Compared with sex under LSD, the way you’ve been making love, no matter how ecstatic
the pleasure you think you get from it, is like making love to a department store dummy.

Creativity is often associated with psychosis, alienation and delinquency, the flaky artist,
the mad scientist, even Einstein as lovable, absent-minded clown.

Elements of animal and plant consciousness can increase an individual’s love of nature
and make him more responsive to ecological problems.

feelings of joy, peace, love, blessedness—Such high-intensity emotion is far removed
from everyday experience.

For the mystical consciousness, “God is love” is a self-evident truth, not a piece of
wishful positive thinking.

For thousands of years, the greatest writers, poets, philosophers and lovers have used
consciousness-expanding substances.

If this potentiality were recognized and used, it would release for us unlimited strength,
unlimited talents, unlimited harmony and peace, unlimited love, unlimited beauty.

It is faith or loving confidence which guarantees that visionary experience shall be
blissful. (Without that, the trip can be a bummer.)

Love is transformed from a cliche to a living and vital reality. Lifelong convicts have
become compassionate and near-delinquents have been gentled.

Love is where the lover demands nothing whatsoever of the loved one. Love is freedom. I
want to be free in love.

Members of the new breed seek a culture founded in higher consciousness, a culture
whose institutions are based on love, a culture that fulfills the perennial philosophy.

No psychological health is possible unless this essential core of the person is
fundamentally accepted, loved and respected.

People have an untapped potential of great love and wisdom which is too often neglected
in trying to satisfy the imperious power demands of the ego.

Purged and purified, the soul approaches union with the Divine. Light, love and joy have
become the only realities.

Sanskrit, as Heard loved to point out, was a far superior language with over 40 different
words for alteration of consciousness.

Sexual love may be transformed into a type of worship in which the partners are for each
other, incarnations of the divine.

So hypnotic, so persuasive is the power of convention that we begin to feel these ghosts
as realities and make them our loves, our ideals, our prized possessions.

Some female subjects have experienced the penetration by the sun as sexual, speaking of
the sun as a “cosmic lover” or using other words to that effect.

That kind of thing happened to people. Get stoned with somebody, look at them, fall in
love with them.

The experience of psychological and spiritual rebirth is typically associated with a sense
of love, compassion and reverence for life.

The experience of rebirth is typically associated with a sense of love, compassion and
reverence for life.

The goal of life is “oneness” and it can be obtained only by loving. As Plato said about
2500 years ago, “The desire and pursuit of the whole is called Love”.

The God of Vengeance was one of the reasons the Christian religion did not add up for
me. I could not conceive of a God who was loving and also full of vengeance.

The LSD experience cut right through the Zen games and intellectual disillusionment of
the once worshipped Beat generation. Acid’s first and most powerful message was love.

The LSD experience is all about merging, yielding, flowing, union, communion. It’s all

The mysterious uprising of love is the experience of complete relationship with another,
transforming our vision not only of the beloved but of the whole world.

The mystical experience is the consciousness of the “living primordial cosmic fact of
Love,” “the Gratuitous Grace.”

The patient often states that he feels reborn, whole, clean, grateful and joyous, loving all
things, animate and inanimate.

The recognition of the love aspects of the mystical experience and the implications for
new forms of social communication are especially important.

The state of consciousness of the Self-realized individual is characterized by joy,
serenity, inner security, a sense of calm power, clear understanding and radiant love.

The ultimate reality is not clearly and immediately apprehended, except by those who
make themselves loving and pure in heart.

The use of LSD is a ready way of stirring deeply buried sources of the religious life and
perceptions, which create feelings of awe, joy, wonder, peace and love.

There is love in each human heart. We must learn how to release the love in our own
hearts. The great oneness of love becomes a reality when we flow into it.

These people need real love and understanding, the love and understanding which seems
to come through LSD.

To the cosmological eye, all things and all people are lovable, in reality, where they are
seen as of one Suchness and yet unique, incomparable.

To think of God as mere Power and not also, at the same time, as Power, Love and
Wisdom, comes quite naturally to the ordinary, unregenerate human mind.

We can find ourselves filled with a love which we have never even dreamed was

What you learn from LSD can make you a better person—more alive, awake, intelligent,
loving, creative.

When a person accepts God’s love, he’s too rich to be bothered with things (possessions,
status symbols, etc.).

Without the realization of God’s love for the world, we can love neither the world nor

As soon as we can break the conservative chains around our hearts and conquer our fears,
the freedom and joy will begin again. Like Adam and Eve, we will be lovers in an earthly
paradise again.

Dominating this ecstatic state is the feeling of intense love. You are a joyful part of all
life. The memory of former delusions of self-hood and differentiation invokes exultant

Encounters with the divine regions are extremely healing. Reaching them, one often feels
positive emotions such as ecstasy, rapture, joy, gratitude, love, and bliss, which can
quickly relieve or dissolve negative states such as depression and anger.

Immediate experience of reality unites men. Conceptualized beliefs, including even the
belief in a God of love and righteousness, divide them and as the dismal record of
religious history bears witness, set them for centuries on end at each other’s throats.

Is it possible to celebrate the union of Heaven and Earth in a religion which has
consistently held that sexual love is disgusting and sinful except between married couples
for the sole purpose of reproduction?

Love is at the core and informs all the forms. The crystal continuum is somehow love
itself shining through the various shapes, expressing itself most intensely in human

Many people describe passing through a dark tunnel or funnel that brings them to a light
of supernatural brilliance and beauty, a divine being that radiates infinite all-embracing
love, forgiveness and acceptance.

Our so-called scientific attitude destroys faith and throttles the spiritual development.
Things of real worth can never be proved: God, love, compassion, mercy, kindness,
charity and dozens of other wonderful values.

People who have had such experiences usually agree that deep within each of us lie
goodness unimagined, wisdom, music, talents of every variety, joy, peace, humility, love
and spirituality, to mention only a few.

Spiritual practice begins by allowing ourselves to die to the ego’s ideas about how things
should be and to love and accept the truth of things as they are. (The ego doesn’t know
the meaning of truth.)

The individual can be flooded with feelings of love and mystical connection to other
people, nature, the entire cosmos and God. Experiences of this kind are extremely

The ultimate Ground simply “is.” Only when the individual also “simply is,” by reason of
his union through love-knowledge with the Ground, can there be complete and eternal

The wonder of LSD is that it can bring within the capabilities of ordinary people the
experience of universal love and the reality of our divine nature which was once possible
only to the mystics.

In the psychedelic ‘60’s the flower children had been lit up like living torches and
beamed out their powerful little lights across the world. For a while it looked like the
light would conquer the dark, and there would at last be peace on earth. We were filled
with wonderment, gratitude, awe, love. We had seen MORE than the everyday reality.

It’s a battle of lifestyles. It’s the lovers versus the salesmen of junk. It’s the poets versus
the manufacturers of crap. It’s the dancers versus the bringers of war. It’s the
songmakers, the earth tenders, the new gardeners of Eden versus the military/industrial
complex. And beware, my friends, they are relentless.

Kent St. University was the scene of a slaughter. The National Guard fired their rifles
into a group of antiwar demonstrators and killed four students and wounded thirty. It was
the beginning of the end of the dream of peace and love and equality. We realized that
our own fathers would kill us.

Most of the subjects felt that the psychedelic experience could sometimes supply a
guiding vision which provided direction and meaning for one’s life thereafter. They
mentioned intense emotions such as love, compassion, or empathy, and the recognition
that the mind can be and should be highly trained.

Often, there is an actual experience of truths (they are KNOWN to be truths), which
when presented in conceptual terms to the mind in its normal state, seem
incomprehensible and absurd. Such propositions as “God is love” are realized with the
totality of one’s being and their truth seems self-evident in spite of pain and death.

The height of sexual love, coming upon us of itself, is one of the most total experiences
of relationship to the other of which we are capable, but prejudice and insensitivity have
prevented us from seeing that in any other circumstances such delight would be called
mystical ecstasy.

The training for this new profession of psychedelic guides will aim at producing the
patience of a first-grade teacher, the humility and wisdom of a Hindu guru, the loving
dedication of a minister-priest, the sensitivity of a poet and the imagination of a science
fiction writer.

They have put the chains inside our brains. They control our imaginings, our desires. Our
hearts are bound. Love does not prevail. And our dreams of the future are materialistic
and, therefore, mundane. The Establishment has won. The fascists have won. The
religious Fundamentalists have won. For now.

We overvalue the mind, that flimsy collection of learned words and verbal connections;
the mind, that system of paranoid delusions with the learned self as center. And we
eschew the nonmind, nongame intuitive insight outlook which is the key to the religious
experience, to the love experience.

Our capacity to think, except in the service of what we are dangerously deluded in
supposing is our self-interest and in conformity with common sense, is pitifully limited:
our capacity to even see, hear, touch, taste and smell is so shrouded in veils of
mystification that an intensive discipline of unlearning is necessary for anyone before one
can begin to experience the world afresh, with innocence, truth and love.

Socrates tell us that there exists an ideal world above and beyond the world of matter. “In
this other earth the colors are much purer and much more brilliant than they are down
here…The very mountains, the very stones have a richer gloss, a lovelier transparency and
intensity of hue. The precious stones of this lower world, our highly prized cornelians,
jaspers, emeralds and all the rest, are but tiny fragments of these stones above”.

The individual tuned into this experiential area usually discovers within himself
genuinely positive values, such as a sense of justice, appreciation of beauty, feelings of
love and self-respect as well as respect for others. These values, as well as the motivation
to pursue them and live in accordance with them, appear on this level to be intrinsic to
human nature.

We may feel that we are really seeing the world for the first time in our lives. Everything
around us, even the most ordinary and familiar scenes, seems unusually exciting and
stimulating. People report entirely new ways of appreciating and enjoying their loved
ones, the sound of music, the beauties of nature, and the endless pleasures that the world
provides for our senses.

The thing that most aroused my interest was the tone and contents of what my classmates
who had taken the drug were saying. They talked to each other in stunned, excited voices
about love, sharing, identity, unity, death, ecstasy—topics not generally discussed by
psychology students except with cynical flippancy or heavy academic seriousness—but
certainly never from experienced confrontation, as was happening now. (That was Ralph

The summer of 1967 was known as the “Summer of Love” and saw a great emergence of
unstructured communal living, new found sexual freedoms, and growing interest in
eastern philosophy and religion. Displays of spontaneity, trust, non-possessiveness and
non-evaluativeness among the new arrivals were attempts to deal with what was
commonly thought to be hypocriticalness, rigid adherence to rules and a lack of
emotional spontaneity between people.

“There are people in this society who will do everything within their considerable power
to stop our research. The managers of consciousness, from the Vatican to Harvard, have
been in this business for a long time and they’re not about to give up their monopoly.
And after all, they’re the experts and we’re the amateurs. They’re the pros and we’re just
the lovers.” (That was Aldous Huxley talking to Timothy Leary while both were

At peak experience, our being is filled with love, radiance, joy and ecstasy.
God is a singing, swinging energy process who likes to laugh and make love.
It heightens the capacity for introspection and intimacy.
Joy is felt and unstinted loving-kindness.
Love is a magic potion.
Love is the only hope for mankind.
Love-ins were not to protest but to manifest joy.
Making love under LSD is really where it’s at.
Most subjects find the experience valuable and many say that it is uniquely lovely.
Only absorption in the loving and knowing Ground can rid the mind of all fears.
Ritual is anything done with loving awarenessand reverence.
The general atmosphere is one of liberation, salvation, redemption, love and forgiveness.
The liberated one is at last free to love with all his might and to suffer with all his heart.
The nature of the infinite is not to annihilate limitations but to love them.
The unconscious is the source of creativeness, art, love, humor, play.
There is no problem love cannot solve.
We can all change and love each other.
We have to realize that we are as deeply afraid to live and to love as we are to die.

I’m strong and new again and there’s no such thing as dark soul-fear and confusion. It’s
all love and beauty.

I’m warm inside a glow produced by good thoughts and love.

This stone is love. God is in this pebble.

After having had the LSD experience, I know that there can never be love where there is
secretiveness and darkness. Love only endures in the bright light of the day.

After so many years of wandering, I had come home. I had received the most precious
gifts there are, the gifts of life and love.

All seemed indescribably lovely and significant to me. You discover a new meaning of

“God is Love” was no mere Biblical quotation but an overwhelmingly intense burning
into every nerve of my body. The wonder of it caused me to soar with joy.

I began to fall in love with her as my hand warmed to hers. Warm hand, warm mind,
warm world, after an Eskimo existence.

I wanted to shout and sing of the miraculous new life, of the joyous beauty and the whole
mad ecstasy of lovliness.

I wept without restraint, knowing that within my heart, love and beauty and God had
become one.

In the woods and by the river, it seemed that my love was so great, it evoked a response
from the animals, plants and even things.

It became a tactile experience of a kind that overshadowed any love-making I had known

It was a fantastically joyous occasion. The magic of love filled the room, and we have
never known such joy.

It would modulate from beauty and the intense presence of life to love on all levels, the
human as well as the mystical.

My experience was so deep, so moving, so meaningful. What I really discovered under
LSD is love. Some call it God.

Now that this breakthrough of consciousness had occurred, a new level of harmony and
love was available.

The scenes were nature in exaggerated excellence, vividly clear, aglitter and lovely. (eyes

The sum total of all these emotions, feelings of ecstasy, aliveness, reverence and love,
seemed to blend into the music.

This feeling made me realize as never before that the need for spirituality was a universal
need of every individual who loves.

When the ego personality was ripped away completely, what was left was “purest love”
and a sense of oneness with all living creatures.

As I wept with joy, feelings of love became so intense that I knew they could only be of
divine origin and that this feeling was actually God residing within myself and in all
other persons.

I believed the time would come when each person would be in continuous contact with
the beauty, the great capacity for love, the musical and artistic talents, the spiritual
richness and all the other wealth which now lay untapped deep within himself.

I felt that two people who really love can never be separated, not by space or time or
eternity. The lines of the marriage ceremony “till death due us part” seemed utterly
ridiculous. (The writer wrote it as “till death us to part.”)

It was a magical time. Visions of utopia flooded by brain. The pictures the psychedelics
beamed into my mind opened me up to the world in new ways and showed me what is
possible when love, trust and faith replace envy, possessiveness and violence.

“Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” were the words that seemed best to
capture the nature of my experience. I felt free to be exactly who I was, free of fear and
social constraints, and filled with love and compassion for all beings.

The intensity of the love feelings caused sexual hungers and reactions to be markedly
heightened. Intercourse took on such depth of meaning as to have a religious

There was a huge opening in the sky, I saw God. I had a tremendously mystical
experience. I was deeply moved, deeply in love. And when I say love, it’s not like the
level we know from analysis. It was the absence of all anger, the absence of all conflict.

There was something different in their tone of voice—a new quality of intensity and
feeling. They were talking of ecstasy, love, and sharing in a way that was vivid and
personal to them.

There was talk of change and of a peaceful, world-wide revolution of all-powerful
understanding and love. The talk was of love, all the more exciting and beautiful because
it seemed honest.

We felt ourselves get smarter, and looked into each other’s eyes and loved each other for
sharing the understanding that was making us both have these good vibes and this good
smart thing happening together. It was very strong, very high.

He had an experience of overwhelming cosmic ecstasy; the universe seemed to be
illuminated by radiant light emanating from an unidentifiable supernatural source. The
entire world was filled with serenity, love and peace; the atmosphere was that of
“absolute victory, final liberation and freedom in the soul.”

I became conscious in myself of eternal life…I saw that all men are immortal: that the
cosmic order is such that all things work together for the good of each and all; that the
foundation principle of the world…is what we call love and that the happiness of each and
all is in the long run absolutely certain.

I cannot remember whether the revelation came suddenly or gradually; I only remember
finding myself in the very midst of those wonderful moments, beholding life for the first
time in all its young intoxication of loveliness, in its unspeakable joy, beauty and

I could see that the intricate organization both of the plants and of my own nervous
system, alike symphonies of branching complexity, were not just manifestations of
intelligence, as if things like intelligence and love were in themselves substances or
formless forces. It was rather that the pattern itself is intelligence and is love.

I took my wife’s hand and it seemed to me a great force of love flowed through my hand
into hers and also from her hand into mine and that then this love was diffused
throughout our bodies. Her smile, her whole face was beautiful beyond description and I
wondered if I would be able to see her like this when the drug experience had ended.

The talk was of love, and it ripped my mind time and time again to realize that it had
been said by so many prophets from the beginning of consciousness, and no one wanted
to listen. Now someone was listening, and we swore that we’d never forget. It was all so
simple. No obstacles that wouldn’t crumble under the bright light of the truth of love.

There was unity and life and the exquisite love that filled my being was unbounded. My
awareness was acute and complete. I saw God and all the saints and I knew the truth. I
felt myself flowing into the cosmos, levitated beyond all restraint, liberated to swim in
the blissful radiance of the heavenly visions.

Feeling not that I was drugged but that I was in an unusual degree open to reality, I tried
to discern the meaning, the inner character of the dancing patterns which constituted
myself and the gardens and the whole dome of the night with its colored stars. All at
once, it became obvious that the whole thing was love-play. This single source was not
just love as we ordinarily understand it. It was also intelligence.

It was all perfectly new again, mysterious and of great promise. Everything that had once
been could be revived and much that was new besides. It seemed ages since the day and
the world had looked so beautiful, innocent and undismayed. The joy of freedom and
independence flowed through his veins like a strong potion and he recalled how long
since he had felt this precious sensation, lovely and enchanting.

Most of the scenes were oriental—brilliantly illuminated landscapes, strange towers,
pagodas and temples, furnishing the background to exquisite lovely dancers. (That’s with
eyes closed. To be clear, the scenes will not at all necessarily be oriental. They probably
will not be but can be as in this person’s case and this person might never see oriental
scenes again.)

The feelings I experienced could best be described as cosmic tenderness, infinite love,
penetrating peace, eternal blessing and unconditional acceptance on one hand and on the
other as unspeakable awe, overflowing joy, primeval humility, inexpressible gratitude
and boundless devotion. Yet all these words are hopelessly inadequate and can do little
more than meekly point toward the genuine, inexpressible feelings actually experienced.

I could feel the depth of my love for life itself.
I felt a whole new dimension of love and compassion.
I felt like I love everybody.
I had not known that one could love with such intensity.
I rediscovered love.
I was enjoying a new feeling of love.
I was literally experiencing the world as a child would and I loved it.
I was melting into that iridescent current of divine love.
Love glowed from his face.
Our lovemaking had a new depth of meaning.
Sweeping across the heavens came the gold of love and God, rich beyond imagining.
We were loving and the vibes were getting very intense.

a fantastically effective aphrodisiac, makes lovemaking an adventure which dwarfs the
imagination of the pornographers

a lovely moment when everything was so intensely significant that you don’t even want
to communicate, just want to take it all in

a new type of consciousness, an expanded awareness stressing man’s commitment to
love, beauty, joy and truth

a phenomenon of nature, a singing, dancing, bubbling, laughing, exuberantly, loving,
energetically thinking and talking human being

a vision of a free society based on love rather than greed, where everyone’s survival
needs were sanely addressed

aware that I was not myself, but a selfless, egoless, joyous representative of all humanity,
loving, searching and soaring into the infinite

brotherly feelings for all fellowmen and appreciation of warm human relationships,
friendship and love

great moments of rapture, bliss and ecstasy, flashes of beauty, love, sexual experience,
perfection, awe, aesthetic or creative wonder or insight

is no longer an emotionally charged ego, but finds himself an element in the given reality
which is not an affair of objects and subjects, but a cosmic unity of love

revealing the brightness and true beauty of God which would shine if we allowed the love
within us to glow to full capacity at all times

sunrises unbelievably lovely and seemingly made of jewels so fantastically
overwhelming in brilliance and vastness

that peculiar naturalness and un-self-consciousness for which little children are loved and
which is sometimes regained by saints and sages

that self-discovery could be pleasant, that philosophy was fun, that science could be a
pagan love of life, that revelation was joyful, the positive spirit of the 1960’s

the belief that a universal or brotherly love is possible and constitutes man’s best if not
only hope

the direct total awareness, from the inside, so to say, of Love as the primary and
fundamental cosmic fact

the intense thereness of natural objects seen by the transfiguring eye of the lover or the

the love of metaphysics and mysticism which carry one’s interests beyond the surface of
the sensible world

to become aware of feelings of love and unity with nature of which he could never have

to open herself to joy, peace, love and being, to permit herself to be irradiated by them
and to become one with them

watching the first sunlight caught in the tree leaves and it was all about as fresh and clean
and lovely as you could want

what all of us have always been, a part of the divine substance, a manifestation of love,
joy and peace, a being identified with the One Reality

experiences of a world transfigured into unimaginable lovliness, charged with intrinsic
significance and manifesting, in spite of pain and death, an essential and divine All-

visions of many-colored geometries, of architectures, rich with gems and fabulously
lovely, of landscapes with heroic figures, of symbolic dramas, trembling perpetually on
the verge of the ultimate revelation (eyes closed)

assertions of having known the origin and goal of history, of having found the answer to
the ancient query, “What am I?”, of having intuited the harmonious structure of the
universe, of having experienced the primacy of love and the brotherhood of man, or of
having realized the reality of life that transcends temporal death

a feeling of all-embracing cosmic love
a love-ecstasy potion
a radiance of love and goodness
a single, eternal and harmonious energy—exuding a sense of joy and love
a turn-on sacramental love elixir
a visionary program of universal love
an infinity of wordlessness, timelessness, love, ecstasy, bliss
archetypal gods of love (eyes closed)
bejeweled and exquisitely lovely in design
colors bright and beautiful and possessing this mysterious loveliness and radiance
cosmic love
cosmic love-making
discovery of love and discovery of the true self
divine love
episodes of oceanic ecstasy, unitive cosmic feelings or a sense of overwhelming love
eternal love
exquisite, intense, pulsating sensations of unity and love
feelings of joy, love, blessedness and peace inherent in mystical consciousness
felt immersed in a warm, golden glow and experienced herself as loving and being loved
intoxicants, love potions, sources of dreams and visions and for magical purposes
landscapes lovely as a lost Eden (eyes closed)
Laughter. Love. Innocence.
love and joy carrying you up into the peace of the Clear Light
magically lovely
message of love, peace and laughter
messages of cheer and love that were too moving to be ignored
music and love and beauty and serenity and fun and the seed of life
overwhelming feelings of love, gratitude and oneness
peace and love and beauty and truth
persons who love or even recognize Beauty, by itself and for its own unmarketable sake
psychedelic lovemaking
psychedelic visions of harmony, love, and trust in the sweet, divine energy of creation
realms imbued with meaning, filled with life, laughter, love
revelations of nature’s loveliness
swinging lovingly and gracefully with the cosmic dance
that flow of loveliness
the absolute Being of which love, joy and peace are manifestations
the clear streams and fountains of youth of the garden of love (eyes closed)
the glory, the power and the force of love
the golden light of Joy, the rosy light of Love
the intensity of my experience of the state of love
the love-joy within
the love-preventing monster of ego
the love of wisdom, in the spirit of the artist
the love which is at the heart of things, at the core
the loving calm
the magic of love
the mystical nature of love
the radiantly angelic product of the love generation
the rain, its gentleness, purity and clean loveliness
the understanding of love which people find in the LSD experience
the whole mad ecstasy of loveliness, of joy, of importance, of intoxication of life
to open herself to joy, peace, love and being
total love beyond emotional love
unimaginable love
universal love

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  1. A beautiful read, god bless whoever wrote this. Ive never experienced such enormous amounts of love in my life.

  2. I am awake I know God is love and love is god I can see the light I learned so much on lsd all positive I need answers ! How do we win this war and stop war we need peace on earth

  3. Alhamdulilah Allahu Akbar!

    This explains everything i have experienced with Allah’s all encompassing Love. I was told since i was a young muslim that we should respect our religion otherwise Allah will Punish us so severely we would wish to never have committed such sin. When i found Allah subhana wa taala perfect love for all of humanity i realized that it is Us who punish ourselves from Allah.

    I no longer worship Allah to enter heaven for such is a man working for his wages.

    I do not worship Allah out of fear for being thrown into hell for such is a worship of a slave.

    I worship him out of Love and obedience that He rightfully deserves for such is a worship of free and noble men.

    Peace be upon you

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