Feel, Feelings

Feel, Feels, Feeling, Feelings (present tense)

A subject may “feel” the interior of his body, experiencing his internal structure and
processes as he understands them or as altered in some way.

A thousand sensual feelings are emitted and at once sending out waves of climaxes which
thrill the mind to even greater heights.

Aggressive feelings and impulses are usually strikingly reduced and interpersonal and
philosophical tolerance increases considerably.

All of this is felt in the deepest roots of one’s body. One descends into these roots and
relives the prehistoric process. (eyes closed)

All of us look at each other knowingly, the feeling that we knew each other in that most
distant past, the realization that we are and always have been one.

Although the experiences have been fulfilling in hundreds of ways, by far the most
meaningful have been the religious insights and feelings of spirituality.

An individual who has experienced transcendental states has a strong feeling of cosmic

As everything in the field of consciousness assumes unusual importance, feelings become
magnified to a degree of intensity and purity almost never experienced in daily life.

Beauty is the object of our most spiritual, as well as our most material perceptions of
mystical vision and of sense and feeling.

Commenting on the spot is putting oneself in the way of what one feels. It is losing touch
with it.

“Cosmic” consciousness is a release from self-consciousness, that is to say, from the
fixed belief and feeling that one’s organism is an absolute and separate thing.

Direct perception of unity is the very heart of mystic experience, accompanied by
powerful feelings of joy.

Drug users often refer to emotions or combinations of emotions they have never felt

During mystical experiences, one can feel that one has access to ultimate knowledge and
wisdom in matters of cosmic relevance.

During the LSD experiences, the subject loses his accustomed habits of thinking and

Every man and woman who reaches the higher levels of spiritual and intellectual
development feels the presence of a Higher Intelligence.

Feeling oneself to be part of an all-encompassing cosmic network often gives a person
who has problems with self-esteem a fresh, expanded self-image.

Feelings and visions alike became cold and dead in the writing, a faint account giving a
prosaic one-hundred-thousandth of the experience itself.

Feelings of awe, reverence or sacredness are the natural emotional response to the
realization of the overwhelming power and radiance of the universal energy process.

feelings of joy, peace, love, blessedness—Such high-intensity emotion is far removed
from everyday experience.

Feelings of separation and alienation are replaced by a sense of belonging or being a part
of the life process.

For creativity and sanity, man needs to have, or at least to feel, a meaningful relation to
and union with life, with reality itself.

He emphasizes that his understanding is all experienced as simultaneous visual and felt

He “feels” in his brain the patterns that man once employed in creating the zodiacal

I am still amazed at the exquisite feeling of release, peace of mind, and complete

“I can feel better and more deeply; I can see so much better; I can listen so much better,”

I can feel myself fusing with the other person. It is difficult to know even anatomically
what part of myself is me and what part is the woman.

I feel that the mountains and the sea and the stars are all part of me, and my soul is in
touch with the soul of all creatures.

I feel this whole world to be moved from the inside and from an inside so deep that it is
my inside as well, more truly I than my surface consciousness.

I feel, with a peace so deep that it sings to be shared with all the world, that at last I
belong, that I have returned to the home behind home.

I know now that I never knew what people were talking about when they talked about
feelings till I took LSD.

I never really felt that school was my true place or any type of ultimately enriching
experience. (That’s what LSD is.)

I try to go deeper, sinking thought and feeling down and down to their ultimate

I wonder if I’ll ever feel such harmony again with any group of people as I felt with them
throughout that day.

Ideas acquire a strong emotional component, thinking and feeling being hardly separable
in the LSD state.

In addition to widening my spiritual and aesthetic horizons, psychedelic drugs affected
my feelings about my self.

In the contrast world of ordinary consciousness man feels himself to be something in
nature but not of it.

In this state of cosmic unity, we feel that we have direct, immediate and unlimited access
to knowledge and wisdom of universal significance.

Individuals experience feelings of getting to the essence of things—of the external world,
of others, and of themselves.

Individuals occasionally report quite realistic recollections of their fetal existence. They
can feel like an embryo in the womb and have specific embryonal sensations.

Individuals talk about experiencing themselves as reborn and purified; a deep sense of
being in tune with nature and the universe replaces their previous feelings of alienation.

It connects you with feelings that you’ve never been connected with before. They are now
open to you.

It is a special kind of enlightenment to have this feeling that the usual, the way things
normally are, is odd, this feeling of universal oddity.

Light, sound, touch, taste and smell become a continuous warp, with the feeling that the
whole dimension of sensation is a single continuum or field.

LSD is a kind of cure for intellectualism, a remedy for minds hung up in categories. We
feel like a medical team in a plague area. (That was Timothy Leary.)

Many people retain a powerful sense of incompletely explored emotional and intellectual
possibilities of something felt as intensely real and not yet explained or explained away.

Modern man no longer regards Nature as being in any sense divine and feels perfectly
free to behave towards her as an overweening conqueror and tyrant.

Most art springs from intense inner experiences. Passionate religious feelings, for
instance, has inspired artists to produce their most deeply felt and moving works.

Most people feel exalted as they discover their real cosmic status and gain an entirely
new perspective on their daily problems.

Music is often helpful in establishing certain emotional moods and thereby aids the
subject in letting his feelings come out.

Oceanic feelings and ego loss are often called regression to infancy. Why not consider
the possibility of adult oceanic feelings?

Of utmost importance is the psychedelic peak experience which usually takes the form of
a death-rebirth sequence with ensuing feelings of cosmic unity.

One becomes intoxicated with divine feelings and becomes free from anger and other

One can connect with a state that feels eternal, understanding that one is at once the body
and also all that exists.

One feels open to a total flow, over and around and within the body and one becomes
more and more conscious of these threads of energy, of their vibrations.

One feels or responds emotionally with more intensity, more depth, more

One may be infused with ecstasy, peace and a deep feeling of support by the cosmic

One’s true identity is felt as something extremely ancient, familiarly distant, with
overtones of the magical, mythological and archaic.

Our churches feel like grim courts of law where we are all on trial for unspecified crimes
and where the Judge has to be flattered most humbly into showing mercy.

Our education, from the start, has taught us a certain range of emotions, what to feel and
what not to feel and how to feel the feelings we allow ourselves to feel.

People may feel keener awareness of their bodies or sense changes in the appearance and
feeling of body parts.

Pervasive feelings of the “All rightness of the Universe” and a humble gratitude are the
overwhelming emotional responses to union or communion with the divine.

Rudolph Otto uses the term mysterium tremendum to describe the fundamental religious
emotion, that which is felt in apprehending the numinous or holy.

sex—I can feel myself fusing with the other person. It is difficult to know even
anatomically what part of myself is me and what part is the woman.

Significant aspects of mystical consciousness are felt by the experiencer to be true, in
spite of the fact that they violate the laws of Aristotelian logic.

Since earliest times, man has felt impulses to rise above his everyday self and achieve
either some higher insight or some release from mundane concerns—or both.

So hypnotic, so persuasive is the power of convention that we begin to feel these ghosts
as realities and make them our loves, our ideals, our prized possessions.

Such high intensity emotions, feelings of joy, peace, love and blessedness is far removed
from everyday experience.

Such insight is intuitively felt to be of a more fundamental form of reality than the
phenomena of everyday consciousness.

The deep contents of the psyche that we are ordinarily unaware of erupt into
consciousness in the form of images, powerful emotions and strange physical feelings.

The drug user feels himself to have transcended the trivial and absurd preoccupations of
his fellows—the “game world” of ordinary consciousness.

The experience of dying occurs in the context of the death-rebirth experience and total
surrender to it is always followed by feelings of liberation.

The experience of paradise combines feelings of transcendental happiness and joy with
delight in exquisite beauty of an unearthly quality. (earthly?)

The feeling of being the ego is itself part of the stream of experience and does not stand
outside it in a controlling position.

The heightened sensitivity in all areas gives me a feeling of communion with my
surroundings, both animate and inanimate.

The individual can be flooded with feelings of love and mystical connection to other
people, nature, the entire cosmos and are commensurate with all of existence.

The individual feels full of excitement and energy, yet centered and peaceful and
perceives the world as if through cleansed senses.

The individual feels that his memory has transcended its usual limits and that he is in
touch with information related to the life of his biological ancestors.

The individual has a sense of merging with the environment and feelings of unity with
perceived objects.

The individual is freed or forced to experience a great outpouring of feeling often far
beyond his conception of his own emotional capabilities.

The LSD experience is felt by almost everyone who undergoes it to be profoundly
significant and enlightening.

The orgastic feeling, if felt deeply and strongly enough in sex, always includes an
element of self-transcendence, of release.

The patient often states that he feels reborn, whole, clean, grateful and joyous, loving all
things, animate and inanimate.’

The powerful sensations from every part of your body and the unusual connections of
thoughts and feelings that are normally ignored come dramatically into consciousness.

The principle instrument of monopoly and control that prevents expansion of
consciousness is the word lines controlling thought and feeling.

The public at large fails to take seriously any positive feelings of inner change through
drug experience. (That’s because they have never experienced those positive feelings.)

The so-called “ordinary person” is only apparently natural or perhaps his real naturalness
feels unnatural to him.

The subject becoming aware of himself as continuous with the energy of the universe,
feels himself to be filled by divinity.

The subject in this state feels that he has access to direct insightful knowledge and
wisdom about matters of fundamental and universal significance.

The subject may feel that he is seeing the other (person) in all her richness and
complexity for the first time.

The universe is perceived as indescribably beautiful and radiant; individuals feel cleansed
and purged and talk about redemption, salvation or union with God.

The use of LSD is a ready way of stirring deeply buried sources of the religious life and
perceptions, which create feelings of awe, joy, wonder, peace and love.

The whole quality of consciousness is changed and I feel myself in a new world in which,
however, it is obvious that I have always been living.

There is an intensification of what I may call intrinsic significance. That which is seen,
either with the eyes closed or open is felt to have a profound meaning.

These drugs characteristically generate heightened responsiveness to feelings and a sense
of closeness to other people.

They felt that the experience had improved their capacity to deal with their problems and
had enormously stimulated their psychological growth.

They thought intellect was the only thing that mattered. They refused to let their feelings
live. Yet God can be found only through the heart.

This ability of the individual to examine memories, unburdened by feeling of guilt or
anxiety, often leads him to believe that at last he is seeing himself as he really is.

Those “mythicizing” the wind experience feel “cleansed” and “inwardly purified” by the
wind’s “clean sweeps” through them.

To “know” reality, you cannot stand outside it and define it; you must enter into it, be it
and feel it.

Under the drug, they claim to feel the glory of God and the spiritual glory of each other—
and all of mankind.

Waiting on the other side of what feels like total destruction of the ego is a broader, more
encompassing sense of self.

We can define and feel ourselves to be the total pattern of the cosmos as focused or
expressed here.

We do not need a new religion or a new Bible. We need a new experience—a new feeling
of what it is to be “I.”

We have learned to feel our consciousness much too superficially, as if all our sensations
were in the tips of the fingers and none in the palm.

We have lost the ability to feel nature from the inside and to feel the seamless unity of
ourselves and the world.

We have learned to feel our consciousness much too superficially, as if all our sensations
were in the tips of the fingers and none in the palm.

What we ordinarily call “reality” is merely that slice of total fact which our social
conventions of thought and feeling make it possible for us to apprehend.

When the psychic energy first begins to be felt, there is a growing sensation within of
thousands of delicate threads moving about the body.

When we have experiences of this kind, we feel that we have encountered dimensions of
reality that belong to a superior order.

With his consciousness enlarged out of bounds, he may, if all goes well, find out that he
no longer feels anxiety about past or future.

Words can’t describe this. I feel an awe and wonder that such a feeling could have
occurred to me.

You feel as if you are looking down at what was once your former life and you laugh
inwardly at the little things that once seemed so important.

You may feel awed, filled with wonder by the scope, immensity and quality of your

Your emotions are profoundly affected and you feel that an indissolvable bond unites you
with the others.

A superior religion goes beyond theology. It turns toward the center; it investigates and
feels out the inmost depths of man himself, since it is here that we are in most intimate
contact, or rather, in identity with existence itself.

After one sits gazing at a candle and feels that the flame and the hand and the music and
water running in the bathroom are the same “stuff” and after one experiences oneness
with all men, then one begins to understand the word “ineffable.”

An individual having a peak experience feels a sense of overcoming the usual divisions
and fragmentations of the body and mind and reaching a state of complete inner unity and
wholeness; this usually feels very healing and beneficial.

Anything emotional, anything that might involve touching, anything that may involve
feeling, anything that involved spiritual things, was very, very frightening to academics.
Of course, Leary was doing all of that.

As the sexual activity continues and the drug takes greater hold on you, the sensations
intensify. The penis feels bigger, stiffer and strangely “rubbery.” Sensations of pleasure
expand to more areas of the body than usual.

At times, a subject may feel like laughing or crying without being able to explain why his
is experiencing these feelings. (There is no need to explain and the person is way beyond
explaining in words anyway.)

Because of their clarity and vividness, transcendent states frequently feel more real than
“ordinary” reality; people often compare the discovery of these realms to awakening from
a dream, removing opaque veils, or opening the doors of perception.

Clients who experience psychological death-rebirth and/or feelings of cosmic unity tend
to develop a negative attitude toward the states of mind induced by alcohol and narcotics.
This has proved extremely useful in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Dominating this ecstatic state is the feeling of intense love. You are a joyful part of all
life. The memory of former delusions of self-hood and differentiation invokes exultant

Ecstasy means to break out of the verbal prisons, suspend your imprints, see things anew,
perceive directly. With freshened perception goes the feeling of liberation, insight, the
exultant sense of having escaped the lifeless net of symbols.

Ecstatic and unitive feelings of belonging, infuse the individual with strength, zest, and
optimism, and enhance self-esteem. They cleanse the senses and open them for the
perception of the experience of fundamental oneness with the rest of creation.

Ecstatic and unitive feelings of belonging, infuse the individual with strength, zest, and
optimism, and enhance self-esteem. They cleanse the senses and open them for the
perception of the extraordinary richness, beauty, and mystery of existence.

Encounters with the divine regions are extremely healing. Reaching them, one often
feels positive emotions such as ecstasy, rapture, joy, gratitude, love and bliss, which can
quickly relieve or dissolve negative states such as depression and anger.

Every person who has a genuine mystical experience reports that he sees the unity, reality
and infinity in space and time of all creation. He feels joy, peace and a sense of the
sacred. He knows that his experience is true.

Experiencing the extremes of human emotion leads to a better understanding of what
there is in between, a wider acceptance of feelings and actions which would otherwise be
unacceptable and inexplicable.

Gem-like objects, bright, self-luminous, glowing with preternatural color and
significance, exist in the mind’s Antipodes, are seen by visionaries and are felt by all who
see them to be of enormous significance.

He or she typically feels freed from anxiety, depression and guilt, purged and
unburdened. This is associated with a flood of positive emotions toward oneself, other
people and existence in general.

Human beings have a profound need for transpersonal experiences and for states in which
they transcend their individual identities to feel their place in a larger whole that is

I had not realized before to what extent such feelings as rapture, ecstasy and euphoria or
awe, devotion, reverence and holiness or any other positive emotion could reach, its

I have a warm inner feeling of great creativity. I feel that I am outstripping Michelangelo
and da Vinci combined. (No artist can come close to what you see with your eyes closed
during an LSD trip. LSD-inspired artists try to recapture it but can’t do it.)

I’m eternally grateful for this experience. LSD changed my life. I’ve lived more, felt
more, enjoyed life more in the last dew years than I had dreamed possible. LSD gave me
that treasure. (That was actor Cary Grant.)

Ideation, images, body sensation and emotion are fused in what is felt as an absolutely
purposeful process culminating in a sense of total understanding, self-transformation,
religious enlightenment and possibly mystical union.

In this type of experience, the subject has the feeling of encountering the Creator of the
universe or even of full identification with him. This can be accompanied by
extraordinary insights into the process of creation.

It is an ecstatic state, characterized by the loss of boundaries between the subject and the
objective world, with ensuing feelings of unity with other people, nature, the entire
Universe, and God.

Leary felt that Harvard treated him in an unsympathetic, unjust and inhumane way. It
seemed that Harvard had been afflicted with a failure of nerve. When the chips were
down, institutional preservation prevailed over open-mindedness and the search for truth.

Leary felt that LSD’s significance lay beyond all social analysis and all psychological
categories and since the drug experience was completely unique, a new model was
needed, a new structure.

LSD patients who had experienced profound feelings of cosmic unity frequently
developed a negative attitude toward the states of mind produced by intoxication with
alcohol and narcotics.

Many leave behind all feelings of being victimized by their everyday trials and
tribulations, or even by such global problems as economic strife and war, knowing that
on another level they are active participants in the creation of a universal drama.

One of the most common statements one reads in subjects” reports about LSD sessions
refers to the feeling that on the session day, they really heard music for the first time in
their life.

One transcends the ordinary distinction between subject and object and experiences a
state of ecstatic union with humanity, nature, the cosmos, and God. This is associated
with strong feelings of joy, bliss, serenity, and peace.

Our famous ego is pieced together out of society’s stockpile of images and ideas,
according to our individual circumstances and this abstraction dictates what we see and
feel and think.

Profound transpersonal experiences move the individual out of the narrow framework of
identification with the body-ego and lend to feeling and thinking in terms of a cosmic
identity and unity with all creation.

Sexual union that occurs in the context of a powerful emotional bond can take the form of
a profound mystical experience. All individual boundaries seem to dissolve and the
partners feel reconnected to their divine source.

Shapes devoid of content could produce feelings of meaning, in the same way that
unusual notes in a pattern seemingly devoid of content, can convey very specific images
and emotions.

Sometimes the image of the physical world is not so much a dance of gestures as a woven
texture. Light, sound, touch, taste and smell become a continuous warp, with the feeling
that the whole dimension of sensation is a single continuum or field.

Spiritual feelings are associated with the dilemma of time and space, origin of matter, life
and consciousness, dimensions and complexity of the universe and human existence, and
the ultimate purpose underlying the process of creation.

Subjects see new dimensions in the universe, have strong feelings of being an integral
part of creation and tend to regard ordinary things in everyday life—such as meals, walks
in nature, playing with children or sexual intercourse—as sacred.

Terror at the confrontation with the Divine is natural and instinctive and has been felt by
every voyager on the great journey beyond the self. It’s the fear of death, the loss of
control. (There is no real death and it’s the ego that fears, loses control and “dies.”)

The common denominator of this rich and ramified group of transpersonal phenomena is
a feeling that consciousness has expanded beyond the usual ego boundaries and has
transcended the limitations of time and space.

The content of LSD visions could be influenced by thoughts and feelings immediately
preceding the experience. (Where your head is at, coming into the experience, is a key

The conventional duality of subject and object, knower and known, feeler and feeling, is
changed into a polarity. The knower and the known become poles, terms or phases of a
single event which happens, not to me or from me, but of itself.

The experience evokes such a tremendous feeling of love and closeness that people love
to be close and hug each other and love each other. They have love puddles where they
all get together and just hug each other and love each other.

The feeling of self is no longer confined to the inside of the skin. Instead, my individual
being seems to grow out from the rest of the universe like a hair from a head or a limb
from a body, so that my center is also the center of the whole.

The habitual egocentric mode in which man identifies himself with a subject facing a
world of alien objects does not fit the physical situation. So long as it remains, an inward
feeling is at variance with reality.

The individual can be flooded with feelings of love and mystical connection to other
people, nature, the entire cosmos and God. Experiences of this kind are extremely

The individual is feeling his relationship to the world exactly as it would be described by
a biologist, ecologist or physicist, for he is feeling himself as the unified field of
organism and environment.

The meaning of the universe is wholly felt, not thought out. (“Thought out” is based on
words, which by itself, cannot get one to the meaning of the universe. One must get past
words and ego.)

The psychedelic mystical experience can lead to a profound sense of inspiration,
reverential awe and humility, perhaps correlated with the feeling that the experience is
essentially a gift from a transcendent source.

The root of mental disorder is that the ego-feeling as such is an error of perception. To
placate it is only to enable it to go on confusing the mind with a mode of awareness
which clashes with the natural order.

The wise man has penetrated through the verbal curtain, seen and known and felt the life
process. The great writer is the wise man who feels compelled to translate the message
into words.

There is an intense feeling of compassion for those who, for whatever reason, make it
impossible for themselves to get anywhere near the reality revealed by the drug—the
reality which is always there for those who are in the right state of mind to perceive it.

There is the intense feeling of compassion for those who, for whatever reason, make it
impossible for themselves to get anywhere near the reality revealed by the drug—the
reality which is always there for those who are in the right state of mind to perceive it.

They may have a sense of being reborn and rejuvenated; they feel very different than they
did at the start of the journey, born into a healthier relationship with themselves and the

This euphoric feeling includes elements of profound peace and steadfastness, surging like
a spring from a depth of my being which has rarely, if ever, been tapped prior to the drug

This recognition of the immortality of the divine in ourselves was not an intellectual
process but rather a deep wisdom which had expressed itself through feelings so intense,
I expect to remember them throughout life.

Those who uphold the impoverished sense of reality sanctioned by official psychiatry
describe this type of awareness as “depersonalization,” “loss of ego-boundary” or
“regression to the oceanic feeling,” all of which are derogatory terms.

Transformative experiences associated with positive emotions, such as feelings of
oneness with humanity and nature, states of cosmic unity, encounters with blissful
deities, and union with God, have a special role in the healing and transformative process.

We must come to understand the value of nonordinary experiences—to feel grateful for it
rather than guilty about it—so that we can encourage our children to express it rather than
hide it.

When I read about such visionary states later, I felt especially grateful for my experience
because it seemed that much more authentic and because it gave me a window on the
knowledge of the sages.

When we feel ourselves to be sole heirs of the universe, when “the sea flows in our
veins…and the stars are our jewels”, when all things are perceived as infinite and holy,
what motive can we have for the pursuit of power?

You can relive former incidents in your life—not just imagining these incidents, but
believing that you are actually there—smelling, hearing, feeling, every little thing seems
more real than when you actually did experience it.

Your thoughts, feelings and sensations are new and strange. All events, physical,
personal or social are looked at with a new eye. You suddenly realize who you really are
and what your personal reality means.

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe”—a part limited in time and
space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the
rest—a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. (That’s Albert Einstein. The delusion is
thinking we are limited and separate.)

A trip can function as a crack of lightning, an explosion of light so brilliant that it
scorches the emotional flesh and casts deep saturnine shadows in the cavern of the soul.
Many trippers feel as if their psyches were opened up from above or from within as a
rolling wave of stimuli floods their sensorium to the point of overflow.

All the arts, though they speak about us in our relationship to the immediate experience,
at the same time, tell us something about the nature of the world, about the mysterious
forces which we feel to be around us and about the cosmic order of which we seem to
have glimpses.

An LSD trip will show the subject the manifold aspects of reality—a reality that does not
unfold upon a single level or within a single event, but involves a great variety of events
on a number of levels. As the experience becomes more profound, the spectrum of
sensations and feelings becomes almost infinite.

Drug experiences, like all novel experiences, can provide themes and material for the
artists’ imagination to work on. And it has also been suggested that psychedelic drug
experiences can subtly affect the faculty of insight, providing original solutions to artistic
and intellectual problems through new combinations of ideas and feelings.

Evolutionary memories have specific experiential characteristics; they are distinctly
different from human experiences and often seem to transcend the scope and limits of
human fantasy and imagination. The individual can have, for example, an illuminating
insight into what it feels like when a snake is hungry, when a turtle is sexually excited.

Here, the individual feels that he is experiencing the innermost divine core of his being.
His individual self is losing its seemingly separate identity and is reuniting with what is
perceived as its divine source, the Universal Self. This results is feelings of immediate
contact or identity with the Beyond Within, with God.

I would say that the mind is not insular, but an interconnected part of a universe of both
physical and symbolic substance, whose linkages extend throughout space and time. The
Psychedelic has helped me to feel like a part of this connection. I feel like I have a much
greater understanding of non-Western and pre-industrial mind-sets.

Identifying with the consciousness of the Universal Mind, the individual senses that he
has experientially encompassed the totality of existence. He feels that he has reached the
reality underlying all realities and is confronted with the supreme and ultimate principle
that represents all Being.

In a great many ways a variety of objects may be used to help the subject break through
the barriers he has erected around persons and ideas and feelings; barriers which,
moreover, may block him from moving on to deeper drug-state levels, where the
inhibitions and values structure may be confronted and re-examined.

It is a complex revelatory insight into the essence of being and existence. This insight is
typically accompanied by feelings of certainty that such knowledge is ultimately more
real and relevant than our concepts and perceptions regarding the world that we share in a
usual state of consciousness.

It is significant that those who have been surprised by a mystical experience seldom fail
to feel that their experience is religious. Intuitively they become aware—at least
subjectively— that their state of mind somehow links them with the saints and prophets
of the ages. This is the case even with atheists.

Most of the subjects felt that the psychedelic experience could sometimes supply a
guiding vision which provided direction and meaning for one’s life thereafter. They
mentioned intense emotions such as love, compassion, or empathy, and the recognition
that the mind can be and should be highly trained.

Nature seems to the subject a whole of which he is an integral part and from this
characteristic feeling of being a part of the organic “body of nature” the subject readily
goes on to identify with nature in its physical particulars and processes. No drug subject
similarly identifies with a room or other artificial environment.

One of the things I learned about tripping very early was that we get in touch with
feelings we’ve never been able to experience before and at a depth and a level that we’ve
never been able to reach. That could be fear, it could be love, it could be ecstasy, it could
be anything.

So many practitioners of the inexact sciences (e.g., psychology, anthropology, sociology)
let it be known most clearly that they already know what reality is. For these poor
drudges, reality is the world of nonpoetry in accordance with the great Western myth that
all nature outside the human skin is a stupid and unfeeling mechanism.

Spiritual feelings are associated with such issues as the enigma of time and space; the
origin of matter, life and consciousness; the dimensions of the universe and of existence;
the meaning of human life and the ultimate purpose underlying the process of the creation
of the phenomenal world.

Suddenly I feel my understanding dawning into a colossal clarity, as if everything were
opening up down to the roots of my being and of time and space themselves. The sense of
the world becomes totally obvious. I am struck with amazement that I or anyone could
have thought life a problem or being a mystery.

The concept of time does not merely lose meaning, but, more impressively, is seen in a
new perspective. Subjects assert that they felt “outside of” time, beyond both past and
future, as though they were viewing the totality of history from a transcendent vantage

The emotional effects are even more profound than the perceptual ones. The drug taker
becomes unusually sensitive to faces, gestures, and small changes in the environment. As
everything in the field of consciousness assumes unusual importance, feelings become

The Good, the True and the Beautiful are absolute values and in a certain sense one can
say that visionary experience has always been regarded as an absolute value, that it has
been always felt to be intrinsically of immense significance and importance and worth
having at a very great price.

The person feels a deep connection with the innermost spiritual core of his or her being.
The illusion of the individual self fades away and the person enjoys reunion with his or
her divine Self, which is also the Universal Self, the cosmic source of all existence. This
is a direct and immediate contact with the Beyond within, with God.

The person is at one with the universe. In his mystic selflessness he awakens with a
feeling of rebirth, often physically felt and he is provided with a new beginning, a new
sense of values. He becomes aware of the richness of the unconscious at his disposal; the
energies bound up in and by repression become available to him.

The therapeutic results transcended anything I had ever witnessed. Difficult symptoms
that had resisted months and even years of conventional treatment often disappeared after
experiences such as psychological death and rebirth, feelings of cosmic unity and
sequences that clients described as past-life memories.

Those who prior to these experiences had various forms and degrees of emotional and
psychosomatic discomfort usually feel greatly relieved. Depression dissolves, anxiety and
tension are reduced, guilt feelings are lifted, and self-image as well as self-acceptance
improve considerably.

When I started taking LSD, I just saw that the academic thing was more or less a socio-
political game more than a true learning experience, in that the things that I really felt I
was learning were when I was just purely being or purely experiencing something and not
trying to read it from a stilted textbook or hearing it from a superintellectual professor.

A superior religion goes beyond theology. It turns toward the center; it investigates and
feels out the inmost depths of man himself, since it is here that we are in most intimate
contact, or rather, in identity with existence itself. Dependence on theological ideas and
symbols is replaced by a direct, non-conceptual touch with a level of being which is
simultaneously one’s own and the being of all others.

I felt like a neurological Knute Rockne. I was a scholar from the greatest university in the
greatest country, moving the adventurous search for human knowledge forward. I
counted myself fortunate to be a member of that long line of visionaries who throughout
history have sought peaceful nature-shrines to carry on the search for self-knowledge.
(That was Timothy Leary.)

If a man believes that he is happy and hilarious and grooving on everything around him,
the only sane description of his state is to say he’s euphoric, not to say that he imagines
he is euphoric. What the skeptic really seems to be claiming is that he knows what the
subject feels better than the subject knows—i.e., that the subject doesn’t feel what he
feels but feels something else.

If an experience could not be expressed in words, he told the class, it could not exist. He
was very sure of himself and obviously unwilling to be contradicted. But a few weeks
before, when I had tried mescaline for the second time, I had an experience that certainly
felt ineffable to me. There seemed to be no point in trying to convey anything of its
nature to Professor Whatnough. (That was Andrew Weil, about a Harvard professor.)

In some instances, individuals enmeshed in elements of a certain culture felt a strong
need to dance. Without any previous training or specific exposure to these cultures, they
were able to perform complicated dance forms. (The person gets the vision of the
different culture, sees the people dancing in the vision and then he does the dance. Before
taking LSD, the person knew nothing of that culture or its dances.)

In this state, the subject finds it difficult to see any negative aspects in the world and in
the very structure of the cosmic design; everything appears perfect, everything is as it
should be. At this point, the world appears to be a friendly place where a childlike,
passive-dependent attitude can be assumed with full confidence and with feelings of
complete security.

Individuals feel that they have left the past behind and that they are capable of starting an
entirely new chapter of their lives. Exhilarating feelings of freedom from anxiety,
depression and guilt are associated with deep physical relaxation and a sense of perfect
functioning of all physiological processes. Life appears simple and exciting and the
individual has the feeling of unusual sensory richness and intense joy.

Loss of self may be experienced as an actual death and rebirth, undergone with anguish
and joy of overwhelming intensity. In some cases, the culmination is a mystical ecstasy in
which for an eternal moment all contradictions seem reconciled, all questions answered,
all wants irrelevant or satisfied, all existence encompassed by an experience that is felt to
define the ultimate reality, boundless, timeless, and ineffable.

Myth is obviously a kind of non-logical philosophy; it expresses in the form of a story or,
very often, in the form of some visual image, or even in the form of a dance or a
complicated ritual, some generalized feeling about the nature of the world and of man’s
experience in regard to it. Myth is unpretentious, in the sense that it doesn’t claim to be
strictly true. It is merely expressive of our feelings about experience.

None of these people has the slightest idea of why the Indians use peyote, or what the
effects of the drug are. Since they do not know, and will not try to understand, they
presume that it can only be evil and therefore must be prohibited. Certainly, they feel, a
practice which is so incomprehensible to Christianity cannot be religious and therefore
has no right under the constitutional guarantees of religious freedom.

One sees the other in terms of a richness once seen, but lost through over-familiarity.
With this perception, closed-circuits are reopened and the persons communicate in ways
and on levels long inaccessible to them. Also, new circuits may be opened and new ways
of communication become possible. Or the subject may feel he is seeing the other in all
her richness and complexity for the first time.

Our difficulty is not that we have developed conscious attention but that we have lost the
wider style of feeling which should be its background, the feeling which would let us
know what nature is from the inside. Perhaps some intimation of this lost feeling
underlies our perennial nostalgia for the “natural life” and the myth of a golden age from
which we have fallen.

Our personal boundaries may appear to melt and we can become identified with other
people, groups of people, or all of humanity. We can actually feel that we have become
things that we ordinarily perceive as objects outside of ourselves, such as other people,
animals, or trees. Very accurate and realistic experiences of identification with various
forms of life and even inorganic processes can occur in transpersonal states.

Our problem is that the power of thought enables us to construct symbols of things apart
from the things themselves. This includes the ability to make a symbol, an idea of
ourselves apart from ourselves. Because the idea is so much more comprehensible than
the reality, the symbol so much more stable than the fact, we learn to identify ourselves
with our idea of ourselves. Hence, the subjective feeling of a “self” which has a “mind.”

Our society classifies an intoxicated individual as criminal or noncriminal on the basis of
which drug he used to get high. It’s like living in an occupied country. I feel like I’m in
one of those old movies about Occupied Europe from the 1940’s. That is precisely how
the majority of pot smokers feel. They are the largest minority group in the country and
yet they are living in a weird scenario straight out of the French Underground.

Previously, I had forgotten the childish joy of simply being alive. Tripping makes you
feel the way an infant must feel, in the absence of discomfort, simply being: energetic,
open, interested. Tripping lent to my life the grace of fairy tales, where everything is
right and appropriate and satisfying. Psychedelic drugs engender storybook experiences:
one is tremendously cozy, delighted, enchanted, lucky.

Some individuals are genetically templated to live part of their time in the future. They’re
alienated from current realities. Sometimes they feel agonizingly out of step with the
“nomads” around them. Frequently, they are locked away for having visions. It helps
when mutants can recognize themselves. Then, they can view it all with humorous

Specialists from various disciplines have asked me for specific details of my
observations, because they felt that these data may have important implications for such
diverse areas as personality theory, psychology of religion, psychotherapy, genetics,
psychology and psychopathology of art, anthropology, the study of mythology,
education, psychosomatic medicine and obstetric practice. (That was Stanislav Grof.)

Subjects repeatedly reported that they experienced consciousness of the ocean. On other
occasions, they have identified with what they felt to be the consciousness of fire. Many
LSD subjects also stated that they experienced consciousness of a particular material or
even the microworld of the atoms. (You can experience and/or identify with the
consciousness of anything.)

The action of a psychedelic often focuses on those areas in the unconscious that most
demand resolution. The willingness to surrender to the experience and allow such
resolution to proceed often results in the most valuable kind of learning about one’s
repressed feelings, hidden values, compulsions and aspirations, and inappropriate

The global popularity of chemical mind-changers is due to their producing ecstasy,
perception change, fresh sensation. Ecstasy means to break out of the verbal prisons,
suspend your imprints, see things anew, perceive directly. With freshened perception
goes the feeling of liberation, insight, the exultant sense of having escaped the lifeless net
of symbols.

The individual tuned into this experiential area usually discovers within himself or herself
genuinely positive values, such as a sense of justice, appreciation of beauty, feelings of
love and self-respect as well as respect for others. These values, as well as the
motivations to pursue them and live in accordance with them, appear on this level to be
intrinsic to human nature.

The intensification and “deepening” of color, sound and texture lends them a peculiar
transparency. One seems to be aware of them more than ever as vibration, electronic and
luminous. As this feeling develops it appears that these vibrations are continuous with
one’s own consciousness and that the external world is in some way inside the mind-

The makers of our Constitution undertook to secure conditions favorable to the pursuit of
happiness. They recognized the significance of man’s spiritual nature, of his feelings, and
of his intellect. They knew that only a part of the pain, pleasure and satisfaction of life are
to be found in material things. They sought to protect Americans in their beliefs, their
thoughts, their emotions and their sensations.

The most human thing about man is his eternal, childlike hope that somehow, someday,
the deepest yearnings of his heart will come true. Who is so proud and unfeeling that he
will not admit that he would be deliriously happy if, by some strange magic, these deep
and ingrained longings could be fulfilled? If there was eternal everlasting life beyond
death after all?

The pale bluish light from the windows becomes rich with hints of color, breaking into
strips and ribbons, then brighter color within the ribbons, moving and forming glowing
patterns. Complicated medieval stories forming and unforming. I sit near the window,
watching entranced. The light is calling out to me, brighter and brighter. I raise my arms
to it and feel myself drawn out, flowing.

There had been previous explorations. There was a history, a tradition. There were maps
and guidebooks. Though trained in the Western methods of scientific research, Leary
(and the rest of us) felt affirmed in our spiritual approach to psychedelic experiences by
the discovery of these ancient writings. Our initial work on this text was later developed
and published as The Psychedelic Experience. (That was Ralph Metzner.).

Underlying all these highlights, what held us together was our feeling that we were on the
cutting edge of knowledge. We were spearheading the acquisition of new and important
truths and their potentials. We likened ourselves to explorers in Africa when that
continent was still unknown to Europeans. (That was Timothy Leary referring to his days
at Harvard.)

We felt like people who had stumbled, almost by accident, onto a possible cure for a
virulent plague that was scourging the country. Yet the majority of the inhabitants,
sufferers from the plague, were denying that there even was this condition. Hence anyone
proposing a cure for it must inevitable be seen as either as a religious nut or a depraved
fraud, or both.

We felt that we were involved in a fascinating historical event—the first research project
in which experimentally induced mystical experiences were being woven into the fabric
of daily work and play. We saw ourselves as pioneers developing modern versions of the
traditional techniques for philosophic inquiry and personal growth. (That was Timothy

We may feel that we are really seeing the world for the first time in our lives. Everything
around us, even the most ordinary and familiar scenes, seems unusually exciting and
stimulating. People report entirely new ways of appreciating and enjoying their loved
ones, the sound of music, the beauties of nature and the endless pleasures that the world
provides for our senses.

Western cultures have bred a type of human being who feels strongly alienated. He has
lost his connection with the surrounding universe. He does not know that the “ultimate
inside” of himself is the same as the “ultimate inside” of the cosmos or that, in other
words, his sensation of being “I” is a glimmering intimation of what the universe itself
feels like on the inside.

What we ordinarily take in and respond to is a curious mixture of immediate experience
with culturally conditioned symbol, of sense impressions with preconceived ideas about
the nature of things. And by most people the symbolic elements in this cocktail of
awareness are felt to be more important than the elements contributed by immediate

When one sees God as light and beauty penetrating the whole of the universe, feelings are
far too intense and sacred to contain one iota of humor. (The writer doesn’t mean that
humor isn’t part of an LSD trip, but refers to someone insensitively revealing their total
ignorance of LSD by laughing at the person’s descriptions of some details of their

When we experience identification with the cosmic consciousness, we have the feeling of
enfolding the totality of existence within us, and of comprehending the Reality that
underlies all realities. We have a profound sense that we are in connection with the
supreme and ultimate principle of all Being. In this state, it is absolutely clear that this
principle is the ultimate and the only mystery.

With the Hebrew-Christian universe, God, the Absolute itself, is good as against bad and
thus to be immoral or in the wrong is to feel oneself an outcast not merely from human
society but also from existence itself, from the root and ground of life. To be in the wrong
therefore arouses a metaphysical anxiety and sense of guilt, a state of eternal damnation.
(This, of course, is absurd brainwashing, a vicious con game.)

Within our own consciousness, there is a memory, waiting to be recalled, of every
movement, feeling and desire in our lives. This implies that everything survives in a way
more complete than just intellectually. The psychedelic experience heightens this recall,
and if handled properly, could pass through beneficial channels leading to psychotherapy
and rehabilitation.

Adventurous and creative people have always been willing and have usually been
encouraged to take the most serious risks in the exploration of the outer world and in the
development of scientific and technological skill. Many young people now feel that the
time has come to explore the inner world and are willing to take the unfamiliar risks
which it involves. They, too, should be encouraged and assisted with all the wisdom at
our disposal.

Crying and laughing are branches of the same tree—the tree of emotions. Not two of the
leaves are the same, yet all have the same roots: the capacity to feel and the need to
express those feelings. Whether I was crying or laughing was really not too important,
except on the conventional level. The important point was that the tree of my emotions
was being vigorously shaken and liberated of some withered leaves which had hung on
too long.

He may feel that speech is largely superfluous since the high degree of empathic
communion has made him very communicative on even the most subliminal levels—from
one spoken word conveying a bookful of ideas and associations, on to total telepathic
communication. Also, he may feel that gestures, postures and subtle shifts of facial
expression, on the part of both himself and the other(s), can communicate volumes of

When subjects were given a psychedelic drug without knowing what to expect or how to
respond, being left alone in a dark room or threatened by unfamiliar researchers
demanding cooperation in psychological testing, it is easy to understand why so many
experiences became psychotic. If nonpsychotic experiences are desired, subjects must be
prepared, feel secure in a friendly environment, and above be willing and able to trust in a
reality greater than themselves.

All things are possible, All feelings are possible.
An overwhelming conviction in the value of the experience is felt.
Communal feelings of unity and brotherhood are intensely felt.
Consciousness feels itself free of the body.
Consciousness, in so far as it feels itself to be the ego cannot stop its own shrinking.
Emotionally, there is a profound feeling of oneness.
Emotions, feelings, and moods are intensified and disinhibited.
Feel the ecstatic energy vibrations pulsing through you.
Feel the sunset.
Feeling and perception are hardly separated in the world of visions.
Feeling interweaves with thinking and both become joined with perceiving.
Feelings of awe and sacredness have been overwhelming.
Feelings toward other people become unusually intense.
Feelings with overtones of metaphysical insight arise.
He said he never felt better or enjoyed food more.
How fresh the air feels as you breathe it. Fresh, pure, charged with life.
I feel a rush of liberation.
I feel for the first time that I really know you.
I feel the music flowing uncontrollably through our bodies.
I hope that some of the joy which I have felt in just existing can stay with me.
Indians and peyote—Communal feelings of unity and brotherhood are intensely felt.
It dissolves internal barriers to feeling and insight.
It is possible to feel unusual openness and closeness to others.
Joy is felt and unstinted loving-kindness.
Many things which we feel to be basic realities of nature are social fictions.
New sights and sounds, new meanings, and new feelings come together.
Nobody is truly sane until he feels gratitude to the whole universe.
Nothing is more deeply felt than an intense LSD experience. (Nothing else is even close.)
Now I not only understand that matter is energy—I can FEEL it!
One feels as though one were part of the chair and the floor.
One feels or responds emotionally with more intensity.
One has the feeling of certainty.
Psychedelic drugs changed my feelings about being alive.
Psychedelic feelings are profound.
Sensory input in this new state feels very fresh and intense.
Such an experience can be felt as a turning point in the life of one who experiences it.
The experience is emotional and deeply felt.
The experiencer may live through the whole spectrum of human feelings.
The individual may relate feelings without any emotional display.
The infant has a sense of omnipotent oneness with all that it sees and feels.
The self feels free, cleaned out.
The world is felt to be an extension of the flesh.
They need to feel the security of companionship in the new environment.
Thinking and feeling become hardly separable as powerful feelings are joined to thought.
Two seemingly incompatible feelings may be experienced at once.
Under sway of the egotistical delusion, we may feel cut off.
Users often say they lose defensive anxiety and feel more emotionally open.
We must come to feel what we know to be true in theory.
We see things intellectually, but we won’t let go and feel them spiritually.
When action is felt to be motivated, it expresses the hungering emptiness of the ego.
When the vase changes shape, I feel this in my body.
With a universal feeling like this, wars will become a thing of the past.
You can experience what you feel is the consciousness of inanimate objects.
You feel as if your insides have been completely cleaned out.
You feel awed.
You might feel baptized or cleansed by a beautiful archetype (eyes closed).
You will rejoice in perception of a meaning in life which you never felt.

a euphoric state with its feeling of well-being, contentment, sociability, mental and
physical relaxation

a feeling of awe, beauty, reverence, and humility, emotions characteristic of the mystic

a feeling of complete communication on all levels, such as eye gestures, mouth gestures,
hand gestures, verbal and tonal messages

a feeling of joy, gratitude, pleasure or onrush of grace at catching a glimpse of the

a fractured and disorganized view of the world, with a mentality so fascinated by speech
and thought that it has lost the power to feel the interval, the reality between terms

a lively appreciation of the feelings and manners of all people in whatever lands and ages,
a spiritual cosmopolitanism

a mystical experience of great depth during which he felt “dissolved” in “the universal
pool” and experienced “the peace that passeth understanding”

a profound feeling of sacredness or holiness that is associated with certain deep processes
in the psyche

a religious experience, a feeling of oneness with God and the universe—the point at
which the individual is overcome with joy and good will

a special kind of feeling or intuition or realization—a sense of the oneness of all things in
their divine principle

alterations of sense perception, of emotional level and tone, of identity feeling, of the
interpretation of sense data and of the sensations of time and space

an atmosphere of psychological freedom; of permissiveness to think, to feel, to be
whatever is discovered within oneself

an extremely realistic feeling of the ultimate biological crisis that frequently gets
confused with real dying

an immediate awareness of things as they live and move, as distinct from the mere grasp
of ideas and feelings about things which are the dead symbols of a living reality

as though one had stood before the Infinite in profound humility, overwhelmed by
feelings of awe and reverence

awe, bliss, a sense of certainty, feelings of extraordinary creative awareness or spiritual

beauty, inspired artistic creations, spiritual feelings and highly satisfactory human

breaking down ego defenses and bringing up repressed feelings and thoughts from the

brotherly feelings for all fellowmen and appreciation of warm human relationships,
friendship and love

can lead to a coming to terms with the body and a strengthening new feeling of at-
homeness in the body

changes in consciousness, changes in our ways of feeling our own existence and our
relation to human society and the natural world

“cosmic consciousness” in which the individual feels that his own inmost Self behind his
superficial ego, is God

“cosmic consciousness” the shift from egocentric awareness to the feeling that one’s
identity is the whole field of the organism in its environment

direct access to the deep structures and processes where thoughts, feelings and motivation

direct spiritual experiences, such as feelings of cosmic unity, death-rebirth experiences,
encounters with archetypal entities, visions of light of supernatural beauty

ecstatic energy movement felt in the spine. This energy will be sensed as flowing

ego fighting to maintain or regain its hold over an outpouring of feeling over a
dissolution of emotional boundaries

emphatically merging with the object, thinking and feeling as he supposes the object
would think or feel

evaluative judgment based primarily, not on outside standards or prejudices, but on one’s
own feelings, intuition, aesthetic sensibility, sense of satisfaction in self-expression, etc.

experienced that expansion of feeling, a new mental amplitude difficult to describe but
quite intense

feeling of reliving memories from the lives of his or her ancestors, drawing on the racial
and collective unconscious

feeling that what is apprehended is holy, sacred or divine, feelings of blessedness, joy,
peace, happiness, etc.

feeling the inner body as consisting of trees and vines, streams and waterfalls, hills and

feelings of joy, peace, love, blessedness. Such high-intensity emotion is far removed from
everyday experience

feelings of spiritual rebirth and unity with other human beings, the entire universe and

feels his body is heavier or lighter, has greater or less density, one subject reported
himself unable to get out of his chair, felt like ton

feels that his substance now is the same as that of some part of the environment, reports
that his body or some part of it has become the stone or clay upon which he stands

feels the encounter with Being has led to the erasure of behavior patterns blocking his

feels unified with the creative source from which we came and of which we are each a

gave him certain inner enduring feelings that seemed to play some significant part in his
pattern of living

had unitive states in which you melted into the cosmos and felt yourself to be part of an
interconnected web of consciousness

high souls and brave hearts, which make their throb felt in the giant pulses of a great

increased perceptual sensitivity and portentousness, intensification of interpersonal
experience, feelings of unique insight into life

insightful knowledge or illumination about being or experience in general that is felt at an
intuitive, nonrational level and gained by direct experience

instilling a sense of meaning in his personal existence and a feeling that since there is
meaning in life, there is meaning in death

is so transformed and has come to a new level of feeling of love about their spouse or

observes the altered image in a mirror, has an altered feeling of his body’s contours, feels
his body is heavier or lighter, has greater or less density

profound feelings of interpersonal communion and unity which endow every action with
beauty and significance

said to himself, at that second, that for the infinite happiness he had felt that second really
might well be worth the whole of life

the beneficial potential of mystical experience in stimulating the ability to feel and
experience deeply and genuinely with the full harmony of both emotion and intellect

the delicate nuances of sensitized perceiving and feeling under psychedelic drugs, the
sensitized nuances of being and perceiving

the element of the miraculous which we feel both at the stars in heaven and at out own
ability to be conscious

the experience of encounter with what is felt to be a divine dimension deep within a

the feeling of profound connection with various animals—not their concrete physical
form, but their archetypal essence

the feeling of profundity and truth that insights acquire under the influence of psychedelic

the feeling of universal fellowship and empathic communion encountered in the peyote
rites (of American Indians)

the feeling that this present experience would remain with me and bring about deep

the fulfilling and lasting feelings of reverence and spirituality, the awareness of the
continuous presence of God

the peculiar sensation of freedom of action which arises when the world is no longer felt
to be some sort of obstacle standing over against me

the possibility of confrontation with the source level of reality, felt as Holy, Ultimate,
Ineffable, in an atmosphere charged with the most intense effect

the realm of feeling rather than thoughts, the spirit of poetry rather than formal,
intellective philosophy

the strong feelings and bodily sensations which are aroused, often for the first time in
many years or since the individual was very young

the subject becoming aware of himself as continuous with the energy of the universe,
feels himself to be filled by divinity

the subject’s feeling that his or her consciousness has expanded beyond the usual ego
boundaries and has transcended the limitations of time and space

the Super Day feeling, like a treat a child has been looking forward to, like being taken to
the circus

the unique sense of potential power and actual powerlessness that the great mass of
young people feel

this experience of encounter with what is felt to be a divine dimension deep within a

to become aware of feelings of love and unity with nature of which he could never have

tricked into disowning himself and his own feelings by accepting the fiction that he is his
ego and not his entire organism

ways of knowing and feeling that the categorical rationalism of the West fails to pick up
or even denies

a deep unconscious association between oceanic ecstasy and the experiences of natural
beauty, inspired artistic creations, spiritual feelings and highly satisfactory human

direct spiritual experiences, such as feelings of cosmic unity, a sense of divine energy
streaming through the body, death-rebirth sequences, encounters with archetypal entities,
visions of light of supernatural beauty

exhilarated elation with unmotivated laughter, exuberant joy, deep feelings of peace,
serenity and relaxation, orgiastic ecstasy, hedonistic pleasure, feelings of voluptuousness
and sensuality

orgiastic feelings of cosmic proportions, spiritual liberation and enlightenment, a sense of
ecstatic connection with all of creation and mystical union with the creative principle in
the universe

persecuting men who are merely attempting to experience that part of their nature that
they feel most entitles them to regard themselves as human, namely, their encounter with
Ultimate Reality or what they call God

that visionary experience has always been regarded as an absolute value, that it has been
always felt to be intrinsically of immense significance and importance and worth having
at a very great price

the art of abandoning all conceptions of how one should feel in order to discover how one
actually does feel—to get down to pure experience, free from all prejudices and
preconceptions of what it is “supposed” to be

the mistake of persecuting men who are merely attempting to experience that part of their
nature that they feel most entitles them to regard themselves as human, namely, their
encounter with Ultimate Reality or what they call God

a clarity of feeling
a clear feeling that something significant has been achieved
a deeply felt positive mood
a feeling and knowledge of being physically boundless—an oceanic quality
a feeling of all-embracing cosmic love
a feeling of awe, inspiration, and grandeur
a feeling of emotional clarity and of relaxation
a feeling of extreme well-being, exaltation, excitement and inner joyousness
a feeling of free flow of emotions and energy
a feeling of great looseness, unknitting and relaxation
a feeling of knowing the ultimate meaning of life itself
a feeling of overwhelming awe for the beauty surrounding them
a feeling of profound peace and joy
a feeling of unity of all energy, the ecstatic of all in one, all superficial differences gone
a godly feeling of devotion
a liberation of feeling and perceptions
a matter of immediate feeling
a new domain, not of ideas alone, but of experience and feeling
a purity that I have never felt totally
a return to the lost feeling
a special feeling of sacredness
a state of moral exultation, an incredible feeling of elevation, elation and joyousness
a strange, mysterious feeling
a very deep level of feeling
a vision that was so real and convincing, so directly and deeply felt
an amazingly intense feeling of aliveness
an extremely sensual feeling
an underlying unity which our ordinary thinking and feeling do not grasp
ancient painting of an obviously psychedelic religious feeling
basking in the feeling of God’s presence
being an object—insights into the nature of the object, how the object “feels”
beyond all feelings
both seeing and feeling the images
can become acutely and exquisitely aware of the feelings of others
can sense another person’s feeling and mood directly (without talk)
changes in perception, changes in feelings, and changes in thought
changes in thought and feeling
complex feelings
cosmic unity, oceanic feelings
cosmic-religious experiences, feelings of great enrichment and increased self-confidence
deeply felt positive mood
depths of meaning I feel
ecstatic feelings of timelessness
ecstatic rapture and feelings of overwhelming bliss
“egolessness” or “no-mindness”—no feeler in conflict with feeling
episodes of oceanic ecstasy, unitive cosmic feelings or a sense of overflowing love
episodes of positive oceanic feelings and blissful unity
experienced a surge of energy, closely followed by a feeling of intense mental activity
feel that perception has been cleansed
feel that they have been blessed with divine Providence
feel the ecstatic energy vibrations pulsing through you
feel the evolutionary chain in his nervous system
feel themselves merge with divine realms that transcend daily reality
feeling a powerful sense of the whole evolutionary process
feeling enhancers
feeling new and clean and awake
feeling of spiritual, physical and psychological benefit
feeling so wonderful I did not know how to say it
feeling spiritually cleansed (catharsis)
“feeling” the interior landscape
feeling the wind blowing through them
feeling that my potential was limitless
feeling the complete harmony of everything, both inside and outside
feelings and perceptions of a religious nature
feelings of absolute awe, reverence, and sacredness
feelings of an encounter with the eternal forces of the universe
feelings of cosmic bliss associated with undisturbed embryonal existence
feelings of cosmic perspective
feelings of deep spirituality and tranquil reverence
feelings of ecstatic release
feelings of euphoria and philosophical insight
feelings of extraordinary calmness or ecstasy
feelings of indescribable bliss
feelings of infinity and eternity, tranquility, serenity, purity and unity of all opposites
feelings of joy, love, blessedness and peace inherent in mystical consciousness
feelings of lightness, weightlessness, can feel that the body has levitated
feelings of physical and spiritual rebirth, rejuvination and emotional renewal
feelings of profound insight, illumination, and truth
feelings of profound unity
feels blissfully united with the objects of the outer world and also with fellow humans
feels profoundly satisfying
great feelings of mystical revelation
increased self-esteem and feelings of oneness with other people and nature
intense sexual arousal and orgastic feelings, ecstatic
intensified feelings
interrelated perceptions, thoughts, feelings regarded as a new reality
intoxicated with an ecstatic joy, a euphoric feeling
knowing and feeling that the world is an organic unity
mystical feelings of unity
new spiritual feelings of a cosmic nature
oceanic feelings of unity
on the threshold of the ultimate feeling
open the windows of perceptive feeling and enrich the understanding of God
overwhelming feelings of love, gratitude and oneness
physically felt rhythms of the other person
saw beautiful scenes and colors and felt rich emotions
sex feelings of great intensity
strange new feelings
such a powerful stream of new and strange perceptions and feelings
such profundity of emotion and feeling
the all-discriminating wisdom of feeling boundless light representing life eternal
the awareness of feelings which surpass your normal experience
the easy feeling of elastic freedom
the ego, standing apart from the immediate feeling or experience
the erotic and delightful character of this new feeling for the world
the feeling of ecstatic tenderness and fulfillment
the feeling of insight
the feeling of intense meaningfulness
the feeling of intensified appreciation of works of art
the feeling of liberation from conformity
the feeling of pure knowing
the feeling of universal benevolence—what Ludlow calls “a spiritual cosmopolitanism”
the feeling of unusual sensory richness and intense joy
the feelings of Utopian communality of the earlier hippie
the feelings evoked by the change in the subjective sensations due to the drug
the habitual empty feeling of an isolated ego
the hippies’ emerging feelings of growth and “togetherness”
the immediate, concrete feeling of ourselves
the intense feelings of exuberance, joyous aliveness and other gripping emotions
the intensity of feeling that has been released
the learning of new attitudes, new feelings and new behavior
the level of pure feeling
the most intense feelings of joy and illumination
the overpowering feeling of peace, contentment and being a part of goodness itself
the physical feeling of expansion
the profoundest feelings of mystical union
the pure flow of energy sensed as intense feelings
the range of feeling and thought produced by the drugs
the richness of the feelings and sensations
the sense of the intense sensuality of oneself, an extremely luxurious feeling
the universality of one’s feeling
this all-pervading Energy he feels around him
this quality of feeling fresh
to “break through” to some new way of life and feeling
to explore the unknown, to feel no limit as to what might be discovered
to feel connected again to the huge and invisible
to feel that I was in touch with the timeless paradise world
to free the subject from the limitations of his old ways of perceiving, thinking and feeling
to see and feel what you are experiencing as it is and not as it is named
transformations in consciousness that effect thought, perception and feelings at once
unusual kinds of body feeling
waves of orgiastic sexual feelings

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