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facilitating a deep transformative experience of a transcendental nature
faith in the energy, the energy that is us and supports all life
faith—the attitude of letting the spontaneous be spontaneous
faithfully following our internal blueprints and disregarding the parochial social insanities
fantastic visions of radiant sources of light experienced as divine, heavenly, magnificent
fantastically rich and beautiful
far above and beyond this frozen world
far beyond the conventional topics of psychotherapy which emphasized biographical data
far beyond the limits of ordinary human experience
far from inactive.
far higher grounds of knowledge
far-reaching healing potential
fascinating inner experiences
fascinating journeys through the mind
fathomless mystery and meaning
feel that perception has been cleansed
feel that they have been blessed with divine Providence
feel the ecstatic energy vibrations pulsing through you
feel the evolutionary chain in his nervous system
feel themselves merge with divine realms that transcend daily reality
feeling a powerful sense of the whole evolutionary process
feeling enhancers
feeling new and clean and awake
feeling of spiritual, physical and psychological benefit
feeling so wonderful I did not know how to say it
feeling spiritually cleansed (catharsis)
“feeling” the interior landscape
feeling the wind blowing through them
feeling that my potential was limitless
feeling the complete harmony of everything, both inside and outside
feelings and perceptions of a religious nature
feelings of absolute awe, reverence, and sacredness
feelings of an encounter with the eternal forces of the universe
feelings of cosmic bliss associated with undisturbed embryonal existence
feelings of cosmic perspective
feelings of deep spirituality and tranquil reverence
feelings of ecstatic release
feelings of euphoria and philosophical insight
feelings of extraordinary calmness or ecstasy
feelings of indescribable bliss
feelings of infinity and eternity, tranquility, serenity, purity and unity of all opposites
feelings of joy, love, blessedness and peace inherent in mystical consciousness
feelings of lightness, weightlessness, can feel that the body has levitated
feelings of physical and spiritual rebirth, rejuvination and emotional renewal
feelings of profound insight, illumination, and truth
feelings of profound unity
feels blissfully united with the objects of the outer world and also with fellow humans
feels profoundly satisfying
feet which hardly seemed to touch the ground
felt a clear-headed tranquility
felt as a powerful mystical opening and reconnection with the divine
felt cleansed
felt his mind go lifting up through the layers of consciousness
felt immersed in a warm, golden glow and experienced herself as loving and being loved
felt overflowing energy
felt she became electric with fantastic energy going through her
felt with an intensity a thousand times greater than when it happened (a memory)
filled with a renewed sense of wonder and joy and adventure
find what is true and free
finding the basic rhythm inside
firsthand confrontation with the Mystery in one’s own inner being
fits of uncontrollable laughter
flashes of insight
flashes of inspired awareness
fling wide “the doors of perception”
flipped out of his mind and spun up to heaven
flipped out of their conditioned mind sets into the world of magic, myth, and Mysticism
“flipping out” on mysterious wave lengths
floating down the evolutionary river, the delight of flowing cosmic belongingness
flood awareness
flooded by sensory input
flowing process, fluid structure
foolishness being a divine state
for the soul to have its intuitional domain enlarged
forays across the border of ordinary waking awareness
found one’s true identity in the inmost Self
found they had creative capabilities they’ve never suspected
free at last to re-enter the Garden
free experiential flow
free from all bondage
free of language, outside the system of conceptual thought
free of the defenses that keep us hidden from ourselves
free the brain to experience direct-raw-naked-nerve-ending sensation
free thought
free to experience the unconditioned pathways of the brain
free young spirits
freed from limitations
freed from the bonds of appearances, has liberated himself and now walks the earth
freed me from many planes that I was trapped in
freedom from inhibitions
freedom from perceptual and intellectual attachment to the ego-principle
freedom from the fundamental disability of egoism
freedom of brain from mind, freedom of the cortex from censorship, control
freedom of emotion
freedom to explore oneself and the cosmos, freedom to use LSD
freeing the mind
freeing the nervous system from conditioned perception
fresh insight
fresh meanings and unsuspected beauties
fresh simplicity
from delusion and ignorance to knowledge and enlightenment
fruitless attempts to explain the whole by the part
full awareness
full experience of the present moment and present location
full reliving of events from childhood and birth as compared to just remembering
full, unselected experiencing of whatever surfaces during the drug sessions
fuller and fuller consciousness
fully aware
fully conscious
fully enlightened, totally liberated
fully liberating experiences
fusion with the Absolute, generating bliss-consciousness
gaining deeper insight into reality
gaining new extensions of his perception of beauty and transcendence
galaxies of exploding colors (eyes closed)
gamble out of spiritual faith, the psychedelic key to revelation
gazing far beyond his eyes at the wonder of enlightenment
genetic wisdom
genuine immortality in union with the timeless, eternal Godhead
genuine mental health or “higher sanity”
genuine mystical and divine experiences
genuine wisdom
getting a glimpse of the truth on an experiential level
getting free of those conceptual traps of mind
getting new meaning in life, LSD the greatest thing that ever happened to me
getting rid of conceptualized pseudo-knowledge and opening ourselves to reality
getting strong metaphysical insights into the world
gets a sudden flash of understanding
giggling helplessly
giving rise in the human soul as if by magic
giving the subject a truer insight into his personality
gleaming flecks of gold shining dazzlingly
gleams and flashes of the highest awareness and the highest mode of existence
glimpsed what is beyond the door
glimpses into transcendental reality
glimpses of heavenly radiance
glimpses of the primordial and absolute
glimpses of the realm of the Spirit
glorious, dazzling, radiant light
glorious opening of heavens, revelation of the divine
glorious sensations amounting to ecstasy
glorious visions
glorious with a speechless beauty
glory which lies beyond the veil
glowed with a living golden radiance
glowing radiance
God intensely real
God, the ultimate reality, not an idea conceived but a reality experienced
God who inhabits each and every man
going beyond, getting out of your mind, confronting God
going beyond or higher than the ordinary mental state
going deep into the unconscious mind
going into eternity
going over to the other world
golden, shining leaves
grandiose visions
grateful to be dead—grateful to have been shown the truth
gratifying emotional orgies
gratitude at the beauty of the world welling out to God every day
great feelings of mystical revelation
great flash, instant realization
great intellectual clarity
great metaphysical truth
great waves of sensuality and longing
greater awareness of ultimate reality
greater emotional expression
greater intellectual clarity
greater openness to remote or unique ideas and associations
greatly expanded vistas
greatly heightened awareness of color
grow into union with the Good that is beyond good and evil
growth, spiritual experience, insight, harmony
guide the impulses awakened by ecstasy into creative channels
had a profound influence
had an experience that completely turned his life around
had arrived at awareness of everything
had dived inward and was reliving phases of childhood
had never dreamed that such heavenly bliss was available to mankind
hallucinogenic creativity
hallucinogenic insight
hand up soft back until fingers sink in quicksand of flesh through skin
has a soul as deep as God
has entered a condition of what until then may have been inconceivable
has experienced the unity of all things in mystical vision
has found the answer to the whole mystery of life
has glimpsed the new cosmic horizon
has greatly enriched our experience
has looked on essence in its original manifestation
harmonious ascent
harmonious system of energy exchanges
harmony with the universe and other persons
have been awakened to new dimensions and potentialities within
have declared it to be the most significant experience of their lives
have entirely transcended the ego and reidentified with the divine
have never known what fascination there is in the ecstasy of beauty
have now gotten the taste for truth
have the insight to perceive
heartbeat, breathing, muscles, etc. regulated by the timeless “original mind”
heaven of blissful visionary experience
heaven-penetrating, heightened acuity
heavenly happiness
heavenly visions
heavenly visions, prophetic insights
heightened attention to immediate sensory experience
heightened awareness
heightened awareness of the world around him
heightened capacity for concentration
heightened consciousness
heightened creativeness
heightened perception and aesthetic awareness
heightened sense of meaningfulness
heightened sensitivity to the activity of light, different intensities of light
heightened sensory receptiveness
heightened suggestibility
heightening of sensuality and affection
heightening of the intensity and emotional significance of perception
heightening our consciousness
heightening sensitivity and perception
her knee hits mine, they merge, no difference between skins
her lost heavenly fire which comes to life again
her new acquaintance with joy
her new radiance and sparkle
her new universal insights
her strange sudden laughter
heroic adventures
heroic dramas (eyes closed)
hidden human potential
high level revelation
high velocity, high altitude, swift-changing realities
higher, freer energies
Higher Intelligence
higher levels of consciousness
higher levels of self-reflection
higher planes of consciousness and higher energy levels
higher stages of mental development
higher states of consciousness
highly charged and magical
highly charged rooms of the brain
highly erotic sensations
hints of a forgotten paradise
his bursts of creativity
his conscious ascent to heights, a conscious ascent of the soul
his deeper self
his excited brain
his experience of the range and intensity of light and color perception
his experiencing of the universal harmony
his new state of mind
his newly acquired spiritual riches
his “power of visual understanding” with deep perception and beauty
his soul, immortal and expansive
his true self being as eternal as the universe
his truthful and serene eyes
historical and anthropological insights
historical, legendary, mythological, ritualistic and archetypal images (eyes closed)
“holy indifference”
holy sex, sexual yoga, spiritualized sexuality
hooked up in a magnetic dance
hours of overwhelming sexual ecstasy
hours that now seemed like years
how liberating and glorious it was
how man can get back in harmonious interaction with nature
how to expand consciousness, how to get into your brain
human beings and their so largely unrealized potentialities
Huxley the great visionary prophet of our times (Timothy Leary said that.)
hyper sensitivity to sounds
idealized beauty
identification with undifferentiated vibratory energy
identification with the Universal Mind, Cosmic Consciousness, or with the Absolute
identification with the Universal Mind, with Cosmic Consciousness
illuminate the subject’s exploration of self
illuminates the shadows of man’s mind
illuminating insights
illumination achieved through the sudden and unexpected
illusion that the Self is all these separate beings, things and events
images deep and penetrating
images of a higher reality and deeper meaning than those of the ordinary everyday world
immediate awakening
immediate awareness
immediate experiences which in fact are the only experiences of beauty
immediate insight into ultimate reality
immediate luminousness
immediate unverbalized awareness
immense changes in perception
immense forces of creativity
immensely exciting experience of infancy—the age of the non-talker
immovable wisdom
important experiential quality
important psychological, philosophical and spiritual dimensions
in a harmonious dance with the external world
in a mystical manner, could be “reborn”
in direct communication with the sacred realms
in eternity and infinity or in a completely different dimension
in his spontaneous, natural state
in perceptual touch with other levels of energy exchanges
In the infinite, in the eternal and infinite, in mystery, part of it, all one
in the world of the drama (eyes closed)
in touch with a deeper truth about reality and the nature of existence
in touch with this God world
inadequate theologies based upon psychological ignorance
increased awareness of surroundings and bodily processes
increased creative capacity
increased detail and sensation
increased insight, extended awareness
increased intellectual clarity
increased perceptiveness
increased richness of imagery and inspiring thoughts
increased self-esteem and feelings of oneness with other people and nature
increased sensitivity to touch
increased sensory attention
increased sensory awareness
increasingly mad and dangerous world.
incredible beauty and significance
incredibly colorful and dynamic visions of geometric designs (eyes closed)
independence of thought
indescribably brilliant and rich and unearthly color
individual gains profound insights into the nature of religion
ineffable and ecstatically religious
ineffable joy
inexpressible joy
infinite beauty
infinite combinations of experiential images
infinite divine intelligence
infinite energy
infinite fields of consciousness—transcending time, space and linear causality
infinite joy, transcendental joy
infinite potentialities
infinite variety in acuteness and range of all the senses
infinitely complex
infinitely small
information that was usually screened out to flow freely into consciousness
initiated from the world of clock time to the world of real time
“inmost certainty”
inner balance
inner explorer
inner fulfillment and genuine emotional satisfaction
inner journeys and discoveries in the unknown territories of the human psyche
inner liberation
inner mystic qualities
inner mystical dimensions
inner navigation
inner peace
inner richness
inner spiritual dimensions of the human being
inner spiritual meaning
inner spontaneity
inner state of going nowhere in a timeless world
inner tranquility and bliss
inner transcendental experiences
inner vision
inseparably interconnected patterns
insight ineffable in its deepest reaches
insight into creativity
insight into excellencies
insight into the greatness of the soul of man
insight into the inherent unity and peace of prelogical forms of being
insight into the nature of their problems
insight into the transcendent nature of human consciousness
insight produced by chemicals the source of higher wisdom and creativity
insight that is pure
insight that the process is healing or spiritual in nature
insight through the game facade to the inner essence
insightful mystical states
insights about cosmic workings
insights and perceptions which we have all too often relegated to the domain of madness
insights capable of effecting a valuable shift of perspective in the subject
insights from the “other world”
insights into ancient and aboriginal spiritual realms
insights into cosmic creation
insights into esoteric meaning
insights into nature and varieties of transcendent states
insights into the ancient and aboriginal spiritual realms
insights into the depths of truth unplumbed by the discursive intellect
insights into the human mind
insights into the nature of human existence
insights into the network of unconscious processes
insights of cosmic relevance, powerful mystical overtones
insights of enormous importance
insights of transcendental experience
inspirational experiences
inspired madness
inspired magic
inspired wisdom
inspiring music
instant personality change
instant total emotional value of the thought
instantaneous awakening
instinctual wisdom
integral threads in a fabric where dark and light are harmonized in perfect beauty
integrated, harmonious system of energy exchanges
intellectual adventures
intellectual clarity
intellectual overtones
intellectual mystics
intellectual surface consciousness, intuitive depth consciousness
intelligent energy
intelligent-hedonic use of drugs
intense amazement
intense and dramatic emotional experiences
intense and emotionally overwhelming lovemaking
intense and life changing religious experiences
intense and overwhelming emotional responses
intense awakening
intense body sensations
intense brightness
intense, clear awareness of shifting realities, all within
intense, constant flowing lust and satisfaction
intense conviction that the experience will be highly meaningful and highly therapeutic
intense dawnings of consciousness
intense, desired states of consciousness
intense emotional changes of wide variations
intense emotional exploration
intense holiness
intense inner activity
intense insight
intense joy
intense reality
intense, relaxed awareness of the present moment
intense self-awareness, free from preconceptions, comparisons, condemnations
intense sensations of energy
intense sexual arousal and orgastic feelings, ecstatic
intense sexual arousal, the enormous intensity of the sex drive
intense sensory activities
intense, sparkling color
intense transformative states of mind
intense vibrations
intense visions
intensely colored
intensely realized experience
intensely significant
intensification of aesthetic experience
intensification of color and depth
intensification of color and sounds
intensification of color perception
intensification of visual perception
intensifications of present experience and abolition of perceptual and sensual inhibitions
intensified feelings
intensified light, intensified color and intensified significance
intensified perception
intensifies and sexualizes perception
intensifies the field of awareness
intensities of experience
intensity of attention
intensity of beauty
intensity of color perception
interior richness
internal exploration, ecstatic discovery
internal life processes
internal travel to new experiences
internal unity
internal visions
interrelated patterns wherein all the parts grow simultaneously together
interrelated perceptions, thoughts, feelings regarded as a new reality
into that great golden orb of energy that warms and protects us
into the depths of consciousness to become one with the Self
into the depths of the self
into the new utopia
into this Mystery of Mysteries, through this Gate of all Wonder
intoxicants, love potions, sources of dreams and visions and for magical purposes
intoxicated with an ecstatic joy, a euphoric feeling
intricate beauty set with glittering diamonds
intricate designs
intricate flashes
intricate patterns
intricately detailed
intrinsic beauty
introduced to the realities of religious existence through drugs
introspective reflections with a sense of deep insight
intuition a combination of instinct and intelligence
intuitions that come to us when we leave ordinary consciousness behind
intuitive aspects of the psyche
intuitive, creative and spiritual dimensions
intuitive experiential evidence
intuitive insight into oneself and others
intuitive insights of astonishing clarity
intuitive understanding of universal symbols
intuitive wisdom
inward, intimate and mysterious
is awakened into reality
is filled with a great sense of wonder, for everything is perpetually becoming new
is freeing and ecstatic
its intensity of significance
its power to stimulate the mystical faculties of human nature
its purity and genuineness
its timeless quality
its universal relevance
its unveiling of mysteries
jet-propelled trips into altered states
jeweled patterns, mosaics, color, emerald rubies (eyes closed)
jewel-like beauty
journey into inner space
journey into the hidden recesses of the mind
journey to the inner world
journey to the heavenly realms
journey to the underworld
journeying near the truth
journeys into their inner worlds
journeys to the Beyond
joy bursting from my heart
joy, ecstasy, grace, beauty
joy for the sake of joy
joyful uninhibitedness
joyfully aware
joyous beauty
joyous contemplation of the peace that was on its way
joyous harmony
joyous wonder
joys of a higher kind
Judeo-Christian distinction between divinity (“up there”) and the self (“down here”)
karmic liberation
keeping channels of thought free and letting ideas flow
keeps the mind fresh and sensitive
keys to the doors of perception
knowing and feeling that the world is an organic unity
knowing that you know
knowledge gained through vision and mystical intuition
knowledge of creation’s true nature
knowledge other than the contents of our surface consciousness
knowledge rather than a belief
knowledge that the world is play
knowledge with reflection
knowledgelessly understanding
Laing’s theory of a mental state as far superior to normalcy as normalcy is to paranoia
land yourself in a new reality-matrix
landscapes lovely as a lost Eden, colors brighter and pure
laughing themselves silly
layers upon layers, worlds within worlds
leading to a new realm and awakening and to a new beginning
leads to illumination and releasedness, to victory and transcendence
leaping into a new and hitherto unknown dimension
learning how to use your head and body
Leary a true pioneer of human evolution
Leary a true visionary of the potential of the human mind and spirit
Leary and Alpert a Sundance-Butch Cassidy alliance of psychological outlaws
Leary awed by the radiance of his first trip out of the mind
legendary and mythic figures (eyes closed)
less intellectual control over the stream of consciousness
letting go of limited self-identifications
levels of awareness
levels of human psyche that are primordial, timeless and universal
levels of thought
liberate the human spirit
liberate the subject from guilt, enhance self-esteem
liberated from his bondage to the ego
liberated from subconscious demons, clear-minded
liberated to know God
liberated while still in his individual form, before the death of the body
liberates the human mind from its constricting identification with the abstract ego
liberating the sick mind from every radical compulsion to be what it is not
liberation from egocentricity
liberation from self-consciousness (to experience Self-consciousness)
liberation from the cultural self
liberation from the dangers of social convention
liberation from the ego fiction
liberation from the ego. You are on a different level.
liberation into the eternal and liberation is beautitude
“liberation medicines”
liberation not from the physical world but from the egocentric style of consciousness
life-changing growth experiences
life’s infinitely rich responsibilities and our joyful responsibility to explore them
lifted me to the heights in a wonderful fashion
light of supernatural radiance and beauty
lights deeper, more intense
lights like comets ultra unearthly colors
lights with supernatural radiance
like a flower, containing infinite worlds within worlds
like a glimpse beyond the boundary of human experience
like a saint’s vision of beautitude
like a very intensive dream
like playing in the cosmos, like walking with giant steps and dancing big dances
limited ego-oriented consciousness mistaking itself for the whole
listening to music, discovering entirely new dimensions in pieces that he knew quite well
living, changing, self-luminous stone (or any object)
living in timeless ecstasy
living out one’s fullest creative potential
living reality
living universal forces
locked into the primordial energy of the globe
lofty insights into the meaning of existence and the universe
look at anything as though you were seeing it for the first time
looked at the painting, could “taste the color red”
looked into the heart of creation
looks at the outside world and it has the glory and the freshness of a dream
love and joy carrying you up into the peace of the Clear Light
LSD a “learning tool”
LSD a means of inhabiting a supremely sensual reality
LSD a method of changing consciousness and brain function
LSD a new experience, a new beginning
LSD a new form of energy
LSD a non-verbal, visionary experience
LSD a tool of evolution
LSD a tremendous theological breakthrough
LSD a way to transform the world
LSD an intellectual aphrodisiac
LSD capable of ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth
LSD enhancing sex
LSD helping them overcome their sense of lifelessness
LSD in relation to the creative process
LSD permitting consciousness on several levels at once
LSD the key to the religious or mystical state, could lead to a truer metaphysics of being
LSD, the “mind detergent”
LSD the most potent aphrodisiac yet discovered
LSD the source of the energy that is to transform human intelligence and consciousness
LSD, the universal experience
LSD therapy which considerably deepens and intensifies all psychological processes
LSD which can activate the awareness of the divinity within
LSD, which opens up access to vast dimensions of the human mind
LSD with its plunge into the deep unconscious
LSD’s potential as a visionary or transcendental drug
LSD’s powerful rush into the unconscious
LSD’s problem-solving potential
LSD’s profound effects on the way the mind handles both emotions and perceptions
LSD’s revolutionary potential
luminous bliss
luminous landscapes (eyes closed)
luscious eroticism
made him a new man and radically changed his way of life
magic dreams
magic lights and music
magic, myth, and mystery
magic plants (plants that can get you high)
magical lights and shadows
magical mystery tour (Beatles song)
magical personality transformations
magical potions having curative effects
magical self-liberation
magical significance
magical strangeness
magically lovely
magnificent utopian vision
make direct contact with the life process
make the spotlight of consciousness a floodlight
making possible direct awareness at higher-than-normal levels of intensity
makes it possible to for a person to explore otherwise inaccessible areas
male guide can be seen as a Buddha or Buddha-like figure
man’s inseparability from the entire network, networks of natural patterns
man’s league with God
man’s own mind which is at root no other than the universal mind
man’s soul in primeval grandeur
many colored variations on the inexhaustible theme of crumpled wool or linen
many ways of organizing perception, new ways of constructing reality
marvelously peaceful
marvelously rich and intricate
maximum excitation
may reveal possibilities of experience which the subject did not know existed at all
meals, snacks and fruits of interesting colors, tastes and textures
meaningful whole experiences
men knowing themselves only as bodies inhabited by an “I” and not as spiritual beings
mental silence and pure receptivity
mentally enriching
merge into rainbow radiance
merging into the common, all-pervasive nuclear web of energy
merging with energy flux, seeing all life forms as physical waves, existence as energy
merging, yielding, flowing, union, communion
message of love, peace and laughter
messages of cheer and love that were too moving to be ignored
messianic transcendence
metaphysic, “beyond physics”, beyond investigation and experiment
metaphysical awareness
metaphysical dimensions
metaphysical illumination
metaphysical insights, intellectual insights
metaphysical knowledge the most immediate kind of experience
metaphysical significance
metaphysically starving youth reaching out for beatific visions
metaphysically tinged emotions
millions who have lost their way to eternity
Mind, infinite Mind
mind-manifesting or mind-revealing
miracles that surround us
mistakes the abstract world of things and events for the concrete world of reality
mixture of senses, sounds experienced as colors
moments of astonishing insight
moments of ecstatic clarity, exuberance and wildest joy
more beautiful, more divine than anything I could consciously imagine
more focused attention
more sensitive to sound and rhythm
more solid and real than our everyday world
mosaic of visual rhythm, pulsating vibratory color
mosaics lighted from within glowing, moving, changing
motionlessly attentive
motiveless action, sitting just to sit, walking just to walk
mountains still unsubdued by labor, rising in primeval freshness
moving across both physical and temporal boundaries in their consciousness
moves the individual’s life philosophy in the direction of the mystical worldview
moving across both physical and temporal boundaries in their consciousness
moving into a new area of consciousness
moving into a new dimension
moving on to a deeper level of reality
moving on to a different level of reality
much contagiousness of laughing and joking
much more intense, dramatic and powerful than conventional therapy
multicolored threads that seemed to connect everything in the room
multidimensional expansion
multidimensional spaces
multihued, multileveled roller-coaster rides so spectacular
multilevel awareness
multilevel communication
multilevel perception
multiple realities
multiplying human intelligence to undreamed capacities
music a source of insight
music an important unifying and deepening element in the sessions
music and love and beauty and serenity and fun and the seed of life
music refined to its ultimate ethereal spirit
music so soul satisfying
music to create rhythmical patterns of incredible richness
music to fill the new spaces in one’s mind that drugs unlocked
music very helpful for mood change
must look within to find access to that universal source of wisdom
my basic identity, the eternal Self of all selves
my first awareness of my real self
my having passed through a great mystery
my heightened awareness of objects
my identity with the infinite
my LSD-enhanced vision
my new, expanded sense of self
my newfound divine consciousness
my pre-LSD days, an hour or an eon ago
my psychedelically accelerated mind
my soul thrilled with a strange and unimagined ecstasy
my true inner self
mysterious and without limit
mysterious, exotic, glamorous, unknown
mysteriously beautiful
mysteriously glowing with golden light
mystery that can only be experienced directly
mystic awareness
mystic beauty
mystic oneness
mythic significance
mystic visionary
mystic visions
mystical awareness
mystical awareness of God
mystical communion
mystical discoveries
mystical ecstasy
mystical enlightenment
mystical feelings of unity
mystical insights
mystical raptures
mystical reality
mystical rebirth
mystical revelation
mystical revelations
mystical self-transcendence
mystical truths
mystical understanding of the universe
mystical unifying consciousness
mystical union, liberation from ego and space-time limits
mystical union with the divinity
mystical visions
mystical wonder
mystically rapturous
mysticism the realization of one’s union with God
mythic or myth not to mean falsehood, superstition, fantasy
mythological insights
mythological realms such as heavens (eyes closed)

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