Free, Freedom

Free, Freedom, Release, Relieve, Breakthrough, etc.

Allen Ginsberg came to Harvard and shook us loose from our academic fears and
strengthened our courage and faith in the process. (Timothy Leary said that.)

As the gates of the unconscious mind open, a wide variety of repressed emotions and
recollections can be released into conscious awareness.

Consciousness is suddenly released from its conditioned patterning and flung into a
flashing loom of unlearned imagery.

“Cosmic” consciousness is a release from self-consciousness, that is to say, from the
fixed belief and feeling that one’s organism is an absolute and separate thing.

Creative vision and mystical illumination are a function of the cortex when it is
temporarily relieved of word and ego games.

Drugs could free man’s consciousness and bring about a new conception of man, his
psychology and philosophy.

During the psychedelic experience, the heavy shackles of the mind are loosened,
consciousness free to move in any direction.

Education has never been an instrument to free the mind and the spirit of man, but to bind
them. We think we want creative children, but what do we want them to create?

Ego death is not permanent, but the break-through to a broader awareness generally
begins the process of transformation of the personality.

Enriched by a consciousness perspective, liberal education can extend freedom and
mental refinement far beyond the parochialism of single-state learning.

Eternity is now and in the light of unrepressed vision, the physical organism and the
physical world turn out to be the divine world.

Faith is the first step. Then comes illumination and with it certainty and then

For many, a sense of discontinuity between nature and man and man’s loss of the
spontaneous, free energy of eternal delight, is the essential tragedy of modern man.

For those who have lived a lifetime of conformity and spiritual neglect, freedom is
impossible, that is, short of mystical revelation.

Forgotten incidents from the remote past may be released from the unconscious and

Freed from conventional process, the mind can produce more vivid, more original images
and thoughts.

From 1950 to 1962, when LSD and mescaline were more freely available within the law,
there were very few reports of adverse reactions.

If there is no distinct ego, the stream of experience can simply flow on, unobstructed, by
itself, a spontaneous, unforced and unblocked flowing of life.

If this potentiality were recognized and used, it would release for us unlimited strength,
unlimited talents, unlimited harmony and peace, unlimited love, unlimited beauty.

In Buddhism, attachment or clinging to the material world is seen as the root of suffering
and releasing it is a key to spiritual liberation.

In its freedom, it gratuitousness, its playful absence of ulterior motive, beauty is of the
essence of spiritual life.

In the name of our freedom, we are prepared to blow up the other half of mankind, and to
be blown up in turn.

Inhibitions and suppressions relax, allowing emotions, thoughts, fantasies, and memories
to flow more freely.

Internal freedom is becoming a major religious and civil rights controversy. (Timothy
Leary wrote that in the 1960’s.)

Internal freedom people find through the drug is a personal and not a governmental

It’s a state of wholeness in which the mind functions freely and easily without the
sensation of a second mind or ego standing over it with a club.

Just as a microscope can help a biologist, LSD can remove the inhibitions to perception
which prevent us from seeing the central relationships of the world.

Long-buried impulses and long-stifled hopes are finding a new freedom. (That’s with
LSD. Political freedom is another matter.)

Love is where the lover demands nothing whatsoever of the loved one. Love is freedom. I
want to be free in love.

Madness need not be all breakdown. It may also be breakthrough. It is potentially
liberation and renewal.

Modern man no longer regards nature as being in any sense divine and feels perfectly
free to behave towards her as an overweening conqueror and tyrant.

Once the reality of the world as grounded in the Absolute is established, the body seems
to be less an obstacle to freedom, for it is a form of that self-same Absolute.

One becomes intoxicated with divine feelings and becomes free from anger and other

Patients who are bogged down in an egocentric problem cycle can be helped to release
themselves from their fixation and isolation.

People committed to external power are frightened by the release of ecstasy because the
key is surrender of external power.

Peyote-eating and the religion based upon it have become important symbols of the red
man’s right to spiritual independence.

Psychedelic drugs can stimulate a breakthrough to an enlarged consciousness of a
transfigured world of the Eternal Now.

Psychological problems may have to be encountered before a “breakthrough” into
mystical consciousness is possible.

Release of unconscious materials frequently occurs. Insight is added to insight. At last, I
am seeing the world without self-deceit or illusion.

Scientific description follows the pattern of nature; it does not lay down, like rails, the
rules which nature must follow because the pattern itself is developing freely.

Sexual activities can become freer and potency in men, as well as orgasmic ability in both
sexes is often greatly augmented.

Since earliest times, man has felt impulses to rise above his everyday self and achieve
either some higher insight or some release from mundane concerns—or both.

So long as man identifies himself with the ego, he is trying to be God. It is only when he
knows that his center of being is the infinite that he is really free to be man.

The creative process can only function in freedom and it can never be ordered nor can it
be denied.

The door is opened. The door is the rigid barrier which man erects between himself and
spiritual freedom.

The effect is to free the consciousness from the obstacles to true realization of universal

The experiences they produce are of an infinite variety. They might be aesthetic,
psychological, philosophical insights or emotional releases.

The hippies raising questions about alternative realities was ontological promiscuity and
probably more threatening than their erotic looseness.

The individual is freed or forced to experience a great outpouring of feeling often far
beyond his conception of his own emotional capabilities.

The joy of the spirit is available the moment pride is swallowed and the free gift of union
with God accepted.

The liberated or awakened man is free from the confusion of conventional entities with

The longing of my soul to experience the Reality of Oneness with the Absolute was my
paramount hope and motivation in taking LSD—that some breakthrough might be given.

The nervous system can be freed of virtually every perception and reflex that makes up
our ordinary spectrum of possibility.

The open cortex produces an ecstatic state, the nervous system operating free of learned

The orgastic feeling, if felt deeply and strongly enough in sex, always includes an
element of self-transcendence, of release.

The psychedelic session should take place in a protected environment where the client is
not disturbed by external influences and in turn, has unlimited freedom of full expression.

The psychedelics’ special effectiveness for mental illness is closely associated with their
capacity to release ecstatic religious states.

The socially conditioned role-playing ego is never a free agent. Man is free to the extent
that he realizes his genuine self to be the author and origin of nature.

The structures and the masks he has built up over the years suddenly disappear and he is
cast free to ponder on the ultimate reality of things without restraint.

The visionary revelation answers the escape question. There is no death. Ecstatic,
mirthful relief.

There is in all of us a desire, sometimes latent, sometimes conscious and passionately
expressed, to escape from the prison of our individuality, an urge to self-transcendence.

There is love in each human heart. We must learn how to release the love in our own
hearts. The great oneness of love becomes a reality when we flow into it.

Things are brought into order through regarding them from a viewpoint unrestricted by
the ego.

This ability of the individual to examine memories, unburdened by feeling of guilt or
anxiety, often leads him to believe that at last he is seeing himself as he really is.

This Other World could be experienced as the moment when one emerges from the
prison of “limited mind” and becomes identified with the “limitless mind.”

Used therapeutically, a psychedelic drug might help to resolve a neurosis or other
psychological problem and therefore release creativity.

We can get a release from the neurological prison, come to our senses, turn off the

We must look at reality without words to see it as it is. When we see reality as it is, we
are free to use thought without being fooled by it.

We were lured by the vision of a new, transformed, transfigured human race, free of hype
and materialism, and we wanted to help change the world.

When we enter the realm of transpersonal experiences, we burst through barriers that we
take completely for granted in our everyday lives.

You are part of something larger than yourself, something which space and time do not

Your life begins when your TV game ends. The you are free to walk out of the studio, a
God in the Garden of Eden.

An enormous amount of energy from every fiber of your body is released under LSD,
most especially including sexual energy. There is no question that LSD is the most
powerful aphrodisiac ever discovered by man.

Aristotle is the author of the first explicit statement that full experience and release of
repressed emotions are an effective treatment for mental illness. (Full experience means
FULL experience, FULL psychedelic experience.)

As soon as we can break the conservative chains around our hearts and conquer our fears,
the freedom and joy will begin again. Like Adam and Eve, we will be lovers in an earthly
paradise again.

Awakening almost necessarily involves a sense of relief because it brings to an end the
habitual psychological cramp of trying to gasp the mind with the mind, which in turn
generates the ego with all its conflicts and defenses.

Creative or revelatory experiences involve a temporary and voluntary breaking up of
perceptual constancies, permitting one “to shake free from dead literalism, to re-combine
the old familiar elements into, new, imaginative, amusing, or beautiful patterns.”

Encounters with the divine regions are extremely healing. Reaching them, one often
feels positive emotions such as ecstasy, rapture, joy, gratitude, love and bliss, which can
quickly relieve or dissolve negative states such as depression and anger.

Every cell in your body is singing its song of freedom—the entire biological universe is
in harmony, liberated from the censorship and control of you and your restricted

For many people, one or two psychedelic experiences can accomplish the goals of a long
and successful psychotherapy, a deep understanding and game-free collaboration between
participants, plus insight.

He or she typically feels freed from anxiety, depression and guilt, purged and
unburdened. This is associated with a flood of positive emotions toward oneself, other
people and existence in general.

High dosages and internalization of the process lead to greater depth, intensity and
spontaneous flow of the experience; this results in a better chance for a positive

I, as an experienced student of the psychology of religion, can no longer pursue research
in the field. This is a barbarous restriction of spiritual and intellectual freedom. (That was
Alan Watts.)

If mysticism and mystical experiences can be freed of their supernatural connotations,
there is no reason why modern science cannot acknowledge and even absorb them into its

If we had to decide to decide, we would not be free to decide. We are free to decide
because decision “happens.” We just decide without having the faintest understanding of
how we do it.

Liberty was at stake here, freedom of access to your own body and brain and to manage
it, a right I believed was protected by the Constitution. The human mind is a frontier of
freedom. (That was Timothy Leary.)

Limiting structures fall away, the infinite process becomes conscious of itself, the illusion
of separateness dissolves, and the original wholeness is restored, the forgotten source

Most of the LSD experience takes place in a nonverbal region of the mind and deliberate
overintellectualization stands in the way of the free flow of the subject’s stream of

Religion to us is ecstasy. It is freedom and harmony. Kids should not let the fake
television-prop religion they were taught as kids turn them off. The real trip is the God

So long as man feels himself to be the ego, to deprive him of freedom or the sense of
freedom is to subject him to the despair of being a mere pawn of the divine tyrant. (No
tyrant is divine.)

The aimless, empty life does not suggest anything depressing. On the contrary, it
suggests the freedom of clouds and mountain streams, wandering nowhere and of the
ocean surf.

The new emphasis was on recognition of spirituality and transcendental needs as intrinsic
aspects of human nature and on the right of every individual to choose or change his or
her “path”.

The opening of the channel between the conscious and the superconscious levels,
between the “I” and the Self, and the flood of light, energy and joy which follows, often
produces a wonderful release.

We are responsible for this planet. This is our playground. It’s our sun in the sky and this
is our Garden of Eden. We’ve never lost it. We’ve only forgotten the key to unlock the
door of perception.

We have at our finger tips a material and method by which we can draw back the heavy
curtain of our underconscious mind and release into the bright light of our conscious
mind many of the dark and troubling mysteries of our inner selves.

We need no longer be estranged from reality and from ourselves. The Eden story can now
come to its inevitable and happy conclusion; the flaming sword has been extinguished
and we are free at last to re-enter the garden.

What’s interesting is this intense violent reaction against things that seem purely oriented
toward freedom, pleasure, joy, and imagination, that somehow if a great many people
pursue these things they must be kept in check.

When I am in my isness, thoroughly purged of all intellectual sediments, I have my
freedom in its primary sense…free from intellectual complexities and moralistic

With the ego and mind unplugged, what is left? It’s something Western culture knows
little about, the open brain, the uncensored cortex, alert and open to a broad sweep of
internal and external stimuli hitherto screened out.

A high does of LSD in the right circumstances brings you into contact not only with your
deep self but with other dimensions—extraterrestrial intelligence, a collective mind,
intelligent unity of life, living God, things that they don’t understand and can’t control
and don’t want free and available.

Enlightenment remains unrealized so long as it is considered as a specific state to be
attained and for which there are tests and standards of success. It is much rather freedom
to be the failure that one is. This freedom is the basis of all mental and spiritual
wholeness, provided that it seeks no result.

I would not be allowed the freedom to discuss the reasons why these laws should be
changed. This is a clear violation of the American Constitution, academic freedom,
scientific openness and of all the principles upon which democratic societies are based.
(That was Timothy Leary.)

If left alone by society, our International Foundation for Internal Freedom (IFIF) would
have succeeded in training several thousand neurologicans who, in their own
communities, could have trained hundreds of thousands of Americans to use their own
heads. (That was Timothy Leary.)

In a great many ways a variety of objects may be used to help the subject break through
the barriers he has erected around persons and ideas and feelings; barriers which,
moreover, may block him from moving on to deeper drug-state levels, where the
inhibitions and values structure may be confronted and re-examined.

Jesus had to die because he broke through the frontiers of consciousness, because he
broke through what it means to be religious. (Even in today’s “modern” and “civilized”
world, anyone who encourages others to be religious by expanding their consciousness is
likely to be jailed if not murdered.)

My own experiences leads me to believe that with LSD as a vehicle of transport, many
addicts could find the determination to carry them through the remainder of the journey
to freedom. (The “remainder” isn’t the rest of the trip, but what happens with the addict
after the trip or as a result of it.)

One traumatic event can shape a life, one therapeutic event can reshape it. Psychedelic
therapy has an analogue in Abraham Maslow’s idea of the peak experience. The drug
taker feels that the self is part of a much larger pattern, and the sense of cleansing,
release, and joy makes old woes seem trivial.

Psychedelic drugs dramatically suspend the conditioned, learned aspects of the nervous
system. Suddenly released from its conditioned patterning, consciousness is flung into a
flashing loom of unlearned imagery, an eerie, novel landscape where every-thing seems
possible and nothing remains fixed.

Real learning can take place only in a condition of freedom. (Real learning, therefore,
doesn’t happen in schools because kids are forced to go and teachers, using the power of
the grade, are like dictators. Pressurized, brainwashing propaganda is what schools are all
about, not real learning.)

The individual has become relaxed, has begun to enjoy the increased sense perceptions
and has become fascinated with the world of awareness that is beginning to open to him.
The deep and profound experiences released by the LSD then flow uninterrupted in an
ever widening scope.

There is apparently nothing in the Bill of Rights to protect scientific freedom. The
Constitution was written in the horse-and-buggy pre-technological era. But there was a
First Amendment protection of Freedom of Religion. After all, Catholic priests were
allowed Communion wine during Prohibition.

Those who prior to these experiences had various forms and degrees of emotional and
psychosomatic discomfort usually feel greatly relieved. Depression dissolves, anxiety and
tension are reduced, guilt feelings are lifted, and self-image as well as self-acceptance
improve considerably.

Until the government gets it bloody, reeking paws off our sacred psychedelics and ceases
to harass and persecute our members, until, indeed, every poor wretch now suffering in
prison because he preferred the mystical uplift of pot to the slobbering alcoholism of the
politicians, is set free, our attitude must be one of uncompromising hostility.

We must achieve “freedom from the known”—freedom from the unanalyzed postulates
in terms of which we do our second-hand experiencing, freedom from our conventional
thoughts and sentiments, freedom from our stereotyped notions about inner and outer

We seem unable to free ourselves from preconceptions imposed on us by our culture and
by what we believe to be common sense. However, if we are to maintain these illusions,
it becomes necessary to ignore a vast body of observations and information coming from
modern consciousness research and from a variety of other scientific disciplines.

When the non-ordinary states are opened up to them, even scientifically cautious and
highly intelligent people of our own time and culture find these experiences deeply
moving and personally meaningful, providing them with dramatic breakthroughs in their

Willingness to be insecure is the ultimate security. Willingness to suffer is the essence of
divine joy. Willingness to be finite is to know one’s own infinity. Willingness to be a
slave is to be truly free. Willingness to be a fool and a sinner is to be both a sage and a

Your soul is free, loses all sense of time, alert as it never was before, living an eternity in
a night, seeing infinity in a grain of sand. What you have seen is cut with a burin in your
memory, never to be effaced. At last you know what the ineffable is and what ecstasy
means. Ecstasy!

A new and exciting area was discovered for psychedelic psychotherapy: the care of
patients with terminal cancer and some other incurable diseases. Studies of dying
individuals indicated that this approach was able to bring not only alleviation of the
emotional suffering and relief from severe physical pain associated with cancer, but also
dramatically transform the concept of death and change the attitude toward dying.

All the learned games of life can be seen as programs that select, censor and thus
dramatically limit the available cortical response. Consciousness-expanding drugs unplug
these narrow programs, the social ego, the game-machinery. And with the ego and mind
unplugged, what is left? What is left is something that Western culture knows little about:
the uncensored cortex, activated, alert and open to new realities.

In many traditions, the notion of “dying before dying” is essential to spiritual
advancement. Coming to terms with the fact of death as part of the continuity of life is
seen as tremendously liberating, releasing one from the fear of death and opening one to
the experience of immortality. As the 17th century Christian monk, Abraham a Santa
Clara wrote: “A man who dies before he dies does not die when he dies.”

Individuals feel that they have left the past behind and that they are capable of starting an
entirely new chapter of their lives. Exhilarating feelings of freedom from anxiety,
depression and guilt are associated with deep physical relaxation and a sense of perfect
functioning of all physiological processes. Life appears simple and exciting and the
individual has the feeling of unusual sensory richness and intense joy.

It can dissolve or temporarily suspend the effectiveness of those psychial mechanisms
whose functions would appear to be to inhibit emergence of certain processes and
contents of the mind. Once these inhibitions are dissolved, the ground has been prepared
for the free psyche to function in such a way as to result in the beneficial transformation
and self-realization of the individual.

Liberal principles demand free speech, freedom of worship, and the right to privacy. The
government does not claim to know what sorts of experiences and thoughts its subjects
should and should not cultivate. But drugs are a special case. We do not admit, even to
ourselves, that outlawing psychedelic drugs could be in part an attempt to eliminate
certain kinds of experience and thinking.

None of these people has the slightest idea of why the Indians use peyote, or what the
effects of the drug are. Since they do not know, and will not try to understand, they
presume that it can only be evil and therefore must be prohibited. Certainly, they feel, a
practice which is so incomprehensible to Christianity cannot be religious and therefore
has no right under the constitutional guarantees of religious freedom.

Psychedelic drugs released new forces into the consciousness of millions of people.
These forces might be seen as good, evil, or morally ambiguous; they might be regarded
as coming from within, as an upsurge from the unconscious mind, or from beyond, as a
revelation from other planes of existence; or some way to reconcile these interpretations
might be sought.

The CIA and military investigators were given free reign to conduct their covert
experimentation. Apparently, in the eyes of the FDA, those seeking to develop
hallucinogens as weapons were somehow more “sensitive to their scientific integrity and
moral and ethical responsibilities” than independent researchers dedicated to exploring
the therapeutic potential of LSD.

The global popularity of chemical mind-changers is due to their producing ecstasy,
perception change, fresh sensation. Ecstasy means to break out of the verbal prisons,
suspend your imprints, see things anew, perceive directly. With freshened perception
goes the feeling of liberation, insight, the exultant sense of having escaped the lifeless net
of symbols.

The work of many artists—painters, musicians, writers and poets—who participated in
LSD experimentation in various countries of the world has been deeply influenced by
their psychedelic experiences. Most of them found access to deep sources of inspiration
in their unconscious mind, experienced a striking enhancement and unleashing of fantasy
and reached extraordinary vitality, originality and freedom of artistic expression.

We were dealing with a powerful aphrodisiac, probably the most powerful sexual releaser
known to man. The effect was sensory—contact was intensified thousand-fold but also
deeper. The union was not just your body and her body but all of your racial and
evolutionary entities with all of hers. It was mythic mating. Neurological union. Cellular
sex. Archetypes merging. It was the direct reliving of thousands of matings.

We have to think about the university as a place which spawns new ideas or breaks
through to new visions, a place where we can learn to use our neurological equipment.
The university and, for that matter, every aspect of the educational system is paid for by
adult society to train young people to keep the same game going, to be sure that you do
not use your heads.

Young people started pouring into the Haight, propelled by a gut-level emptiness,
searching, anything that might relieve the burden of nonliving that gnawed at their
insides. They believed that at the other end of the rainbow was Haight-Ashbury, the
Capital of Forever, where beautiful people cared for each other, where all would be
provided and everyone could do their own thing without being hassled.

Harvard dismissed Timothy Leary without a hearing even though his contracts had
several more months to run. There had been no effective protest by the Harvard faculty
against this gross abuse of the principles of academic freedom. Previously I had put
professors on a kind of pedestal, but my views were now gradually changing. I realized
that the average university professor, like most human beings, is both sheep-minded and

The summer of 1967 was known as the “Summer of Love” and saw a great emergence of
unstructured communal living, new found sexual freedoms, and growing interest in
eastern philosophy and religion. Displays of spontaneity, trust, non-possessiveness and
non-evaluativeness among the new arrivals were attempts to deal with what was
commonly thought to be hypocriticalness, rigid adherence to rules and a lack of
emotional spontaneity between people.

Who has the right to control your mind? To explore it? To use it? With the invention of
consciousness techniques, a new kind of freedom faces a new kind of control. People
want to explore and develop their minds, and psychedelics are an efficient way to do so.
This desire is part of human nature, but law and social ignorance block the way. I propose
that we recognize a general human right: the right to explore, control, and develop one’s

A great sense of freedom and joy arises.
Awareness is a view of reality free from ideas and judgments.
Break through and roam free out beyond symbols.
Break through the walls of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim myth into freedom.
Bursting through the barricades redefined you as a new person.
Consciousness feels itself freed of the body.
Consciousness will be freed from games which comprise personality.
Drugs are the first and last frontier of human freedom.
Ecstatic freedom of consciousness is the keynote of this vision.
Emotions, feelings, and moods are intensified and disinhibited.
Eternity is the mode of unrepressed bodies.
Float free. Follow the stream.
Free the brain to experience direct-raw-nerve-ending sensation.
Freedom comes through complete acceptance of reality.
Freedom is to eternity, to oneness.
Ideas seem freely flowing.
In this world, a single second was freely interchangeable with an eternity.
It frees us from the paranoid, defensive posture toward the world that we may have.
It frees your mind.
It is increasingly clear that our society cannot be both drug-free and free.
Liberation is called awakening because it is release from social hypnosis.
Like a computer with unlimited access to any program, the mind roams freely.
LSD “inhibits the inhibitors” in the psyche.
LSD releases stored hidden programs.
LSD short-circuits the mental stranglehold that society imposes on its members.
Many of us get locked into ordinary consciousness, but no one lacks the key to freedom.
Only repressed life is in time and unrepressed life would be timeless or in eternity.
Physical tensions which are built up by our anxious and ego-centered life are released.
Promising methods may be developed which will assist in releasing potential talents.
Psychedelic drugs allow transcendence of inhibitory societal conditioning.
Psychedelic drugs released new forces into the consciousness of millions of people.
So let us pray: Almighty ego, set I free!
Spiritual freedom is just that capacity to be as spontaneous and unfettered as life itself.
Step into the light of freedom and divine responsibility.
The consciousness is free.
The degree of mental freedom increases.
The drugs “free” the mind for creative activity that would otherwise be beyond reach.
The free-thinking enlightened individual is the highest ideal of humanity.
The great kick of the mystic experience is the sudden relief from emotional pressure.
The heavy shackles of the mind are loosened.
The highest mystical awareness comes only when there is freedom from the known.
The liberated one is at last free to love with all his might and to suffer with all his heart.
The mind-doors burst open.
The psychedelic experience can release learning blocks.
The psychedelic guide is a liberator who frees men from their life-long internal bondage.
The self feels free, cleaned out.
The sense of cleansing, release and joy makes old woes seem trivial.
The subject experiences various degrees of loosening and losing of his ego boundaries.
The universal process acts freely and spontaneously at every moment.
Thoughts dart quickly in and out of awareness and associations become freer.
To be free from convention is not to spurn it but not to be deceived by it.
Transcendental experience is the only escape from the prison imposed by the ego.
Uninhibited release of emotion can be immensely liberating.
We have to be selfless. This creates freedom.
When a soul sails out on that unmarked sea called Madness, it has gained release.
You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.
You wish to be relieved of your so-called personality. That is the prison where you lie.

I’ve been born again. There is no limitation to freedom. Freedom is to eternity, to

The subject feels unburdened, cleansed and purged and talks about having disposed of an
incredible amount of personal “garbage,” guilt, aggression and anxiety.

The new world in which I find myself has an extraordinary transparency or freedom from
barriers making it seem that I have somehow become the energy space in which
everything is happening.

He develops new and free energy from the unconscious to alter his life situation.

I loosen and expand.

It frees him and encourages him to let his emotions and imagination range.

The laughter frees me.

Each object had a proper place in this crystal space. The living essence of each seemed
ready to break through its clear-cut outline.

eyes closed—The colors seemed to glow with an inner light. It seemed a glimpse of
something timeless and primordial, a sort of breakthrough into the realm of the absolute.

He had broken through the boundaries of his everyday consciousness to enter a world that
he had previously not even imagined could exist.

I am still amazed at the exquisite feeling of release, peace of mind, and complete

I didn’t know there could be such joy and freedom in rhythm and movement (or such joy
and freedom in general).

I felt endowed with all the time in the world, free to look about me as if I were living
eternity without a single problem to be solved.

I had broken through the walls of ordinary consciousness, and what I glimpsed dwarfed
the world I had previously known.

I lost the limitations of my normal consciousness. I felt free, without the faintest trace of
conflict anywhere at all.

In that illuminated state, I felt completely boundless and free, surrounded and filled with
brilliant light and washed by an enormous sense of peace.

It was the very essence of the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness guaranteed by the
Bill of Rights. (Tell that to the crooked, moronic politicians.)

LSD carried with it a certain messianic vision, a certain understanding of the meaning of

My pelvis was vibrating as enormous amounts of energy were being released in ecstatic

Now that this breakthrough of consciousness had occurred, a new level of harmony and
love was available.

The most impressive characteristic of the experience was an enormous and for me,
unique sense of freedom.

You finally get rid of that heartbreak feeling that we carry from childhood. That was the
feeling. I was rid of my heartbreak. My heart was no longer broken.

It was the understanding beyond words. It was the place beyond intellect. It is always
there, awaiting our presence, yearning for us to enter the new dimension and cast off our

“Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” were the words that seemed best to
capture the nature of my experience. I felt free to be exactly who I was, free of fear and
social constraints, and filled with love and compassion for all beings.

He had an experience of overwhelming cosmic ecstasy; the universe seemed to be
illuminated by radiant light emanating from an unidentifiable supernatural source. The
entire world was filled with serenity, love and peace; the atmosphere was that of
“absolute victory, final liberation and freedom in the soul.”

She saw the session as a very important event in her life. She felt as if she had begun a
completely new chapter: “I have been EXISTING all these years; I started to LIVE this
past Friday. I honestly feel that I am a new person, with a completely new mind. Even
my body feels different; I am pain free.”

It was all perfectly new again, mysterious and of great promise. Everything that had once
been could be revived and much that was new besides. It seemed ages since the day and
the world had looked so beautiful, innocent and undismayed. The joy of freedom and
independence flowed through his veins like a strong potion and he recalled how long it
was since he had felt this precious sensation, lovely and enchanting.

He re-experienced his own embryological development, from the fusion of the sperm and
egg through millions of cell divisions and processes of differentiation to a whole
individual. This was accompanied by an enormous release of energy and radiant light.
The sequences of embryonal development were intermingled with phylogenetic
flashbacks showing the transformation of animal species during the historical evolution
of life. (eyes closed)

Following this insightful LSD experience, the patient felt “enormously released.”
I cast off all restraint, leaped into the air, clapped my hands, and shouted for joy.
I felt as if ten tons had fallen from my shoulders.
I felt freer than I had ever felt before.
I felt so great, so free and relieved.
I was free from all traces of suffering.
My new freedom was intoxicating. It was as if heavy chains had fallen from me.
People reported “insights” and breakthroughs in emotional blockages.
She felt a new emotional freedom.
She gained emotional freedom.
The drug released such a flood of new thoughts and perceptions.
The freedom to get high represented for her a victory of the spirit.
The knots in her “mind and brain” became “untangled.”
The sacrament had unlocked the door.
They stepped beyond the restrictions of their usual state of awareness.
Unrecognized sources of wisdom did seem to be set free by the drug.

a golden chance to tune in, to break through, to glorify, to really groove and dance with
God’s great song

a heightened capacity for introspection and intimacy along with freedom from anxiety
and depression

a sense of boundless freedom and he who experiences it has not the slightest doubt as to
the completeness of his release

a sudden breaking through from “reason” to intuitive “intellect” capable of a genuine
insight into the divine Ground of all being

a transcendental state of consciousness whose impact is to trigger a release of a universal
“inner programming” of higher human potentials

a vision of a free society based on love rather than greed, where everyone’s survival
needs were sanely addressed

an atmosphere of psychological freedom; of permissiveness to think, to feel, to be
whatever is discovered within oneself.

an enhanced sense of relaxation and loosening of inhibitions, together with an increase in

an experience of intense emotional release, the ending of an artificial and absurd use of
the mind

awe, bliss, a sense of certainty, feelings of extraordinary creative awareness or spiritual

“breaking through” towards the universal consciousness, inspirational impulses of
consciousness leading to breakthrough (Break on through to the other side.)

burst through the shell of language and convention into the country of the real under
impetus of the psychedelics

dedicated to the process of consciousness expansion, to the ideal of maximum
wakefulness and internal freedom

disinhibiting certain regulatory, selecting, screening and controlling mechanisms that
guide our perception and thinking

escape from the prison of his conditioning, his robot-self and move towards wholeness,

experiencing consciousness freed from the cardboard social games that comprise

freedom to find your own inner potentiality and to develop it without coercion from an
external, centralized, authoritarian political entity

freeing oneself from distractions that interfere with the perception of higher realisms or
more beautiful aspects of existence

frees the mind from fixed preconceptions of beauty, creating, as it were, a free space in
which altogether new forms and relationships may emerge

Ginsberg the cosmic politician, the cosmic crusader, the social worker politician
explaining the sex-drug-freedom, ecstasy movement (Timothy Leary said that.)

how to break out of personality into new realms of consciousness and how to avoid the
involuntary limiting process of the ego.

inalienable rights, the freedom of the body, the pursuit of joy and the expansion of

internal freedom, the politics of the nervous system, the right to change your

jars one free of mental ruts, allowing old problems to be seen from new angles, accessing
higher levels of information, some of which were spiritual in nature

knock out inhibitory processes in the nervous system which select, discriminate, censor,
evaluate and they thus release an enormous flow of previously screened-out awareness

letting in a free flow of comprehension beyond the everyday threshold of experience
while keeping the mind clear

LSD, its eerie power to release ancient, wise, at times even holy sources of energy, inside
the human brain

LSD startlingly effective in releasing blocked emotions, recovering repressed childhood
memories, revealing defense mechanisms and developing emotional insights

mystical experience, visionary breakthroughs to a deeper, more comprehensive reality
than that perceived by our rational everyday consciousness

release from life lived in a vicious circle, trying to solve a false problem, a self-frustrating

seeks to attain in his most valued moments escape from the boundaries imposed on him
by his five senses, to break through into another order or experience

seems to allow detours from the customary channels of experience and permit
transcendence of some of our peculiar social inhibitions

self-realization, freedom from inhibition, communal ecstasy, expanded awareness,
cleansed perception

that scientific freedom was no more secure in the 20th Century than in the Dark Ages, if a
scientist became too revolutionary in his thinking

that union with God is a free and universal gift and that consciousness of it is presented to
us in the Eternal Now

the breakthrough from everyday existence to a spiritual dimension, the leap from the
human to the superhuman

the importance of retaining the child’s capacity for fresh, free-flowing perception and

the intellect divorced from old-fashioned neurosis, freed from egocentricity, the mind

the peculiar sensation of freedom of action which arises when the world is no longer felt
to be some sort of obstacle standing over against me

the release of fixed perceptual patterns and the opening up of fluid, boundaryless

the spiritual warmth of radiant energy, to become one with the energy, to become the
energy itself, free at last

the truth of existence as intuited by clear vision, free from the constricting distortions of
partial perceptions

the unfolding possibilities of mind-free consciousness, the liberating effect of the ancient
rebirth process that comes only through the death of the mind

to experience a state of egoless freedom, freedom from compulsive ego-centered passions
and desires

to free the subject from his customary self-imposed restraints and in general enable him
to speak more freely

to remove certain habitual and normal inhibitions of the mind and senses, enabling us to
see things as they would appear to us if we were not so chronically repressed

breaking through the barrier surrounding our ordinary day-to-day, biologically utilitarian
world of consciousness and breaking through into another mode of consciousness, the
visionary mode

freedom from the learned cultural mind, the freedom to expand one’s consciousness
beyond artificial cultural knowledge, to move from constant preoccupation with the
verbal game, the social games, the game of self, to the joyous unity of what exists beyond

the art of abandoning all conceptions of how one should feel in order to discover how one
actually does feel—to get down to pure experience, free from all prejudices and
preconceptions of what it is “supposed” to be

the discovery of freedom and truth (In the “free” United States, most people don’t know
or even have much concept of what freedom and truth are or the meaning of those

the goal of internal freedom, the ability to move voluntarily from one level of
consciousness to another, just as the scientist focuses his vision from the microscopic to
the telescopic

the mind that has broken out of its prison of cultural conditioning and egotism and is as
fully receptive to given reality on every level, as it is possible for the human creature to

a breakthrough into the life I wanted to live
a feeling of free flow of emotions and energy
a feeling of great looseness, unknitting and relaxation
a free undirected awareness
a game-free honesty
a general sense of well-being and looseness
a kind of oceanic release
a means of breaking through a barrier
a new breakthrough
a new freedom
a new sense of clarity, freedom and peace
a positive breakthough to a new level of awareness
a releaser of profound religious experience of an ecstatic and mystical nature
a spontaneous, unforced and unblocked flowing of life
a tremendous metaphysical breakthrough
a universal experience free from culturally determined interpretations
a wonderful sense of release and deliverance
allowing repressed material to pass easily into consciousness
an emotional ecstasy, freedom
an immense elation and freedom as the outlines of conflicting selfhood melt down
an opportunity for a major emotional or spiritual breakthrough
beautiful, free, wild and spontaneous
break through into that realm of pure oneness
break through the usual sensory routine
breaking free of mechanical consciousness
breaking through the normal barriers separating persons
breaking through to ego-loss understanding and awareness
broke out of the prison of their linguistic and cultural conditioning
“broke through” the realm of the ego into the transcendent dimensions of being
completely free to be oneself in its noblest meanings
consciousness freed from the mental chessgame
consciousness released from imprinted statics
dancing out of body, free of gravity
delight at the playful acrobatics of the free intellect
direct, uninhibited experiencing
discovered how to free the mind of humanity from culturally conditioned limitations
divine freedom
ecstatic freedom from all game involvements
ecstatic merging with the unleashed energies
emotional freedom
emotional release
enhances the energies released
experiences a tension-free, oceanic ecstasy
experiences of tension-free, oceanic ecstasy
exultant new world vision, a new thrilling freedom
feelings of ecstatic release
felt free to range far and wide
find what is true and free
free at last to re-enter the Garden
free experiential flow
free from all bondage
free of language, outside the system of conceptual thought
free of the defenses that keep us hidden from ourselves
free thought
free to experience the unconditioned pathways of the brain
free young spirits
freed from limitations
freed me from many planes that I was trapped in
freed from the bonds of appearances, has liberated himself and now walks the earth
freedom from inhibitions
freedom from perceptual and intellectual attachment to the ego-principle
freedom from the fundamental disability of egoism
freedom of brain from mind, freedom of the cortex from censorship, control
freedom of emotion
freedom to explore oneself and the cosmos, freedom to use LSD
freeing the mind
freeing the nervous system from conditioned perception
getting free of those conceptual traps of mind
higher, freer energies
information that was usually screened out to flow freely into consciousness
intense self-awareness, free from preconceptions, comparisons, condemnations
intensifications of present experience and abolition of perceptual and sensual inhibitions
joyful uninhibitedness
keeping channels of thought free and letting ideas flow
leads to illumination and releasedness, to victory and transcendence
new dimensions of oneself break through
noble and free and at peace with all the gods of the new world
novel experiences which “break through” stereotypes
opens the mind, frees the nervous system of its ordinary patterns and structures
profound and soul-soothing breakthroughs
pure awareness and ecstatic freedom from all game involvements (of the ego)
pure contemplation, free from the discursive chatter of the skull
pure content-free awareness
pure symbol-free energy
radical breakthough to a new level of human evolution
release from all inadequacy and insecurity
release from false problems
release from neurotic blocks
release from one’s habitual state of tenseness, of clinging to false ideas
release from the limitations of the ego
releasing blocked emotional and physical energies
relieved of all anxiety
removing blocks and awakening consciousness, a process of purification
sailing so free
sensation of freedom and clarity
spiritual freedom
spiritual liberty and transcendental happiness
that freedom of mind and heart which is the essence of awareness
that LSD was the tool mankind needed to be free
that one last freedom, the freedom of the mind
that they may release the life of God which is in them
that ultimate “freedom from the known”
the atmosphere of complete freedom from care
the birth of the uncensored cortex
the creativity and power of the brain freed from its learned structures
the easy feeling of elastic freedom
the effects on the release of creative potential in artists, writers and musicians
the free consciousness
the freedom and control of one’s experiential machinery
the freedom to develop one’s mind fully
the great beauty and power of a free awareness
the heightened charge of energy released by transcendent experiences
the ideal of maximum wakefulness and internal freedom
the incredible unknotting of my whole body
the intensification, expansion and freeing of the mind
the intensity of feeling that has been released
the magic that can set you free
the most astonishing sense of freedom and release
the new awakening, the new consciousness, freedom
the play of the free intellect
the possibility in each of us for non-attachment, freedom and liberation
the raw and vital energies released through ecstasy
the realm of free spirit
the reduction of inhibition and increased suggestibility
the release of this innate wisdom and creative energy in people
the sudden release of their tactile sensitivity
the sudden relief from emotional pressure
the ultimate realm of free and purified spirituality
this great and last frontier of freedom
this new consciousness, this new freedom
to be free, to be a truly realized person
to break out of old patterns into the unknown
to break out of personality into new realms of consciousness
to “break through” to some new way of life and feeling
to determine how LSD can best be used in releasing the potentials of the human mind
to discharge large amounts of intense emotion and physical tension
to escape and come home
to free oneself from conceptual bias and become open
to free the imagination by penetrating the unconscious
to free the mind of all fixed conceptions
to free the real self
to free the subject from the limitations of his old ways of perceiving, thinking and feeling
to free Western man from the limitations of consciousness as we know it
to free you from your verbal mind
to help the individual to release his tensions
to lead the way to a new and free social order
to release creative mental activity with hallucinogens
to see ourselves whole, free from egocentric attachment
ultimate transcendence and release into boundless radiance
unlocking previously dormant spiritual potentials
unlocking the doors to man’s religious self
very free and very high
when at last reality breaks through, as it must
when reality is revealed and all hindrances to ecstatic bliss removed
will travel freely through many worlds of experience
wonderful and holy and free
your symbol-free nervous system

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