All of creation—people, animals, plants, and inanimate objects—seems to be permeated
by the same cosmic essence and divine light.

As the universe reveals its true essence as a cosmic play of consciousness, the world of
matter is destroyed in the psyche of the individual.

I don’t think religion is, in its essence, a matter of belief at all. Reality is reality, whatever
you choose to believe about it.

In its freedom, its gratuitousness, its playful absence of ulterior motive, beauty is of the
essence of spiritual life.

Individuals experience feelings of getting to the essence of things—of the external world,
of others, and of themselves.

It does not happen to everyone, although the capacity for mystical experience belongs to
the essence of human spirituality.

It is the essence of scientific honesty that you do not pretend to know what you do not

Just as any object can become the essence of all energy, any note of music can be sensed
as naked energy trembling in space, timeless.

LSD experiments gave new impetus to exploration into the essence of religious and
mystical experience.

Memory never captures the essence, the present intensity, the concrete reality of an
experience. (Alan Watts wrote that before he ever knew about LSD.)

Our senses give us only appearances—certain qualities of the essence, not the essence out
of which they rise.

Plato and St. Thomas Aquinas maintained that pure bright colors were the very essence
of artistic beauty.

Such well-known concepts as the “primordial essence” and the “ultimate Ground of
Being” take on an immediacy and clarity hitherto unknown.

Texture and shape yield their qualities in the most profound manner to the sense of touch;
the absolute essence of any scent is penetrated by the olfactory senses.

That which delights us is the peculiar essences of things, and the intangible relation of
harmony which the essences, manifold in unity, bear to each other and ourselves.

The consciousness is finally of universals, of essences constituting the ground of the
subject’s and of the world’s existence.

The DNA code is a miniaturized time-capsule of consciousness, the invisible essence-
wisdom of life.

The essence of metaphysical realization is the discovery that the conscious Self, the
ultimate knower in man, is substantially identical with the infinite.

The essence of you and “you-ness” is your consciousness, which is located in your
nervous system. Your consciousness is a biochemical electrical process.

The infinite acts without effort; without the use of energy, it produces energy, just as it
produces the finite without being finite itself in its essence.

The LSD state is, in essence, one of greatly heightened suggestibility, with environmental
cues sensed most exquisitely.

The screens that obscure who one really is are removed and one can sense a personal
positive essence.

The true essence of the experience can never be communicated. (That means with words.
People must experience it for themselves.)

To reach a translogical form of knowledge or realm of wisdom, celestial beauty and
spiritual essence is one of the most ancient experimental goals of mankind.

I can gain insight into the nature of consciousness or experience, the meaning and
essence of being and the experience of harmony, the mystery of life, communion and
sharing, the delight of ecstasy.

In Nature, there is yet undiscovered glory, a spirit which gradually will interpenetrate you
as you commune with her. She is not a mockery, a sham, for a truthful essence indwells,
informs her.

It is the essence of scientific honesty that you do not pretend to know what you do not
know. (Any scientist who bashes LSD but has never tried it, knows nothing about LSD or
this concept about the essence of scientific honesty.)

Most people who experience these inner domains recognize them as part of the
boundless, expansive essence of each human being, which is usually obscured by the
problems and concerns of daily life.

One perceives objects and people’s faces and movements of limbs in a peculiarly stylized
manner as if the essences or underlying idea was struggling or better pressing to reveal

People perceive the mystical realms to be pervaded by a sacred essence and an
unfathomable beauty, and they frequently see visions of precious gold, sparkling jewels,
unearthly radiance, luminescence, and brilliant light. (eyes closed)

The DNA code is a 3 billion year old time capsule of consciousness. The DNA code is
the miniatured, invisible essence wisdom of life. Most of the characteristics formerly
attributed to the “soul” describe the functions of DNA.

The magnification of inherent colors and essences can become so intense that common
boundaries are dissolved, as adjacent forms bleed into one another, revealing the delicate
underlying web that links all forms.

The new commandments are neurological and biochemical in essence. The 2 new
commandments are don’t alter someone’s consciousness and don’t stop someone from
altering their own consciousness.

All of creation—people, animals, plants and inanimate objects—seems to be permeated
by the same cosmic essence and divine light. A person in this state suddenly sees that
everything in the universe is a manifestation and expression of the same creative cosmic
energy and that separation and boundaries are illusory.

It is a complex revelatory insight into the essence of being and existence. This insight is
typically accompanied by feelings of certainty that such knowledge is ultimately more
real and relevant than our concepts and perceptions regarding the world that we share in a
usual state of consciousness.

The formless, dimensionless and intangible cosmic consciousness can best be described
as Infinite Existence, Infinite Awareness and Knowledge, and Infinite Bliss. However,
any words refer primarily to phenomena and processes of the natural reality and are,
therefore, only pitiful attempts to convey the essence of this transcendental principle.

Willingness to be insecure is the ultimate security. Willingness to suffer is the essence of
divine joy. Willingness to be finite is to know one’s own infinity. Willingness to be a
slave is to be truly free. Willingness to be a fool and a sinner is to be both a sage and a

The formless, dimensionless and intangible principle that an individual can perceive as
the Universal Mind is characterized by infinite existence, infinite awareness and
knowledge and infinite bliss. Any descriptions and definitions, however, necessarily use
words that we associate with the phenomena of the three-dimensional world; they are
therefore incapable of conveying the essence of this ultimate transcendental principle.

To understand the transpersonal realm, we must begin thinking of consciousness in an
entirely new way. It is here that we look beyond the belief that consciousness exists only
as a result of our individual lives. As we come to terms with the concept of the
transpersonal realm, we begin thinking of consciousness as something that exists outside
and independent of us, something that in its essence is not bound to matter.

When someone asks me to describe an experience of LSD, I try to explain: “Well, say
one has a pie of many pieces and each is of a different flavor. Someone asks you what
kind of pie it is. Because of the nature of speech, you can only speak of one flavor at a
time. To give a list of the flavors doesn’t capture the essence of the pie, which can be said
only if you could say all the different pieces at once”.

All creatures have existed eternally in the divine essence.
Every man contains the essence of all men and every woman has within her all women.
God is an essence without duality.
In its essence, the experience is a liberation from conventions.
It is a certain comprehensive insight into the essence of existence.
It is an illuminating insight into the very essence of existence.
It is the very ground of mysticism that God and man are at essence one.
Language fails to convey the essence of this state.
Man is, in essence, eternal and infinite.
Our intellectual essence is shaped by our biochemistry.
The ecstatic and unitive states represent the very essence of true healing.
The essence is pure consciousness.
The essence of ecstasy, religion and orgasm is that you give up power and swing with it.
The essence of life is its fluidity, its ability to change, to flow and to take a new course.
The essence of mystic awareness is a sense of ultimate belonging.
The essence of mystical religion is the consciousness of union with God.
The essence of reality is self-awareness, selfhood, not egohood.
The essence of the authentic mystical experience is insight.
The mind’s pure Essence is Highest Perfect Wisdom.
The universe is in essence a vibratory dynamic system.
We cannot measure true reality; in fact, the very essence of reality is its immeasurability.
Words can only fail to fully reflect the essence of the experience.

An architect on LSD figured out the design for an arts and crafts shopping center. He
caught the essence of the image.

Each object had a proper place in this crystal space. The living essence of each seemed
ready to break through its clear-cut outline.

I discovered emotionally that the essence of reality is self-awareness, selfhood, not

I felt as if the “essence” of me was being liberated to join the “essence” of everything
else about me.

I felt my filaments infiltrating the tangled web of their essence bodies. I surrendered to
the ancient process and felt the embracing union.

I had never heard music played like that before. I suddenly understood the very essence
of music, the secret of its magic.

I knew that my Self outlasts physical death and that my essence, the me that is eternal,
exists without form.

I sank into a delicious lethargy almost mystical in essence where my personal problems
seemed absurdly unimportant.

It was the very essence of the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness guaranteed by the
Bill of Rights. (Tell that to the crooked, moronic politicians.)

The chair Van Goth had seen was obviously the same in essence as the chair I had seen.
(That was Aldous Huxley.)

She was all women, all woman, the essence of female, eyes smiling, quizzically,
resignedly, devilishly, always inviting: “See me, hear me, join with me, merge with me,
keep the dance going.”

I understood that the essence of my being was identical with the timeless essence of
every living thing, that formlessness was the essence of form, that the whole universe was
reflected in every psyche, and that my separateness was only a illusion, a dream from
which I had, in this moment, fully awakened.

The essence of what I received that night was a recognition that reality, in its totality, is
something much larger and more complex than will ever fit through the tiny keyhole of
human perception. Technological amplification we might invent, will never begin to
encompass it.

I felt myself lifted up and carried off on a current that held the very essence of the future.

It was as if we were witnessing the essence of creation, It was extraordinarily beautiful.

My essence transcended my physical being.

The essence of the experience was the encounter with the divinity within.

This was the way, just looking and not wanting, just beholding the essence.

a process of experiencing Essence in such a way that it illuminated all of existence, a
kind of flight TOWARDS reality

influencing the mind-body-essence of man, as a magic, spiritual drug, a new world age
which begins to act evolutionary

suggesting, indicating the very essence and reality of religion by dropping religious forms
and terms altogether

that the deeper dynamics of the human psyche are, in their essence, numinous and that
spirituality represents a critical dimension in the universal scheme of things

the feeling of profound connection with various animals—not their concrete physical
form, but their archetypal essence

the futility of attempting to capture the essence of the cosmic source in thought or

the metaphysical realization that man’s consciousness is a particular mode of the ultimate
reality and is, in essence, identical with the ground of the whole universe

the psychedelic drug “world” of myth and ritual which is also a world of legendary and
fairy tale themes and figures of archetypes and of other timeless symbols and essences
(eyes closed)

vision of the inner reality, looked into the deepest foundation of things, gazed into the
very heart of things. Viewing the herbs and grass of the field in his inward light, he saw
into their essences.

a nobler and more expansive essence
a purely spiritual essence
a unity of essence
an instance of ego-transcendence through empathetic entrance into the essence
brings each person to the awareness of man’s divinity and essence
can see the Secret Essence
consciousness, that essence which pervades all our actions in life
has looked on essence in its original manifestation
insight through the game facade to the inner essence
new insights into the essence of the creative process
our consciousness, the innermost essence of our being
realities which are the essence of their being
sense of humor, the essence of which is laughter at oneself
that essence, that place beyond
that freedom of mind and heart which is the essence of awareness
that inner essence
the clear Intuitive Mind, the enlightening Essence of Mind
the divine essence of the world
the dynamic essence
the essence of life, the ineffable
the essence of the total harmony
the essence of true spirituality
the identity of the human spirit in its pure and real essence with the Supreme Spirit
the indestructible essence of Buddhahood within everyone
the inner essence of religion
the one cosmic energy which is the essence of all there is
the One without a second—can attain the pure essence of it, the Undifferentiated Unity
the oneness of divinity, the oneness of divine essence
the powerful experience which is religious in its essence
the radiant essence
the realization of mind itself, of its pure, undifferentiated Essence
the realm of essence
the return to the essence of their being (or your being)
the universal Essence of mind
the world where truth is an intuition, and stands in the dazzling light of its own essence
this spiritual essence of things
to achieve union with their divine essence (or your divine essence)
to see the divine essence in heaven

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