LSD Experience - Revelations of the Mind


LSD: Revelation of the Mind

by Peter Hannes


LSD: Revelation of the Mind, is a book that will attempt to explain what an LSD trip is, what tripping means, what a psychedelic experience is all about & how it can make people’s lives better & the world.


PART 2 – More than 100 chapters.

  • Preface – I recommend reading the preface before reading Part 2 and 3 in order to clarify its purpose and how the chapters are set up.
  • A-EF-MN-Z


So that there isn’t confusion*, the chapters here are the same as the chapters that are listed to the left (on a desktop or laptop). When you’re at any chapter, while still there, you’ll be able to see the chapter list at the left. *For visitors viewing this site on a tablet or cellphone, please refer to the list of links at the bottom of the page.

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5 thoughts on “Index”

  1. Also reading from Kangaroo Island, South Australia…
    This morning I saw for the “first time” that the shadow of a bubble on the surface of shallow water will be shaoed liked a diamond twinkly star on the sea bed… also the ripples on the water each contained all the colours of the rainbow…
    I was completely sober but just took the time to look more intently all my surroundings in order to get lost in the beauty…
    I feel like I experienced the entire universe’s history and a feeling of interconnectedness (also felt as if ‘I’ travelled on a cell through my veins.. as much as I can understand and imagine that would look like…) but my ego mind is strong and battled to remain a focal point and so sometimes prevents me from seeing the pure joy in the diversity and infinite possibilities of life by drawing me back into this specific time and life and drama…
    But I’m aware of it and mostly skip around admiring the beauty of all
    Peace and Love folks ✌

  2. Dear Peter,

    I have had a similar experience to you on psychedelics and have seen the sentimentalities prescribed to the start and end of the universe, understanding life as a cosmic recipe!

    I believe the cosmic unconscious is linked to the nature of dreams and also emotional whims…

    I was once on a psychedelic and was listening to a sad piece of music and suddenly felt a sense of metaphysical pain and could see the struggle of the end of the universe before my eyes, enveloping as a scene of my imagination, and then the creation of a new universe. The sight baffled me! The only issue I have is continuing on my current life with this haunting knowledge , but I suppose , nothing necessarily changes , except the fact you realise everything you do matters a lot lot more.

  3. Peter.. this work is beyond words – it takes a *very special individual* to understand; there is Order in Chaos. you have put together something seemingly spectacular here. Well Done.

    If you ever have an inkling to come to Kangaroo Island, South Australia – my doors are open.

    take care


  4. The 1’st time I did lsd I just turned 10 day’s before and I had the very best time ever and it totally opened up my chemicle world as I only though there was alcohol and marijuana! Note too the reader- -lsd & xtc are funner than fun and making love on either is beyond awesome or both at the same time, but either way you can go at it for minz shy of 18hrs 🙂 😉 ♡

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Revelations of the Mind

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