Wisdom, Wise

Wisdom, Wise

Albert Einstein said, “…To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting
itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty…”

An inner wisdom usually can be depended on to guide the psyche into the paths that it
needs to follow.

Changes in human consciousness would make it possible for us to use the fruits of
modern science constructively and with wisdom.

During mystical experiences, one can feel that one has access to ultimate knowledge and
wisdom in matters of cosmic relevance.

Every cell in your body is acutely conscious and has access to wisdom which dwarfs the
mental, prefrontal symbolic aspect that you consider normal waking consciousness.

Few people can tap universal wisdom and pass it on to others. But, deep inside, each
person possesses this wisdom.

In this state of cosmic unity, we feel that we have direct, immediate and unlimited access
to knowledge and wisdom of universal significance.

In this state of knowledge of God, the mind is enlightened from out of the depths of
divine wisdom which defy our scrutiny.

It does exist and there is an intelligence and there is a planfulness and a wisdom and
power that you can tune in to.

Man is only dimly aware of the energies and wisdom surrounding and radiating through

People have an untapped potential of great love and wisdom which is too often neglected
in trying to satisfy the imperious power demands of the ego.

Psychedelic substances have been used very wisely in primitive cultures. Our culture
doesn’t have this framework, the closeness to God and nature.

The DNA code is a miniaturized time-capsule of consciousness, the invisible essence-
wisdom of life.

The great religious and spiritual traditions all teach that the source of wisdom lives within

The most vital human need is to discover one’s own inner reality. This makes it possible
to draw on the enormous resources and wisdom of ages that lie in the collective psyche.

The subject in this state feels that he has access to direct insightful knowledge and
wisdom about matters of fundamental and universal significance.

The virtue of wisdom, more than anything else, contains a divine element which always

The West knows all about machines and fails to realize that all the wisdom has come
from the East.

The wisdom for change and healing comes from the collective unconscious and surpasses
by far the knowledge that is intellectually available to the therapist.

The wisdom of sages is not in their teachings; otherwise anybody might become a sage
simply by reading.

The wise person devotes his life to the religious search, for therein is found the only
ecstasy, the only meaning.

There is a realm of spiritual wisdom which religion as we know it can express by analogy

To reach a translogical form of knowledge or realms of wisdom, celestial beauty, and
spiritual essence is one of the most ancient experiential goals of mankind.

To think of God as mere Power and not also, at the same time, as Power, Love and
Wisdom, comes quite naturally to the ordinary, unregenerate human mind.

Transpersonal psychology brings together the ancient wisdom and spiritual systems of
the world and the pragmatism of Western science.

Truth must be the last end of the whole universe and the consideration thereof must be
the chief occupation of wisdom.

Unless the statesmen of mighty nations somehow absorb this wisdom, then civilization
will become a shambles. (That’s assuming that it isn’t already a shambles.)

We all need to find the source of wisdom in our own inner experience and then join
together to share it with each other.

When there is understanding, there is an experienced fusion of the Wisdom which is the
timeless realization of Suchness with the Compassion which is Wisdom in action.

Wisdom becomes available when we see things as they are. Our task is to remove the
obstacles to awareness that limit and distort perception.

Wisdom comes only to those who have learned how to talk, read and write without taking
language more seriously than it deserves.

Action without wisdom, without clear awareness of the world as it really is, can never
improve anything. It could be argued that those who sit quietly and do nothing are
making one of the best possible contributions to a world in turmoil.

Artistic and literary folks respond ecstatically and wisely to drug experience. They tell us
this is what they have been looking for: new, intense, direct confrontation with the world
about them.

Intellectual growth often shows that we were wiser than we knew, especially in the sense
that mythological images foreshadowed ideas which, at the time of their origin, could not
be expressed in some more exact or scientific symbolism.

Knowledge is a collection of facts and information. Knowledge is something which
comes from without. Wisdom is the ability to use those facts and the information for the
meaningful purposes of life. Wisdom comes from within.

Need the cortex be limited to the tribal-verbal? Must we use only a fraction of our
neurological heritage? Must our minds remain flimsy toys compared to the wisdom
within the neural network?

People who have had such experiences usually agree that deep within each of us lie
goodness unimagined, wisdom, music, talents of every variety, joy, peace, humility, love
and spirituality, to mention only a few.

Science and technology has given us wonders but wisdom is languishing. Knowledge
grows and wisdom languishes. (Knowledge here means what the ego “knows,” not real
knowledge or wisdom.)

The DNA code is a 3 billion year old time capsule of consciousness. The DNA code is
the miniaturized, invisible essence wisdom of life. Most of the characteristics formerly
attributed to the “soul” describe the functions of DNA.

The human mind-body possesses other sources of information, makes use of other types
of reasoning, is gifted with an intrinsic wisdom that is independent of cultural

The LSD experience is a confrontation with new forms of wisdom and energy that dwarf
and humiliate man’s mind. This experience of awe and revelation is often described as

The scientist of consciousness must have courage, take the drug himself, the courage that
comes from faith in your body, cells, the life process, conscious faith in the harmony and
wisdom of nature.

The wise man has penetrated through the verbal curtain, seen and known and felt the life
process. The great writer is the wise man who feels compelled to translate the message
into words.

To some people, looking only at the surface, the sequence of events of my first
psychedelic experience might seem to border on madness; others will see it in a profound
logic and wisdom.

We are in need of a kind of philosophy or vision, an intellectual grasp of its nature and
recognition of its value, so that the psychedelic experience may be incorporated into our
lives as wisdom.

We cannot just talk about spirituality; it needs to be an experiential realization.
Enlightenment does not come simply from following the wisdom teachings. It comes
through direct experience.

Wisdom, in contrast to knowledge gathered by empirical or rational investigation, is an
attribute of one who, by virtue of inner vision, understands the nature of illusion and

Wise men throughout history have told us again and again, in legends and myths,
aphorisms, poems and allegories that there exists within us a source of direct information
about reality that can teach us all we need to know.

Let us try to bring about a new and glowing synthesis, a new higher consciousness that
brings together the East and West, the head and the heart, science and spirituality and
knowledge and wisdom. (Knowledge here means what the ego “knows,” which isn’t

The training for this new profession of psychedelic guides will aim at producing the
patience of a first-grade teacher, the humility and wisdom of a Hindu guru, the loving
dedication of a minister-priest, the sensitivity of a poet and the imagination of a science
fiction writer.

You’ve never seen a cell. What do you think of that? Yet it’s the key to everything that
happens to a living creature. I’m simply saying the same thing from the mental,
psychological standpoint, that there are wisdoms, lawful units inside the nervous system,
invisible to the symbolic mind, which determine almost everything.

We were convinced that drug effects were almost entirely determined by what people
around the tripper did. If the environment radiated safety, beauty, wisdom, then even
neurotic subjects would have experiences that were safe, aesthetic and revelatory. The
theory held that all “bad trips” could be converted to “good trips” if the environment was
intelligently managed to provide support. (That was Timothy Leary.)

Adventurous and creative people have always been willing and have usually been
encouraged to take the most serious risks in the exploration of the outer world and in the
development of scientific and technological skill. Many young people now feel that the
time has come to explore the inner world and are willing to take the unfamiliar risks
which it involves. They, too, should be encouraged and assisted with all the wisdom at
our disposal.

By intuitive wisdom, he sees into the nature of reality.
Contact the ancient energies and wisdoms that are built into your nervous system.
Find the wisdom within.
Find the wisdom within yourself.
For many. the discoveries mean new truth and wisdom.
From the conscious mind comes intellect; from the unconscious, wisdom.
Give a slight hint to a wise man and he will derive greater wisdom from it.
If he has any solitude, it is the solitude which inevitably attaches itself to great wisdom.
Leary has consolidated ancient psychic wisdoms and cast them in modern-day terms.
LSD is perfectly in tune with the wisdom of Buddha or the great philosophers of the past.
Must our minds remain flimsy toys compared to the wisdom within the neural network?
Mystical teachings all agree that the source of wisdom is within.
Only paradise could teach such wisdom.
Playfulness is the very nature of divine Wisdom.
Recognize the wisdom.
The genetic code is infinite in its variation and wisdom.
The LSD experience puts you in touch with the wisdom of your body.
The man of deep spiritual wisdom, like the artist, is looked at as irrelevant to this society.
The mind’s pure Essence is Highest Perfect Wisdom.
The only way out is in and the way to find the wisdom is to turn on.
The wisdom of the East is not physical, but psychic and spiritual Science.
There are other realities more conducive to ecstasy, happiness, wisdom.
This is the ultimate luxury, the flawless wisdom-pleasure hit.
Trust in the wisdom and spontaneous healing potential of the psyche.
Trust the intrinsic wisdom of the body.
We are gifted with an intrinsic wisdom that is independent of cultural conditioning.
We need to contact the universal Self within out hearts in order to find the wisdom.
Wisdom can only be transmitted by someone prepared to receive it.
Wisdom is spontaneous.
Wisdom is the spontaneous immediate knowledge of the Suchness of things.
Wisdom takes Science in its stride and goes a stage further.

There came a knowing beyond all doubting, convictions unshakable in their strength, as
if LSD had pulled back a curtain and allowed the light of wisdom to shine through.

He had a twinkle in his eye and a wise, cool way of looking at you that told you he was a
man who had seen a lot and suffered a lot and was still looking for the funniest and wisest
part of everyone he came in contact with.

This recognition of the immortality of the divine in ourselves was not an intellectual
process but rather a deep wisdom which had expressed itself through feelings so intense,
I expect to remember them throughout life.

This was the chamber of the unconscious where lay recorded all our past experiences and
feelings, race history, universal wisdom, such power and strength and the depths and
mysteries of life itself.

I had, on that day, entered William Blake’s Palace of Wisdom. He had been there, too.
And, I was to learn later, so had many others. And so can you. It’s our birthright. We are
all supposed to dwell in the mansion at the top of the hill. It’s our ultimate destiny. It’s
cosmic consciousness. Nirvana. Satori.

I’d given up even trying to talk. I just smiled at everything that was said to me, and
nodded my head up and down as the words went by. I felt beautiful and saw nothing but
beauty. I was a little child being led and protected by two wise saints. On the perfect path
to all-the-way-up now. Awake, finally, and headed for truth.

It seemed as though the refreshing breath of some kind goddess of wisdom were being
gently blown against the surface of my brain…So delicate, so crisp and exhilarating was it
that words fail me in my attempt to describe it. Few, if any, experiences can be more
delightful…For me, this experience was liberation.

Now I could hear, as if for the first time, the depth of the wisdom in their teachings and in
the mystical doctrines of all ages and all cultures. As I sought for words to express my
own ineffable experience I gained a new appreciation for those individuals who had
attempted to communicate their own insights in writing or art. I also became interested in
understanding intuitive ways of knowing.

When I realized that I was being born again, that life goes on and on and on, the feeling
was overwhelming. I was filled with confidence that it was okay to die, because the
consciousness that inhabits the flesh has a higher destiny. It never began and it won’t end.
It just keeps going. Then I was struck with wave after wave of value wisdom, as though
the forms behind human spirituality were hitting me for the first time.

Deep within was the thirst for a greater knowing of the ancient Wisdom.
Her face was that of all women, wise, beautiful, eternal. Her eyes were all female eyes.
His eyes expressed great wisdom.
She was tapping genuine levels of cosmic wisdom.
This wisdom was of a mystical nature.
Unrecognized sources of wisdom did seem to be set free by the drug.

deeply and uniquely within themselves at a depth to illuminate them with a cosmic

enlightenment, full awareness of that blissful Reality whose attributes include
inconceivable wisdom, compassion, light, beauty, energy and gaiety

Huxley’s Brave New World—the gap between technology and wisdom, the failure of
education to create a whole man

intensification of color and sound, euphoria, sense of having discovered some great

LSD, its eerie power to release ancient, wise, at times even holy sources of energy, inside
the human brain

that ancient current of passionate hope and risky belief that humanity can evolve into a
higher wisdom

that childlike wisdom which must be learned again before one may enter the kingdom of

the absurd or dangerous nonsense that within every culture, passes for philosophy,
practical wisdom and political argument

the ego and the power of conscious reason nothing but cumbersome clowns in
comparison with the organic wisdom of the body

the electric dance of energy, the wisdom of your electricity, radiant, dazzling wave

the idea of launching a new discipline that would combine science and spirituality and
incorporate the perennial wisdom concerning various levels and states of consciousness

the need to acknowledge the wisdom of ancient and Oriental spiritual disciplines and
assimilate it into psychology and psychiatry

to seriously review ancient and non-Western knowledge about consciousness and to aim
for a genuine synthesis of age-old wisdom and modern science

to use marijuana and LSD to get beyond the TV studio, to enhance creativity, as catalysts
to deepen wisdom and meaning

the Primordial Tradition: an age-old wisdom of humanity, neglected only where modern
science and secularism rule, its truths revealed to the interior eye in altered states of
consciousness and now, finally, in natural science itself as it reaches its limits and begins
to glimpse something beyond

a mystical intuitive wisdom inherent in visionary states of consciousness
a perfect state of wise Buddha-being
a true Wisdom Culture (That is definitely what we need.)
a very deep wisdom
attaining tranquility of mind, realization, insight and Wisdom
can reveal lost wisdom
can see female guide as a Goddess or the personification of wisdom, truth or beauty
cellular wisdom
discover beauty and wisdom and God
divine wisdom
drugs—catalysts to deepen wisdom, enhance creativity
enhancement of wisdom
eternal wisdom
genetic wisdom
genuine wisdom
immovable wisdom
insight produced by chemicals the source of higher wisdom and creativity
inspired wisdom
instinctual wisdom
intuitive wisdom
must look within to find access to that universal source of wisdom
new realms of consciousness, the elixir of wisdom
our own innate wisdom
re-entry, coming back down, a wiser more peaceful personality
religious wisdom
sensations of transcendent beauty and divine wisdom
silent wisdom
the all-discriminating wisdom of feeling boundless light representing life eternal
the collective unconscious and the wisdom of untold ages that lie dormant in it
the constant attribution of a mysterious wisdom to antiquity
the cosmic wisdom of the collective unconscious
the deep wisdom within you
the elixir of wisdom
the experience of such totally comprehensive wisdom
the flowering of wisdom
the gentle spirit of that ancient wisdom
the harmony and wisdom of nature
the harmony of wisdom and indeed wisdom in harmony
the healing wisdom of the transformative process
the hidden wisdom
the hidden wisdom in the unconscious
the highest wisdom, the ultimate truth
the innate and natural “wisdom” of the organism
the intuitive wisdom which sees into the relational character of everything
the levels of energy and wisdom inside
the love of wisdom, in the spirit of the artist
the Mother Wisdom of light and true clarity
the new “wisdom drugs” which were responsible for an emerging spirituality
the perennial wisdom of the great traditions
the profound wisdom of the great spiritual philosophies and mystical traditions
the release of this innate wisdom and creative energy in people
the royal road to wisdom, the highway of evolution
the spirit of truth, a spirit of wisdom
the state of pearly wisdom
the sword of discriminating wisdom that cuts through all illusion
the timeless wisdom
the wisdom and superior reality of internal perceptions
the wisdom embedded in the metaphors of mysticism
the wisdom of creative quietism
the wisdom of the Other Shore
the Wisdom of the spiritual process
the wisdom of the world’s oldest religion and healing art, shamanism
the wisdom of unreason
the wisdom which is universal compassion
the Wise Fool or King’s Jester
to grow into wisdom
to unveil the mysteries of the universe, to seekthat ultimate wisdom
true wisdom
vegetative wisdom
what is “recovered” in mystical wisdom by deep insight
what they reveal of the complexity and wisdom of the human mind at its best
will enter into the blissful abode of noble wisdom
“wisdom for crossing to the other side” (Break on through to the other side.)
wise, smiling saints

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