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a beautiful autumn day when the leaves are at their psychedelic best
a beautiful, clear, sexual vision
a beautiful world of paradise
a beneficial, educational and growth-enhancing experience
a “beyond” which is “within”
a bliss that exceeds description
a bliss which is nondual and eternal
a bliss which transcends both pleasure and pain
a blissful, undifferentiated, oceanic state of consciousness
a breakthrough into the life I wanted to live
a breathtaking exhilarating high
a bright infinite
a brilliant glow lighting the whole of the heavens
a brilliant glowing world
a broadening and deepening of reality consciousness
a broadening of awareness
a broadening of awareness and an increase in individual insight
a broader range of reality
a calm and blissful state
a calm power of insight
a calm rapture which is good for the heart
a calm, silent, restful beatitude
a captivating experience
a center of serenity
a certain state of being that was there not to be judged, but simply to be
a change in spacial perception
a change in the flow of life-purpose, this “change of life flow”
a clarity of feeling
a clarity that wasn’t frightening but revelatory
a cleansing process
a clear feeling that something significant has been achieved
a clear head
a clear perception of reality
a clear state of mind undistracted by customary thought process
a clear understanding of the oneness
a clear, unobstructed mind
a clear view of Reality
a clearing and brightening of my visual field
a combination of dancing, flying and floating
a complex change in consciousness
a comprehensive and timeless reality
a comprehensive theory of LSD therapy based on a new model of the unconscious
a concentrated and intensive inner journey
a condition of mindlessness, of non-ego
a confidence in the integrity of the self
a consciousness clear as crystal and open to truth, reality or God
a consciousness of perfect harmony
a consciousness of the Pure Truth
a consciousness stripped naked, as though newborn
a consciousness which is not that of the ego
a contemplative or open-sensed attitude to experience
a conversion experience of the most radical nature
a conversion of the mind or revulsion in the depths of consciousness
a corrective experience
a cosmic Awakening
a cosmic perspective
a cosmic vision
a cosmology not only unified but also joyous
a crisp, clear night of stars
a cumulative expansion of insight
a dancing, joyous harmony of energy transactions
a day of clear sky and brilliant light
a deception of symbols pretending to be realities
a deep appreciation and personal identity with the total grandeur and beauty of nature
a deep comforting experience
a deep longing for the unseen and unknown, the dimension beyond opposites
a deep out-of-the-mind experience
a deep personal experience of the transcendental realms
a deep positive insight
a deep sense of connection with other people and nature
a deep spiritual conversion of the person
a deep trans-ego experience
a deepened and thereby religious reality consciousness
a deeper and changed perception
a deeper experience than just looking at the thing
a deeper insight of ourselves given by a new knowledge of the past
a deeper level
a deeper level of reality perceived by psychedelics
a deeper realm
a deeper sensing of beauty, an intensifying of color, and significance in form
a deeper spiritual awareness
a deep spiritual experience
a deeper understanding of the death-rebirth process
a deeply felt positive mood
a delicious calm
a different plane of consciousness
a direct awareness of the energy process
a direct experience of the Self
a direct experience of the whole man at every level of his being
a direct, immediate, incontrovertible experience of the Mysterium, the sacred
a direct, unlimited understanding of the divine nature
a disentanglement of one’s Self from every identification
a dissolution of the ego-based apprehensions that cloud the sky of the mind
a dissolution of ego structures that is necessary in order to reach a larger definition of self
a divine dance
a divine ecstasy
a divine gracefulness
a divine spark of energy in one’s heart
a domain where the simplest things have rich meaning, glorified by an ideal excellence
a dramatic emotional healing and a profound personality transformation
a dramatic encounter
a dramatic mind-opening experience
a dramatic visionary odyssey into the depths of the psyche
a dreamy state of altered consciousness
a drop of water shining like a diamond
a drug that will magnify sensation
a face which glows and changes, telling more than a thousand lips
a fantastic and dazzling display of dramatic creativity (eyes closed)
a fantastic intellectual philosophical and spiritual adventure
a fantastic journey into his or her own mind
a fantastic variety of mosaic designs
a fantastic visionary adventure
a fantastic visionary adventure that tears ordinary reality asunder
a fantastic visionary journey that tears ordinary reality asunder
a fantastic world of intense emotions, brilliant colors and undulating forms
a fathomless peace
a feeling and knowledge of being physically boundless—an oceanic quality
a feeling of all-embracing cosmic love
a feeling of awe, inspiration, and grandeur
a feeling of emotional clarity and of relaxation
a feeling of extreme well-being, exaltation, excitement and inner joyousness
a feeling of free flow of emotions and energy
a feeling of great looseness, unknitting and relaxation
a feeling of knowing the ultimate meaning of life itself
a feeling of overwhelming awe for the beauty surrounding them
a feeling of profound peace and joy
a feeling of unity of all energy, the ecstatic of all in one, all superficial differences gone
a field of consciousness, consciousness as an infinite field
a field of wonders wherein I traveled in perfect ravishment
a fine and intricate set of patterns
a flash of insight
a flood of various specific insights of cosmic relevance
a flowing infinity
a fluid, undifferentiated state of consciousness
a free undirected awareness
a frenetic dance in which everything is dissolved and intertwined
a fresh neurological slate
a freshness in the air
a freshness of perception
a fuller awareness of our unconscious minds
a fuller capacity to express one’s creative potential
a fuller realization of potentials intrinsic to the human condition
a fully expanded consciousness
a gain in self-knowledge
a gain in sensory richness and vividness
a galaxy of nuclear-powered atoms spinning through changing patterns
a game-free honesty
a gathering in and integration of the previously scattered energies
a general sense of intense well-being
a general sense of well-being and looseness
a genuine metaphysical revelation
a glace behind the veil through the holy holes poked by LSD
a glimpse of a higher order of reality
a glimpse of eternity
a glimpse of its magic
a glimpse of paradise
a glimpse of the higher reality
a glimpse of reality
a glimpse of the splendor of Ultimate Reality
a glorious sunset
a godly feeling of devotion
a God-man or cosmic man
a grand vision, the purest visions
a great cosmic truth
a great, endlessly changing design
a great experience, the most beautiful experience
a great intensification of light and color experienced with eyes open or closed
a great realization
a great source of deepening perception
a harmony that ravishes the sense of sound
a healing journey aimed at the realization of true sanity
a heavenly illumination
a heightened intensity of awareness or subjective sensitivity
a heightened sense of the drama of life
a heightened significance of light and color
a heightened state of awareness
a heightening of psychic energy
a hidden Self that is actually much more the central me than my ego
a high-energy state
a higher degree of self-fulfillment in the psychedelic drug experience
a higher height, a deeper deep
a higher level
a higher level of existence
a higher level of understanding where things seem to fall into place
a higher mental state
a higher non-egotistical level
a higher order
a higher self
a higher spiritual level
a higher synthesis
a higher unity
a higher universal order
a journey into deep recesses of one’s own psyche
a journey into new realms of consciousness
a journey into the underworld
a journey of liberation and awakening
a journey of self-discovery
a journey of spiritual discovery
a journey through the wonderful lands of vision
a journey to the center of my mind
a journey to the inner world
a journey to the inner world, the endless possibilities of the experience
a joyful expression and celebration of life
a joyful knowledge, the joy of knowing
a joyous confidence
a key to some of the manifestations of the Oriental mind
a key to the great mysteries of life and death
a kind of oceanic release
a kind of psychic expansion
a knowing of knowing
a lack of cultural understanding of the importance of the transformational journey
a lack of real understanding about nonordinary states of consciousness in Western culture
a leap into an entirely different world
a level of reality which he had never experienced before
a liberation from being taken in by social institutions
a liberation from time
a liberation of energy
a liberation of feeling and perceptions
a life above the utterly material
a life-changing experience
a life-changing joyous discovery
a light that seems cosmic and eternal
a link with a world long lost
a link with the spirits in the vegetation
a living journey to other realms of consciousness
a living mosaic of the prettiest stuff
a living mystery
a long tradition linking the nature of femininity with special states of consciousness
a long voyage
a lost and promised paradise (LSD can get you there.)
a lost realm
a love-ecstasy potion
a magical atmosphere
a magical flight or ascent to the heavenly realms
a magical influence
a magnetic-electric-psychic flow of energy between sound, light and dance
a magnificent clarity of mind
a magnificent, staggeringly beautiful sequence of images
a magnifier of the mind
a majestic, sunlit heavenly inner quietude
a major transformative experience
a many-dimensioned cosmos of energy fields
a marked intensification of mental processes and neural processes in general
a markedly noticeable increase in the appreciation of beauty
a marvelous, captivating and mystery-producing encounter with Ultimate Reality or God
a marvelous world of meaning engendering visions, hope, and peace
a matter of immediate feeling
a meaning exceeding ordinary understanding
a means of breaking through a barrier
a means of inspiration
a means of investigating higher thought processes
a means to communicate with the higher Self
a mental or spiritual awakening which allows us to look at the world as it actually is
a mental state in which appear fantastic visions, often in the most brilliant colors
a metaphysical mysticism
a metaphysical revelation
a metaphysical unity underlying differences, underlying the world
a metaphysics of ecstasy
a mind completely at rest
a miraculous opportunity for growth, healing and expansion
a miraculous, powerful, unfathomable reality that was hidden from everyday sight
a model of the healthy psyche and included in it, was the mystical experience
a mood of unhurried awareness which naturally lent itself to a ritualistic type of action
a more comprehensive level of experience marked by a cleansing process
a much wider area of potential application of the LSD reaction in the therapeutic field
a multilayered meaning
a mushroom-inspired Hellenic Age (ancient Greece)
a music that was at once primordial and future bound
a “musical” conception of the world in which order is dynamic and changing
a “myself” which I seem to be remembering from long, long ago
a mysterious change into something rich and supreme
a mysterious pattern of movement
a mysterious rhythm
a mysterious unnamable One
a mysterious, wondrous experience
a mystery that lies at the heart of all our lives
a mystic philosopher
a mystical experience of unity with all of life
a mystical intuitive wisdom inherent in visionary states of consciousness
a mystical journey
a mystical or conversion experience
a mystical revelation
a mystical state, the unification of all immediate experience with “God”
a mystical totality experience
a mystical transcendental, death-rebirth experience
a mystical understanding of the universe, a cosmic type of spirituality
a mystical unitive consciousness
a mythic power
a mythical and mystical dimension to the whole dynamic
a need for new spirituality
a nervous system whose capacity for reception and storage of images is literally infinite
a new and better reality
a new and broader life
a new and exciting experience
a new attitude towards life which reflects itself in a character of remarkable beauty
a new awareness
a new breakthrough
a New Breed of Man
a new chance for the true self to start
a new conception of the human psyche
a new consciousness of a all-encompassing reality
a new definition of the mind
a new dimension of experience
a new dimension of human possibility, a new order of human awareness and potentiality
a new dimension of reality
a new direct insight into the very Nature of Things
a new domain, not of ideas alone, but of experience and feeling
a new domain of experience
a new emphasis
a new expanded understanding and increased inspiration
a new experience which will enlarge our horizon and give new meaning to life
a new extension of the senses
a new feeling of compassion and tenderness for others and a restored sensitivity
a new form of intellectual endeavor
a new form of intelligence
a new freedom
a new-given power of super-attention
a new idea based on a new experience
a new inner dimension
a new intensity
a new kind of experience to offer an answer to man’s ills
a new kind of perception
a new living pattern
a new look at the old problems, a new vision of the old world
a new manifestation of life
a new mentality
a new mode of consciousness
a new order of consciousness
a new perceptual experience
a new positive humanist science
a new-reality view based on post-Einsteinian DNA science
a new self
a new self-awareness
a new sensation of identity
a new sense of awareness
a new sense of clarity, freedom and peace
a new sense of spiritual security and confidence
a new spark of light
a new stage in human evolution
a new state of being
a new state of existence
a new transcendental ethic
a new truth
a new vision of human possibilities and cultural renewal
a new vision of the universe and his place in it
a new way of being with the world
a new way of looking at things
a new way of perceiving
a new way to read the forgotten languages of the mind, a highway to the unconscious
a Niagara of abstract designs
a Niagara of beauty
a nobler and more expansive essence
a non-conceptual, experiential philosophy
a non-game state of ecstasy
a paradox and a mystery
a “passive state of mind”
a penetrating glory of light
a penetration to deeper dimensions of reality
a perception of extended clarity and vividness
a perception of the infinite
a perception of the real structure of the world
a period of profound elation as a result of my discoveries
a Ph. D. robot
a pop of heaven
a positive breakthrough to a new level of awareness
a positive leap of consciousness
a positive potential
a posthuman intelligence
a potentially life-changing opportunity
a potentially life-changing process
a potentially valuable drug
a potentially valuable personal experience
a powerful influence on culture and consciousness
a powerful influx of ecstatic energy
a powerful means of mediating experiences of other realities
a powerful therapeutic tool
a powerful upsurge of spiritual feelings
a process of deep self-exploration and inner transformation
a process of purification
a profound aesthetic experience contemplating a bowl of cherry jello
a profound and liberating alteration
a profound and meaningful experience of certain realities that are alien to our culture
a profound awareness of the mystical dimension of existence
a profound cultural impact
a profound ego-transcendent ecstasy
a profound experience of “cosmic consciousness”
a profound mystical experience of unity
a profound sense of well-being
a profound series of new perceptions
a profound transcendental experience of an ecstatic and integrative nature
a profound transformative experience of a transcendental nature
a progressive deepening of the emotional tone of the experience
a psychedelic religious revelation
a psychic catharsis that would clarify
a psychological cleansing
a psychological educational tool
a psycho-physical universe with an infinitude of potentialities
a pure energy that was the whole of being
a pure feeling of ecstatic harmony with all beings
a purely spiritual essence
a purely spiritual religion that seeks the unitive knowledge of the Absolute Godhead
a purification rite
a purity that I have never felt totally
a pushing back of the frontiers of consciousness, on the verge of something new and great
a radiance of love and goodness
a radiance of warmth
a radiance that was primordial with an intensity that was absolute
a radical clearing of various old traumatic memories and imprints
a radical spiritual transformation in the life of the individual
a rapid and extensive change in values
a rapture which was enchanting me irresistibly
a raving nostalgia for the Kingdom, the Glory, Paradise Lost
a real healing force
a real Heaven
a reality that is beyond human knowledge but nevertheless can be experienced directly
a reality we once knew and forgot
a reality which is not an affair of objects and subjects, but a cosmic unity of love
a realization of identity with the infinite
a realization of one’s original identity with God
a realm beyond the physical reality
a realm beyond this one
a realm having a timeless, eternal quality
a realm of infinite potential
a realm of magic and miracles
a realm of pure bliss and total liberation
a realm of pure potential and the effects could be dramatic
a realm of the most perfect clarity
a realm of the most perfect clarity of view
a rebirth into great understanding and a greater appreciation of God
a region of light and peace
a releaser of profound religious experience of an ecstatic and mystical nature
a restoration to my own nature through contact with Nature
a religion of immediate experience
a religious pilgrimage
a remarkable therapeutic potential in wild dancing
a repeated flow of beauty to heightened beauty, from deeper to ever deeper meaning
a restoration of my own nature through contact with Nature
a return to the lost feeling
a return to the oceanic consciousness of the womb
a revelation of dimensions that one is not aware of in everyday life
a revelation of hidden things
a revelation of transcendent domains
a revelatory and potentially restorative mental journey
a revolution in consciousness
a rich and rewarding experience
a rich inner world of colored images (eyes closed)
a rich spectrum of colors
a rich spiritual and mythological dimension
a richer music
a richly decorated room
a richness of insights of cosmic relevance
a river of peace
a room with crawling walls of liquid color
a sacrament or means of grace
a sacred primordial vision (eyes closed)
a scientific tool of enormous potential
a scientific world view incorporating the mystical dimensions of existence
a self far beyond the image of the ego or the human body as limited by the skin
a sense of accomplishment of cosmic proportions
a sense of boundless freedom
a sense of calmness and quiet joy
a sense of communion
a sense of connection or oneness
a sense of contact with the creative power of cosmic consciousness
a sense of continuity with a glorious past
a sense of divinity
a sense of dreamy ecstasy
a sense of grace and emotional liberation
a sense of heightened reality in vision
a sense of how a more fulfilling life might be possible
a sense of identification with consciousness of inorganic matter or processes
a sense of inner vision and fulfillment
a sense of joy, peace and wonder
a sense of knowing
a sense of lightness and ease
a sense of new hope and purpose in being alive
a sense of pure being with sensory awareness of the present moment
a sense of reality beyond anything ever experienced or imagined previously
a sense of rebirth beyond anything ever experienced or imagined previously
a sense of sacredness
a sense of sacredness and of ultimate insight into the true and real nature of existence
a sense of satisfaction and timelessness of the present moment
a sense of the ego dissolving into boundless being
a sense of ultimate knowledge
a sense of walking around in my own head
a sense of what may be called the ultimate All-Rightness of the universe
a sense that all is present in every particular, the Absolute in every relative
a sense that we are beautiful and whole
a sensory and psychic extravaganza
a sensual stimulator
a series of enchanting visions
a shift in the sense of identity—from the ego to the universe
a shimmering display of vibrations
a shimmering play of vibrations
a shining presence
a significant enhancement of intuition
a single, eternal and harmonious energy—exuding a sense of joy and love
a single experience which is so profound and impressive
a single infinite reality which is consciousness itself
a single ultimate universal principle
a situation in which their senses can really work
a snowstorm of reality
a soul shattering experience
a sparkling clear sunrise
a special feeling of sacredness
a special mystery
a special quality and significance
a special quality to being high
a special reality of a new and different significance entirely
a spirit of gaiety and exuberance, light-heartedness and joy
a spiritual, expansive conception of consciousness
a spiritual experience so definite that there can be no mistaking it
a spiritual gaiety
a spiritual occasion of otherworldly dimensions
a spiritual rather than material body
a spiritual voyager
a spiritual washing machine
a spontaneous, unforced and unblocked flowing of life
a stairway to heaven
a star with a living heart
a state escaping definition and thus immeasurable and infinite
a state of blissful merging and undifferentiated unity
a state of clear consciousness
a state of complete rest and harmony
a state of cosmic consciousness in its totality
a state of cosmic expanded awareness
a state of crystal lucidity and peace
a state of ecstasy of the greatest intensity
a state of egoless “creativity”
a state of exalted joy
a state of exhilaration, well-being and bliss
a state of heightened suggestibility and acute sensitivity to environmental cues
a state of high emotional arousal
a state of infinite possibility beyond good and evil
a state of intenser, more significant experience
a state of moral exultation, an incredible feeling of elevation, elation and joyousness
a state of non-game ecstasy and deep revelation
a state of perfect clarity and understanding
a state of physical comfort in a contented passive manner
a state of profound peace in which truths were revealed to him in immediate awareness
a state of self-confidence, satisfaction and relaxation
a state of the primordial or unmodified consciousness
a state of ultimacy
a state of utter ineffable bliss
a state resembling prolonged intense sexual orgasm
a stimulation of the mystical consciousness
a strange happening
a strange journey of adventure
a strange, mysterious feeling
a strong emotional charge attached to the thing perceived
a strong glowing of color or color-radiation
a strong sense of special connection with nature
a sublime awe of mystery
a succession of vivid images brilliantly colored and intricately detailed (eyes closed)
a sudden and revolutionary change
a sudden biochemical “unifying” of perceptual constancies
a sudden flash of psychological lightning
a sudden liberation from ignorance or illusion
a sudden new look at oneself and the universe
a superhuman form of perception
a superior intelligence to be found in the nervous system
a superior kind of consciousness
a swinging dance of superb nonsense
a territory so alien to the Western mind
a therapeutic tool of remarkable power
a throbbing and rhythmic current
a thunderous silence
a timeless and selfless state
a timeless awareness
a timeless, eternal beauty
a timeless order of reality outside the world as we know it
a timeless world with no boundaries
a total vision
a transcendence of phenomena, space, time, and causality
a “transcendent dimension of being”
a transcendental and boundless sea of no time and no space
a transcendental experience accompanied by intense psychological reactions
a transcendental experience of great intensity and depth
a transcendental experience of heaven or paradise
a transcendental world of Being, Knowledge and Bliss
a transformation of consciousness that would sweep the world
a transforming energy
a transforming experience, one that profoundly and beneficially changes the person
a transience that was yet eternal
a translation of everyday experience into something of the same as music
a transpersonal dimension
a transpersonal state that transcends ordinary limits of human experience
a tremendous experience
a tremendous metaphysical breakthrough
a tremendous intensity of colors and light
a tremendous surge of bliss
a trip through the cosmos inside my head
a true and overwhelming revelation
a true heroic journey
a true spiritual awakening
a true spiritual journey
a true Wisdom Culture (That is definitely what we need.)
a truly important discovery, the significance of which has yet to be fully understood
a unified world view with meaning beyond that drawn from empirical reality
a unique intensification of the awareness of human beings
a unity beneath the masks of social roles
a unity of attention, all attention focused on one subject
a unity of essence
a universal experience free from culturally determined interpretations
a universal vision, a universal vision of life
a universal wholeness
a universe with many more dimensions than we know
an unprecedented experience of unimaginable intensity
an unprecedented revelation of beauty
an unusual potential for mediating transformative and mystical experience
an upheavel of all the senses
a utopian dream, a vision
a variety of perceptual changes in all sensory areas
a variety of strange and unusual sensations of all kinds
a vast calm
a vast dimension of one’s being which has been kept hidden
a vast journey of growing self-awareness and a return to our true identity
a vastly enhanced sensitivity to facial expressions, intonations, and choice of words
a very deep level of feeling
a very deep wisdom
a very great guy because he was just himself
a very profound and liberating experience
a very restful state
a very valuable kind of insight
a view of the world as a meaningful totality, a cosmos
a vision of a different world, so new and clean and fresh
a vision of eternity
a vision of eternity, views of eternity
a vision of higher reality such as comes in moments of scientific or psychological insight
a vision of intense sublimity
a vision of the Primary Clear Light of Pure Reality
a vision of the universal
a vision of universal scope
a vision that was so real and convincing, so directly and deeply felt
a visionary dance
a visionary glimpse of a deeper reality, an insight into the true basis of the universe
a visionary program of universal love
a visit to the celestial spheres
a vivid awareness
a vivid immediacy
a voyage into the unconscious
a voyage much richer in scope and meaning than any Western psychological theory
a voyage of discovery
a voyage on the unpredictable terrain of the deep brain dreamscape
a way of knowing your inner self
a way of life based in nature that is lived organically as a flowing growing process
a way to perceive reality differently
a wealth of visions
a whole experience, a true fulfillment
a whole universe inside the atom in which activities move with the speed of light
a wholly different and profound dimension of life
a wide range of emotions and physical sensations
a wider scope
a wider state of consciousness
a wild hunger for meaning and passion, for transformation
a wild voyage of discovery
a wilderness of pristine beauty
a wonderful opportunity
a wonderful sense of release and deliverance
a wonderfully rewarding experience
a wondrously beautiful heaven
a wondrously beautiful heaven of visual imagery and music
a world of life and experience that is not mere words or even ideas
a world of potential underlying the world of measured reality
a world of vast, radiant, indescribable light
a world of very, very great beauty
a world where they are seeing very clearly very strange and interesting things
a world whose infinite details are inextricably interwoven
a world within
a world within the brain
able to see reality with new eyes
abnormal emotional qualities of extraordinary intensity
absence of purpose and hurry
absolute certainty in the truth
absolute truth
accelerated-brain experience
accelerated learning by the use of expanded consciousness
accelerated and expanded consciousness opened up by psychedelic drugs
accelerated personality change, rapid learning, sudden life changes
access to information about almost any aspect of the universe
access to new information about the universe
access to new information through extrasensory channels
accessing those large circuits of our brain that are tuned into cellular traffic
accurate new insights
acid sexually intensifying and luxurious
acid vision
acid’s electric visions
acid’s soul-connected properties
acquiring a wholly new and unexpected dimension
acquiring real knowledge of the process of life while in the drug-state
activating both the emotions and the unconscious
actively passive
acute and vivid effects
acute clarity
acute consciousness
added extra dimensions to his thinking
adventures in the unconscious realms
adventures of your mind
adventurers on the frontier of spirituality
aesthetic appreciation
aesthetic, emotional, psychological, physiological and biochemical effects of music
aesthetic experience very beautiful and inspiring
aesthetic experiences on philosophical issues
aesthetic, philosophic and interpersonal enlightenments
aesthetic realms of experience
aesthetic, sensory beauty
After-Death, where there is a survival of consciousness, but not of the body as we know it
appreciation of a simple way of life
aesthetic transcendental experience and imagery
aesthetic visionary and mystical consciousness
aglitter, sparkling, saturated with light and color
alchemists—the transformation of material consciousness into “spiritual God”
alert calmness
alert passivity
alert passivity better for some kinds of remembering than analytic thinking
alive with an awesome sensuality
all conflicts subordinated to a superior unity
all forms dancing to the nuclear tune
all-penetrating clarity
all senses wide open
all the more heavenly for being heaven on earth and not heaven in heaven
all the revelations ever wrapped in ONE
all the way to the far reaches of awareness
allowing repressed material to pass easily into consciousness
alterations in visual experience
altered body image
altered states of awareness
altering old thinking patterns and providing new perspective
amazed at the whole religious content of his experience
amazing new dimensions of galaxies within
amazing new insights
amazing states of expanded consciousness
an absolutely direct and full consciousness
an activated brain
an acute awareness
an acute awareness of the energy in the world
an acute, extraordinary state
an acute loss of time perception or time-boundaries
an adventure, an exploration of new dimensions of experience
an adventure in the growth of consciousness
an adventure in the unconscious human mind
an adventurous journey into new worlds of mental and physical experience
an alteration in the value of the significance of color
an amazing potential
an amazingly intense feeling of aliveness
an archetypal vision that illuminated both my past history and my future development
an astonishing enlargement of sensitivity and perceptiveness
an atmosphere of magic
an awakening from within
an awareness of another layer of existence
an awareness of energy transactions with no imposition of mental categories
an awakening of perception which magnifies sensation
an awakening of the God within
an ecstasy of worship
an ecstatic conversion experience
an ecstatic dance
an ecstatic, floating, shimmering radiance
an ecstatic non-ego state
an ecstatic rapture not dissimilar to a sexual orgasm of cosmic proportions
an ecstatic rebirth, the resurrection of a new personality
an ecstatic revelation, going beyond, confronting God, getting out of your mind
an ecstatic state of non-ego
an ecstatically lit, undescribable landscape
an egoless involvement with the abyss inside the self
an emotional ecstasy
an emotional ecstasy, freedom
an emotional-reflective-visual kaleidoscope
an enhancement of the relationship with the person who is conducting the experience
an enlargement of reality rather than a deviation from it
an enlightening journey
an enormous burst of light
an enormously complex continuum of realities
an entirely new awareness
an entirely new understanding of the potential
an entirely new way of looking at reality and our existence
an epic adventure
an era long before pollution, when streams were pure and the earth was a garden
an erotic sense of reality, rather than an aggressive dominating attitude toward reality
an eternal and universal reality
an eternal, divine now
an eternal present which is “nowever”
an eternally playful dance
an eternity of joy
an eternity of radiant knowledge, of bliss unchanging in its ultimate intensity
an Everest expedition of the mind
an ever-lengthening vista of glories
an evolutionary journey
an evolutionary trend toward an entirely new level of human consciousness
an exceptionally powerful sexual experience
an exciting adventure, a hero’s journey
an exciting adventure, filled with discovery and new learning
an exciting new vision of the cosmos and human nature
an exciting ongoing adventure, filled with discovery and new learning
an expanded, awesome sensory world hitherto unknown to him
an expansion and exploration of consciousness
an expansion of consciousness from within
an expedition that takes him or her into lands of mystery and adventure (eyes closed)
an experience beyond time, of union with the divine Ground
an experience in the totality of living
an experience in which consciousness itself undergoes a remarkable change
an experience, not a set of ideas. No one’s mouth is big enough to utter the whole thing.
an experience of a deeper, duality-surmounting reality
an experience of exceptional clarity
an experience of God
an experience of God or the Godhead
an experience of great beauty
an experience of intense self-knowledge
an experience of mystical being
an experience of overwhelming cosmic ecstasy
an experience of psychic integration
an experience of psychic integration, religious experience
an experience of radical liberation
an experience of rebirth
an experience of significant value
an experience of the divine
an experience of the most enlightening kind
an experience of the present
an experience of transcendental beauty
an experience that can be appreciated regardless of intellectual or intelligence level
an experience that is felt to define ultimate reality: boundless, timeless and ineffable
an experience vividly real
an experience which occurs almost universally
an experiential knowledge of a tradition
an experiential phenomenon
an exploration of the unseen, almost unknown realm called the unconscious
an explosion of consciousness
an explosion of lights, jewels and rainbows, the glorious vision (eyes closed)
an explosion that lit up my being
an explosive, often ecstatic or prophetic revelation
an expression of Pure Being, an expression of the divine joy
an extended field of vision
an extraordinary inner journey into the domains of the psyche
an extraordinary sense of peace
an extremely powerful and moving experience
an extremely profound and important experience
an extremely sensual feeling
an extremely wide range of phenomena which occur on different levels of reality
an exquisite appreciation of food (or anything)
an extraordinarily moving and beautiful experience
an extraordinary inner journey into the domains of the psyche
an extraordinary range of new perceptions
an eye-opener
an ice cream kind of trip that was breathtakingly sensual
an illuminated vastness, brilliant light and the gloss and smoothness of material things
an illuminating emotional benefit
an illuminating flash of insight
an immeasurable richness of images (eyes closed)
an immeasurably heightened perception of the significance of the world
an immediate change in behavior
an immediate consciousness of the divine glory
an immediate intuitive experience
an immediate knowledge of those universal principles
an immediate spiritual intuition
an immense elation and freedom as the outlines of confining selfhood melt down
an immense inner domain waiting to be explored
an immersion in the Jungian waters of the unconscious
an imperishable, spiritual reality which is our true home
an increase in the range of experience
an increased aesthetic appreciation of color, form, texture and sound
an increased intensity to emotions in general
an increased sensitivity to interactions with others
an increased sensitivity to sounds and visual stimuli
an increased sensitivity to stimuli in all modalities
an increased vividness and richness of the percept
an incredible enhancement of sensory awareness
an indescribably joyous experience
an infinite mode of existence understood as the divine
an infinite number of realities and space-time dimensions
an infinity of sublime truth
an infinity of wordlessness, timelessness, love, ecstasy, bliss
an innate human drive to experience periodic episodes of nonordinary consciousness
an inner change which in turn “makes all things new”
an inner experience of the beauty and the joy of God
an inner mountaineering expedition, a mystical journey
an inner radiance of intensely bright, pure light (eyes closed)
an inner sense of emotional liberation and spiritual rebirth
an inner transformation of the individual and a social revolution
an inspiration of beauty by every visible thing
an instance of ego-transcendence through empathetic entrance into the essence
an instantaneous “turning about” within the depths of consciousness
an intelligence increaser, an energizer, a sensual enhancer
an intense and glorious experience
an intense consciousness
an intense, dramatic inner process, this dynamic inner awakening
an intense energy
an intense experience of cosmic unity
an intense gratitude
an intense immeasurable joy
an intense kaleidoscopic play of colors (eyes closed)
an intense mystical or revelatory experience
an intense religious experience, a mystical transcendent experience
an intense stimulation of the imagination and an altered state of awareness of the world
an intense superhuman consciousness
an intenser beauty
an intensification of reality
an intensification of the present, an increased awareness of the here-and-now
an intensity of seeing whether the eyes are opened or closed
an interconnectedness of the bodies of 2 persons
an “interior” of the universe
an intimate penetration of truth
an intuitive understanding that a gravity-bound meat reality isn’t enough anymore
an inward and spiritual grace
an opening into the magic space
an opportunity for a major emotional or spiritual breakthrough
an opportunity to experience oneself and the world in a new way—and to learn from it
an ordinary household object a thing of beauty
an organic and unitary vision of the universe
an organic view of the universe
an orgasmic emotion
an orgy of vision
an overall increase in sensuousness
an overwhelming, beautiful, blessed joy
an overwhelming flood of joy
an ultimate joy
an ultimately enriching experience
an unbounded playfulness which is the many-dimensioned dance of life
an underlying unity which our ordinary thinking and feeling do not grasp
an undifferentiated state of consciousness
an unearthly light
an unending series of colorful, very realistic and fantastic images (eyes closed)
an unexpected radiance
an unfathomable mystery
an unforgettable autumn scene, golden fields, trees turning technicolor
an unforgettable delight and an educational influence
analogy of the psychedelic trip and the space journey
ancestral and racial memories
ancestral memories, evolutionary memories
ancient cellular counsel
ancient evolution trail
ancient jungle visions (eyes closed)
ancient painting of an obviously psychedelic religious feeling
appearance of divine glory in almost everything
appeared as if bathed in a clear, magic brilliance
appreciation of a simple way of life
archetypal experiences (eyes closed)
archetypal Gods of love (eyes closed)
archetypal images of heavens or paradises (eyes closed)
archetypal images of Paradise or the golden age (eyes closed)
archetypal inner visions (eyes closed)
archetypal memories from the vast mass unconscious aroused and activated
archetypal realms
archetypal visions, mythological sequences (eyes closed)
archetypal visions of heavens and paradises (eyes closed)
archetypal visions of paradises, heavens or celestial cities (eyes closed)
are tripping and having fantastically beautiful experiences
areas of experiencing capable of revealing the true basis of our earthly existence
areas of perception capable of revealing the true basis of our earthly existence
art-related insights
as God is generally conceived in the West—to be dictator of the world
as if I had been pulled through infinity
as though I had experienced everything that ever happened all in one instant
as though someone had taken his senses and turned up the volume as far as it would go
as though we’ve hit the main vein of human creativity
ascend in magical flights
ascend to a higher level of meaning
ascend to heaven
ascent towards the unknown highest awareness
astronauts of the interior
at a high, stoned place
at some waayyy-back there level of my mind
at the crossroads of your senses
at the gates of Paradise
attaining joyous unity and rebirth
attaining tranquility of mind, realization, insight and Wisdom
authentic beauty
avoids the entanglements of religiosity and goes straight to the heart
awakening from conditioned, mechanical consciousness to true, objective consciousness
awakened insight
awakening a generation to its own potential
awakening consciousness
awakening of higher human potential
awakening of my social consciousness
awakening—the timeless, self-sufficient life of the “eternal now”
awakens in eternity’s sunrise
awakens to full self-knowledge
aware of himself as the Spectator of the spectacle
aware of his real, organic relationship with God
aware of our natural interdependence and “oneness”
aware of the limitless realities in the nervous system
aware of the play of light, the tone of voice
aware of the wave structure of the world
awareness of a not-self superior to the disintegrating ego
awareness of action happening in a unified field
awareness of being part of a dimension vaster and greater than oneself
awareness of energy transactions within the cell
awareness of internal organs and processes of the body
awareness of more shades of meaning contained in words and ideas
awareness of selfhood as distinct from ego-awareness
awareness of the aesthetic aspects of the world
awareness of the divine Suchness
awareness of universal spirituality
awareness of what was truly important
awareness that everything is a dance of particles
awareness which extends beyond the personal goals of ego
awareness which is beyond body, mind and ego
awed by her discovery
awed by the realization
awed reverence
awesome and luminous experience
awesome, full of reverence and wonder
awesome mystical-religious experiences
awe-struck in this moment of my life taking place outside of time
back to the Origin, back to the Source
basking in the feeling of God’s presence
bathed by the rivers which coarsed through the valleys of heaven (eyes closed)
bathed in a luminous reality
bathing oneself in sensuous experience, a beautiful warm sea of being(feeling?)
beatific glimpses of enlightening and liberating grace
beautiful constantly moving patterns of colors
beautiful eyes filled with a deep compassionate soulfulness
beautiful, free, wild and spontaneous
beautiful, magical
beautiful mystical visions
beautiful, shimmering and glowing
beautifully colored designs and patterns
beauty and truth being the wholeness, the Suchness of all deeply realized experience
beauty in the eternal transformation of forms and colors
become a participant in a symbolic drama or myth or ritual (eyes closed)
become aware of the “sacred unconscious”
become aware of the undeveloped potentials within themselves
become consciously identified with the playful and purposeless character of the Void
become more intensely aware of the living vibrations of the real world
becomes extremely excited
becomes more perceptive, more intensely aware of inward and outward reality
becoming aware of her goddess nature
becoming aware of the great primordial fact
becoming one with the cosmic vibration-bliss
behavior change purportedly ensue.
beholding the glories of the Divine face to face
being an object—insights into the nature of the object, how the object “feels”
being aware and not attaching to a single thing
being one with the body and with the whole realm of natural experience
being transcending the sum of its parts
bejeweled and exquisitely lovely in design
beneficial magical-mystical effects of LSD
beyond all feelings
beyond and yet within
beyond anything ever experienced or even imagined
beyond desire
beyond everything, BEYOND eternity, above everything, divine
beyond game problems of personality, role and professional status
beyond games, in touch with only the living moment, this immediate reality
beyond high
beyond life, existence, you, me, everything
beyond reason or imagination
beyond or outside the range of the normal, the everyday
beyond social goals, beyond normal strivings
beyond that door, a garden of infinite dimension, infinite adventure
beyond the beyond, back to where you started from
beyond the created world
beyond the imprinted, learned structure
beyond the limits of ordinary human thought
beyond the periphery of normal human experience
beyond the ultimate limits
“Beyond theology: the science and art of Godmanship”
biochemical keys which unlock experiences shatteringly new to most Westerners
biochemical mysticism
birth into newer and more enchanting life
blazing brightly in the radiance
bliss and peace and understanding
bliss on the higher plane
blissful intelligent awareness
blissful passivity
blissful passivity, ecstatic, orgiastic, undulating unity
blissful transcendent illumination
bold flights into unknown regions of imagery (eyes closed)
books, all of them glowed with living light, jeweled books
both seeing and feeling the images
boundless compassion, fathomless mystery and meaning
boundless expanses of space
boundless radiance
brain astronauts
brain explorers
brain rapture
brave and hearty sailors of the psychological sea
break through into that realm of pure oneness
break through the usual sensory routine
break through to a new dimension
break through to a sense of mystic clarity and certainty
breaking free of mechanical consciousness
breaking through the normal barriers separating persons
breaking through to ego-loss understanding and awareness
brightly lit and beautifully colored
brilliant lights of supernatural beauty
brilliant with light and radiant color
brilliantly lighted perceptions of colored , moving, living geometrical forms (eyes closed)
bring about major personality transformation
bringing a new reverence for life, a renaissance of belief in the essential goodness in man
bringing a sense of well-being that the person never dreamed was possible
brings a sudden liberation from ignorance and illusion, enlarges the spiritual horizon
brings each person to the awareness of man’s divinity and essence
brings into consciousness truths long hidden in the unconscious
brings into view an entirely different picture of reality
brings us through the veils of maya to that eternally new world again
broadened and deepened beyond all imaginable limits
broadened horizons
broader awareness generally begins the process of transformation of the personality.
broader meanings and rapturous vibrations
broke out of the prison of their linguistic and cultural conditioning
“broke through” the realm of the ego into the transcendent dimensions of being
Buddhism, a series of language and methods for discovering levels of consciousness
called this experience the most interesting and thought-provoking of his life
calm joy, revelation
calmness of mind
can be a very profound and valuable experience
can be of immense value to us and of great importance in changing our lives
can be seen in the broader evolutionary dimension
can be used for extraordinary psychiatric explorations
can become acutely and exquisitely aware of the feelings of others
can discover a deep mystical meaning
can enhance appreciation of art and music
can enjoy music and art during the experience with a new and deeper appreciation
can enlarge our experience greatly
can enrich and prolong the physical aspect (of sex)
can expand your mind
can experience a wide spectrum of extreme emotions and behave in most unusual ways
can experience overwhelming streams of energy
can give life a new focus and meaning
can have profound and often lasting influence on the individual
can look across the border into other realities
can modify the experience of physical pain in many different ways
can open an infinity of possibilities
can open possibilities of enriched experience
can push someone over the edge of his consciousness into a greater awareness
can sense another person’s feeling and mood directly (without talk)
can reveal lost wisdom
can see female guide as a goddess or the personification of wisdom, truth or beauty
can see the Secret Essence
can work wonders
carried into a world of very great intensity, very great beauty and very great challenge
carry me far into the profound
celestial gardens of precious stones on silver and gold stems (eyes closed)
celestial light
celestial visions
cellular wisdom
change in the structure of the sensory world
change in time sense listening to music
change into something rich and strange
changed hearts and reformed lives
changed perceptions of forms, colors and sounds
changed ways of seeing, interpreting and reacting to people and events in the world
changes in perception, changes in feelings, and changes in thought
changes in perception, mood, thought patterns
changes in the perception of visual form
changes in thought and feeling
changes in values and beliefs, personality and behavior
changing colors and patterns
changing the quality of consciousness
changing waves of color
charge the psyche with energy
charged with a psychic electricity
charged with all the meaning and the mystery of existence
chemical expansion of consciousness
chemical stimulation of the sensory organs
chemically heightened intelligence
chemically illuminated voyages
chemically-induced “heightened intelligence” and spiritual evolution
chemically-induced moral development
chemically triggered conversion experiences or ecstasies
children of affluence and leisure who were homeless psychologically
clarified to jewel-like sharpness
clarity of awareness
clarity of consciousness and self-understanding
clarity—the disappearance of problems
cleanse the psyche
cleanse the windows of the senses
cleansing one’s callused heart
cleanses us of the bad habits we have accumulated by our false attitude to life
clear and elaborate visions (eyes closed)
clear and penetrating vision into herself
clear attention, clarity of attention and mental relaxation
clear awareness
clear certainty
clear consciousness
clear insights
clear, integrated mental activity
clear light
clear perception
clear recollection of that which one always is
clear sensation
clear understanding
clear vision
clearer days and cleaner times seen through unclouded eyes and an uncluttered brain
clearer mental pictures of who and what we are
clearing his mind of abstractions
clearly aware
close eyes—a succession of vivid images brilliantly colored and intricately detailed
closed eyes—saw luminous, moving patterns of great beauty
closed my eyes, saw geometric forms, colors aroused in me a kind of emotional warmth
clothed with the heavens and crowned with the stars
color and design greatly heightened
colors bright and beautiful and possessing this mysterious loveliness and radiance
colors bright and gay, the enormous intensification of color
colors brighter
colors brighter and purer
colors deepening
colors exceeding in their beauty anything the subject has ever seen before
colors…exquisitely deep hues, and astonishingly harmonious in their juxtaposition
colors radiant, pulsating
colors such as this world has yet to produce
colors swimming
colossal visions
combine the most intense alertness with a tranquil passivity
communal ecstasy
communes—to apply psychedelic experience to new forms of social living
communing with higher reality
communion with our own true self, with all others, with the divine
communion with the Christ within
communion with the divine world
compassionate insight into the self, the world
complete deliverance into union with the divine Ground
complete transcendence—beyond words, beyond space-time, beyond self
completely experiencing his senses
completely free to be oneself in its noblest meanings
complex and detailed scenes in the form of vivid clairvoyant visions (eyes closed)
complex experiential pattern of oceanic ecstasy
complex feelings
complex inner experience
concentrating the energies of consciousness in a state of acuteness, of total awareness
confusing fixed convention with fluid reality
confusing personality or ego with the actual human organism
confusing the unfamiliar with the unnatural
confusing words and ideas with reality
connecting himself with the living core of the planet
conscious awareness of unconscious events (or previously unconscious events)
conscious of a deeper reality
conscious of his mind as “a big involved computer”
conscious participation in cellular and even atomic processes (eyes closed)
consciousness both the object and instrument of change
consciousness education
consciousness evolution
consciousness exploration
consciousness freed from the mental chessgame
consciousness in its fullest development a vast sea itself
consciousness released from imprinted statics
consciousness revolution
consciousness, that essence which pervades all our actions in life
consensus “reality” with its fashions and fake morality
constant motion of boundary lines and surfaces
constantly changed intensity and pattern
contact with the Clear Light
contact with transcendental realities
contacting the deeper layers of the mind
contacts the energy which powers the mind
continually moving, flowing, dancing
converted from righteousness to total selflessness and God-centeredness
convulsive gaiety
cortex is suddenly turned on to a much higher voltage
cosmic and eternal dimensions
cosmic awareness
cosmic creative energy
cosmic dancing
cosmic ecstasy
cosmic electronic networks
cosmic energies
cosmic evolution
cosmic fireworks
cosmic insights
cosmic journey
cosmic joy
cosmic landscapes (eyes closed)
cosmic love
cosmic love-making
cosmic play
cosmic religious experiences
cosmic-religious experiences, feelings of great enrichment and increased self-confidence
cosmic revelations
cosmic significance
cosmic unity, oceanic feelings
cosmological and religious
cosmological insights
cosmological mysticism
cosmological revelations
cosmologically thrilling
could lead to a fuller and more satisfying way of existing in the world
could look at reality with eyes unclouded by convention
could see objects from perceptions which were normally impossible
craving for understanding
creates a situation of profound congruence and coherence within the individual
creative cosmic energy
creative ecstasy
creative energy
creative imagination
creative insights
creative inspiration
creative joy
creative self-development
creating a better and more optimistic reality-tunnel, transcending ego games
crossing over to a new order of consciousness (Break on through to the other side.)
crossing the planes of consciousness
crystal-clear air
crystal-clear morning sunlight
dance of total joy
dancing in the heavens
dancing out of body, free of gravity
dancing the cosmic dance in that time before time
dancing with the pen while writing
dazzling ecstatic insights
dazzling food. The salads, meat balls, vegetables all were gloriously radiant.
dazzling, glorious and radiantly awesome, the radiance of your own true nature
dazzling, incomparably beautiful
dazzling smile
dazzlingly brilliant
dazzlingly brilliant, merge in rainbow light
death a continuation of what had been the hidden aspect of the experience of life
death the transformation and renewal of life, the shuffling of the pack for a new deal
deep and valuable insights
deep, comforting insight
deep ecological consciousness and awareness
deep ecstasy
deep emotional and spiritual states
deep emotional meanings
deep experiential self-exploration
deep explorations of the human psyche, new information about the human psyche
deep in a mysterious level of thinking
deep inner exploration
deep insights
deep layers of the mind
deep oceanic bliss
deep, profound and moving experience
deep psychic activity
deep psychic forces
deep religious insight, moving spiritual insights
deep self-exploration
deep, spiritual conversion experiences
deepened experience
deepened perceptions
deeper meanings
deeper layers of consciousness
deeper levels of insight, deeper realms of insight
deeply buried memories uncovered
deeply felt positive mood
deeply positive and liberating experiences
deeply spiritual experiences
degrees of intensity (or levels of intensity)
delight at the playful acrobatics of the free intellect
delightful, sensuous, intellectual and emotional novelties if one floats with the current
deliverance into eternity
deliverance to a transcendental realm
depth altered from its normal dimensions
depth within depth
depths of meaning I feel
descending to a deeper level of his being
“descent” to a “deeper” drug state level
destruction of the personality-structure and the birth of a new self
developing a new sensibility, a new awareness
diamond consciousness
different dimensions of consciousness
different experiential realms and aspects of reality
different realms of mind
different states of brain function
different types and levels of experiences
dimensions beyond anything encountered in everyday life
dimensions of awareness
dimensions of human experience and the human mind
dimensions of the psyche
dimensions of visual stimuli
direct acquaintance with the world’s unity
direct, aesthetic sensation
direct and immediate experience we usually cloud over with game-playing
direct and nonverbal means of revelation and consciousness expansion
direct awareness of the eternally complete consciousness
direct awareness of the inner world
direct body awareness of their own tissues and cellular processes
direct communion with the Divine source of all Truth
direct contact with God
direct contact with God’s energy
direct contact with life
direct contact with life-process forms and images
direct contact with life, to know life apart from “interruptions”
direct contact with primate sensation, nature
direct contact with reality
direct experience of the basic energy of life
direct experience of the Beyond
direct experiential knowledge of the evolutionary process
direct formless sensations
direct insight—know the truth by not knowing
direct insight which beholds truths that are universal
direct merging with the cosmos and with the divine
direct mystical knowledge of a Universal Self
direct perception of inside the skin events
direct revelation
direct sensations unencumbered by mental concepts
direct spiritual knowledge, immediate knowledge
direct total awareness
direct understanding
direct, uninhibited experiencing
directly understanding the mystery of given reality
disciples of the beautiful
disclosed the nature of reality to him
discover a new spiritual life
discover a world of visionary beauty
discover a world of visionary beauty, the enormous heightening of the perception of color
discover beauty and wisdom and God
discover true meaning of our existence
discovered a new unexpected source of strength and their true identity
discovered and experienced feelings of cosmic unity
discovered final truths
discovered how to free the mind of humanity from culturally conditioned limitations
discovered infinite realities within the brain
discovered that “I” exist independent of social ego
discovered the truth
discovered their immortality and eternal life
discovering a strange new world of extraordinary radiance and significance
discovering entirely new ways of listening to music
discovering levels of consciousness
discovering new dimensions and possibilities within themselves
discovering the joyous delights of direct sensuality
discovering the truth about processes of deep consciousness
discovering “truth”
discovering unsuspected dimensions of life
discovering where his true genius lies
discovers a different way of experiencing the world
discovers an inner world “infinite and holy”
discovery of how consciousness can grow
discovery of love and discovery of the true self
discovery of the mind’s unity
discovery of the spiritual dimensions of existence
discovery of our secret life within, explore spiritual individuality
dissolved all normal barriers of consciousness and flowed off into the well of infinity
distortions of the body image
divine beauty
divine compassion
divine consciousness
divine creativity
divine dimensions
divine energy
divine enlightenment
divine freedom
divine grace
divine in nature
divine intelligence
divine love
divine madness
divine nature
divine play, the divine play of the universe
divine purity
divine quietness
divine reality
divine revelations
divine understanding
divine vision
divine wisdom
divinely inspired
divinely radiant
divinely significant
DNA memory back to the dawn of life
DNA the code of evolution itself
doorways into other dimensions
dramatic breaks with my past
dramatic changes in the personality structure
dramatic emotional and perceptual changes
dramatic insight
dramatic insights into his ancestral past
dramatic life-change (as a result of LSD)
dramatically altering and expanding human awareness and potentialities
dramatically enhance his or her sensory perception of the world
dramatically expanded perception, opening up entirely new levels of reality
dreamlike imagery
drug-induced, brain-change experiences
drugs—catalysts to deepen wisdom and enhance creativity
drugs for reprogramming the brain
drugs that have triggered a firsthand awareness of the religious consciousness
drugs useful as spiritual preparation for reading holy writings or entering sacred places
dying into purer being
dynamic kaleidoscopic patterns
dynamic kaleidoscopic patterns and intricate designs (eyes closed)
dynamic patterning-process
dynamic patterns continually changing into one another—a continuous dance of energy
dynamic patterns of energy
dynamic sensations
each second of time separated by infinity
each time, awed by religious revelations as shattering as the first experience
earth wiggles, water streams and waves and nature in general dances and swings
Eastern religions non-urban and thus more in tune with nature
eating vegetables for religious experience—a human phenomenon
ecstasies of cognitive emotion
ecstasies undreamed of
ecstasy in the form of mystical experience
ecstasy vision
ecstatic communication with your inner navigational computer
ecstatic energy
ecstatic energy vibrations pulsing through you
ecstatic experience
ecstatic experiences of the here and now
ecstatic exuberance
ecstatic feelings of timelessness
ecstatic freedom from all game involvements
ecstatic freedom of consciousness
ecstatic heaven-states
ecstatic, insightful and educational
ecstatic kaleidoscopic patterns
ecstatic meaning
ecstatic merging with the unleashed energies
ecstatic, orgiastic, undulating unity
ecstatic rapture and feelings of overwhelming bliss
ecstatic rapture and heavenly bliss
ecstatic rapture, transcendental peace and serenity, a sense of cosmic unity
ecstatic renewal
ecstatic self-loss
ecstatic transcendence
ecstatic union
ecstatic visions
ecstatically euphoric
Eden of visionary experience
Edenic innocence
effects—a mixture of drug plus psychological factors
ego getting in the way of self
ego-loss state, recognize the process as an end eagerly awaited
ego the mask which conceals the splendor of our Original Face
ego-transcended experiences, non-game experiences
ego transcendence
“egolessness” or “no-mindness”—no feeler in conflict with feeling
eidetic images of a religious nature (eyes closed)
Einstein—structure becomes process. Matter becomes a transcient state of energy.
Einstein’s proposal that energy and matter were equivalent
Einsteinian physics and Buddhist philosophy
emotional and intellectual insights
emotional and physical sensations of extraordinary intensity
emotional and sensory athomeness in the world
emotional catharsis
emotional development
emotional freedom
emotional growth
emotional healing
emotional involvement with the environment
emotional knowledge of a direct and actual and acute sort
emotional release
emotional stimulation
emotional transformations
emotionally and spiritually liberating
emotionally toned visions
emotions and physical sensations of extraordinary intensity
emphasizing concrete experience rather than theoretical construction or belief
emptying my mind of the clatter of thoughts
encounter with the divine, a powerful rapturous mystical state
encountering another side of the mind
endless and overwhelming beauty
endless pleasure
endlessly dancing form
energized from his experience (being energized as a result of his experience)
energizing, sense-heightening drugs
energy flux
energy in its pure unstructured state, the E of Einstein’s equation
energy transformations
energy vibrations
enhanced alertness, heightened contact with the environment
enhanced awareness of linguistic nuances
enhanced intellectual power
enhanced sense of meaningfulness in familiar objects
enhanced “sense of truth”
enhanced significance
enhanced visual sensitivity
enhancement of all sensory modalities
enhancement of wisdom
enhances emotional receptivity
enhances the enjoyment of sex, gives an exquisite sensitivity
enhances the energies released
enhancing learning and creativity
enhancing the scientific imagination
enlarged awareness and heightened sensitivities
enlarged consciousness
enlarges, reveals and draws forth what is already latent in his mind
enlarging the realm of the conscious
enlightened by contact with Reality
enlightened consciousness
enlightenment and spiritual liberation
enlightenment’s brightening dawn
enormous erotic excitement
enriches life with a dimension of earnestness and momentousness hitherto unknown
enriching the mind and enlarging the vision
enriching the wonder
enrichment of color and texture, heightened clarity
enter transcendental realms
entered a world of fantastic shapes, colors and visual detail
entered dimensions of consciousness that permanently altered their concept of reality
enters the land of miracles
entranced with new appearance of the commonplace
environmental stimuli like music
epic grandeur
episodes of oceanic ecstasy, unitive cosmic feelings or a sense of overflowing love
episodes of positive oceanic feelings and blissful unity
erotic and sexual excitement
eternal beautitude
eternal because it beyond all dualities
eternal blessing
eternal bliss which no words can express
eternal consciousness
eternal delight
eternal ecstasy
eternal fascination
eternal goodness
eternal joy
eternal life
eternal life in heaven
eternal light
eternal love
eternal orgasm
eternal play
eternal realities
eternal serenity
eternal significance
eternal, spiritual reality
eternal tranquility
eternal union with the infinite reality
eternal vision
eternal wisdom
eternally real
eternity as timelessness rather than everlastingness
ever-changing landscapes of exaggerated beauty (eyes closed)
ever-changing views of majestic beauty (“views” meaning visions, not ideas)
evolve, to emerge from our brutish past.
evolved into higher modes of consciousness
excitement in their eyes
exciting new discoveries
existential experience of a deeper, self-encompassing reality
existing on higher planes of consciousness and higher energy levels
exotic splendor and beauty impossible to achieve in this world
expand and speed up the mind
expand awareness, open up the mind
expand psychic awareness
expanding consciousness beyond the game limits
expanding one’s consciousness to the extent that it seems to encompass all of mankind
expanding the conception of space and time
expanding your vision
expansion of man’s untapped mental capacities
experience a deep reverential attitude to the divine
experience a flood of new worlds
experience a glimpse of the pure truth
experience as “knowledgeless understanding, luminous bliss”
experience of awakening to our “original inseparability” with the universe
experience of having no body
experience of profound transcendence
experience of rebirth and cosmic unity
experience of that which belongs to a different order
experience revelations about the life process
experience some of the wealth and reservoirs which lie within him
experience that special epic-mystery excitement
experience the ancient cosmic myths of creation and manifestation
experience the “inner identity” between ourselves and the world
experience the source level of reality
experience their own divinity and attain profound insights into the nature of reality
experienced a deep level of enlightenment
experienced a deep reverential attitude to the divine
experienced a glimpse of the pure truth
experienced a psychic rebirth
experienced a surge of energy, closely followed by a feeling of intense mental activity
experienced an intense awareness of God’s presence, a conversation with God
experienced that expansion of feeling
experienced this heightening of intrinsic significance
experiences a tension-free, oceanic ecstasy
experiences deep religious emotion
experiences direct sensation, the raw is-ness
experiences eternal bliss
experiences far beyond the narrow limits of words and concepts
experiences for which our language has no vocabulary
experiences involving archetypal realms of different cultures in the world (eyes closed)
experiences of “cosmic consciousness” in which the sense of life becomes perfectly clear
experiences of divine inspiration
experiences of higher values
experiences of merging with another person into a state of dual unity
experiences of mythical heroes and landscapes (eyes closed)
experiences of other realities
experiences of rebirth and cosmic unity
experiences of tension-free, oceanic ecstasy
experiences of the divine that are the living fount of all religion
experiences of the quality and intensity typical of early childhood
experiences of the “transcendent divine”
experiences of the world as a system of total harmony and glory
experiences sensations more intense than any he has known
experiences so overwhelming, so incomprehensible to normal waking consciousness
experiences so rich and complex in physical sensations and emotions
experiences that do not conform to everyday reality and defy rational explanation
experiences that elude rational comprehension altogether
experiences that foster growth toward wholeness
experiencing an important revelation
experiencing divine truths
experiencing insights that resulted in positive changes in their lives
experiencing of historical events and evolutionary processes (eyes closed)
experiencing that full force of grand joyousness
experiencing the emotions aroused by music
experiencing the “inner light”
experiencing the magical dimensions of the here and now, the ever-widening Present
experiencing the mystical unity of all creation
experiential contact with the Divine Process
experiential identification with the Universal Mind
experiential journeys into the underworld, the otherworld
experiential religion
experiential self-exploration
exploration in dimensions of mind
exploration into consciousness
exploration of domains that in Western culture are not considered part of objective reality
exploration of human consciousness (and all consciousness)
exploration of one’s biological, cultural or spiritual past
exploration of the potentialities of the mind
exploration of the self a spiritual journey
exploration of unimagined realms
explorations of consciousness
explorations of the unknown zone
explore an inward universe
explore the frontiers of consciousness
explored their own spirituality
exploring a meaningful area of our lives
exploring and mapping new realms of internal experience
exploring new areas of experience
exploring new creative endeavors
exploring the frontiers of human consciousness and spiritual experiences
exploring the labyrinth of the unconscious
exploring the mythic dimension
exploring the realities of one’s nervous system in a creative rather than a clinical setting
exploring the unlimited sensory reality about us
exploring their own consciousness
explosive expansions
explosive liberation
exposing new layers of reality
exquisite beauty and perfection
exquisite clarity of many-leveled perception
exquisite, intense, pulsating sensations of unity and love
exquisite patterns of such beauty that they left me breathless
extended awareness
extended awareness of the mystical state of mind
extended reality
extended sex
extending our sensory boundaries
extensions of his awareness of beauty
extensions of his perception of beauty and transcendence
extensions of one’s personality on several simultaneous planes
external events—movements of which we do not see the motor
external look-at-it-from-the-outside science
external world becomes unstable, receding and approaching, flowing and vibrating
extraordinarily brilliant color
extraordinarily rich and intense
extraordinary intensification and broadening of all types of sensory experience
extraordinary physical sensations
extraordinary physiological and psychological effects
extravagantly beautiful sunsets
extreme pleasure, ecstasy, cosmic joy, paradise
extremely intense and unusual experiences
exuding a confidence that comes from a humorous cosmic awareness
exultant new world vision, a new thrilling freedom
eyes closed—details of forms more minute and miraculous than anything upon earth
eyes that had the depth of eternity
eyes which had the most remarkable depth and radiation
eyes with a tranquil, awesome beauty that was so beautiful

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