existence
transformation in what people consider religion
transformation of consciousness and character
transformations in consciousness that effect thought, perception and feelings at once
transition from role to reality
transition to a higher plane
transmits a new understanding of life
transported into a higher order of creativity
transports the user to unexplored psychic areas
traveled into the Golden Age
traveling in abstract dimensions
travels internal “otherworldly” realms
trees reaching down as if yearning toward the heart of the earth
trees with their waving clusters of distinctly individual leaves
tremendous emotional excitement of the senses
tremendous visionary experiences of light, of luminous figures
trips through eternity
true awakening
true experience of the infinite within us
true insight that would lead to true change
true knowledge
true mystic brotherhood
true path to Enlightenment
true satisfaction, intense satisfaction
true spirituality
true wisdom
truly universal patterns, universal archetypes
trusting the mind to act on its own
Truth, the bright, the beautiful, the eternal
truths revealed to the interior eye in altered states of consciousness
truths seen in the splendor of their own harmonious beauty as an intuition
truths which we all know in the unconscious depths of our being
truths which were once well known, but have been forgotten
“tuned in” on truth
turning our attention away from external conformity to inner potential and self-discovery
turn on to the electric glow within
20th century magic potions, the psychedelics
twisted buildings dancing, street buckling, car shrinking, impossible Wonderland scenes
ultimate enlightenment
ultimate meaning
ultimate purity
ultimate reunion with the eternal Ground
ultimate significance
ultimate transcendence and release into boundless radiance
ultimately real
unbelievable complexity and beauty
unbelievably, exotically beautiful
unblemished in its purity
unbounded bliss
uncharted realms of higher meaning
unclouded awareness
unclouded visions
unconceived beauties and truths
uncontrollable laughter and hilarity at minimal stimuli
uncovering layer after layer of meaning
uncovering the unconscious roots of neurotic disorders
understanding beyond the grasp of our normal consciousness
undifferentiated and unitive experiences with a great potential for healing and integration
undifferentiated awareness
undreamed of structural and phenomenological galaxies within
unearthly radiance
unearthly significance
unexpected sensory thrills, sensory enrichment
unexplored and uncharted territories
unforgettably beautiful
unforgettably beautiful, inexpressively wonderful
unhabitual perception
unimaginable love
unimagined truths
union with the Divine
union with the divinity
unique opportunity for transcendence and rebirth
unique psychic effects
unique states of consciousness
unitve awareness of external stimuli, can set off revelatory imagery
unitive consciousness
unitive knowledge of Suchness
unitive mysticism
unity with divine radiance
unity with that state of perfect enlightenment
unity with the “absolute”
universal accessibility of salvation
“universal” and “eternal” truths
universal consciousness
universal consciousness, the universal consciousness
universal divine consciousness
universal harmony
universal insights
universal nature
universal love
universal spirituality
universal spirituality transcending the divisive interests of religious sectarianism
universal truth
universal truths and insights
universal unity
universally accessible
unleashing intense psychic energies
unlock the door to unconscious levels of mind
unlocking doors to my own psychological makeup
unlocking previously dormant spiritual potentials
unlocking the doors to man’s religious self
unmasking the illusion of the personality
unmistakable but quite indefinable
unplug the old mind so that a new one could take shape
unreflecting egotism
unsymmetrical, fluid and intricate patterns
until at last he achieves the very depths of his being and the luminous vision of the One
unusual adventures in consciousness
unusual clarity and vividness
unusual depth and clarity of vision
unusual exotic and stimulating experiences
unusual experiences of a spiritual nature
unusual kinds of body feeling
unusual openness and emotional closeness to others
unusual psychic energy
unusual richness of colors
unusual sensitivity to various psychological factors
unusual states of consciousness of extraordinary intensity and clarity
unusually rich
unutterable beauty within the cell (of the body), incredible beauty and order
use drugs to intensify our aesthetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual perspectives
useful in uncovering the true self
using LSD as a tool to explore the creative attributes of the mind
utopian visionaries
utopian visions
various hero myths in several cultures
various levels of existence
varying intensities
vast experiences and insights via LSD
vast explosions of vibratory color
vast serenity, elated excitement
vastly enriched
vastness, incredible luminous light, a different radiant quality here never seen before
vegetable-provoked mysticism
vegetative wisdom
very free and very high
very high spiritual states characterized by ultimate purity and special radiance
very much aware of being temporary inhabitors of a human form on this planet
very remarkable and startling visionary experiences
vibratory mosaics
vibratory patterns, the collapse of external structure into wave patterns
viewed with eyes cleansed by a psychedelic
vision heightened
vision of the open cortex flashing at speeds which far outstrip our verbal machinery
vision of the Primary Clear Light of Pure Reality
vision of ultimate reality
visionary adventures
visionary and mystical experiences
visionary and mystical forms of religion
visionary art
visionary ecstasies
visionary experiences of descent into the underworld (eyes closed)
visionary gold
visionary happiness
visionary insights
visionary knowledge
visionary magic
visionary potentialities
visionary science
visionary sightseeing
visionary states of a religious or mystical nature
visionary terrain
visionary truth
visionary vegetables
vision of ultimate reality
visions intensely and preternaturally brilliant in color
visions of a sexual nature
visions of divine light, supernatural radiance and beauty
visions of geometric patterns (eyes closed)
visions of great meaning
visions of harmony and brotherhood
visions of incomparable delight
visions of incomparable light (eyes closed)
visions of light of supernatural radiance and beauty
visions of microscopic processes, strange, undulating tissue patterns (eyes closed)
visions of nature (eyes closed)
visions of past and future evolution (eyes closed)
visions of perfect existences
visions of the divine
visions of the divine light, supernatural radiance and beauty
visions of various archetypal beings (eyes closed)
visions that seemed the very archetypes of beautiful form and color
visions that were purely inspirational
visits to mythological realms of various cultures (eyes closed)
visual beauty
visual harmonies
visual, intuitive and emotional transformations
visual magic
visual stimulation
vivid aesthetic perceptions
vivid closed-eye imagery
vivid colored imagery
vivid complex reliving of emotionally relevant memories
vivid cosmic-consciousness experience
vivid, emotionally intense and memorable
vivid imagery seen with the eyes closed
vivid meaning
vivid memories
vivid psychedelic imagery
vivid sense impressions
vivid visual imagery (eyes closed)
vividly colored
vividly experienced memories of his childhood
voluptuous visions (eyes closed)
voyage of discovery
voyage of spiritual discovery
voyage into inner space and time
voyages down one’s cellular pathways
voyages of self-discovery
voyages to the wider shores
wake up in this new brilliant world
waking up from the illusion of ego, from the dream of worldly life
waking up from the illusions of ego
walls glowing, seething with color, peaches glowing, are alive, the beautiful peaches
wandering far out across the long night of the universe
was a profound and overwhelming mystical experience
was at the heart of meaning and the radiant core of the energy process
was glory enough for a lifetime
was like uncovering a secret revelation or discovering the Holy Grail
watched 2 grasshoppers go into a kind of cosmic dance
watching colors more exquisite than anything I’d ever seen
wave energy flow
wave vibrations, energy dance
waves of orgiastic sexual feelings
waves of sensation rippling down the body
weeping joyfully
went down the stairs and they never ended, like going down into the center of the earth
were illuminated with new meaning
Western mind—a restricted view of human knowledge
Western scientists with their limited model of the human psyche
what a cleansed perception had revealed to the open eyes
what he or she in truth is—not the socially pretended person but the naturally divine
what is “recovered” in mystical wisdom by deep insight
what lies beyond our experience
what they reveal of the complexity and wisdom of the human mind at its best
what true pop music is all about, the obliteration of thought for sensation
when at last reality breaks through, as it must
when consciousness spins out beyond symbols
when man is in tune with this blissful radiance (or rhythm?)
when one is united at one’s deepest level with the source level of reality
when reality is revealed and all hindrances to ecstatic bliss removed
when the human nature is united with the divine
when we were little and danced and played
where time as we know it has no existence
whether a suicidal individual can satisfy his “need to die” by “dying” in a drug session
which drugs the soul
which stimulated mental processes rather than dulling them
whirled through the energy dance, the cosmic process
who live at a different level as the result of extraordinary internal experiences
whole room, flowered walls, cushions, candle, human forms all vibrating
wholesome, profound personality change
whose face was radiant with divine majesty
wide eyed, innocent wonder and delight
wild ecstatic rapture that can be described as “volcanic ecstasy”
wild hunger for meaning, passion for transformation
will enter into the blissful abode of noble wisdom
will regard this experience as one of the most profoundly meaningful events of his life
will take LSD to satisfy a deep-rooted need for wholeness and meaning
will travel freely through many worlds of experience
winds sparkling and diamond clear and full of color as they glittered through the valley
wiping away preconceptions about reality
“wisdom for crossing to the other side” (Break on through to the other side.)
wise, smiling saints
with a clearness of contour and wealth of admirable color
with eyes and ears wide open
with sight that has been cleansed, finds joy in the whole world
within the cell, incredible beauty and order
woman with swinging hair and a dancing body that seems to be naked even when clothed
wonder in the presence of inspiring realities
wonder of all wonders
wonderful and holy and free
wonders all of us can discover for ourselves
wondrously glorious
words—static, psychedelic experience—fluid and everchanging
words with new meanings
world mythology and religion which have their roots in the collective unconscious
worshipped awe
would not have had such insight without mystic super-knowledge
would wake up to the essential divinity of the human being
your divine nature
your immediate perception of the ultimate order
your “new” mind or reborn spirit
your new soul
your spiritual eyes
your symbol-free nervous system
your 2 billion year old divinity

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