A man must be deeply serious to have the courage to stand against the awesome power of
organized society.

A genuine artistic talent of extraordinary power and scope may emerge during the LSD

A holy man is someone who doesn’t care about the little chess game of power,

Activists didn’t understand that LSD was a revolutionary tool, far more powerful than the
manifestos and slogans of the political radicals.

Brain-activating drugs expose people to powerful, mind-blowing experiences that shatter
conventional ideas about reality.

Clean water in any form seems to have a particularly powerful impact. A swim, shower
or bath can frequently dispel negative experiences and facilitate ecstatic reentry.

Deep experiences of cosmic unity have a universal healing potential of extraordinary

Direct perception of unity is the very heart of mystic experience, accompanied by
powerful feelings of joy.

Feelings of awe, reverence or sacredness are the natural emotional response to the
realization of the overwhelming power and radiance of the universal energy process.

Frequently, music seems to resonate in different parts of the body and to trigger powerful

In addition to being instruments of philosophic revelation, mystical unity and
evolutionary insight, psychedelic drugs are very powerful aphrodisiacs.

Irrational or exaggerated ambitions, as well as cravings for money, status, fame, prestige
and power appear in this state as childish, irrelevant and absurd.

It does exist and there is an intelligence and there is a planfulness and a wisdom and
power that you can tune in to.

Like breathing, music and other forms of sound technology have been used for millennia
as powerful mind-altering tools.

Looking at flowers or trees, sitting in the grass, smelling hay or watching the sunset can
be powerful experiences long to be remembered.

LSD subjects in this state experience powerful currents of energy streaming through their

Man is only dimly aware of the powers, energies, plannings and wisdom that surround
him and radiate through him.

Many people become more sensitive to the psychedelic qualities of marijuana after using
more powerful drugs.

Many people retain a powerful sense of incompletely explored emotional and intellectual
possibilities of something felt as intensely real and not yet explained or explained away.

Mescaline raises all colors to a higher power and makes the percipient aware of
innumerable fine shades of difference, to which, at ordinary times, he is completely blind.

Mythological images are endowed with special power and numinosity that gives them
divine status. (eyes closed)

Old destructive patterns of behavior may suddenly be abandoned after an overpowering
emotional experience. The learning of new attitudes and techniques may become easier.

People committed to external power are frightened by the release of ecstasy because the
key is surrender of external power.

People have an untapped potential of great love and wisdom which is too often neglected
in trying to satisfy the imperious power demands of the ego.

People who go to church don’t know that the power they sing to, pray to, kneel before, is
asleep within them.

Powerful experiential sequences of dying and being born can result in dramatic
alleviation of a variety of emotional problems.

Psychedelic experiences seem to have a powerful effect and can change a person’s
attitude toward life.

Psychedelic substances are extremely powerful tools for opening the depths of the
unconscious. They have great positive potential.

Sexual intercourse on the session day can become the most powerful experience of this
sort in the subject’s life.

So hypnotic, so persuasive is the power of convention that we begin to feel these ghosts
as realities and make them our loves, our ideals, our prized possessions.

The almost magical power exercised by certain works of art springs from the fact that
they remind us consciously or more often, unconsciously, of that Other World.

The archetypal figures are endowed with great energy and numinous power. When we
encounter them, the experience is usually associated with strong emotion. (eyes closed)

The Church is not a creative power in the modern world because Christians have, in
general, no consciousness of union with God.

The confrontation with God, the authentic religious experience, does have the power to

The deep contents of the psyche that we are ordinarily unaware of erupt into
consciousness in the form of images, powerful emotions, and strange physical feelings.

The experience of ego-death in psychedelic sessions is the most powerful remedy against
suicidal tendencies.

The glory and wonder of pure existence belong to another order, beyond the power of
even the highest art to express.

The only aspect of the LSD controversy about which all parties do agree is that the
consciousness-expanding drugs are powerful.

The power of reason depends upon organs that were grown by “unconscious

The power of substances to produce altered states of consciousness is understood by
Western scientists in biochemical rather than supernatural terms.

The powerful sensations from every part of your body and the unusual connections of
thoughts and feelings that are normally ignored come dramatically into consciousness.

The psychedelic state is an immensely powerful one for obtaining insight and
understanding through visual symbolism.

The state of consciousness of the Self-realized individual is characterized by joy,
serenity, inner security, a sense of calm power, clear understanding and radiant love.

The subject experiences in this state powerful currents of energy streaming through his or
her entire body.

The substitution of interminable chatter for mystical experience or immediate realization
of our union with God is the basic reason why the Church has no spiritual power.

The transformative power of such experiences has been appreciated throughout history in
the legacies of the ancient mysteries.

The wind is experienced as a tangible manifestation of the awesome power of the
universe, as “God’s breath” or nature’s exhalations.

There’s a whole body of literature on the phenomenon of people temporarily possessing
supernatural powers, particularly tribal peoples who use psychedelic substances.

This profound experience may constitute a new and powerful means for eliciting
profound therapeutic changes and for facilitating reconstructuring of the personality.

To think of God as mere Power and not also, at the same time, as Power, Love and
Wisdom, comes quite naturally to the ordinary, unregenerate human mind.

“Turned-on” people are not interested in serving the power games of the present rulers.
Looking at successful men, they see completely boring lives.

Upon the certainty of this union with God depends the entire joy, power and world-
transforming character of the mystical experience.

We could create the new Garden of Eden. We could become the new Adam and Eve and
begin the world again. And that’s why the powers that be must stop the “counterculture.”

We have much to learn from appropriate investigation of this powerful mind-altering

We should not treat an experience as meaningless or just because our present explanatory
powers are inadequate to it.

Western civilization, since the Renaissance, is one of the few social orders that does not
provide for emotionally powerful rites of renewal and emergence.

With the decrease in the power of words in the psychedelic experience, the immediate
sensory life gains in range of significance as well as strength.

An enormous amount of energy from every fiber of your body is released under LSD,
most especially including sexual energy. There is no question that LSD is the most
powerful aphrodisiac ever discovered by man.

Dr. David Smith, of the Haight Street Free Clinic said, “Acid lowers your powers of
discrimination until everything seems important.” When I heard that, I said,

“No. Acid RAISES your powers of INTEGRATION until everything IS important.”

Even in our sophisticated society, the dream and the hallucination retain a vestige of their
magical power. Many surmise that somehow they contain a more important message, a
final truth of which waking awareness is incapable.

Exploration of the human psyche with these powerful catalyzing agents has shown
beyond any doubt that the biographical model developed by Freud’s depth psychology
barely scratches the surface of mental dynamics.

From time immemorial, plants containing powerful mind-altering substances have been
used for the diagnosing and healing of diseases, enhancement of paranormal abilities, and
for magical or ritual purposes.

I think that religion will neglect the consequences of this powerful instrument and its
implications at its own peril. The experience recalls Otto’s mysterium tremendum. It was

It seems likely that any religious use of the drugs will have to be carried on in cults,
outside traditional institutions. This is a pity, for it deprives the churches of a powerful
influx of ecstatic energy—the very element of which they are in shortest supply.

Man is just beginning to catch on to the idea, just beginning to discover that there is an
infinity of meaning and complex power in the equipment he carries around behind his

Music seems to serve several important functions in the context of psychedelic therapy. It
tends to evoke a variety of powerful emotions and facilitates deeper involvement in the
psychedelic process.

Nonordinary states of consciousness make it possible for unconscious material with
strong emotional charge to emerge into consciousness. This process is an expression of a
powerful spontaneous healing potential and should be supported.

One theme that is particularly powerful and recurs with remarkable frequency in the
mythology of the heroic journey is the encounter with death and subsequent rebirth. (eyes

Religious experience is the most profound and powerful aspect of the human personality
and is the aspect most capable of bringing out the compassionate and creative qualities of
the human spirit.

Religious, mystical, visionary states are powerful and wonderful—they open the doors of
perception, polish our sensory lenses, shake up our autonomic nervous system, and get
our hormones swinging—but they’re intimate and precious.

Sexual union that occurs in the context of a powerful emotional bond can take the form of
a profound mystical experience. All individual boundaries seem to dissolve and the
partners feel reconnected to their divine source.

Sometimes the general character of the room, specific pieces of furniture and trivial
objects or certain aspects of the view from the window can function as powerful selective
triggers of experiences.

The drive for power is as prevalent in the church as in secular organizations. (That’s
because the Western “religions” aren’t real religions. They use religion as a propaganda
tool in their lust for power.)

The psychedelic experience at its best embodies a mythic substantiation of the universe
that is frequently overpowering in its revelations. It is a world of myth and ritual, a never-
never land of infinite grace and goodness. (eyes closed)

The recognition of the healing power of emotional catharsis can be traced back to ancient
Greece and Plato. (It actually goes back thousands of years before ancient Greece and

the Western discovery of the creative power of “no-thought” and contemplation without
strained attention. Such a mode of awareness is essential when research is expected to
bring forth new concepts.

The young men of this land, as they are often called, a “lost” race—they are a race that
never yet has been discovered. And the whole secret, power and knowledge of their own
discovery is locked within them.

There cannot be, in the ultimate analysis, different Gods for different religions. We may
look upon God differently, we may have different approaches to the divine, but this force
or power that we call God must be there for all.

There was talk of change and of a peaceful, world-wide revolution of all-powerful
understanding and love. The talk was of love, all the more exciting and beautiful because
it seemed honest.

We can see rites of passage as structured events in which individuals can confront,
experience and express powerful energies associated with matrices deep in the
unconscious. (eyes closed)

We were amazed to witness otherwise intelligent and open-minded persons doing
everything in their power to instill fear, to cry danger, to slander the brain with negativity.
(That was Timothy Leary.)

When we feel ourselves to be sole heirs of the universe, when “the sea flows in our
veins…and the stars are our jewels,” when all things are perceived as infinite and holy,
what motive can we have for the pursuit of power?

When you cut your finger, you do not heal yourself. You don’t even worry about it
healing. You know it is going to heal because you have faith in a greater power. You trust
your subconscious then, and you must learn to trust it about other things as well.

You cannot take LSD once a week and stay rigidly rooted in a low-level ego game. You
have to grow with the flow or you will stop taking LSD. You must hook up your inner
power to a life of expanding intelligence.

Apparently, those in control of the instrumentation of coercive power in the U. S. had no
difficulty in recognizing a psychedelic religion as a psychedelic religion when that
religion was safely encapsulated in a racial minority group living outside the mainstream
of American life. (refers to the Native American Church legally able to use peyote)

As many began to experience the kinds of images and symbols Jung ascribed to the
collective unconscious, as well as episodes of a classic mystical nature, this wave brought
strong supportive evidence for Jungian ideas and a powerful validation of the mystical
traditions of the world.

Each atom is a structure of detailed intricacy held together by energy of such speed and
power that it eludes our conception. Each atom is a space-ship of galactic proportions
and at the center of each galactic structure God places the entire staff of his atomic
engineers. Do you understand the brilliance of the design?

I never suspected that the ancient spiritual systems had actually charted, with amazing
accuracy, different levels and types of experiences that occur in non-ordinary states of
consciousness. I was astonished by their emotional power, authenticity, and potential for
transforming people’s views of their lives.

In the psychedelic ‘60’s the flower children had been lit up like living torches and
beamed out their powerful little lights across the world. For a while it looked like the
light would conquer the dark, and there would at last be peace on earth. We were filled
with wonderment, gratitude, awe, love. We had seen MORE than the everyday reality.

Man is going to get back in harmony with his body, with fellow man and with other
forms of life on this planet. Man is going to realize that consciousness is the key to
human life and instead of power struggles over territory and possession of weapons, the
focus of man’s energies is going to be on consciousness.

Spiritual literature and traditions of the world over validate the healing and
transformative power of such extraordinary states for those who undergo them. Why,
then, are people who have had such experiences in today’s world almost invariably
dismissed as mentally ill?

The craving for and contact with transcendental realities can be more powerful than the
sexual urge. Throughout human history, countless individuals have been willing to take
enormous risks of various kinds and to sacrifice years or decades of their lives to spiritual

The destructive side of organized religion is certain to be prominent in a world where the
loudest appeals for a revival are made by men whose deepest loyalty is not to their
professed Christianity or Judaism or Islam, but to Nationalism and whose aim is to use
the local faith as a weapon in the armory of power politics.

The everyday clinical practice of LSD psychotherapy brings repeated evidence of the
powerful healing potential of the death-rebirth process. The discovery of this potent
therapeutic mechanism, as yet unrecognized and unacknowledged by Western science,
represents one of the most surprising findings of my LSD research.

The exploration of ways of expanding human consciousness will occupy a prominent
position in the mainstream of contemporary psychology. We can look forward to a far
more extensive application of these powerful agents as a means of facilitating social as
well as individual potentialities.

The goal of psychoanalysis, Freud said, is to replace the extreme suffering of the neurotic
patient with the normal misery of everyday life. An alienated, unhappy, and driven
existence dominated by excessive power needs, competitive urges, and insatiable
ambition can still fall within the broad definition of mental health.

The guide possesses enormous power to shape the experience, move consciousness with
the slightest gesture or reaction. The key issue here is the guide’s ability to turn off his
own ego and social games, to muffle his own power needs and fears. The guide must
never be bored, talkative, intellectualizing.

We have now learned that many species of these strange growths possess a power such as
early man could only have regarded as miraculous. Indeed they may have given to him
the very idea of the miraculous and inspired many of the themes that come down to us in
our heritage of folklore.

We hoped that fellow scientists and administrators, recognizing the power of drugs to
change behavior, would support our work. The opposite reaction developed. The more
successful our research, the more grumbling from the bureaucratics of science. (That was
Timothy Leary referring to his days at Harvard.)

We now consider that they give us therapeutic possibilities in areas where we were
formerly powerless. In fact these drugs are of such great importance in our psychiatric
instrumentation that we can hardly think of doing without them. Indeed, this is a great
step forward in psychiatry.

Although scientific interest in psychedelic substances is relatively recent, their ritual use
can be traced back to the dawn of human history. From time immemorial, plants
containing powerful mind-altering substances have been used for the diagnosing and
healing of diseases, enhancement of paranormal abilities, and for magical or ritual

America is an irrational, materialistic, intolerant, religious state. General Motors is a
religious institution that worships mechanical power and money. Harvard University is a
religious institution that worships intellectual power and dogmatically clings to academic
taboos and empty rituals. Science itself is a religion defending its superstitious rites. The
American government is a monolithic religious structure.

Anybody who has been into the Sainte Chapelle in Paris or into Chartes Cathedral must
realize the extraordinary visionary power which those windows have. It is possible by
means of stained glass windows, to turn the whole of a vast building into one single
jewel. One is inside a great jewel. (With LSD, wherever you are is like that and much,
much more.)

Exploration of the human psyche with these powerful catalyzing agents has shown
beyond any doubt that the biographical model developed by Freud’s “depth” psychology
barely scratches the surface of mental dynamics. To account for all the extraordinary
experiences and observations in psychedelic states, it was necessary to develop a vastly
expanded cartography of the human mind.

I doubt whether artists will have much power to shape public policy on psychedelics, but
I also doubt whether illegality will ever dissuade artists from exploring all sources of
stimulation and inspiration. I hope to see a day when artists, and indeed anyone else who
wishes to explore all the possibilities of mental experience, will have the legal option to
use substances having such power and promise.

I was proud to know that my people had a medicine that was God-powerful. Listen to me,
peyote does have many amazing powers. I have seen a blind boy regain his sight from
taking it. Indians with ailments that hospital doctors couldn’t cure have become healthy
again after a peyote meeting. Once a Crow boy was to have his infected leg cut off by
reservation doctors. After a peyote ceremony, it grew well again.

In most preindustrial societies and ancient civilizations, there have existed powerful
rituals designed to transform and consecrate individuals, groups, or even entire cultures.
These transformative events, termed rites of passage by anthropologists, are of
fundamental importance to the discussion of the experience of symbolic death and

In spite of our mechanical sophistication we may well be savages, simple brutes quite
unaware of the potential within. It is highly likely that coming generations will look back
at us and wonder: how could they so childishly play with their simple toys and primitive
words and remain ignorant of the speed, power and relational potential within? How
could they fail to use the equipment they possessed?

In the transpersonal domain, where psychological and spiritual growth are one,
psychedelics appear to be powerful tools for the investigation of consciousness; they
could enable us to expand our understanding of the human mind and the nature of
creative consciousness. A willingness to question our assumptions and to keep an open
mind with respect to potential benefits and potential hazards is essential.

LSD is a unique and powerful tool for the exploration of the human mind and human
nature. Psychedelic experiences mediate access to deep realms of the psyche that have
not yet been discovered and acknowledged by mainstream psychology and psychiatry.
They also reveal new possibilities and mechanisms of therapeutic change and personality

Modern consciousness research has confirmed the basic thesis of perennial philosophy
that the consensus reality reveals only one aspect or fragment of existence. There are
important realms of reality that are transcendental and transphenomenal. The impulse in
human beings to connect with the spiritual domain is an extremely powerful and
important force. It resembles, in its nature, sexuality.

None of the hundreds of questions raised by the psychedelics, many of them fundamental
to the way the mind processes information, have been answered. Rather, the powers that
be have performed a holding action comparable to the one the Papal Curia tried with
Galileo, when they confined him to a house in Arceti and forbade him the right to
continue his research.

Our ordinary Newtonian-Cartesian consciousness can be invaded with unusual power by
various archetypal entities or mythological sequences that, according to mechanistic
science, should have no independent existence. The myth-producing aspects of the
human psyche will portray deities and rituals from different cultures that the subject has
never studied. (eyes closed)

Our problem is that the power of thought enables us to construct symbols of things apart
from the things themselves. This includes the ability to make a symbol, an idea of
ourselves apart from ourselves. Because the idea is so much more comprehensible than
the reality, the symbol so much more stable than the fact, we learn to identify ourselves
with our idea of ourselves. Hence, the subjective feeling of a “self” which has a “mind”.

There are people in this society who will do everything within their considerable power
to stop our research. The managers of consciousness, from the Vatican to Harvard, have
been in this business for a long time and they’re not about to give up their monopoly.
And after all, they’re the experts and we’re the amateurs. They’re the pros and we’re just
the lovers. (That was Aldous Huxley talking to Timothy Leary while both were tripping.)

There exists ample evidence that the transcendental impulse is the most vital and
powerful force in human beings. Systematic denial and expression of spirituality that is
so characteristic for modern Western societies can be a critical factor contributing to the
alienation, existential anxiety, individual and social psychopathology, criminality,
violence and self-destructive tendencies of contemporary humanity.

Leary the scientist, Alpert the intellectual and later the mystic, Metzner the scholar: what
held these three together was their shared faith in the power of the transcendent
experience to remove the blinders that keep us at odds with each other. A world where all
humans have access to the mystical experience would be a world transformed, they
believed. Everyone would then directly see what Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Mohammed

Because this power is so true, within it there is confidence.
Einstein’s E=MC2 is a very powerful, psychedelic thing.
In each human being dwells an infinite power, the root of the universe.
LSD is a tool of extraordinary power.
LSD, say these latter-day mystics, is the most powerful sacrament of them all.
LSD was a powerful agent in overcoming resistances in psychotherapy.
Ritual is the province of renewal and emergence— emotionally powerful.
The church shouldn’t dismiss anything that has the power to deepen faith.
The controllers censor anything that gives the power to change reality to the individual.
The devil is he who controls external power.
The essence of ecstasy, religion and orgasm is that you give up power and swing with it.
The experience is powerful, intense and meaningful.
The experience is so fantastic in both its novelty and power.
The mentally ill in the future will be those who get addicted to symbols, power.
The present spasm of control, power and murder is not human nature.
The psychedelic experience is so powerful that it far outstrips game ambitions.
The subject becomes acutely aware of a powerful emotional “atmosphere” or “climate”.
The trip is so powerful, so different, so shattering to one’s illusion of a single reality.
These experiences can get extraordinarily powerful.
Thinking and feeling become hardly separable as powerful feelings are joined to thought.
Truth lies beyond all power of words.
Under LSD, music seems to have an immediate and powerful impact on one’s emotions.
You can tap God’s power line.
You sense a strange powerful force beginning to unloose and radiate through your body.

He has seen the vision and its beauty and power.

I hold Gina’s hand as we sway with the powerful current.

A glance was as powerful and direct a message as the most privately and elaborate verbal

An endless sea of glorious golden light which was in truth God, stretched into infinity. As
I watched, an overpowering feeling of reverence settled into my very depths.

He became aware of a powerful message flowing through him, through nonverbal
channels that seemed to permeate his entire being.

I closed my eyes and almost instantaneously, I went out of body to a place of power and
shamanic possibility.

I emerged from this experience touched to the core and immeasurably impressed by its

I felt a great, inexplicable joy, so powerful that I could not restrain it, a fit of mysterious
and overwhelming delight.

I felt waves of joy and an overpowering conviction that “all shall be well and all manner
of thing shall be well.”

It occurred to me that the importance of music was, like art, its power to convey

The drug seemed to induce an effortless, absorbed and timeless power of inward-turned

The LSD experience cut right through the Zen games and intellectual disillusionment of
the once worshipped Beat generation. Acid’s first and most powerful message was love.

The power of psychedelics to evoke evolutionary archetypes awakened many women to
the goddess within.

The psychological power of his new spiritual vision was so great that it helped him
overcome his excessive fear of death.

They enjoyed the feelings of supreme happiness and well-being that explain the age-old
power these “sacred mushrooms” exercise.

Having experienced the great power within me, having gone back over my life, and
having recognized the oneness of all things, I was ready for the greatest of all
experiences, the oneness with God.

I could feel each muscle in my shoulders and legs swelling, pulsing with power, feel the
hair growing on my limbs, the unspeakable delight of movement, fiber excitement, fierce
ecstatic mammalian memories, delightful tissue recollections.

I was lifted entirely out of the world of hitherto conceivable being and invested with the
power of beholding forms and modes of existence which on earth are impossible to be

It seemed to me that the feelings of joy, rhythm, appreciation of music and the many
other emotions I had experienced were all part of an intrinsic spiritual power which
pervades the universe, each of them different aspects of God.

The ancient days were restored before my eyes and to my ears, and I exulted in the
perception with such conviction of reality that I ascribed it to no power of my own, but
knew it as an exterior and universal fact.

They discovered within themselves that universal river of ecstasy from which flowed the
energy, power and refreshment to revive religious bodies tired out by too much
intellectualism, moralism and institutionalism.

This was a primal surge of unnamed energy, without direction or structure, amazing in its
power. One could only align oneself in the streaming torrent or the turbulence became
overwhelming. (If the ego fights this, it will have a very very hard time.)

This was the chamber of the unconscious where lay recorded all our past experiences and
feelings, race history, universal wisdom, such power and strength and the depths and
mysteries of life itself.

A feeling of great peace and contentment seemed to flow through my entire body. All
sound ceased and I seemed to be floating in a great, very very still void or hemisphere. It
is impossible to describe the overpowering feeling of peace, contentment and being a part
of goodness itself that I felt.

He started experiencing dramatic scenes that seemed to be happening in another century
and in a foreign country. They involved powerful emotions and physical feelings and
seemed to have some deep and intimate connection to his life; yet none of them made any
sense in terms of his personal biography. (eyes closed)

People came out of these sessions reeling with awe, overwhelmed by experiences of
oneness with God and all other beings, shaken to the depths of their nature by the
grandeur and power of the divine life-energy processes going on within their own

The night was all joyous discoveries, many of which brought me almost to the point of
tears, to laughter and astonished wows regularly. Whole new horizons. I felt humbled and
honored to be in a room with and listening to such enlighted powers. I felt in flash after
flash that I’d never been so high before, never so aware and never—at least not since a
long, long half-remembered time ago—so hopeful and happy.

We were dealing with a powerful aphrodisiac, probably the most powerful sexual releaser
known to man. The effect was sensory—contact was intensified thousand-fold but also
deeper. The union was not just your body and her body but all of your racial and
evolutionary entities with all of hers. It was mythic mating. Neurological union. Cellular
sex. Archetypes merging. It was the direct reliving of thousands of matings.

Afterward, I felt I had gone through a powerful experience.
I felt His presence. It was so overpowering.
I had a powerful experience of mystical rapture.
I looked into endless depth and felt the powerful pull of eternity.
I was astonished by the emotional power, authenticity and transformative potential.
I was awed by the sexual power.
My consciousness was overwhelmed by a kind of primordial power.
My mind, with a calm power of insight, penetrated into some of its own kingdoms.
The combined emotions were so overpowering.
The intensity of all emotions increased to overpowerful proportions.
They were shocked by the power and complexity of LSD.

a being possessed of mysterious creative powers, able to utilize new forms of energy
(That’s all of us.)

a fractured and disorganized view of the world, with a mentality so fascinated by speech
and thought that it has lost the power to feel the interval, the reality between terms

a tremendous surge of compassion and a powerful desire to share one’s rapture with

alarm clocks sufficiently powerful to wake us from the sort of sleepwalking existence
which nowadays passes for “normalcy”

an inner dedication, an unruffled optimism, a deep belief in the religious experience and
the power of psychedelic drugs to produce it

an inspiration to people who still believe in the intrinsic spiritual power within the

an overpowering sense of gratitude, a desire to give thanks to the Order of Things for the
privilege (of the LSD experience)

experiences accompanied with such a powerful sense of authenticity and reality, more
real than real a common description

increased powers of concentration and introspection and experiences deep religious

incredible power and complexity operating at speeds and spatial dimensions which our
conceptual minds cannot register

LSD a very powerful behavior-changing agent with immense potential for therapy if used

LSD, its eerie power to release ancient, wise, at times even holy sources of energy, inside
the human brain

LSD the power to transform a combative, violent, competitive race into gentle mystics
and philosophers

new and powerful mechanisms of healing and personality transformation that are now
available in traditional psychiatry and psychotherapy

powerful corrective emotional experiences on very deep levels that are not easy to reach
by conventional psychotherapy

psychedelics a powerful tool to cut through conditioning, to bring a person to direct
understanding of their own true nature, and the nature of the universe

the ego and the power of conscious reason nothing but cumbersome clowns in
comparison with the organic wisdom of the body

the influence on relationships, a kind of powerful bonding among people who tripped

the purest forms of intuition, unaccountable yet powerful convictions of knowing how
things really are, of sensing directly that something is true

the unique sense of potential power and actual powerlessness that the great mass of
young people feel

the unthinkable ingenuity and creative power of man’s spontaneous and natural

the unusual nature and power of the material that emerges from the depths of the

to utilize powerful experiences for healing, the healing and transformative potential of
powerful experiences

tuned in to experiences and values on sensory and spiritual levels which are diametrically
opposite to the materialistic power orientation of the American mainstream

psychedelic art—trying to express something in a non-conceptual highly figurative and
often emotive way, through symbols which may themselves be magical, the power to turn
us on

“stimulates the mystical faculties in human nature” far more powerfully and in a far more
enlightening way than alcohol and, what is more, it does so at a physiological and social
cost that is negligibly low

the capacity to stimulate powers by sweeping away the intellect’s fixed categories and
definitions, exciting new associations of ideas, and shaping abstractions into symbolic

unveiled mysteries in which the drama of the Self is played out within a lucid series of
sequential stages bearing the subject along to a moment of powerful resolution (eyes

a calm power of insight
a galaxy of nuclear-powered atoms spinning through changing patterns
a miraculous, powerful, unfathomable reality that was hidden from everyday sight
a mythic power
a new-given power of super-attention
a powerful influence on culture and consciousness
a powerful influx of ecstatic energy
a powerful means of mediating experiences of other realities
a powerful therapeutic tool
a powerful upsurge of spiritual feelings
a sense of contact with the creative power of cosmic consciousness
a therapeutic tool of remarkable power
an exceptionally powerful sexual experience
an extremely powerful and moving experience
contacts the energy which powers the mind
encounter with the divine, a powerful, rapturous mystical state
enhanced intellectual power
feeling a powerful sense of the whole evolutionary process
felt as a powerful mystical opening and reconnection with the divine
his “power of visual understanding” with deep perception and beauty
insights of cosmic relevance, powerful mystical overtones
its power to stimulate the mystical faculties of human nature
LSD’s powerful rush into the unconscious
much more intense, dramatic and powerful than conventional therapy
patterns of color which have a power to move us and in ways which we little understood
powerful intensity
powerful perceptual and emotional changes
powerful rituals of taking plants in an atmosphere of reverence and harmony with nature
powerful waves of emotions
primal power
reverent awe, ecstatic humility before such power and intelligence
spiritual birth—a powerful mystical opening and reconnection with the divine
such a powerful stream of new and strange perceptions and feelings
the arrogance of the power-holders who labeled altered states of consciousness as disease
the clarity and power that arises
the creative power
the creativity and power of the brain freed from its learned structures
the cult-creating power of psychedelic drugs
the drug’s mind-changing powers
the dynamic power of an archetype
the emotional power and meaningfulness of the experience
the emotional power of LSD on the human psyche
the energy and power involved in changing your nervous system
the full power of the experience
the glory, the power and the force of love
the great beauty and power of a free awareness
the individual’s recognition of the creative power of their imagination
the liberating power of psychedelic drugs
the magical power of heaven
the most powerful drug yet known to man
the mysterious power which makes all things new again
the overpowering feeling of peace, contentment and being a part of goodness itself
the power and breadth of the divine process
the power of inner religious experience to mediate wholesome personality change
the power of LSD to change humanity for the better
the power of prying open for him the gates to more wondrous glories
the power of psychedelics to take us further on the evolutionary ladder
the power of these drugs to change behavior
the power of these drugs to change beliefs and transform ways of life
the powerful experience which is religious in its essence
the power to change and shape personality at a deep level
the spiritual intensity and emotional power of the experiences
the therapeutic and transformative power of nonordinary states of consciousness
the therapeutic power (of LSD)
the ultimate power that moves the galaxies and nucleus of the atom
this powerful catalyst
this powerful new tool
to pull back the veil and see for a second a fragment of the energy process, the life power
to pull back the veil and see the energy dance, the life power
to take high-powered egos and weld them into a true spiritual brotherhood

One thought on “Power”

  1. I have tried LSD 3 times now and all u speak of I have experienced and also more so than that, I could manipulate fire to where I could hold the hot surface the flame had encountered and if I believed it would not hurt or burn me and it didn’t my wife has been a witness to all I achieved and shown to her , I had never done any type of research on LSD but something just kept telling me to try it . this was after me my wife and a friend had seen some type of our of this world aircrafts and looked to have made a worm hole and a mother ship came out of it, after this incident I kept getting the feeling that this world isn’t as it seems , but back to LSD when me and her took it for the first time I gained so much knowledge instantly , I could bring tears sorrow pain instantaneously to her and in the same amount of time less than a second I could take it away, we didn’t speak but very few words to one another but we had conversations and visuals with each other on a conscious or sub atomic level I can’t explain it I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I would love to show the world the powers that this had gave me, I’d anyone was to know what I’m speaking of or might have some insight to this please contact me. I just want to know did God give me these powers or did what we witnessed that night do or give something to me

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