A good experience with drugs heightens and intensifies all experience—a new and deeper

A journey into this new mode of consciousness gives me a marvelously enhanced
appreciation of patterning in nature.

A new experiential language and perhaps even new metaphors for the great plan will

A new intellectual understanding of reality is an important catalyst for therapeutic

A successful scientific innovator who presents the species with a new technology for
changing human nature and human destiny is always in trouble with the politicians.

A transformation will take place in human consciousness and we will emerge as a new

A vast reservoir of energy was somehow made available. Always it seems as if a new
form of potent energy is clearly involved.

According to the new data, spirituality is an intrinsic property of the psyche that emerges
quite spontaneously when the process of self-exploration reaches sufficient depth.

An appearance of newness beautifies every object, clear and beautiful newness, within
and without.

An individual who has a transpersonal experience develops an entirely new image of his
or her identity and cosmic status.

Clinging to the old, they cannot let go and be intrigued with the new, casting the new in
the old mold.

Drugs could free man’s consciousness and bring about a new conception of man, his
psychology and philosophy.

During the acid trip, the nervous system is most open, most unconditioned and ready to
take a completely new imprint.

Each society has a vital interest in the indoctrination of the infants who form its new

Identification with the creative energy of the cosmos often inspires a new attitude toward
life and becomes the foundation for a new understanding of existence.

In altered states of consciousness, one gains the ability to interpret his perceptions in new

In the dawn of a new evolutionary phase, poets chirp like sparrows and are ignored like

It appears to be possible to listen to music with one’s whole being and with a completely
new approach.

It has a deep logic of its own and can be meaningfully related to a new model of the
universe and of human nature.

It has deep and revolutionary implications for the understanding of psychopathology and
offers new therapeutic possibilities undreamt of by traditional psychiatry.

It may lead to rediscovery of self and finding new potential for growth and development
with a new beginning.

It provides new levels of understanding of one’s own identity, the dimensions of being,
human life and existence in general.

It swings open the gates to vast new possibilities, providing us with information about the
nature of our lives that is quite revolutionary.

It was a time of magic and the gathering of the new tribe. The tribe of expanded

Labeling the innovator as “insane” has been a standard method of fighting genuinely new

Leary insisted that the insane rat race was the real “narcotic escape” and that people
could find a new kind of harmony by “sanitizing” themselves with LSD.

Life flows back into us when we turn from the stale oldness of theological notions to the
newness of spiritual experience.

Like “Alice in Wonderland” you enter a Never Never Land where everything sparkles
and tingles, everything seems alive and new.

Long buried impulses and long-stifled hopes are finding a new freedom. (That was
written in the 1960’s. If only it was true.)

LSD can temporarily bring back the vividness of newness, the novelty of the first sensory
experience after repeated exposures.

LSD experiments gave new impetus to exploration into the essence of religious and
mystical experience.

LSD has been said to be capable of inspiring artists to new heights of originality and

LSD may lead to the finding of new potential for growth and development and to a new

Mankind needs to discover a new culture or humanity. (What we have is a culture of

Many LSD subjects discover in their sessions new dimensions in music and new ways of
listening to it.

Many LSD subjects reported unusual aesthetic experiences and insights into the nature of
the creative process; they frequently developed a new understanding of art.

Many persons claim to experience a new sense of hope, rejuvenation, renaissance, or

Maslow suggested that such experiences might be supernormal, rather than subnormal or
abnormal and laid the foundation of a new psychology reflecting this fact.

Members of the new breed seek a culture founded in higher consciousness, a culture
whose institutions are based on love, a culture that fulfills the perennial philosophy.

Most people feel exalted as they discover their real cosmic status and gain an entirely
new perspective on their daily problems.

Music has several important functions and adds new dimensions to the psychedelic

New energies excite our highest aspirations and can alter our central notions of man and
his place on this planet.

Of great relevance for the creative process is the facilitation of new and unexpected
synthesis of data.

Once a person has been emotionally stirred to such depths, he can never completely lose
his new sense of awareness.

Old destructive patterns of behavior may suddenly be abandoned after an overpowering
emotional experience. The learning of new attitudes and techniques may become easier.

One is being inundated with an ocean of new information and one has to learn to

One must have a genuine curiosity about new direction of personal growth and the fabric
of psychedelic insight and discovery. There should be dedication of purpose.

Our land was founded by restless visionaries from the Old World, who decided that
anything new was better than the status quo.

Plunge into the whitewater of this new experience and reach the calm mystic pools

Psychedelic drugs allow you to see and hear new patterns of energy that suggest new
patterns for composition. In this way, they enhance the creative perspective.

Psychedelic drugs enhance creativity, providing solutions to artistic and intellectual
problems through new combinations of ideas and feelings (and perceptions).

Psychedelic drugs held the promise of changing mankind and ushering in a new
millennia. (The promise is still there and everywhere, at all times.)

Psychology, that discipline which treats of mind’s nature, man’s view of himself, is
always the last to adapt to a new world view.

Some subjects have reported that as a result of such experiences, they have developed a
new understanding of some of their personal problems and conflicts.

Sometimes they acquire new insights and intricate knowledge about the life process from
sources within them that are not ordinarily available.

Subjects see new dimensions in the world and in the universe and tend to regard ordinary
things and activities in everyday life as manifestations of the divine.

That our research provides fierce controversy suggests that man’s accepted view of
himself is coming into collision with new concepts.

The average person may pass through new dimensions of awareness and self-knowledge
to a “transforming experience.”

The birth of any new culture from the ruins of the old will depend on the discovery of
some principle of unity.

The changes in human consciousness spell the beginning of a new era such as has never
existed before—at least not in recorded history.

The concept of human life as a life-and-death struggle for survival gives way to a new
image of a cosmic dance or divine play.

The depth and intensity of the death-rebirth experience provides a dramatic framework
for the termination of the old social role and the assumption of the new one.

The discovery of LSD and subsequent psychedelic research opened up new revolutionary
avenues in the study of human consciousness.

The dramatic experience of new dimensions of reality can be meaningfully integrated
into the world view (a new, better and more meaningful and realistic view of the world).

The drug can open and sensitize all the sensory channels to an extraordinary degree and
make it possible for the subject to perceive the world in a totally new way.

The early experimentation with LSD brought important new insights into the nature of
the creative process.

The ecstatic consciousness is an expansive consciousness, open to a profusion of new
sensations, new perspectives, new knowledge and new values.

The experience is capable of giving intense visions and intense new awareness and
conviction of awareness of one’s own place in the universe.

The familiar view of our surroundings is transformed; it appears to us in a new light,
takes on a special meaning.

The full splendor of sexual experience does not reveal itself without a new mode of
attention to the world in general.

The greatest advances in civilization, science and learning often result from new ways of
doing things.

The healing potential of ecstatic states is of such paramount significance that it suggests
an entirely new orientation in psychiatric therapy.

The imprint is made. You emerge with a new reality: what was invisible or impossible
before is now part of your self and your perceptual field.

The individual discovers new ways of enjoying his or her own physiological processes
and develops more respect for life in all its infinite manifestations.

The individual leaves behind one mode of being and moves into another and totally new
experiential condition.

The intelligent use of psychedelic drugs required a new professional, unfamiliar to the
Western world, the brain guide. The multiple-reality coach.

The intimate relationship between the experience of the inorganic world and spiritual
states can convey an entirely new understanding of ancient teachings.

The LSD experience spurs a driving hunger to communicate in new forms, in better
ways, to express a more harmonious message, to live a better life.

The new generation doesn’t want to run away. It wants to look at the ultimates. (That was
written no later than 1969.)

The new model of the psyche shows great similarity to those developed over centuries
and even millennia by various great mystical traditions.

The new physics seem to be approaching the mystic vision of which seers and sages of all
traditions have spoken.

The new state is one in which we can reorganize or re-imprint our nervous system for
higher functioning.

The nonordinary state of consciousness suspends the traditional ways of thinking that
prevent a solution and allow a new creative synthesis.

The psychedelic style involves a revolution in our concepts of art and creativity, the new
music, the new poetry, the new visual art, the new film.

The psychedelics offer the hope that we are on the threshold of a new renaissance in
which man’s view of himself will undergo dramatic change.

The rediscovery of these experiences and the recognition of their heuristic relevance has
been one of the major incentives for the development of a new movement in psychology.

The revelation of the love aspects of the mystical experience and the implications for new
forms of social communication are especially important.

The role of the psychedelic guide is new in our society, but the newness of the role
should not blind us to the antiquity of its precedents.

The simple words, the most trivial ideas take on new and strange shapes, incongruous
resemblances and associations impossible to foresee, puns, comical absurdities.

The strong conviction of belonging and of having a personal worth gives new meaning to
the outer world and changes in the perception of it.

The subject comes to experience himself in a totally new way and finds that the age-old
question “Who am I?” does have a significant answer.

The unique perception of color and forms, as well as the overwhelming influence of
music, frequently mediate a new understanding of art and artistic movement.

The universe in which a human being lives can be transfigured into a new creation by
using “that other kind of seeing which everyone has but few make use of.”

The use of drugs to alter consciousness is nothing new. It has been a feature of human life
in all places on the earth and in all ages of history.

There is new hope for we now have a biochemical agent which offers us a dramatic leap

These drugs produce ecstatic states from which new learning, a shift in values, or
subsequent behavior change purportedly ensue.

These New Worlds of a subconscious can never be colonized, are seldom thoroughly
explored and in many ways await discovery.

This experience has considerably changed my view of reality. These are new experiences
of the world I want to explore.

This newness of everything—it is as though the world had just dawned—overwhelms
you and melts you with its beauty.

This profound experience may constitute a new and powerful means for eliciting
profound therapeutic changes and for facilitating reconstructuring of the personality.

To understand the transpersonal realm, we must begin thinking of consciousness in an
entirely new way.

To use music as a catalyst for deep self-exploration and experiential work, it is necessary
to learn a new way of listening to music and relating to it that is alien to our culture.

Totalitarian states know that the artist is not a harmless eccentric but one who, under the
guise of irrelevance, creates and reveals a new reality.

Understanding relativity presupposes not only a rather special intelligence, but new sense

Visiting new realms within yourself, you are suddenly imbued with creative ideas and
new insights and find that your potential seems limitless.

We could create the new Garden of Eden. We could become the new Adam and Eve and
begin the world again. And that’s why the powers that be must stop the “counterculture.”

We do not need a new religion or a new bible. We need a new experience—a new feeling
of what it is to be “I”.

We must discover new mental energy sources for overcoming our society’s psychological
inertia and anachronistic state of mind.

We were lured by the vision of a new, transformed, transfigured human race, free of hype
and materialism, and we wanted to help change the world.

We were using a new kind of microscope, one which made visible an extraordinary range
of new perceptions.

When the ego is dispelled, there is insight, the perception of a whole new pattern of
relationships comparable to scientific or artistic discovery.

With LSD, we had found the means with which our Western kind of civilization could be
renewed by the discovery of new mysteries.

With psychedelics, a new energy—a potent psychic energy—has entered the world stage
and must be reckoned with.

A conceptual system that could account for at least the major observations of LSD
therapy requires not just a new understanding of the effects of LSD, but a new and
expanded model of the human mind and the nature of human beings.

A good experience with the drugs heightens and intensifies all experience and just as one
can enjoy music and art during the experience with a new and deeper appreciation, so one
can do the same with sex—it can be a beautiful experience under the drug”.

A lively boost was the publication of Huxley’s books, Doors of Perception and Heaven
and Hell; his enormous erudition and lucid explanations put the whole business of taking
a drug to change your consciousness on a totally new level.

A new cultural mythic ideal is emerging: the myth of the fully developed mind. It is an
eminently democratic ideal. Only some can become adventurers on land or in space, but
in mind exploration, everyone is at the frontier.

A new deepened reality consciousness could become the basis of a new religiosity which
would not be based on belief in the dogmas of various religions, but rather on perception
through the “spirit of truth”.

After such experiences, contemplation may take on new meaning for the Western man
who finds little time to ponder the meaning of his own existence and the philosophical
presuppositions upon which his religious, political, scientific, and ethical convictions rest.

Artistic and literary folks respond ecstatically and wisely to drug experience. They tell us
this is what they have been looking for: new, intense, direct confrontation with the world
about them.

As a result of the explorations of such men as R. G. Wasson, Professor Roger Heim and
R. E. Schultes of Harvard, a whole new field was opened up—the study of the
relationship between plant-induced visions and primitive mythology.

Creative or revelatory experiences involve a temporary and voluntary breaking up of
perceptual constancies, permitting one “to shake free from dead literalism, to re-combine
the old familiar elements into, new, imaginative, amusing, or beautiful patterns”.

During the next few hundred years, the major activity of men will be scientific
exploration of and education in the many new universes of awareness which have been
opened up by psychedelic drugs.

Each new magnification structure required a new science, a new language to deal with
the new level of reality, formerly invisible to the human eye (microscope, telescope,
electron microscope).

For many professional artists as well as laymen, the LSD session represented a profound
aesthetic experience that gave them a new understanding of modern art movements and
art in general.

For the perception of art, particularly music, it is not infrequent that as a result of
psychedelic experiences, nonmusical persons develop vivid interest in music and others
discover entirely new ways of experiencing it.

Hallucinogens could lead to deepened understanding of religious and mystical content
and to a new and fresh experience of the great works of art. (Actually, with LSD,
whatever you look at becomes a great work of art, even if it’s dust or garbage.)

I have used the symbolic expression “awakening” because it clearly suggests the
becoming aware of a new area of experience, the opening of hitherto closed eyes to an
inner reality previously unknown.

If psychedelics offer valid ways of exploring man’s “inner world,” the hidden ways of the
mind and brain, we should surely admit that new knowledge of this inmost frontier may
be worth quite serious risks.

If the therapist views the experience as a psychosis, he unwittingly helps the patient
develop a psychosis, not through suggestion alone, but also because he cannot offer the
patient a framework to handle the new experience.

If we can think of the brain as a computer, then by temporarily altering the chemistry of
the brain, stimulates new connections, linking up memories and information in unusual
ways. By this kind of synthesis, fresh concepts are formed…

In altered states of consciousness this new perception of the world becomes dominant and
compelling. It completely overrides the everyday illusion of Newtonian reality, where we
seem to be “skin-encapsulated egos” existing in a world of separate beings and objects.

In modern physics, matter becomes interchangeable with energy. Within this new
worldview, consciousness is seen as an integral part of the universal fabric, certainly not
limited to the activities contained inside our skulls.

Individuals experience a new sense of empathy and warmth toward other people and
perceive the world as a fascinating and basically friendly place. Everything in the
universe appears perfect, exactly as it should be.

Individuals found a new ability to understand universal religious symbols, the metaphors
of holy scriptures and other sacred texts and the language of certain complicated
philosophical essays.

It became obvious to many practitioners involved in these explorations that we needed a
new model of the psyche whose important elements would include not only the Freudian
biographical dimension but the Jungian collective unconscious and spirituality as well.

It doesn’t concern me that young people are taking time out from their educational and
occupational assembly lines to experiment with consciousness, to debate new forms of
experience and artistic expression. (That was Timothy Leary.)

It seems as if the “new” information”, the bombardment of the senses by unfamiliar
signals, had really taught the body something, on a preverbal level; something which
persuaded it that old fears and tensions were no longer necessary.

Leary felt that LSD’s significance lay beyond all social analysis and all psychological
categories and since the drug experience was completely unique, a new model was
needed, a new structure.

Magic is a psychological branch of science, dealing with the sympathetic effects of
stones, drugs, herbs and living substances upon the imaginative and reflective faculties
and leading to ever new glimpses of the world of wonders around us.

New insights into a new, transfigured world of givenness, new combinations of thought
and fantasy—the stream of novelty pours through the world in a torrent, whose every
drop is charged with meaning.

New scientific findings are beginning to support beliefs of cultures thousands of years
old, showing that our individual psyches are, in the last analysis, a manifestation of
cosmic consciousness and intelligence that flows through all of existence.

Observations indicating an urgent need to transcend the limitations of mechanistic
science come not only from modern consciousness research and new experiential
techniques of psychotherapy, but also from quantum-relativistic physics.

One of the most important changes most people experience through non-ordinary states
of consciousness involves a new appreciation for the role of spirituality in the universal
scheme of things.

Professionals are in a very paradoxical situation: they are expected to give expert help in
an area in which they are not allowed to conduct research and generate new scientific

Psychedelic drugs offer new perspectives on every aspect of human thinking, human
behavior, human searching. There is no issue in psychology, physics, biology and
theology which cannot make use of these microscopes of consciousness.

So astonishing will be this new insight that he may be absolutely overwhelmed and in his
excitement, laugh and cry at the same time. For many, the discoveries mean new truth
and wisdom.

Some people find it so useful in gaining new perspectives or seeing problems from a
different vantage point that they smoke it in preparation for intellectual work (refers to

Subjects see new dimensions in the universe, have strong feelings of being an integral
part of creation and tend to regard ordinary things in everyday life—such as meals, walks
in nature, playing with children or sexual intercourse—as sacred.

Suddenly, the familiar view of our surroundings is transformed in a strange, delightful
way: it appears to us in a new light, takes on a special meaning. Such an experience can
be as light and fleeting as a breath of air, or it can imprint itself deeply upon our minds.

The discovery of the hidden aspects of reality and of the challenges associated with them
adds fascinating new dimensions to existence. It makes one’s life much richer and more

The impressive mosaic of new observations and theories that are already available
suggests that in the future the old/new discoveries in regard to consciousness and the
human psyche might become integral parts of a comprehensive scientific worldview.

The individual who connects with these levels of his or her psyche automatically
develops a new world view within which spirituality represents a natural, essential and
absolutely vital element of existence.

The LSD experience is a confrontation with new forms of wisdom and energy that dwarf
and humiliate man’s mind. This experience of awe and revelation is often called

The new emphasis was on recognition of spirituality and transcendental needs as intrinsic
aspects of human nature and on the right of every individual to choose or change his or
her “path”.

The new life for Christianity begins just as soon as someone can get up in church and say,
“Wash out your mouth every time you say Jesus.” (It means that all the talk about Jesus
has nothing to do with what Jesus himself was talking about.)

The possibility of transcending the limitations of matter, time, space and linear causality
is experienced so many times and in so many different ways that it has to be integrated
into a new world-view.

The psychedelic experience can be not only a challenge, but also a support of my faith. I
can see Judaism in a new and amazing light. (A Hassidic rabbi who tripped with Timothy
Leary said that.)

The recognition that the universe is not a mechanical system but an infinitely complex
interplay of vibratory phenomena of different types and frequencies, prepared the ground
for an understanding of reality based on entirely new principles.

The subject knows with perfect conviction that he will in the future respond in terms of
the new insights and new orientation instead of making the old, painful and non-
productive responses he has made in the past.

This new psychedelic style has produced not only a new rhythm in modern music, but a
new decor for our discotheques, a new form of film making, a new kinetic visual art, a
new literature and has begun to revise our philosophic and psychological thinking.

This period of my life coincided with what seemed to be a time of new hope for
humankind. The flower children in San Francisco were happily rebelling against the old
order, and a better future seemed within reach. A sense of euphoria was in the air.

Those psychiatrists and psychotherapists who had taken the obvious preliminary step of
trying the new chemical themselves, soon began to pursue different objectives from their
psychosis-oriented colleagues.

Understanding comes when we liberate ourselves from the old and so make possible a
direct, unmediated contact with the new, the mystery, moment by moment, of our

Unless the LSD therapist is equally at home with both old and new ideas he may
overlook creative aspects of the patient’s thinking and label it all as merely confused or
psychotic. The therapist’s confusion may in turn confuse the patient.

Unlike Freud, Jung was aware that his findings were incompatible with the existing
philosophy of science and required an entirely new paradigm. (Jung was a friend of
Albert Einstein.)

We were getting turned on in so many ways, lit up to new experiences, discoveries,
adventures, music, all of which had something very tangibly related to the drugs

When men set out for Plymouth in a leaky boat to pursue a new spiritual way of life, of
course they were taking risks. But the risks of the voyage were less than the risks of
remaining in a spiritual plague area.

Your thoughts, feelings and sensations are new and strange. All events, physical, personal
or social are looked at with a new eye. You suddenly realize who you really are and what
your personal reality means.

A science which fails to address itself to spiritual goals becomes secular, political and
tends to oppose new data. A religion which fails to provide direct experimental answers
to these spiritual questions becomes secular, political and tends to oppose the individual
revelatory confrontation.

Adventurous painters and musicians discovered that LSD was a catalyst, an impetus to
startling new rearrangements of vision, to a bubbling, ecstatic, seemingly inexhaustible
pool of images and ideas, to a new-old kind of harmony between the artist and the

An individual who has a transcendental experience develops an entirely new image of his
or her identity and cosmic status. The materialistic image of the universe in which the
individual is a meaningless speck of dust in the vastness of the cosmos is instantly
replaced by the mystical alternative.

Drug experiences, like all novel experiences, can provide themes and material for the
artists’ imagination to work on. And it has also been suggested that psychedelic drug
experiences can subtly affect the faculty of insight, providing original solutions to artistic
and intellectual problems through new combinations of ideas and feelings.

From the moment of birth, the baby is subjected to forces concerned with destroying its
potentialities, and on the whole this enterprise is successful. By the time the new human
being is fifteen or so, we are left with a being like ourselves, a half-crazed creature more
or less adjusted to a mad world. This is normality in our present age.

If any single theme dominated young people in the 1960’s, it was the search for a new
way of seeing, a new relation to the world. LSD was a means of exciting consciousness
and provoking visions, a kind of unhurried magic enabling youthful seekers to recapture
the resonance of life that society had denied.

If I put on glasses and see details more clearly, no one can say that I am hallucinating.
But if, under the drug, I see colors and forms I did not see before, they say I am
hallucinating. But maybe I really achieved a new and better vision of external reality.
(There are no maybes about it.)

Introducing transpersonal experiences into psychology creates a conceptual bridge
between Western science and perennial philosophy. It also throws new light on many
problems in history, anthropology, sociology, psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, and
comparative religion.

Is the use of LSD the initial event that will guide us to a new morality and to new patterns
of human life on this planet? Will we keep our heads straight and our bodies and minds
clear? Or will we become anti-intellectuals devoted to the culture of “big fishes eating
smaller fishes” in the holy names of religion, education, civilization, progress.

It does help you to look at the world in a new way. And you come to understand very
clearly the way that certain specially gifted people have seen the world. You are actually
introduced into the kind of world that Van Goth or Blake lived in. You begin to have a
direct experience of this kind of world while you’re under the drug.

It is man’s challenge to develop new symbol systems for these new levels of internal
consciousness. Just as we had to develop a new symbol system for the invisible,
uncharted world which was opened up with the microscope, the task now is to develop
symbol systems for the new invisible worlds which are opened up by psychedelic drugs.

It is one of the oldest and most universal practices for the initiate to go through the
experience of death before he can be spiritually reborn. Symbolically he must die to his
past, and to his old ego, before he can take his place in the new spiritual life into which
he has been initiated.

It was almost impossible to conceive of the old world, the straight world, the Victorian
hangover, surviving the engulfing wave of The New Madness. It was all so simple. The
world was being turned on. The dark stumble ages were drawing to a close. The world
was going to stop, reorient itself, and start spinning in the right direction at last.

It’s a battle of lifestyles. It’s the lovers versus the salesmen of junk. It’s the poets versus
the manufacturers of crap. It’s the dancers versus the bringers of war. It’s the
songmakers, the earth tenders, the new gardeners of Eden versus the military/industrial
complex. And beware, my friends, they are relentless.

Jesus was aware of himself as a finished specimen of the new humanity which is to
come—the new humanity which is to inherit the earth, establish the Kingdom, usher in
the New Age. His mission and his teaching have at their heart the development of a new
and higher state of consciousness on a species-wide basis.

Let us try to bring about a new and glowing synthesis, a new higher consciousness that
brings together the East and West, the head and the heart, science and spirituality and
knowledge and wisdom. (Knowledge here means what the ego “knows” which isn’t

Of great relevance for the creative process is the facilitation of new and unexpected
synthesis of data, resulting in unconventional problem-solving. It is a well known fact
that many important ideas and solutions to problems did not originate in the context of
logical reasoning, but in various unusual states of mind.

Only a few rather exceptional professionals have shown a genuine interest in and
appreciation of transpersonal experiences as phenomena of their own right. These
individuals have recognized their heuristic value and their relevance for a new
understanding of the unconscious, of the human potential and of the nature of man.

Psychology, man’s view of his nature, is always the last to adapt to a new world view.
From the standpoint of established values, the psychedelic process is dangerous and
insane—a deliberate psychotization, a suicidal undoing of the equilibrium man should be
striving for.

Subjects were advised to “turn off” their analytic faculties, to relax and accept whatever
form of experience came their way, to refrain from attempting to control the sequence or
nature of the events. The declared aim was to stop using one’s cognitive and perceptual
processes in the familiar way and to heighten the likelihood of discovering new ways.

The concept of time does not merely lose meaning, but, more impressively, is seen in a
new perspective. Subjects assert that they felt “outside of” time, beyond both past and
future, as though they were viewing the totality of history from a transcendent vantage

The death-rebirth cycle has been recognized as a natural and lawful pattern throughout
our history by many cultures. Just as spring reliably follows winter year after year, so the
development of a new life automatically follows a full experience of the destruction of
the old.

The modern term for the direct experience of spiritual realities is transpersonal, meaning
transcending the usual way of perceiving and interpreting the world from the position of a
separate individual or body-ego. There exists an entirely new discipline, transpersonal
psychology, that specializes in experiences of this kind and their implications.

The new data support quite unambiguously the view that has been held by the mystical
traditions of all ages: under certain circumstances, human beings can also function as vast
fields of consciousness, transcending the limitations of the physical body, of Newtonian
time and space and of linear causality.

The perception of the environment has a certain primary quality; every sensory stimulus,
be it visual, acoustic, olfactory, gustatory or tactile, appears to be completely fresh and
new and at the same time, unusually exciting and stimulating. Subjects talk about really
seeing the world for the first time in their lives.

The person is at one with the universe. In his mystic selflessness he awakens with a
feeling of rebirth, often physically felt and he is provided with a new beginning, a new
sense of values. He becomes aware of the richness of the unconscious at his disposal; the
energies bound up in and by repression become available to him.

The prime characteristic of cosmic consciousness is a consciousness of the cosmos, that
is, of the life and order of the universe. Along with the consciousness of the cosmos there
occurs an intellectual enlightenment which alone would place the individual on a new
plane of existence, would make him almost a member of a new species.

The theoretical formulations and practical principles that LSD psychotherapy has
discovered or validated include a new, expanded cartography of the human mind, new
and effective therapeutic mechanisms, a new strategy of psychotherapy and a synthesis of
spirituality and science.

The training for this new profession of psychedelic guides will aim at producing the
patience of a first-grade teacher, the humility and wisdom of a Hindu guru, the loving
dedication of a minister-priest, the sensitivity of a poet and the imagination of a science
fiction writer.

These accounts do suggest that a “new vision” takes place, colored by an inner exaltation.
Their authors report perceiving a new brilliance to the world, of seeing everything as if
for the first time, of noticing beauty which for the most part they may have previously
passed by without seeing.

This new self has no location. It is not something like a traditional soul, using the body as
a temporary house. To ask where it is, is like asking where the universe is. Things in
space have a where, but the thing that space is in doesn’t have to be anywhere. It is
simply what there is, just plain basic isness!

Transpersonal experiences involving entities and realms that are not objectively real
according to the Western worldview can convey absolutely new information. For
example, in nonordinary states, many people have encountered deities and mythological
realms specific to cultures about which they have no personal knowledge. (eyes closed)

True sanity entails in one way or another, the dissolution of the normal ego and a new
kind of ego functioning, the ego now being the servant of the divine, no longer its
betrayer. (You are the divine and your ego should serve you and your divinity or it should
flake off, take a hike, get lost and leave you alone.)

We are dealing with an issue that is not new, an issue that has been considered for
centuries by mystics, by philosophers of the religious experience, by those rare and truly
great scientists who have been able to move in and then out beyond the limits of the
science game.

We can mention the Jungian archetypes—the world of deities, demigods, superheroes
and complex mythological, legendary and fairy-tale sequences. These experiences can
impart accurate new information about religious symbolism previously unknown to the
subject. (eyes closed)

What was once perceived as the boundaries between objects and the distinctions between
matter and empty space are now replaced by something new. Instead of there being
discrete objects and empty space between them, the entire universe is seen as one
continuous field of varying density.

While these new territories have not yet been recognized by Western academic
psychiatry, they are not, by any means, unknown to humanity. On the contrary, they have
been systematically studied and held in high esteem by ancient and pre-industrial cultures
since the dawn of human history.

Within the new world-view, the very creative principle of the universe is experientially
available to the individual and, in a certain sense, is commensurate and identical with him
or her. This is a drastic change of perspective and it has far-reaching consequences for
every aspect of life.

You have to pass beyond everything you have learned in order to become acquainted
with the new areas of consciousness. Ignorance of this fact is the veil which shuts man
within the narrow confines of his acquired, artificial concepts of “reality,” and prevents
him from coming to know his own true nature.

A new and exciting area was discovered for psychedelic psychotherapy: the care of
patients with terminal cancer and some other incurable diseases. Studies of dying
individuals indicated that this approach was able to bring not only alleviation of the
emotional suffering and relief from severe physical pain associated with cancer, but also
dramatically transform the concept of death and change the attitude toward dying.

As an educational psychologist, I’m interested in the implications of LSD research for the
study of human learning and further human development. Through the LSD experiences I
have learned to look at myself and society in a new way. These experiences have been, in
effect, an additional higher education for me, equal in impact, effort, knowledge, beauty,
and scope to obtaining a doctorate at Stanford.

Christianity and even Protestant Christianity has remained, willy-nilly, the most
authoritarian and bigoted of all world religions. He who attempts to question or modify
any of its dogmas quickly gets into very hot water in any Christian country. There has
been one “revelation” and it is enough. He who has new ideas is probably inspired by the
Devil or has been out in the woods taking strange drugs with the witch women.

In the LSD state, the old conceptual frameworks break down, cultural cognitive barriers
dissolve and the material can be seen and synthesized in a totally new way that was not
possible within the old systems of thinking. This mechanism can produce not only
striking new solutions to various specific problems, but new paradigms that revolutionize
whole scientific disciplines.

Individuals feel that they have left the past behind and that they are capable of starting an
entirely new chapter of their lives. Exhilarating feelings of freedom from anxiety,
depression and guilt are associated with deep physical relaxation and a sense of perfect
functioning of all physiological processes. Life appears simple and exciting and the
individual has the feeling of unusual sensory richness and intense joy.

It was possible to guide man to a world where no longer does man view himself as a
creature separated and estranged from all other creatures but rather as a participant in a
rich and fertile reality, a reality so interrelated and so full that it could only best be
described as a dynamic continuum; the new reality that unfolds in the psychedelic

Leary was joined by assistant professor Richard Alpert, a hearty band of graduate
students, and a constant stream of many of the leading intellectuals and artists of that
time. Leary and his team employed new methods in psychological research by using
themselves as subjects, reporting directly the drugs’ effects on their own minds.
Sometimes they would take psilocybin with their students. This was unheard of.

LSD is a unique and powerful tool for the exploration of the human mind and human
nature. Psychedelic experiences mediate access to deep realms of the psyche that have
not yet been discovered and acknowledged by mainstream psychology and psychiatry.
They also reveal new possibilities and mechanisms of therapeutic change and personality

Most of our colleagues in the psychology department couldn’t take the brain-change
work seriously. They couldn’t admit that our new subject matter even existed. Altered
states of consciousness simply didn’t exist as a category in the psychology of that time.
It was the familiar tunnel vision that has always narrowed the academic mind. (That was
Timothy Leary at Harvard.)

One sees the other in terms of a richness once seen, but lost through over-familiarity.
With this perception, closed-circuits are reopened and the persons communicate in ways
and on levels long inaccessible to them. Also, new circuits may be opened and new ways
of communication become possible or the subject may feel that he is seeing the other in
all her richness and complexity for the first time.

Openness to new data challenging traditional beliefs and dogmas has always been an
important characteristic of the best of science and a moving force of progress. A true
scientist does not confuse theory with reality and does not try to dictate what nature
should be like. It is not up to us to decide what the human psyche can do and what it can
not do to fit our neatly organized preconceived ideas.

Psychedelic drugs released new forces into the consciousness of millions of people.
These forces might be seen as good, evil, or morally ambiguous; they might be regarded
as coming from within, as an upsurge from the unconscious mind, or from beyond, as a
revelation from other planes of existence; or some way to reconcile these interpretations
might be sought.

Sensory perceptions become especially brilliant and intense. Normally unnoticed aspects
of the environment capture the attention; ordinary objects are seen as if for the first time
and acquire new depth of significance. Aesthetic responses are greatly heightened; colors
seem more intense, textures richer, contours sharpened, music more emotionally
profound, the spatial arrangements of objects more meaningful.

The discovery of brain-change drugs has been compared to the discovery of the
microscope. New forms swim into perception. It’s a truism that you cannot impose the
ethics and language of the past upon the subject matter revealed be a new extension of the
senses. Galileo was arrested for describing what he saw in his telescope. The inquisition
would not bother to look through the lens.

The experience from LSD therapy and the new experiential psychotherapies clearly
indicates that exposure to another person’s deep emotional material tends to shatter
psychological defenses and to activate corresponding areas in the unconscious of the
persons assisting and witnessing the process, unless they have confronted and worked
through these levels in themselves.

The findings from psychedelic explorations throw entirely new light on the material from
history, comparative religion and anthropology concerning the ancient mysteries of death
and rebirth, rites of passage of various cultures, shamanic procedures of all times,
aboriginal healing ceremonies, spiritual practices of various religious and mystical
traditions and other phenomena of great cultural significance.

The global popularity of chemical mind-changers is due to their producing ecstasy,
perception change, fresh sensation. Ecstasy means to break out of the verbal prisons,
suspend your imprints, see things anew, perceive directly. With freshened perception
goes the feeling of liberation, insight, the exultant sense of having escaped the lifeless net
of symbols.

The new data are of such far-reaching relevance that they could revolutionize our
understanding of the human psyche. Some of the observations transcend in their
significance the framework of psychology and psychiatry and represent a serious
challenge to the current Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm of Western science. They could
change drastically our image of human nature, of culture and history, and of reality.

Underlying all these highlights, what held us together was our feeling that we were on the
cutting edge of knowledge. We were spearheading the acquisition of new and important
truths and their potentials. We likened ourselves to explorers in Africa when that
continent was still unknown to Europeans. (That was Timothy Leary referring to his days
at Harvard.)

We may feel that we are really seeing the world for the first time in our lives. Everything
around us, even the most ordinary and familiar scenes, seems unusually exciting and
stimulating. People report entirely new ways of appreciating and enjoying their loved
ones, the sound of music, the beauties of nature and the endless pleasures that the world
provides for our senses.

We have to think about the university as a place which spawns new ideas or breaks
through to new visions, a place where we can learn to use our neurological equipment.
The university and, for that matter, every aspect of the educational system is paid for by
adult society to train young people to keep the same game going, to be sure that you do
not use your heads.

Where the symbolic dramas unfold, the individual finds facets of his own existence
revealed in the person of Prometheus or Parsifal, Lucifer or Oedipus, Faust or Don Juan
and plays out his personal drama on these allegorical and analogic terms or he finds the
means of attaining to new levels of maturity through his participation in rites of passage
and other ceremonies and initiations. (eyes closed)

While samples of psychedelic drugs of doubtful quality are available in the streets and on
college campuses, it is nearly impossible for a serious researcher to get a license for
scientific investigation of their effects. As a result of this, professionals are in a very
paradoxical situation: they are expected to give expert help in an area in which they are
not allowed to conduct research and generate new scientific information.

You are holding in your hand a great human document. But unless you are one of the few
Westerners who have experienced a mystical minute of expanded consciousness, you will
probably not understand what the author is saying. Too bad, but still not a cause for
surprise. The history of ideas reminds us that new concepts and new visions have always
been non-understood. We cannot understand that for which we have no words.

You have to go out of your mind to use your head. You have to pass beyond everything
you have learned in order to become acquainted with the new areas of consciousness.
Ignorance of this fact is the veil which shuts man within the narrow confines of his
acquired, artificial concepts of “reality” and prevents him from coming to know his own
true nature.

Systematic study of non-ordinary states has shown me, beyond any doubt, that the
traditional understanding of the human personality, limited to postnatal biography and to
the Freudian individual unconscious, is painfully narrow and superficial. To account for
all the extraordinary new observations, it became necessary to create a radically
expanded model of the human psyche and a new way of thinking about mental health and

The old paradigms of in psychiatry have now outlived their usefulness and are impeding
progress. Instead of repressing observations because they do not conform to established
ways of thinking, we should try to formulate new paradigms. A paradigm should not be
confused with an accurate description of reality. It is a useful organization of existing
data, a temporary conceptual tool that should be replaced when it no longer serves its

The summer of 1967 was known as the “Summer of Love” and saw a great emergence of
unstructured communal living, new found sexual freedoms, and growing interest in
eastern philosophy and religion. Displays of spontaneity, trust, non-possessiveness and
non-evaluativeness among the new arrivals were attempts to deal with what was
commonly thought to be hypocriticalness, rigid adherence to rules and a lack of
emotional spontaneity between people.

Who has the right to control your mind? To explore it? To use it? With the invention of
consciousness techniques, a new kind of freedom faces a new kind of control. People
want to explore and develop their minds, and psychedelics are an efficient way to do so.
This desire is part of human nature, but law and social ignorance block the way. I propose
that we recognize a general human right: the right to explore, control, and develop one’s

A minor change in the environment often creates an entirely new mood.
A new awareness of one’s relatedness to others and to the universe is strengthened.
A new consciousness is born.
A new dawn breaks.
A new heaven seems to shine upon a new earth.
A new language will develop to communicate the new aspect of experience.
A new neurological imprint can be made because all the old imprints are suspended.
A new sensitiveness, a superior acuteness manifests itself in all the senses.
A new spirit was born in the ‘60’s.
A new way of thinking reorganizes existing observations.
A newer and fuller significance of individual human existence will be revealed.
A person moves from a relatively limited way of being to a new, expanded condition.
A psychedelic drug may open a brave new world.
A whole new world of experience opens up.
Absence of rush gives a very new and different approach to sexual relations.
An appearance of newness beautifies every object.
An extensive new area of knowledge of mind is waiting to be opened.
An individual comes to experience himself in a totally new way.
As a result of this spiritual fulfillment, an amazingly deep new optimism has come to me.
Be a Columbus to whole new continents and worlds within you, opening new channels.
Bursting through the barricades redefined you as a new person.
Change your lenses and look at life in a new way.
Each experience opens up new worlds of discovery.
Every end is a new beginning.
He develops new and free energy from the unconscious to alter his life situation.
He or she enters a new radiant world.
In a psychedelic experience, a few seconds can yield a whole new orientation.
In LSD, we had a new chemical tool for human expression and development.
It is a new start with the slate wiped clean.
It is time to use new senses, new perceptions.
It provides understanding of a new kind.
Incredible new physical sensations pulse through the body.
LSD permits the mind to organize its sensory impressions in new patterns.
LSD seemed to herald an alternative, a new way of life. A new sense of oneself appears.
Man’s brain is capable of limitless new dimensions of awareness and knowledge.
My LSD episodes have opened my mind and enabled me to look upon life with new eyes.
My mind leaves the linear plane and moves into new dimensions.
New dimensions of human relationships are revealed.
New dimensions of oneself break through.
New forms of sexual experience are reported.
New illuminations and revelations from the collective unconscious arise.
New relationships and patterns emerge.
New sights and sounds, new meanings, and new feelings come together.
One sees the old and familiar in a new and strange way, often as though for the first time.
Psychedelic drugs released new forces into the consciousness of millions of people.
Psychedelics can “trigger” a new sense of identity.
Rejection of the new and unknown is a standard human response.
Sensory input in this new state feels very fresh and intense.
The artist may enter this world in search of new inspiration and improved perception.
The cortex is tuned in on molecular processes which are completely new and strange.
The essence of life is its fluidity, its ability to change, to flow and to take a new course.
The extraordinary experience allows the patient a new look at his old values.
The knowledge acquired in altered states demands new kinds of scientific theory.
The new generation doesn’t want to run away. It wants to look at the ultimates.
The new society will be one of mythic integration where magic will live again.
The spiritual search and philosophical quest become important new dimensions of life.
The use of LSD may have signified and started a new revolution.
The visions bring images of an ideal new world. (eyes closed)
There are going to be new social forms. There are going to be new methods of education.
These new mind changers will tend in the long run to deepen the spiritual life.
They have acquired new and profound insight.
They need to feel the security of companionship in the new environment.
Transcendence of mind makes possible new realms of insight.
We are ready for a new page in the story, the next evolutionary step.
We can begin the creation of the New Time…and the New Man…And the New Garden.
We must change our thinking to use the potentialities of our new instruments.
We need new rituals, goals, rules and concepts to give the brain back to the species.
We will attain new realms.
With the mind opened, we look into a new world, as new as on the first day of creation.
You discover a new meaning of love.

He has been thrust into a new world and his now useless “real world” categories fall

His brain is like a computer that has received a large amount of new information to be

I am looking into his face. It has a new clarity. His eyes look at me and we meet in
unlimited space.

I know that this is a new me. The drug does things nothing else could do. Everyone
should be confronted with its virtues.

I’m strong and new again and there’s no such thing as dark soul-fear and confusion. It’s
all love and beauty.

It appears as if someone had white-washed the world. Everything gleams as if it were
new; even the old pickup trucks seem to shine.

The whole quality of consciousness is changed and I feel myself in a new world in which,
however, it is obvious that I have always been living.

The new world in which I find myself has an extraordinary transparency or freedom from
barriers making it seem that I have somehow become the energy space in which
everything is happening.

A whole new life is ahead of me.
Everything is in flux and seems newer than the new it was an instant ago.
He has a new and much more expanded worldview.
He is looking on a new creation (eyes closed).
I seem to have a new sense of peace.
My life has new savor, new meaning—and new mystery.
Old things have passed away, all things have become new.
There is a new peace in my life, as well as an appreciation for the beauty of existence.
This is a new venture and an important one.

A full realization broke upon me in a new way not just apprehended as an idea but
experienced in my body.

After experiencing LSD, he went to be with his wife and found “It was like discovering
her all over again. Her body suddenly became new and fresh and exciting.”

He felt himself move into a totally different and deeper level of consciousness, a level
that was entirely new to him.

He felt his life had been “transfigured” by the “new being” which had emerged out of the
depths of his psyche.

He saw objects in a new light; they disclosed their inherent deep, timeless existence,
which remains hidden from everyday sight.

I became aware of a brilliant sun rising from the center of my being, a new dawn and a
ripening of my soul.

I felt flooded with lights and indescribable joy and connected in a new way to the world
and to the flow of life.

I felt I was ascending and passing into a new dimension, that I was expanding upward as
well as outward into an astral plane, a higher sphere of creation.

I felt I was there with God on the day of Creation. Everything was so fresh and new.
Every plant and tree and fern and bush had its own particular holiness.

I glowed like a new-born soul. The well-known landscape lost all of its familiarity and I
was setting out upon a journey of years through heavenly territories.

I knew every tree, every bush; but it was transformed, transfigured into the perfection of
a world newly created.

I shouted for joy, I praised God with my whole heart. Everything looked new to me, the
people, the fields, the cattle, the trees. I was like a new man in a new world.

I wanted to shout and sing of the miraculous new life and sense and form, of the joyous
beauty and the whole mad ecstasy of lovliness.

I was aware of a gentle, deep connection with a new spirituality, an unfamiliar source
inside one that was expansive, joyful and peaceful.

I was struck with a new sense of possibility, that I could be awakened to dozens of
wondrous phenomena.

In the garden, everything glistened and sparkled in a fresh light. The world was as if
newly created.

It was all perfectly new again, mysterious and of great promise; everything that had once
been could be revived.

It was time for the old mind to die, so that a new one, with expanded sensibilities, could
be born.

It was with this insight that I was born into a new world. A new form of consciousness
had taken over.

Like a blind man newly healed and confronted for the first time by the mystery of light
and color, he stared in uncomprehending astonishment.

Now that this breakthrough of consciousness had occurred, a new level of harmony and
love was possible.

Outdoors the world was wondrous, new, alive. Everything breathed and throbbed with

The psychedelic experience seemed to have opened new realms of mystical and cosmic
feelings within her.

The psychological power of his new spiritual vision was so great that it helped him
overcome his excessive fear of death.

This new knowledge did not frighten me. It excited me. There was “something very great
about it.”

A sensation of well-being and renewed life flowed through me. The world was as if
newly created. All my senses vibrated in a condition of highest sensitivity, which
persisted for the entire day.

I felt totally new, as though I’d just been born. Having had so much ego burned away had
cleared and refreshed my spirit. It was a grace that profoundly changed my life by giving
me a reason to override my scientific skepticism and accept the reality of the spirit.

I saw that we were part of an enormous sinewy archetype, a monstrous rooted and
branching phenomenon, the primordial life force. I could see the buds opening constantly
to new existences and whole colorful worlds.

It was a magical time. Visions of utopia flooded by brain. The pictures the psychedelics
beamed into my mind opened me up to the world in new ways and showed me what is
possible when love, trust and faith replace envy, possessiveness and violence.

It was the understanding beyond words. It was the place beyond intellect. It is always
there, awaiting our presence, yearning for us to enter the new dimension and cast off our

Old things have passed away, all things have become new. It was like entering another
world, a new state of existence. Natural objects were glorified, my spiritual vision was so
clarified that I saw beauty in every material object in the universe.

Psychedelic subjects reported experiential identification with other people, animals and
various aspects of nature during which they gained access to new information about areas
which they previously had no intellectual knowledge.

Subjects responded by becoming deeply absorbed in this “new world” of altered
perceptions—often to the point of forgetting altogether their early concern with
psychological categories and labeling phenomena in terms of pathologies.

The drugs appeared to suspend previous imprints of reality including a critical period
during which new imprints could be made. In a positive, supportive atmosphere, new
realities were being imprinted.

The very heavens seemed to open and pour down rays of light and glory. Not for a
moment only, but all day and night, floods of light and glory seemed to pour through my
soul and oh, how I was changed and everything became new.

With all my being transfixed in the moment that answered the quest of my life, I
shuddered in my soul and with new velocities of divining sight, I saw our universe
sphering on its destiny.

I cannot say exactly what the mysterious change was. I saw no new thing, but I saw all
the usual things in a miraculous new light, in what I believe is their true light. I saw for
the first time how wildly beautiful and joyous, beyond any words of mine to describe, is
the whole of life.

She saw the session as a very important event in her life. She felt as if she had begun a
completely new chapter: “I have been EXISTING all these years; I started to LIVE this
past Friday. I honestly feel that I am a new person, with a completely new mind. Even my
body feels different; I am pain free.”

This clear-light experience, as Leary termed it, was a true communion of the soul. I felt
as if my consciousness and entire being had broken up with the brittleness of linear ego
thought, while the person that filled the vacuum bore the same body of experience with a
totally new vitality and an understanding of life’s true value.

All of a sudden I found myself in a completely new and magical world. The little green
strands of the shag rug were undulating in a most delightful way. The lights reflecting off
the glass coffee table top sparkled with a kind of moist luminescence. The furniture, the
walls, the floor, were all pulsing and undulating in slow waves as if the whole room was
breathing. The rate of the waving motion seemed to be coordinated with my breathing.

At the end of the record, I felt that I had been on a long journey and that I had come to
my destination. My guides came to me and welcomed me into this “brave new world”. I
felt that I had reached the psychedelic shore and enjoyed the wonderful things around me.
I felt joyous and deeply related to everything, as if I were part of a whole. It was a sense
of total relatedness and involvement, bringing with it a sense of joy, peace and wonder.

Every plant became a kind of musical utterance, a play of variations on a theme repeated
from the main branches, through the stalks and twigs, to the leaves, the veins in the
leaves and to the fine capillary network between the veins. Each new bursting of growth
from a center repeated or amplified the basic design with increasing complexity and
delight, finally exulting in a flower.

It was all perfectly new again, mysterious and of great promise. Everything that had been
once could be revived and much that was new besides. It seemed ages since the day and
the world had looked so beautiful, innocent and undismayed. The joy of freedom and
independence flowed through his veins like a strong potion and he recalled how long it
was since he had felt this precious sensation, lovely and enchanting.

My familiar reality had cracked; a vast new reality that promised liberation from death
and meaninglessness lay before me. I believed that if everybody saw what I now saw
there would be peace on earth. The demons of hate, violence, illness and war would be
banished back into Pandora’s box. The scales would fall from humanity’s eyes and we
would recognize that we are one, and that we are eternal.

Now I could hear, as if for the first time, the depth of the wisdom in their teachings and in
the mystical doctrines of all ages and all cultures. As I sought for words to express my
own ineffable experience I gained a new appreciation for those individuals who had
attempted to communicate their own insights in writing or art. I also became interested in
understanding intuitive ways of knowing.

The night was all joyous discoveries, many of which brought me almost to the point of
tears, to laughter and astonished wows regularly. Whole new horizons. I felt humbled and
honored to be in a room with and listening to such enlighted powers. I felt in flash after
flash that I’d never been so high before, never so aware and never—at least not since a
long, long half-remembered time ago—so hopeful and happy.

Thoughts spun around in my head and everything—objects, sound, events—took on a
special meaning for me. I felt like I was putting the pieces of a puzzle together.
Childhood feelings began to come back, as symbols and bits from past conversations
went through my head. The word religious and other words from other past conversations
came back to me and seemed to take on a new significance. I increasingly began to feel
that I was experiencing something like mystical revelations.

A new capacity for human relationships was formed.
A new life began for me.
Entirely new realms of possibility opened up.
Everything had a shining quality of newness and eternity.
Everything seemed new and in a way strange.
I began to discover new possibilities within myself.
I could see a new world, a world I had missed before.
I felt a new connection with myself and with the world around me.
I felt a whole new dimension of love and compassion.
I felt a wonderful new optimism and a sense of peace and harmony and letting be.
I “felt my body” in a completely new way.
I felt my perceptions were being sorted in terms of new and different categories.
I had ideas and experienced feelings entirely new to me.
I saw a new heaven a new earth.
I saw the universe through new eyes.
I was enjoying a new feeling of love.
I was finding a wonderful new sense of completely trusting someone else.
It revealed to me new and uncharted areas of the human unconscious.
It was all so real and new.
It was an adventure in entirely new audio-visual sensations.
It was good. A new kind of good.
LSD opened exciting new perspectives and interesting possibilities.
My new freedom was intoxicating. It was as if heavy chains had fallen from me.
My whole body was pulsing with new energy. I relaxed into this orgasmic vitality.
New circuits of the brain were open.
New dimensions of my mind were coming into being.
Our lovemaking had a new depth of meaning.
She felt a new emotional freedom.
Space was perceived in a totally new and most intriguing perspective.
The drug released such a flood of new thoughts and perceptions.
The room had taken on new meaning for me.
The sensation I now experienced was new.
They said that they felt themselves “reborn” to a new sense of unity and harmony.
Things I had read and passed over before now took on a new and psychedelic dimension.
What I was experiencing now was new and very exciting.
What the initiate experienced was “new, astonishing, inaccessible to rational cognition.”

a being possessed of mysterious creative powers, able to utilize new forms of energy
(That’s all of us.)

a new model of the psyche, new understanding of emotional disorders and of the
therapeutic process, new insights into human nature and the nature of reality

a new orientation complete with insight and energy sufficient to effect a dramatic and
positive self-transformation

a new perceptual capacity responsive to dimensions of the stimulus array previously
ignored or blocked from consciousness

a new soul-shaking appreciation of the inner beauty, either seen or potential, of all

a new type of consciousness, an expanded awareness stressing man’s commitment to
love, beauty, joy and truth

a radical conversion experience, a transformation of self based on a new state of
awareness, a new state of consciousness—higher consciousness

a sense of receiving new flesh, new blood and new eyes, being charged with supernatural
energy and connected with the elements of nature

a sense of spiritual rebirth associated with a new way of being in the world and
perceiving it

a truly miraculous instrument for new perceptions and insights about those aspects of
reality which concern him personally

able to look at the world and by reflection, at themselves in a new and relatively
unprejudiced way

all joyous color and sound and magic and hope and maybe just the same old chips of
glass beads, and mirrors, but seen in a glorious new way

amino acids, the basic building blocks of life, protein molecules combining into new

an entirely new outlook on life, whereby everything becomes transformed and made in
the Glory of God

an exciting adventure into new territories of the mind as yet uncharted by Western

an experience in which old forms and points of view are being destroyed in order for new
ones to emerge

an Old World of personal consciousness and beyond a dividing sea, a series of New

an overwhelming reaction in which an individual comes to experience himself in a totally
new way, a transcendental feeling of being united with the world

awareness of new dimensions of the total stimulus array—a process of “perceptual

can bring spiritual and philosophical understanding of such high level that everything is
redefined and appears in a new perspective

can lead to a coming to terms with the body and a strengthening new feeling of at-
homeness in the body

confront the awesome illumination of the metaphysical void and new energy

drugs—part of the search for the meaning of life, as tools to reach new levels of
awareness, for revelation

experienced that expansion of feeling, a new mental amplitude difficult to describe but
quite intense

frees the mind from fixed preconceptions of beauty, creating, as it were, a free space in
which altogether new forms and relationships may emerge

gained access to new information about areas about which they previously had no
intellectual knowledge

“golden doors” from which he will pass from the material world into a new spiritual

has opened new vistas to my experience and has hinted at many other realms yet to be

has provided us with some brand new clues into the meaning of the ancient journeys into
other realities

how to break out of personality into new realms of consciousness and how to avoid the
involuntary limiting process of the ego

influencing the mind-body-essence of man, as a magic, spiritual drug, a new world age
which begins to act evolutionarily

introduced to unfathomable realms within, new awarenesses and undiscovered

jars one free of mental ruts, allowing old problems to be seen from new angles, accessing
higher levels of information, some of which were spiritual in nature

leaves behind one mode of being and moves into another and totally new experiential

like internal cosmographers charting new internal seas of experience and perhaps
pointing out sensory landmarks

many mechanisms of therapeutic change that are entirely new and have not yet been
discovered and acknowledged by traditional psychiatry

may gain a new perspective on himself or gain an important insight into his defenses
which results in a change of behavior

new and powerful mechanisms of healing and personality transformation that are now
available in traditional psychiatry and psychotherapy

new chemical instruments for accelerated consciousness, enhancing memory and
speeding up learning

new insights into a new transfigured world of givenness, new combinations of thought
and fantasy

profound new understanding associated with fascinating philosophical and spiritual

promises new and exciting possibilities for the study and understanding of human history
and culture

propel consciousness out beyond normal modes of consciousness, propel us into new
dimensions of awareness

providing insights into the psychology of creation by supplying a new way to read the
forgotten languages of the mind, a highway to the unconscious

psychedelic rebels promoting LSD as the basis for a new kind of society and a new kind
of humanity

psychotherapeutic value in the LSD experience as a new beginning—an existential
encounter of decisive proportions to be followed by a realignment of the perceptual set

re-examination of values and purpose, enhanced aesthetic appreciation, gaining a new

reimprint—you take a new picture of yourself and of the people around you, getting a
new perspective of yourself and the other people

socialization, getting each new recruit to the human race to behave and experience in
substantially the same way

the cultivation of the inner life in response to the hunger for expression of the nonrational
aspects of the psyche. New forms of music, art, poetry, dance, mysticism

the idea of launching a new discipline that would combine science and spirituality and
incorporate the perennial wisdom concerning various levels and states of consciousness

the new relationship between religion and science that seems to be emerging from the
study of unusual states of consciousness

the new worldview emerging in Western science, the new thinking in psychology, a new
image of the psyche

the repeated lesson from history that people who put forth truly new ideas—or old ideas
which are unpopular or unfashionable—have often it not usually been said to be “insane”

the right to achieve euphoria, the right to get “high”, the right to experience new
sensations, the right to expand and change one’s consciousness

the tremendous opportunity such experiences may offer for personal growth and the
development of new levels of awareness

the uncanny ability of LSD to open new creative avenues which stimulated mental
processes rather than dulling them

to begin the world again, to create the new Garden of Eden, to transcend ordinary reality,
to enter the New Age

to experience a new mode of existence and consciousness as far beyond our present mode
of existence as ours is beyond that of an animal

to go beyond what we generally consider our rational minds in order to experience new
levels of consciousness

to take them higher, to a new realm, to a psychic state they’d never experienced before, a
new land of intensity and passion

whether man is ready to move ahead and make use of the new tools provided by modern

would find liberation, the energies would flow, the neurotic armor would fall off, a new
and naked soul would be born

opens to conscious awareness a wider, clearer, more complete view of the world—an
unhabitual, unified and undistorted “new look” which is the basis of the creative capacity
and problem-solving ability

providing new insights into the psychology of creation by intensifying and lengthening
the subjective duration of the kind of subtle mental activity in which original productions
begin and new meanings are created

reports he’s seeing this fresh new world with the eyes of a child. Everything looks new
and fresh, unblinkered by convention, his vision not yet limited and distorted by

the capacity to stimulate powers by sweeping away the intellect’s fixed categories and
definitions, exciting new associations of ideas, and shaping abstractions into symbolic

the potentials of the drug experience for revealing new levels of consciousness and
bringing about changes in personality and behavior faster and more effectively than any
other method known to us

the Western discovery of the creative power of “no-thought” and contemplation without
strained attention—Such a mode of awareness is essential when research is expected to
bring forth new concepts.

a comprehensive theory of LSD therapy based on a new model of the unconscious
a consciousness stripped naked, as though newborn
a deeper insight of ourselves given by a new knowledge of the past
a journey into new realms of consciousness
a need for new spirituality
a new and better reality
a new and broader life
a new and exciting experience
a new attitude towards life which reflects itself in a character of remarkable beauty
a new awareness
a new breakthrough
a New Breed of Man
a new chance for the true self to start
a new conception of the human psyche
a new consciousness of an all-encompassing reality
a new definition of the mind
a new dimension of experience
a new dimension of human possibility, a new order of human awareness and potentiality
a new dimension of reality
a new direct insight into the very Nature of Things
a new domain, not of ideas alone, but of experience and feeling
a new domain of experience
a new emphasis
a new expanded understanding and increased inspiration
a new experience which will enlarge our horizons and give new meaning to life
a new feeling of compassion and tenderness for others and a restored sensitivity
a new form of intellectual endeavor
a new form of intelligence
a new freedom
a new idea based on a new experience
a new inner dimension
a new intensity
a new kind of experience to offer an answer to man’s ills
a new kind of perception
a new living pattern
a new look at the old problems, a new vision of the old world
a new manifestation of life
a new mentality
a new mode of consciousness
a new order of consciousness
a new perceptual experience
a new positive humanist science
a new reality-view based on post-Einsteinian, DNA science
a new self
a new self-awareness
a new sensation of identity
a new sense of awareness
a new sense of clarity, freedom and peace
a new sense of spiritual security and confidence
a new spark of light
a new stage in human evolution
a new state of being
a new state of existence
a new transcendental ethic
a new truth
a new vision of human possibilities and cultural renewal
a new vision of the universe and his place in it
a new way of being with the world
a new way of looking at things
a new way of perceiving
a new way to read the forgotten languages of the mind, a highway to the unconscious
a new-given power of super-attention
a positive breakthrough to a new level of awareness
a profound series of new perceptions
a pushing back of the frontiers of consciousness, on the verge of something new and great
a sense of new hope and purpose in being alive
a special reality of a new and different significance entirely
a sudden new look at oneself and the universe
a vision of a different world, so new and clean and fresh
able to see reality with new eyes
access to new information about the universe
access to new information through extrasensory channels
accurate new insights
acquiring a wholly new and unexpected dimension
altering old thinking patterns and providing new perspective
amazing new dimensions of galaxies within
amazing new insights
an adventure, an exploration of new dimensions of experience
an adventurous journey into new worlds of mental and physical experience
an ecstatic rebirth, the resurrection of a new personality
an entirely new awareness
an entirely new status and image of the human psyche
an entirely new understanding of the potential
an entirely new way of looking a reality and our existence
an evolutionary trend toward an entirely new level of human consciousness
an exciting new vision of the cosmos and human nature
an exciting ongoing adventure, filled with discovery and new learning
an inner change which in turn “makes all things new”
an opportunity to experience oneself and the world in a new way—and to learn from it
biochemical keys which unlock experiences shatteringly new to most Westerners
birth into newer and more enchanting life
break through to a new dimension
bringing a new reverence for life, a renaissance of belief in the essential goodness in man
brings us through the veils of maya to that eternally new world again
can give life a new focus and meaning
communes—to apply psychedelic experience to new forms of social living
crossing over to a new order of consciousness (Break on through to the other side.)
death the transformation and renewal of life, the shuffling of the pack for a new deal
deep explorations of the human psyche, new information about the human psyche
destruction of the personality-structure and the birth of a new self
developing a new sensibility, a new awareness
discover a new spiritual life
discovered a new unexpected source of strength and their true identity
discovering a strange new world of extraordinary radiance and significance
discovering entirely new ways of listening to music
discovering new dimensions and possibilities within themselves
dramatically expanded perception, opening up entirely new levels of reality
entranced with new appearance of the commonplace
exciting new discoveries
experience a flood of new worlds
exploring and mapping new realms of internal experience
exploring new areas of experience
exploring new creative endeavors
exposing new layers of reality
exultant new world vision, a new thrilling freedom
feeling new and clean and awake
gaining new extensions of his perception of beauty and transcendence
getting new meaning in life, LSD the greatest thing that ever happened to me
has glimpsed the new cosmic horizon
have been awakened to new dimensions and potentialities within
her new acquaintance with joy
her new radiance and sparkle
her new universal insights
his new state of mind
his newly acquired spiritual riches
his or her new life philosophy
internal travel to new experiences
interrelated perceptions, thoughts, feelings regarded as a new reality
into the new utopia
is filled with a great sense of wonder, for everything is perpetually becoming new
land yourself in a new reality-matrix
leading to a new realm and awakening and to a new beginning
leaping into a new and hitherto unknown dimension
listening to music, discovering entirely new dimensions in pieces he knew quite well
LSD a new experience, a new beginning
LSD a new form of energy
made him a new man and radically changed his way of life
many ways of organizing perception, new ways of constructing reality
moving into a new area of consciousness
moving into a new dimension
music to fill the new spaces in one’s mind that drugs unlocked
my new, expanded sense of self
my newfound divine consciousness
new and relevant dimensions
new avenues of exploration
new, beautiful and significant experiences
new changes of magnificence
new chemicals that will exhilarate learning, expand consciousness and enhance memory
new conceptions of consciousness and its alteration
new concepts accompanied by a complete understanding of them
new creative exploration and adventures
new creative ideas
new depths of meaning
new dimensions
new dimensions of experience
new dimensions of meaning
new dimensions of rapture
new drugs which expand and speed up the mind
new emotional insights
new experiences of the reaches of consciousness
new experiences which were not like anything they had ever imagined before
new experiential realms
new frontiers
new glimpses into the nature of reality
new horizons open, enlarge the spiritual horizon
new ideas of human nature the vehicle for the coming revolution
new insight
new insight into the universe and man
new insights into the essence of the creative process
new insights into the human psyche
new insights, new levels of awareness
new insights or revelations of a transcendental nature
new insights provided by consciousness expanding experiences
new internal territories
new levels of awareness
new levels of complexity and awareness
new levels of energy, new layered realities, new stages of evolution
new levels of insight
new levels of intelligence
new levels of intensified empathic relationships
new meaning
new meanings, fresh perspectives
new mental dimensions
new modes of awareness, new modes of experiencing and perceiving
new modes of experiencing
new philosophical and spiritual insights into the nature of reality
new realities
new realms of consciousness, the elixir of wisdom
new realms of mystical and spiritual experience
new selfhood, new human beings, new possibilities
new sensations
new sense of self
new spiritual discovery
new spiritual feelings of a cosmic nature
new therapeutic possibilities and perspectives
new, unknown and uncharted territories of the human mind
new unprecedented horizons
new visionary chemicals
new ways of being and experiencing
newfound clarity
noble and free and at peace with all the gods of the new world
offers new therapeutic possibilities undreamed of by traditional psychiatry
old images combined into new patterns
on a new psychedelic plane
one of those magic moments when a new world is ready to be born
opening access to new territories
opening new realms of awareness
openness to new sensations
perceiving new meanings
philosophic exultation accompanying new cortical discoveries
profound new insights
provides new means for altering consciousness
psychedelic drugs inspiring talented musicians to create new kinds of work
radical breakthrough to a new level of human evolution
rebirth into a new or higher order of existence
religion in a new, interior and spiritually creative sense
renewing themselves mysteriously, finding within themselves a new source
reveals the ego to be a fiction and leads to a new sense of identity
rising to a new level of awareness
search for new meaning
seeing the world in a new way
soar off into these new sensory realms of human experience
spontaneous insights in new experiences
strange new feelings
such a powerful stream of new and strange perceptions and feelings
suggests new therapeutic strategy
the achievement of a new personal integration at a higher level
the birth of a new kind of consciousness and a new apprehension of man’s identity
the cleansing of the psyche which is taking him or her to a new, healthier way of being
the creative interpretation that uncovers new realities
the crucial agency of the drugs in a new religious birth
the discovery of new phases of mental life
the discovery of the New World, a visit to the celestial spheres
the drug’s ability to give a patient “a new beginning”
the emergence of some new capacity or talent
the emerging new breed
the erotic and delightful character of this new feeling for the world
the evolution of a new stage of human awareness and history (That’s what’s needed.)
the extensive new spiritual impulses within themselves
the floating consciousness of the new-born
the frontiers of the new consciousness
the gateway into a new way of being
the learning of new attitudes, new feelings and new behavior
the light of a new day
the mysterious power which makes all things new again
the new acuity of my senses
the new and improved accelerated brain
the new awakening, the new consciousness, freedom
the new cleansing sacrament of the Aquarian Age
the new concept of man which emerges from LSD transformations
the new cult of visionaries
the new dimension of self, the inner dimension
the new eyes the psychedelic had given me
the new frontiers of consciousness
the new heaven and the new earth
the new ideal
the new image of the universe
the new insights provided by consciousness-expanding experiences
the new insights provided by consciousness-expansion drugs
the new joy and vitality
the new level of exploration
the new luster of colors that various things had taken on
the new mental frontiers
the new mystical worldview
the new neurology and psychedelic pharmacology
the new perceptual mode
the new realities of expanded consciousness
the new reality that unfolds in the psychedelic process
the new religion
the new spiritual life into which he has been initiated
the new step in human evolution
the new totality or self
the new vision
the new vision of reality which is revealed
the new vision of the divine
the new “wisdom drugs” which were responsible for an emerging spirituality
the new world of consciousness which these substances reveal
the newly acquired consciousness
the newly acquired tool of awareness
the newly exposed terrain of cultures, histories, eras, and symbols (eyes closed)
the newly opened paradise
the newly revealed fabric of existence
the newness and uniqueness of the experience
the perception of new realities
the possibility of seeing into new institutional solutions
the promise of the Aquarian Age, of a New Breed
the raising of consciousness to new realms
the real beginning of a New Age
the repository of new and deeper truths
the suggestible state where new reality programs could be imprinted
the uncensored cortex, activated, alert and open to new realities
the vision of a new world, the Mystic Vision
the wondrous light of the New World
their new self-awareness
these new experiences
these new states of mind
these new wonder medicines
this astounding new way of feeding metaphysical appetites
this brave new world of sensory experience
this brilliant new world of consciousness expansion
this fantastic new energy
this new and novel way of seeing the world
this new brilliant world of consciousness expansion
this new consciousness, this new freedom
this new dimension of consciousness
this new extension of potentiality
this new image of reality and of human nature
this new perspective
this new reality that unfolds in the psychedelic experience
this new science of precise, disciplined brain-change
this new scientific frontier
this new state of consciousness
this new tool for expanding awareness
this new vision of many realities
this new vision of reality
this new vision of the world
this New World of intense activity
this newly revealed knowledge
this powerful new tool
to a new, more balanced personality level
to allow different, new pictures of reality to arise
to break out of personality into new realms of consciousness
to break through cultural conditioning and gain new perspectives
to “break through” to some new way of life and feeling
to clear their own brains of old programs and create new ones
to create a new species
to develop new conceptual or theoretical frameworks for the observed clinical realities
to enter into a new mode of existence
to experience new emotions
to explore new brain terrain
to fashion new educational methods based on the imprinting capacities of the mind
to lead the way to a new and free social order
to perceive new space-time relationships
to see it with new eyes
to see the world in a new way
transmits a new understanding of life
unplug the old mind so that a new one could take shape
wake up in this new brilliant world
words with new meanings
your “new” mind or reborn spirit
your new soul

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